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Library Reference Resource/Library Thread for Disassociates

Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by The Jedi in the Pumas, Oct 13, 2022.

  1. The Jedi in the Pumas

    The Jedi in the Pumas Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 23, 2018
    Hello all and welcome.

    This will be a library and resource thread for a series of games leading up to and including the main game of "Disassociate."

    The First mini-game in this series is called "On the 12th Day - Cairo"

    On the 12th Day - Cairo, will center on the 12th day following the appearance of a woman in 2022 in Russia designated the Global Threat: CONQUEST.

    The world is largely the same as you know it, only 11 days ago a mysterious woman eliminated the Russian Oligarchy and much of the Russian Federation's governmental structure before announcing an end to global conflict. This proclamation was soon followed by a global death event since coined the "Culling Day", characterized by the mass casualties of active militants, soldiers of warring states, and select leaders of countries actively involved in conflict. These deaths occurred at the beginning of every hour for 12 hours with the causes of death ranging from heart attacks, strokes, and blood hemorrhages.

    Countries around the world lowered their arms slowly over the 12 hours until conflict ceased and the general consensus is that the woman at the head of the Russian Federation was the cause, but she has neither publicly claimed responsibility or commented on the "Culling Day", and instead has sought to establish new diplomatic relationships with a world that now openly fears her. At this point, scientists, military leaders, and even some religious leaders are working to make sense of the "Culling Day", but no idea has, of yet, gained widespread support or traction.

    The United States and Great Britain have opened lines of dialogue with Russia, but have covertly began coordinating and moving very important, highly classified assets.

    Assets referred to in the quietest of conversations in the darkest of rooms as Articulates.

    There is no information available about Articulates or their relationships with the British and American governments, however individuals on a need-to-know basis whisper of a rumor: Articulates are individuals able to weaponize their spirits.

    A highly-classified convoy transporting a group of Articulates to Cairo, Egypt was present when what would soon be designated a 2nd Global Threat: WAR appeared and attacked the convoy and destroyed much of Cairo.

    On the 12th Day - Cairo tells the story of those who found themselves in Cairo on that day, what they witnessed, and if they survived.

    Tentative Launch Timeline: Late October - Early November 2022

    Character Sheet
    Why Were You in Cairo?

    Articulate Character Sheet
    Codename: (The British or American government will refer to you by this name)
    --Articulate Ability: (This is not a superpower. Your ability is something that your articulate has never cultivated, but may have attempted to utilize. All articulates, even ones who have never attempted to use their ability, have an strong suspicion bordering on intuition about what their ability entails and innately know how to activate it.)
    --Articulate Outgrowth: (This is how your articulate affects the people and environment around them. Every articulate has an outgrowth. This is indirect, spontaneous, inconsistent and uncontrollable by all articulates.)
    Background/Biography: (Every articulate will at some point, early in their lives or even before their birth, come under the sway of the American or British government.)

    Example Articulate Character Sheet (A real character in-game)
    Name: Dr. Payton Hickman
    Codename: HPK
    Age: 39
    Nationality: American
    --Articulate Ability: When separated, his spirit manifests as a familiar and calming tune individualized to lure all men within an unspecified radius to him and putting them to sleep.
    --Articulate Outgrowth: All mammals near Dr. Hickman have their eye color changed to red and develop complete monochromacy for several hours.

    The Second mini-game in this series is called "The 11th Hour of 15th Day - Moscow".


    The 11th Hour of 15th Day - Moscow, will center on the assassination attempt of the Global Threat: CONQUEST by covert operatives of a joint allied force on the 15th day after her appearance. Following the destruction of Cairo, the Global Threat: WAR continued to attack cities at random across the world before finally entering Russian airspace.

    This game will tell the stories of those who found themselves in Moscow that day, what they witnessed, and reveal the relationship between the Global Threats and the Articulates.

    The Third and Final mini-game in this series is called "The Last Feast of the 23rd Day - New York".

    The Last Feast of the 23rd Day - New York, will center on the appearance of the Global Threat: FAMINE in the American city of New York. The world has become aware of Articulates. Some nations seek to eliminate them, other nations seek to capture them to ensure their survival, while religious leaders and pop culture view them as saviors resulting in mass protests of support and opposition to them and the governments that hid them. While global peace is maintained at an unsteady equilibrium, the UN seeks to gather the General Assembly, with the Global Threat: CONQUEST in attendance.

    This game will tell the story of those who found themselves in New York that day, what they witnessed, and the last day of mass communication.

    Thank you for your time and interest. There will soon be more to follow. Please feel free to DM me with any questions or expressions of interests, though I don't mind answering questions or discussing any particulars of these games or the main game in this thread.
  2. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Force Ghost star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    Character Sheet Approved by @The Jedi in the Pumas

    Name: Jane
    Age: 26
    Nationality: American
    Appearance: 5'3" with a lithe frame, her black hair is cut short to fit under a helmet, her brown eyes betray nothing of her true emotions. Her facial features are average, forgettable, she doesn't stand out in a crowd, she disappears into them.
    Profession: Private Military Contractor
    Equipment: Dark clothes under a black tactical vest with pockets for magazines and explosives. A set of lock picks and night vision goggles. Generally wears a face concealing balaclava on mission.
    Background/Biography: Jane keeps her past to herself but, it's clear she was mostly trained by the US military with some British and Isreali thrown in. She has no record of service with any military though she has worked with many as a contractor. Very few know her past but she gets results so not many questions are asked.
    Why Were You in Cairo?: It was supposed to be a simple protection job. Get the package from point A to Point B, it did not stay that way.
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