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Library Reference Restricted Data Repository Terminal: Unit Six-Sixteen Resource Thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by GenOochy, Mar 22, 2018.

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    Jan 8, 2003

    Welcome to the Library Resource Thread for STAR WARS: UNIT SIX-SIXTEEN. Here you will find significant information regarding The Unit, supporting assets, significant events, locations, personnel files, and target dossiers. This repository will update continuously as the operation progresses.

    Game Plot
    An elite task force of Imperial Security Bureau officers and commandos has been assembled to hunt down a terrorist cell reportedly comprised of former Separatist operatives a year after the creation of the Galactic Empire. As they battle violent militants set on chaos, they must examine their own conscious in light of the increasingly merciless methods employed by the New Order in the pursuit of justice and order.

    Background Information
    Empire Day Attacks - A series of bombings on Coruscant, Chandrillia, Alderaan, and Corellia which killed upwards of 950 beings on the first anniversary of the Declaration of the New Order. Post-blast analysis indicates the explosives were hidden inside service droids which moved among the crowds unnoticed. Hours after the attack, a message from a masked individual claiming to represent the Liberation Army of the New Confederacy, claimed responsibility and threatened further attacks if imprisoned CIS leaders were not released.

    Liberation Army of the New Confederacy (LANC) - A terrorist organization that claimed responsibility for the Empire Day attacks on Coruscant, Chandrillia, Alderaan, and Corellia. Little is know about the leadership, but the organization is suspected to be organized by former mid-level Separatist leadership.

    Special Task Unit Six-Sixteen (STU 6/16) - A task force assembled by the Imperial Security Bureau the week following the deadly Empire Day bombings to eliminate the Separatist militants responsible and prevent further attacks. The units operational center is located on the 40th floor of Building 1902 in Coronet City, Corellia.

    588th Wing / 4th Special Support Detachment - Imperial Army Air Corp. The 4th SSD of the 588th supports all STU 6/16 operations across the galaxy. The detachment provides the crew and support staff to operate: Six (6) Aggressive ReConnaissance (ARC-170) Starfighters; Two (2) Nu-class Attack Shuttles, and; Four (4) Low Altitude Assault Transport/stealth (LAAT/s) gunships. All craft of the 4th SSD are painted in a matte dark-grey and black color scheme and have an upgraded suite of weapons, sensors, and jammers and are flown by a mix of clones and human pilots.

    501st Imperial Legion / 3rd Company / 70th Platoon - Imperial Army Stormtrooper Corp. The 3/70th is garrisoned on Corellia and has been assigned to support ISB STU 6/16 operations as the on-call rapid support force (RSF). In addition to the forty-eight stormtroopers and seven staff officers, the platoon is equipped with six (6) All-Terrain Recon Transports (AT-RT). It is supported by ad hoc detachments of the 588th Wing of the Imperial Army Air Corp for operational deployments.

    Significant Game Locations
    Building 1902 - A fifty-two story government complex located in the heart of Coronet City directly across from the Capitol Building and One Coronet Plaza. STU 6/16 operation centre is located on the 40th floor. The front revolving doors require badge and biometric access to enter and all non-cleared personnel are subject to body scanners and enhanced screening prior to entrance. The rest of the building is filled with other Imperial departments and agencies responsible for the Corellian Sector.​
    Building 1902 (left), Imperial Governmental Complex, Coronet City, Corellia.

    Suite 40-B1 (Building 1902) - The headquarters for Special Task Unit 6/16. Comprising the entire 40th floor of Building 1902, the suite has four individual offices (for the CO, SIO, Medical Officer, and Lead Interrogator); a main operations center; co-ed locker room with private refreshers; a small cell block of four individual cells; two interrogation rooms; and one large holo-conferencing room. <<Floor Map>>
    Suite 40-B1-Rm.3 - Unit 6/16 Tactical Operations Center

    Suite 40-B1-Rm.1 - Holo-Conference Room

    Courtyard Imperium - A recently completed, upscale complex of suites, shops, and restaurants located twelve kilometers from Coronet City Centre. The Intra-City Tram has a station just outside the main entrance that runs directly to the governmental district. Most of the units are leased by the Galactic Empire for government employees and every ISB officers assigned to STU 6/16 have a suite here for themselves and their families. The clone commandos also have a six-bedroom suite in the complex that is shared by the squad.
    Courtyard Imperium Residential Complex, Coronet City, Corellia
    Epoch Fermentary - Located just a few blocks from Courtyard Imperium Residential Complex, on the 24th floor of a commercial high rise, Epoch Fermentary specializes in microbrewed Corellian ale in a range of styles. The atmosphere is relaxed and is often frequented by Corellian officials who work in the government plaza. Unit 6/16's commanding officer is good friends with the owner and often brings his team here for drinks and socializing after work.
    The interior of Epoch Fermentary in Coronet City.

    Garrison Seventeen -
    An Imperial garrison located fifty kilometers northwest of Coronet City. Support detachments to STU 6/16 (588th/4th SSD & 3rd/70th Platoon) are stationed here, including all air assets. This is the location from which most operations by STU 6/16 launch, and training and mission rehearsals are conducted.
    Imperial Army Garrison Seventeen, Corellia
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    Task Unit 6/16 Most Wanted

    Alias: UNK
    True Name: UNK
    Demographics: UNK
    Status: UNK

    Alias: UNK
    True Name: UNK
    Demographics: Female / Est. 20s - 40s / Human or near-Human
    Bio: Unknown individual captured on holocam deploying suicide droids on Coruscant prior to Empire Day Bombing. No facial recognition.

    Alias: UNK
    True Name: UNK
    Demographics: Male / Est. 40s-50s / Bothan
    Bio: Captured on holovid operating escape speeder on Coruscant with ADMIRE CANVAS after suspect deployed explosive suicide droids prior to bombing. No facial recognition.

    Alias: None Known
    True Name: Abot'nijow
    Demographics: Male / 31 / Twi’lek
    Bio: Droid engineer and programmer; Found guilty of deploying two suicide droids on Chandrila. Maintains he was hired to release the droids by an anonymous party and was unaware of their explosive payload.


    Alias: None Known
    True Name: Senator Bura Gonduddi
    Demographics: Male / 62 / Jazbinan
    Bio: Former Republic Senator from Jazbina; Former CIS Media Mogul; Suspected Propagandist for LANC
    Status: LOCATED- Jotrz-ra Mountain Range, Northern Hemisphere, Planet Jazbina; Wanted for TREASON; SUPPORT TO TERRORISM; SUPPORT TO ENEMIES OF THE EMPIRE

    Alias: T.D.;
    True Name: Thus Drallar
    Demographics: Male / 29 / Falleen
    Bio: Former Black Sun syndicate member; disowned due to overt, avowed ties with Separatist elements. Suspected financier of LANC based on various reporting.
    Status: Unknown, unsubstantiated report places him on Kuat; Wanted for TREASON; MATERIAL SUPPORT TO TERRORISM; SUPPORT TO ENEMIES OF THE EMPIRE; FRAUD; RACKETEERING

    Alias: None known
    True Name: Toor Netzo
    Demographics: Male / 56 / Neimoidian
    Bio: Sixth in line of succession from Nute Gunray; Financial facilitator known to be active with former Separatist splinter factions.
    Status: Unknown, last reported sighting was six months ago. May or may not be associated with LANC. Wanted for TREASON; SUPPORT TO ENEMIES OF THE EMPIRE

    Alias: None known
    True Name: Rurui Netzo
    Demographics: Female / 51 / Neimoidian
    Bio: Wife of Toor Netzo; Financial facilitator known to be active with former Separatist splinter factions.
    Status: Unknown, possible sighting two months ago on Neimoidia. May or may not be associated with LANC. Wanted for TREASON; SUPPORT TO ENEMIES OF THE EMPIRE
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    Dramatis Personae

    Imperial Security Bureau Task Unit 6
    • Commanding Officer (CO)
    • Senior Intelligence Officer (SIO)
      • Available Slot
    • Lead Interrogator
    • Tactical Medical Officer
    • Slicer/Intercept Officers
    • Tactical Operations Officers
      • Available Slot
      • Available Slot
      • Available Slot
    • Intelligence Officers
    • Interrogators
    Imperial Commando Squad 16
    • Squad Commander (ARC Trooper): (no slots available)
    • Clone Commandos
      • Slots available (NPC fill-ins)
    Notable NPCs

    Imperial Commando Special Unit, Squad 16
    • Lt. IC-0117 ‘Ral’
    • Chief IC-1527 ‘Crackle’
    • Sgt. IC-1919 ‘Davs’
    • Sgt. IC-2249 ‘Cam’
    ISB Special Weapons and Tactics Unit, Sigma 19
    • Senior Constable Darced Borrbuck (36 / M / Human)
    • Constable Omarzav Hayshi (34 / M / Human)
    • Constable Noefre Mustcol (32 / F / Human)
    • Constable Makcia Graytre (33 / M / Human)
    • Staff Chief Tritre Iredrick (29 / F / Rattataki)
    Imperial Intelligence Analytical Detachment Alpha
    • Agent Talkari Greden (35 / F / Human)
    • Senior Operative Akianne Burgrie (29 / F / Human)
    • Senior Operative Jaykia Toppmins (31 / M / Rodian)
    • Operative Skybri Boldub (28 / M / Human)
    • Junior Operative Zackclar Godhig (24 / M / Human)
    • C-HCL3 (TC-series Protocol Droid) - Receptionist
    • MP-7 (AP-5 Protocol Droid) - Analyst Droid
    • M-60B (3PX-series Protocol Droid) - Guard Droid
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    Jan 8, 2003

    Col. Donnas ‘Don’ Mathgro,
    Commanding Officer of ISB Special Task Unit 6/16

    Gender: Male
    Age: 54
    Expertise: Counterintelligence, counterterrorism, source operations
    Affiliation: Imperial Security Bureau (on indefinite joint assignment from CorSec)
    Species: Human
    Languages: Basic, Corellian, Huttese,
    Home World: Corellia

    Traits: Donnas is casual and relaxed in most circumstances, with a cavalier attitude towards most things other than mission accomplishment. Having spent years in special mission outfits, he is not used to being constrained by rules or traditional military discipline. Although he has come to recognize that the New Order’s insistence on uniformity and standards are far less negotiable than they had been in the past, he still tends to relax standards behind closed doors for himself and subordinates. His devotion to the mission and his subordinantes is second to none. Donnas believes strongly in giving and receiving respect and loyalty among those he works with and for. However, he tends to look down at those not within the special mission community and especially on civilians whom he regards as ungrateful for the dangerous work he believes keeps them safe.
    Morality: When it comes to mission execution, he has no qualms about doing he deems necessary to accomplish the objective and ensure the paperwork on the other side meets whatever legalities necessary to keep himself and ‘his people’ out of hot water. Has never had qualms about operating outside of procedure when he deems necessary, and has little regard for suspects whom he deems ‘living garbage’. He has long considered the legal system as too often keeping evildoers from justice, though he will acknowledge it has its place in civilized society. Don believes strongly there should be a difference between "field justice" and what transpires in the courtroom; with the New Order’s special tribunal system of convicting and condemning prisoners in absentia giving him pause.

    Physical Appearance
    Description: Donnas stands 1.92m tall and weighs in at around 93 kilos. He is well muscled, with an athletic build which he maintains with a daily fitness routine; he has tanned, weathered skin, and medium-length dark hair combed back, with greying throughout.
    Other Attributes: Extensive, but light, scarring on arms and torso; tattoos on upper arms and back.

    Duty Uniform: Jet black Imperial Intelligence Officer uniform with leather weapon belt and rank insignia (tends to wear the blouse unclasped like a jacket while in the office.
    Tactical Uniform/Armor: Plated, modular body armor; equipment/ammo rig; ISB open T-visor blast helmet, or tactical comms headset
    Off-duty/Civilian Attire: Button-up utility shirts (often open) over dark grey undershirt, utility pants in muted colors, rugged ankle boots

    Primary Weapons: DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System
    Secondary Weapons: CDEF blaster pistol; Czerka Arms SH-9 ‘Whisper Pistol
    Specialized Gear: Holoprojector sphere (allows for a tactical operations center to be set-up virtually anywhere, giving situational awareness of the battlespace via holofeeds from airborne assets)

    Personal History:
    Donnas ‘Don’ Mathgro was born on Corellia (in 72BBY), in a mountain town in the northern hemisphere to a mother who was a police union leader and a father who was a professor of political science at the local academy. The middle child of five, he and his siblings were instilled with a strong sense of duty and community service and in due course all ended up in government service. After graduating secondary school, he completed his education in public security at the University of Corellia in Coronet and subsequently joined the Corellian Security Force (CorSec) after graduation. He married his first husband out of the academy, and ended up adopting two human children. However the marriage lasted only nine years before the two mutually split, but continued to have joint custody of their children. Donnas remarried three years before the Clone Wars began, but the relationship didn’t survive his long absences during the conflict. Despite this, he has maintained a good relationship with his children, the oldest of which recently graduated from the CorSec Academy and the other just began their post-secondary studies in criminal justice. He owns a beach house about two-hundred kilometers from Coronet which he travels to on non-working weekends and sometimes host parties, however during the week he resides at the government provided condo at Courtyard Imperium.

    Professional History:
    After joining CorSec, he was originally assigned as a patrol officer in the industrial sector of Coronet. Early in his career, he assisted in breaking up a major petrol-chemical smuggling ring, which got him added to an investigative team. With a charismatic personality, he was a natural at source work and began to work in the field of counterintelligence. He was well-regarded as one of the one of the best counterintelligence operatives in CorSec, though his methods sometimes skirted the rules. While everything always was in place on the surface of his cases, allegations of abuse, mishandling of funds, and unnecessary use of force simmered below. Privately told his officers to never do anything to a suspect that they weren’t sure they could get away with and he was particularly adept at ensuring everything was clean enough to present to internal affairs. While he had more than a few misconduct complaints against himself and his officers, nothing ever stuck.

    Once the Clone Wars began and he began working almost exclusively counterintelligence missions with Republic special forces, and his proclivity for skirting the edge of legality when handling suspects expanded substantially. After two suspected CIS agents ended up dead while in his custody, the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee launched a criminal investigation into the activities of the unit he was part of, which was quickly shut down by the Office of the Chancellor. Shortly after he was asked to join a CORSEC embed program with the Republic Special Operations Brigade, and participated in several counterterrorism operations in the Core Worlds up until the end of the war. After the Declaration of the New Order, the newly minted Imperial Security Bureau offered him a full-time joint assignment. While he still holds his CorSec badge, his work is now entirely focused on the wider ISB mission.

    When ISB went to assemble Task Unit 6, there was virtually no question as to whom they would ask to lead it; and Don said 'yes' without hesitation.
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    Name: Anastasia 'Whisper' Ulyanova
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Rank: Corporal
    Expertise/Position: Slicing/ Intercept Officer
    Affiliation: ISB Task Unit
    Species: Human
    Languages: Basic, various coding languages
    Home World: Carratos

    Personality Traits:
    Habits:Quiet, a little reserved, dislikes loud noises, and loud people, enjoys music, especially Viol in her down time. Plays the instrument when she has time, or needs to clear her head. When she is working on breaking a code or writing a program has a tendency to go without sleep, drinking cup after cup of caf to keep herself awake while she works.
    Morality: Loyal to the Empire but, still unsure of how far she'll need to go to keep it safe. Is a little squeamish around blasters and prefers to stay away from the fight leaving the action to those better trained for it. She will do everything in her power to provide accurate and prompt information to her team in the field.That is her job and she does her job well, she will forgo sleep and socialization if the information is deemed vital to her operation.

    Physical Appearance
    Description: 1.75 meters (~5’7”) with a thin frame, and brown eyes. Has black hair, cut short with a few hints of pink highlights from when she was younger.
    Other Attributes: Fading holes from piercings in her nose, lip, eyebrows and shell of her ear. Still has two stud earrings in each of her earlobes, the only ones that comply with Imperial dress code. They are pared black and white gems, not of any real worth, arranged with one white stud and one black stud in either ear. Has a tattoo of a blooming purple and green flower on her right shoulder with green vines that reach down to her elbow.

    Duty Uniform: Standard Black Imperial Intelligence uniform, though it can look disheveled at times depending on how long she's been awake.
    Tactical Uniform/Armor: None she is not a field agent
    Off-duty/Civilian Attire: Simple dark colored long pants, low profile shoes, beige short sleeve shirt, and a simple jacket with a fur lined hood on colder days.

    Primary Weapons: SE-14r light repeating blaster
    Secondary Weapons: none
    Specialized Gear: datapad loaded with specialized programs to aid slicing and code breaking.

    Personal History: She grew up on Carratos the daughter of a Republic official and musician mother. Most of her life was peaceful, dominated by school and studying music with her mother. She was a prodigy but, not at the viol, with coding and computer science. Her mind just seemed to work differently able to analyze and find the 'bugs' in the code, capable of reading a book on the subject and internalizing the rules. Soon this ability turned to ciphers, and cryptography, learning how to create and break them.

    She spent much time in her younger years with computers, they had clear rules, understandable motivations. They were easier to deal with than people, people were confusing, and opaque. She couldn't understand what drove them, how to interact with them. Eventually she stopped caring what they said. If they called her weird she would own it. Dyeing her hair bright pink, and wearing an number of piercings, taking control of her own identity. Her father might have been dismayed but, her mother was heartened to see her daughter in better spirits.

    She continued to excel in her studies, and grow by leaps and bounds in her computer classes. She didn't know this but, she was being looked at by Republic Intelligence, they were always looking for bright men and women with skills in 'slicing' and code breaking.

    Professional History: When the Empire came to power she received a coded message from an anonymous sender. After checking it thoroughly for viruses she opened it and quickly set to work decoding it. It was the toughest thing she'd ever seen, requiring a whole day for her to finally crack it, with aid of programs she herself wrote. It was the most fun she'd had in years.

    What was hidden in the message was an address.

    She should have told her father, should have told her mother but, she continued on her own, wanting to see where this thread led. It led to a nondescript building in the middle of O'Pahz, the capital city of Carratos. Entering she was brought to a simple office were a man in tailored suit looked her over.

    "Seems you cracked the enemy code." he said, voice cold, "It took our analysts months to break that code, you did it in a day."

    "Codes are easy, just look for the patterns." she said simply, eyes heavy. She'd been so consumed by the code, she hadn't slept.

    "How would you like to work for your Empire, to find people that would wish to harm us, to topple the new Government in its infancy."

    Her father still worked as an official, having accepted his old job back when the Empire came to power. He stood loyal to them even a year in. She looked to the ground shuffling her feet. She had to admit the challenge of breaking that code was exhilarating, it was more difficult than anything she'd ran into before. It would also be a chance to escape this place, to get out of the town she grew up in. She loved her mother and father but, it was time to move on, time for her to leave.

    "When do I start?" was all she said.

    She was quickly sent to a facility on Imperial Center under the auspices of Imperial Intelligence. Her job was data collection and code breaking something she did very well. She earned a reputation for being a 'Workaholic', staying up all night, and sleeping in a cot she'd set up in a custodial closet. However her diligence and skill brought her to the attention of interested parties that requested that she be transferred to their command.

    This party was Unit 6/16.

    She has served for six weeks and already gaining the same reputation she had in Imperial Intelligence. She's even found a new place to sleep for when the caf isn't enough. It is a small quiet place just off the main data core for their operations, some of the support staff call it, 'Whisper's Nest'. There isn't much, just a cot, a pillow, a military blanket and a charging station for her Datapad. She also keeps a compact electric viol in a locked cabinet at her desk. She often plays it in her nest. When she takes a break.

    Still it feels as if her mission is only beginning.
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    Character Sheet

    Name: Jak Ulno
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30
    Rank: ISB Lieutenant
    Expertise/Position: Investigations, Deep Cover, Data Collection / Intelligence Officer
    Affiliation: ISB Task Unit 616, formerly Coruscant Security Force, but maintains dual commission with both entities.
    Species: Human
    Languages: Spending your whole life on a city planet like Coruscant means you pick up most of the major languages spoken by the intelligent (and not so intelligent) denizens of the galaxy. Speaks Basic, Durese, Huttese, Twi’leki, several others.
    Home World: Coruscant

    Traits: For the most part Jak is confident, upbeat and optimistic, but the events of the later months of the Clone Wars have given him more of an edge than before. Seeing flaming starships falling from the skies into his beloved neighborhoods is not something so easily forgotten, and his apathetic view of the greater galaxy until that day continues to be a source of personal shame. The loss of his parents has only been made bearable by his devotion to his work, and the relationship he has with his sister.
    Habits and Mannerism: Enjoys projecting authority, primarily when he’s in on the big secret the bad guys aren’t. Also an avid fan of strategy games - he will always accept an invitation to the dejarik table.
    Morality: Never backing down from duty has been drilled into Jak since he was a child. He is steadfast in this pursuit, eager to bring justice to wherever he can. Sometimes this may cross the lines of what is considered “legal.” It has gotten him in hot water before, but he can be depended on to do the right thing.

    Physical Appearance
    Description: 6’-0” and weighs 210 lbs. he is in good shape, never one to be pushed around while in the field. Light skinned with brown eyes and hair. Keeps his hair close on the sides and longer on top.
    Other Attributes: Suffered an injury to his right hand and forearm during a shootout with thugs his first year on the beat with the CSF. The scarring is still there, forcing him to usually don gloves when going undercover.

    Duty Uniform: Standard black ISB uniform
    Tactical Uniform/Armor: Full standard issue armor is the name of the game. Jak has seen flashy mods get people killed before, but he does have an eight-spoke Republic roundel etched inside of his cuirass.
    Off-duty/Civilian Attire: Enjoys dressing down and not being in uniform. Blending right back into the society he protects is one of the perks of the job. However he doesn’t mind a fine suit or three, for visiting some of the higher-end lounges of Coruscant. The move to Corellia has cramped his style a bit.

    Primary Weapons: Whatever circumstances require, typically requisitions DC-15A or DC-15S Blaster Rifles
    Secondary Weapons: DC-17 Blaster Pistol
    Specialized Gear: Has a 20 inch long vibroblade he keeps in a sheath hanging horizontally from his lower back armor. Sometimes it’s wise to bring a knife to a blaster fight.

    Personal History: Jak Ulno and his younger sister Myrcella grew up on Coruscant to a family that had been involved in local government for generations. His father was a high ranking officer in the Coruscant Security Force, and his mother a Senate bureaucrat. They had a rather cushy life growing up in the metropolitan Galactic City, but his father made sure they never lost touch with “roughing it” as the man liked to put it. They would take camping and hunting trips offworld, a pastime Jak has actually forgotten he enjoyed so much. On coming of age he entered the CSF Academy and took his place among its ranks like his father and grandfather before him. His sister went to Coruscant University for the diplomatic corps, eventually becoming an aide in the Senate.

    After years of diligent service, his home was finally touched by the raging fires of the Clone War. The day of the abduction of the Chancellor and the enormous fleet battle over Coruscant will forever cast a black pall on his life. On that same day he lost both of his parents as falling debris rained down onto the Senate District. From that point forward he has vowed to not sit back on Coruscant, but to pursue and thwart the agents of chaos wherever they may be. He maintains frequent communication with his sister, his only link to their old life. With the Republic morphing into an Empire, Jak’s convictions remain strong, even past the “end” of the War.

    Professional History: Serving society for the greater good has always come naturally to Jak, it was something he was born to do. A great admirer of tradition, he poured himself into his work with the CSF to make his family proud. Having a father highly ranked was always a source of mockery from his comrades, but getting results on his own terms showed Jak to be just as capable as anyone else, even with the silver spoon.

    Barring a few early stumbles, one in which his right arm was blasted in a shootout requiring reconstructive surgeries, he climbed the ranks steadily, becoming a valued and trusted member of the intelligence community within the CSF. With the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Jak, like so many planetary security operators across the Republic, was pulled more and more into a counterterrorist role. It all culminated in a large sting operation against suspected CIS dissidents on the eve of the Battle of Coruscant. In the resulting confusion, the mission broke down to other operational priorities and their suspects disappeared into the city. Jak swears that some of those who walked free that day were responsible for the Empire Day attacks.

    Even worse, when news of the scope of the attacks came in, Myrcella was out of contact on Alderaan. For several harrowing hours Jak stewed, assuming the worst had befallen the Ulnos once again. She proved to be safe, but his desire to safeguard the greater public welfare was answered, in the offer of a commission with the newly-formed ISB Special Task Unit.
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    Bren “Doc” Darnell

    Gender: Male
    Age: 41
    Rank: Commander
    Expertise/Position: Operational Medicine, General Surgeon/Chief Medical Officer
    Affiliation: ISB Task Unit
    Species: Human
    Languages: Basic, some Huttese, and a loose understanding of droid binary
    Home World: Coruscant (family is originally from Corellia)

    Traits: Bren has a real sense of duty, especially when it comes to adhering to his code of ethics and ensuring that his patients are treated adequately. He never accepts less than the best – losing a patient is not an option in his book, unless circumstances beyond his control warrant such an outcome. This mentality has often prompted him to push beyond the limits to achieve the desired outcome, sometimes to the point where he becomes careless about his own safety. He also has a bit of a temper and can be quite terse when addressing others, much to the dismay of his superiors. This has landed him in trouble on more than one occasion. And yet, underneath the tough exterior, he also has an affectionate side, particularly when it comes to his daughter. He feels regret for allowing her to slip away from his life.
    Habits and Mannerism: After his stint in rehab, Bren has become a bit of a loner and actively tries to avoid social engagements, partly out of fear of what others may discover about his past. This behavior frequently makes him seem standoffish or arrogant. He can usually find solace in a good holodrama, or his true passion – following the professional smashball league.
    Morality: At this point, he is not overly concerned about the war, or the Empire’s growing influence on the galaxy. His point of view is limited to his own job and his own sense of duty. This usually leads to the right choice, but sometimes the lines can become blurred.

    Physical Appearance
    Description: Bren stands at 1.86m tall (around 6’2”) with an average build; he is not the most athletic of the bunch, but he can hold his own when the going gets tough. His brown hair is kept to military standards, but it can still appear somewhat unkempt, especially after being at his post for extended periods of time. His eyes are a slate blue, almost gray.
    Other Attributes: He has scarring along the inside of his left arm, near the crook of the elbow, where he used the needle to feed his addiction; as a result, he is almost always seen wearing long sleeves to cover up his past. He also wears a small pendant of a Corellian Slopewing around his neck on a chain; it was a gift from his daughter, the only connection he has to her at the moment.

    Duty Uniform: Standard black Imperial Intelligence uniform with officer’s rank insignia and a patch on the left shoulder designating him as a medical officer; depending on the setting, it could also include the infamous white coat, or even scrubs
    Tactical Uniform/Armor: Standard-issue body armor with painted medical emblem on shoulder bell and open-visor tactical helmet (with goggles)
    Off-duty/Civilian Attire: Solid color long-sleeved shirts, cargo pants (usually black or tan), nondescript boots, and sometimes a light jacket

    Primary Weapons: BlasTech Light Repeating Blaster (mostly for personal protection)
    Secondary Weapons: None
    Specialized Gear: Backpack filled with various medical supplies, including (but not limited to) stim shots, IVs and other fluid resuscitation, tools for hemorrhage control and airway management, bacta, antibiotics, and a small surgical kit

    Personal History: Bren Darnell grew up on Coruscant as the only child of two prominent parents; it was said he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His mother was a chief adviser to the Corellian Senator, and his father worked as a respected surgeon within the Republic healthcare network. Many believed his father had a major influence on Bren’s own decision to pursue a career in the medical field, but in actuality, it was the only choice. His father was a stringent man and he wanted his only son to carry on his legacy. Bren didn’t argue; he worked hard to make the grades in school and dutifully applied to the University of Coruscant’s School of Medicine upon graduation. After completing all of his courses, including his residency, Bren obtained his qualification in primary care and general surgery. He was well on his way to fulfilling his father’s wishes, but ultimately decided to put one final kink in the plan – he enrolled in the Republic Army’s Officer Leaders Course to become a medical officer. It was his way of breaking that final tie and putting some distance between himself and his father’s legacy.

    During his residency, Bren met the woman who would become his wife. The two dated for several years until finally deciding to marry just as Bren was wrapping up his training and preparing to enroll in the Army. The couple had one child together – a daughter, Ella. But unfortunately, their happiness would not last. After Bren sustained an injury while on duty, and returned home to Coruscant to recover, he became addicted to pain meds, which ultimately led to a larger substance abuse problem. He became impossible to live with, often exhibiting aggressive behavior, which finally led to divorce. His wife won full custody of Ella and had a court bar Bren from seeing his daughter until he was ‘clean’ and could prove himself a viable citizen once more. That was nearly two years ago. After a lengthy stay in a rehab facility, and despite his best efforts to get himself back on track by acquiring a new job with the Coruscant Security Force, he still hasn’t heard from his lawyer or his ex-wife about the terms.

    Professional History: After completing his officer’s training, Bren began his career with the Republic Army on a gradual note. His first few assignments saw him attending soldiers and their families on the capitol itself. It wasn’t until the onset of the Clone Wars that Bren saw his first long-term deployment. In the aftermath of the Battle of Christophis, he found himself stationed on the ravaged planet to assist with the clean-up efforts. His unit was part of a team of doctors, surgeons, and nurses working in special field hospitals called Republic Mobile Surgical Units (RMSUs), or Rimsoos. It was their duty to patch up injured clone troopers and other Republic personnel. For his particular unit, Bren acted as the Chief Medical Officer with the rank of Captain. He enjoyed this stint for several months, until a raid from enemy forces placed him within the line of fire. While working frantically to secure his patients, he suffered a blaster wound to the lower abdomen. His crew sprung into action to administer immediate care to keep him stable, but the wound was too extensive. They shipped him back to Coruscant to recover under the best care the Republic had to offer. This would spark the beginning of his battle with painkillers.

    Following a thorough rehabilitation program to get himself back on track, Bren found that his reputation with the Army had plummeted – they no longer wanted to associate with him as they considered him a major liability. Without a job, it seemed likely that he would have to go crawling back to his father’s clinic to regain a solid foundation, but fortunately, his mother pulled a few strings behind the scenes. Using her influence in various government circles, she managed to secure a position for him with the Coruscant Security Force (CSF) as a physician. He realized that this was his final chance, and he wasn’t about to waste the opportunity.

    During his tenure with CSF, he received several assignments to various TAC teams, mostly within the Anti-Terrorist Unit (ATU), and served as both a medic and trauma surgeon. His chance to shine came on a routine mission shortly after the siege of Coruscant. His unit was returning to headquarters when the VAAT/e transport they were traveling in came under fire by hostile forces. They crashed on the edge of CoCo Town, where a group of militants ambushed them on the narrow streets. Bren risked his own life to save several others that day by pulling them from the wreckage and administering emergency care. Overall, he saved 24 lives that day through his quick thinking and invaluable skills.

    It wasn’t long after this incident that Bren received the offer to join a special elitist unit operating under the newly formed ISB – Task Unit Six-Sixteen. While Bren couldn’t say for sure, he suspected that his actions in CoCo Town that day might have convinced someone to stick their neck out for him. Naturally, he accepted without hesitation.
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  8. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007

    Name: Aven Dorn
    Gender: Male
    Age: 39
    Rank: Master Agent
    Expertise/Position: Intelligence Officer
    Affiliation: ISB Task Unit
    Species: Human (Socorro)
    Languages: Basic, Binary, Huttese, Bothan
    Home World: Socorro

    Traits: Whatever-works-mentality
    Habits and Mannerism: Cool and calculating, except if needed to be something else.
    Morality: dark grey, but never hopped into the black area. He will do anything for the job that is not considered an outright war crime. Executing traitors is actually not a war crime.

    Physical Appearance
    Height: 1,88 meters
    Looks: Dark hair, blue eyes, handsome
    Other Attributes: none

    Duty Uniform: If he is in the bureau he will usually wear the black uniform.
    Tactical: The classic black armor
    Off-duty/Civillian Attire: Whatever is appropriate

    Primary Weapons: DL-18 blaster pistol
    Secondary Weapons: E-11 or any other weapon that is useful to fulfill the mission.
    Specialized Gear: Vibroknife hidden in his boots

    Personal History: Born and raised in a family of spies, really. The Old Republic had a long history with Dorn's working for ORI. But Aven was probably the least enthusiastic one. He also happened to come to age in a time of turmoil and corruption. That lead him to turn his back on the Republic and even later he was very critical, until the more military Empire gave him hope to finally have something worth fighting for.

    Professional History: As a surprise to his father Aven trained on the side of the seperatists as a soldier before the war. But when the war began, he became his fathers asset and double agent. Soon he defected and took essential data with him. Returning to the "flock" of Republic Intelligence he specialized on seek and destroy missions for the rest of the war, often using his knowledge of the CIS to infiltrate their ranks. Actually he was handled as an agent purely and only late in the war actually began to enter the agency that "used him", but he quickly found this to be a more effective and honest organization than the hypocrats he usually worked with. He joined ORI officially really only month before it became ISB. Therefore he became one of the first agents of the newborn agency. Something that made his father very proud.

    Like most spies his training has been broad and he considers it never to be finished.
    He had advanced training in flying, combat, tactics and security. He strongly prefers any sort of hand to hand combat and is a passionate practitioner of Stava, the martial arts developed by the Noghri.
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    NPC Character Sheets
    These characters are for player and game master use to support story development.

    ISB Special Weapons Unit, Sigma 19
    The ISB SWU is an augment of highly trained ISB operatives who will assist the team during tactical operations to capture wanted fugitives.

    Senior Constable Darced Borrbuck (36 / M / Human)
    Description: 1.76m, 76kg, toned. Dark skin, dark brown eyes, short silver hair with a black streak on the right side, cybernetic right arm
    Uniform: Black Imperial Service Uniform; Standard Imperial Commando Armor
    Weapons: DC-19 carbine, Model 434 blaster pistol
    Bio: Fourteen years with Senate Guard (Blue Guard), tactical response team leader for six years, extensive service with Republic Special Forces during the Clone Wars

    Constable Omarzav Hayshi (34 / M / Human)
    Description: 1.82m, 81kg, toned/average, tanned skin, grey-green eyes, short (flattop) brown hair, tattoos on neck, upper torso and both upper arms
    Uniform: Black Imperial Service Uniform; Standard Imperial Commando Armor
    Weapons: DC-19 carbine, Model 434 blaster pistol
    Bio: Ten year CSF officer, hostage rescue team leader, hostage negotiator

    Constable Noefre Mustcol (32 / F / Human)
    Description: 1.85m, 82kg, muscled, olive skin, hazel eyes, shaved head, intricate sleeve tattoo on left arm
    Uniform: Black Imperial Service Union; Standard Imperial Commando Armor
    Weapons: DC-19 carbine, Model 434 blaster pistol :
    Bio: Twelve years with CSF, Organized Crime Unit, special tactics team leader

    Constable Makcia Graytre (33 / M / Human)
    Description: 1.65m, 61kg, stocky, light skin, green-blue eyes, medium length red-brown hair
    Uniform: Black Imperial Service Uniform; Standard Imperial Commando Armor
    Weapons: DC-19 carbine, Model 434 blaster pistol
    Bio: Nine years with CorSec Special Operations Division, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team

    Staff Chief Tritre Iredrick (29 / F / Rattataki)
    Description: 1.68m, 64kg, toned/average; chalk white skin, dark grey right eye/cybernetic implant left eye, bald head, scars on left side of her face and upper torso
    Uniform: Black Imperial Service Uniform; Standard Imperial Commando Armor
    Weapons: DC-19 carbine, Model 434 blaster pistol
    Bio: Six years with CorSec Tactical Response Team, counterintelligence division, spent last eight months of the Clone Wars in medical recovery after surviving an improvised explosive blast during an op.

    Imperial Intelligence Analytical Detachment Alpha
    Analytical Detachment Alpha is a group of analyst who support STU 6/16’s intelligence and forensic analysis efforts at their headquarters.

    Agent Talkari Greden (35 / F / Human)
    Description: 1.61m, 58kg, average, dark skin, brown eyes, dark medium length hair
    Uniform: White jacket and dark grey trousers.
    Weapons: TT24 holdout blaster
    Bio: Fourteen years with Senate Intelligence as a holovid analyst; ran two counterintelligence analyst cells during the Clone Wars.

    Senior Operative Akianne Burgrie (29 / F / Human)
    Description: 1.92m, 69kg, thin, light skin, grey-green eyes, shoulder length, light brown hair
    Uniform: White jacket and dark grey trousers.
    Weapons: TT24 holdout blaster
    Bio: Explosives and chemical residue expert; worked for the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.

    Senior Operative Jaykia Toppmins (31 / M / Rodian)
    Description: 1.7m, 74kg, average, green skin, black eyes
    Uniform: White jacket and dark grey trousers.
    Weapons: TT24 holdout blaster
    Bio: Biological signature analyst (expert in identifying species and individuals from biological trace material left behind); Previously worked with the Senate Security Force crime lab for six years

    Operative Skybri Boldub (28 / M / Human)
    Description: 1.72m, 97kg, stocky, light skin, blue eyes, brown hair
    Uniform: White jacket and dark grey trousers.
    Weapons: TT24 holdout blaster
    Bio: Cryptanalysis Branch communication analyst (formerly with SBI Cryptanalysis Department)

    Junior Operative Zackclar Godhig (24 / M / Human)
    Imperial Intelligence Analytical Detachment Alpha
    Description: 1.81m, 65kg, thin, pale, green-brown eyes, short, blonde hair
    Uniform: White jacket and dark grey trousers.
    Weapons: TT24 holdout blaster
    Bio: Probe sensor/image analyst; hired by Imperial Intelligence less than twelve months prior.
  10. supermatt6

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    Name: Alpha-23 “Hal”

    Gender: Male

    Age: 14 chrono, 28 bio

    Rank: Major (O4)

    Expertise/Position: ICSU Commanding Officer, EOD, SSE, Hand to hand combat

    Affiliation: ICSU, Squad 16

    Species: Human

    Languages: Basic, Fluent Mandalorian

    Home World: Kamino


    Traits: Paternal, calm, assertive

    Habits and Mannerisms: slouches when seated, addicted to stimulants, plays with his hair when thinking, obsessive tea drinker.

    Morality: Apathetic to everyone but the people around him. Understands morality more as mutable law than as a cosmic code.

    Physical Appearance

    Description: 1.83 Meters, 75 Kg, wiry

    Other Attributes: withered physical features, thinning hair, permanent sneer when he smiles due to his jaw being broken in a hard airborne landing.


    Duty Uniform: black turtleneck, grey utility pants, blue overcoat

    Tactical Uniform/Armor: Light grey Phase II ARC Armor, painted with faded blue accents running down the crest of the helmet, as well as 5 colored slashes for each campaign in which he took part on his left gauntlet.

    Off-duty/Civilian Attire: Variations of his duty uniform.


    Primary Weapons: WESTAR M5, modified with grenade launcher and variable spectrum scope
    Secondary Weapons: Merr-Sonn Power 5 Heavy blaster

    Specialized Gear: Satcom uplink, advanced environmental analysis equipment, forensics droid.


    Personal History: Generation 1 Alpha-Class ARC trooper

    Professional History: Completed ARC training 24 BBY. Participated in the battle of Kamino 22 BBY, recognized for bravery. Fought in the second battle of Rhen Var, aided in sabotage efforts. Jaw broken in airborne jump when his parachute was blown off course into a mountain. Provided force reconnaissance for the battle of Muunilinst to support 91st Recon and the 3rd SysBn. Part of Hypori Rescue attempt. Promoted to Captain. Fought in the battle of Xagobah as part of the team that initially breached Wat Tambor’s fortress, wounded in action. Sent to medical battalion for the remainder of the Clone Wars. After the rise of the Empire, was re-ranked to Major, and placed under the command of Imperial Security Bureau following the Empire Day attacks..
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  11. KraytDragon90

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    Character Sheet

    Name: Jerric Isaac Cain
    Gender: Male
    Age: 38
    Rank: Major
    Expertise: Digital Forensics, Slicing, Data Recovery
    Affiliation: ISB Task Unit
    Species: Human
    Languages: Galactic Basic, Rodian, Huttese, Old Corellian, Neimoidia, Geonosian
    Home World: Tralus

    Personality Traits: Years of watching criminal organizations grow and prosper under the corrupt legal code of the Republic has given Jerric an impatient attitude in the workplace and a certain level of distrust for the galactic government. He tends to view failures in others as intentional first, rather than to assume accidental incompetence.

    Habits: In his downtime Cain can typically be found in one of the many bars in Coronet City, most likely one patronized exclusively by CorSec personnel, but on rare occasions the worst dive bars. His hobbies include slicing his coworkers records for his personal archives, programming holo recreations of battles from the Clone Wars, and various illicit pharmaceutical compounds.

    Morality: Once a strong believer in the legal code of the Republic, Cain lost much of his faith in the galactic government during the years leading up the Clone Wars. The rise of the Empire and its promise of stability has him mildly hopeful, but his primary moral motivation lies in doing all that is necessary to maintain the hard fought for peace of the past year.

    Physical Appearance

    Description: Average height and build, blue eyes
    Other Attributes: Old Republic Symbol tattooed on right forearm, Imperial Symbol on Left forearm, Cybernetic Left Leg


    Duty Uniform: Standard White Imperial Intelligence Uniform
    Tactical Uniform/Armor: Standard Black bodysleeve, modular plates on Torso and legs, full seal helmet
    Off-duty/Civilian Attire: Black slacks tucked into mid calf boots, Pre-Clone Wars navy blue formal jacket over plain black collared shirt


    Primary Weapons: DC-15A
    Secondary Weapons: A180 Blaster Pistol
    Specialized Gear: Datapad mounted on left armband, Mark III Sentry Droid, ID8 Seeker Droid


    BBY 56 - Birth

    BBY 38/36 - Corellian Security Academy Offworld Campus

    BBY 36/26 - CorSec

    BBY 26/22 - Judicial Forces

    BBY 22/19 - Republic Intelligence

    BBY 19 - Imperial Security Bureau


    Personal History: Jerric Isaac Cain was born without fanfare to the scientists Jacob and Karen Cain. While brilliant, the Cain family never enjoyed much success or reknown, at least partially due to the object of their fascination, Centerpoint station. A fascination that Jerric did not grow to share after spending the first portion of his life traveling from their Tralus estate and the ancient station, leading to his decision to join the Corellian Security Academy Offworld campus on Tralus when he came of age. During his time there he was introduced to Ryll and his own interest led him to discover various other spices, Lesai during the Clone Wars and Glitterstim after the Empire was established. While Glitterstim remains his spice of choice, he maintains a minor supply of a variety.

    Military History: Upon graduating from the Academy, Jerric was assigned to the circuit of innumerable surveillance and “data mining” offshoot offices CorSec operated throughout the Corellian system. After rotating through the various offices in a modest career of spying on the public he was eventually recruited by a traveling scout for the Judicial Forces. His career there was much of the same, with a much higher aim, exchanging surveillance of the general public for surveillance of the upper crusts of Republic society. It was his years observing the rampant and accepted corruption of the Senate that gave him his intolerance for the lax legal practices of the system. His position within the Judicial Forces was eliminated when the organization was folded into the Republic Military upon the breakout of the Clone Wars and his expertise in data recovery was put to use pulling Separatists secrets from damaged droids. During the reorganization that followed the Declaration of the New Order Jerric was ultimately shifted to the Imperial Security Bureau, Corellian system detachment.
  12. BobaMatt

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    Aug 19, 2002
    Name: Pontius Slade
    Gender: Male
    Age: 39
    Rank: Master Sargeant
    Expertise/Position: Lead Interrogator
    Affiliation: ISB Task Unit
    Species: Human
    Languages: Basic, Mando'a, Huttese, Bocce, and a smattering of proficiencies in the languages of former Separatist worlds.
    Home World: Kalevala.

    Traits: Given to philosophizing and reading, it might be easy to dismiss Slade as just an idea man. That would be a mistake. Slade's demeanor can tend towards detached, although he does have a sense of humor. He can be mysterious and off-putting socially, but he has a knack for impassioned speech.
    Habits and Mannerism: Slade loves a good cigarra, and is always carrying a reader on him loaded with some old boring book. He's not naturally fastidious, but does his best to keep up with Imperial standards when he can - he counts on his effectiveness to compensate for minor infractions.
    Morality: Who can say?

    Physical Appearance
    Slade's not a tall man at roughly 1.75m - another reason why he's easy to underestimate - but he keeps himself strong and wiry. He has strong, dark features - prominent nose, heavy brows, thick lips often pursed. His eyes, though dark, are bright and expressive, even when his face is not, and their corners are deeply wrinkled.
    Other Attributes: When in the field, Slade often allows his black, wavy hair down and his goatee to grow out into a patchy beard.

    Duty Uniform: Black tunic and sash of ISB Interrogation.
    Tactical Uniform/Armor: Standard ISB helmet and body armor.
    Off-duty/Civilian Attire: Most often simple fatigues.

    Primary Weapons: WESTAR-35 Blaster Pistol
    Secondary Weapons: E-11 Blaster, WESTAR supercommando rifle, beskad
    Specialized Gear: Various tools of interrogation, including an ID-10 seeker droid named Jaig modified for infiltration and interrogation. Somewhere, in a crate, Slade's got his old Mandalorian armor stashed away.

    Personal History: Slade was born into a New Mandalorian family on Kalevala, even traveling to the Mandalorian capital city of Sundari for his education. In his teen years, during a Death Watch attack on a New Mandalorian outpost, Slade was abducted to Concordia, where he was at first held prisoner before taking an interest in the old ways and training, eventually accompanying Pre Viszla and his warriors on mercenary campaigns and fighting the Republic-allied rulers of Mandalore. During an attack on Keldabe, Slade was again taken prisoner, this time by the Journeyman Protectors, and held for many years in a grudging mutual respect with the Protectors for preserving the old ways. When Fenn Rau's men began training clonetroopers, Slade went with them.
    Professional History: Unsurprisingly, Slade's was different. His mercenary experience and work with Death Watch made him an asset to Republic special operations, often working with commando teams on counterinsurgency operations, establishing or training local partisan cells on various Sep controlled worlds. After the war, Slade remained with the Empire, putting his skills to use with the ISB. He's now the lead interrogator with Unit 616, preferring finesse to brute force but knowing when the latter was necessary.
  13. LadyofDarkness

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    Character Sheet
    Name: Sera Durane
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Rank: Staff Sergeant
    Expertise/Position: Interrogator
    Affiliation: ISB
    Species: Human
    Languages: Basic (mother tongue), Huttese (second language), Mando'a (third language), Old Huttese (fourth language)
    Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa

    Traits: You might think she's abrupt when you arrive at HQ, but Durane is deeply interested in unraveling the mysteries of the galaxy. She has a sense of humor, but it is very satirical and can come across as sarcastic to people who are not from Hutt Space.
    Habits and Mannerisms: Durane loves a good glass of chimbak wine imported from Alderaan. Her accent denotes her as a denizen of Hutt Space.
    Morality: Who knows?

    Physical Appearance
    Description: Durane is a rather petite woman at 1.57 meters- many suspects underestimate her because of that. She has olive skin, black hair worn up, and hazel eyes.
    Other features: When off-duty, she lets her hair down quite literally.

    Duty Uniform: All-black tunic and sash of ISB Interrogation
    Tactical Uniform/Armor: Blends in with local populace
    Off-duty/Civilian Attire: Evening gowns

    Primary Weapon: DL-44 Blaster Pistol
    Secondary Weapons: Quarterstaff (when undercover), vibroblade (when undercover), holdout blaster (when undercover)
    Specialized Gear: An ID-12 probe droid named Scorcher that she modded herself for the three Is: infiltration, interrogation, and interruption (of broadcasts).

    Personal History: Sera was born on Nar Shaddaa to poor and hungry parents. She went to Coruscant for her education, but when General Grievous' ship almost crashed into her school, Sera's mother transferred her to a school on Corellia. She still has a burning hatred for the Separatists to this day. While on Corellia, she met a young man named Dak, who turned out to be an old friend from Nar Shaddaa.
    Professional History: Her knowledge of many languages, old and new, made Sera a prime candidate for an interrogator. Despite her youth, she is a potent source of knowledge and no one dares to cross her.
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