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Beyond the Saga Remnants of a Galaxy

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    Feb 12, 2005
    Author Notes:
    Aprox. 130 ABY
    Original Characters
    Mentions of classic characters
    Mentions to canon events
    Alternate Universe concept
    Things are different
    Just started writing, needed to be creative, so here we go..

    Coruscant didn’t look like it does in the old holo’s. Years of war had turned its surface as ugly as it had always been underneath. One-hundred and fifty standard years ago it stood as the centerpiece of the galaxy; the capital of the almighty republic and the home of the Jedi Knights.

    The contrast between a planet not fit to inhabit a mutant womprat and the ostentatious military transport she was arriving on, would appear farcical in most circumstances. But this isn’t an ordinary circumstance.

    The Supreme Master had given them categorical direction on what they were to recover. Additionally, this was Zafii’s team now; after the accident that claimed Master Calsiin. It certainly was not the way she wanted to be promoted. She truly cared for Master Calsiin; as if she had trained Zafii since she was a padawan learner. But she’d have to let Master Calsiin move on to the netherworld of the Force and not dwell on the past. She had to look after Cole and Kyn. Those two nerf-herders would be lost without her, Zafii was certain of that, if nothing else.

    In Zafii’s opinion, the two young Jedi Knights had been bolstered to their status much too young. If that weren’t bad enough, they were brothers by blood and she was sure that’s why they always ended up in horrific situations. They were always trying to one-up each other as if anyone would be impressed by such bullheadedness.

    “Sixteen and fifteen,” Zafii scoffed to herself. “I couldn’t even pull off a simple mind trick at eighteen and they were appointed fully fledged Jedi Knights.”

    Zafii looked over at the two brothers as they psyched themselves up for the mission. The transport was getting close to landing on the surface. It had been two years since the pair had been promoted; any day now she could expect them to start growing up. At least that's what she tried to convince herself of. They needed to listen to her. She was three years older. That meant three more years of experience. They would be wise to mind her.

    “Hey Bash Brothers, we aren’t going to into battle. Calm, peace…”

    “Peace, serenity, meditation.” Cole finished.

    “Don’t forget uh… what am I forgetting?” Kyn attempted to continue.

    “The old ways, the old ways. Enough Zafii!” Cole snapped out of his mocking tone.

    Zafii turned to face him square as alarms notified them to the transport attempting to land momentarily.

    “I’m the leader of this team now and if you don’t want to end up like Master Calsiin, you’ll listen to me. She could still be alive and if she had listened to me she would be. Don’t forget, you two also almost got your rear ends charred off if it wasn’t for me.”

    “You might be the leader when we are on missions but we all have a right to follow the Jedi path in our own way.” Cole reminded her.

    “And in what way do you find a way to center yourself when you are slapping yourself upside the head? You are too bloodthirsty, Cole. Your behavior doesn’t seem to fit any of the seven codes of the Jedi Order.” Zafii argued.

    “I do things my way, you do things your way. I always follow orders when it comes to the missions. Whether that was from Master Calsiin or from the members of the Supreme Council. I do the right thing, Zafii. Don’t make me out to be some sort of Sith-spawn.” Cole fired back.

    The transport shuddered as it made its final landing. The three Jedi Knights held on as it became inherently obvious that they had landed on the uneven ground.

    “You two shut up, I’m tired of you arguing all the time. Might I remind our leader that we are here to find a certain Holocron.” Kyn chimed in.

    Zafii shook her head to snap herself out of the argument she was having with Cole. She’d be sure to continue her scolding of his reckless ways later. He had so much potential, she didn’t want to see him waste it.

    “Right, the scavenger who claims to have found the item in question is less than two kilometers away,” Zafii said, looking at a holoprojection of the planet’s surface. “I guess we couldn’t get any closer in the transport.”

    Cole stormed over to the door and punched the locking mechanism a little too hard. Ash and death flooded Zafii’s nostrils as the air from the planet’s surface infiltrated the transport.

    “Let’s go.” Cole hopped out, a lightsaber in his right hand.

    “Always looking for a fight,” Zafii commented. “Hey, don’t get so upset you forget your breather.” Zafii grabbed an extra breather and Kyn followed suit to catch up to Cole.

    Coruscant's yellow star waning in the distance made the sky appear ablaze at sunset. All visual evidence pointed to an apocalypse having taken place. Indeed it had, only over the measure of many decades.

    Zafii and Kyn put their breathers on with a bit of effort. The devices opened up from a small rectangle into airtight goggles and a breathing piece. Zafii forced Cole’s into his left hand.

    “Here,” Zafii grunted through the mouthpiece. “Put it on, that’s an order.”

    Cole to his word of not disobeying a mission order put it on as well. The three made their way to a chasm in the earth. The only way was down and they made out a makeshift ladder that appeared to be an entrance and exit for the beings who dwelled beneath the planet’s surface.

    “So everyone just lives underneath?” Kyn asked.

    “They have too,” Zafii educated. “Look around, they can’t survive up here long. They come up here to scavenge from the deceased rich and elegant. Even after so many years, they find things that interest traders. Maybe they could survive a couple of hours with a top of the line, fully charged breather. I doubt they have top of the line here. Everything these people have is used, whether they found it or traded for it. The concept of new isn't something they likely comprehend.”

    “I can’t imagine the pay off is much incentive for traders visiting here,” Cole added. “Wonder why they do it.”

    “Why don’t these people help themselves and leave? Why do they stay?” Kyn wondered.

    Zafii began to climb down the makeshift ladder and answered, “We’ve been to a lot of crumby places around the galaxy hunting for these things and this is the first time you’ve asked why people would live there? They probably know nothing else and were born here. Plus getting off planet costs you one way or another. Don't have the credits, how about a splash of indentured servitude if your lucky and just downright slavery if your not. Even if you got off, where would you go? They’d still be destitute and would just end up someplace just as awful or worse, dead. At least they have a way of life here, even if it doesn’t look like much to us.”

    At the end of their descent down the ladder, they found an alley lit with street fires. Some of the fires were contained in large metal barrels while others just trash piled on the ground, resembling a campfire. Around some of the fires, humans, and aliens were gathered.

    “It’s too damn hot to be gathered around those fires,” Kyn noted.

    “It’s almost the only source of light down here.” Cole corrected.

    On that, Zafii pressed a small button on her breather and her goggles went into a night vision mode. Kyn followed suit but Cole, as Zafii knew, didn’t need night vision goggles. His skill in the Force allowed his eyes to see better than any artificial technology could.

    “What do your Jedi eyes see!” Kyn jokingly said.

    “They’re taking the Jawa’s to Jabba’s Palace,” Cole said with a chortle.

    “How many times have you two seen that blasted holovid?” Zafii asked rhetorically.

    They continued down the alley and all three felt the presence of others converging on them. They didn't say a word to each other, they didn't need to. When they were all focused and in tune, their bond through the Force allowed them to know everything they needed to about the other two's thoughts.

    "You three are dressed much too well to be slumming down here on Level Two." A raspy voice said from the shadows.

    The figure came out from their side, flanked by two others. Soon they were encircled by no less than twelve rough looking locals coming from all angles. Zafii couldn't place the species of the one talking. His blood-red skin and scarred face didn't scream pleasantry to her though.

    All three Jedi looked very much like Jedi of the age. It was unmistakable no matter what part of the galaxy you were from. Their glinting, sometimes bejeweled armor. Contrary to assumption, the armor was very light so the Jedi Knights could be agile, as well as protected. Many wore Force imbued greaves, gauntlets, chest, and shoulder armor. The materials came from some planet Zafii couldn't remember the name of. Perhaps she had never been told or had she just never asked? It polished to a shine like durasteel. It was just as strong against piercing but as flexible as a spandex.

    The Supreme Master of the Jedi Order, along with her Supreme Council wanted their Jedi Knights to look the role they truly played in the galaxy. Cole and Kyn loved to deck out in the mysterious armor, while Zafii relied on even more flexibility if she had to fight. She never wore spaulders. Even though she knew it made no sense, she said it weighed her down.

    "They don't even bother covering up with a cloak." Another man in the group chimed in.

    "This is a flashy bunch," the red alien said. "Three very young and brash Jedi... padawans? Where is your master, little ones? A Jedi hasn't been seen on Coruscant for nearly a quarter century and here stand three pups."

    "Little ones? Pups?" Cole gave him a crossed look.

    "Let me handle this," Zafii began to say.

    Kyn ignited his lightsaber, it was harsh and dark blue. A blue that burned so furious it looked like it wanted to combust into the hottest fire known to the galaxy. Everyone took a step back but Kyn calmly lowered the blade to the ground. Zafii watched wide-eyed as Kyn stuck the point of the blade into the ground and sparks flew.


    "You see this, gentlemen?" Kyn announced as he drew a circle around himself and his companions. "This is the line in the sand, you cross it, you die. We are Jedi Knights, the rulers, and police of the gal....."

    The three Jedi fell. The three Jedi landed. They landed hard. Zafii was sure her back had to be broken. They landed on a level below, as Kyn had mistakingly cut them through the floor of Level Two.

    "You really are an idiot." Cole proclaimed.

    "That was intentional," Kyn gasped, sitting up as he checked his head for blood.

    "My lightsaber! That was intentional. That was you trying to be a hard man and looking like a fool. What else is new?" Cole barked.

    "Enough, both of you," Zafii ordered. "Look, we are on Level Three... Six?"

    They looked above and saw just how far they had dropped. They hadn't dropped one level but four. Levels Three, Four, and Five, didn't seem to exist anymore.

    "I need a vacation," moaned Kyn, as he stood up. "Luckily the Supreme Master gives us the best of the best armor, I think that saved me some broken ribs."

    "Luckily the Supreme Master..." Cole mocked.

    "You have a problem with the Supreme Master, Cole?" Kyn asked.

    "Of course not, but I get so tired of you gushing over her all the time. It's a bit weird. She's probably three times your age." Cole replied.

    "It's not like that but she does look great, the Force has really made her appearance stay young. I heard she's nearly seventy standard years, and look at her. She looks even younger than Zafii."

    "Thanks," Zafii rolled her eyes.

    "Well, Knight Pilas, what now?"

    Zafii shot Cole a dirty look for the way he addressed her. She took out a small device from her belt and activated it. It projected a holomap and a red beacon showing their target location. They were right on top of it.

    "It seems the Force works in mysterious ways. Kyn's mistake has landed us precisely at our meeting location."

    "MISTAKE?!" Kyn exclaimed.

    There weren't as many fires on this level and Cole was letting Zafii know, that he didn't feel much living around them either.

    "Maybe one or two people on this level and it goes on for miles and miles," Cole reassured the other two.


    "Hello?" Kyn called out.

    "We're looking for Adoy," Zafii announced. "Are you Adoy?"

    "Come on out, Yoda backwards. Give us Master Yoda's Holocron that you found and we have the 75 million Jedi dataries and a ride off this planet for you. Just as we agreed." Cole said.

    "Don't be mean," Zafii said.

    "I mean, it wasn't that clever. He found Master Yoda's Holocron and he gives himself the code name, Adoy."

    "With 75 million credits you can buy new, better names," joked Kyn. "You can buy mine, for just 19 easy installments of 5,000 credits."

    In the shadows, the three Jedi watched and listened as the figure came closer. They could actually see the Holocron in the darkness. It was illuminating itself but nothing around it. Not even the hand holding it.

    "The credits first," a robot-like voice commanded.

    "Come on out so we can see you, please. I am Jedi Knight, Zafii Pilnas of the Supreme Jedi Order. We oversee, regulate, and protect the galaxy but we do not deal in the shadows." Zafii explained. "We just want back what is rightfully ours. Credits mean nothing to us but that Holocron belongs at the Jedi Temple, with our master."

    Zafii wasn't interested in taking the Holocron by force but she would if she had to. She had never failed in recovering a Force relic on a mission yet, today wouldn't be her first. This is what she was born for.

    A different voice answered. It was softer and younger.

    "Will you take me with you?"

    A young girl, no more than twelve standard years stepped into the light, holding out the Holocron.

    "Master Yoda..." Cole mouthed, referring to the Holocron with a lustful gleam in his eye.

    "We can get you out of here, sure, that was part of our deal," Zafii answered.

    She made the call to her pilot on the transport to prepare for take-off. The girl made to lead them out of Level Six.

    "I know a way to the surface," Adoy announced, confidently.

    "Nah," Kyn shook his head, looking up from where they had fallen. "I can see the surface."

    "Can of bantha milk." Cole nodded with a smirk.

    Zafii groaned and held her hand out to the younger girl.

    "Don't be startled," Zafii warned.

    "Startled?" Adoy asked.

    With that, the three Jedi Knights and Adoy were on the surface again, a transport hovering nearby.

    "Wha...What just happened?" Adoy pleaded, the short-lived confidence eradicated.

    "Oh, we're really good at Force jumping," Kyn laughed, running to board the ship.

    With that, Zafii, Cole, Kyn, and their new mysterious companion were off. The transport headed out of Coruscant’s scorched atmosphere where it planned to dock with The Sinless.
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    Aboard The Sinless, Kyn stood next to his brother, Cole in the medical bay. State of the art technology was always being integrated into the cruiser. The Sinless was in a constant state of remodeling, somewhere on board. They had everything they needed on board to see if this mysterious girl needed medical attention.Kyn watched the young girl, only known as Adoy, as the droids gave her a full body scan.

    "How long have you been living on Coruscant?" Cole asked.

    "As long as I can remember," the girl answered sheepishly. "My parents both passed away last year. They had been sick for quite some time. I had been taking care of them."

    "Sick?" Kyn queried.

    "They had trouble breathing. Everyone down there has trouble breathing." Adoy explained.

    Kyn believed it, he could still taste the ash and stench in his mouth. Every breath was a reminder. Curiously enough, the medical scan showed that the girl wasn't effected.

    "Her lungs are as healthy as I've seen in a human," a medical droid piped in.

    "Curious," Cole said, giving Kyn a look.

    "Very," Zafii said as she entered the medical bay.

    "What do we call you anyway?" Kyn asked, turning his attention to his leader. "We just called Master Calsiin, Master... But you're not a Master or a captain or anything like that. General?"

    "We have Adoy laying here and you don't know what to call me? Besides, General hasn't been used in the Jedi Order since the days of the Clone Wars," Zafii reminded him. "Not a time period we want to revisit. Just call me, what you've always called me."

    "You mean what he calls you behind your back or to your face?" Cole joked.

    "Pain in the ass will do," Zafii squashed the conversation by making fun of herself. "What's up with the little one?"

    "I'm okay," Adoy announced.

    "Hmm, oh I almost forgot. Kyn, I just got off with the Supreme Master, she wants to talk to you."

    "Did you tell her about us falling? I bet she wants to scold me." Kyn sighed.

    "I gave her a full and honest report as I always do. So yes, I had to tell her Kyn. It worked out in the end." Zafii reassured.

    "It worked out this time," Cole butted in. "It might not next time."

    "Enough, off with you Kyn, the Supreme Master awaits you." Zafii stepped away from the door to let Kyn go through.

    Nervously, Kyn walked down the corridor of the stylish, sleek cruiser. He admired the Supreme Master but he always dreaded disappointing her. He entered his quarters and saw the notification of a holocall on hold. He walked over and sat down in a cushioned chair. Sighing, he connected the call and a large holoimage of Supreme Leader Vaan appeared in front of him.

    Supreme Leader Vaan was much older than she appeared. Many of the young Jedi Knights often whispered and guessed but no one knew how old she really was. The only thing they knew for sure was she had successfully reestablished the Jedi Order, where others had failed after the Empire's fall and that she had been Supreme Master for a few decades. Age be damned, she appeared as if she had just stepped down from the Moons of Iego. Her hair was platinum blonde and the attire she wore resembled that of a wealthy politician, more than an old Jedi Master. Kyn recognized the chair she was sitting in. She was in her private quarters, not the council meeting room.

    "Master," Kyn greeted.

    "Padawan," Vaan nodded with a certain elegance.

    Vaan's voice had always entranced Kyn, even when he was a very young boy and she had personally taken Kyn and Cole on as her padawan learner's. It wasn't like his plain, ordinary voice. Her accent sounded as if it was from the most sophisticated system in the galaxy and her words seemed to float in the air as she spoke them.

    "I must commend you in your efforts today, as well as your team."


    "I've always told you to use your instincts, Kyn. The Force will guide you and my point was proven again today." Vaan explained.

    "I see, well I'm happy you are pleased."

    She nodded, a smile almost broke over her face.

    "Of course I'm pleased. The Holocron of one of the great Jedi Master's in history is once again in the possession of the Order. It's coming home where it belongs. The knowledge and power of these items your team collects are crucial in maintaining the balance in the galaxy we have struck."

    "I understand, I just wish I could know a little more about it."

    "Patience, my young student. You are truly a Jedi Knight. I can feel that power just as strongly today as I did when I encountered you and your brother as mere children. You will be a Jedi Master one day and when that day comes, these last secrets of the Jedi will be revealed, the last secrets of the Force."

    "I understand," Kyn nodded. "I trust your judgment, my instinct tells me to trust you."

    "Your instincts serve you well, indeed. One day you might even be sitting in my seat." Vaan said, encouragingly.

    Kyn shook his head, "I hope I don't live to see the day where you need to be replaced, my Master."

    Vaan measured the young man before continuing, "You are still feeling anguish over what happened to Master Calsiin."

    Kyn could only nod, the thoughts of what happened had him on the verge of tears. He knew if he spoke his voice would crack.

    "It does not do to dwell on the past, my young Jedi Knight. Keep your focus here and now and to the future. The past will haunt you if you let it."

    "You are wise, Supreme Master. I will do my best to move on from that unfortunate incident," Kyn finally managed to say.

    Vaan nodded, "You will find that whatever you truly set your mind to, you will accomplish. You and your brother have the potential to be the very best of us. Keep your wit about you in your travels and don't ever lose it. While Master Calsiin's end was unfortunate, this is the way of the Force. Everyone must step aside in some regard so that the new can have an opportunity. There can be no life without death, there can be no death without life. Look at Knight Pilnas, two standard weeks ago she was just a member of the team and now The Sinless is in her control."

    Kyn looked at his Master, listening to every word, soaking it in; begging her with his eyes to teach him.

    "Patience!" She said, her voice a little more stressed this time and with that, her holoimage disappeared as the call disconnected.
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    Hey, slow down. ;) I loved your story from December 2015 so much and I nominated you in a bunch of categories yet no nominations came through, so I want to read this in detail.

    Danke. Grazie. Merci. Glad to see you back!
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    Thanks, I have some pretty wild ideas for this story. I'm hoping to update quite often as I get back into writing. I have an original story idea but before I jump into that I want to just sort of practice writing and I've got a million ideas about Star Wars so why not. I appreciate you nominating me, I actually hosted the Beyond awards one year... i want to say 8 years ago or something. Anyway, Cole chapter coming next! Thanks for reading.
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    This story came highly recommended to me—I'm very glad it was, and would love to see it continue! You've set up an immersive and vividly dystopian atmosphere here, both with a slummy, ravaged Coruscant many generations post-Saga and a Jedi Order in some ways very different from the one we know, one in which SW names familiar to us are a distant memory to the inhabitants. Very vivid characterization here, too; Zafii definitely has her hands full with those two Bash Brothers and their bickering. Some of the brothers' hotheadedness is the sort of thing that would be raising Dark Side red flags for an earlier Jedi Order, but fortuitously enough Kyn's desperate escape plan leads them directly to their goal of recovering that Certain Holocron associated with a Very Familiar Ancient Jedi Master... :yoda:

    But this is only the start of the story, as we know, so I'm pretty sure not everything will work out to be quite that easy. There's a hint of that with Adoy; she's friendly enough, and seems willing to cooperate with the Jedi, but her circumstances are very mysterious. And I'm not quite sure what to make of Master Vaan or why she is singling Kyn out in this way, not when both he and Cole were her students and when Zafii is (at least nominally) the leader of the mission; I shouldn't wonder if some ulterior motives may be at work. Much suspense here, there is! [face_thinking]

    So yes, I would be very glad to see this continue—take this as your cue, and keep up the fine work! :D