Saga Red roosters are dangerous. Autumn Bingo story

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    Red roosters are dangerous
    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan
    Timeframe: 51 BBY
    Character: Obi-Wan Kenobi, OCs
    Genre: Autumn Bingo using Red, Monster, Spider, Picking apples, Graveyard
    Disclaimer: Star Wars belongs to Lucasfilm and Lucasfilm belongs to Disney.

    Red roosters are dangerous

    No, Obi-Wan Kenobi didn't like the red rooster at all. It was a monster, attacking him with his beak, claws and wings. He had been visiting the children's farm in the basement of the Jedi-temple with his crèche. The little chicks had been nice, their mother too and master Ekiway, the guardian of the farm, had told a nice story about the chickens. What followed was nice too. Picking apples in the yard. But the red apple growing high in the tree had started the trouble. Asking crèche master Rian Solma to get that apple had been alright. The master had picked the apple with ease and had given it to him. He had sat down under the crown of one of the trees. Cleaning the apple with the hem of his shirt had been easy. What followed – eating the apple – not.

    The big red rooster was in the orchard, searching for spiders and other morsels like fallen apples. And the seven years old boy with his apple was the target of the rooster when he saw the big spider descending from the tree. Yellow eyes gleaming with delight, the rooster flapped with his wings, took a jump and snatched the spider with his beak, claws and wings moving wildly scratching one of the defending hands.

    “EECH OWWW.”

    That cry had brought crèche master Solma hurrying towards him and the result; a visit to the healers' ward and that entrance was now his destination.

    “In we go Obi-Wan to take care of that little scratch on your left hand.”

    “Not to stay there?”

    “No healer Finn will treat it and we are on our way back to...”

    “Not to the rooster. He is a monster.”

    “No back to the crèche for dinner and bed. And there is the treatment room of healer Finn.”

    “Just a minute master Solma. I will be ready soon for you and your charge.”

    Obi-Wan looked towards the open door. A large imposing man came out with a girl that was clearly a padawan by the looks of her clothes and hair-cut. The man bowed for a moment to observe him. Obi-Wan flinched back. The eyes of the man were as deep as the black earth of a graveyard. A shiver passed his body.

    “Success with your mission master Dooku and padawan Vosa. And you are my next patient. Come in Obi-Wan Kenobi. You are looking pale.”

    “He wasn't when we arrived. What is it Obi-Wan?” Rian Solma took Obi-Wan's right hand and guided him into the treatment room.

    “Mm master Dooku scares me. He has evil eyes, boring right into you.”

    “And I am not scaring you?”

    “No healer Finn but if you put me into one of the med beds in a room here I will be. I don't like to be here at all.”

    “You don't have to stay. Just a treatment of that scratch. Up you go.” Jadin Finn indicated the table that he had put into a low position.

    Obi-Wan climbed on the table, relief showing on his face. No stay in the healers' ward this time.

    “Who did that?” Jadin was swabbing the scratch with a cloth.

    “A big monster. You know the red rooster of the children's farm?”

    “Sure I have seen him but why was he attacking you?”

    “I was eating an apple and there was this spp spider.”

    “So he wasn't interested in you or the apple.” Jadin was busy taping a band aid on the hand.

    “No, but I had to defend myself when he was charging me.”

    “And here is your reward.” Jadin gave Obi-Wan a large plastform syringe.

    “Yes.” Obi-Wan was smiling even more when he saw the face of his crèche master. “Water-fun with this.”

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    Fun story, great use of the prompts! Great description of the rooster!

    I like the twist at the end, where Obi-Wan gets a syringe water gun to play with!
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    Birds can definitely be a bit dinosaur-like and monstrous when they're angry and/or after food, love that use of the prompt word! [face_laugh] Glad that tiny!Obi-Wan escaped with only minor scratches and a mostly pleasant trip to the healers.

    LOL, I like that we get the perspective of the rooster here -- he just wants his MUNCHIES, is that too much to ask? :p

    Unsettling run-in with Dooku there; interesting that even at this early stage Obi-Wan picks up that there's something off about him.

    :) Nice to see that Obi-Wan gets to make a little fun chaos to take his mind off the day's scary events -- Jadin is really sweet to think of that!
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    Oh man, I too would be scared of red roosters after an incident like this, especially with piercing, Dooku-like yellow eyes! I don’t blame Obi-Wan for being shaken up after that confluence of events. Fortunately Jadin knows just what to do, both to heal his scratch and help get him in a better mood. Love that we got glimpses of both accident!prone!Obi and mischievous!Obi in this! And I remember that you mentioned that the red rooster is a firefighters’ emblem in your country, which gives this not only a personal touch but also perhaps a sense of foreshadowing for Obi. Nice work with a fun and challenging set of autumnal prompts! =D=
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    Jedi younglings should have fun after being at the healers
    Big roosters can be very intimidating and meeting Dooku had to be in here because in the future Obi-Wan will have his problems with Dooku. Healers and crèche masters are always fun to write
    Dooku will become a Sith yes. And the firefighting? Obi-Wan will meet fire-fighters in the future
  6. UltramassiveUbersue

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    Cute little fic and great use of the prompts!