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Rebels Episode Rebels 4.03-4.04 - In the Name of the Rebellion - Discussion Thread (Spoilers Allowed)

Discussion in 'Star Wars TV' started by Todd the Jedi , Oct 20, 2017.

  1. ARC_RC-7567

    ARC_RC-7567 Jedi Knight star 3

    Jan 22, 2015

    They more or less have only accomplished what they have simply for their enemies being shown as completely incompetent, or the Ghost Crew winning in impossible circumstances because the plot needs to advance. And if you look at it in terms of what each group actually has in terms of experience or training, all of the Rogue One members should be a lot more effective than the Ghost Crew. There are exceptions of course. But honestly, Rebels is the prime example of character jobbing and plot armor, I'd hardly take anything that happens in it as a measure of skill considering how often both the main characters and enemies are so inconsistent in how competent they are.
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  2. MandoArtist

    MandoArtist Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 12, 2015
    The Empire is The Empire. They have faced the same opponents. I don't think a point like "The Empire suck in Rebels" is a good argument to dismiss the effectiveness of The Spectres.

    Regarding plot, I could just as easily say the Rouge Squadron also only succeeded due to plot.
  3. Jedi Knight Fett

    Jedi Knight Fett Host, PT Interview Thread star 10 VIP - Game Host

    Feb 18, 2014
    A very good episode.
    I liked seeing Two-tubes again
    Saw has really pulled an old ben for someone in their 40s. :p
    That resignation after the death trooper did not make the shuttle
    Such a waist of Ion bombs though.

    How many star Destroyers does that make?

    Anyone know how many Kyber crystals the death star needed?
  4. Iron_lord

    Iron_lord Chosen One star 10

    Sep 2, 2012

    I'm guessing at least 1 for each of the 8 beam elements. Apparently (at least in the case of the 1st Death Star" the final component is an invisible beam that cuts through the nexus created by the 8 visible beams meeting - and provides a direction for their energy to flow - so it might not need its own kyber crystal.

    The second Death Star's "central beam" however, is visible.
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  5. MrDarth0

    MrDarth0 Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 3, 2015

    If I'm not mistaken, 3.

    One in Season 1 (Tarkin's flagship) and the other two in Season 4.

    I hope this won't become a trend in Season 4, where they take out an Imperial-class Star Destroyer in each (two parter) episode.

    Also, both Star Destroyers in Season 4 were taken down in a very similar way, with some super powerful thing getting overloaded and blowing up.
  6. TiniTinyTony

    TiniTinyTony Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 9, 2003
    So Saw appears to still have his two feet in these episodes and we're getting closer and closer to the events of Rogue One. I'm guessing we're not going to be seeing him again for the rest of the season. I wonder if Disney is going to give us more Saw stories in a different medium as I'm more interested in his story than what is happening with the current team of Rebels.
  7. Pain and Suffering

    Pain and Suffering Jedi Knight star 3

    Mar 8, 2015
    It’s weird how Ezra didn’t like Saw’s methods with Klik-Klak in Ghosts of Geonosis, and yet in this episode he seemed to think Saw’s methods were great. Seemed inconsistent with what we’ve seen of Ezra’s character. Especially at that part when Kallus seems less than pleased about Saw’s methods, yet Ezra just says something along the lines of, “Well, so long as he gets results.” That makes no sense, considering Ezra saw firsthand how harsh Saw treated Klik-Klak and didn’t approve of his methods then, but all of sudden he does now.

    Kallus was cool this episode; I like his new look. I also like how obviously disgusted he was with Saw.

    It would’ve been nice to have Kanan and Hera’s romance more forefront from the start like it has been in season 4 so far, instead of suddenly throwing it into the spotlight now.

    I actually liked the conversation between Ezra and Mon Mothma. I can see both of their views. After assisting Sabine’s planet, I can see why Ezra would think it’s only fair to assist his people, especially since his home planet was offered aid first – but yet Lothal still hasn’t got it. But I also understand why it is difficult to choose which planet the Rebellion should work to save first since plenty of other planets need help too.

    I thought it was weird in that scene when Hera comes in for a crash-landing and like everyone on base runs towards the crashing ship. Doesn’t seem like that smartest thing to do. You would think you would at least approach the ship from an angle. Also, it kind of sounded like Hera just implied that she wished Chopper had been destroyed, after saying that her astromech didn’t make it and then immediately saying she wished Chopper had been on the mission. I know she didn’t mean it, but the writers should perhaps be a bit more careful with the dialogue.

    My favorite part was the scene with Kanan and Ezra meditating. It was cool seeing Kanan as centered and calm, and Ezra as a learner who has yet to find his balance in the Force. It was nice to have a bit of Jedi training thrown in too; and I liked seeing Kanan’s understanding and patience with Ezra, and that he doesn’t get frustrated that his Padawan is too conflicted to relax and center himself. Kanan has really stepped up as the one who holds the team together.

    They really are focusing a lot on Sabine and Ezra a lot this season. I wonder if they are going to end up living on Mandalore together. It kind of feels like it’s pointing that way, between the way their relationship is being emphasized and developed this season, and Sabine’s family seemed pretty friendly towards Ezra in the first episode.

    The male Theelin prisoner looked cool, especially since he’s the first male Theelin we’ve seen on screen.

    And the rebels destroy yet another Star Destroyer (I wonder how many times it will be this season?). Kind of feel bad for Slavin because he seemed a bit clueless; although Titus I don’t really care about. Actually, I felt bad for all those stormtroopers and death troopers; they’re just so helpless against rebels.

    Saw’s debate with Mon Mothma seemed a bit random. It felt more like a private debate that he would have with Mon Mothma again and again and again, not one randomly set one up out in the open. I also felt like the end of the debate was bit weak, with Saw’s “The Empire considers us both criminals, at least I act like one.” Not a great justification for your cause. And Mon Mothma deciding to curb the debate made it seem as if she felt threatened all of a sudden by Saw, when she shouldn’t have since she had valid points.

    And why would Sabine randomly know all those Imperial codes? I get that she was in the Imperial academy, but that was like 6 years ago. And there is no way a cadet would have the codes for a ship associated with Project Stardust.

    Also, I wish Kanan would at least act blind. But he can “see” fog in this episode, and he greeted Hera by saying something like her crash wasn’t one of the better landings he’d ever seen.
  8. JH24

    JH24 Jedi Padawan star 1

    Feb 19, 2017
    It's possible that Ezra grew more bitter toward the Empire as time went by. The losses the rebellion suffered at Atollon (including Commander Sato) might have had an impact on him. It possibly created a feeling of hopelessness. A feeling of fighting in a rebellion that doesn't seem to make a difference against an almost unstoppable enemy.

    He was probably also feeling frustrated about Lothal and about the rebellion not doing anything to help his world and its people, even thought they had promised support.
  9. A Lovable Jerk

    A Lovable Jerk Jedi Knight star 2

    Jun 6, 2015
    Okay, I'm late, Halloween stuff kept me busy.

    The first part is pretty good, with great music and the usual great performances by all involved, but fantastic ones from Genevieve O'Reilly and Forrest Whittaker, whose voice talent as Saw has greatly improved from Ghosts of Geonosis (I felt he was too soft sounding there). The scene with their debate was the highlight of an already great episode.

    They did a great job on Mon's character here, as well as Hera and Kanan's interactions. Loved 'em.

    So... Titus is dead? That was unexpected, but in a good way. Also the reveal that Ezra was talking to him while trying to masquerade as him was genuinely funny.

    The second part is about as good, I like the stealth aspect of the plot and the aspect of Ezra hearing the giant Kyber Crystals singing, keeping it consistent with what we've learned of them.

    Also is this the first time we've seen a male Theelin in canon?

    One downside, even after four seasons half the Storm Troopers are just Steve Blum. Also, I kinda wish Saw had killed those troopers instead of stun them. Why not let him do it? He is an extremist after all. Though I do like how he didn't hesitate to shoot the Death Trooper, whose sudden appearance actually surprised me.

    I wish the Death Troopers had put up more of a fight, but the reveal of the Kyber Crystal was really good with the melting effect. Plus Krennic gets name dropped! Also, F16 was voiced by the always wonderful Jennifer Hale, nice to hear her voice in a Star Wars production again.

    That scene in the engine room was great, and we really see just how far off the deep end Saw has gone, I mean, when he stabbed the Kyber Crystal... holy crap.

    Kinda lame that the troopers weren't disintegrated by the Kyber blasts like the Battle Droids were in the Crystal Crisis arc.

    So Slavin's dead too. Wonder why he's not on Ryloth? Transferred I supposed. Man this really is the final season, they just offed two recurring villains. Too bad about F16, though I like how she was defiant til the end.

    All in all, two pretty good episodes, a bit better than Heroes of Mandalore.

  10. Vialco

    Vialco Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 6, 2007
    I have to say, the Death Troopers were such a joke in this episode.


    Intruder shoot one of their comrades and all they do is stand there and watch him fall down, giving Sabine the few seconds she needs to throw her smoke grenades. These are the elite troopers assigned to Krennic and Thrawn?
  11. bizzbizz

    bizzbizz Jedi Knight star 4

    Dec 16, 2015
    sorry for the bump just getting around to binge watching season 4 now and i thought this 2 parter was pretty great only thing i didn't like was how stupid they made the death troopers. was good seeing more of saw guerrera. loved the krennic shout out