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Beyond - Legends Rebirth of the Jedi (post apocalyptic); New Ch 28 Up 2/18 * Force Ghost Yoda & Obi-Wan

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    Title: Rebirth of the Jedi
    Author: Lea-El / Taryn of Leife on Temp board
    Disclaimer: Thanks to George Lucus and Mickey for allowing us to roam their universe.

    This is a post apocalyptic story.

    Shierra, a young woman hot sweaty and dirty stretched her back, working on the spice farm on the edge of civilization, both planetary and galaxy was hard even for a mountain woman. She looked up at the mountains, the green trees on their border matched her eyes, the rocks the dark golden red of her hair. Galt always called her Shierra, his mountain girl. 'Not yet.' She heard Galt say in her head.

    Grumps always seemed nervous when she came to work the harvest for Galt, his long time friend. He always made her swear not to go into the mountains knowing she spent too much time listening Galt’s stories. This trip he didn’t make her swear; a laps of memory or was she finally old enough to make the trip.

    Rumors and legends whispered among the older ones in the sector said there had once been a crystal mine in the mountains, the crystals long depleted, once used to power a weapon long outlawed. The mine playing out led to the end of the protectors now called the ‘gentle men’ in whispers and bedtime stories the brave or rather the reckless told their children. Stories of valiant men and women protecting the innocent or the helpless, protecting the population of many sectors of the galaxy from violent warrior oppressors of the people in the heart of what was called civilization.

    Shierra thought back over the times when as a small girl she hid under the table and listened to the older men talk about those days. Only the older ones braved too talked about them because it was a death sentence to be caught passing information about or promoting these ‘gentle men.’ They knew even at their age their children or loved ones could be endangered if their discussions became know.

    Galt always knew she was there. Grumps didn’t, she was his last living relative and he swore over her parent graves he would keep her safe. Galt would feed her cy nuts and balsa fruit he grew on his farm to cover for raising illegal spices.

    He would teach her magic tricks, floating the treats to her when Grumps wasn’t looking and tell her how to do it herself without speaking aloud. ‘Grumps is busy, may I have another?’ she said, without speaking aloud.

    Before Galt debilitating fall almost a decade ago he taught her how to fight off the wild mountain boars with a long stick with a pike on one end. She loved the swirling kicks, flips and rolls used to evade the large dangerous animals that came down to the valley to raid the fields. She practiced them on the flat roof of the bar, changing to dance steps when she heard Grumps coming up the stairs. The two regimes seemed joined to her, the graceful jumps and swirling steps. “I wish you would take Lady Vaunt’s offer to become a dance instructor. You seem to fly across the floor.”Grumps’ would plead.

    “I would love to if life was different but it isn’t. Galt needs my help on the farm.”

    The last two years Galt was growing weaker so she came more often and stayed longer. She loved the work from planting to harvesting watching the sprouts shoot up and grow into fruitful vines, trees and even the spices. She had convinced Grumps being a barmaid wasn’t what her parents wanted for their daughter. It was an underhanded tactic but she loved the mountains and the smell of fresh plowed soil.

    “Being a farmer wasn’t their hope for you either, especially with his illegal crops. They wanted a literary career teaching or writing, maybe an artist, a singer even a dancer. Even Galt wanted you to be a dancer.”

    Galt sent her money to pay for dance lessons even while her parents were alive, much to Grumps’ concern, he knew Galt’s motive.

    “I think Galt had other hopes for my dancing abilities.” She said softly stepping closer to her grandfather.

    “Shhh! You know how dangerous it is to speak…” Grumps hurriedly placed his hand over her mouth. “I knew you shouldn’t go work for Galt.”

    She pulled his hand away and said. “You know how protective he is of me, almost as protective as you are. He does nothing that would put me in danger.”

    “That’s what your parents thought and look what happened to them.” He said then wished he hadn’t. He altered the story of what happened to them not even telling her the truth.

    He breathed a sigh of relief when she didn’t notice his slip of the tongue. He always dreaded the day when she discovered their real reason for her parent’s traveling to the heart of the galaxy away from the safety of the outer realm.

    Even suspicion of working for or with the so called ‘gentle men’ could bring death to you and your family. Only the foolish ones ventured to speak about them. Ones knew they were alone in the world when they were invited into the group that met at the back of the bar late at night. They were first told of the dangers and given the choice to leave or stay. Many left for fear of endangering those who knew them if only from a distance. They always seemed to lose the sparkle in their eyes when they left.

    She always suspected that Grumps would be angry with Galt for letting her listen in. She would sit quietly, hiding absorbing the tidbits of knowledge she could cull from under the table. Why did he allow her to listen on the group?

    She came to live with Grumps at the age of five when her parents died. Most bars are not places for five year olds to grow up but her presences always quieted down the rowdy or they were shown their way out, sometimes with bruises resulting. She felt she had won Galt’s confidence by not talking about anything she heard to anyone even Grumps.

    Chapter Two

    Grumps thought back to the horrible day he got the message of his son’s and his family’s deaths.


    Alert Galactic Security Patrol incoming transmission…

    Alert Galactic Security Patrol incoming transmission…

    Alert Dag Chynna…

    Alert Dag Chynna…

    Alert incoming transmission

    The lights on the dreaded machine at the end of the bar flashed and blinked with the sound of the message. It sent chills from head to toe on every last person hearing it even the oldest and toughest patron of the bar. Dag hid it in a small cabinet with translucent panels for the comfort of the patrons as they eased the pains of their daily life.

    Dag and Galt exchanged dread filled glances as they headed for the cabinet. Opening the door Dag took a deep breath, hating that this machine could cause such fear in a gentle man.

    Dag pushed the flashing button and said,”Dag Chynna present.”

    There was a deafening pause then a hum drum voice said:

    Galactic Security Patrol Commander Kenth Kellen with a galactic accident report Khlil and Aisha Chynna were killed in the hyperspace computer malfunction causing the crash of the Star Cruiser Yuan and the third moon of Reena a planet in the Ilsa System. There were 29 survivors of which Maia Shierra Chynna five years old and the daughter of Khalil and Aisha Chynna of Nyssa. Emergency contact information to be sent to Dag Chynna that is you is it not?”

    “Yes.” His voice cracked. “Yes, that’s me.”

    The emotionless commander ordered. ”Please repeat conformation.”

    “Yes, I am Dag Chynna.” He repeated his voice vaguely better.

    Galt laid his hand on Dag’s shoulder to comfort his friend and give him strength to finish this horrible task, warmth radiated over him.

    The cold voice continued, “Maia Shierra Chynna was critically injured in the crash with a fractured skull, breaks in her right leg and left arm, internal injuries requiring her spleen to be removed. Whether she survives or not you can claim her at Tevin in the Ilsa System.

    You will need to show proof of identification and provide incident code XY39ZRTI.”

    “If she is not claimed in 159 days she will be turned over to the Galactic Orphanage on Myrna or the Galactic Remains Center.” The planet it was on had no name just as the people sent there had no name. Those that survived the orphanage were sent to the work camps where they stayed until their remains were disposed of.

    “If you cannot claim her yourself your representative will need official documentation or she will not be released. This is your responsibility to arrange in, I repeat, 159 days.”

    “Commander Kenth Kellen out.”

    There was a faint static from the GSP transmitter. Galt reached over the counter and turned it off; only then did it become evident there wasn’t a sound in the bar sniffles and nose blowing broke the silence. Dag sat at the seat near the transmitter he shuddered violently unable to control his emotions. A wave of anger swept over crowd at the impersonal unfeeling delivery of such devastating news.

    Galt’s clearing his throat echoed over the silent mourners of the young family respected by all. “Now we know what the dreadful wave was about.” A painful wave swept over the ‘gentle men’ the night before last, followed by a faint flicker of hope. It woke them up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. The small group of gentle men rushed to Dag’s bar feeling the need to be with him when the news arrived.

    Galt said, “I’ll go get her. I can…” His voice cracked. Dag nodded.

    Kiri stepped between them and hugged Dag, a revealing show of emotion from a lifetime friend. Dag had been there for her when her husband was killed in the mountains. He had braved the trip into the mountains to look for a new branch of the crystal mine. His plan was a secret but not secret enough. Everyone knew it was the wrong time of year for wild mountain boar attacks but that was the official cause of death.

    “I’ll close up for you.”Kiri said. “You should go up to your room to absorb this information privately.” She knew emotions unchecked could attract attention from the GSP spies. In the last few decades their numbers increased on Nyssa until no one was safe. A word spoken without thinking could be deadly.

    Dag nodded and headed to the stairs to the proprietor’s quarters, the crowd parted as he neared. He could feel a wave of sympathetic encouragement from each one, even those not trained in the Way.

    As he disappeared up the stairs the shock of what had just happened was on everyone’s face. Minutes later a crashing noise came from above causing everyone to flinch. It sounded as if the roof was being ripped from the building; the whole building shuttered and groaned. Dag’s pain was evident.


    Galt looked over at the official Representative of the GSP, their choice not his. We need to start to work on those proper credentials.”

    Lev nodded and led the way to his office, twiddling his security card in his pocket as he went.

    The GPS soldiers looked surprised to see him entering his office building at that time of night, they were by nature suspicious.
    Lev briskly said, “I have official GSP business with this man by the orders of Commander Kenth Kellen, not that it’s any of your business, now out of my way.”

    Galt looked surprised and a little proud of his former friend. The guards nodded and stepped out of their way.

    Lev quietly led the way down the hall to his office swiped his security card. At the beep he opened the door and pointed to one of the chairs in front of the half desk half computer, provided by the GSP. Even without the thermostat being turned down for the night the office would have felt cold. Black glass everywhere and ice blue carpet, curtains and upholstery; posters of the ideal imperial citizen looking to the official GSP logo with awe. Every door and drawer required a security code to open them.

    “Love your decor.” Galt said sarcastically.

    “Not my choosing, any of this.” Lev said, the old Lev just for a second. “I need that proof of identification and incident code.” He said again in his official mode reaching for the paper Galt handed across the desk.

    Lev’s fingers flew over the keys of the desk build in key pad, quiet beeps responded. “XY39ZRTI” He said under his breath. At last Lev paused to let the computer do its work.

    Lev’s head bobbed side to side in an unconscious habit. Galt remembered that habit from their days in school as young boys; he hadn’t seen it for a while.

    One final beep and a data pad slid out of the slot in the desk next to where Lev sat. He picked it up and held it out for Galt. Galt paused looking at the pad suspiciously. "They won’t take your primitive paper this is your only choice."

    Galt reach out slowly taking the data pad the chill that went down his back was a familiar effect from touching them. A small scratchy voice always said, “Beware!”Not the usual voice or even voices from another gentle men in his head but he knew to follow it or else.

    Galt looked at the pad for a minute then in a brazen act of carelessness, he said,”If this doesn’t work, if I don’t get her safely back I will kill you slowly and painfully.”

    “I know.” Lev said quietly, he cleared his throat and said in his official voice. “It will work.”

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    Ok, so Grumps is Dag, right?

    This looks interesting.
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    Ah! Shucks I'd love to say ya go me but I'm a little farther in the future.

    I've written 15 chapters of this story in the temp boards and you are my first reviewer. Thank you[face_dancing]
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    Your welcome. Looking forward to reading more. I'm finally back on the boards after a number of years. :)
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    Chapter Three

    Galt sat in another bleak space station on cold stone benched waiting for a linking ship to collect Shierra from the infirmary. She had been moved to yet another infirmary on another planet and even another solar system. His patience was wearing thin and his anxiety was growing.

    At the infirmary a large eyed tall woman in a trim green suit was steadily looking for her. She was going through the third interplanetary data base even she was growing anxious.

    Finally, a sequence of beeps and a long buzz and a blue flashing light caused the lady to breathe a sigh of relief. “I found her on a transport ship headed to Naboo. The infirmary was overloaded and her injuries required more expertise than available at the original care centers.”

    “You should be able to collect her in fourteen days. If not she will be moved to another center in about eighteen days.” She said proud of her detective skills.

    “It has already been sixty eight days and she keeps getting moved before I can get to her and the incident report said there are only one hundred and fifty nine days before she is sent to the Galactic Orphanage. If this moving her around keeps up I am concerned I may miss her; also I have concerns about her mental health surrounded by ever changing groups of strangers.” Galt said trying not to take his frustrations out on the med-tech. He tried to use a calming technique without looking as if he was.

    A note to say you are coming, I can attach to her file. I'm afraid that's all I can do.” Her eyes were sympathetic as she told him it was out of her hands. “That's the way the new government works.”She handed him another data pad with more instructions in it. As he scanned down the medical records he saw a note,

    “She hasn’t spoken while here, does not respond to stimuli, eats only when coerced, a feeding tube is being considered. Her only attachment is to a crystal she keeps tightly in her hand. The med-tech has to wash one hand then allow her to exchange the crystal to the other hand, it must be part of her mother’s necklace.”

    Another note by another med-tech.

    “She has become bunk mates with another girl who also lost her parents. They don’t speak but comfort one another by mimicking their actions like the game we played as children.”

    Galt’s eyes kept going back to the reference to a crystal he has given it to her before they left for the inner core of the galaxy. He made her promise not to tell anyone about it, even her parents. She always obeyed Galt.

    Galt sat on cruiser this time not wanting to risk another near miss. He leaned back against the cold window looking into for the section of the galaxy Naboo was in but it was just out of eye sight because of the bulkhead. He thought back over the limited history of that part of the galaxy. History wasn’t high on the outer rim school curriculum, farming, mining and raising animals (a few spices) some spelling and reading basic. As the cold of space seeped through the glass in to his head he vaguely remembered some Senator from Naboo turned corrupt and started a war. None of that was in the history books and even the gentle men didn’t see the need to worry the new ones with stories of that war and decline of their predecessors.

    ‘She still has her crystal chip I gave her.’ He thought, then tried to send her a message.

    ‘Good girl.’ He knew it was too far away and she was so young.

    He closed his eyes and thought back to his grandfather’s instructing him as a young boy. It was a happy peaceful place he went to at times of stress. His grandfather showing him how to send his thoughts.

    ‘My big brave boy.’ He could hear him send.


    Chapter Four

    Galt almost vibrated he was so nervous trying to get off the cruiser. The promised fourteen days had turned into nineteen and Shierra was supposed to be moved after eighteen. The older couple in front of him was walking so slow he wanted to pick them up and set them out of his way. He knew the first rule for a gentle man traveler was to not call attention to himself. ‘Breathe ...breathe…calm down…’

    Finally, they stepped to one side and he carefully walked as fast as he could. ‘Please be there, please be there, oh, please be there.’ He said over and over almost a prayer in the Force.
    His footsteps clacked on the stone floors and stairs as he followed the directions to the infirmary set out on the data pad the large eyed lady had given him. Out of the spaceport, down the street to the path with a large infirmary sign. Galt hurried, rounding the shrubs and the fountain with a statue of a former Queen in the center emptying out an elegant pitcher of water into the bowl below. She looked vaguely familiar but he had no time to stop and see who she was or why she garnered a statue, the path led from the fountain to the main building of the infirmary.

    As he burst through the doors completely ignoring the beautiful amber and rust marble floors and columns he adjusted his robes as he approached the desk with a lovely young lady with dark brown hair who was busily typing.

    He cleared his throat to get her attention but she continued to type. He cleared his throat again and she typed on not even acknowledging him.

    As she gave the command to carry out her orders and the data pad slid out of the appropriate slot, she turned and said, “Now may I help you?”

    "My name is Galt and I am looking for a small girl, Maia Shierra Chynna, who was in a transport accident and has been moved from place to place. She was supposed to be moved again yesterday, but I was hoping she wasn’t or that you could tell me where she is on her way to, and her condition, please."

    “Didn’t the lady at her last stop tell you she was putting a hold on her being moved until you got here?” She asked puzzled at his flustered run on sentence.

    “Yes, but….”Galt started but was interrupted.

    “But you know how things work in this part of the galaxy so you thought we couldn’t follow a simple stop transport command.” She said somewhere between indignant and amused. That’s a large emotional gap to be in.

    “Forgive me, I am a poor farmer from the outer rim and unfamiliar with the ways of the inner galaxy.” Galt said looking down at his feet trying to look sympathetic.

    “The poor dirt farmer, Awhh. What next?” She scolded.

    “I could try concerned relative who has traveled for weeks to find his favorite godchild.” Galt said smiling overly sweet.

    “That I‘ll take." She said and turned to the orderly beside her."Pynne would you escort this gentleman to the children’s ward.”

    Her use of the words gentle man almost made him jump but he realized it was a local expression not an acknowledgement of his order.

    Pynne led him up stairs, down halls and finally through massive wooden doors to a desk with another young lady.

    “This is Master Galt of Nyssa. He is looking for a five year old girl named Maia Shierra Chynna. Mister Galt this is Missy Vachel.” Then he spoke to the head med –tech, “Be good to him Rhes gave him a hard time.”

    Missy Vachel said, “Follow me.” and led him down a row of beds to a sheet covered mound in the far end of the aisle.

    Galt looked at her with one eyebrow raised.

    Missy Vachel said calmly and authoritatively, “Concessions have to be made for the little ones especially the ones who can’t talk.”

    A small blue head popped out from under the sheet and said, “Eollw Unk Gwat.”

    Galt’s heart sank until a rust colored mop of hair popped out the other side and said in her head, ‘Ello Unk Gwat.’

    He jumped then realized no one knew what she had done.

    “It’s almost as if you can hear her but we know that could never happen.” Missy Vachel, said and winked at Galt.

    Shierra smiled and limped over to Galt, one arm still in a sling and hugged him. “We need to talk about that trick I taught you.” Galt whispered softly between hugs.

    Shierra smiled and said in her head, ‘I’m just a 'ittle girl, no one pays 'tention to my tri
    wck. My new f'iend taughts me 'nother twick.’

    Galt looked at the blue little girl but Shierra shook her head and said, ‘No not her, my b'ue gwowin f'iend.’[

    There were many tales of a blue glowing creature that came to the aid of gentle men in their time of need. Galt had never seen it but knew it was called a Yoda.

    Galt nervously asked, “What’s your new trick?”

    Shierra waved her hand and said, ‘You don’t see me.’

    Galt’s mouth hung open for a minute then he said, “Good trick.”

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    Yeah, he found her :)
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    Chapter Five

    (Back to present)

    She heard Galt ‘You aren’t ready yet.’ She turned and watched him sitting in the shade of the large cy tree beside the house trying to find a comfortable place to support his arthritic leg.

    ‘Just a short trip maybe a few hours to find herbs.’ She pleaded her case shading her eyes from the sun overhead.

    ‘You know what happened to Kiri’s husband.’ Galt warned her and then mumbled under his breath something she couldn’t hear. Being stuck under this tree while she was working in the hot sun was more painful to his male ego than his leg.

    ‘I remember him; he wasn’t as strong in the Force as I am. He didn’t know Yoda.’

    ‘What would Yoda say about your conceited trust in your own abilities?’ Galt asked.

    She bit her lip and went back to work without answering.


    After sitting in the stream with a bar of soap for half an hour she dried off, dressed and headed into the low red mud brick house. They hadn’t spoken since their earlier conversation and neither wanted to start the next one.

    Galt limped over to the stew pot and dipped out a bowl and tore off a chunk of bread. He handed them to her and said. ”I was beginning to worry. You were gone so long.”

    “I wouldn’t be stupid enough to take off in the dark.” She said sarcastically then regretted it.

    “The wild boars are coming down out of the mountains, as you know.” He regretted his tone too.

    She thought to herself, "they’re down here so I can safely go up there." She was glad he didn’t hear that childish remark.

    She looked around to find something to change the subject. The smell of cy root ink was strong and the stack of papi paper was visibly shifted. ‘I see you’ve been writing.’

    He jumped with difficulty and moved the paper into the secret compartment of the cabinet behind the desk. ’I didn’t mean to leave that out, blasted leg, I forgot.’

    ‘If we could have this conversation aloud it would be easier than this telepathy.’

    ‘You may, like your grandfather, think I’m being paranoid but I know of people being careless and voicing their plans out loud and being caught by the GSP. I vowed to your parents I would not to get you hurt when you were still a baby.’

    ‘A baby?’ She asked.

    ‘Yes, a baby.’ He said, then mumbled something under his breath, he'd done this a lot lately.

    He moved his bum leg to a less painful position, and continued. ‘It was obvious you were going to be strong in the Force at an early age. You never dropped your rattle and cried for someone to retrieve it. You had quick reflexes even then, Jedi reflexes.’ 'Why did I send that word to her? She wasn’t supposed to hear that word yet.' He mumbled to himself again.

    ‘Jedi? Jedi! Jedi? What is a Jedi? And why am I just now hearing about it?’ She asked almost shaking with excitement. The word was powerful, exciting, and new.

    ‘!&?#* I didn’t mean to say that; you are too young, too headstrong, too confident in your own abilities. Forget I said it! Let’s go back and start this conversation again,’ all the color had drained out of his face.

    ‘How could I forget it, just the sound of it makes the universe feel complete.’ Her voice was filled with awe.

    ‘Why? Why? Why did I say that word? It was an unfortunate choice of words.’ Galt said, ‘Unfortunate.’

    ‘Right you are, unfortunate it is.’ A small blue glowing and strange looking creature said.


    Chapter Six

    ‘Very unfortunate it is.’ Yoda said. ‘Right you are, too headstrong, too confident, she is.

    You have to be confident in your abilities or you end up sitting in a bar for fifty years waiting for the GSP to fall apart from the inside.’ She realized the pain she caused Galt and froze in mid argument.

    “I’m sorry I didn’t mean that to come out the way it did.” Tears ran down her face she couldn’t believe she had said that. She didn’t meaning to accuse Galt of foot dragging. “I’m sorry I wasn’t talking about you.” She said aloud.

    ‘Prove yourself unready, you just did.’ Yoda said shaking his head at her. ‘From a calm head and heart, a Jedi must speak. Dangerous times, Galt and his friends lived. Small steps they took, wise they were.’ He hobbled over and sat on a stool.

    'Why does a Force ghost have to sit? Is he tired?' Shierra thought. 'That’s a question for another day.'

    ‘I just want to go into the mountains and look for herbs, only herbs. I want to set up a pattern of looking for herbs then it won’t look suspicious when I do look for something else.’ She said in a calm voice and peaceful heart. ‘I won’t look for anything else. I won’t go anywhere near the old mines.’ She pleaded.

    ‘Wise plan, it is. Young girl, for herbs she will be looking.’ Yoda reasoned out loud.

    ‘The GSP do not check to see if you are looking for herbs or crystals; they just kill you. I’ve found dozens of listening devises over the years when I came back from town. I was watched and grilled for living out here. I was going to work my way into the mountains when they stopped watching me but this accident he pointed to his leg. I was willing to risk my life but I can’t risk yours.’ He shook his head. ‘You are like a granddaughter to me. I love you as one.’

    ‘Large basket of herbs, good cover it would be.’ Yoda paused then said. ‘Well away from mines, you must stay, until otherwise you are told.’ He nodded his head pondering the possible outcome.

    “Ah really, really great!” She ran and hugged Yoda, barely noticing her arms flowing through his image. She ran to her room to prepare for the trip.

    ‘You were supposed to be on my side discouraging her.’ Galt said scolding Yoda.

    ‘Time to restart, has come, abilities she has. Over confident yes but wise she is.’ Yoda answered consoling her teacher and mentor.

    ‘If this fails and she gets hurt or … I will come after you.’ Galt warned Yoda.

    Yoda smiled at the impossibility of his statement. ’Permission to come after me you have.’

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    I'm just a bit confused with the timeline of events but otherwise i enjoyed these next chapters.
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    Naming the character Dag was an accident.

    The time period is years after the Jedi were outlawed and crystals for light sabers were lost or destroyed. This is a rebirth literally. New generations of strong in the Force children are being born. Use of the word Jedi was outlawed. The GSP are trying to stop them. The only cannon character is Yoda, well so far, character have been known to invade the storyline on their own, anyone could show up.
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    I'm sorry i wasn't clear. I meant is chapter five taking place right after chapter 1? Is Shierra having a flashback in chapter 5 or is it present day? The sequence of events is what i am confused about.
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    Sorry yes chapter two starts with a flash back by her grandfather and Galt to Shierra parent's death and her injuries. as you said chapter five is back to the present.

    They fixed the edit so I have work to do. any more flubs speak up.
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    Chapter Seven

    Sleep was hard to come by the night before with packing and unpacking her backpack. Shierra dressed in her dress from two years back and braided her hair the way much younger girls wore it, braids wrapped in circles around her ears. She carried only her harvest basket with gardening tools and her pole with a spike on the end used for fighting the wild mountain boars. She thought about her reasoning process the night before, with the boars coming down in the valley the mountains would be a safe place to be. “One more check.”

    “Let’s see, I have my herb collecting tools, basket, water jug, lunch bag, hat, gloves, mountain boots and of course my boar poleaxe.” Shierra turned to see Galt standing behind her with a worried scowl on his face.

    “Does he think you can get there and back before dark?” He asked.

    “Who? Shierra asked.

    “Yoda! Who else would you be talking to?” Galt answered irritated at his leg, for not being able to go instead of or with his favorite student ever.

    “I haven’t seen Yoda since last night.” She answered confused at his questions.

    “Then who were you just talking to?” Galt fumed.

    “Myself, I always talk to myself.”

    “All this times I’ve heard you talking to yourself; I’ve thought you were talking to Yoda. You let me think . . .” Galt fumed.

    “Let you think?” Shierra answered angrily.

    “You knew my rule about speaking aloud about … important things.”

    She stopped and looked at him puzzled then grinned. “Like now?”

    “I … I …” Galt stuttered. “I just want you to be careful.”

    “I’m ready to go. I should be at the Azure waterfall the entrance to the high valley before the sun tops the mountain peak. If I have some sort of emergency I'll climb one of the old Cy trees and sleep through the night. I will be careful don’t worry.” She pulled his beard down until she could kiss his forehead. She held it and looked him eye to eye. “I will see you as soon as I can … safely … safely.”

    He watched her walk confidently and singing the song she learned on that terrible trip so long ago. He never had the courage to ask where she learned it.

    “Where is he when you need him? Not showing up at her most dangerous mission.” Galt murmured.

    “Watching I have been.” Yoda said as he appeared behind Galt.

    “What? You have been watching and never said a word … to me?” Galt opened a flood of feeling even he didn’t know were there. “For seventy six years I’ve been struggling to learn and to teach others what I’ve learned and not one word of training or encouragement have I gotten. Now you show up telling Shierra she can go up into the mountains, opening her up to GSP scrutiny, wild mountain boars and many more dangers. You appeared to a five year old but never to me or any of our circle.”

    “Need me, you did not. Always naturally by the Force, you came. Need me, on that trip she did.” Yoda answered calmly and controlled.

    Galt limped over to the chair and crashed into it. “Oh! I hate the dawn that brought the day I fell … Don’t misunderstand I don’t fault your helping her then and over the years. I just … I needed lessons too. I needed someone to watch over me … us.”

    “Not for Shierra I have come. For you … a lesson as you say, I have come.” Yoda said watching Galt’s jaw drop.

    “Humm! What kind of lesson does an old cripple like me need to learn?” Galt scoffed.

    Yoda smiled his all knowing, yet mischievous grin. “Just for a crippled old man like you, a lesson I have.


    Chapter Eight

    Shierra thought, as she walked, about the years she had been begging Galt to let her go into the mountains. Years of longing of knowing she would find something if just given the chance. She picked up an herb uncommon for this area but not one of the rare ones she was going for but if she was stopped and questioned it could be pointed to as evidence to support her claims.

    The soil was getting rockier and redder as she went.The heat was also getting worse. Just a few hundred yards and she would be behind the shadow of Crystal Peak then it would be cooler, her poleaxe was already getting heavy. She could feel the air cool even before she got to the shade.

    A large red bolder made a perfect resting place and a good place to eat her mid day meal. She could drink as much of her water as she liked because the water from Azure falls was clean spring water. “Hydration is rule number one in mountain life.” She could hear Galt’s rules she had heard every work trip. “Second don’t eat all your food the first rest stop.” She folded her food back in the bag and packed it back in the backpack.

    Even this far from the mines she could still see tiny blue flakes of the crystals so prized by the Jedi. “I feel like I could scream that name from the top of Crystal Peak but that wouldn’t work well toward my herb gathering claim.” She spotted one of the herbs that helped teething babies and collected half of the find, the other half would seed future collections.

    The path was winding around boulders and full mountain crags. She heard faint wild boars sounds and “Yuck dropping, there goes my new boots smell.” She climbed up one a large crag to see what was around the next bend, a nursery of young boars and the older females and males guarding them, “They’d love to feed on a nosey valley girl.”

    “I guess this means I won’t get to go by Azure falls and refill my water jug. I should have remembered rule number three, don’t empty your water jug until you find more water."

    She climbed up the mountain face, hooking her basket on the poleaxe as she climbed. There were pockets of soil in odd crevices as she climbed allowing her to harvest good specimens as she went. Finally, reaching the top and around the rim she would see the waterfall in the horizon. Her last step and she rose up to see a GSP trooper standing in front of her.

    “What are you doing here; these are off limits to non GSP personnel?” He barked gruffly.

    “I thought this was outside the quarantined area, quarantined does that mean someone is sick up here? If so I have several medicinal herbs here.” She reached down and pulled the poleaxe up by its axe head and unhooked the basket and opened the lid. “This is good for fever, this for teething but I don’t guess you are having trouble, no, this will help with that uncomfortable rash that those uniforms give you guys, you know, there.” She used her most girlish voice and mannerisms.

    “You are not supposed to be in any of these mountains. They are off limits to all civilians.” He ignored her rant except when she pointed to his probable rash area.

    ‘Ah!’, she thought, ‘it’s true about the rashes.’ She said aloud. “I don’t see anything wrong with collecting herbs here. It’s not like you have a secret base here.”

    “OOP! You don’t have one here, do you?”

    “No! I am not allowed to say what the reason is but you have to come with us.” He pointed to two speeders and the other trooper. “Hand me your weapon.”

    “My poleaxe, it’s a defensive “weapon” against wild mountain boars. There are a herd of them at the foot of Crystal Peak otherwise I wouldn’t be this far down the mountain range.” She spun her poleaxe and held the butt end up to him.

    He took it and looked at it as he had to double his muscle control to pick it up. He looked at the little girl that wielded it so easily. “On the back of the speeder!” He handed the basket and poleaxe to the other trooper.

    “Can I stop and tell my employer why I’m not coming back? He lives just down in the foothills.” She said as girlish as possible.

    “Galt!” The trooper said, snarled.

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    Hello, Lea-El, I am loving this story. Force ghost Yoda? I love that idea! Keep up the wonderful work.

  14. Lea-El

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    Chapter Nine

    As they flew over the farm and they flew over just to let Galt see that they had Shierra in custody. Shierra started to send that she was alright but realized he wouldn’t believe it, so she silently waved and smiled. Just as they turned into a blur she realized there was a blue glow at Galt’s feet. “Yoda!” she said out loud.

    “What?” Barked the trooper.

    “I sneezed.” She said.


    The speeders landed on the secured landing pad behind the GSP headquarters. The trooper took hold of her arm and not very politely escorted her into the Head Representative of the GSP.

    “Head Commander Lev, we found this person in the quarantine zone this side of Azure Falls. What do you want us to do with her?” He asked in his most official tone.

    Head Commander Lev continued to type on his desk’s built in keyboard for a few minutes then the last key started a chain of beeps. He looked up and pulled his glasses off and said sternly. “Miss Chynna, what were you doing climbing up in the mountains?”

    “Master Lev, as you can see from my basket I was looking for healing herbs.” She pointed to the basket hooked over the arm of the other trooper.

    “And the poleaxe” He asked as disbelieving as possible.

    “That was for protection from the wild mountain boars; there was a herd at the bottom of Azure Waterfalls so I had to take a detour up this end. As soon as I got to the top I was within sight of the Falls and would have headed back there but Snowflake here was standing at the top and arrested me. What did he think I was going to do? There is nothing up there but medicinal herbs and wild mountain boars.”

    “And your weapon?” The trooper asked sternly.

    “You did hear me mention multiple times – the wild mountain boars. Every farmer and person over a mile outside the village owns at least one. A young girl like myself alone in those mountains would be crazy not to carry one. I carry one to the fields to work every day.”

    “She’s right Commander Zane, a young girl collecting herbs carrying a poleaxe and a basket of herbs is hardly a hardened criminal. Her employer Galt will be fined fifty credits for failing to keep his employee out of the quarantine zone. Now take her over to her Grandfather’s; she is to be held under house arrest for two weeks. That should be reminder enough to stay on the leeward side of the falls, boars or no boars.” Head Commander Lev ordered.

    The trooper mumbled under his breath at the leniency of the punishment but he could point to nothing wrong with Head Commander Lev’s logic.

    As they left the GSP headquarters through the front door she could see Galt tying his domare, a local beast of burden, to the railing outside Grump’s bar. Grump’s was standing in the doorway, word of her arrest traveled around town fast.

    The stern Commander told the two men of her misdeeds and the fine and responsibility they each had to pay or enforce.

    Shierra shyly looked down at her shoes and circled a knot in the plank walkway as they talked.

    After the troopers left, leaving her basket and poleaxe, she looked around and said. “Well, I think this was a productive day.”

    Galt and Grumps stared at each other angrily before Grump’s asked. “How could you let her go up there by herself?”

    “It wasn’t my idea, it was his.” He held his hand down to knee high and everyone knew who he meant.

    “I thought he was some all wise creature from the past.” Grump’s said sarcastically.

    “It’s easy to be wise when someone can throw a bench at you and it goes right through his glowing image.” Galt said from experience.


    Chapter Ten

    Night three of the house arrest and Shierra was getting impatient, well impatient had come and gone. She had worked double shifts at Grump’s bar; scrubbed the counters, floors, windows (inside only per house arrest rules) repaired two chairs from a drunken brawl while she was away working at Galt’s. The clothes were washed, every bar towel, glass, and mirror was spotless. She felt like a caged lioness; she opened her mouth to say something to Grump’s but he gestured with his thumb for her to go up on the roof and practice her kata.

    She bounced across the floor calling “Thanks” over her shoulder to Grump’s. The stairs went by two at a time; she closed the door softly behind her so as not to awaken any of the neighbors. There was enough light from the streets below to see.

    Actually she could do her whole kata or her dance routine or her gymnastic routine in the dark. She pulled her fighting pike out of the eves of the roof of the summer sleep room in the middle of the flat area. It was almost identical to her poleaxe minus the axe.

    She started the warm up bouncing up on the guard wall around the flat roof. As the pikepole spun around one circle on one side of her and changing hands circling the other side, six inches of plastercrete separated her and the ground forty feet below. As she got to her favorite spot she did a forward flip landed on her feet without missing a beat in the pike spin. She walked around the chimney stopping dead still watched for dangers then continued hand over hand spinning.

    She plastered it to her and rolled across the floor stopping in the shadow preformed a no hand bounce onto her feet resuming her spins. She inserted a jump from her dance routine then spun stopping her head at the same point in each circle, kicking at the proper place until most people would be falling down dizzy. She came to a dead stop flawless unmoving.

    She flipped her poleaxe up on to her foot then flipped it up to her hand, hanging it into the eves at the edge of the roof of the sleep room and did chin ups double then single handed. “Eleven more nights to go.”

    A shadow in the street below moved quietly away as Shierra headed back down stairs.

    She lay on her bed and ran through the climb in her head, as well as the fly over going back to the town, memorizing every turn, crag and mountain peak. One day she would find the crystals she had know this for most of her life but she also knew it would come at great cost to her. What that cost would be she knew only that it would be her greatest pain.

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    Yea! More, more! Great job, once again, Lea. Please please please update soon.

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    Chapter 11

    The night air blew down the mountain cool and fresh smelling of flowers. Shierra snuggled in the crisp white sheet wrapped in the hum of the Force.

    In the warmth of the Force she realized it had a blue glow and was calling her name; more insistently with each call, ''Shierra, SHIERRA, SHIERRA!''

    “What?” She asked trying to figure out who was calling her.

    “Drool in sleep, you do.” Yoda said with a displeased look on his face.

    “I don't drool; you woke me up to tell me I drool?” She said wiping the drool off her chin. She yawned and laid back down.

    “Awake you must, time has come to go.” Yoda said sternly. “Wish wait, we could but time has come to go back to mountains.”

    “I have two more days before my house arrest is up. I can't go anywhere for two days.” She said still drowsy.

    “Two days to late it will be, must go now.” He hurried her. “Wish gimmer stick I had. Whack you I would.” He waved his arms as if hitting her across the knees.

    She wiped the drool on her sheet and sat up dropping her legs over the side of the bed. “What's going to happen that's so important that I have to risk imprisonment for leaving house arrest two days early?”

    Yoda looked down deciding how to tell her. “Soon coming, GSP army is. Not all will survive, leave now you must.” Yoda warned. “Blow up mountains, the are. If crystals you are to find now you must go.”

    “Grump's I must warn him and the others, Galt I have...” Shierra could feel the panic well up in her voice. She stopped took two breaths slowly letting them out. “We have to warn them.”

    “Doing that, Galt is. Hurry you must.” Yoda ushered her, wishing he could hand her her boots and cloak.

    Shierra finished dressing, two stepped up the stairs, collected her pike pole and headed to the back wall. She was going to jump to the next roof but looked over her shoulder at a strange presence she could feel; she had felt it before but this time was different, menacing.

    She ran and jumped but landed on her own roof. Quietly, she scampered back to the stairs tip toed down and into the bar's storage room. She reached into the wine bottle shelf and unlocked the latch opening the door to the building next door. She skipped down the hall to the latch to the next door. As she opened the door she could smell domare dung and old leather.

    “Gal, I thought you were never getting here.” Grump's and Galt were waiting for her. Grump's with a bag of food and Galt with his papi paper manuscript Gentle writing and a smaller bag of parts for the weapon they always whispered about.

    “This has everything in it you will need to make a lightsaber, be careful and don't cut your head off with it. It is used a lot like twirling the poleaxe.” Galt said. “Don't come back here, or my place, they will be looking for you. The abandoned farm on other side of the mountains will have food, clothes and credits to get off the planet. There will also be instructions on where to go with the crystals.” Galt said talking fast and low.

    Both men hugged her knowing they would never see her again.

    “I...I know things are going to be rough on you, be careful. I love you both.” Shierra said tears running down her cheeks. “Be careful!”

    “You too.” They both said watching her leading her domare by the reigns through the shadows.

    As she got to the hill outside town she got on her domare and rode off as quickly and quietly as possible. “I'll never get to see them again.” She realized in her bones. She knew that wasn't the worst of it.


    Chapter 12

    Shierra rode cautiously soon having to dismount and walk with her domare. Every trail, road or foot path was guarded by troopers and dawn wasn't coming soon enough; she couldn't check the map but had to make a decision fast. 'Where is Yoda when you need him; his blue glow would be handy about now.'

    She turned slowly relying on the Force to guide her. The only path not guarded was the path away from Crystal Peaks and the played out mines. 'At worst I will have to circle around after I get back into the mountains.' She thought.

    By the time dawn broke she was out of sight and sound of the troopers and able to ride still cautiously. The path led down into the valley and to a clear river. This time of day all was quiet because of the fog and the danger of shifting rocks. One long look at her damare and she knew they couldn't go any farther together. She took all of her supplies off her and twisted her reigns until they broke, swatted her on the rump and said “Go home girl!”

    She broke a branch from a nearby tree and used it to push a cascade of rocks and the branch into the river along with her Mother's scarf. Everyone knew she never went anywhere with out that scarf. She picked up her bags and stuffed them into the largest and ran along the bank as she did around the roof at night. Soon the landscape grew steeper but the boulders hid her from sight.

    She stopped to drink a couple a gulps of water, breathed several calming breaths. She felt no troopers nearby and headed upward. Of all the times she'd stared at maps and went over the mountains in her head this was the last direction she would have taken but it felt right deep inside her. 'Am I feeling lack of troopers or presence of crystals?'

    She stayed as low to the ground as possible, went from shadow to shadow, bush to bush. “I could use some help about now.”She looked around. 'Yoda?' She looked cautiously over the bush to the ridge crest there was a couple of troopers searching the terrain for her. She slipped down the ridge further away from her lifelong goal. As noon beamed down on her she found an indent in the rocks to hid from the sun as well as the troopers.

    One of the troopers, the one who arrested her down from Crystal Peak walked down the ridge staring at every indent so she slid back behind several bushes and waited. A cool breeze blew in from behind her as refreshing as it was surprising. She turned and strained her eyes to see in the narrow slit in the rocks.

    It was all she could do to push through the opening but in a few feet the opening grew wider. It looked like a good place to hide, after a basic search, she sat and dug in her food bag and ate. 'I didn't know I was hungry until I started eating she thought.'

    The cool air, food and quiet eased her into a much needed sleep; the bags were just right for a pillow.

    A small blue beetle crawled across her face and down her arm drew her back to consciousness. The sun had shifted lighting the back side of the what she now saw was a large cave, almost a cavern. She peeked outside and saw no sign of troopers searching for her and pushed back in and looked around again.

    “Oh my goodness!”

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    Excellent job, Lea! The story just keeps getting more and more exciting. Looking forward to the next update.

  18. Lea-El

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    Chapter 13

    Flashes of light reflected around the small cave, the light entered a crack that was high in the mountain crag. It reminded her of an old miner's story of a geode. She felt as if she had walked into a bubble of crystals. She was in awe of the many facets reflecting; her knees grew weak and she sat down hard on the rock strewn floor. “Ouch! I feel like I broke my tailbone.”

    She took her hand and swept up some sand that had blown in the cave, it wasn't as soft as she would have liked but it helped. She pulled over the bags and looked for Galt's instructions. “Didn't they teach penmanship in your days.” She often teased him.

    He would always grumble and say, “Yes but old age erased everything they taught. That and these bum joints.”

    “Why didn't he just tell me all this or dictate it to me? Yes, his rule about speaking these things aloud; the walls were listening.” She thought mulling over his chicken scratching.

    “Maybe if I look at the bag of parts it will make more sense... Hum! Maybe not.” As she looked at the odd assortment of metal pieces she'd poured out on her cloak.

    This looks like a piece of a handle but it's hollow. “What would go in here? Does that say a goat a bolt or...? Yoda, oh ,Yoda, you've done this before, I assume. Why aren't you here helping me?”

    As she shifted her train of thought she could feel pain coming through the Force “Grumps? Galt?”

    The images and screams overlapped and sent sheets of tears down her face. Her first instinct was to grab the cloak pieces and all and run to help.

    “Patience.” She thought and walked around the geode touching the crystals, her hand stopped on one and it slipped easily out of its slot. She looked at it for a few minutes.

    “This is the one for me.” It felt warm in her hand. She smiled at it through her tears and walked over to the cloak covered with parts. It felt easier now, still clumsy and time consuming but she could figure out where the parts went.

    As she concentrated on the work the pain got less and less. It wasn't until she finished that she realized why; the lives were quieted then gone. This was the pain she knew was coming for so long.

    While they were dying she was playing with building blocks and deciphering Galt's chicken scratching now they were gone and she was still playing with the building blocks. She ran her finger over a bump in the handle and a blue light brighter than Yoda's Force glow beamed into a long plasma blade with a hum, both new yet familiar, warming her heart.

    “This is what they gave their lives for so the Gentlem... the Jedi could have this weapon, their weapon again.” She turned her wrist and listened to the hum change. She tapped it to a bush growing inside the cave and it cut through it like a warm knife cutting through warm butter.

    She carefully went through her kata. Her comfort in handling the blade grew as she bounced from boulder to boulder. She felt a connection with the others who had used this form of blade but now that she had it, all she knew and loved was gone.

    “Time it is, to do the work they died for.” A scratchy voice said. “Regret it, they did not. Always knew they did, find the cave you would.”

    Just then the glow grew brighter. “Wow! It's more amazing than I ever dreamed it would be.” Galt said.

    “Me, too.” Grumps said.

    She turned like a small child with her prized new toy and showed it off to her two favorite people in the galaxy. “I'm sorry I didn't get done sooner.” Tears choked her again.[/SIZE]

    “You did what you had to and now will carry it to the others born to restart the Jedi.” Galt said proudly.

    “Your parents tried to restart the order with the news of other younglings being born but it wasn't time.” Grumps said with a bittersweet smile.

    She turned off the lightsaber and started to hug them but remembered they weren't solid.

    “Enough tears, collect as many crystals as possible and carry them to Master Moth. The instructions are waiting for you at the abandoned farmhouse.” Galt hurried her. “They are going to bomb the mountains into craters they say. Hurry!”

    She took the largest bag filled it with all she could carry and attached her new weapon to her belt, it felt as if she had attached it thousands of times. She grabbed her cloak and water bottle, squeezing through the crack once more wasn't as easy. It took several wiggles and pushed in different corners to get the bag through but it came loose with a swish almost costing her balance.

    She calmed herself with the Force and started up the path that felt right. She could feel troopers between her and Crystal Peaks headed her way. She sent out the loudest message she could. 'I'm behind the waterfall at Crystal Peaks and am headed to Galt's farm.' It worked they turned and headed in the other direction. She instinctively headed to the abandoned farm that she'd visited as a child, night was again falling when she arrived.

    The house had a secret room similar to Galt's in it; she found an elegant traveling suit, cases of other fine clothes, hats, shoes and jewelry, lifting out the tray holding the jewelry and there was a large compartment for the crystals. She packed crystals in the extra shoes, the purse's false bottom, under flaps in the hat, the bottom of the clothes case, secret pockets in her cloak, her skirt and her bodice.

    She bathed fixed her hair in an elegant fashion worn by ladies in the inner rims, dressed in the travel suit with her lightsaber slipped into a secret pocket. She looked through the handbag at the travel papers memorizing the name, destination and place of departure. Inside a pocket was the credits more than she had ever seen and she did the books for Grumps at the bar.

    A shuttle for the regional space dock stopped outside and a vaguely familiar man knocked not noticing anything unusual about her accommodations. As he loaded her bags he said, “M'lady, there's a basket a food for your trip. I expect you'll be starved before they serve you on board that fancy ship.”

    “Thank you, I am getting hungry. Is there any news from the region?” She asked casually.

    “They say the troopers are out hunting wild mountain boars but I've never seen them care for the people getting hurt before. I think they're hunting them mythical Gentlemen, more likely to find swamp creatures I suspect.” He informed her.

    As she opened the basket there was a note.

    ~Being listened to be careful. If you are unable to carry any of the crystals pour them down the well. We will retrieve them later.

    “I forgot something may I have a moment.” She went back in the house and retrieved a bag from the secret room and walked over to the well. “My family always drop a coin down the well for good luck before traveling.”

    “Your going to need it.” He said helping her into the shuttle.

    The trip was quiet at first then she could hear explosions coming from the area of the old mines.

    “Guess they got their wild mountain boars.” The pilot said.


    Chapter 14

    Shierre sat quietly in the lounge room waiting to be call when her ship boarded to leave spaceport.

    She ran the information of her news identification over and over in her head. Lady Jessa Mayta, a new headmistress for a new Bengt School for Orphaned and Abandoned Children. She was to meet Master Kotn Moth the Head master of the boys section.

    As she sat looking out the window she noticed the reflection of a young woman come in and sit in the row behind her and on the end seat. She looked and felt scared, you could feel her terror through the Force, the young woman watched her for a while then got up and quietly left, leaving a basket unnoticed to Shierra at first.

    As she ran the statistics over in her head again she heard a faint sniffle noise like a kitten sneezing. She got up and walked to the door but the young woman was nowhere to be seen. She turned and looked at the basket not wanting to go over and look inside, she already knew its contents. She pulled the cloth back and saw a baby just weeks old but you could feel something different about her. She smiled when she saw Shierra and a bond formed between them. There was a note pinned to her gown.

    This is my daughter the love of my heart. I can't keep her you know why. It was easier in our days, less oversight. There are bottles, nappies and records saying she was orphaned. So you are taking her to an orphanage where you will work. I can't tell you her name, it would kill me every time I hear in. Make sure she's loved and doesn't feel abandoned.

    Shierra read the note twice before it sunk in that someone out there knew who she was and where she was going before she did. She pulled out the two data pads and scanned them. Both has the GSP insignia on them and the name Lev.

    Just them a tall thin gray haired man with a limp came in and asked have you got all your transportation records processed?

    “No I just received a delivery for the orphanage I am going to work for. She has her transportation record.”

    “And medical records?” He grimbled.

    Shierra scanned the data pads and found the completed forms.”Yes, she has everything she needs."

    “We'll see, they always forget something that causes hours of delays and my timetable is all shot to... well I just hope she's got everyth...” His grumble trailed off. He turned a few feet away Jessa realized he expected her to be following him.

    "I'm coming.” She after she picked up her bags and the basket. 'I'm glad I've done my share of heavy lifting.' She thought.

    “Excuse me M'lady but I can carry those for you.” A young scruffy looking boy said.

    “You can carry these but I'll carry this one and the basket.”

    “Lady Jessa Mayta?” A loud voice from the room the man had just carried their data pads into.

    “Here I am.” She tried to walk as fluidly as possible so as not to rattle the gems together.

    "There was no mention of you carrying a foundling off the planet.” He looked over his glasses scornfully.

    “Would you like to delay my departure? Causing me to make a special trip? I hear there are strict travel restrictions going in place and your work load will probably double at least.” Her cool authoritative voice convinced him and he encoded his security code on both data pads.

    “Your ship leaves in 10 minutes, now hurry before someone comes and I have to explain this over and over all night. Tripp carry her bags to cabin three. It's small but it'll have to do for way out here.”

    Shier... Jessa Mayta followed the young boy and found out where he got his name and heard faint clanks.”Careful that bag has my best perfumes.”

    “Sorry, M'lady I just started here and the shoes they gave me are to big.”

    She reached into her coin pocket of her purse and handed him a coin large enough for him to get new shoes. “Now go buy some that fit and thank you for your help.”

    His eyes beamed and he almost hugged her but she motioned not to. She eased him out the door so she could pick up her new charge.

    “Hi. Aren't you a good baby. I think I'll call you...Hum! Boni That was my grandmother's name and you remind me of her.”

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    The story just keeps getting better and better. Wonderful job, Lea! Please update soon.
  20. Lea-El

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    Aug 13, 2005
    Thanks to @lazykbys_left

    My story looks so much better. Thank you, again.
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    Chapter 15

    Shierra took off her cloak, hat and the robe over her dress looked around the cabin. It was compact multi-purpose and sleek in a no frills way, calming shades of gray with the smallest fresher she had ever seen. A sniffle reminded her to change the babies nappies and feed her, as the baby fell asleep she looked around the cabin. This was her first time in space since Galt came for her on Naboo after her parents died. She looked down at the baby nestling in her arms. 'One of us is an orphan but not you.' She thought to herself.

    She rubbed her fingers across the baby's forehead and could hear her baby thoughts.

    ~ Images of the young girl who left her, rocking her to sleep, a young man holding her, she loved them. Then there was Lev arguing with them making them mad, hurt and then cry; she cried in protest but an older lady took her into another room for them to argue.

    Boni's sleep became disturbed by all this so Shierra rubbed her finger across the babies forehead and meditated in the Force sending the calming waves into the baby, who relaxed into a deeper restful sleep.

    Shierra laid her back in her basket and now she could move without worrying about her new charge. She opened her purse and looked over the papers. She realized all links to her past had to be terminated to protect the future, the orphanage for young Force sensitive children like Boni. From now on she had to think of herself as Lady Jessa Mayta. One slip up and everything her loved ones had worked for and died for could be destroyed. She ran the name over and over in her head.

    She looked through the clothes nice for her planet but less formal than the inner rim planets. Inside a small pocket was a history, her new history, Jessa was the only daughter of a well to do family owning a brewery and after her parents died, she started working with orphans. Galt always said tell the truth wherever possible it's easier to remember.

    There was a faint knock at the door making her jump. She took a calming breath and answered it.

    M'lady will you be eating in the dinning area or do you want me to bring your meals here, it will be extra."

    I received a new charge just before we left the planet so eating in the cabin would be better for her and the other travelers. Do I pay now or at the end of the trip?”

    At the end of the trip.” The attendant said briskly.

    While she waited for the attendant to arrive again, she arranged the her bags, repacking somethings in more careful places. Then there was her new lightsaber should she keep it hidden in her dress pocket or pack it in the bags for safe keeping. For now she chose the secret dress pocket. The last thing she wanted was to use it aboard the transporter but sometimes you have to do thing you don't want to.

    Another faint knock at the door and the attendant was there with her dinner. She thanked him and tipped him and hurried him out the door. What foods she did recognize was prepared in ways she had never seen.

    As she picked up her napkin she saw a note, ~ In case of emergency the attendant can be trusted. ~ No signature yet there wouldn't be but she would have felt better if there had been.

    She knew this had been in the planing for years but it was a little too much like a half credit Yames Bont spy novel for her taste.

    The food made her sleepy so she arranged her bags back in the corner, checked on Boni and curled up on her cloak now decrystalized. “Good night Grumps.” She heard a familiar snort. At least she could rest knowing she was being watched over.


    Chapter Sixteen

    Usually it was quiet in the early morning since there was a gambling establishment and Jizz Club on board. So she would take the baby up to the viewport walkway and watch the stars or the hyperspace distortion depending on where they were in the trip.

    She remembered her father holding her and telling her about the difference, to her mother's amazement. “She's only five she can't understand hyperspace travel.” As it turned out this was one of the few memories she had of them. She'd asked a medtech why and was told it could be from the injury or the emotional trauma. She reached out and touched the transparisteel it was cold but she could smell her mother's perfume and her father's rum and spice mixture he took for his spacesickness.

    One morning an overly polite well dressed man stopped her and remarked. “Oh! My what a lovely mother and baby and she favors you so. I suspect she will grow up as lovely as her mother. Excuse me for not introducing myself, I'm Count Devin.”

    Thank you but she will have her own beauty.” Something wasn't right the hair on the back of her neck were standing as if an alarm was sounding so she moved her hand from the baby's bottom and said. “Excuse me, a baby emergency.” She forced herself to walk slowly and gracefully even though she wanted to run.

    Boni was restless the rest of the morning. 'Is she restless because of the man or because I'm nervous?' Jessa thought. A knock at the door caused both to freeze; she took a calming breath and walked slowly to the door her lightsaber gently brushed her leg was a comforting feeling.

    The cabin boy stood outside the door pale and nervous. “M'lady, a passenger named Count Devin wishs to have dinner with you tonight.” As he said it he handed her a Correlian Star Flower. The look in his eyes confirmed her fears.

    Please tell the Count that the baby is experiencing space sickness and I won't be able to join him. Also, I'm allergic to most flowers.” She said, refusing to take the flower.

    The cabin boy looked relieved also confirming her suspicions. “Yes, M'lady.”

    She closed the door and leaned back on it; mentally counted the days until they arrived at Bengt. She sighed, 'Much to long.'
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    Once again, excellent job, Lea. Bring back Force Ghost Yoda soon. Looking forward to the next update.

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    Chapter Seventeen

    Help me Yoda your my only hope!” Jessa said looking at the ceiling.

    Aaaah! In olden days I was called with almost those same words.” A blue glowing figure of an older man appeared in the room.

    Whoa! Who are you? I thought Yoda was the only... well, except for Galt and Grumps...
    that doesn't make sense either... who are you... and what are you... all of you.”

    I am Obi-Wan Kenobi, once I too was called upon as a young woman's only hope. Now it's Yoda that everyone calls on.”

    Are my parents out there glowing somewhere?”

    No...” He looked down sadly. “It takes special training to become one with the Force and it was lost for a long time. Many were lost...many good Jedi were lost.” He thought of a particular young woman he'd loved. “They were on their way... You are on your way to finish the mission your parents started, only you have an advantage they didn't.” He pointed to the secret pocket where her lightsaber was hidden.

    So does that mean that the Count is a bad Jedi or just a bad man?”

    He's a bad Jedi.”

    And the difference between a good Jedi and a bad Jedi is?”

    A good Jedi acts not for his own interest but seeks knowledge and enlightenment. They act out of a calm heart and at peace with the Force. Dark Jedi use hatred, anger, fear and aggression to enhance their powers.”

    So we're all sweetness and light and they get mad and rip through things? No wonder there is so much badness.”

    The dark side is not stronger, have you not seen someone get mad and break or kill something that was precious to them?” Obi-Wan reasoned with her.

    Yes, yes I have? And I've seen calm reasoning out do anger. So what do I do with Count Devin?”

    You are going to have to meet him and convince him you are not the kind of person he's looking for.” Obi-Wan said to her shock and amazement with that he vanished.

    Do you have a time limit on your appearance? Just as you get to the point I really need to ask questions you disappear.” Jessa reasoned with the empty room.

    Hmmm Hmmm, I'll be there when you need me.”

    Or will I.” Yoda added.

    Well, how do I convince a bad man I'm not what he's looking for?” She looked at the dresses hanging in the closet. “Bad girl dress or good girl dress? Bad girl dress distract him, good girl dress to sweet and light? Good girl dress definitely.” She pressed the button for the cabin boy and looked around the room at the baby and her treasures.

    At the sound of a knock she opened the door. “I need a babysitter, some one I can trust and a message sent to Count Devin. I will met him on the observation deck and accompany him to dinner.” She saw the fear in his eyes. She looked at his name tag. “Drake, find someone to watch Boni and someone who is honest and good that we can trust.” She said with calm authority in her voice.

    Yes, M'lady.” He turned and walked briskly out.

    As she dressed, fixed her hair and applied her makeup she kept saying over and over in her mind. 'Goodness and light, with a calm heart.'

    A knock at the door this time didn't make her jump. “M'lady this is my sister Marta, she is a maid on the upper level we can trust her. And I delivered your message, he was pleased.”

    Thank you Drake, and you Marta, come in.” She looked at Marta, a slim girl with brown hair and eyes, the female version of her brother.

    I must tell you, I'm not like my brother, I don't...” She seemed worried just to say this.

    I just need someone I can trust to watch the baby and not steal my jewelry. I appreciate your honesty.” She smiled reassuringly at the young girl. “Her name is Boni and she's about ready for a bottle and a change. She likes for you to sing to her and talk to her. Don't open this door for anyone but Drake or me, no matter what they say.”

    Yes, m'lady, I promise I won't.” She turned and picked up Boni and started talking and cooing to her, making Boni giggle.

    Jessa stopped and wondered if her lightsaber would give her away but decided it was worth the risk not to be caught off guard.

    'This is your life don't loose it.'She heard in her head.

    She smiled at that and at the baby, took a deep breath and walked out the door.


    ~ She stood looking out the viewport when she felt the Count approach but waited until he spoke to turn.

    I'm glad you decided to come after all.” He bowed slightly and offered her his arm.

    I realized I needed time with other adults.” She smiled sweetly and coyly.

    He threw his head back and laughed. “I know what you mean I have a niece; my sister-in-law says the same thing.”

    Jessa thought, 'He has family? Good? Bad? Don't let your guard down.' Then she said aloud. “I have no family my parents died when I was young.” The truth is easier to remember and keeps you out of trouble.

    So that's why you work with orphans?” He said calmingly.

    I had advantages that other orphans don't. So tell me about you, Count.” She changed the subject.

    Call me Veyt, only those on formal terms call me Count.” He smiled to sweetly.

    Maybe we should stay with Count for now.” She countered his smile with a shy grin.

    As you wish for now.” He motioned for her to enter the dinning room first.

    The smell of food familiar and unfamiliar yet appetizing filled the room and her. “I wasn't aware I was hungry until now.” She said as her stomach growled to her embarrassment.

    I took the liberty to have something special prepared for you.”

    The waiter uncovered the dish and the smell of her favorite dish from her home planet came over all the other smells. 'How does he know my favorite food?' Her thought alarmed her.

    We've met before, Shierra.”

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    Chapter Eighteen

    Have we?” She asked to give her time to calm herself.

    Yes, I was aboard the ship with you and your parents; this was your favorite dish even then.” His sweetness turned ever so slightly.

    The pain of that trip clouded her memories, only the happiest memories shined through; this definitely wasn't one of the happiest. “I was young and the crash was traumatic... “

    You were strong in the Force even back then.”

    Force?” She couldn't say it with out whispering which made him smile and prove otherwise.

    You know the Force that binds everything together that we can call of to help with various problems.” Just then he picked up a piece of fruit from her plate and floated it over to his hand them put it to his mouth and took a bite.

    Wow! That's a neat trick. How did you ever learn it?” She play innocent and surprised.

    I'm sure your grandfather and Galt taught you many such tricks.” He goaded her with their names.

    There was a man at the bar that could pull a credit from your ear but that trick is new to me.” She still denied knowing anything.

    As you know this is more than slight of hands.” He floated a piece of bread to her. “Try this it's delicious.”

    She snatched the bread out of the air and laid it down on the napkin by her plate. “There are rumors about people doing things like that where I come from but they are just rumors.”

    This isn't a rumor and flew a flower to her. I checked these are not known to aggravate allergies.”

    She couldn't help but look around the room for signs of them being watched but they had been placed at a secluded table so no one was watching. “Please stop doing that it makes me nervous. I don't like those tricks.”

    I know Kotn Moth, we were trained together by a special teacher. We were like brothers. I even thought about becoming a teacher at his school... oh I mean orphanage.”

    I've never met Koth Moth.” She said mostly to herself. “I am unfamiliar with his teaching styles but if they are not approved by the GSP I won't be staying on as a head of the girls section.”

    He looked at her in disbelief. “How could you stand to loose such a treasure?” It was evident that he was talking about the crystals not the employment opportunity.

    Excuse me but I promised not to be gone long with the baby ill. I am sorry I don't know what you think I know but I assure you I know nothing that would interest you. I don't want to see you again. My time is best used carrying for the baby. So excuse me Count it would have been a lovely dinner.” She stood and walked out as gracefully as possible. At the door she turned to look back at him and he was gloating over his perceived victory.

    The walk back to her cabin seemed longer that ever before. Marta's recount of how the assignment went took forever. Finally, she was gone and Jessa could lean on the closed and locked door. She said to the air in the room. “That went terrible. I never want to do that again.”

    It went better than we hoped it would.” Obi Wan offered encouragement.

    If that was better I would have hated to have seen worse.” She threw her shawl through his image to the chair behind him to his annoyance.

    So I'll come back when your in a better... more rested.” He faded.

    Yeah! Fade away and leave me here with Count bad Jedi floating things at me and what's this about him and Koth Moth being trained by the same teacher.” She looked around the room but there wasn't even the faintest blue glow.

    I'm going to get a timer then we'll see how long you pop in and out.”

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