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Ray Park @ To Be Continued

Discussion in 'Richmond, KY' started by Sirbob, Jul 13, 2003.

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  1. Sirbob

    Sirbob Jedi Youngling

    Jul 13, 2003
    Sorry for the off topic post. Just wanted to let you know about Ray Park coming to Indiana just outside of Chicago area!

    Don't miss To Be Continued in Merrillville, Indiana on September 26-28, 2003 at the Radisson & Star Plaza Theater! Just a short drive from the Chicago Loop! To Be Continued is run by Msffa who bring you those great tropical themed parties and blender drinks.

    Guest of Honor:

    Ray Park - Darth Maul & The Toad in X-Men
    Rockne S. O'Bannon - Creator Farscape
    Larry Niven - Hugo & Nebula award winning author
    Corbin Keep - Music Guest
    Jason Carter - Marcus Babylon 5
    Richard Biggs - Dr. Franklin Babylon 5
    Alan Clark - Artist Guest
    Eugene Roddenberry, Jr. - Earth Final Conflict & Star Trek
    Julie Caitlin-Brown - Na'Toth Babylon 5
    Tracy Lunquist - Fan Guest

    Program Participants:

    Eric Flint
    The Great Luke Ski

    We are very excited to have several special events planned. First, is the Bigg's & Carter Experience which is put on by Jason Carter and Richard Biggs. The Experiences teaches attendees in a fun way valuable lessons on how to act. This workshop is fun and you will leave laughing you a** off!

    Second, the Push & Shove Theater Group will be performing Terry Pratchett's Mort live on stage! We also will feature a beach party on Friday night complete with a live band. Saturday night is our big Luau complete with Pig Roast and FREE food and drink for all! And the Msffa's house band will be rock'in the night away. Don't miss this Msffa party!

    Don't miss out on all the great music and filk we have planned. Including featured concerts by Luke Ski and Corbin Keep. Too many performers to list!

    Less we forget about all the great programming we have planed. No matter what your taste in programming we will try to have something for everyone. We also have one heck of a film room. Comfy couches, food, drink, and great films are what we are all about! No hotel chairs here! We also will have our guests in the film room doing special panels!

    We are always in search of great program participants so feel free to drop us a line. And we would love to do more Star Wars programming.

    So don't miss out. Sorry for the length, but I am EXCITED! Check us out at

    To Be Continued
  2. rogue11lovesjag

    rogue11lovesjag Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 13, 2002
    Thanks for the note, Sirbob! *wishes she could go*

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