Saga - Legends "Rage, rage, rage against the dying of the light" (drama about Palp´s niece, a mix of legend & canon

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    Thanks, WarmNyota_SweetAyesha. For everything these days! Being my beta! Believing in me! Finding nice feedback! I am not so untainted by recent sithly events that happened to me in RL. To find comments by you always makes me happy!
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    well said, and done.

    It is really great how this is a real drama, has actual drama and gravitas, but at the same time, every other sentence makes me smile with glee.
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    Just like your wife in real life, DarthUncle, right? ;) All of my charcaters share certain aspects of my personality with me. Sorry! [face_blush]
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    New update.

    Please tell me via PM if you do NOT wish to be on the update list for this fic! Also when you hate being tagged by me!

    @Darth_Furio (?)

    Oh, already at Chapter 10. Time flies!

    Chapter 10:

    Rorak and his uncle are inside my flat when I walk through the entrance door. My Twi’lek neighbour Aola is with them. The moment she sets her large green eyes on me, she starts talking.

    “This is about Prince Xizor, right? You are scared about him.” She tries not to sound too reproachful, but she does not manage. “Is there no other way?”

    I shake my head, while her pittin hops around me and yelps. “Lothal is far enough from all the madness that goes on at present. After the kidnapping of the Supreme Chancellor I realized that I cannot take it any more.”

    With each word that I tell her, I am truthful and authentic. To a certain extend. There is no need to share my full story with her or my moving team.

    “I’ll get you out of here as soon as possible, Mistress Samye.” Roraks uncle gives me a huge grin.

    “Thanks, I really, really appreciate it.”

    Aola’s lime green skin is pinkish. “Hold on! The parent committee and your colleagues should have a say in this as well, shouldn’t they?”

    “This planet just recovers from a Seperatist attack at its door step,” I give to consider. “Don’t you think everybody has better to do?”

    Her eyes are but small slits now. “Stop thinking that lowly of you, Nagina. You matter to more people than you think. I am sad for the Supreme Chancellor. He had a hell of a day today. But I am sure he has a team of advisers, spin doctors and political friends around him, who take good care of him.”

    The only thing closest to a friend that my uncle has is Sate Pestage, one of his advisers. The history they share goes a long way back to Naboo days. But he cannot trust anyone apart from me. If he would have lived his life differently, then he could afford the luxury of trust.


    I do not own much. The majority of my belongings are electronic books, music disks, art materials and clothing. Everything is easily stuffed into twelve wooden crates made from Wroshyr trees.

    Rorak’s uncle explains his somewhat eccentric choice to me. “When it comes to packing materials, people usually think of metal crates and bubble wrap. Even of sticky tape. But for your most delicate items a wooden crate can be an extra insurance. I want all your belongings to arrive on Lothal safely.” He beams like a happy, little boy. “My crates are one-hundred percent fit to the size of a fragile or high value item. And they are custom built by a Wookie carpenter.”

    I believe the man to be a highly-skilled mover so I let him continue his work, while my neighbour Aola and I pack in all the kitchenware, or the batterie de cuisine as my uncle would call it.

    Since Barin is dead, I seldom cook for myself. He was a great hobby chéf. His dishes, especially his sauces and meat, were always done with great care. To dine with my own husband always had been better than visiting a five-star restaurant.

    I blush at the memories of his understanding of ´dessert´.

    With tears gathering in my eyes, I look at the crate that contains the few precious belongings of him. Jealously guarded things, that I decided to keep after his funeral service.

    There had been a mock coffin which had been cremated in Naboo style. No corpse had been inside. The Separatists had been thorough with their bomb attack. And my uncle had been inconsolable. He almost had killed Count Dooku for his failure. But war takes casualties, even the family members of a cunning sith lord. Miscalculations happen. Nobody is infallible.

    Thoughtfully, I walk over to my plants, which are all lined up in a quiet corner of my apartment. I want Aola to inherit their lot. All of them but one. It will go to my uncle.

    While the droid assistants carry the crates downstairs and Aola moves some of her new companions next door, I sit down to write a note to go with the pot of Rominaria flowers. I have managed to keep them alive all those years with underdeveloped plant surge, a very peculiar Force power of mine.

    My medium of choice is an old piece of parchment. I once stole it from his special place. The sith shrine that he has erected right under the Jedi Temple. Grimly, my eyes fly over the ancient sith hieroglyphs. It is an invocation to summon the Dead from their graves. The name of that particular atrocity is ’Bone Dance’. I wonder if my uncle even has missed it since last summer.

    Nibbling on the end of my pencil, I decide to skip the salutation. His own name becomes more and more meaningless to him. And to write down his sith title would be too bold.

    Moraband is such a cold, gruesome place. You can only find death and destruction there.

    I still wish you would reconsider your choice. The door is still open. All you have to do is to walk through it.

    To become the Sith'ari means never-ending night and loneliness. You told me once, that those who do not remember the past shall relive it. And it seems to me that you do not wish to remember. Not even the nice things we shared together.

    My heart is torn in pieces like our galaxy.

    Good-bye! Nagina

    Instead of an envelope I choose one of my hair ribbons and wrap it around the parchment.

    I gaze out of one of my living-room windows, just to spot a Kowakian monkey-lizard sitting lazily on top the transport ship. It has green fur on top of its bird-like head and reddish skin. The yellow lizard eyes gleam with mischief.

    “Pilf,” I whisper to myself. “Pilf Mukmuk.”

    With the flower pot in my left hand I follow one of the service droids downstairs.


    (Chapter 10 to be continued!)
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    Wow, I can hear crickets.

    So I better wrap up this story any time soon. I meant to do a sequel, but it seems that this story is like the secret garden in a certain English children's book: unwanted.
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    Dear Azure, :D sorry I have not reviewed :eek: I am having all kinds of reactions all jumbled together related to the NEU :p and that is cementing my love of fanfictions. So, far from being unwanted, your stuff is like cobbler, - peach! cobbler. [:D]
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    It is sweet of you to say that... but don't you worry. I am not referring to you. For you take time and effort to beta my stuff for me. This is already more than I have hoped for.
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    When I read this update two weeks ago while sitting in the grandstands before the Formula 1 GP of Germany, waiting in the blistering sun for the race to get started (and my internet to fail as the stands filled up and the network broke down due to much activity around the track :oops:[face_waiting] ) was pretty awed, saddened for her having to move, but proud of how Nagina deals with it. But didn't have opportunity to react more than by liking the post at the time. So let me give you a bit more incentive to keep writing this great story [:D]

    All in all, It is a powerful goodbye to her apartment and old life, and a proper way to tell her uncle/the Chancellor/Emperor good bye, with one last note if he wants to take a chance to change his fate and that of the galaxy for the better. Very human. And you casually drop a bit of sad backstory so we finally know what happened to the oft mentioned Barin (is that in honour of Barin from Flash Gordon by the way? Not sure if I asked before), and a flash of happier times.

    I expect to read an update soon :vader:
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    And my husband is always sweet. So I interrupt my holidays for an update that is longed for and wanted very much. ;)

    Because I was too sad to update last week I give my two readers a longer update now:

    (Still Chapter 10)


    Of course the pet’s owner is nearby. It is Hondo Ohnaka, a tough, pragmatic Weequay. He does not try to hide his presence. As usual he is dressed in his colourful pirate robes, which make him seem more like a children’s book character than a real person. Another Kowakian monkey-lizard sits on his left shoulder. It is Pikk, who is even more colourful than his brother Pilf.

    “Mistress Samye,” Hondo Ohnaka beams and starts to walk up to me, moving like a model of the Coruscant fashion week. Behind his goggles his grey eyes are large and luminous, filled with real joy.

    “Mister Ohnaka,” I say and curtsy automatically.

    Laughing, the pirate takes my hand, which I already stretched out to him in greeting. He leads my fingers up to his mouth. An old fashioned kiss is blown against my finger tips. “To you, my sweet lady, just Hondo.”

    “There is Corellian Air Cake and some fermented fungus ale upstairs,” I offer, while he still holds on to my hand. “It cannot make up for your loss of your base on Florrum, of course.”

    “Ah, you heard!” he exclaims and lets go of my hand, just to throw his arms in the air dramatically. “I give you a bit of kind advice, Mistress Samye. Stay away from Force users! They only mess up with your life.”

    I nod solemnly for I know a lot about Force users. “You seem like you need some Chimbak to calm your nerves.”

    “Unfortunately, I have to decline your kind offer to a glass of Alderaanian wine.” He gives me a lazy smile, his eyes glowing with charm. “A respectable woman like you should not be seen with a rogue pirate like me.”

    I reach out for his Kowakian monkey-lizard and stroke the animal endearingly. It makes cooing sounds, closing its eyes in pleasure.

    “Please return to your flat now!” Hondo begs me, his lips twitching as he watches his pet falling more and more to my charme. He cannot know that I am using another Force power of mine. “I do not want to ruin your good-bye party!”

    I go for the bold approach. “If you won’t follow me upstairs, could you at least do me a favour?”

    Hondo eyes the Rominaria flowers carefully. “You want me to give those back to the Supreme Chancellor?” He shakes his head. “It is never wise to upset a former lover.”

    I remain standing in front of him. “Like you never dared to upset Aura when you both were an item?”

    Something flickers in his eyes. “If it means so much to you, I send one of my best handy men.” His voice is quiet, while he reaches out for one of my cheeks. “There is no need to pay me. Just ask yourself, if you really want to give those flowers back. Sometimes silence is golden.”

    “Perhaps you are right,” I whisper brokenly.

    His pet hops by and raises up his arms. Perplexed, I give the flower pot into its tiny claws.

    “In this I am right.” The tall Weequay gathers me in his arms. “Forget about the flowers, the message! Leave this planet like a queen who goes into her exile. You know what I always say: speak softly, and drive a big tank.”

    Tears spill down my cheeks. My breath is hiccuping over his skin.

    “This effort is no longer profitable!” he tries to sooth me, but I cannot stop crying.

    The Kowakian monkey-lizard cackles, hopping around us like a lunatic. My flowers remain strangely safe despite his wild dance.

    When Hondo and I step away from each other, his solace lingers on inside me, making me smiley again. A weak smile, but a smile nonetheless. “Thank you!” I squeeze out.

    “No, I am grateful for every pedagogical advice you ever gave me.” He winks at me. “Young Fett sure is a handful. Now that Aurra and I have split up, he is even more troublesome.”


    Not much later, Aola has a surprise for me. “I am to bring you to Level 3204 now that everything is nicely wrapped up.”

    I blink at her, not comprehending.

    She laughs at me. “How do you want to give a party in a flat that has no chairs and tables left? All your cutlery and dishes are packed in as well.”

    Curious, I keep looking at the Twi’lek woman. “So where are we going exactly?”

    Rorak, who had been helping with the logistics until now, saunters closer. “To Glarus Valley, one of the most popular community centres. A Mistress Choh...”

    “Beaplli’s mom? Really?” I clap my hands like an excited child.

    “First I get you dressed nicely for the occasion.” Aola gives me a full body scan. “And we need to do something with your hair.”

    “Please do not give me a traditional Naboo hair style!” I beg. “I hate them since my early childhood.”

    “Ha!” she laughs triumphantly. “I knew it. You are indeed from Naboo and try your best to keep it undercover. Your secret is safe with me, Nagina.”

    Her wink relaxes me slightly. But I fear that my outfit or my hair style will not be the usual me after the Twi’lek woman is finished with me.


    One hour later we arrive at the ’Glarus Valley’ community centre down in Level 3204. In the style of Lufta Shif, the former Educational Regent of Naboo, I am wearing gentle and flowing teaching robes. Aola had not been able to influence my choice. I had denied all of her suggestions with calm dignity.

    My hair is held up by a metal hair slide, displaying a Zoorif feather motif. I got it from my uncle ages ago during a private Festival of Light celebration.

    As we come closer, I can see that a tall Muun figure stands outside.

    Mistress Choh acts as my private welcome committee. She holds on to a big flower bouquet and waves at us.

    Aola laughs. Her skin is more pinkish than usual. As she runs inside the building, her lekku dangling behind her, she reminds me of a child bound to more good-natured mischief.

    Blushing, I come to stand before the tall Muun woman. “Nagina, you are a surprise from every angle,” she praises me. “You are as beautiful as that senator from Naboo tonight.”

    Padmé Naberrie, better known as Senator Amidala, does not have thirty kilogram overweight. Even with her secret pregnancy she looks as radiant as ever. I feel like a Jawa sand crawler no matter what I wear.

    Before I can thank Mistress Choh for her generosity, she takes one of my hands in a confidential manner. “Before you say anything, my dear, an admirer of yours has contacted me two days ago. These are his flowers. He insisted to pay for all expenses tonight. The rent for the location, the food service and drinks - all inclusive.”

    I pale for I have a sudden idea about the identity of my benefactor. “It is Prince Xizor, isn’t it?” I inquire.

    “Your insight serves you well as usual.” Happiness gleams in the tall Muun’s otherwise pale face. “His Majesty will pick you up later on tonight. After you saved one of his favourite nieces three weeks ago, he feels very obliged to you.”

    My thoughts twirl around like sand in a nostalgic hourglass. The realisation kicks in much more slowly.

    “Savan? The three year old Falleen girl from the Galactic Museum?” I ponder.

    “A royal princess of means on her home world.” The normally cool Mistress Choh has trouble to keep her excitement out of her voice. “The two kindergarten teachers who lost sight of her have been fired right after that incident.”

    I feel for the poor women, because it can happen all too easily that a child gets lost during a field trip. The Galactic Museum is a very chaotic place to be. Its seize is frightening. “They were pedagogues of the senate kindergarten, right?” I enquire, my voice somewhat pressed.

    The Muun nods in confirmation.

    Now the mysterious job offer that my boss, Jessica Reidia, received a couple of days ago starts to make sense. Prince Xizor had hoped that I would go for it and be there for his favourite niece forever more.

    And I, thinking this would be all about my uncle, have given he Falleen criminal dangerous information that he could use for blackmail. “I feel like an absolute nerfherder!” I mumble.

    “Strange that you would say that!” Mistress Choh laughs. “His Majesty already feared that you would feel that way.”

    A nostalgic paper envelope is given to me. I open it with nervous hands. The card reads:

    “To the wonderful Mistress Samye, who gave me a splendid time while I was allowed to observe her and her life. Please be my guest tonight! You are brave, extremely funny and overall charming! I would be very honoured to invite you to the opera later on. Perhaps you might even grant me to have a nightcap with you. Yours sincerely X”

    My senses go on read alert while I reach the post scriptum:

    “PS: You saved my beloved Savan. For this I owe you civility and generosity. This is why I will not treat you like the women who usually cross my way. Family business is sacred to me. This makes you untouchable to me, I am afraid.”

    My eyes widen as I read the last sentence that the crime lord added:

    “P.P.S: Otherwise I would commit unspeakable acts of passion with you tonight. Which is a shame, really!!!”

    My eyes flicker, but I recover quickly.

    “Thanks for organizing all this for him tonight.”

    Mistress Choh shakes her head. “I am doing this for you, the favourite teacher of my son. But I might have a business partner in His Majesty in future.”

    Normally, I am a good judge of character, but Prince Xizor had failed my evaluation completely. I did him and his motives utterly wrong.

    Gently, the Muun places the flowers in my arms. “Let us go inside now! There are more people to meet and presents to unwrap.”


    It is an afternoon worthwhile to remember. While Coruscant recovers from her recent wounds, I am in a safe bubble of love and respect.

    I suspected just half of my current group parents to show up with their offspring. But Mistress Cho has invited everybody that I had dealt with since my arrival in the kindergarten. I am faced with nearly a hundred people. Children dance around me, eager to catch my attention.

    There are speeches of thanks and singing from excited young ones.

    The food is gorgeous and a mix of the various races and ethnicities I worked with throughout the years.

    When the evening falls, the younger children are brought home by their parents under protest.

    Prince Xizor does not appear before the last guest kisses me good-bye under tears. I am crying, too, so the Falleen criminal hands me a violet handkerchief.

    “Thanks,” I sniff into it and suppress the instinct to give it back to him.

    “Normally I turn around when a woman cries. With Savan it is different though. And for some unexplainable reason I want to comfort you, too,” the elegant Falleen ponders, studying me like a newly discovered species from the Unknown Regions. “But I know you would not let me touch you. I am still a stranger to you, a possible thread even.”

    I stand as still as a statue, knowing he is not finished yet.
    “You hugged quite a lot of males today, Mistress Samye. Most of them are the scum that makes my wealth possible. Criminals that are wanted dead or alive.” His lavender eyes gaze at me in admiration. “You trusted them with your life anyway. Like an animal tamer knowing all the beasts in the pit by name. My security men had trouble breathing more than once, eager to get you to safety. How can your uncle sleep well at night?”

    “Alderaanian relaxa-bed,” I prompt.

    Prince Xizor’s eyes widen and then he roars with laughter. It has the volume of a kyat dragon screeching.

    Boldly, Aola shows up next to me and throws in, “Is this man bothering you, sweetie?”
    “I hope not, Mistress Auyapgajo.” His voice is clipped, while he bows curtly to my Twi’lek friend. “It would be unforgivable to insult the woman who did so much to achieve my private state of happiness.”

    Perplexed, she blinks at him. Her hazel eyes show her deep confusion.

    “If you would not mind, Mistress Samye, I would like to leave with you now. We are bound to arrive at the Opera House in two hours sharp.” His gaze is back at me, all coldness gone. It is replaced with a concern that I had not thought him to be capable of. “If you would like to refresh yourself at one of my day spas...”

    Of course, he owns hotels and spas. I should have known. He mixes illegal investigations with innocent ones. Perhaps he even pays his taxes to some extend.

    The silence is electrifying. Aola holds her breath and the Underworld Lord gives his best of looking unassuming.

    “Why not,” I answer. He wants to behave himself for his niece and I badly need to network if I want to survive the rise of the Sith Empire that my uncle has in mind.


    There are no other spa guests. Not any more. One call with one of his assistances and the entire place had been shut down. Now it is just us in this tiled steam bath.

    Nervously, I check if my sauna towel is still neatly in order.

    “Relax!” Prince Xizor crocks his head. “I gave a promise, remember?”

    This makes me giggle girlishly despite my forty years of age. I hate myself for appearing awkward and stupid in front of him all the time. He must find this tiresome by now.

    “My dear Mistress Samye,” he starts.

    “Nagina,” I interrupt him and, driven by another silly instinct, extend my hand in greeting.

    His scaled reptile fingers wrap around my right hand. “You are a novelty to my life, my dear Nagina. No female being has made me laugh so much within forty-eight standard hours. For that alone I owe you.”

    “I thought Falleen respected discipline and control, particularly self-control.”

    “They do. Especially when they are in company of strangers. But you are no stranger to me any more. You saved my niece, who also has the power to make me laugh. Therefore I want to be as nice to you as I am to her.” There is nothing but truth in his lavender eyes. “I will be as caste with you as a B’omarr monk.”

    Those monks have no body to speak of. They had their brains surgically removed and placed in jars containing nutrient fluid.

    I scan Prince Xizor in his towel. No treacherous tints of red show in his skin. He has himself and his phenomenons under control.

    “Can you... please... relax around me?” He sighs and I detect real exasperation in him. “I just want to be a good acquaintance if you allow me to be thus. Since you gave me an unexpected update on your true identity, I did a lot of thinking.”

    Our hands apart from each other again.

    “You ask yourself if I can promote you,” I suggest.

    “I would not dare asking that of you.” He shakes his head. “But if you could let your uncle know that I am willing to protect you from now on, all would be well.”

    “Just because I took care of your crying niece in the middle of a museum exhibition?”

    “You showed pity and compassion with a distracted child, vulnerable in many ways.” His eyes are alight with passion. “There could have been kidnappers around. Or wandering perverts. You never know with a girl so young.”

    The way he worries about Savan shows me that he is really but a concerned relative. He dotes on her very much.

    Prince Xizor looks at his perfectly manicured nails that are as long as my fingers. “Does the fear ever stop?” he whispers, his usual cold and calculation demeanour light years away from him.

    I skid over to him, boldly taking both of his hands into mine. “It will get worse over the years. Especially when Savan will reach her teens. It will drive you mad.”

    He throws his head back and growls pathetically. I cannot speak the language of the Falleen, but I am sure he just used a swear word. Then he jerks back into position, scanning my anxious face. “This is why I want our acquaintance to deepen, Nagina. All my other nieces and nephews are rotten to the core. I want Savan to stay my diamond forever.”

    I bite my lip. “Child education is no guarantee that they turn out the way we want them to be. Just stay true and honest with her! And keep her away from your... business related operations, whatever they might be!”

    He nods grimly. “This is what I wanted all along.” Than his gaze softens again and he looks somewhat smug, “I am glad we already share an opinion here.”
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    I like how you have had the threat of a Xizor kidnapping for nefarious reasons hanging above our, and Nagina's head from the start, but now show that his interest was coming from a whole other corner (it reminded me of Jane Austen's Northanger Abby, just a bit, is it coincidence that you read that recently?) I also guess that it is fair of him to let Nagina know his vulnerability, in trade for her revealing her uncle's. I do wonder how she gets all these men to adore her though, but it seems they all want to be good fathers/caretakers for their kids ;)
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    You always catch me red-handed, husband mine. Yes, of late, my male characters are influenced by Jane Austen´s brilliant writing, especially the plot twists like in "Northanger Abby". But - spoiler alert! - there will be NO love affair between Nagina and Xizor. (Perhaps this is due to an overdose of love novels written by Maya Banks, Diana Gabaldon and Sylvia Day.) They just will become good acquaintances.

    I wonder what Tyranus230 would make of the story in so far, but I believe him to be busy exploring the Australian outback with his brilliant wife at present.

    As for Nagina´s Force ability to let the bad guys behave good towards her, perhaps this is a special Force ability of hers. And before you ask: I gave that ability to her long before I came to know about "Charmespeak", an hypnotic ability ability that the daughters (and sons?) of the Greek goddess Aphrodite/ Roman goddess Venus possess. I started the Rick Riordan series "The Heroes of Olympus" long after starting my fan fic story here.

    To be honest, it comes more from my wish to portrait some of the popular villains as persons who have a soft layer underneath all their cruelty. So Sheev Palpatine, Boba Fett, Cad Bane and some others received special attention from me. Also some of the ladies such as Asajj Ventress, Sly Moore and Savan, the niece of Xizor.

    Anyway, thanks for reading AND commenting. I doubt myself very much at present & you always keep me going, DarthUncle. Without you writing, drawing & painting would cease to be my hobbies completely. Thanks for encouraging me & also believing in me!
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    And I loved to read more about Nagina and her interesting persons she meets
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    And I am a bit calmer now that I have more readers left than my beta and my husband.
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    Wow, great farewells from Nagina's friends and interesting! elaboration with Xizor's character/qualities/personality. :p =D=
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    Finally had a chance to check in for a read, but the disparity between where my review posts are, and where I have read up to, mean that I have jumped in ahead of myself.

    Read Nagina spending the night with Palpie, and that pale femme standing before the bed in the morning, and admonishing them for sleeping together with their clothes on.

    Although Sheeve deserves no quarter, I am disappointed that Nagina did not stop for breakfast.

    Demanding he say 'please' in her best kindergarten style, he acquiesces, and she still walks out on him! What sort of message does that send? It's your fault that I'm sympathising with that mynock! :p

    I liked the personalisation of and interactions with the Red Guard.

    Didn't get the taxi ride thing. Maybe one of the preceding chapters that I inadvertently missed explains how whoever hired Cad Bane (is he the KOTOR bloke in the cowboy hat?), knew that a local minicab firm was going to get a call at dawn, and it would be for Nagina; and knew far enough ahead of time to pay Bane a lot of dosh to ferry her around.

    I now need to track back, including through Nagina telling Breha and Bail about Sheev's medical intell', to where I'm supposed to be...
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    I am happy that you are sympathising with the old mynock in some respect. Then my evil plan worked. Muhaha!

    For the Red Guard I had to do some extreme research on wookiepedia and also other on-line places (such as

    Now about the strange part with the taxi ride: During my research I saw a photo of Cad Bane standing on a ComfortRide passenger airspeeder. I asked myself, "Why did he not take one of those air taxis that are in the sky of Coruscant? He would have had a much more comfortable means of escape this way."

    Then my strange brain, seldom resting, had the weirdest ideas and joints. What do all the bounty hunters do around Order 66? How do they earn money?

    Those thoughts linked with the need of Palps to keep his niece safe and to ship her off to Lothal even safer.

    Et voilá, nous sommes ici! [face_dancing]

    And please do not get confused by time travelling! Otherwise we need to call a doctor. In a blue box! ;)
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    Okay, it is Friday in Germany already and because I am off much later today, meeting my old friend Cem_Fel in person for the entire weekend, I better post my update.

    Before I do, I should check again if my update list is right:

    @Lady_Misty (?)

    If there is anything wrong please tell me immediately via PM!

    And here we go:

    Chapter 11:

    Xizor assists me to dress up for the occasion and has one of Coruscant’s best stylists work on me. I end up wearing a black costume, that consists of a mermaid skirt, a leather corset, and feather shawl. My hair is done with two braids running across my head, and the remainder of my hair is put in a simple pony tail.

    As I gaze into the mirror I cannot help to think that I look like a dark version of myself. A sith lady keen to conquer. “I wonder if my uncle will recognize me at all,” I mumble, touching the mirror with my trembling finger tips.

    “Of course he will. You are the delight of his heart.”

    A quote from one of my favourite books comes to mind, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

    Xizor comes to stand next to me, adjusting his snake bands that he wears around both of his upper arms. “You are a dangerous woman, because you see right through all of us. The naughty children in your kindergarten group must be very upset about that skill of yours.”

    My evening companion is his usual self-assured and sensual Falleen self again. I must say his violet robes with their gold threats are explicit. It is a bit cheeky of him to wear something that is low-backed. His scales peak out of it and remind me of a Duinuogwuin, a star dragon. But those usually come in various shades of grey.

    “What is on tonight?” I ask to distract myself from his exotic beauty.

    “It is the première of ´Squid Lake´ preformed by the Mon Calamari Ballet.”

    “Squid Lake,” I shriek and clap my hands.

    “You are familiar with it?”

    I nod eagerly. “It is considered to be one of the greatest classical ballets of all time.”

    The ghost of a smile softens his sensual mouth. “Then it was worthwhile getting tickets at such short notice. Your glee is very pleasant, Nagina.”

    “You always get what you want, don’t you?” I inquire, hoping that nobody got murdered for those Ballet tickets.

    Abruptly, he jerks away. “Self-contemplation is the key to success.”

    “Almost spoken like a Jedi knight.”

    Xizor pulls back to bathe me in his glance. “Even though I respect the Force for what it is, I am not overly found of Force users. See, what they have done to the galaxy that we live in! It is a disgrace, really. They should be all wiped out.”

    It is in my power to correct his point-of-view, but I remain silent. He does not like the Jedi and I do not want to share my intimate knowledge about the Sith with him. Even though he offered me his friendship, I need to threat carefully. He cannot have all my secrets. Nobody ever can.

    “Your uncle wants to restore peace and order,” he says, putting my coat over my shoulders.

    “No,” I say. “He wants to build an empire.”

    Xizor takes my revelation in reverent silence.

    “Do not mistake him to be a good-hearted fool!” I continue. “It is all a façade for the unwary. His ambitions are cold and cruel. Single lives do not count for him.”

    “Yours does,” he challenges me.

    “I do not share his values.” I hang my head, staring at the expensive rug that I am standing on. “Nor does he share mine.”

    Xizor fastens the sith brooch for me. “This is why you have to go to Lothal,” he figures quietly. “Building an empire costs a lot of strength. He wants you safe and far away from the future centre of power. I can imagine a lot of ugly things will happen soon.”

    “Yes,” I sniff. “There will be slaughter and misery.”

    “I am looking forward to it.” Something like conscience shows up in his eyes, when he searches my shocked gaze. “The truth is, men like me might rise high when they offer their support to the new order.”

    “I suppose so,” I say, my voice not really sounding like my own. It is too clogged with emotions.

    “Please, give me the chance to make this a night worth to remember!” Xizor begs. “Do not cry before I even tried making an effort!”

    For once in my life I am happy that water-proofed make-up was used on me. Otherwise I would look like Asajj on a bad day. I make a mental note to leave my new address for her. It will be nice to have familiar faces visiting at Lothal.

    Xizor presents a tiara to me. “Please do me the favour to wear this tonight. It is a loan, because you would not accept it as a present from me.”

    Dazed, I stare at the jewelled, ornamental coronet. “Where...”

    “These are rainbow gems from the Hapes Cluster. They are very hard to get by.” He takes great care of adjusting the tiara on my head. “The current Queen Mother guards the frontiers of her domain well.”

    I nod mechanically, for I cannot let Xizor know that those gems are alive. They are actually silicon-based lifeforms who will mature in a thousand years time. I can feel their strong Force signature and I pity them for having been torn away from their community. They are so young still.


    It is not that I walk the famous walk-of-shame through the Galaxies Opera House. Xizor has kept his word to me in so far. He just acts as a pleasant host, keen on treating me like a queen. His courteous behaviour does not differ much from my uncle’s. I can live with them sharing another similarity.

    Survival is about accommodation to the given circumstances. Having grown up with Grandfather Cosinga’s foul temper, I had to adjust rather early in life.

    We start to climb the long stair case.

    Females around me make excited noises when we pass arm in arm. Some even swoon.

    “Stop that!” I rebuke Xizor.

    “I wish I could,” he answers back under his breath. “It is not as easy as it seems. To look as perfect as I am is really a curse, Nagina.”

    He leads me to the bar for a drink. I chose something non-alcoholic, but expensive non-the-less. Alderaanian fountain water. The planet just sold thousand bottles a year to support intergalactic child programs or charity events on Coruscant.

    “You look radiant tonight,” Xizor complements me. “We should take holo pictures for your former kindergarten wards.”

    I put my half-empty water glass down. “They would not recognize me like this.”

    “Do not underestimate the bright minds of the children you taught with such care and dedication!”

    Thinking about the smoking ruins of the kindergarten building and everybody I will leave behind soon, tears start gathering in my eyes.

    Xizor notices my distress and dives into our conversation with doubled effort. “I have a confession to make about the dress.”

    Blinking my tears back, I say, “Tell!”

    He smiles indulgently. “I got it during a charity auction very recently. It is adjusted to your seize, especially the bustier.”

    “You buy lady clothing second-hand?” I tease him.

    “Not a lady.” His smile gets wider. “She was once a queen on your home planet.”

    Shock pulses through me. “I wear something that Senator Amidala possessed?”

    “She sold some of her private garments for a charity. Lunch parcels for children in badly hit war regions seemed to be a good cause to tribute to.” He winks at me. “I feel doubly rewarded with my purchase.”


    (Chapter 11 to be continued!)
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    What elegant atttire and a memorable evening this is turning into! And enjoying the exchange about her uncle's intent :p
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    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: Recently, DarthUncle sat me down & had a long talk with me about my fan fictions. He wanted my writing to continue, especially this story. When I told him he could get private off-line updates, he was not d´accord.

    He had been inconsolable the same way when I wanted to give up painting in November 2005, right after my university professor had punished me for NOT doing my practical exam about European funeral culture. But for doing a children´s book in Eric Carle style instead. The English Language department and the German Language department doubted their colleagues harsh decision a lot and loved my work.

    Since October 2015 I am not sure about fan fic any more, but my husband keeps arguing with me, encouraging me. I do not dare to let him down.

    So I updated tonight, even though I will be tired when meeting my dear Cem_Fel tomorrow in the very city where our RL friendship started off. (She wants PDF files of my stuff for she does not have the time for the JC fan fic thread any more.)
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    Little happens on the boards these days and not even the bird had time to read this fic. Well, I believe her busy with moving boxes still!

    Anyway, I should check again if my update list is right:


    Please do inform me when there is a mistake in this list!

    And here my little update:

    (Still Chapter 11)


    The performance itself is a dream. From the box that Xizor hired for the evening I have a pretty good view on the actual stage, which consists of seven water bubbles. A big bubble is surrounded by six smaller ones. I believe a big repulsor field being responsible for that phenomena. The dancers move around in the safety of their bubbles with grace.

    The Mon Calmari are a humanoid, aquatic species. They hail from the water planet of Mon Cala, which they share with the Quarren species. With his blasted Clone Wars my uncle has made sure that once peaceful neighbours have turned into bitter enemies.

    Why he has chosen to watch a performance by an alien race that has little meaning to him, I do not know. But I suppose that the music lover in him overcomes all prejudices for tonight.

    The synopsis of the ballet, that has four acts, mirrors an old legend from Naboo. A young noble man, due to marry out of duty, falls in love with an enchanted woman. An evil sorcerer has turned her and her hand maidens into swans. There is a dirty intrigue and much heart break.

    With my old fashioned opera glasses I seek out my uncle. And soon I find him. He is in his private box, but not alone. General Skywalker is with him.

    My hand moves quickly to my mouth to suppress a moan. There is no need to alert Xizor, who enjoys the dance theatre to the fullest.

    I do not like the familiarity between my uncle and the Jedi Knight. They talk too calm, too serene with one another. It does not seem that there is blackmail going on about Amidala’s pregnancy. Something else is amiss between the two of them. Is Sheev possibly recruiting General Skywalker for the sith empire?

    “You would not,” I whisper. “Tell me that you would not willingly cause the fall of a good man.”

    All of a sudden the gaze of my uncle is fully set on me. He will always find me, no matter where I am. I expect him to open a connection to me in the Force, but he chooses not to. Not with General Skywalker sitting a few inches next to him. Instead he gives one of his guards a secret sign.

    “We will get a visitor soon,” I mumble loud enough for Xizor to hear me.

    “Shall I have one of my men stop him?” he asks politely.

    “No.” Not keen on a blood bath, I shake my head. “My uncle will just send a private message. There will be no harm done.”

    “Sending messages?” The Falleen criminal raises a black eye brow. “He behaves like a school boy.”

    “Sheev is old fashioned in some respect.”

    “If you say so.” He turns his face back to the water bubbles and the dancers. “But if this upsets you too much, Nagina, I still can...”

    “Please, don’t!”

    We are both surprised that my hand lands on top of his.

    “The colour of your skin looks good on mine.” He closes his lavender eyes for a brief moment. When he speaks again his voice is hoarse with passion. “Please do not offer me sweet fruits that are forbidden for me!”

    Blushing, I take my hand back.

    A Red Guard approaches. It is not Vede Kennede though. I can tell as much straight away. “Kile Hannad?” I ask softly as I come closer, hoping that nobody else can hear.

    “No, milady,” the man chuckles behind his impenetrable mask. “But I am his best friend Kir Kanos. At your service.”

    He hands me an old fashioned parchment that I handle with great care like a Thermal detonator. The language is Sanskrit, the holy language of Naboo.

    Pyaar dil se kabhi na ho kam
    Tu mere khwaabon mein basa
    Paas hai, door hai
    Jee chahta hain gale se lagaun
    O sajan ji haan sajan ji... kuch socho kuch samjho meri baat ko

    Which translates to:

    The love in my heart shall never lessen
    You’re in my dreams forever

    We stand so close yet are so far
    I want to hug you tight
    Oh my beloved, try and understand what I'm trying to say

    I almost choke on my sob. This is a clear good-bye. None of his usual mixed messages.

    The Red Guard still towers above me. “He expects no answer.”

    “Of course,” I clip out, trying to keep my emotions on check, but they leak out of me like a lake. A swan lake. A squid lake. Like any lake containing too much water.

    Kir Kanos leans closer. “Before I humbly take my leave of you, milady, let me assure you that it is not wise to interact with members of the Black Sun. Stay away from this crime organisation in future!”

    My lips quiver, but I cannot, will not answer.

    Take care on Lothal, milady. There might be trouble ahead.” The Red Guard gives me a stiff military bow and rushes off again.

    Xizor comes to stand right behind me, too nervous to wrap me into his arms. Solace is uncharted territory for him. “If your uncle’s letter upsets you that much, I should talk to him,” he tries to reason as he fumbles for another handkerchief.

    “You should not,” I breeze.

    “He cannot leave you in such emotional turmoil. It is not fair.”

    “Fairness is not anywhere on his personal radar.” I smile, trying to put his mind at ease. “There are other priorities in his life now that he rises an empire.”

    Xizor does not agree with me at all. “Family should not be sacrificed like this. Please leave the entire matter to me or I will use my ultimate weapon on you!”

    “Your pheromones? Really?”

    Xizor sighs, but his jaw is clenched. “All to stop you crying entire rivers. I want you happy and content. Like you were on the security recordings of the Galactic Museum.”

    Like my uncle Xizor has the tendency to be a bit of a stalker. There is a price for being well-informed about others. I straighten my spine as I learned it from my Yoga teacher. “Tonight is not the right time. He is with Skywalker.”

    “That reckless young man seems to be all over the place, literally.” He rolls his lavender eyes. “There is a lot of merchandise of him scattered throughout the city. I do ask myself if a Jedi knight deserves so much attention. He should not know vanity. Or a fan base.”


    During the break we walk over to my uncle’s private box. The guards are nervous when they behold us. They recognize my companion first. It takes them a while to recognize me. But when they do, one steps up to me.

    “Milady, he is just on a stroll,” I recognize the speaker as Kir Kanos immediately. “And Skywalker is still inside the box. This is not the right time, I am afraid.”

    Xizor smiles arrogantly. “Why do the Jedi always get extra credits by everyone? This is favouritism of the worst kind. Since that unfortunate war broke out, they swarm all over our galaxy and want to stand in the spotlight all the time. That Skywalker is the worst. He should be inside his temple meditating. Classical dance theatre is not meant for uneducated Tatooine scum like him.”

    “Excuse me?” asks a male voice.

    I stare into a pair of blue human eyes, twin suns of annoyance. They vaguely remind me of someone close to home, but I skip that thought. A lot of humans have blue eyes in this galaxy. My uncle is not the only one.

    “Ah, the famous ´Hero without fear´ himself!” muses Xizor. I can almost smell the testosterone that is in the air now. “The angriest Jedi knight that ever walked the galaxy.”

    “And you must be one of the smug reptile faces that hide behind the Black Sun Syndicate,” General Skywalker snaps back.

    “Oh, you must mistake me with Ziton Moj, a common scoundrel,” Xizor corrects him smoothly. “Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m a man of wealth and taste...”

    “You dirty Falleen look all the same to me,” General Skywalker interrupts him, his brow wrinkled in anger. And suddenly his blue glance is fully set on me. “I don’t believe it!”


    He is not referring to me, but the dress. I try to take a considerate step back, but I fail because Xizor does not allow me to do so. “I am Prince Xizor and this is my charming companion...”

    “I am not interested to become acquainted with one of your brainless dolls. A woman that is so cheap that she wears other people’s old clothing. Does she also rummage rubbish bins? That would explain why she is as fat as a Hutt.”

    As my heart sets out a beat, Xizor’s heart rate doubles. “You just insulted a flawless, excellent kindergarten teacher that is a dear guest of mine tonight.”

    “This is a kindergarten teacher?” General Skywalker narrows his eyes. “And banthas can fly at midnight. She is your... personal blow-up mattress.”

    A vein pulses at Xizor’s throat. “If you can use a metal blade instead of that silly torch of yours, we will meet at dawn for a private vendetta.”

    My uncle has appeared behind us all. His gaze tells me that he is not amused of the havoc his protégé has caused. And that he is sorry for me. “Ah, Mistress Samye,” he smiles and takes my right hand to kiss it tenderly. “I am happy to see you again so soon.”

    “You know this... person?” asks General Skywalker, his voice rising some octaves.

    “Of course.” My uncle lifts an incredulous eye brow at him. “She is one of the best pedagogues on this planet.”

    The Jedi Knight mumbles something incomprehensible.

    “Anakin, we all could not hear you properly. My uncle is the epiphany of friendliness, but I know his real game. You must speak more pronounced.”

    “Mistress Samye, pleased to meet you.” The Jedi Knight does not go for eye contact nor does he attempt to give me a kiss on the hand. “But if you would excuse me now, I have important business to do.”

    “Jedi business?” cajoles Xizor.

    “Which is way better than being part of a crime syndicate,” General Skywalker challenges him. “We are knights of the Republic and protect her values.”

    “There are rumours that your kind hurts children and chokes decent civilians just for fun.”

    “You should not pay too much attention to Force hating morons.”

    “I find people overly clever when they see your lot for what they really are: trouble makers and freaks of nature.”

    While both men start throwing unkind things into each others faces, I whisper to my uncle in pure Sanskrit, “Mera jeevan to hai tera saaya.” I lick my lips, willing my heart to calm again. My whole life is under your shadow.

    Sheev nods to that. Then he uses his voice to stop Xizor and General Skywalker. “The break is almost over and Mistress Samye wants to see some civilised ballet performance. If you could take your quarrel elsewhere, gentlemen, I would appreciate it very much.”

    “Actually, I do not feel well and would like to go home.”

    A shiver goes through Xizor. I can feel him getting a grip on his feelings again. He slowly turns to me. “Then let me take you home, Nagina.”

    (PS: For this update, I stole lines from my favourite Bollywood songs!)
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    Oh lots of tension at the opera! The ill-will and acrimony between Anakin and Xizor continues for many, may years. :p
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    Anakin and Xizor meeting her and continuing their bickering and with Sheev observing all
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    Due to DarthUncle, always a sharp observer & test analyser, I have to cut of most of Chapter 12. It will be easier to send you Chapter 13 next weekend, dear WarmNyota_SweetAyesha and put everything nicely together than.

    Right now I am pretty busy with several presents for 40th birthdays and a wedding.
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    Sorry for giving you work to do, though I agree it is all to improve your story! :cool:

    I guess now we know what caused the animosity between Xizor and Anakin/Darth Vader, well done! And you made the opera scene more than just the backdrop to Darth Plagious myth/Teh seduction of the Anakin part b!
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