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Star Wars CLOSED Resurrection

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 5, 2019.

  1. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004

    ”The Skywalker Saga is the greatest epoch of our galaxy. It involved every aspect of our history, and of our future. It all came to pass due to the ascension of the most powerful Dark Lord of the Sith of all time; Darth Sidious the Inevitable.

    Inevitable because his coming was the culmination of a millennium of Sith preparation, of a Grand Design that enabled a mere two darksiders to control the galaxy, and because his existence unbalanced the very Force itself. Celestials sickened and died, and the Chosen Ones emerged to stop Sidious, in his guise as Emperor Palpatine. He was, eventually, defeated, at least for a time, at the Battle of Endor, and his latest clones undone in the years after.

    But the damage was done.

    The legacy of the dark side was scattered, and the ancient Sith spirits, on their Shadow Council, stepped in to consolidate the New Sith Order anew. Exar Kun first, then Marka Ragnos came to challenge the New Jedi Order. That time is now, a decade after the Battle of Endor - as amoral corporations hire out mercenaries to protect their own interests against a weakened New Republic; as Sith cultists roam the stars, squabbling while hunting down ancient sites of power to abuse; as the Jedi attempt to reconnect with its old strength before it is too late; as the Empire fades from the Southern Core into the Outer Rim and Deep Core, plotting a grand and final pincer movement against the freedom of a fractured galaxy.

    It’s all coming to a head now... will the galaxy act before it’s too late?

    The Master, narrating to the Protectors via their Holocron’s.

    Welcome to the Resurrection. It is 14 ABY, and the Empire has been defeated, though a quarter of the galaxy is within the Imperial grip. A much smaller New Republic rules the Core, and there are a few dozen Jedi based from Yavin 4. The legacy of the dark is just as disjointed as the Empire - save for one faction - the Empire Reborn, which is in league with the Cult of Ragnos and the Czerka Corporation, dedicated to the resurrection of the five thousand year old Dark Lord, Marka Ragnos. The New Sith Order is coming into existence, here and now.


    The Jedi of the galaxy are scattered, defending history from the Force-collecting energy of the Scepter of Ragnos. Sites of ancient power are being attacked, and fear reaped with terrorism, All is used to create more Sith cultists, until Tavion, the leader of the Cult, gathers enough energy to resurrect the Dark Lord.


    Help is about to come from the unlikeliest group. Again, would you believe.

    This is the sheet.

    Species: As ever, no pureblood Sith and no Rakata. No Yuuzhan Vong, either, I would say. They’ll be hiding from all this.
    Personal effects:
    Appearance: A photo, please.


    1. No Legends characters.
    2. All sheets to Sinrebirth!

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  2. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Force Ghost star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    @Sinrebirth Approved

    Name: Ka'rta

    Age: 34

    Species: Human/Mandalorian

    Gender: Female

    Personal effects: Standard beskar'gam (Mandalorian armor) with a main color of dark red accented in gold, her family crest is on the right shoulder, three stars above a beskad (Mandalorian sword) with the family motto "Dar Solus" (No longer alone) written in the blade, has a white stripe that runs down the center of her chest. She has an assortment of weapons on her person, wrist mounted rocket launcher that can be fitted with different warheads, Jetpack with a concussion missile launcher in it, two Mandalorian style blaster pistols, one vibroblade in a sheath attached horizontally at the small of her back. Her ship is a TL-1800 called the “Hettyc Osik”

    Appearance: Short black hair, though it is starting to gray just a little, with grey eyes, fair skin and facial features one could describe as pretty, if more dignified by age, if they ever saw them, she usually wears her helmet, around 1.74 meters tall, though a slightly stockier build than most.

    Bio: Ka'tra was born to two proud Mandalorian Warriors and bounty hunters, Kot and Ka’ra. they were declared dar'manda (Not Mandalorian) shortly after their verd'goten (Mandalorian right of passage). Cast out and abandoned, they found comfort with each other, forming their own nameless clan. When Ka’rta was born it was the happiest day in their life, their little clan had grown by one.

    She was raised as any Mando’ad would be, taught how to fight, and how to hunt. Even after her verd’goten Ka’tra stayed with her parents. One day they let her go on a mission alone, that’s when she killed her first being. When she commed her parents to pick her up, there was no answer, lost and alone on a foreign planet She did her best to survive, running into two former Republic Special Forces operators, that had become mercenaries. After a fight that ended in a draw they offered to help her search for her parents. After about a week they found their ship, empty, blood all over the deck. The scanners picked up several different DNA signatures, including her parents’. There was so much that the two mercenaries, Owen and Jerrod, said that her parents were dead. While not completely satisfied with that explanation, Ka’rta knew she couldn’t devote her whole life to the search, she needed money.

    For the next few years she worked with Owen and Jerrod as a small merc company, until she decided to go her own way. She still looks for her parents but, has found it takes second place to her work as a freelance merc. She's been on her own for over a decade now. She has seen teams come together and break apart, seen the fall of Mandalore and reveled in it. Served them right for rejecting her parents, for rejecting her.

    In all her years she has learned one immutable truth, everyone dies alone, might as well prepare yourself for that fact.

    The years have not been kind her flesh is covered in scars each one a learning experience. She wasn't as reckless or as passionate as she was when she was younger. She had tempered that with nearly a decade and a half of Mercenary work. Her eyes carry the weight of a woman that believes in nothing, that has loyalty to nothing, that has nothing but, what she fights for. Ideals are for the young, love is for the stupid, compassion for a pacifist, and mercy for the weak, Ka'rta is none of these things. She left them behind long ago.
  3. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    GM Approved!

    Feyna Morrow
    Age: 32
    Species: Human—Alderaanian
    Gender: Female
    Personal effects: A pair of blasters, comlink, vibroblade, datapad, some credits
    Appearance: (ignore pointy ears).
    Feyna has pale skin, blue eyes, and curly brown hair she usually wears in a braid. Her clothes are typically comfortable but plain.
    Bio: Feyna was born in Crevasse City, on Alderaan, in 18 BBY. She has no memory of her biological parents, and only knows as much as the orphanage told her. Her mother died of illness just a few weeks after Feyna was born, and her father, a construction worker, was killed in an on-site accident less than a year later. There were no other family members to care for her, so she went to the local orphanage.

    In another timeline, one wherein Darth Vader did not exist, Feyna might have been adopted into royalty. But in this life, Anakin Skywalker fell, Padme Amidala died, and their twin children were separated at birth. No royals ever came to adopt Feyna—nor did anyone else. Feyna was a submissive child and shy of strangers, and many prospective adopters found her distant and hard to connect with, so she was constantly passed over in favor of more social children.

    The timid child grew into a quiet and withdrawn teenager, with a touch of bitter cynicism. When a four-year-old boy was returned to the orphanage by his adopters when Feyna was sixteen, she gave up her last shred of hope for adoption and ran away. She made it to Aldera, and jumped on the first ship she could find, trading work on board in exchange for passage off-world. She existed in this aimless way, taking the odd job when she could find one (nothing shady), hopping to the next planet when she couldn’t, for the next two years.

    Then Alderaan was destroyed.

    Feyna had never really thought of Alderaan as home; it was where she was from, but she’d never had the feeling of belonging there, of being part of a family or community. Nonetheless she was still horrified and repulsed by the Empire’s actions.

    She joined the Rebellion shortly after the destruction of the first Death Star, initially just working as a transport pilot, but was later reassigned to Alliance Intelligence, where she stayed for the remainder of the war.

    After Endor, Alliance Intelligence was re-organized, becoming New Republic Intelligence, and now, ten years later, Feyna still holds her place in that agency. Her position is not a lofty one, and she has little interest in rising any higher, but she’s not at the bottom of the ladder, either. She works well with her fellow agents, but her experiences as a child on Alderaan conditioned her to not let anyone in, emotionally speaking, so she has never attempted to form close bonds with anyone.
  4. AgentViper007

    AgentViper007 Force Ghost star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    GM Approved

    Name: Pascale Rouser
    Age: 42
    Species: Human (Commenor)
    Gender: Male
    Personal effects: Small hold out blaster, thermal detonators, vibroblades,
    Fortuna, Baudo class star yacht, usually dresses smartly
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Bio: Born to a wealthy brandy making family in Chasin City, the largest city of Commenor, Pascale grew up admiring the galaxy’s most famous archaeologists and aspired to be one of the greatest in the galaxy himself and so he enrolled in the University of Commenor where he began his studies.

    During a work experience archeological dig, Pascale discovered he had a taste for capturing artefacts but also decided he wanted to make some money for himself. So he decided to sell these priceless artifacts off, damaging the reputation of one of the archaeologists on the dig. Thus began his descent into the underworld of smuggling as he made some contacts with black market dealers. Returning to the University, he plagiarized an essay from one of his fellow students, but unable to prove he did steal it, he was awarded the Archeological Prize.

    His family name and wealth got him a job at a prestigious museum where he became assistant curator. However his job didn't last long as he became suspect in the funding of a grave robbing expedition which caused the deaths of several of his fellow employees and a Coruscanti archaeologist. With his dreams in tatters and fired, Pascale decided to become a mercenary and smuggler for hire for whomever could afford him.

    His skills in acquiring artifacts and treasures for several criminal gangs and underlords made him a household name in smuggling and mercenary work and made him several enemies and rivalries which he relished with a passion. During the Galactic Civil War Pascale hired himself out to whomever could afford him, be it the Empire, Rebels or the underworld. He didn't care so long as he was paid on time and he delivered what was asked. The Empire may have stamped out alternate forms of history which troubled him, but he knew there were always treasures and artifacts to find.

    He is presently awaiting his next contract.
  5. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Silent and Friendly Mod of SWTV, SWC and RPG star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    GM Approved!

    Name: Madelyn Linnett
    Age: 30
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female.
    Personal effects: Her lightsaber.
    Bio: Madelyn Linnett was five years old when the Jedi Purge happened. She had barely grasped being a Jedi before it was all ripped away from her. When she had come to the Temple, she had mostly spoke Mando'a and had barely grasped basic despite the Master's efforts in teaching her. While a Knight had tried to protect her from Vader, he had been defeated and the Sith had taken her instead of killing her. Madelyn was then given to the Emperor who must have seen more potential in Madelyn because he made her one of his first Emperors Hands. It was not an easy life, but Madelyn was treated well; so long as she followed orders. When the Empire fell, Madelyn felt very alone for the first time in years and now wanders the galaxy in search of Sith artifacts and holocrons, hoping to expand her knowledge and find meaning in her life again.
  6. QueenSabe7

    QueenSabe7 Chosen One star 6

    Mar 23, 2001
    Sinre Approved!



    Name: Lady Qi’ra
    Age: 44
    Species: Human - Corellian
    Gender: Female

    Personal effects: Gold ring with dual half-circle symbol of Crimson Dawn, pair of Kyuzo petars – modeled after Dryden Vos’ personal weapons and specifically made to balance and fit Qi’ra’s smaller hands, personal comms – various, a hand-written log journal – extremely private

    Qi’ra was born on Corellia, growing up on the rough streets of the notorious Coronet City slums. Quick-witted, savvy and smart, she eventually became pulled into the life of a “scrumrat” for the White Worms - an underworld criminal gang that operated out of the sewers beneath the city. Thieving for their leader, Lady Proxima, she earned herself a notable spot in their ranks for her ability to adapt and con her way out of any situation, and into the pockets of those she stole from. This was how she met an intriguing young man by the name of Han. The pair bonded easily, working together as teenagers and eventually becoming lovers. They both craved a life beyond their proverbial chains and longed to escape in a ship of their own, to be free and experience the galaxy at large.

    Eventually finding their moment and hatching a plan involving stolen, highly valuable coaxium – a raw mineral that once refined is used as hyperspace fuel – they attempted to bribe their way off planet. The plan went awry and Qi’ra was recaptured by the Worms as Han was forced to flee alone, separating them for several years. During that time, as punishment for her escape, she was sold by Lady Proxima into slavery. This put the young girl on a treacherous path that saw her end up in the employment of a wealthy gangster named Dryden Vos, the public face of Crimson Dawn – an emerging, yet powerful crime syndicate.

    It didn’t take Vos long to take note of Qi’ra’s potential and he eventually offered her a valuable position within his organization. While this new role gave her a more luxurious and powerful lifestyle, her forced loyalty to a master would remain. Becoming Vos’ top lieutenant and most trusted operative, she still bore the branding of Crimson Dawn upon her skin. Not literal chains, but permanent ones just the same, ones that taught her many brutal and tough lessons – most of which she refuses to speak of to this day.

    Through a chance encounter during this period of her life, she was reunited with Han, now known as Han Solo. At the order of Vos, the pair were sent off on a mission that would see them grow close once more, only to tear them apart another, final time.

    In a climactic betrayal, Qi’ra killed Dryden in order to spare Han’s life, but she did not flee with her former flame as they had long ago planned to do and he still expected to. Instead, seeing Han safely away, she chose to step into a drastically different role and personally hail the true leader of Crimson Dawn, a figure shrouded in complete mystery and darkness.


    In the wake of Vos’ death, the former Sith apprentice immediately summoned Qi’ra to his side on Dathomir. She obeyed, leaving Han and her old life behind for good.

    It has been many years since that fateful decision…
  7. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Fan Art Mod & Curator star 7 Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 13, 2001
    GM Approved!

    Aryan Graul
    Age: 57
    Species: Human – Nubian
    Gender: Male
    Personal effects: Small hold-out blaster that he keeps tucked away in an ankle holster; wrist comlink, a pocket vibroblade, datapad, gold-banded wedding ring, various credit chits, and a small holograph of Arek that he carries on his person at all times

    Bio: Aryan was born on Nubia as the only child to Norin and Ashaiya Graul. His parents were the proprietors of a rather large mining corporation and shipping company, which included several bronzium processing plants in the capital region of Rordis. As the sole heir, Aryan would one day have a stake in the company for his namesake alone, but his dreams and aspirations remained elsewhere...among the stars.

    While he abided by his father’s wishes and enrolled at the University of Coruscant after completing secondary school, he was again tempted by his passions and joined the Republic Navy to become a pilot shortly after graduation.

    His military career was littered with excellence, and he eventually rose to the rank of Commander, becoming a hometown hero in the process. With each passing achievement, he became more and more convinced that a career as a fully commissioned officer was the way to go, but that all came to a crashing end when he was seriously wounded in a scuffle in the Mid Rim. His injuries were extensive enough that he ended up losing his left leg, and he was medically retired from the military at the age of 28.

    During his tenure in the Navy, he met his wife, Lyzia Eross; the two were married in 20 BBY, with their only son, Arek, being born three years later. It was Lyzia who served as Aryan’s lifeline and moral support during the intervening months following his injury. As a philanthropist, she actively traveled around to various worlds stricken by the war to offer assistance and provide for those people in need. She also held rallies on notable Republic worlds to garner support for her cause. Aryan often accompanied her, and it was soon discovered that he had a real knack for interacting with the public and charming a crowd. His speeches were often engaging, and he soon gained the attention of a prominent politician working within the Imperial Senate – Garrit Pilleu, a member of the Nubian Ruling Council and aide to the current Senator of Nubia.

    The bureaucrat was infatuated by the young man’s passion and took him under his wing to help him learn the ropes. With Pilleu’s help, Aryan’s influence over the people remained strong. When the time was right, it was the old man who ultimately pushed Graul to seek elected office in the Senate, where he felt he would have the most impact. Against all odds, and helped along by a sympathy vote due to his injury, Aryan won the election by a landslide and became the next Senator of Nubia in 8 BBY.

    Aryan spent the following years building clout and networking among his peers and beyond to establish long-standing connections. He gained several big-name proponents, which quickly pushed him into the limelight. He had become the Senate’s newest ‘superstar,’ and he basked in the glory...

    And then Emperor Palpatine decided to disband the Senate.

    Aryan soon found himself a wanted man. He could not return home to Nubia out of fear of being arrested...or worse, and so he fled for his life – a fugitive of the Empire.

    The intervening years were a true test to his vitality and strength of will. He did not stay in one place for very long and often hopped between various mining and trade ports within the Outer Rim, acquiring odd jobs such as a cargo pilot or deckhand in an effort to avoid the Empire’s watchful eye. Every time he arrived at a new destination, he reached out to Lyz and Arek and remained with them for as long as possible.

    It was through these semi-regular meetings that Aryan learned of Arek volunteering to fight in the war against the Empire as a Rebel soldier. He was proud of his boy for standing up for his ideals, but often worried about his well being. Fortunately, he had Lyz to provide frequent updates on where he was and what he was doing – details that weren’t readily available in the daily HoloNet broadcasts. Despite Aryan’s precarious situation, things were going fairly well.

    This arrangement carried on for three years until Aryan cut off all contact and disappeared shortly before the Battle of Hoth. Lyz could only assume the worst as the weeks stretched on without a single word; even Arek’s wedding to his girlfriend seemed bittersweet with Aryan’s fate still in question.

    It wasn’t until a few weeks after the Rebels' victory at Endor that Aryan, by some miracle, finally limped home to Nubia, malnourished and beaten both mentally and physically. He refused to talk about his experiences during the year he had gone missing, even at his wife’s insistence. Eventually, Lyz gave up trying, noting the stress it obviously caused her husband and decided to simply let the memory fade. Perhaps one day he would tell the tale...

    It took several months for Aryan to fully recover from his traumatic experience, but things slowly began to get back to normal. He never returned to politics, and instead decided to take up the mantle at his family’s company as its chief operating officer; Lyz stepped in to serve as his business manager. The two made quite a mark by reaching new standards and expanding out to modern markets, especially in the wake of the war and the rise of the New Republic.

    And through all of this, Aryan still found quality time to spend with Lyz, Arek and his wife – when they were home from the capital – and the two grandkids. Despite all odds, he had managed to settle into domestic life.

    But once again, tragedy struck in 11 ABY.

    They received the terrible news that an explosion had claimed the lives of both Arek and his wife. Details were not immediately forthcoming, only that it had been a classified operation in the Mid Rim. By request, the New Republic had shipped the daughter-in-law’s body home for burial, but unfortunately, Arek’s was never recovered. This only exacerbated an already heartbreaking loss. The grief and pain were insurmountable and left both Aryan and Lyz near the breaking point...but they had to remain strong for the grandchildren. They were now left to raise and care for them as if they were their own.

    It is now three years later, and while things have improved, Aryan is still occasionally haunted by his inner demons in the wake of such a disaster. With Lyz by his side, he continues the ongoing struggle of picking up the pieces.

    The Graul Family:
    Lyzia Graul; wife

    Ashaiya Graul; mother – still lives with them on the family estate

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Rylla Graul; granddaughter | Bren Graul; grandson
  8. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    New Republic Data File: The Disciples of Ragnos

    A Sith cult named for Marka Ragnos, a Dark Lord of the Sith who died roughly five thousand years ago, the group was formed from the survivors of the Empire Reborn, formerly led by Procurator of Justice Hethrir [see Note H], Imperial Admiral Galak Fyyar [note GF], and the Dark Jedi Desann [note D].

    The latter two were killed at the latest Battle of Yavin 4, and Hethrir died to Waru, the extra-dimensional entity that Master Skywalker encountered. [See Note O]. Since then, Desann’s former apprentice, Tavion Axmis, has taken control of the surviving Reborn, the main Dark Jedi of Empire Reborn. Intelligence tracked her to Commenor, where she killed a collector of antiquities and stole the Scepter of Ragnos [See Note SoR]. Using this, she has been able to drain Force-strong locations and funnel that energy into lesser students, creating her Cult. With former Imperial resources the Cult has spread across the galaxy, setting up bases on the edge of the Empire in the Outer Rim and the Imperial Core. Master Skywalker has dispersed his Jedi across the galaxy to hunt the Cult, and we are supplying him with Intel as instructed.

    The Cultists fall into four broad categories.

    Those in green battle suits focus on Force telekinesis. Those in blue are able to use Force lightning. Those in red are able to use a technique known as Force Drain. Those in orange are purely lightsaber users, usually wielding two or a staff. Whilst Jedi Knights and even Padawan’s outclass them in most encounters, the ordinary citizen is in danger. Reborn are better rounded, and are considerably more dangerous than the Cultists - and hold a higher place in the hierarchy for it.

    The Cult has also connected with the underworld connections of the Empire Reborn and we are no closer to the locating them. It is recommended that the strategy of notifying Master Skywalker of any Cult activity be continued, with New Republic assets kept in reserve should it be required. The Jedi Order barely numbers forty members at this point, and every Jedi is an asset we cannot underestimate the value of in this conflict.

    Director of Alpha Blue
    Admiral Hiram Drayson

    New Republic Chief of State Leia Organa held the datapad in her hand, and dwelled on the report. She looked to her husband, and nodded. “Can you get this out to your contacts? The word needs to be spread, and without causing a panic.”

    Han Solo took the pad. “Can do, Leia, but we’ve a lot of ground to cover. This fight doesn’t have a lot to do with them - they will keep their heads down.”

    “Most of the galaxy has not re-joined the New Republic or remained with the Empire,” Leia reminded him. “They’re going to be caught in the middle. A lot of innocents are. This is not going to be a simple-and-clean threat. They’ll use terrorist tactics on us - civilians will be in danger and the underworld has free reign across half the galaxy now. We need to warn them, and now.”

    “Alright, Princess,” Han said, smile crooked. “Leave it to me.”

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  9. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    A few weeks later

    IC: Bren Graul
    Nubia, home

    There was not much that kept a child amused for long. The energy. The potential. Everything to see. It was Bren Graul’s right, and his place, to be outside, scurrying around and exploring while grandpa and grandma chased him down. His older sister, Rylla, was never very interested in playing space ships with him. Bren was doing that right now, his toy TIE fighter chasing his toy X-wing. He knew that these were models of real ships, and that the war had taken his Daddy from him, but he also knew that he liked the toys and he didn’t think much more of it. As long as he was visible from the kitchen window, or the dining room, he was in sight and he was alright. That was what he thought, anyway.

    Of course, his playtime was rudely interrupted. It always was, you see - because Bren never wanted to not play. But this time, it was quite the rude interruption. There was some kind of noise, like rushing wind, and then someone jumped over the fence. He jumped! Bren had never seen anything like it. It was a fence that was so high! Taller than even Grandpapa! Bren stopped doing what he was doing to watch - and then the man hit the floor, rolling and not doing a very good job at the landing, Bren decided. If he had a scorecard like the judges on the HoloNet did, he would have deducted points from the man, oh yes he would.

    The man dragged himself, not yet standing, forward, and Bren backed towards the doorway of the kitchen.

    “I am sorry, my child. But I need to -”

    The man held out the holopad, before he collapsed to the ground. He was hurt, and badly. It was a holoprojector, and as it rolled to the floor in the doorway. It activated, and the young child saw his father. Arek Graul. He did not look his best. He seemed to be in some kind of battle attire, but everything was blue so it was not immediately obvious to the child. He stared at the holoprojector. “I need you to find my family - to find Aryan.” Bren knew that name. That was his father’s fathers’ name. “Tell them that I am safe. Tell them to come for me. Tell them -”

    As the projector settled, it switched off.


    TAG: @HanSolo29
    IC: Dark Lady Lumiya
    The Moon of Mandalore, Concordia

    The world of the Mandalorians was both rustic and advanced and devastated and virile. The Empire had been here, strip-mining Mandalorian beskar iron; the Protectors had been here, to overthrow them. The Republic had scourged the world; the New Mandalorians arisen, to speak for the peace; the Death Watch had overthrown them, too. It was a world as divided politically as it was naturally. It was possible to go to any part of this world and the inhabitants lived in ignorance of the other, each espousing to be the True Mandalorians – the Protectors of Fenn Shysa, the scattered Death Watch, and the broken New Mandalorians.

    Of course, there were the wilds, which resisted definition by either group. Nobody went there, for the entwined loyalties of clone deserters and Mandalorian sympathisers was all too tight and too dangerous to cross.

    But here, on Concordia, the Dark Lady of the Sith, Lumiya, was pursuing a lead. One would wonder why she was not at large hunting down the Disciples of Ragnos. It was a fact that she had hunted down and destroyed any who did not adhere to the Rule of Two, slaying her treacherous apprentice Flint, and massacring the Prophets of the Dark Side. A scholar of the Sith, some thirty years later, when it became public knowledge that Lumiya lived, would ask – what was she doing during the Ragnos Crisis?

    The answer was relatively simple.

    She was pursuing a lead that pre-dated the crisis. A rumoured Sith presence among the Mandalorians, surviving from the days when Darth Maul had commanded the Death Watch. Said rumour she had heard before the Ragnos crisis had begun, and, with the oracle stone in hand, and the Holocron of Adas tucked in her pocket, she stalked her prey in order – first Mandalore, and second, the Ragnos heretics.

    She had found the grounded yacht and compared it to old, old footage of a Crimson Dawn command ship from nearly three decades ago. It had taken little to nudge her way past idle guards, and come to realise that the ship must have been placed here some time ago, perhaps it had not moved for several years. Lumiya had bypassed the lift and was climbing the chute, keeping her Force presence small, positioned outside the double doors to the viewing deck. It was going perfectly fine, until the comm implants in her head, the ones placed by the Emperor and Darth Vader so many, many years ago, suddenly crackled.

    Impossible, she thought. Nobody should have access to this frequency!

    The voice rang out, loud and clear, and she recognized it as belonging to Jeng Droga, a former Emperors Hand like herself.

    “Rendezvous at the Old Folks Home. The Emperor has been reborn.”

    Lumiya lost control of her surprise, and knew that whatever element of surprise she had was gone – she kicked off the door, swinging away and then swinging back to crash through –

    TAG: @QueenSabe7
    IC: Alora
    Near Alaris Prime, Kashyyyk system,

    The Disciples of Ragnos were on the move, and Alora was here settling a score before she headed to Taspir III to bait a trap.

    Of course, this was Pascale Rouser. He knew how to handle himself and by tracking his past movements, the Disciples had drained several Force powerful sites. Alora herself had snuck into Yavin 4 and the old abandoned base on Hoth to find a list of locations that Luke Skywalker had visited, included the legendary Dagobah. But Rouser, without even being on their retainer, had found so many other sites that Alora was evenly tied for the amount of old Jedi and Sith temples they had found.

    In an oddly irritating manner, he was a rival. So, she had set him a task, hiring him anonymously to locate the supposedly ruins of a Jedi Temple on Alaris Prime, a moon off the gas giant Alaris - the sixth planet in the Kashyyyk system. Technically she was here supervising operations on Trandosha, the fifth planet in the system, but she was close enough. Going towards Kashyyyk was a death wish anyway. When he succeeded, Alora would call on Tavion to meet them here, rendezvous with supplies for their flagship, the Rebirth, and the full might of the Disciples of Ragnos would jump for the final target en masse - save for those last assets heading to Taspir III with the bait.

    The Jedi Temple was in the middle of a difficult to navigate forested area, and she was meeting Rouser here to give him the job. Any moment now, his yacht would arrive and Alora would play the pained family member trying to recover a Twi’lek memory chord which had been lost on this world by a distantly related Jedi Master, a recent discovery that had pushed Alora to look for help from a ‘renowned and dashing explorer,’ who of course had access to all manner of history and knowledge. After all, he had found the vaunted tomb of the Braesen’thor on Chandrila! One of the eight Outlanders who defeated Emperor Vitiate!

    Alora rolled her eyes and called up the update about the mission by Trandosha.

    Czerka headquarters, elsewhere, but addressing Trandosha

    Sitting in his comfy office in the Czerka headquarters, Director Sentan Moor tapped a few keys and absently reflected on change. Once the aide to a no-name Senator on Coruscant, Moor had expected to be killed in the madness that followed the dissolving of the Senate. Instead, he had joined corporate enforcing under a pseudonym, and within a decade he had accrued enough clout to make inroads higher in the company. By the time the next wave of change following the Emperor’s deaths occurred, Sentan had been able to change his name back to his birth one, and offered to take over Czerka for the New Republic – but then the Emperor had returned and the died again two years ago – leaving Sentan as a free agent, able to do whatever he considered necessarily to create profit in a divided galaxy.

    It turned out that he was very good at it.

    And now, he was positioned ahead of the next change, and he had already picked the winning side. His potential for power was unsurpassed. But he had not survived this long without knowing what to protect. Him, and what was key to him. Which meant enforcers, and mercenaries, and he had several in mind.

    “A new job for you once you’ve finished this drop, Ka’rta, on double your usual fee, each month. Protection detail, but on a bigger scale. A team is being assembled in the Horuset system, Esstran Sector. Get there once you’re done with the delivery.”

    The data message was coded, encrypted, and sent to her comm. Moor knew that she often tied her comm into her helmet display, and he had no interest in distracting her in a key moment. She would read it in a quiet moment, after all.

    The ‘delivery’ was some slaves taken to Trandosha, in the Kashyyyk system. Most did not realise that the Trandoshans lived in the same solar system as the Wookiees. The Hettyc Osik hung within the Gryyl asteroid belt, between Kashyyyk and Trandosha. There was a difficult insertion point in-system. Because the Wookiees were in control of much of the system, it was very difficult to smuggle slaves to Trandosha. The New Republic did not intervene in intra-system conflict, but they supplied the Wookiees, allowing them to develop their own defences – including the prototype Owool-class advanced fighters which patrolled the asteroid belt.

    Because of the positioning of Trandosha’s moon at this time of year, there was a tried and tested smugglers route through the asteroid belt to the moon. The four Owool’s were not supposed to be here, and serendipity had it that they were, on a test flight with engineers in the seats. But every Wookiee, much like every Mandalorian, was a fighter – if they saw the smugglers arrive there would be a fight.

    The smuggler, a Rodian slaver named Rosac, was about to bring a delivery of Togruta in-system. Any minute now, and the Owool’s were between the belt and the moon, almost perfectly. It stank of both coincidence and a set-up, but a cursory sensor sweep would show the Owool’s lacking in torpedoes and the like. So perhaps they were here by accident…



    It was a curious time to be a New Republic agent.

    The Empire had been defeated at the Battle of Endor, but had experienced resurgences under the command of Grand Admiral Thrawn and the cloned Emperor. Thankfully, Thrawn and Palpatine had been defeated, and some three years later, they were in the midst of putting the galaxy back together again. But the second time around, the galaxy was more cautious about rejoining. Only ten thousand planets had rejoined the galactic union, though they represented the majority of the most important ones - Coruscant, Kuat, Corellia, Chandrila, Kashyyyk, Mon Calamari, and so forth. The Empire, which was in a terrible state militarily, ruled a quarter of the galaxy, but the Empire was a shallow one, unable to defend its borders. But still the neutral worlds refused to rejoin, waiting for the next Imperial resurgence.

    Perhaps that was now, the galaxy wondered - under the Disciples of Ragnos. Consensus among the neutral worlds was that this New Republic had something the last one had not, before the Empire struck back - Jedi. The legendary protectors of the Old Republic, now under the tutelage of Luke Skywalker. It was for this reason that Yavin 4, the site of the new Jedi praxeum had been attacked three times in the last three years - Daala, the Empire Reborn, and so forth, all of which had spectacularly failed.

    So if a new Force using order took primacy, it was likely that the New Republic would fall.

    Thus it being a curious time for a New Republic Intelligence agent, who was theoretically travelling through unaligned territory more often than not - worlds which were easy prey for the Disciples, and were poised to rush to the Empire out of fear.

    Feyna Morrow was such an agent. She was here for a handover, with new orders, but today she was on Kashyyyk - a loyalist world. But the handover was always relatively tense, as most matters were done in person, to prevent data being intercepted. A bar had been suggested, and Wookiee bars were much the same in the city of Rwookrrorro... but with bigger doors. All manner of species was present, but primarily Wookiees, and no Trandoshans - the natural enemies of the Wookiees. Millennia would not change that.

    But the human that walked into the bar was not being particularly subtle. He was not even paying attention to the Wookiees and other people present who were looking at him - he was purely looking around, his hood down when it could have been up, at least partially obscuring his identity.

    It was the head of Alpha Blue himself.

    Admiral Hiram Drayson, making a straight beeline for her, completely abandoning all protocol, a datapad in hand, and a tight expression on his face.

    Edge of the system

    There were many places in a star system where someone could hide. Space was vast. Hope, however, was in short supply. Especially for a Dark Jedi on the edge - hiding from the Empire, which had turned against her Emperor, and hiding from the New Republic, which was combing the neutral worlds with Intelligence agents. At the slightest hint, they were sending Jedi to deal with Sith cultists who cared nothing for the old ways - for the Hands, for the Adepts, for the legacy of Palpatine. The gap between the Sith and the Empire was increasing, and these Sith just used the corpse of her Emperor’s Empire.

    Every time Madelyn Linnett enters a habitable world she risks discovery. Her fate is at risk. If the New Republic hunts her, there will only be so much she can do. With new Jedi Knights at large, she risks all if she enters somewhere for fuel and supplies. Of those, she has little, and funds are minimal as well. Her jump to the Kashyyyk system was a gamble, and now, when she arrives, she will feel them.

    Little darknesses.


    One, above Alaris Prime, burning brightly. A handful smaller darknesses, near Trandosha. None on Kashyyyk, but there was a definitive sense of conflict about to erupt there. The star system was a jangle of possibilities, already. Hand Linnett had little time to decide; her supplies were that low, and she only had the reserves for a micro-jump to one of the three.

    It was then that her comlink - the one he had given her, rattled. It spoke without her input. It was a fellow Hand’s voice. Jeng Drogo.

    “Rendezvous at the Old Folks Home. The Emperor has been reborn.”

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Ka'rta
    Gryyl Asteroid Belt

    Something didn't feel right. It wasn't the fact she was escorting a shipment of slaves, slaver money spends just as good as any other money. It wasn't even that she was handing said slaves off to trandoshans a species not known for their kind treatment of other races. No it was the flight Owool fighters sweeping right around the exit point of one of the stable hyperspace routes into the system. It was all just a little too perfect. A younger mercenary wouldn't have cared or chalked it up to coincidence. But, Ka'rta wasn't that girl anymore. She'd learned from her mistakes, from rushing in foodhardyly and having to make it up as she went.

    "Non-interference my shebs." She muttered looking at the passive scans of the fighters. They weren't loaded with torpedoes but, that didn't mean they weren't dangerous. The wookiees at the controls would be a down side better than her, and already had an advantage of actually being a space superiority fighter. Her best option was to sit and wait and hope they pass. She turned off everything she could trying to make her look like just some flotsam in the asteroid field nothing interesting. Though she hoped they wouldn't see her from behind the slow moving asteroid she had attached herself to.

    "Rosac," she commed the smuggler bringing the cargo, "Hold don't jump yet got some Wookiees poking around. Want to see if their going to pass us by." A short burst com hopefully wouldn't be picked up, though it was far less of a risk than a freighter loaded with slaves just dropping out of hyperspace right around a well known smuggler's route. One was suspicious, the other was an out right criminal. She kept the com open and one eye on the scopes. She wasn't tense or sweating, these were the risks of the job. She already had her escape route planned, and the hyperspace jump calculated should things head that way.

    Another lesson. Always be prepared.

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  11. AgentViper007

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Pascale Rouser
    Location: Fortuna, approaching Kashyyyk system

    Another adventure was about to begin…

    The Kashyyyk system was his next destination, this time an anonymous message to come to Alaris Prime in the Kashyyyk system. His mission, should he choose to accept it, was to locate the ruins of a Jedi Temple that was supposedly there.

    It was apparently in a place that was hard to navigate, but if there was a challenge to be had, Pascale relished. During the Galactic Civil War and beyond he had sold his services to whomever could afford him, being it the Empire, Rebels or criminals. He had scoured the entire galaxy looking for artifacts and treasures which could earn him the most money. He didn't care about politics or war, just so long as he got paid for doing and finishing the job.

    And he always looked presentable doing it.

    His family name still held clout even if said family wasn't talking to him that much nowadays. It was slightly tarnished by his underworld connections but he was well renowned for his knowledge and expertise as well as being able to handle himself. He enjoyed fine food and drink with the best clothes money could buy and only credits could get you that.

    He didn't know what he was looking for, or what traps or potential hazards were waiting for him there, hopefully the former would be explained once he reached the rendezvous point. The only thing he did know during his research was that it was in a forested area that was difficult to navigate. There was no information about the temple itself no what laid within but as mentioned before he hoped the answers would be given when he arrived.

    He had managed to get in system by explaining that he was here on a archaeological research trip which was the reason he gave for most of his trips. He had managed to find many temple, some related to the light side Jedi, some for the dark side Sith. The history of temples and artifacts always intrigued him and it was always the thrill of the chase so to speak that got him involved in archaeology in the first place.

    Bringing in Fortuna to a smooth stop at the rendezvous he shut her down and made sure she was secure. Adjusting his white jacket he unfurled the ramp and strode down the ramp with a smile on his face.

    It was time to see what his mysterious employer had for him.

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  12. JediMasterAnne

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    IC: Feyna Morrow
    Bar, Rwookrrorro, Kashyyyk

    Feyna was good at being anonymous.

    Unremarked upon. Unnoticed. Just another face in the crowd. It was incredibly easy for her to blend in, to slip through the cracks of society—especially since she’d basically been doing just that for half her life.

    And for someone in her line of work, it was a handy skill to have. Discretion was a necessary part of the job, for a New Republic Intelligence agent.

    She’d been in shadier places than a Kashyyyk bar, and there was enough of a mix of species here that the human woman near the corner wasn’t going to draw any unwanted attention, but that didn’t mean she was going to get complacent. Letting her guard down was a good way to get into trouble.

    But all her caution and vigilance didn’t count for anything if her contact didn’t do the same. Feyna cursed under her breath when Admiral Drayson, of all people, walked in with apparently no care for protocol, paying no mind to the heads he was turning. He moved toward her with a purpose, his mouth set in a grim line.

    If he’d just been any other agent, she might have told him off, but Feyna wasn’t stupid; she wasn’t about to mouth off to her superior. Hoping to diffuse the attention that was quickly settling on them, she greeted him with a smile, like they were just old friends meeting up for a perfectly casual drink. No, nothing to see here. Nothing at all.

    Her expression was friendly, but her eyes betrayed both confusion and concern. She didn’t bother with pleasantries. “Something’s happened, hasn’t it?” she asked him quietly.

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  13. TheSilentInfluence

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Madelyn Linnett
    Near Alaris Prime, Kashyyyk System

    Madelyn Linnett was at a loss. It had been ten years since the Fall of the Empire. Ten years since she had lost the only family she had known, been on the run from Jedi. On the run from the Rebellion and it's New Republic. It was an understatement to say she wasn't stressed. But on the other hand, it wasn't her fault she had become a hand in the first place. Madelyn had been five when Darth Vader had stormed the Jedi Temple. I hadn't even spoken Basic yet. She had hidden, behind a bed; until the sounds of fighting were over and then emerged.

    And it was Darth Vader who had stopped the Clones from shooting her. Whether it was the determined look she had given him, ready to fight someone three times her size or maybe he had tired; Madelyn had never found out. Instead she had been given to the Emperor. One of the first children to be trained as Emperor's Hands.

    And now she was alone.

    Madelyn realised she was low on fuel, on food. And decided to take a risk. She set her course for Alaris Prime, sensing little spots of darkness around the system, before she made the short jump. Madelyn knew she was risking discovery. But it was better to be amongst people. It was better to blend in. And at least she could eat. When the message came through, Madelyn frowned and tilted her head, resting her head in her hands. I will go when I am done here. When I am ready.

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    IC: Aryan Graul
    The Graul Estate, Nubia

    As was his custom after a long day at the office, Aryan Graul had retreated to the private hangar located on the east side of his family’s large estate. It was a structure of old-fashioned charm, erected with brick and mortar by his great-grandfather when he had first arrived on this land and claimed it as the site for Graul Enterprises. The shipping and mining company itself had flourished over the years, being passed down from one generation to the next and enjoying both financial and commercial success along the way. And despite his own meandering career path, it had now become Aryan’s turn to take the reins and lead the family business into the future.

    But the vigors, woes, and responsibilities of being the owner and CEO of such an influential company certainly had its setbacks. Aryan found that he often needed time alone to think and simply wind down when the stress levels became too burdensome. It didn’t help that the final years of the war had brought with it a string of tragedies that had hit them particularly hard, especially on the home front. The death of his son had left him and his wife reeling, and unfortunately, he was still dealing with the repercussions of such a twisted hand of fate. In some ways, he knew he would never fully recover as long as that void remained.

    And so started his tradition of escaping to the old hangar for a few hours each day to tinker with various projects to simply forget and find some solace from his inner demons. It was his own personal domain where he could occupy himself with menial tasks and allow his mind to wander. In this case, his project of choice was an antiquated Z-95 Headhunter he had salvaged from a junk dealer in the capital region.

    His passion for flying had always remained strong, and this desire soon developed into a crazy notion to purchase and restore the same model of starfighter he had flown all those years ago in the Republic Navy. He had been just a kid then, and perhaps it had evolved into a sort of lifelong ambition to recapture that initial thrill all over again; it had been simpler times back then, after all. Whatever the reason, his hope was to get the old girl airborne in the coming months so that he could personally introduce his grandson, Bren, to the wonders of interstellar flight and teach him the basics of piloting.

    The boy, who had just turned five, was already showing a keen interest in starships and exploring how they worked. He even occasionally helped Aryan with his restoration project, but more recently, it has become difficult to keep him entertained for any extended period of time, which was typical for a child his age. He’d rather be outside playing and burning off his seemingly endless supply of energy...the kind of energy that Aryan himself had exhausted long ago; it made him tired just thinking about it.

    Even now, he could see Bren out in the yard from the open hangar door, making a circuit around the enclosed fence with toy starfighters in hand. He was humming and imitating engine noises with his pursed lips as his short legs carried him past the large bay window on the backside of the residence. It was the perfect vantage point from which his wife, Lyz, could observe the boy’s antics from the kitchen while she finished up paperwork for the business or made preparations for the evening meal.

    She also had assistance from Aryan’s own mother in this undertaking on most occasions, so there was rarely any doubt about Bren’s whereabouts or wellbeing.

    With this in mind, Aryan felt confident enough to turn his back on his grandson and kneel down to work on the fragile undercarriage of the Headhunter’s durasteel chassis. After taking a few final measurements, he was about to lower the goggles over his face to perform a quick weld along the horizontal axis, when he heard Bren’s melodious voice call for him above the steady din of the hangar’s machinery.


    Aryan did not hesitate. Allowing the arc welder to drop at his feet with a metallic clang, he rose hurriedly back to his full height and sprinted for the open door that led out into the main yard. His heart was beating relentlessly against his ribcage by the time he crossed the threshold, his chest tightening painfully as memories of the fateful day when he had learned of Arek’s demise came rushing back to the surface.

    What if something equally terrible had happened to Bren? Was he hurt? Was he in danger?

    What if…?

    The small hold-out blaster Aryan habitually carried on his person was now clenched tightly within his grip when he finally reached the child’s position. He didn’t even bother to stop and catch his breath as he bent at the waist and rested a hand upon Bren’s shoulder, quickly assessing him for any obvious signs of trauma. “I’m here,” he reassured the boy through haggard breaths, his brow furrowed with concern. “Are you alright? What’s the matter?”

    Glancing up to search the surrounding area, Aryan soon found his answer – a man, battered and broken, was lying a short distance away with his face in the dirt. While he appeared unconscious, that didn’t mean he wasn’t dangerous; a lot could still go wrong. For example, he also noted a holopad resting just beyond the man’s outstretched arm, its metallic surface glinting appealingly in the late afternoon sun.

    Aryan narrowed his eyes at this discovery. Was this some sort of trap? A failed kidnapping attempt? Or something else entirely?

    “Bren, go back in the house,” he ordered in a deep baritone, now starting to inch closer to the injured man. “Tell Grandmom to find help. Go, now!”

    Not waiting to see if Bren would obey, Aryan crossed the remaining distance that separated him from the intruder, pausing long enough to bend down and hoist the holopad cautiously in his left palm. He hefted it slightly, trying to gauge its weight to determine whether it was genuine or a decoy that was concealing an explosive device.

    When he felt confident that it didn’t pose any real threat, he tightened his grip on the device and proceeded to press the business end of the blaster against the man’s temple to see if he would stir.

    “Can you hear me…friend?”

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  15. QueenSabe7

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    Mar 23, 2001
    IC: Qi’ra
    Savareen - some time ago.

    Her eyes found his, over such a distance that she could not make out anything other than his outline – a small undefinable dot on the wind-torn cliffs below, growing ever smaller as she climbed higher into the skies. Still, she knew they saw each other, she knew that they would be looking beyond the surface as they were always able to do for one another and seamlessly, easily reading what the other was thinking and feeling. Now, in him she would see sorrow, hurt, confusion, in her he might intone reluctance, but above all else there would be resolve. That would be startlingly clear. Enough so that he would never try and follow her, never try and change her mind, he would be certain that this time he must let her go.

    “I’m so sorry, Han,” she whispered, the pair of figures far below now disappearing as wispy clouds covered her view. She didn’t move away, not yet, permitting her thoughts to wallow in what was now lost to her. A wash of sadness crossed over her face, her eyes becoming glossy though no tears would fall. Her heart raced, twisting while she recalled memories from her past, mourning her young life with Han as scrumrats on the treacherous streets of Coronet City. His faith in her and his love for her had given her the strength to live, it had given her hope for a better future even while drowning in some of her darkest moments.

    Their connection had never wavered in their years apart. Though she had been forced to deny them in order to survive, been taught to beat her feelings down so deeply she would fear they would be forgotten, they always remained. Stubborn as ever, just like him. But that all ended when she chose herself, when for the first time in her life she chose Qi’ra over all else… and there would be no going back.

    Her hands clenched into fists at her sides, the ghostly imprint of his trusty golden dice filling her right palm.

    For luck.

    That determination he had given her long ago became her own - it came from no one else and nowhere else but within. From here on out, she made a vow that that’s how it would stay.

    A small smile and a deep, steadying breath later, she released Han. And herself.

    Her focus began to shift, her emotions regrouping and Qi’ra of Crimson Dawn settled into becoming the woman she already was, though had never been entirely free to be. There had always been shackles to a higher power that never truly let her off the leash and suddenly, there was no leash.

    The pain that had sat upon her exterior slid away, as if shedding old skin, confidence effortlessly taking its place.

    Qi’ra abruptly turned away from the viewing panel and moved back across the spacious penthouse office, towards the ornate desk that sat as the focal point. There was the ring she had removed from Dryden Vos’ corpse, still perched in the communication device she had used several minutes prior. A spike of cold drove up her spine as she removed the gold piece from its slot, recalling the creature it had summoned, who in turn summoned her.

    Like a common slave, his slave.

    She raised her eyes to glare at the space his holo-image had been, her lips curling into a sneer.


    The horned ex-Sith that was the actual head of the snake for Crimson Dawn while Dryden had been its public face and enforcer. He had answered only to the zabrak while all else was under the latter’s control. She had dutifully, almost robotically called on him in the aftermath of Vos’ death, finding it only natural to lie as to what had caused that event. In hindsight, how could she have expected Maul to respond any differently than he had? There was a hole at the top of his network that he would be seeking to fill and she gained the distinct impression he did not accept ‘no’ for an answer.

    Qi’ra had never met him personally and had only ever had whispers and rumors to rely on, but her gut had consistently warned her of him whenever he was even remotely referenced. Then, on this day, having laid eyes upon him in real time it was as if she could feel his insatiable hatred and hunger for power, the sheer magnitude of it traversing the great distance that separated them to seek her out. Like something reaching out for her in the dark, a phantom stalking its prey.

    The encounter had frightened her in truth, but it had also thrilled her, which was puzzling when she considered it. That aside, in the end she realized all she was doing was subbing in Maul for Dryden. One master to serve for another. The pattern of her life continuing without her say – obey, suffer, survive, repeat…

    No more.

    Raising her chin with her face set, she stepped to her right and began deftly moving her hands over the touchscreen controls on the far side of the desk; Dryden’s way of bypassing his flight crew should there be any insubordination. The First Light was a ‘luxury’ yacht in every sense of the word, its former owner having made sure almost every amenity and security measure possible for a ship this size was integrated, easily overridden by the being in charge. That person was her now, and she planned on taking full advantage of everything it had to offer, starting with adjusting the current flight course with a few swipes of her fingers.

    Just as the yacht exited the atmosphere of Savareen to slice into the starry void of space, Qi’ra manually assumed control of the remote destination configuration that had been set on Dathomir, altering the coordinates to prep for a jump…. elsewhere.

    Quickly her keen mind worked out her options. Run. Hide. Or fight.

    She smirked on the last, and without so much as thinking the location, she looked down to see the controls demanding a confirmation to her selection. Mandalore - a main source of Maul’s influence as it stood presently. So, a fight it would be. Her finger hovered over the display, Qi’ra knew full well what she would do if she continued along this path. It was reckless. It would certainly be bold, it would not be without significant risk.

    But if she succeeded, it would have all been worth it. Wouldn’t it…

    A tap down with the hand and the coordinates locked in, only moments later the stars becoming elongated streaks as the First Light entered hyperspace, and Qi’ra entered the game.


    Concordia, the Moon of Mandalore

    Qi’ra was tired.

    Aboard her flagship of sorts, since renamed Eventide in the decades since she claimed ownership, she was draped across a large, plush couch in her personal quarters. Most days she felt far younger than her actual age would suggest she should feel, but some days, one such as this, the exhaustion would seep so deep it made her bones feel heavy. Lying on her back, one arm across her abdomen and the other up by her face and bent on an angle so that her forearm covered her eyes, she knew she was desperately overdue for a solid night’s sleep.

    Sleep was hard for her, however, always had been. Something about drifting off to dream of the unknown frightened her, her mind always opening the darkest corners of her thoughts whenever she sought out calm and rest.

    With a sigh, her arm fell away from her head and she slowly pushed up to a sitting position, thankful for the dim lighting she had preset – always helped with her near constant headaches. Another sigh and she stood, crossing the spacious room to a private lift that would take her up one level to the top of her yacht, where she normally conducted business and held gatherings. Much like its former owner did, though in a far less gawdy manner.

    She loathed those parties.

    Exiting into a small outer room and entering a code into the keypad on the opposite wall, a second door slid open to permit her entrance to her private office. Circular with an encompassing viewport that offered nearly three hundred sixty degrees of sight, it was shuddered for now, well… it had been shuddered for days.

    The Eventide had not seen flight, let alone interstellar flight in years, Qi’ra traveling via other vessels when needed though usually choosing to remain near Mandalore – the planet that had become her home base over time and the only place she would actually consider to be a ‘home’ for her. Turned out her impulsive decision to come here so long ago had been the right choice, everything falling into place since then. She had earned everything she had wanted, her plans unfolding just as she would have liked… and yet, she had been left…. Unbalanced.

    The unexplainable way she felt was more noticeable at certain times more than others, now being one. She felt restless, like she couldn’t sit still. Apprehension. Anxiety. Nerves. They would escalate for seemingly no reason at all, making her skin crawl as if it were electrically charged.

    She had been pacing behind her desk but abruptly stopped, nearly feeling as though she would be sick…

    WHOOSH. Then a metallic-screeching crash.

    Qi’ra swung around at the loud noise, the door to the main lift ripped from the wall and thrown back into the room as if by a controlled explosion of sorts. She had her twin Kyuzo petars in her hands in an instant, peering though the light cloud of dust that had been disturbed in the commotion, bracing for an intruder to follow… though her eyes saw no none.

    Despite that, she knew she was not alone.

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  16. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Hiram Drayson
    Bar, Rwookrrorro, Kashyyyk

    Hiram whispered as he stepped up, looming over her almost visibly. “Yes, it has.” The entire bar was watching, which of course was completely anathema to an agent such as Feyna.

    Aloud, he shouted. “You witch!” He lifted his hand clumsily, slurring his words, and throwing a slap at her face. The bar became a riot of noise – intakes of air, people shifting on their seats, some half-standing, at least one guttural growl.

    As the Director of Alpha Blue did, his other hand flicked a small datapad to clink in her drink, a little movement which was all subtlety and mastery.

    Alaris Prime, northern continent, by the Shadow Forest

    Alora stepped from the ship as Rouser’s yacht came to the land. He was smiling, of course. Debonair and suave. She already wanted to snap his neck. But, she needed the buffoon, because Tavion needed the Temple. Lord Ragnos himself had told Tavion to drain this final site, and he would have sufficient power to be resurrected.

    So, Rouser lived.

    For now.

    She held up a datapad. “All I have about the Temple. It’s somewhere in there,” she gestured vaguely towards the immense greenery that was lain out behind them. “It’s not continuous. Some of it is just trees hanging over the gorge edge. My sensors could not find where it ends, and the terrain is too irregular to pick out a Temple. All we have are old records and the general continent. The Temple was destroyed before the Battle of Naboo, apparently, when the Trade Federation interfered here…” She hefted the datapad again. “Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi foiled them, also apparently, with some other, unimportant Jedi, who died here.”

    “Ideas? My… backer is en route to the system and I would love to give her a progress update.” She tried to make her voice sound alluring, but her loathing of the man was too immense. She had her overly tight clothes to do the talking, in typical former-Twi’lek slave girl style, she supposed. If Rouser fell for that outfit then she might kill him before Tavion arrived.

    Whatever he said though, she was distracted by, because a ship was coming into orbit… and there was a dark side Force user present. She did not recognise them as a Disciple or Reborn. An interloper. Alora created a mask with the Force and threw it over them, while keeping her expression lightly interested and palming the jammer on her comlink.

    For Linnett, there would be a brief surge in the Force before something vanished, and her sensor reading was also relatively silent. There was a civilization here, not far from whatever had vanished. But the Force also called to her softly. Sith, Sith, Sith, Sith.

    There is a Sith here.

    Come to us, so we can save the Temple.

    Save the Temple from the Sith.

    Her fuel tank beeped, not too unobtrusively.

    Not far from Kashyyyyk

    Rosac scoffed. “No time for that Ka’rta, we’re on a deadline here. I’m keying my jump in 5…” A few moments later a quartet of TIE fighters emerged from the asteroids above Ka’rta, clearly having taken advantage of the same idea that she had, and hiding in the belt.

    The Wookiee prototype wobbled, and dived away, and within moments six hardy-looking Y-wings appeared around the side of the moon, firing upon the TIEs, that promptly scattered. So the prototype had been bait and the Wookiee’s had been expecting Imperials to be present…


    A TIE shuttle, essentially a TIE bomber with the bomber half cored out and replaced with space for a squadron of Stormtroopers, burst from the asteroid belt with two more TIE fighters in-tow, pursuing the prototype. Seemingly the Imperials had also anticipated the Wookiee trap…


    The micro-jump followed, and the smuggler ship arrived in the sky between the Owool and the TIE shuttle. “What the frak! Ka’rta, where are you?!”

    TAG: @JediMasterAnne (combo), @TheSilentInfluence, @Jerjerrod-Lennox, @galactic-vagabond422
    IC: Lyz Graul
    Nubia, Graul Estate

    Peering up from the food, Lyz placed her hand on her mouth and rushed to the door, her grandson coming into the kitchen and moving to her mother-in-law. Aryan already had a blaster out, to her surprise, and Lyz closed the curtains so Bren and Rylla, who had been at the table chopping vegetables together – Rylla with her toy food but learning nonetheless. Ayran and her mother-in-law exchanged a glance, and she went out the door, closing it behind her, catching the tail-end of the jointly gasped ‘Grandmom!’ but Lyz had to be closer in-case Aryan needed her. She absently realized that she had a knife in her hand, grabbed from the utensils without thinking.

    With a grimace, she stayed by the door, but she could only just about hear the conversation. She was already consulting the notes that they had been privately passed by the local security forces. The make-up of bloodied and wounded man’s outfit matched that of the Disciples of Ragnos, a lower tiered one. Even a wounded Reborn would have been a disaster.

    The man rasped, blood frothing on his lips as Aryan threatened him. “Arek sent me…” He coughed again. “He told me to only trust you.” He unfolded his hand, pointing at the holodisk. “He was picked up by the Dark Jedi, years ago. He’s been passed between groups with other -”

    A hacking cough. “Force sensitive prisoners, until they agree to serve the Sith. Promised him, that I would find you. He showed me…”

    The man lapsed into unconsciousness, and Lyz rushed up over as he did, comlink in hand, keying the local security number. Her finger paused before continuing. “Aryan? What did he say?” She could barely keep her voice even.

    TAG: @HanSolo29
    IC: Lumiya
    Concordia, Mandalore

    She had no choice but to go for it, as her presence would have been projected into the Force by her surprise. Lumiya’s mind was still racing; the Emperor was alive? Again? She had been convinced that sabotaging his clones would have ended him once and for all – especially with the reports from the Skywalker’s confidants that one of his New Jedi had taken the Emperor’s spirit with him into death. And why would he have Droga contact her about them? Surely the Emperor had worked out that she had masterminded the conspiracy within the Imperial Ruling Council and Dark Side Adepts to murder him?

    Could the Emperor have not realized?

    Or was this bait?

    Or, as she had long thought, were the Emperor’s clones even Sith? Was downloaded knowledge and personality just proof that Darth Sidious was truly gone, and his rebirth was nothing more than a fraud perpetuated by a cult at the heart of the Empire?

    Lumiya threw aside this thought process as she masked herself with the smoke from the forced entry, rolling, and completely aware that she had moved too slow, and been too distracted, and that if she had really found Darth Maul’s apprentice, she had been a stalled target for –

    Far –

    Too –

    Long. With a flourish she allowed the Force to direct her hand, to open fire on –

    Force user?

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  17. AgentViper007

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Pascale Rouser
    Location: Fortuna, Alaris Prime, Kashyyyk System

    He had arrived in the right place as his client’s ship was parked next to his. And it seemed his client was Twi’lek who was dressed in a rather skimpy outfit that showed basically nearly everything.

    So she aims to distract me. Nice try….

    It seemed she had probably picked up on Pascale’s penchant for the ladies. Beautiful and intelligent women were more his type but he had one cardinal rule, they never got in the way of a job. And since this job seemed quite important he was keeping his eyes on the prize not the Twi’lek and her skimpy clothing.

    She held up a datapad. “All I have about the Temple. It’s somewhere in there,” she gestured vaguely towards the immense greenery that was lain out behind them. “It’s not continuous. Some of it is just trees hanging over the gorge edge. My sensors could not find where it ends, and the terrain is too irregular to pick out a Temple. All we have are old records and the general continent. The Temple was destroyed before the Battle of Naboo, apparently, when the Trade Federation interfered here…” She hefted the datapad again. “Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi foiled them, also apparently, with some other, unimportant Jedi, who died here.”

    “Ideas? My… backer is en route to the system and I would love to give her a progress update.”
    she said her voice sounding alluring.

    She is really trying hard to distract me. Such a beautiful woman and yet she seems to be trying too hard. Especially with the outfit…

    So this Temple must have been important enough for two legendary Jedi to visit. He had discovered various Jedi Temples himself and this was potentially another one to add to the list. A shame hat this one was ruined as he would have liked to have explored it intact to see if there was anything that could be gleaned from it’s past history. Perhaps there could be something to add to his extensive collection of artifacts. Sometimes before selling bits on he liked to study them to discover any mysterious legends or tales linked to these objects to add to his archives for future historical study.

    Pascale had to be careful here it seemed, stray too far and he could end up falling down a gorge to his death. And who knew what creatures lurked in these lush green forests.

    Fortuna holds an advanced sensor suite” he responded the smile still on his face. He had his sensors upgraded to be the most advanced they could be, penetrating places where normal sensors could not discovering caves, underground chambers and so forth. As an archaeologist you didn't just need the tools and weapons for the trade, you needed the gear on board.

    “If you could send me the records of what you have I can tell what I am looking for and why this Temple was so important to the Jedi. It will help in future research and perhaps also reveal if here are any treasures that may be left within. You can assure your client that the job will be done professionally that I can tell you”

    He cocked his head to the side “Speaking of which what is it I am looking in there for you?. I am sure you have not hired me just to find a Temple for you.”

    He waited for her answer not noticing that somebody else was coming in to join the party. Whether they were fellow competitor, friend or foe Pascale would find out eventually.

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  18. galactic-vagabond422

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Ka'rta
    Gryyl Asteroid Belt

    "No time for that Ka’rta," Rosec scoffed, "we’re on a deadline here. I’m keying my jump in 5…"

    "Don't," The mercenary shot back, as four TIEs made themselves known flying out of the asteroid belt. Ka'rta held position waiting to see how this all turned out. When the Y-Wings lept in, she released the clamps holding her to an asteroid. Ka'rta was right, it didn't feel right. It was a trap, laid for the Imperials not the smuggler. That might be something in her favor. Three more Imperial craft jumped in chasing the wookiee prototype. Everything was going south fast.

    "Rosec, cancel that jump." She roared.

    It was then that Rosec jumped in right into the middle of the mess.

    "What the frak! Ka’rta, where are you?!" Rosec shouted. Ka'rta opened the throttle diving down to slip under the combat brewing.

    "On my way," she growled, "Dive down maybe you'll draw some of the Y-wings with you or the TIEs, it'll give a distraction for someone to capitalize on." Angling up just slightly she let off a few blasts from her laser cannons. Not trying to harm anything but, causing more chaos. "Rosec I hope you're ship is fast, because he aint got time to wait around." Lowering the nose again she made a bee line for the surface. She was not a fighter pilot in a snubfighter. Her craft was meant to get her from point Aurek to point Besh not fight a battle at point Cresh.

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  19. QueenSabe7

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    Mar 23, 2001
    IC: Qi’ra
    Aboard the Eventide, Concordia, Mandalore

    There this low, obnoxiously persistent buzzing sound emanating from someplace deep in Qi’ra’s brain, echoing out through her ears. It made the hairs on her arms stand on end and her eyes felt as though they were being pried open and held wide.

    She knew what the false noise and its corresponding physical reactions meant, it's happened before though not at this intensity. Roughly shaking her head in a vain attempt at silencing it, several sections of her short, blonde hair came loose from their pins.

    “I don’t have to see you to know you are there!” she called out as the dust began to settle, her eyes darting all over with uncertainty. The air stank with something that could not be discovered by a normal sense of smell, but rather just sensed. Which was confusing, which lead to distracting. And yet Qi’ra’s well-toned muscles were coiled and warm, ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice. The decades she had spent mastering Teräs Käsi kept her body agile and light, movements now so rehearsed she could fall into them without so much as considering 'which foot first'.

    Regardless, beneath the bravado she was afraid, there would be no denying that. She was always afraid.

    Stalking slowly, cautiously out from behind her large desk to creep closer to the lift shaft, she recognized a peculiarity to this current fear she was struggling to keep at bay. It was hers but there was this sensation of intrusion. Like an implant of emotions upon her own – astonishment being most prevalent – mingling in her mind like it belonged there and baffling her all the more. It was foreign and malicious, screaming I do not belong.

    Qi’ra strained to keep her thoughts present and her gaze open for any sign of action, the last of the haze having dissipated and the room returning to its normal dim and dour atmosphere. Her booted feet came to a stop right by the bent-in door that had been blown from its holdings, again she tried to shake off the constant static noise that had seemingly only grown louder as she had progressed. She knew.

    “I can feel you.”

    Her voice was barely audible even to herself, these words being a secret she had not told a soul - dead or alive, mechanical or inanimate.

    As if on cue, a lone figure finally emerged from the shadows of the vertical passage, keeping low and moving quickly. Speed was only an issue here because Qi’ra remained rather flustered and on edge with her internal racket. In truth the would-be assailant rolled forth at a startling easy gait and before she had even truly considered attacking, her left petar flung free from her fingers after her hand had thrust forth in the stranger’s direction, its micro laser-lined blade tracing red circles through the air as it spun towards its target.

    A jolt, electric and invigorating, had triggered her to activate the additional measure an instant before the presence made itself visibly known, like she had already known what was about to happen.

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  20. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Aryan Graul
    The Graul Estate, Nubia

    Arek sent me…

    With those three simple words, Aryan’s world came crashing down around him. His heart began to race relentlessly against his chest as it constricted painfully, causing a distinct ache that made it difficult to breathe and concentrate. It was as if someone had punched him in the upper torso and the blow had expelled all the air from his lungs. As a result, a dull roar filled his ears, and it wasn’t long before he felt himself growing weak and light-headed. Fortunately, he remained crouched down on his knees, otherwise he might have collapsed right there in the dirt.

    At first, he feared that his circulatory system had failed him, unable to endure such a shock, but he knew he was stronger than that. He had suffered so much heartache over the years – and survived, that he almost felt immune to the whole experience. A shred of good, if unexpected, news would not be enough to take him down. He had to remain strong, especially now that his son was…alive.

    A quivering breath escaped Aryan’s lips as he stared at the unconscious man, silently willing him to reveal more despite his slumber. It was like an insatiable hunger; regardless of what he knew as reality, he needed to know more. This was his son and he was desperate! And through all this turmoil, one question continued to repeat itself over and over within his mind – how?

    How was it possible for Arek, who had supposedly died in an explosion several years ago, to survive?

    He idly recalled the man’s account about Dark Jedi kidnapping Force sensitive individuals and holding them captive until they broke mentally and physically. But...that explanation sounded ludicrous. Wasn’t it widely believed that the Force typically ran in families? Arek had never expressed any special abilities growing up. And neither had Lyz nor himself. It didn’t make sense; none of it did.

    That’s when he once again noted the holodisk resting just beyond the man’s fingertips. He had made a point to reference it before fading away into oblivion.

    Was it possible…?

    Pressing his lips together firmly, Aryan lowered the blaster to his side before reaching out slowly to collect his prize. His arm was shaking so badly that he had to physically grasp it with his opposite hand to steady himself. Luckily, the man remained unconscious through this entire ordeal and did not witness this obvious display of weakness.

    However, he wasn’t so lucky with his wife.

    Lyz, who had managed to sneak up on his position undetected, startled him when she called out in a concerned voice. “Aryan? What did he say?”

    Aryan visibly flinched and turned to glance over his shoulder, his face pale and his jaw tight. His blue-gray eyes flashed with a distinctive shine in the waning afternoon sun. For the moment, he seemed content to simply let this silence linger between them, as if that was all he needed to convey the depth of the news he had just learned. But then his gaze shifted, and he noticed the comm in her hand, the thumb of her right hand perched above the switch to notify the authorities.

    He had told Bren to have Lyz contact security, and she was only following his instructions...but so much has changed since then.

    A flicker of concern crossed his features as Aryan rose shakily to his feet, his free hand coming down to prevent her from carrying out the task. “N-no,” he stammered quietly, shaking his head. “That’s not necessary. Not yet.” He scoffed lightly and allowed that familiar smirk to turn up one corner of his mouth. It provided some reassurance as he leaned down and pressed his forehead against hers.

    “It’s...Arek,” he continued after a lengthy pause, his voice now beginning to crack with emotion. “He is...he’s not--”

    Stepping away from their embrace, he made no effort to hide the tears now reflecting in his eyes as he unfurled his fist and revealed the holodisk. “H-He’s alive, Lyz.” The words sounded so surreal coming from his own lips, but he forced himself to continue. This was important...for both of them. “He...s-sent a message to us.”

    Without waiting for her to react to this news, Aryan mechanically reached into his jacket and retrieved his personal datapad. Inhaling deeply, he then inserted the disk into the small device...and waited.

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  21. JediMasterAnne

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    Apr 24, 2004
    OOC: Combo w/ GM

    IC: Feyna Morrow

    Bar, Rwookrrorro, Kashyyyk

    Playing along, Feyna glared at him, expression shifting from shock--she didn't have to fake that, it really had surprised her when he'd struck her--to anger. “Hey, pal, obviously you’ve already had too much, so how about you clear out—or am I gonna have to throw you out?” The irritation in her voice was only half-fake; usually, the idea was to avoid causing a scene, so this was a little frustrating. She picked up her glass, as if to move it out of his reach, surreptitiously grabbing the data pad in the process and concealing it in her sleeve.

    Hiram eyed her, and he threw a punch - which the bartender intercepted, the Wookiee grabbing his wrist and lifting, bending the joint but not breaking it. "Ow, ow, ow!" The bartender roared at Hiram, and flicked him aside, sending him tumbling. The silver-furred Wookiee issued an interrogative growl softly to Feyna, more concern than annoyance.

    [Are you alright?]

    In his other hand came a blaster rifle, and the Wookiee made a demonstration of flicking it back and forth from 'stun' to 'kill'

    “Yes, I’m fine,” Feyna told the bartender, getting to her feet. “And that,” she added, in an appeasing tone, as she gestured for him to lower the blaster, “Won’t be necessary. I know the guy, actually. Used to go with my sister, until she left him. Once in a while he gets drunk, confuses me with her. I’ll get him out of here, shall I, before he causes any more trouble?”

    Obviously the cover story was a complete lie, but no one else would know any better. She and Drayson clearly wouldn’t be able to talk safely here, now that he’d gone and gotten everyone’s attention.

    Without really waiting for the bartender’s response, she squeezed past him and crouched beside the Admiral to help him up. “C’mon, bud, let’s get you back home, huh?”

    The Wookiee nodded, and everyone returned to their drinks. Hiram muttered something unintelligible, said sorry under his slurred breath, and palmed a coin on the bar loudly, before wheeling away, leaning all too heavily on Feyna as they left.

    The bartender rolled his eyes and took the coin, testing it for authenticity between his teeth, and woofed his agreement. She could take care of him, and the coin would cover the inconvenience her family had caused his clan.

    Feyna ‘helped’ Drayson out of the bar, heading for a nearby back-alley. Once they were well out of sight of the bar, and she was sure that none of the patrons had followed, she gave up the ruse. Ducking into an alcove where they wouldn’t be noticed from the main roads, she pulled out the datapad and looked to Drayson, waiting for an explanation.

    Drayson stood up straight, smiling slightly. "Did you enjoy that? Hurnbacca and I have had this little play going for years. I rock up pretending to be inebriated, and he lets me go with a warning." He gazed at Feyna. "It's a good way to test agents, too."

    The Director of Alpha Blue was clearly one with a lot of tricks.

    She managed to refrain from glaring at him. Part of her wanted to point out that she wasn’t a rookie out on her first solo mission that needed testing, she’d been doing this for practically her entire adult life. And she was still a little indignant over the fact that he’d hit her. But she also knew that part of the job was staying on her toes, and once in a while agents needed to be reminded of that.

    “If you say so, sir,” she replied dismissively. She tapped the datapad. “I’m more interested in what’s on this. You said something’s happened?”

    “It’s happening,” Hiram said grimly, professionalism overwhelming whatever pique had caught him a moment ago. “The Disciples of Ragnos are in-system. Tavion’s lieutenant has been tracked here, and several ships retreating from raids or skirmishes have been noted as heading here.” He tapped the datapad. “It’s basic triangulation. Which means their not hiding, and means they’re making a big move.”
    “In a matter of hours their various freighters, shuttles and carriers will arrive here. Maybe an Interdictor cruiser, too.” His comlink beeped. He took the call, producing with his other hand some kind of... leathery neck bracer of some kind.

    “It’s worse than we thought,” Hiram said. “The Wookiee’s were setting up a sting of a Trandoshan slaving run, baiting it with a prototype fighter, and a group of TIEs just ambushed it from in-system. Which means they’ve a larger presence here than we expected - not just Alora on Alaris Prime. We need you to find a ship that’s making the move with them onwards, or can access their plans so we can get a task force to wherever they end up. They’ll have a spotter here, on Kashyyyk, at very least. Maybe in the spaceport - find their agent, and get moving.”

    He held out the neck bracer as he spoke.

    Feyna nodded, brow furrowing in concern as she listened. “All right. Do we have any information on the spotter’s identity, or any suspected ships?” She took the bracer as well, eyeing it suspiciously. “And what is this for?”

    "It's a nodule of flesh from a Taozin," Hiram absently said. "It makes your presence blurry to Force users. Its an old trick that the Inquisitors used to use to track Jedi." Yes, he had said 'nodule of flesh' as if it was an acceptable sentence. "If you wear it around your neck, that is."

    He shrugged. "But there's an Imperial shuttle in the spaceport, or, rather, a freighter that originated in Imperial space." He smiled slightly. "Need anything else from me? I already gave you some jewellery..."

    She scrunched up her face, mildly disgusted. Sorry I asked... "Not that I can think of at the moment, sir, no."

    Hiram nodded. "The datapad includes a tracker, a Castin Donn program. If you get it installed in their main ship, we can track it, maybe co-opt some of its functions. We still don't know the full strength of the Disciples. A few dozen Sith is an issue, but a fleet is a different one."

    The Admiral paused. "I know you'll do the Republic proud, Feyna, but I wanted to do the handover personally. Its a dangerous mission. You might not make it back, and I noted that you haven't recorded any 'If I do not return' instructions... do you have any? Or was it just an oversight?" His gaze bored into hers, searching.

    The question surprised her a bit. "Didn't see a point. You know I don't have any family that would be left behind, and I don't own anything particularly valuable, so my possessions could easily be given away or sold."

    Hiram paused. "Alright, Feyna," he made a note to keep an eye on that fatalism... though he knew she would term it as realism. Of course she would. The Director of Alpha Blue looked down the alleyway. "We need to separate. Be careful, Agent Feyna. No heroics, and we shall finish this conversation next I see you."

    He saluted, and turned to leave.

    Feyna gave him a small nod, tucking the datapad into her pocket. “Until then, sir.” She returned the salute, then headed off in the opposite direction.

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  22. TheSilentInfluence

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Madelyn Linnett
    Alaris Prime, northern continent, by the Shadow Forest

    Madelyn frowned as she moved down towards the edge of a forest on Alaris Prime. She sighed slightly to herself and felt a pang of hunger as she turned off her engines; and then a brief flash of darkness that appeared as quickly as it disappeared. Little darkness's or Sith? Madelyn hesitated and stood up; grabbing what little gear she had left, and a book that was more precious to her then anything else she carried.


    She stared hard at the page where she had last read, and Madelyn briefly wondered if she was worthy of taking an apprentice. The Emperor had always seemed, in her eyes to favour her, and had left her this book before Endor. Perhaps he foresaw that I would one day create a new Sith Temple. As Madelyn shut the book; she slipped it into her back and exited the ship; lightsaber secure on her belt as she stared at the edge of the forest. It was dark, but the darkness didn't make her winch. The stillness in the air; the quiet was admittedly; unnerving. But fear was good. Fear has kept me alive.

    Madelyn shifted her back and spoke softly to herself.

    Peace is a lie. There is only Passion.
    Through Passion I gain Strength.
    Through Strength I gain Power.
    Through Power I gain Victory.
    Through Victory my chains are Broken.
    The Force shall free me.

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  23. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Lumiya
    Skirmishing on Concordia

    The Force was resonating in the room, and Lumiya had that added distraction to handle - but that was shortly cut off when the blade ripped through her arm, severing it for some reason, filling her with pain. Pain, she could handle. Pain, that was an old friend. With a twist of her will, Lumiya shut off the pain receptors in her prosthetic arm, anticipating that her arm being ripped clean off and instead spilling oil and metal innards would cause at least a modicum of confusion in whomever her opponent was.

    Grabbing it with the Force, she hurled the arm in the direction the dagger had been thrown, and ignited her lightwhip with the free hand. Weaving it in a complicated defensive thrash, she sought her opponent with her eyes too. Survive, then panic.

    The Dark Lady of the Sith was anything if versatile in the face of danger, her understandable lapse notwithstanding.

    Yet, behind her peril, was curiosity. What was this she had found? A Force sensitive? The thought curdled.

    A potential apprentice?

    TAG: @QueenSabe7
    IC: Lyz Graul

    Nubia, surprised

    "He what?" Lyz exclaimed, both reliving her devastation but also in shock. Losing their son, and burying their daughter-in-law had been one of the darkest days of her life. In many ways, their grandchildren were a massive reason that she had pushed herself through the tragedy. Arek had died doing what he believed to be right, and Lyz had sat on the sidelines as a loved one went to war before, during the Clone Wars. She had simply spent the last few years praying that her grandchildren died in a galaxy that did not have another war, and that she didn't have to watch her grandchildren go to fight too...

    Three times... that would be too much.

    But it seemed their second round in the fire was not yet over... but now they had hope. She clutched Aryan as he pressed the card into the datapad. The datapad screen blanked, and then a video began to play. She gasped; it was Arek, and he was garbed in the robes of a Disciple.

    "Hi Dad, Mum... I am sorry I could not let you know I was alive sooner. I prayed that one of the children was Force sensitive, and that I could reach out and they could tell you. But I couldn't do that even if they were..." He looked glum, but it was definitely him - albeit a bit more gaunt, and haunted around his eyes. "I miss them, and it's only because I knew that they were out there that I have kept going, and knowing that I could rely on you two to look after them that I was not crushed by what an epic failure of a father I have been." His voice caught. "My partner here, he has taken this disc to you because they don't trust me yet. I haven't done enough of what Tavion wanted to be left to go on missions alone... Tavion made me use the Force to... hurt other people, but I can use that to sabotage the Disciples, and leak their data. Every time I use more of these 'dark side' powers she keeps teaching me, I learn more about their operations -"

    He was getting carried away, and he looked around. "I am on a Star Destroyer, the Resurrection. We're en route to the 'final target', with a stop-off soon. Apparently we're going to take on supplies and regroup. When I do, I'll get a communique to you, on those old Clone Wars frequencies that Granddad used to teach me for fun, because they're still used for emergencies, Arek, don't forget." He was quoting Aryan's father, who had insisted that they were up-to-date on the emergency codes because they used ground wiring to communicate, and not wireless networks which could be, and would be, jammed, in an invasion. Such wired communication networks had saved millions during the recent resurgence and occupation of Nubia by the Empire.

    He leaned close to the screen. "I need to go, Dad, Mum. Please don't tell the children I am alive - not yet. I have to fix things, here, and I might be the only one who can." He rattled off a date of his entry, which was two days ago, and then he confirmed when he would next be in touch... a date and time which was about ten minutes from now.

    Lyz realised it instantly, and looked panicked. She didn't remember the channel that Arek was referring to.

    "I love you all. Stay safe, and keep this quiet. Tavion has spies everywhere." And then he was gone.

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    IC: Rosec

    Skirmishing near Kashyyyk

    The smuggler was a deft hand, and he dove beneath the plane of the dogfight quickly, and the fighters rapidly let Rosec go, too occupied with their own life-and-death fights. A Y-wing dodged a TIE, and took a glancing shot from Ka'rta, and then a TIE promptly covered her from an attack by a veering Y-wing. Confusion was her ally, but she promptly had a communication over an Imperial channel.

    "Unidentified assisting freighter. Identify yourself, and your business with the Empire." The transmission originated from the TIE shuttle, still bearing down on the Owool prototype. Rosec pushed forward, completely ignoring the save that Ka'rta had engineered. Another Y-wing, having just veered up away from the engagement, turned down and began to spit ion bolts at the Osik, clearly not interested in the circumstances of the glancing shot.

    Spaceport, Rwookrrorro, Kashyyyk

    Ordinarily an Imperial shuttle would travel a bit more incommunicado than this, and have a second overlay to distract New Republic Intelligence. But today, the Disciples of Ragnos were about to show their teeth, so it served their purposes to use a simple code change to reveal themselves. It would simply expose any threats before the flagship arrived. When it did, they would crush anyone who dared more against their fighters, freighters and shuttles in-system.

    Or so Tavion had said. Rosh Penin, recently of the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4, folded his arms aboard the shuttle. He was experimenting with his unadulterated powers, nudging bystanders, wiping minds, and so forth, looking out not for naive innocents but specific agents hunting him and the others. He would have been scolded for using the Force to meddle with people so, but here and now, he found it refreshing to be able to play with everyone nearby, even the proud Wookiees, who were particularly easy to nudge. A few law enforcement officers had been dispatched to deal with incidents that Rosh had caused - small affrays to simply distract the local authorities.

    They only wanted the New Republic loyalists, and the Jedi.

    Drayson had identified the correct shuttle, but he had no idea that the Disciples were looking for trouble. Of course, Rosh was unable to identify the focus of Feyna even if he wanted to, thanks to that taozin nodule. On the datapad with the hijack-program included a nicely detailed bio of taozin's, because Drayson expected any agent passed a nodule to want to research the monstrous annelid from Va'art before they relied too heavily upon it.

    But Rosh was a Dark Jedi, and detection or not, he was dangerous. Feyna would need to be suitably careful.

    Alaris Prime Moon

    Quite the question, and none too inappropriate considering that she was hiring the archaeologist for a drop. Alora demurred as she focused on what she was sensing, lazily pulling out her datapad and forwarding the records.

    Then she shrugged. Why not - the time was nearly here, and they would be openly ruling after all. She may as well enjoy the moment while it remained novelty. "I am Alora, a Disciple of Marka Ragnos, the great Dark Lord of the Sith and soon to be Emperor of this galaxy, and right hand Twi'lek to Tavion, our leader." She smiled sweetly.

    "And we intend to drain the Force from the Jedi Temple, so that we might add its power to that we have collected from Yavin 4, from Dagobah, from Ruusan, from the destruction of Byss, from the Outlander's tomb on Chandrila, and a dozen other sites," Alora said, lifting her arms to the sky. "Then we may complete the rebirth of Ragnos, and bring Order to the galaxy."

    Alora looked back to Rouser, eyes feral, the yellow clearly showing in her eyes.

    "Once, and for all."

    However, for Linnett, clutching her Book of Sith, a reproduction that ended with Palpatine installing a Rule of One - himself, for all time - the Temple continued to call to her, giving her direction that Rouser and Alora would not.

    Little child, you are no Sith.

    I sense Light in you, not the other.

    The other who has hidden. She is on her way.

    Come, hurry, protect the artifacts/

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    IC: Ka'rta
    Gryyl Asteroid Belt

    Thankfully Rosec wasn't completely stupid diving down from combat as Ka'rta spat out indiscriminate fire. Her luck held as she struck a Y-Wing before falling in behind her smuggler client. She was moving as fast as she could her shields sparking as an ion bolt struck against them. The Osik wasn't going to last long against that assault she hoped that one of the TIEs got wise and took it out.

    "Unidentified assisting freighter." The TIE shuttle commed to her, "Identify yourself, and your business with the Empire." Was it time to lie or just continue on her way. There were pros and cons to each. If she stayed quiet maybe the shuttle gets picked off maybe it gets distracted. Or it could try and fire on her. Though talking could get her in just as much trouble. She wasn't the best, not the most persuasive of people. For now she kept quiet, if they press the issue she could always fain comm issues. She did just get wacked by an ion blast.

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    IC: Pascale Rouser and Alora
    Location: Fortuna, Alaris Prime, Kashyyyk System

    Pascale’s datapad pinged signaling that he had received the records. He quickly pulled it out to check they had all been received.

    It seemed this Temple was a former Academy for the Jedi but no information as to how it had become ruined. It was rediscovered after the Wookiees decided to colonize Alaris Prime, and it seemed that Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi both legend of the Jedi Order had come to help and discovered the Temple themselves. And all this under the backdrop of the so called colonial war between the Republic and the Separatists.

    And then the scantily clad Twi’lek decided to drop a bombshell. She was basically a Sith, part of the Disciples of Ragnos in Pascale’s opinion a mad cult of darksiders who were trying to resurrect some deceased Dark Lord. Still not to be messed with. And it seemed that she wanted to drain the Temple of its power and bring back this Dark Lord. And it sounded like she was now forcing him to do it.

    He had heard from not just his contacts in the underworld, but within the Rebels and the Empire that this cult was going around and causing a lot of trouble, and it seemed they had the resources and manpower to cause both the Empire and New Republic as it was now some grief. Pascale however tried to stay out of their way, he only cared if they decided to barge in and try to steal some of the artifacts he was after.

    He had also heard from his contacts that ships had arrived after he had departed, scouring the places where he had essentially just raided. It seemed he had his answer as to who was shadowing him. Perhaps it was even this female Twi’lek.

    Now he essentially, against his will being held hostage. He was never squeamish, but this was making him uncomfortable. Once he had done his task for her, what would happen? Would he be killed? Or essentially would she just keep him as her slave? It didn't even bear thinking about.

    “I guess I have no choice” he said keeping the smile on his face “You have essentially given me an offer I could not refuse. Plus you are paying me for it so…” he shrugged.

    “From what I can see from the records the Jedi came to this place and retrieved a Jedi Holocron, so there could be something there for you or I to study as well as you draining the place. It must be important enough to send two legendary Jedi here”

    He began to back up the Fortuna’s ramp “Plus since there is another ship that has just landed here it could be one of my competitors or even one of yours trying to steal all the glory from you”

    He spread his arms “So, shall we get started?”

    Alora watched Rouser work it out. All of it. The past few months; the Sith connection; the threat; the promise. He rose to it, and Alora was pleasantly surprised. He was an intriguing man.

    Perhaps he will be useful in many ways, she thought, whimsy. A throb in the Force told her that her Lady was coming. Business first, pleasure later.

    She nodded. “Come, a Dark Jedi was heading towards the Temple. Its presence in the Force is diffused across the forest, but between your expertise and my talents, I am sure we’ll make exceptional progress,” Alora purred.

    “And when the Dark Lord returns, I shall ensure you are remembered to him.”

    Pascale didn't know whether to be reassured by that statement or worried. He knew she would probably have her wicked way with him one way or the other, if he got the artifact or not. He was essentially heading into the pit of Hell, but he was getting paid handsomely for it and he could add another Jedi Temple to the list of places he had visited.

    There was also a Dark Jedi now added into the mix which was also bad news. Perhaps this lovely Twi’lek would be able to protect his back if this Dark Jedi decided to make things difficult. Pascale had no doubt she was probably a deadly fighter.

    “No doubts there” he said responding still keep the smile on his face “Come aboard, i’ll get those scans running”

    He made his way to the cockpit, he knew time was of the essence here, and if they wanted to beat the Dark Jedi then they had to be quick. No doubt he or she would definitely have a head start as they would have the Force to guide them, but they need to know the terrain they were about to encounter and only advanced sensors could do that.

    Pascale sat in the pilots seat and set the sensors to work. He used a penetrating terrain scan, anything that showed underground caves or catacombs would be detected, he also set the sensors to scan for any ruins on top, the sensors should hopefully penetrate the foliage around to find them.

    He tapped his fingers on the console, hoping Alora was not getting too impatient.

    A couple of minutes later his sensors pinged. It had found a structure with underground catacombs with ruins on top. There had apparently been a base built there as well, possibly during the showdown between the Wookiees and the Trade Federation.


    “The sensors have detected some ruins, looks like there may be catacombs underneath, probably where they kept their archives, Holocrons and such. The sensors also detect it was used as a base at some point as well, probably during the colonial war. Perhaps with your talents in the Force you can detect it’s nexus, where the Force stems from. I am not Force sensitive but I'm sure if you have been draining these sites you have an idea where the Force comes from in these places. I can download the data to my datapad so we have a map to follow, just in case the Dark Jedi tries to detect you.”

    Alora nodded thoughtfully, stretching out with her feelings. Very astute of him. Between his records, and her senses, and the data she did have...

    "The Temple was built some four millennia ago. During the Mandalorian Wars, Alaris was close to the front, so the Jedi Council ordered the system abandoned. Several Jedi refused, and joined Revan and his rogue Jedi. Even then, the Mandalorians never reached here, and Czerka Corporation discovered the Wookiees deeper in-system and enslaved them. Revan eventually returned and saved the Wookiees, of course, during the Jedi Civil War."

    Ancient history, but important to the Jedi and Sith.

    "Everyone at the time thought the abandonment of Alaris was..." A quirk of a smile. "Precipitous, at best. The Jedi Council was roundly criticised for actively endangering Republic citizens." A tap on her chin. "So it is a mild curiosity to me."

    "However, let's press on." She Indicated a direction, pouring over the increasingly detailed maps Rouser had patched together. She remained with a thoughtful expression on her winsome face.

    The history on this place was interesting and it was good of Alora to provide him with such. Legends, tales and myths always fascinated him as did the history of these Temples. People with powers he could never comprehend once marched through these halls with artifacts and treasures that they had collected through the years, things that they could record their history and teachings to pass on to future generations. Unfortunately it seems some of these Temples would never be used again.

    However the Twi’lek wanted to press on and so Pascale obliged.

    “This is probably the more direct route” he said tracing a line through the map “However with the Dark Jedi about we my have to deviate to avoid them, unless you would rather confront them, hopefully we can wait until after we have secured the prize for that” he said looking up into her face. “I’m sure you will probably need to grab some things from your ship, I will need to get changed and take some tools with me, just in case when we get there I need to remove something for you. And I don’t really want to get this nice suit dirty” he smirked at her “Perhaps I can even take something back to study. Or you might like something to add to your no doubt impressive collection”

    “If the Dark Jedi does intercept our direct route we can go this way” he said indicating another route on the map “It will take us longer to get there, but it is also a less risky route out of the ones we can choose.”

    Again he focused on her face “Hopefully your boss will be pleased with our results at the end of this”

    "Lady Tavion rewards those who serve her. Perhaps she will bestow the Force upon you as a gift," Alora said, lazily. "It is within her power, after all."

    That it was. Most of the Disciples were formerly Force mute, and Tavion had used the Scepter of Ragnos to bequeath them the Force. It was a skill that Lord Sidious was rumoured to have been unable to do unaided, of course. But he was a God in scale to Alora, and she regretted that she had never met the man who had made all of this possible.

    "You are welcome to any trinket you like, of course, once it has been drained of its potential."

    Alora eyed the routes. The latter took them to the rear of the Temple, supposedly, but the first would take them directly. "The quickest one. I shall use the Force to ensure that we are aware of any immediate danger." Alora was conscious that she was still shielding them both with the Force, but if they had speed on their side, she could afford to drop that and allow the Dark Jedi here to sense them…

    It would be interesting to have the Force Pascale mused but perhaps a trinket would do, especially if it had history attached. And so long as he got his credits he would be very satisfied.

    “Thank you for the offer, but i’m sure a trinket will suffice, it can help with my future research and another thing to add to my archives.” he didn't mention the credits, he didn't know if it would rile her up a bit or not. And to be honest even his weapons would be no use against her, she would dismember him with just her mind.

    He downloaded the data from his sensors including all the routes to his datapad, checking they were all secure and that the direct route would flash up “Direct route it is then” he said nodding. “I will trust you to keep us both alive, and you shall have what you most desire” he rose from his seat, turning to face the Dark Lady.

    “If you are ready I can get changed and gather my things, it won’t take long. Then we can head off with all speed. Time of course is of the essence”

    “Hop to it, Rouser,” she said, smiling. “My Lady awaits, and if she does, so is the Dark Lord of the Sith.”

    Alora looked carnivorous as she gazed out the viewport at the shattered Temple, all consumed by undergrowth and the worldforest itself. She tapped her comlink; a short-burst emerged.


    “The figure waits for no-one,” she said.

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