Real Steel?

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  1. Koohii

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    May 30, 2003
    Ok, I only found out a couple month ago (Last October) that the movie was being made.
    Today I see the DVD is in stores.

    Did it even make it into the theaters?
    Sure, I've seen toys in the store, but damn!
    Seems like an awfully quick turn around.

    And I'm guessing that it is similar to the short story in name(s) only.
    I'll find out in a couple of months when NetFlix sends it along.
  2. Evil Incarnate

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    Aug 18, 2003
    It certainly made it to theaters, made 27 million on opening weekend. I found the movie to be quite enjoyable myself. ;)

  3. The2ndQuest

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    Jan 27, 2000
    Yeah, it did pretty well in theaters- and ended up being much better than it probably should have been, given the low expectations for what just looked like Rock' em Sock'em Robots: the movie.

    Pretty good family fare with a father/son story focus and some robot designs that actually don't suck (a welcome change from the slew of Bayformer and Bayformer-inspired designs over the past few years).

    Only real shortcoming, IMO, was that it was unfocused in terms of how autonomous the main bot really is- there are hints that it has more intelligence than shown, but they never really followup on that.
  4. ApolloSmileGirl

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    Jun 18, 2004
    I've noticed quick turnaround on a lot of movies from theaters to dvd lately as well, most of the time they've been movies that either did well, or very well at the box office. I think the studio's line of thinking is to get them out there asap, while it's still fresh on people's minds. That's the only strategy I can think off. They did the same thing with Moneyball, and several other movies I can't think of off the top of my head.
  5. Koohii

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    May 30, 2003
    Really sounds like any similarity between the short story and the movie are purely coincidental.