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Star Wars CLOSED Resurrection

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 5, 2019.

  1. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Feyna Rouser
    Hangar, above Commenor

    Her free hand went to hover over her own blaster, ready to defend her friends, her husband, or herself if necessary.

    That the Jedi were being blamed for the war--it sounded like Fey'lya propaganda to her. He wouldn't own up to how badly he'd screwed up, so he made the Jedi into his scapegoat. Rather a bit like Palpatine had once done.

    Her eyes narrowed at the offending crew members as Pascale told them off. "Do you hear yourselves? Do you know who you sound like?

    "What do you think the Vong will do once the Jedi are gone? They're not going to stop, whatever they say. First it's the Jedi, next it will be someone else. Eventually, it might be you, or your friends, your loved ones--will you turn on them, too?"

    She looked to Drayson. "I'll help, but not as an agent of the New Republic--which I have to say is acting a lot more like the Empire, if that's the road they're taking." She jerked her head at the twitchy crew. "Consider this my resignation from NRI."

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  2. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Silent and Friendly Mod of SWTV and SWC star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Madelyn Linnett

    Madelyn backed away in fright as people began to accuse her, to threaten to turn her over to the Vong. She felt scared and defenseless all at once, and reached for Paz's hand and she stepped back again as Drayson handed her a data pad and a warning.

    "We need to leave." She told Paz quietly. "And get somewhere safer." Madelyn hesitated. "Thank you." She told Drayson. It didn't feel like she could reason with these people. They just wanted someone to blame and right now that was her.

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  3. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Hiram Drayson
    Hangar, Starhawk, Commenor

    It was bad.

    But Pascale spoke, and Hiram had to smile. To think he had once disliked the man. He had grown into a truly positive and forthright influence.

    Then Feyna too, she defended her friends, and took the extra step of resigning from the New Republic. He couldn't have been more proud of her.

    "Resignation accepted," he said with a soft smile.

    Then Madelyn took the datapad and Hiram tuned back in.

    "Thank you."

    The crew was divided, some with weapons now drawn, and Hiram turned back.

    "You should be ashamed of yourselves. The war is not over. The Yuuzhan Vong are just taking a breath. You saw it, right here - their flotilla was plenty to capture Commenor, but they didn't - they bombed it and moved on to Duro. It's the first time they've held back on an occupation. We need to prepare - to be ready - to build and respond for when they are ready to continue their invasion." He stepped forward, and the closest of the crowd pulled back.

    Nobody was going to shoot a New Republic Admiral, decorated war hero of the Galactic Civil War.

    "We'll need everyone to take back what we've lost, and we will fight to the end."

    Paz pulled Madelyn's arm. "Let's go." He nodded to Feyna and Pascale and Rene and Marcus, who stood in support of them.

    The two ships were allowed to leave without interference, and they would have the coordinates of where to jump.

    But all roads, inexorably, lead to one place.

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  4. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    Months later

    The galaxy did not entirely learn, nor listen.

    Though Drayson managed to get the children off-world, the New Republic panicked.

    On both Devaron and Ando, Jedi were confronted.

    On Bonadan, the Corporate Sector cozied up to the Yuuzhan Vong and invited the invaders in.

    On Eriadu, even friendly groups such as the Jensaarai were struck down.

    A slave plantation was overthrown by the Jedi without New Republic aid, but at the cost of Jedi Master Ikrit.

    Jedi died.

    The New Jedi Order founded the Great River as the Yuuzhan Vong tightened their grip of their half of the galaxy. The territory between Ord Mantell around to Duro was mined by the enemy, preventing the New Republic from scouting or planning.

    The Core Systems rallied and amassed armadas to defend Coruscant, Kuat and a handful of other systems, even as Fondor slowly recovered. Corellia remained isolated, politically and in reality, as a terrible Jedi-led insurgency raged against them on New Plympto. Bothawui remained nestled behind a fleet, but even the shipyards of Bilbringi were under-defended.

    Commenor recovered, but exceedingly slowly.

    Eventually, the Jedi regrouped in the Deep Core, aboard Eclipse station.

    Inevitably, an invitation made it's way to Feyna and Pascale, and also to Madelyn and Paz.

    Both of their ships had been forced to the stars, for even Drayson's safe house was compromised.

    Rene and Marcus had headed to Coruscant and rented an apartment; they kept them up-to-date about the Senate's squabbling.

    For months now, the family had kept them just ahead of the Peace Brigade, collaborators working with the Yuuzhan Vong to 'save' the galaxy from the New Republic.

    And yes, Borsk Fey'lya became more and more despised.

    "You are personally invited by Luke Skywalker to Eclipse, coordinates enclosed herewith. It is time to make a stand for ourselves, and for our friends. May the Force be with you."

    Would they come?

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  5. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    OOC: Combo 1 of 2

    IC: Pascale, Feyna, and Rene Rouser, Marcus, and Hiram Drayson

    Leaving Commenor

    Pascale could not help but smile as he watched his wife giving the crew of the Starhawk a dressing down. However it did concern him as her hand hovered over her blaster.

    He hoped it would not come to violence, he detested it.

    His smile grew wider as she bluntly tendered her resignation as well. He did find her fiesty rather sexy. At least it took his mind off the fact that his planet had been burnt.

    Madelyn meanwhile looked scared, no wonder. Her, her husband, her own family were being threatened and it looked like she would rather be anywhere but here.

    Then it was time for Drayson's dressing down of the crew and it was just as impressive. And it seemed he had accepted Feyna's resignation with no problems at all. He gave Paz a nod as he tried to pull Madelyn away.

    "I think that is our cue to exit" he whispered into Feyna's ear, he didn't know if his brother and Marcus would be joining them but he waved at Rene to get his attention and then pointed at Fortuna.

    "Thank you" he said to Dtayson, letting go of his wife's hand and wrapping it around her back "You are more than welcome to join our band of...well I don't know what we are now" he looked to his wife to see if that was OK.

    Feyna nodded in agreement, both with leaving and inviting Drayson to...go rogue, or whatever it was they were doing.

    "Scaur knows we're close to Madelyn, and that we're friendly with Jedi in general. As useful as it would be to have someone on the inside, I have a feeling it won't be long before he turns on us."

    And by 'us,' she meant Drayson, too.

    Drayson smiled. "I have my responsibilities here, and I am Supreme Commander of the Chandrilan Defence Fleet. If this war keeps going the way it is, the Vong will be at Chandrila before we know it." He drew Feyna into an impromptu hug. "Be careful, Feyna, Pascale." He nodded to the latter and reached out to shake his hand.

    Pascale shook Drayson's hand and smiled "We always are" he replied. Rene and Marcus had not made a move yet and he was beginning to wonder if they were both going to stay aboard the Starhawk.

    "You be careful too, stay safe and we'll communicate with you if we can" he gave Drayson a final nod before heading back inside to start Fortuna up.

    He had no idea where they were going to head to though. Where could they go to help the Jedi out?

    Coordinates popped up on the screen….

    Feyna hugged Drayson back. "Take care."

    She said goodbye to Madelyn and Paz as well, hoping they'd be able to get to the kids all right, and get away from Coruscant, away from the Republic and the Vong.

    Following Pascale back onto the Fortuna, she joined him in the cockpit while they waited for Rene and Marcus--were they coming, or would they go with Drayson on the Starhawk?

    "So I guess we start looking for Jedi?" Those were Drayson's instructions anyway.

    There were some coordinates on the nav-screen. "First stop, or do you think that's the safe-world Drayson talked about?"

    Those coordinates led to a Core World outside the invasion corridor, Abregado-Rae, in the southern Core.

    It was a start, anyway.

    Rene and Marcus looked at the coordinates. "We'd like to be dropped off on Coruscant. It's ground zero for the invasion, yes, but it's also the safest place we can be. We'll find a lobbyist firm and see what we can do for Commenor on the capital." Rene said this, but Marcus nodded.

    "Is that okay?"

    Pascale shrugged at his wife "I'm hazarding a guess at first stop. Maybe there is a Jedi that needs to be brought off world quickly or whether we will meet a contact there that can give us more information who knows. But it is a start point".

    He shook his head I hate leaving Commenor behind especially with my parent's and Marcus's families fates unknown but I know there is not a lot we can do right now".

    To Rene he said "You do know you are throwing yourself in harm's way if they do arrive. I've lost enough family for one day. But if you can do what you can for Commenor then you have my support" he looked to Feyna to see if that was alright by her.

    "Just promise me one thing, if the Vong come, get yourselves off. We already have friends on the run and we will have to do the same so it will have to be a quick drop off" again he looked at Feyna to see if that was fine.

    She nodded again; though she worried about them staying on Coruscant, it was the only other planet besides Bothawui that was still being defended.

    "Please be careful." Hopefully they'd listen to Pascale, and get themselves out if the Vong resumed their attacks into the Core.

    Marcus and Rene embraced Pascale, and then Feyna. “We’ll be off world the moment the Vong start the war again. No point risking it. Hopefully by then we’ll all have come up with a plan - one that doesn’t involve the New Republic Senate,” Rene said.

    Marcus nodded. “That’s what we’re thinking. Setting up things in-case the government falls. A fail-safe, or a resistance.”

    Pascale hugged his brother and Marcus "Do what you can do, any help is better than no help at all" he smiled Mother and Father would be proud".

    "Just one more thing...keep in contact. Any messages we receive will be answered at some point, anything you can tell us about what's going on will be useful".

    He looked to Feyna as he turned his seat around and started Fortuna up and began to take her out of the Starhawk's hangar "Guess we will need some assistance from the underworld, and that's my former area of expertise."

    Feyna also hugged Rene and Marcus, smirking at the comment about the Senate. "Unless it comes through Drayson, best not involve the New Republic at all, I think."

    Pascale started to take them out. "I was just thinking that; Abregado isn't as straight-and-narrow as the other Core worlds. Isn't there an underground smuggling ring there?" She gave her husband a teasing smile. "Kind of the sort of place I imagine 'old-you' would have hung out."

    The light jab was meant as playful, not critical.

    Pascale watched as Commenor floated in Fortuna's viewport. We will be back on day, promise. But it was time to let the world heal.

    He took Feyna's comment in stride and gave her a mischevious smile back "You know me all too well cheri" he purred with a wink.

    "Yes it is known as a smuggling haven and one of the more...disreputable members of the Core worlds. And in actual fact I have done business there, especially if I have had cargo that is too risky to take myself especially through Imperial space".

    "And I have hung out there too" he winked again at Feyna "I may potentially have contacts who can help us perhaps with smuggling Jedi. Unless we are going to meet someone there of course that Drayson trusts".

    "Now since we are also going on the run you may need a new ID just in case, so if you've got one you used as an agent, you might as well dust it off. Fortuna may also need to have a new paint job as she will now be classed as a fugitive vessel and a new ID which I already have".

    He couldn't believe he was going to have to repaint his own yacht and change her name, to him she would always be Fortuna. But needs must when you had to go undercover as it were.

    "Anything else you think we need to do?"

    Feyna was not surprised to hear that he had indeed spent some time on Abregado in the past. He didn't talk about that chapter of his life very much, but that wasn't who he was anymore, either.

    "I don't think so," she replied, when asked if there was anything else they needed to do here. "Let's get Rene and Marcus to Coruscant, then off to Abregado."

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  6. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    OOC: Combo 2 of 2, with @JediMasterAnne

    IC: Pascale and Feyna Rouser
    Location: Fortuna/Firenze, Abregado-rae

    Pascale had returned his yacht now using the ID Firenze to Abregado-rae for a refuel and recharge stop after a rather long journey jumping around.

    They had just about missed a Peace Brigade convoy and so to make sure they were not followed Pascale jumped them back to Abregado-rae He knew they would hopefully be safe there.

    The galaxy seemed a lot less safer place nowadays. Dodging the New Republic, the Vong and the Peace Brigade made safer places few and farther between. Always looking over their shoulders, wondering if they would get caught.

    Plus if you were caught with a Jedi aboard. Precious moments with Feyna were always gratefully taken. But the nightmares of Commenor's destruction still haunted him. But he was mostly kept busy like Feyna with ferrying Jedi about or handing them over to his contacts.

    But with the safe house compromised it was getting more difficult. Even though the Fortuna had a new paint job (red and golden yellow) he still worried about them getting caught. Thankfully Rene had kept in contact, Madelyn was probbably laying low.

    Pascale was awoken by his datapad pinging at him. He yawned and reached over to the bedside table where it rested to have a look.

    Well, well looks like we have received a secret invitation…

    He waited for Feyna to wake up.

    Feyna scrunched up her face as the sound woke her--not an alarm... Datapad, she thought sleepily. Notification. Message.

    Shifting closer to Pascale, she eyed the offending device with irritation at first, but grew concerned as she became more awake. Was it another pick-up? Had someone been caught?

    The message was from Master Skywalker, inviting them to the Eclipse station.

    "They're planning something..." She realized.

    Pascale looked at the message a few times trying to decipher it's meaning before putting it back on the table.

    "I quite agree" he said putting his arm around Feyna pulling her closer "With the New Republic faltering and with no help coming over the nearest hill they probably have decided enough is enough and want to take matters into their own hands' '.

    "Madelyn I can understand them inviting as she is a Jedi, Paz of course is a Mando. But why do you think they would invite us?"

    Feyna lifted her head. "Well, they need whatever help they can get; there aren't enough Jedi to take on the Vong and the Peace Brigade on their own."

    Drayson had mentioned at Commenor that the number of active, qualified Jedi was under a hundred.

    Pascale began to run his hand through his wife's hair "A fair point."

    "We have been living like this for a while, cheri. Aleays looking over our shoulders, always worrying whether somebody would rat us out or chase us around. I hate it. Not even when I was a rogue was I chased around this much".

    "And we have been unable to fight back. Yes the Jedi and I suppose resistance elements have begun to fight back but even then the New Republic still stands by, does nothing and treats us like criminals".

    "So maybe Master Skywalker is planning something big".

    "I think it's going to have to be big, if there's going to be any change." This wasn't a time for baby steps. It was going to take something pretty drastic to stop the Vong, she thought.

    "I'm not exactly thrilled with living in constant fear of being caught, either, but we are doing the right thing. We have to believe that it's going to pay off in the end."

    She glanced back at the datapad. "So, are we going?"

    Pascale smiled and kissed Feyna "Of course we are going" he said gently "Anything to help our friends out. And at least we will be doing something to help. And maybe, just maybe the New Republic may listen".

    "And besides" he said sitting up slightly "I wouldn't go anywhere without you cheri. If you wanted to go anyway I would have come".

    "Now I suppose we'd better get ready for departure, but first I need a shower" he moved to get out the bed to go and grab what clothes he needed. He gave his wife a mischievous look "You are more than welcome to join me…"

    She smirked back playfully, gathering her own clothes and following him.

    Once they were ready, they headed up to the cockpit, Feyna settling into the copilot's seat. "So where do those coordinates lead to?"

    Pascale, now dressed back in his usual suit ensemble (and feeling very pleasant after the shower) took the pilot's seat "Let's see what we have here shall we?"

    He inputted the coordinates into the nav computer and see what it spat out….

    "Eclipse, planet in the Deep Core" he shook his head "i've never heard of it but I have heard the Deep Core can be dangerous. Well, it did contain the Yvetha".

    He looked at his wife to see if she knew anything about it.

    Feyna shook her head; she didn't know anything about Eclipse, but the Deep Core was notoriously difficult to navigate, and the stronger gravitational forces could be dangerous. The New Republic had chased the Second Imperium there, but they'd cleared out before the Vong had arrived.

    Good place to hide, though. Harder to be followed.

    "I guess we'll find out," she shrugged.

    Pascale nodded and after asking for the fuel and power lines to be decoupled, got clearance to take off.

    He took the yacht up and out and as soon as the yacht was clear of the gravity well he jumped Fortuna into hyperspace.

    There was one thing he was glad of during these past months, that none of his sordid past history had come up. Pascale always worried that one day it would come back to bite him.

    He just hoped they didn't encounter any problems along the way and he wondered what plan Master Skywalker had in mind...

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  7. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Silent and Friendly Mod of SWTV and SWC star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Madelyn Linnett

    Madelyn had been curled up on the co-pilot chair when the message came through from Luke Skywalker. She nor Paz, as far as she knew; had been in much contact with with Luke lately.

    She had been worried about keeping her family safe. About Paz, and hoping he didn't regret having a Jedi for a wife now that Madelyn was being hunted.

    But maybe if we stand up against them, we can have a normal life. And I don't have to worry so much.

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  8. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    OOC: A loooong combo in the making—thank you so much to @Sinrebirth! You've been amazing throughout! [:D]

    IC: Aryan Graul, Lumiya, and several specters
    On the edge of reality

    Awareness flooded Aryan’s senses, forcing a gasp from his lips as he jerked awake and instinctively squinted up at the white brilliance streaming down from above. Surprisingly, there was no more pain, but that hardly seemed to matter once he focused his attention on the tantalizing light shining overhead. The orb was bright and luminous compared to the doldrums of his mind, and he found himself drawn to it like a swarm of blister gnats buzzing around a ronto’s behind.

    At first, he assumed the source originated from the sterile light fixtures found in a typical medical center—he had suffered extensive injuries on his mission, after all. But as his eyes began to adjust to his new surroundings, he became aware of the enclosed space and the high, steep walls that encircled him.

    There was no monitoring equipment; no medical bed. It was essentially a box.

    Wait, no. It was more than that.

    Along the edges, Aryan noted that the surface appeared rough and textured, almost as if someone had carved etchings into the wall itself. He soon recognized them as scars. Lightsaber scars. That realization allowed the horrible truth to sink in—this was not an ordinary box or prison cell. It was the nightmare he had escaped from all those years ago.

    He was back.

    Panic immediately began to set in, prompting Aryan to utter a feeble moan in his distress. As he staggered to his feet and scrambled for the nearest facade, his fingers clawing desperately against the black ebony in an attempt to break free, he failed to notice the mysterious figure scrutinizing him from the space above. That’s when she spoke, her voice acquiring an ethereal quality as it echoed across the chamber.

    "I traded an apprentice for you, Aryan Graul."

    He paused and craned his neck to stare up at the figure, his lips parted in both surprise and fear. The harsh light created a distinctive silhouette of a woman attired in a triangular headdress, one hand hanging loosely at her side and coiled around a weapon that resembled a whip. While she appeared intimidating enough, he had no recollection of ever crossing paths with her before. This certainly wasn’t Tavion.

    "I would appreciate you telling me just why I did that," she continued in a jeering tone. Despite the shadows concealing her features, he could practically feel her smile as she leered at him through the darkness.

    "I...I don’t know," Aryan muttered with a shake of his head, the words slipping from his mouth before he even had a chance to consider his answer. "If it was up to me, I would say that you made a terrible mistake. I—I can’t give you anything. They—he took it all from me."

    Exhaling sharply, his thoughts went out to Arek before he slumped back down to his knees, tired and hopelessly defeated.

    Lumiya, for it was clearly her, peered at her fingernails. "Yes, I gather that. A Holocron, which emerged from... what, exactly? The vaunted Epitaph power? Seems suspicious."

    "But it vanished in the middle of the confrontation with Wyrrlok, Vassago, and some other pretend-Sith," Lumiya smirked slightly. "So here I am, raiding your dreams as a phantom, but it all comes back to this room, where you were tortured by Sentan Moor, on behalf of the Emperor himself..."

    "Now, a Second Imperium attempts to rebuild his Empire in Palpatine's name, but nobody has ever met the reborn man, not in the three years since he took back the reins," she chuckled drily. "Sounds like a hoax to me, if I ever heard one." She leaned down, holding his chin and redirecting his face to look into her green eyes.

    "Whatever this Epitaph is, I want it. The Second Imperium wants it and threw aside a Sith cult for it. A gamble, perhaps, but I realise now, and only now, that my apprentice had it..." Her jaw worked, as if in memory, or perhaps in pain. "Darth Syren was more than just an apprentice to me."

    She slapped Aryan to the floor, who of course would notice he had no pain, not in this between-place.

    Darth Syren.

    There was a ripple there, in Aryan Graul's memory... or, rather, the memories that he didn't yet have...

    Lumiya sneered. "Tell me why I shouldn't leave you a wreck of a man, even moreso than your body is now. I could crush your brain, once and for all, and you will never recover."

    As Aryan pondered the question, he merely cowered on his hands and knees where Lumiya had deposited him, his teeth clenched and his face angled toward the concrete floor. While he might have felt some relief over her revelation that this was only a dream, he did not want to tip the balance unnecessarily. He already knew from experience that dreams could easily become reality and cause indescribable pain.

    For instance, he could not ignore the words she had spoken or the memories they stirred within his mind. It was all so familiar, fantastical tales about a Holocron, a special calling, and a hidden conspiracy that he had heard several times before, and yet some aspects were glaringly different.

    One, in particular, aroused his senses beyond anything he could explain. Who was Darth Syren and why did that name stimulate his emotions in such a way?

    Aryan clamped down on that thought, pushing it from his awareness so that he could focus on another memory that soon rose to the surface—it was an agonizing memory, but one that may provide the answer to pacify Lumiya’s wrath...if that was the route he wanted to take. At this point, he wasn't so sure if losing himself would be such a detriment. Perhaps it could serve as a true release from all of his suffering...

    That notion continued to linger, even as he parted his lips to speak.

    "You admit...that—that you want the Epitaph power and proof that the Second Imperium exists," he noted as he slowly lifted his chin to peer into her face with calm defiance. "I can reveal that to you. I’ve encountered White Eyes...and lived."

    "Who is White Eyes," Lumiya said, stepping forward, her hands resting upon his throat, betraying a durasteel grip. "If you cannot tell me that, then you are nothing."

    The box faded for the cloaked man, his white eyes burning like suns. Lumiya dropped Aryan and strode over to the illusionary memory, attempting to see beneath his hood. But nothing was there, for Aryan did not know. Not this Aryan, anyway. Or was it perhaps, not yet?

    As that thought was imposed upon him - not by Lumiya, but by some mysterious, unseen narrator, Aryan himself split in three, into a Senator from Nubia that cringed before a woman that appeared to be a much younger Shira Brie - and a differing one, holding a woman lovingly, and her name crested his lips.

    His Syren.

    Lumiya turned from White Eyes, to face the three Aryan's.

    "What is this," she hissed.

    A gasp escaped from Aryan’s chapped lips as he staggered back, his hand instinctively going toward his throat to ease the discomfort her vice-like grip had imposed upon him. It took him a few moments to regain his bearings, but once he angled his chin to survey his surroundings, he noticed the source of the Dark Lady’s dismay. In an unsettling twist that mirrored his earlier encounter with his other-self, two doppelgangers emerged to join them within this mindscape. One was him as a much younger man, while the other appeared almost exactly as he did now, except for the beard.

    They seemed to have materialized from…himself, as if a part of his very essence had split to form these two entities. Were they alternate versions of himself? Memories? A reflection of his subconscious? Whatever the case, he could not recall anything that would help him to understand this reality. He was confused, perhaps even terrified of these strange happenings. This reflected in his eyes as he stared at the beings before him, suddenly oblivious to Lumiya’s presence.

    And Aryan Graul stared back.

    Leaning away from Syren’s embrace, the former Chancellor worked his jaw in silent consternation, his eyes narrowed as he tried to comprehend the scene unfolding around him. It was as if the walls of their private quarters aboard the Star Destroyer Arae had dissolved into oblivion. He could not fathom how they had ended up in this terrible place, a desolate wasteland filled with apparitions he did not care to acknowledge. They were of the worst kind, after all—himself.

    Two of them. One disheveled and fearful, and the other young and cocksure.

    Could Syren see them as well?

    Or was this all the result of the alcohol he had indulged in earlier that evening?

    "I think I should’ve stopped with that first whiskey," the bearded Graul vocalized his thoughts, trying to convince himself that he wasn’t growing soft.

    However, Aryan Graul had no need for such concerns.

    Even the two wraiths that wore his own face did not seem to trouble him, nor the cloaked figure with white, burning eyes. He did not perceive them as a threat; they were not real. After being engaged in a life or death struggle with a Dark Jedi, a particularly vile woman by the name of Shira Brie, the Senator recognized this farce for what it was. It was a mere illusion created through the Force, a vast dreamscape designed to weaken his resolve – a part of the Dark Jedi Insurgence. She planned to entrap him, though Aryan would not allow her to succeed.

    That’s when he shifted his gaze to the woman in the triangular veil. The elaborate headpiece may have concealed her features, but the lightwhip at her side gave away her identity. It was his assailant. Despite the fact that a younger version of Shira Brie still remained within striking distance, the Senator knew that the veiled woman was the true enemy. It was a clever disguise, but it did not escape his notice.

    It was time to act; to end this and save the Peace Summit.

    Reaching within his suit jacket, he swiftly removed the blaster from his shoulder holster and leveled the barrel at the woman’s head. "A charade," Aryan sneered, replying to her prior exclamation.

    He did not wait for a response and simply depressed the trigger.

    Lumiya raised her hand, catching the bolt on her palm, squeezing it and dispelling it, before batting the pistol from that Aryan's hand. "Interesting," she said, softly.

    "A divergence, it would seem." Her hand snaked out, and she took the Nubian Aryan in her hand, yanking him to her hand. It was an echo of a memory that would be etched upon a dream that the man named Skelm would one day confusingly have.

    The Sith regarded the man who had the imprint of another upon him; a woman, a whisper of Syren. Lumiya mused. "So you existed as a traitor of a man, twice now," her eyes took in the older Aryan... "Correlation, causation?"

    The woman looked thoughtful. "A change?"

    She wondered aloud. "So what can I do, or perhaps, who needs to do it?" She threw the Skelm-to-be to the ground, and drew the older one to her with a finger. "What do you know of these two?"

    The White-Eyed spectre simply stood, staring, a curl of a perpetual smile in the Force...

    The Dark Lady’s speech roused Aryan from his stupor, though it was the heavy thud of his younger self striking the ground that ultimately prompted a reaction. He visibly winced and turned to regard the man, noting his struggle as he slowly picked himself up onto his hands and knees. The humiliating ordeal would no doubt force him to confront his wounded pride. It was an experience the older man could certainly relate to.

    In fact, for a fleeting moment, Aryan considered going to the man’s aid, but Lumiya swiftly intervened by ensnaring him with the Force. Invisible tendrils wrapped themselves around his legs, torso, and neck and pulled him forward against his will. His boots scuffed feebly along the ground as the Sith loomed ever closer.

    And yet, he did not protest. He felt exhausted in both body and mind, and he feared that he no longer had the willpower to resist. This was evident through the helpless look he conveyed to both the bearded Graul and the younger man at his feet before he turned to meet Lumiya’s gaze. Perhaps it was a silent plea.

    He realized that he had no idea how to adequately answer her question; he had no knowledge about a divergence or what may have caused such an event. Why did these doppelgangers exist?

    "I...I’m not sure," Aryan murmured quietly, canting his head to briefly consider the cloaked specter standing nearby. He still trembled under his scrutiny, but he had to wonder if he was the only one capable of revealing the truth. In the end, he decided that it wasn’t worth the effort, especially if it led to more torture at his hand, and quickly returned his attention to the Dark Lady.

    "There’s no context. They’re obviously me, but I don’t know from when or…where. It doesn’t make sense. I have no recollection of any of this."

    Lumiya looked intrigued. "That's the fact of it." Her hand stroked the cheek of the Aryan Graul from a future... and then glanced at the Aryan Graul that had followed a different path to the older one. "There's a point between the three of you, a tie..."

    If Aryan had any lingering doubts about the plausibility of this existence—if it was still merely a manifestation of the alcohol he had recently consumed—they instantly vanished when the woman lured him close and caressed his cheek. An icy chill ran down his spine upon her touch, and he reflexively responded by reaching up to grab her wrist.

    He started to apply pressure to ward her off, but that’s when he caught the eye of the younger Graul as he finally staggered back to his feet. The young man shook his head once and narrowed his eyes dangerously, a silent warning not to do anything rash. Apparently, he had learned his lesson after already incurring her wrath. They would have to bide their time.

    And so, the bearded Graul released his grip and stepped aside, glowering at her under a penetrating stare.

    She narrowed her eyes, focusing upon an image.

    "A holocron? Pyramidal? Red?"

    She glanced at the Aryan she had kidnapped from Korriban. "Where is it?"

    Both the Senator of Nubia and the bearded Graul turned to exchange glances with their older counterpart. It was a fascinating inquiry, and they anticipated his response. Despite their uncertainty, they wanted answers just as much as he did.

    However, Aryan Graul could not provide them with those answers—not entirely. While he knew exactly what Lumiya was referring to, a strange incident had occurred to separate him from the object of her desire. It was an encounter that closely mirrored their current predicament. He perceived it as a dream, but the similarities went beyond a mere coincidence.

    But how to make her understand? Her persistence had already dissolved into an obsession, which gave rise to his panic. Sweat began to bead on his forehead, and his pulse quickened as he worked up the courage to explain. "I–I don’t know," Aryan uttered in a gravelly whisper. "I don’t have it, not anymore. It was stolen from me by…"

    He paused to survey the faces of the two men standing before him, searching for the thief who had invaded his dreams. Curiously, he could not identify him; he was not among those who had appeared in this reality. Did that mean there was another version of himself still unaccounted for?

    That revelation scared him more than he cared to admit, the words now tumbling from his mouth without restraint. "He looked like me, but more affluent…successful. It was like peering across to an alternate reality—what could have been if I had chosen a very different path after the Senate disbanded. He also resonated with a deep Force presence. I could feel that much, even with my meager abilities. I suspect he was well-trained to accomplish what he did."

    Pursing his lips, Aryan then inclined his chin to meet Lumiya’s gaze. "He came to me in my dreams and lifted the Holocron from my possession. When I awoke, it was gone...and so was he."

    "So there is an alternate side to this story..." Lumiya looked amused. "These aren't just fragments of your deluded, broken mind..." She eyed the White Eyes staring at them, frozen, a mere hallucination. "The true power that this man seeks is that power..."

    There was a certainty to her. "The power of the Change."

    With the word, there was a resonance through the man who would become Skelm, and indeed he transformed into him, fresh from being named, previously standing in the Indigo Tower. Lumiya watched the change and glanced to the Aryan of this reality. "And who is this?"

    "Or," she said, drawing her lightwhip on seeing the lightsaber on Skelm's belt. "When is this?"

    The Holocron, she could sense it, somehow, somewhat…

    Aryan watched in bewilderment as the younger version of himself shifted and morphed into the man he had encountered in his dreams—the man who had deceived him and had stolen his prize. The transformation itself was spontaneous, which contributed to Aryan’s confusion and fear. He had reached his limit on what he could endure in terms of these strange happenings, and as he turned back toward Lumiya, he collapsed to his knees and ran both hands through his tousled hair.

    "T–that’s–I think, uh…might be him," he stammered in a harsh whisper, his blue-gray eyes imploring her to grant him a release from the madness. He didn’t even bother to explain who he was referring to anymore.

    Meanwhile, Skelm staggered back and inclined his chin to observe his new surroundings as they swam into focus. The Force initially failed to provide much clarity, other than a subtle tingle at the back of his mind. But when he reached out to further probe this curious anomaly, it quickly expanded to encompass the entire space, filling it with a sense of dread. That’s when he recognized that this place felt tarnished...or torn, almost as if it shouldn’t exist at all.

    How was that...possible?

    But then he noticed his counterpart crouched down on the ground in an enfeebled state. While Skelm couldn’t be certain by merely looking at him, his intuition told him that this was the same man he had tricked into handing over his Holocron. That meant he had returned to the peculiar dreamscape from earlier.

    And it had apparently evolved to include another iteration of himself, a bearded version—he had to admit that it didn’t look half bad; it was a convincing case to grow out his own at some point—along with a mysterious woman in a triangular veil. He noted that the latter was strikingly graceful in her form-fitting dress, and despite the scarf that concealed her features, she appeared…familiar somehow.

    He soon realized why.

    The lightwhip she brandished at her side immediately attracted his gaze. It was a unique weapon that triggered Skelm’s memory, allowing his mind to drift back fourteen years to the Dark Jedi insurrection on Coruscant. This was the same woman who had attacked him, who had nearly humiliated him.

    No more.

    A wicked grin spread over Skelm’s features. "Shira Brie," he recited her name with a hint of malice, his azure blade crackling to life with a distinctive snap-hiss. "I thought you had succumbed to Darth Ananke’s wrath, but apparently she wasn’t as thorough as her boasting led me to believe. There are loose threads that even she left survived."

    "Ananke?" Lumiya flicked the light-whip up and at Skelm, wondering. As she did, the joint-mindscape answered, creating an image of the Sith.

    Lumiya frowned as she saw the woman, formerly Qi’ra. She knew that face, had recently apprenticed her. "Syren?"

    Of course, when she did that, Darth Syren appeared, but not just the Qi’ra that Lumiya had taken - and lost - but the woman that Aryan of the future had taken as his lover.

    With a flourish, Lumiya turned aside from whatever Skelm would inevitably do while she was distracted, spinning and lashing out her whip at his throat. "The ties between you and her... how intriguing."

    She could see the connections, personified by these three women and these three men. There was more, she could sense it, but she didn’t have the anchors with which to draw them out.

    Not yet, anyway. The Sith Lady held out her hand, fingers ready to snap, and awaken her Aryan Graul... the man she intended to keep close for many, many years to come.

    "What say you to these women... to these Qi’ra’s and Syren’s..." There were shadows here, others, but it would take time for Lumiya to dig at it all... "to your three fates."

    Aryan, who remained huddled before the Dark Lady’s feet, angled his chin to survey the scene, practically shaking in his distress. It was hard to focus at first, his vision clouded with specters from his past; literal nightmares that came surging back to haunt every waking thought. But they faded just as suddenly, the horrific images warping and evolving to become the fates that Lumiya had referred to.

    He watched as Skelm pivoted and brought up his azure blade to block the writhing tendrils of Lumiya’s lightwhip. The slash nearly missed his throat, but that hardly slowed down his momentum. Or rather, from Aryan’s perspective, it appeared as if the other man was too distracted to pay it much heed. Once he cleared the attack, he swiftly turned to confront the fate known as Qi’ra with a vengeance he had never seen displayed in himself before.

    What had occurred in this divergent reality to cause such unbridled rage?

    Alternatively, the bearded Graul adopted a defensive stance as he placed himself between the expanding conflict and the woman he now recognized as Syren. It was as if he was trying to protect her, a notion that Aryan could certainly relate to. Despite the distance that separated them, he felt an inherent connection to this woman. It was something…familiar that resonated within his very soul.

    That same connection also served as the catalyst that bolstered his strength, affording him the confidence to finally meet Lumiya’s gaze. "I—I don’t know them," Aryan replied in a harsh whisper, the strain evident in his voice. "I’ve never seen them before, and there’s no correlation. I...I don’t see how this is relevant."

    Clenching his jaw, he then straightened his posture to show his resilience. "Whatever you hoped to gain, you—you’ve failed."

    Lumiya snapped a finger, and they were suddenly back in the box, where it had all started.

    The one carved on the inside.

    "I will master the Change, and the Epitaphs, and complete Palpatine's research, little man."

    Her hand snapped out, and he was levitated into her waiting grip. It squeezed, physically compressing his breathing. "You are nothing to me. I am the Dark Lord of the Sith. You impede me at your peril."

    She drove him into unconsciousness, infuriated by his resistance.

    Aryan would have the distinct impression that there was supposed to be something rising up within him to defend him.

    A sentience should have come to his aid.

    There was no Darkness within him...

    ... he was no Skelm.

    Aryan instinctively winced at that revelation, despite not fully understanding its significance.

    He had recently witnessed Skelm’s raw fury and was fearful of the way the darkness had pervaded the man’s presence. It had rendered his alternate self unrecognizable, both in mind and spirit. And yet, he could not ignore the longing he felt—the hollow void within himself, knowing that this distinct personality had retreated.

    Or had he ever been there at all?

    It was becoming more difficult to differentiate between reality and perception, especially after his recent ordeal. He was too confused, too rattled by his experiences. But if this was simply another manifestation of his addled mind, then why did he feel so…betrayed?

    That last thought lingered, haunting him, even as he felt the physical pressure upon his neck from Lumiya’s vice-like grip. It depleted what little remained of his energy, and he found that he no longer had the resolve to openly defy or to resist her cruel punishment. He merely allowed his body to fall slack as he surrendered himself to her dark embrace.

    Eventually, he slipped into merciful oblivion.

    It was the last time he remembered being conscious for some time.




    Time would tell.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Jedi Master Luke Skywalker
    Eclipse, the Deep Core

    As they reached the asteroid field and concealed space station, they would arrive together, Paz recognising and trailing behind Pascale's old yacht. He stepped forward, though most of the techs and pilots gathered were looking at their datapads, in a mirror of the moment with Drayson aboard the Starhawk months before. There were many Jedi present - Corran Horn, Tresina Lobi, Ganner Rhysode...

    If they had access to the HoloNet, they would have news that the war had just restarted, and that the Yuuzhan Vong just attacked Yag'Dhul - and pulled back thereafter, mind you. Apparently Admiral Kre'frey and Jedi Master Kyp Durron, assisted by Jaina Solo, had just led a strike and destroyed a Yuuzhan Vong shipyard and one of the largest worldships ever seen - simultaneous to the Yuuzhan Vong assault.

    So the war was on... but would that be relevant to Madelyn, Feyna and Pascale?

    It would depend if they noticed that Luke and Mara Skywalker were stepping up to greet them and also noticed that Luke had in the crook of his arm a swaddled baby... their baby.

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    IC: Pascale Rouser
    Location: Fortuna/Firenze, Eclipse

    They had made it without incident and Pascale brought Fortuna in for a smooth landing.

    After shutting down her systems and doing a quick check Pascale stood up from his seat, turned and placed a hand on his wife's shoulder "Shall we see what the fuss is then?"

    He left the cockpit and activated the ramp, hopefully Feyna was not too far behind. As he walked down he spotted Paz was there, he gave the Mandalorian a polite nod. It also meant that Madelyn was here too as well as maybe his nieces and nephews.

    There were Jedi here aplenty, no doubt sheltering here after Fey'lya had effectively made them fugitives. And he had received news whilst on the way from his underworld contacts that the war had restarted again.

    So much for the Warmaster's so called peace offering.

    He spotted Luke and Mara Skywalker and...was that a baby? It seemed they had been busy since he had seen them last.

    He gave them both a nod and a small bow, hopefully Feyna had arrived now "Masters Skywalker, it has been a long time since we have seen you last. Good to see you well again Mara, we had heard you had been ill and am glad you have finally purged it".

    He smiled " And it seems you have a new addition to your clan. Congratulations".

    Pascale did'nt know how Feyna would react to seeing the Skywalkers having a child now. Of course she had wanted a child but they had both agreed it would be after this war was done. Would seeing everyone's kids together change her mind?

    Pascale knew he was not getting any younger and time he supposed was running out in regards to them possibly having a child. But there was a war on although the Skywalkers did notcseem too concerned about having one with a war on.

    "So, the big question is why have we been invited here?"

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    IC: Feyna Rouser
    Eclipse Station

    She'd followed Pascale out into the station's hangar, nodding hello to Madelyn and Paz when she saw them. There was quite a gathering here; several Jedi, and a number of non-Jedi as well.

    They hadn't seen Luke or Mara since Fenn's funeral (that Feyna could recall), though she remembered hearing that Mara had been ill, around the time of the attack at Dantooine--nothing about a pregnancy. She was happy for them, though, and glad to see that Mara seemed recovered from her illness.

    "Congratulations," Feyna echoed her husband.

    The topic quickly and inevitably shifted to the war, and they'd had reports that things were heating up again. No surprise there, really. When Pascale asked as to the reason behind the mysterious invitation, Feyna nodded o affirm her own curiosity of the same, waiting to hear the plan.

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    IC: Madelyn Linnett
    Eclipse Station

    Madelyn arrived with Paz, she was a little stressed. Not knowing if this was really a good idea. Things were harder now then before. And Madelyn certainly didn't want their children to go into war.

    She nodded back at Feyna and Pascale as they arrived, but it was Eleanor who drew her attention to the Jedi, as well as Luke and Mara.

    "Auntie Mara, Uncle Luke!" Eleanor ran fast off the ramp of the ship up to Luke and Mara; who Madelyn realised had a bundle in their arms. A baby.

    "You have a baby!" Eleanor grinned up at them, and stood on her tip toes to get a better look. She reached out with the force even, trying to figure out the baby-

    "Why is she so excited?" Pre came up next to his father. "Babies are gross."

    "You're just saying that cause Titus used to get sick on you whenever you held him." Luminara said from Madelyn's side.

    Pre glanced at her around Paz's leg, smirking. "At least I'm not the ugliest looking sister on this side of the galaxy."

    Luminara grinned. "You're worse looking then me little brother. Who'd want to marry you're ugly mug?"

    Madelyn sighed and looked at Paz, trying not to smile. "Shall we?"

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    IC: Luke Skywalker
    Eclipse Station

    He smiled at the reserved response of Pascale and Feyna, replying warmly. "Thank you for coming, and thank you for the kind words. Ben here is a little miracle." He stroked his sons head, and Mara looked more fiercely protective than happy, but that was to be expected.

    Then the Linnett family clattered in, the entire family swarming around - Eleanor, Pre, Titus, Luminara -

    Luke crouched down to show Eleanor the baby, and Mara did melt a little, taking the baby. "Come on, guys, the adults have to chat about boring things, and there are other children here in the level over." She gave Madelyn and Paz a warm smile, genuinely, and swept out of the room.

    "We'll follow after at a slower pace, don't worry," Luke said.

    "I know you've all been on the run and contributing towards the Great River, but now the war has restarted," Luke nodded at the various pilots and techs and Jedi regarding their datapads. "We need to plan ahead. But we don't just need Jedi, we need X-wing pilots, to gather more Intelligence, to be more proactive than reactive."

    "I invited you hear to discuss the beginnings of my plans - a wing of pilots, specialized projects researching Yuuzhan Vong tech with the greatest Jedi minds, working on new weapons and stepping up to defend the New Republic." He hesitated. "I was careful not to take an aggressive role before, because I was afraid our Knights would fall to the dark side fighting an enemy outside the Force... but we really have no choice but to fight."

    As he walked, he took them through an analysis room, diverting away from the corridor that Mara had led the children off down. On it was a galactic map showing the main New Republic deployments. "Fey'lya has kept what's left of the Fifth at Bothawui, but even Bilbringi is only defended by a single capital ship." His tone was unimpressed. "But most of the Defense Force is in the Core, ready to defeat the Yuuzhan Vong." The display showed the better part of thirty thousand ships holding around Coruscant, Kuat and other embattled worlds.

    Luke hesitated. "I've been keeping an eye on the flotilla that took Duro too - and attacked Commenor." A smaller display showed that force holding at Jumus, not far from Corellia and in the same sector. Corellia itself was defended by an all-too small deployment of frigates. "They just used their bioweapons to smash New Plympto, and I've sent Jedi to see what we can do for the survivors." He indicated another planet in the sector - Talfaglio. "But with a million refugees holding here, I'll be also looking for a safer location to move them - and the children of the Jedi and our allies."

    He looked at them each.

    He knew Commenor was Pascale's homeworld; and he knew that keeping the children safe had been the guiding star of Paz and Madelyn since Tsavong Lah offered a treaty to the galaxy in exchange for its Jedi.

    So how much would they dedicate to the cause?

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    IC: Pascale Rouser
    Location: Eclipse

    Pascale nodded at Madelyn, she Paz and the kids had made it which was good.

    A pang of sadness did enter his thoughts as the kids did not approach him nor Feyna. But he supposed the kids hadn't seen him nor Feyna in quite a while.

    As Mara took the kids away Luke got down to business as Pascale followed behind, keeping a look out for his wife.

    So Luke had decided to put together a group in basically research and development in ways of combating the Vong. Defending the New Republic though? Pascale did wonder why they would still defend the New Republic after they had basically cast them out.

    Passing through Luke mentioned that they had been keeping an eye on both Republic and Vong fleets including the one that had attacked his homeworld.

    Most people would seek revenge, perhaps the old him maybe would. But all it would do was get him killed, and drag Feyna along on a foolhardy crusade.

    So Luke was basically asking them: what can you do to help?

    Pascale thought a few minutes before answering.

    "Well i'm not a pilot and i'm certainly not a fighter. In fact I despise violence, but I have seen enough death and destruction in this war to haunt me for the rest of my life" he nodded at Feyna and smiled "My wife however is a good all rounder, she was a spy after all".

    He turned back to Luke "I retired from New Republic Intelligence because i'm tired of fighting, and i've seen what the New Republic truly is. So I will help you, but i'm not doing it to defend the New Republic but for the innocents out there, for you and for my family".

    "So what can I do? Well as you know I was quite well known in the dark underworld. I can provide you with names of people I trust that can help you, smuggiling and such".

    He smiled slightly "Perhaps I should go back to my rogue roots as well. I was rather good at smuggling artefacts, maybe perhaps I can take up that job again".

    "I don't suppose the Yuuzhan Vong carry artefacts around, I would like to get my hands on some if they do…."

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    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Feyna Rouser
    Eclipse Station

    "We've had a little experience with some Vong tech and weapons," Feyna said, hesitant. She didn't want to reference Dantooine more than necessary--and she also noted how Madelyn's children hadn't greeted her or Pascale, but there was a baby to monopolize their attention--but the grutchin, the weird goo, the snake-staff, all came to mind. "But probably not anything than you haven't already seen...

    "I can pilot, or as my husband said, I can work Intel..." She wasn't entirely sure what would be most helpful.

    She worried a little, though--she and her husband usually worked as a team; would she and Pascale have to split up? Would he be okay with it if they were?

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