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    For the mini games challenge by @Thumper09: Off the Beaten Path: SW Planets Challenge #1 I got Ord Mantell
    It concludes the story begun in pebble fun continued in we have a mission

    Rescue on Ord Mantell

    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan
    Timeframe: 83 BBY
    Characters: Count Dooku, Qui-Gon Jinn, OC's Jadin Finn and Jerza Quwin, Hir H-Ilin and Ran Gher
    Genre: challenge

    Disclaimer: Star Wars belongs to Lucasfilm and Lucasfilm belongs to Disney.

    Rescue on Ord Mantell

    “We have to hurry Jadin.”

    “Figures with Dooku leading the mission.” Jadin ordered the elevator towards the healers' ward. “But I am always prepared with a medkit to go and spare cloaks in my locker. One of them will be for you.”

    “Spare cloaks?” Jerza had seen cloaks in the apartment she shared now with her master.

    Jadin began to smile. “It happens often that my cloak ends up wet and soapy after a procedure. Scrub-room fun, you will see when you are with me during and after an emergency.”

    Jadin and Jerza entered the healers' ward. A short 'good afternoon' and 'we are going to Ord Mantell' to the receptionist and the two were headed to the locker-room where Jedi healer Kaagi Adin was busy with his locker.

    “Hey Kaagi.” Jadin hurried to his locker, opened it and had the medkit and two cloaks out. “Thry this Jerza.”

    Jerza did and begun to waddle towards the door trying not to trip on the swirling cloak.

    “Jadin what's this? Jerza needs a cloak and you have only yours?” Kaagi was doubled over with laughter. “Let's see. Don keeps spare cloaks in his locker and even one for his padawan Rohi Kann and that boy is about your size padawan Quwin.” He was before that locker. Some lockpicking and the locker opened revealing a cloak that fitted Jerza.

    She donned it with a smile on her face after giving Jadin his cloak back.

    “Now I know who is the culprit.” Jadin smiled mischievous when he put the cloak back in his locker. He picked up the medkit, slung the straps over his shoulders and headed to the exit of the locker-room where he turned at the door. “Kaagi Adin, be afraid, be very afraid when we return, you lockpicking prankster.”

    A 'I have rescheduled your patients' and a 'may the Force be with you' from the receptionist and the two were headed to the elevator.

    “Now we are ready and you have to tell me about those pranks.” Jerza entered the elevator leading to the hangars.

    “I will,” Jadin was behind her and began to adjust the hood of his cloak. “But first we have to know more about the mission and Dooku can tell us all about that.”

    “Yes, we only know that master Hir H-ilin is missing during a mission to a powerplant near Worlport.” Jerza was the first to enter the hangar. She saw Dooku and padawan Jinn waiting outside a red and white transport. Jinn had beige garb and a brown cloak covering his lanky frame. Only 10 and he was already showing that he would be a big adult. Dooku was wearing his dark brown cloak, the usual beige garb and black boots. And he was showing his lightsaber with the curved hilt.

    “This will protect us, padawan Jinn.” Dooku said. “You only have to observe and learn and do your meditations on what you wanted to do with that pebble in the garden of a thousand fountains. And that's not a frivolous use of the Force.” That was said with a thundering voice.

    “I will meditate on that.” Jinn whispered and bowed his head.

    “Again!” Dooku grumbled.

    “I will meditate.”

    “Yes and.”

    “I will meditate master Dooku.” The ten year old padawan was now trembling.

    “Get inside.” Dooku turned to Jerza and Jadin. “I see that you have brought your medkit healer Finn and are dressed for the job. We are leaving now. I will brief you in the main cabin.” And with that he walked up the ramp.

    Jadin and Jerza followed and placed the medkit in a cabin with two comfortable couches after passing another cabin, door open, where Qui-Gon Jinn was sitting on the floor on a cushion. That cabin had one luxurious bunk and that cushion.

    “Poor padawan,” Jerza whispered only for Jadin to hear when she headed with him to the main cabin.

    “It's a short trip in hyperspace hmm master Dooku?” Jadin sat down opposite Dooku.

    “It is and you should be comfortable during the journey. I see you have left your medkit in the cabin next to mine.” Dooku had his intense focus on Jadin. “The Enegon powerplant is one of five powerplants using coal and providing Worlport with electricity. It suffered a general breakdown after the main powerswitch was destroyed by a bomb. A request from the authorities to the Jedi council led to Master technician Hir H-ilin and his padawan Ran Gher being sent on a mission to repair it and investigate the bombing. We will meet the padawan in the government office. He is quite certain that his master is injured.”

    “And that's work for us.” Jadin stood up. “We will take our rest. And make sure that padawan Jinn and you are rested too. You have to protect us. I want only H-ilin as my patient. I am the senior here and your doctor too.” He walked back with a snug smile on his face.

    - - -

    “Jadin, hey, wake up, we are on approach to Ord Mantell.”

    Wiping his eyes Jadin opened them to see his fully dressed padawan. “Uh.”

    “After you told me all about lockpicking Adin and the revenge you are planning, you went to get some rest. I did too but first after seeing that Dooku ordered padawan Jinn to sleep in another cabin. He was up and rested when I joined him in the main cabin to see the planet. It is beautiful with the pink clouds covering most of the planet. Now we are about to make a landing at the platform of one of the government buildings. You have to hurry.”

    - - -

    Jadin was stroking his chin with the scruffy growth of ginger hairs with his right hand and observing the immaculately groomed black beard and hair of Dooku. The young man had given him only a cursory glance and nod when they entered the elevator leading to a meeting room in the government building.

    Jerza and Qui-Gon Jinn were silent and followed their masters. And Jerza felt the exuberance coming from padawan Gher when they entered the meeting room.

    “Master Dooku,” Ran Gher stood up. “Greetings. You have come. And master Finn, you are here too.”

    “Padawan Gher came to us for help. I am Ty Hanse and representing the government of energy in this case. If we need more help I can summon my office.”

    “The Jedi are here to help you to solve the energy-crisis and bombing, Mr Hanse.” Dooku sat down and turned his demanding gaze to the young man. “Padawan Gher, get seated and tell me more.”

    Ran Gher bowed his head avoiding the gaze of Dooku and sat down.

    “I am waiting padawan Gher.” Dooku raised his voice.

    “We had donned our working gear. Assistants were helping us. We were working in the Enegon powerplant on a switch when master H-ilin told me to get a hydrospanner. I was getting that from our supplies in the room where we had changed into our working-gear when I heard a shout in the Force. Return immediately to our hotel and get help from the temple. That's when I knew that master H-ilin was being taken by Ouregon. I went to the government circle where Mr. Hanse helped me.”

    “Ouregon.” Ty Hanse grumbled. “Their director Otin has a home on Orinda and he has an army of mercenaries to protect him.”

    “He is injured and holding on. We have to get him master Dooku, master Finn.”

    “And we will.” Dooku turned his gaze to Hanse. “Give us a big airspeeder. We can go.”

    “We have to hurry. I can feel my master.” Ran Gher jumped up.

    “This way.” Ty Hanse stood up.

    The five Jedi followed him to a hangar where a big airspeeder was being readied.

    Ran Gher was the first to board and he sat down next to the pilot-seat.

    Dooku glided behind the controls. “Which way?”

    “I will direct you.” Ran Gher closed his eyes and felt the bond with his master but also the powers from another padawan.

    Jadin and Jerza joined Qui-Gon in the back.

    “We will support you.” Qui-Gon – seated behind Ran Gher – placed his hands on the head of Ran, adding his powers to that of the padawan.

    Directed by Ran Gher, Dooku piloted the airspeeder through the centre of Worlport, avoiding with ease the many transports, airspeeders and haulers, following the coastal line to the industrial district and turning to a large building that was partly obscured by a brown haze.

    “That building master Dooku.” Ran Gher pointed with his right hand. “He is there.”

    “And they have E-five slash two fighters to get away if needed.” Qui-Gon observed the large factory that was producing energy and emitting dense brown smoke from the burning coals. “I have seen hyperdrive-rings in orbit when we were on apporach to the planet.”

    The smoke made it easy for Dooku to land the airspeeder undetected in the middle of the fighter-craft. “No holocams, no guards. Easy for us.” With that he jumped out and had his right hand on the curved hilt of his lightsaber. A short wait for everone to get out and he led the way to a door.

    Undetected by workers and guards – a Force suggestion, you haven't seen me, carry on with your work spoken by Dooku or Qui-Gon Jinn – Dooku was the first before the room where the faint signature of Hir H-ilin was felt by Ran.

    The door was locked from the inside.

    “Hurry.” Ran whispered.

    Dooku did by igniting his lightsaber, slicing through the door-lock and striding inside. A powerful move with his hands and director Otin, a man in dirty white coveralls and a guard were pushed to a wall of the room and away from the gurney where one of them had been working with a tool.

    “You have messed with Jedi,” the guard piped.

    “You sure did director Otin.” Dooku thundered when he saw Hir H-ilin barely conscious, clearly showing abuse with his working gear gone and wearing only briefs and strapped to a durasteel gurney. “Healer Finn, get your patient. I will deal with this scum. I am sure they are behind the bombing.”

    Jadin, Jerza, Qui-Gon and Ran hurried to the gurney.

    “Master I am here.” Ran had his hands on the forehead of his master.

    “Ouregon isn't responsible,” Hir H-ilin whispered. “One of our assistants took me after injecting me with a paralysing drug and brought me here. He is that man Meinel in the coveralls. He tried to interrogate me about the bomb with that man and guard telling me to reveal the truth. We, padawan Gher, we were seen as the culprits covering up the bombing by removing the evidence. I couldn't convince Meinel at all.”

    “And Meinel was in serious business with you,” Jadin had examined H-ilin. “I want to take you back to the healers' ward as soon as possible. I need a fast transport. One of those E-five fighters will do.”

    “Did you hear that master Dooku?” Qui-Gon headed back to his master.

    “I did.” Dooku had assistant Meinel and the director in a powerful Force-grip. “With us, to the E-five. One of them will be used by us and you, you are coming with us to the government. We have to investigate the bombing.”

    Jadin and Jerza pushed the gurney to the place where one of the E-5/2 fighters was.

    Helped by the three padawans Jadin was able to install Hir H-ilin in the gunner-seat.

    “I am sure I can fly this one. The controls are familiar.” Jadin got into the E-5/2. “Ran, your master will be OK. Jerza, go with Dooku and Qui-Gon and Ran and investigate the bombing. I will see you back in our appartment.”

    “See you soon.” Jerza saw the E-5/2 getting airborne. She walked with Ran and Qui-Gon to the airspeeder where Dooku was waiting with Meinel and director Otin.

    - - -

    “Master, we are back,” Ran Gher, followed by Qui-Gon and Jerza, hurried into the medroom where Hir H-ilin was resting comfortably.

    “And we know who was behind the bombing.” Qui-Gon had a snug smile on his face. “My master found out after getting all the directors to the government and some 'forcefull negotiations' that Roskocon and their director Ugianso was responsible. Our work was done after that and we enjoyed some days visiting the attractions of Worlport as guests of mr Hanse. My master went along with that.”

    “After Ran and I persuaded him,” Jerza smiled. “Dooku wanted to return as soon as possible and have you meditating on that pebble.”

    “With me being 5 years the senior of Dooku, that was easy.” Ran said. “I knew you were under the expert care of healer Finn and Adin.”

    “He was,” Jadin poked his head around the doorpost. “Jerza, we have work. A crèche master is coming with initiates for their shots.”

    “Oh, is that fun?”

    “Yes Jerza, you will see.”

    “And I have to go back to my master.” Qui-Gon said.

    Ran asked “meditating on a pebble?”

    “I am sure.” Qui-Gon left the medroom and turned to the exit when he saw Jadin and Jerza going to the treatment rooms. 'But I will remember those shots and the fun that followed with the big water-fight when I am meditating.'

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    Great rescue and uncovering of the real culprit
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    Great work and response to the challenge! I really liked the details you pulled in about Ord Mantell and Worlport-- you made it feel like a unique, lived-in city with its own identity. :) With that came some challenges for the Jedi to work out. I enjoyed seeing how they worked together to help Ran locate his master, and then how each member performed the roles they were best suited to in order to rescue Hir H-ilin and uncover what happened with the bombing. Great job! =D=
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    With RL inspiring and Ord Mantell with all the needs it was great to write this
    Ord Mantell was a nice fitting place. And Dooku could work together.
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