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Saga Ranfom Spoonfuls of Mush, Drabbles for MMM

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by TheRynJedi, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. TheRynJedi

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    Jun 20, 2018
    A thread to post the Random Spoonfuls of Mush responses I decide to do. Could be any and all eras, random characters, depends on what I end up writing. If I do some NSW entries I will post them on that board and link them in this thread.

    First set of responses: Set 5

    Dangit, will a mod reading this fix that typo for me? Ranfom??
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  2. TheRynJedi

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    Jun 20, 2018
    (1. Breathe)
    Relearning a language I had long forgotten was difficult enough; Sennah thought. But he wanted her to learn to play Ryn music too. She needed to fit in to this new life with her clan, but she wasn't sure about this.

    Sennah shook her head. "I not do it for many years, Uncle Gandan. I do not know how."

    "Bah, it is easy,” the greying elder said with a smile at his long-lost-then-again-found niece. “You are a Ryn. It will come to you again, just as the language is returning. Just place your fingers so… and Breathe."

    (2. Sigh)
    She watched and listened to her Uncle run through some basic musical scales.

    “But I change my breathing many years past to NOT make sound so.” Sennah sighed, hoping she was using the correct words.

    It was such an odd evolutionary feature of her species. No other being she met growing up in the Jedi Temple had a nose that doubled as a musical instrument. She vaguely remembered knowing the fingerings for specific notes, but had been teased about it so much as a youngling that she had trained herself out of it.

    “I’m sorry, Uncle, I cannot play my nose.”

    (3. Gasp)
    “The word is 'Breathe’, Niece. We 'Play’ a guitar or a drum, we 'Sing’ with our voices, but this…” Gandan tapped his own fluted, chitinous nose. “Our people 'Breathe’ this music. It is as natural to us as the first gasp of life.”

    Sennah thought about her cousin Fina's children, especially Candun, the little toddler boy. The light whistling sound of his natural breathing the night before as he had snuggled up on her lap and fallen asleep. She loved the simple pure joy she felt from the little one's delight. He had no problem playing, no, 'breathing’ little tunes Gandan and the other adults were teaching him.

    (4. Pant)
    As if summoned by her thoughts (which was very possible, from what Sennah was beginning to suspect), Candun dashed into the room.

    “Auntie Sennah, Auntie Sennah!” The toddler shouted, panting from his frantic run. Candun climbed up onto a chair and launched himself towards her.

    “What, little one?” Sennah grinned, catching him.

    “Momma want me to take a nap, but I want to breathe music wif you and Grandpa, so I escape!”

    (5. Exhale)
    Sennah smiled and hugged the toddler. She started to reply, but Gandan interrupted.

    “Sadly, Auntie Sennah has forgotten how to do it.”

    “No be sad, Auntie Sennah,” Candun said consolingly, wrapping his arms around her neck. “I teach you!”

    Sennah closed her eyes, listening to the whispered notes of the toddler's unconscious touch on her emotions. Every day, she found new reasons she was needed here.

    Sennah took a breath and exhaled through her nose. A rough, too loud tone sounded.

    “Ah, there, that is step one, to hear it.” Gandan cheered. “Now, we learn to flow with it, and make in it a song of your own.”

    Yes, that is the next step. Sennah thought, holding tightly to the little one.

    So, yeah, those words sparked a much different drabble at first. A scene I've been fantasiz-- er, brainstorming, yeah-- for a future story. But I decided to save it for that story...

    Candun is named after my son Duncan, but the character is actually turning out to be more like my younger son Thomas, so his name might change...
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    Aug 31, 2004
    I am so happy after reading Sennah's diary earlier to now read of her back in the bosom of her family. With her understanding uncle and such a SWEET youngling to help her feel even more a sense of belonging.
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  4. TheRynJedi

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    Jun 20, 2018
    Yeah, this is a bit of a spoiler for the diary. She will get here eventually (the first entry of the diary says that she disappeared from the Temple, but doesn't say how or why). It's the process of how & why that the journal is telling. I've finished writing the diary, actually, and will be posting it over the rest of the year. So this is the beginning of writing what comes next...
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    Oct 12, 2018
    It is as natural to us as the first gasp of life

    What a cacophony that would be! [face_rofl] Especially if you had quadruplets!!! You could train them to be a symphony, though, so there is that. :p

    Excellent drabbles, @TheRynJedi :)
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    Jun 20, 2018
    Since people have probably wondered, this is how I imagine this kind of instrument to sound, depending on the size/age of the player

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    Jul 7, 2015
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    Yay, Sennah's back home with her people—I knew it! [face_dancing]

    These are lovely—so glad to see you giving these prompts a go! Love the way you've applied these various breath-related words to the unique musicality of the Ryn—which is indeed as natural and as built-in to them as breathing—but also (especially) the sweet story you've pieced together about Sennah's process of relearning that musicality, with the help of a loving uncle and an adorable little cousin (squee for the fact that Fina has kids of her own now!). Great fanon details too, from Sennah's shaky grasp of her people's language, to the differences in technique and sound among her and her family members, to the distinction among "play," "sing," and "breathe." Candun is just adorable, taking it upon himself to teach his big cousin to "breathe" again! [face_love] And I caught the contrast between Sennah's own still-too-harsh nose tone and the softer notes that she hears from Candun by way of the Force, through her own unique ability—one that will stand her in good stead as she relearns the music of the Ryn.

    Hey, it occurred to me too that this story also kind of fits with the MMM "adjusting to something new" prompt too...! [face_thinking]

    Always fantastic to see more of Sennah and her story, and I'm thrilled that such a lovely happy ending is in store for her (and I know that this is just the tip of that iceberg too ;) ). Keep up the mighty fine work! =D=
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    Jun 20, 2018
    Sneak-preview of a story I’m brewing that happens to fit with the MMM Challenge #9: The Hunting of the Snark. Enjoy!


    Chavo never tired of watching the endless blue swirl of hyperspace outside the Second Chance's viewport. It was mesmerizing by itself, but it also held that promise of something new and exciting when it ended. The male Ryn had been a pilot and navigator for almost fifteen years, but he still felt the same wonder he'd felt as a young teenager on his first flight.

    His concentration was broken by a voice behind him in the doorway to the cockpit.

    Chavo hit the button to pause the music that had been blasting through the helm control's speakers. He turned his chair to see a middle-aged Ryn woman with auburn hair and fur just beginning to frost with grey. Her long skirt swished as she walked over and leaned against the navigator's console.

    “Sorry, what was that?” Chavo asked.

    “How long until we reach the Lothal system?” She repeated.

    Chavo grinned. “About two hours sooner than it was last time you asked, Clanchief.”

    The woman shook her head in exasperation, her multiple sets of earrings glittered in the light swirling outside the viewport. “I’ve told you, I'm not the Clanchief, Chavo.”

    “Well, Gandan retired and stayed behind on Takodana when we moved out of Maz’s Castle five years ago, Sennah. You're the closest thing this crazy clan's got to a Chief. If strict accuracy is what you’re wanting, would you prefer I call you ‘wife of the guy who sired me but who isn't really my father, not really’? I could go with that.”

    The clan matron winced visibly, she knew well the relationship between her husband and his “long lost” son was still occasionally awkward, even after all these years.

    Chavo leaned back in the pilot's chair, crossing his arms across his chest. His posture was stern, but a smile tugged at his thin lips. “Perhas ‘Auntie Sennah’? That's what Candun still calls you, even though he's a grown-arse adult. You're certainly not my mother, Oali gets that dubious honor; or my other sort-of mother, Jess. Plus you've already got the twins who (accurately) call you mother.”

    The pilot leaned forward, resting his elbows on the arms of the chair. His voice dropped to a stage whisper as he looked up at the crew’s ringleader.

    ”Relationships are pretty complicated in this clan, did you know? Might be best to just let me go with what I'm comfortable with.”

    “Alright, alright,” Sennah sighed, rolling her eyes upwards and raising her hands in surrender. “I give up.”

    “We'll be back in realspace in about half an hour.” Chavo said with a chuckle, leaning back to check the navicomputer screen's countdown. “Why so anxious?”

    “Just... eager to meet up with a friend I haven't seen for many years.” Sennah shrugged, but her face showed worry. “We had planned to meet up on this delivery, she said she had some people she wanted to introduce me to.”

    Sennah sat down in the copilot's seat with a sigh. “But, she hasn't been responding to my messages for a while. It's not unusual to not hear from her for months at a time, our crew's not exactly in the thick of Rebellion action. Communication between Rebel cells is spotty on purpose, to throw off Imperial suspicions. But, last time I talked to her was to add this supply run to the end of the band's tour, and that was months ago.”

    Sennah scrolled through a couple status readouts on the copilot monitor, checking over the ship's systems. “I've sent a message to the base we're headed to, to let them know we're coming. The only response was a simple text acknowledgement the message was received. They're running really dark though. The Rebel cell in the Lothal system has been drawing some serious attention lately.”

    Chavo nodded. “I remember you showing us that kid's message they broadcasted to the 'net.”

    Sennah frowned. “I just... have a really bad feeling about it. I haven't even been able to find my friend's song through the Force. We both have been trying to keep our presences quiet, with the Inquisitors out there hunting down former Jedi and other Force-sensitive beings. But even with that, I know I would have felt it if she was dead. She just feels… gone.”

    “I, uh, wish I knew what to say, Clanchief. That whole…” The pilot waved a grey-brown furred hand in the former Jedi's direction. “...Mystic Force stuff is you and your kids and Candun's thing. I just fly the ship, play a few instruments, and occasionally shoot things.”

    “I'm going to go check with Lea on the supplies.” Sennah announced, standing up. “You'll let me know when we arrive?”

    Chavo laughed. “You'll feel the Chance dropping out of hyperspace before I can even comm, but sure, Clanchief, I will.”


    To be continued... some day...
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    Great reading about Sennah and meeting Chavo =D= You can really sense her worry about her friend's noncommunication.
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    Feb 27, 2014
    Ooh, I'm glad to see this! Not only as an entry for the MMM snark prompt (which it definitely fits, because Chavo definitely seems to have that edge to him :p ) but also because I think you've mentioned to me before the story that this is going to be part of, and I am really stoked to see it beginning! It's fun to meet Chavo more closely; he is indubitably a snarky young fellow (and I can see that some of it might even have grown out of the...awkwardness of his origins) but clearly has a lot of affection for his de-facto clanchief/auntie/ringleader/etc. Yes, you are right that the relationships within the Itanno Clan are complicated indeed, but I can see it making for a really cool ensemble cast and found-family dynamic, as I know it already has in your earlier Itanno stories. And I think I have an idea or two about who Sennah's long-silent friend might be, and whom that friend might want her to meet...! ;) Thanks so much for sharing, and really looking forward to the continuation! =D=
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    Things You Said When We Were (Finally) Alone
    OTP Challenge #15: "Things You Said": All-Dialogue Minifics

    24. things you said when we were alone


    "What are you doing, Danyal?"

    "Locking the door and switching on my sound-damping field generator. I installed it around my room so I could practice my music late at night without disturbing the rest of the house. But it, um, might be useful tonight too."

    "How... how loud are you expecting it-- er, us-- to get?"

    "I... uh, how to say this? Let's just say that having a built-in musical instrument for a nose becomes... interesting when you're, ah, breathing heavily, and your mouth is busy, uh, kissing..."


    "There's some weird old traditions too... like gathering around a newlywed couple's tent or bedroom door to uh, listen and cheer them on? To make sure the marriage is, um, complete? Not that I think any of the Clan is standing outside our door to-- well, I wouldn't put it completely past Oali, she's weird enough she might-- And Gandan's a pretty big traditionalist. I dunno, the clan hasn't had a real wedding since, well, since the day you left with the Jedi--"


    "Yeah, Sennah?"

    "You're rambling."

    "I... I do that when I'm nervous. Are you nervous?"

    "A little."

    "Stars, Jedi, you must be terrified... You ah, you do know how to do this, right?"

    "I'm a trained medic, Danyal, I'm familiar with the reproductive systems of over a thousand species."



    "We're going to have to work on your um, sexy talk."

    "Not exactly part of Jedi training..."

    "It's ok. Come here." ... "You know I still can't quite believe that you're here, in my arms, my wife..."

    "I know. Not where I'd pictured myself five years ago."

    "Do you regret anything?"

    "Of course not. It's just going to take a bit of time to get used to."

    "It's ok, we'll take it slow tonight."

    "Mm, what if I don't want to?"

    "Surprised whistling squeak"
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  14. Kahara

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    Jedi sexy talk probably is lacking something in this era. :p Loved the funny moments, but also the heartfelt conversation and obvious caring for each other. [face_love] And Sennah demonstrates the power of Jedi Pounce, I see! ;)
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    Oh, SQUEElicious job here! [face_dancing] I always love Danyal and Sennah together, and after all the years of searching for each other (you know how much of a sucker I am for that kind of thing [face_love] ) it's such a joy to see them together as husband and wife in this extremely special, private moment. And the awkwardness on both parts is super adorable--both Danyal's rambling (I'm guessing that, er, custom is based on a RL Romani one?) and Sennah's Jedi-medic talk popping up at an inopportune moment! [face_laugh] But they'll figure it out together, and from those last couple lines it looks like it might happen more quickly than either of them anticipated! ;) SO sweet and SO in character for both of them--I am SO stoked that they've found each other and made it to this point, and SO thrilled that you shared this with the challenge! =D=
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    Yeah, I found something similar in studying some Romani marriage traditions (realising that Romani are a lot like other diaspora cultures, they adopt bits of traditions from the areas they've lived in, so Roma in England are quite different in some ways from, say, Sinti Roma in Germany). There's a lot of cultures that have had something similar at some point in the past. The parents have to make sure their bride-price was worth it, that their family legacy is going to continue, a marriage isn't official until consumated, etc. There's one or two cultures I've read of that would bust in to take the couple's bedding afterwards and have a parade with it.

    There will be a full story at some point telling about the whole 3 days of wedding celebrations. This was only a small part of the night of day 1 .

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    That funny, but it defenetly fits for a Jedi to be pretty akward in things like that. They get a shall we say pretty sheltered upbrining. Great work! =D=
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    Oh! This was just so flirty and heartfelt and fun and sweet all at once! Just like a wedding night should be! [face_love]

    [face_rofl] Yeah, um, maybe a bit of a mood killer, that, but just so them! Which is all that matters in the end. I love their care and concern and their ability to just enjoy finally being together. In every way! [face_love]

    This was such a lovely little fic, and a great answer to the challenge. =D=
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    I loved these lines so much. Made me laugh out loud. Also I think having people outside the door cheering you own is going to put a bit of a dampner on anyone's mood (and yeah, I know that was the best 'way to do it' back in the middle ages - although they'd often come inside too - just to make sure).
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    Jun 20, 2018
    I did too when I first thought them up nearly two years ago. I have been trying to write my way through their relationship so I could get to this point so I could use them. Then this challenge came along and I decided "kriff it, I'll write the dialogue now, I can write all the stuff around it later"

    It will be the story I'll be working on next, now that I've finished "Crisis of the Heart" (once I get that last paragraph of "Community" done...). There's a lot of life-changing stuff that happens during those 3 days of wedding celebrations.

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