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Star Wars CLOSED Resurrection

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 5, 2019.

  1. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Silent and Friendly Mod of SWTV, SWC and RPG star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Eleanor Magnus, Madelyn Linnett
    Denon orbit

    Eleanor gave her father a sharp look before the Imperials denied them access and started to pull them in with a tractor beam, she looked to her mother for help; but Madelyn had shut her eyes and seemed focused on something.

    "Do you feel that?"

    Eleanor frowned, but she started to sense it too. "A Sith?"

    Madelyn shook her head. "I don't know. Be cautious." She looked at Feyna as she spoke, wondering if she did the right thing. Force. I don't know of that was a good idea.

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  2. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Captain Klau
    Aboard the Redoubtable, Denon orbit

    The ship rattled off some ridiculousness about the Fortuna, a ship that was marked for capture by the Galactic Alliance but currently sequestered at the command of the local Moff. So Captain Klau simply reeled them in.

    "Put them with the others," he ordered.

    A squad of four Stormtroopers were in the main hangar, with another squad of four acting as a cordon of a group of refugees.

    An olive-shirted officer with a datapad in hand called out to them.

    "Come out with your hands up, and your processing shall move all the quicker."

    Paz glowered. "Yup. Just like the old days." He looked to the others. "Feyna, I think you should 'steal' our ship and head to the surface. We'll cover for you." He eyed Madelyn and Eleanor. "Which one of you is going with her, and which one is staying with me?"

    The resonance in the dark side was eclipsed by something else; something closer.

    In the Force, there was something resonating with Feyna.

    There was someone in the group of refugees nearby who felt like her.

    Could it be... Nola?

    Paz frowned at the two of them. "Guys?"

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    IC: Carlos


    The Glove went tumbling away and he leapt after it. His hands closed around it -

    And then it quirked out of his grip, moving another few feet -

    Carlos looked at the attacker, who had twirled a finger to move the Glove midway through cutting down a trooper.

    His chin visible from the hood, the man - the Sith, Carlos decided, until proven otherwise - jerked as he saw Pascale.

    With a flourish, the Sith leapt over, deflecting a shot back into a trooper as he did, and landed to slash at the man -

    Scrambling to his feet, Carlos ran towards the glove, and another trooper grabbed at him, and it -

    Wrestling, the violence continued as the Sith sought to kill Pascale Rouser.

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  3. AgentViper007

    AgentViper007 Force Ghost star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    OOC: A combo with @Sinrebirth

    IC: Pascale Rouser, Carlos Morrow and the Mystery Sith Guest
    Location: Denon

    It was all going to hell in a handbasket.

    Shots were flying around, the Sith in front was blocking shots as was Pascale (with less grace than the Sith) and Carlos meanwhile was still going for that blasted glove.

    The Sith was after him, and now Pascale was in a fight for his life. Of course he had fought Sith on Korriban but he had Feyna for backup.

    He tried to block the slash "I assume you are here for the glove" Pascale said "So I assume it must be a relic worth killing for".

    The Sith was blocked, but his booted foot caught Pascale in the gut. He had to fight like this; Pascale had two blades, he had one. "The Master has requested it, and so I simply follow orders." Some slight sarcasm to his voice, of course.

    Pascale's breath whooshed out of him but he managed to get back into en garde position.

    "I don't know who this master of yours is, but here is one artefact you are not getting your hands on. I might save it for my own collection. Keep it away from thieves like yourself".

    Pascale kept the defensive stance for now.

    The man stopped, deflected a shot into a trooper again, and then turned to a group of four who had decided to abandon shooting at him, in exchange for rushing him. Dangerous, but feasible. He gestured with his free hand and sent them tumbling, before using the Force to speed his motion to look back to Pascale -

    More troopers were going down and thankfully at the moment Carlos was not doing anything stupid.

    The Sith meanwhile was still deflecting bolts away and not turning his attention to Pascale. Fine by him. This was not Korriban, and he was older now. Doing crazy stuff was out of the question.

    Besides, Feyna would kill him if he did.

    He kept the defensive stance up. If the Sith wanted Pascale, he'd have to come and get him.

    "Attack him while he's distracted you idiot!" Carlos shouted. The Sith looked to the man and a hand went up, squeezing at his throat. He looked at Pascale. "Why do you risk your life for this stunted slime?"

    The Glove lay at Carlos's feet as he kicked in the air.

    "How rude, the both of you" Pascale responded as with one blade he made to slash at the Sith, the other still held defensively.

    He also tried to kick the glove away. Carlos nor the Sith were getting their hands on that.

    The man blocked, his hood falling away. It was a man with blue hair, yellow eyes, a pale countenance. “Pascale Rouser. My Master remembers you, from the Battle of Korriban.”

    He squeezed at Carlos, who began to pale. “Surrender, or he dies.”

    This was not looking good. If Carlos died…

    "If your master remembers me then he must remember that I defeated two Sith. I despise violence but if it means getting you away from here so be it".

    "You Sith are always counting on your powers and your fear to bring people to heel. Well I don't beg and I am going to see my wife again".

    "So drop him, it's me you want is it not?" Pascale took another swing, still keeping the other blade in a defensive position.

    He blocked, awkwardly, because he was fixed in a position to hold the man afloat. But there was also a clatter -

    One of the Stormtroopers that had been felled lifted a blaster and took a shot; the Sith turned away from Pascale, swinging Carlos between the two of them, as he deflected the bolt -

    Now there was a human shield between him and the Sith, great.

    Pascale was stuck. Attack and Carlos was dead. Either way from the choking or being used as a human shield.

    "Using a human shield? It seems you don't want me after all…."

    "No, I don't," the Sith said drily, not even looking at Pascale.

    He dropped Carlos.

    He began to levitate the Glove to him.

    "I want this."

    Pascale decided to try another slash this time from low to high whilst he was distracted.

    At least he had dropped Carlos.

    The Sith dropped the Glove, which rolled between Carlos and Pascale, as he blocked. A hand thrust out, using a bolt of lightning on Pascale -

    Pascale managed to kick the glove away as he tried to catch the lightning on his second blade.

    With his first he tried to push the blocking blade aside.

    The Sith grew irritable as he dropped his lightning to focus on blocking. Carlos took deep breaths, gulping down air. With a gesture, the Sith decided enough was enough.

    He levitated the Glove to himself as he leapt away, and placed it on his hand.

    "Now I'll be Emperor, how's that?"

    "Not if people resist" Pascale responded as he moved forward, one blade high, one blade low in a double slash.

    The man stepped back without problem - and Carlos tripped him from behind.

    Surprised, the Sith fell, and Carlos was up, straddling the man and landing a mean left hook. He jammed his foot on the underside of the Glove, kicked it off, and threw a second punch -

    The Sith flopped into unconsciousness.

    Silence fell upon the area.

    Twenty dead Stormtroopers, and an unconscious Sith.

    Carlos, his throat bruised, gave a thumbs-up to Pascale before he, too, collapsed.

    Pascale blew out a breath. He kept one blade lit just in case the Sith got up.

    He did however pick up the glove and put it in his jacket pocket along with the second blade.

    "This I believe is mine now".

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  4. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Silent and Friendly Mod of SWTV, SWC and RPG star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Madelyn Linnett, Eleanor Magnus

    Madelyn looked at Paz. "I'll go with Feyna." She said quickly. "We won't be long." She gave him and Eleanor a reassuring smile. "Besides, I'm sure Eleanor would love to take down a few Imperials."

    She pushed aside her worry, trying not to think about how complicated things had gotten. How Madelyn was worried that Eleanor wouldn't be able to handle herself, despite her training. As a mother does.

    Eleanor looked up at her father. "I think that's an order Buir." She looked back at Madelyn. "Uh...stay safe Mama." She tried to smile back, nervous.

    Madelyn nodded, and reached over to squeeze Eleanor's shoulder, and then kissed Paz before turning to Feyna.

    "Ready to steal a ship?"

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  5. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Feyna Rouser
    Denon orbit

    It probably would have made more sense for Feyna to give herself up to the Imperials--she could have claimed that Madelyn and Paz hadn't known about the warrant and perhaps convinced the patrol to let them go--but she'd seen a look pass between Eleanor and Madelyn, that something was up, so at this point, Feyna just wanted to get to Pascale.

    She nodded to Madelyn. "Ready."

    Now hopefully that tractor beam is down again...

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  6. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Carlos

    He rolled over.

    Conscious, just about.

    Regarding the man on the floor, Carlos sat up, slightly, and looked to Pascale.

    "Give me one of those blades, I'm killing that guy."

    He indicated the unconscious Sith.

    "I'd really rather you didn't do that," came a cultured voice. "This has been a bad enough moment, without you killing a Sith and drawing more ire upon us." Mas Amedda rounded the corner. "Therefore, I believe it prudent to depart - run, even." He had his old scepter of office in hand, and his tongue tickled out in a moment of clear anxiety. "Come, before he wakes."

    He went to turn. "Feyna is in-system. We had best reunite you before the Moff makes another move against you."

    "The Moff wants the Glove," Carlos bit. "I want the credits so I can track down Nola."

    The Chagrian looked back. "You don't have the Glove. Mr Rouser, if you would follow me."

    "No," Carlos said. "Pas, kill that Sith, and we can ditch the deadweight. That Chagrian is Mas Amedda, he was the Emperor's Grand Vizier."

    "One of," Amedda pointed out. "And Sate Pestage didn't use his power to sign the surrender that brought the war to an end."

    "Yeah, Daala and Pellaeon listened real good to the Galactic Concordance," bit Carlos. "And the Second Imperium didn't listen either."

    Mas Amedda wouldn't be drawn into this. He simply looked to Pascale.

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    IC: Nola


    There was a sudden cry out from among the refugees.

    "Take me with you! My father will be looking for me!"

    A woman surged against the Stormtroopers processing the masses, and it began to trigger a scuffle.

    Paz looked at her.

    "Um, not to be that guy -" He pointed. "But doesn't that look an awful like Feyna."

    He was pointing at the woman.

    "What was her name again? Then again, with how desperate she is, I bet she'll answer to any name."

    He eyed Eleanor, and Feyna. "We could kidnap her, if you think it's worth it?"

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  7. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Feyna Rouser
    Above Denon

    Nola was here?

    Paz had noticed her in a group of refugees, rushing against the stormtroopers, even pointing out the resemblance between her and Feyna.

    "Nola," Feyna supplied when Paz asked. At the suggestion of 'kidnapping' Nola, she frowned. Maybe not the best first impression to make on her half-sister, and definitely risky, given the situation already wasn't the best, but: "Best we try; Carlos is looking for her, and he will not respond well if he finds out we found her and left her.

    "But we'd have to move fast."

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  8. AgentViper007

    AgentViper007 Force Ghost star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Pascale Rouser
    Location: Denon

    Pascale shook his head, this was just getting crazy now.

    But Feyna was here? His heart lept with joy. Soon he would be reunited with his wife, and he knew she would have come for him.

    But what complicated things more was the Emperor's Grand Vizier was here for the glove as well.

    All that mattered now was Feyna, nothing else.

    "Who are you calling Pas?" he growled at Carlos "After what you have done to me and my wife, you really think you can start calling me by a nickname? You are a disgrace and I want nothing more than for you to collect your daughter and get out".

    He looked at Amedda "I'm going to get back aboard my yacht, i'm going to get my wife and then I am going home. To actually retire this time and not get involved with any of this nonsense. And spend quality time with my wife".

    "And this glove? No one is going to have it. I'm going to lock it away so nobody can cause any trouble with it ever again".

    "Now Carlos, you can come with me or get left behind" he looked at Amedda "Same with you. If you have a way to reunite me with Feyna i'm all ears. But we are taking my ship. And Carlos? Try to take me or my ship hostage again and I will kill you".

    With that he turned abuptly and headed back to where Fortuna was parked. Hopefully at least she would have had a refuel.

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  9. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Lumiya
    Aftermath of the Yuuzhan Vong War

    She'd lost her fleet.

    Gained a secret base in Bimmiel.

    Discovered she was no longer alone as a Sith.

    Nearly been killed by the invaders when she went to meet with those so-called One Sith.

    The Oracle Stone and Holocron of Adas, they were her consorts, giving her visions of the future, and plans for the past.

    Knowledge of the True Sith, out in Red Space.

    Knowledge of the Final Order, preparing it's own way.

    The fact that Emperor Palpatine still lived resonated.

    Qi'ra -
    Darth Syren - she had been right.

    Lumiya had failed to kill him.

    Unknown was she, how his Grand Design planned to ensnare the galaxy.

    But she knew that she needed to find an apprentice.

    One equal to the great Eternal Sith Emperor.

    Which was why she and Vergere had selected one.

    Jacen Solo would become.

    She knew as much.

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    IC: Darth Sidious the Eternal
    Dwartii, the Thirteen Thrones

    They were all stones, standing akin to a giant hand reaching for the skies.

    Thirteen grasping fingers.

    Two hands and more besides.

    Darth Wyyrlok - formerly Mas Amedda, found himself staring at the three fingered hand of his mangled master.

    The Emperor.


    Darth Sidious.

    And, more recently, White Eyes.

    The great architect of the collapse of the galaxy, not once, but twice, with a third and final act planned.

    Not a Galactic Empire, beholden to a corrupted Republic, nor a Dark Empire, broken upon by treacherous Advisors, but a true Final Order - the Sith Eternal. The seed of the first Sith Emperor, left in the care of the Rhandites of Red Space; the so-called Nihil Retreat, the Twilight Void, the Gunninga Gap, the Perann Nebula.

    Today they stood, only three of them truly present, the other ten illusionary Black Coats. Wyyrlok shifted uneasily in his, though Ren seemed nonchalant within his own. Protection from the Darknesses was a prerequisite of acting in the dark side. To seize the Force one must oppose the madness of the Old Ones, for they merely burn, and Palpatine?

    He sculpted with destruction.

    The Chagrian winced.

    Ren was here, slightly behind him on the stone pillar, signifying his lower position in the Grand Design. But Wyyrlok was more interested in the three pillars between he and his Master. Others had stood between him and Palpatine before; Maul, Tyranus, Vader. Others had stood besides him; Thrawn, Tarkin, Rax - favoured servants. And others still had stood behind him; Sly Moore, Oochi of Bestoon, Mara Jade.

    But even then, most had not had a glimpse of the Design.

    Wyyrlok, as Mas Amedda, always had, back when Palpatine had himself been the apprentice to Darth Plagueis, the Muun who had led the shadow economy that would birth the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Wyyrlok sniffed.

    “Let us begin,” Sidious hissed.

    It was in the months after the Yuuzhan Vong War that they had rhymed that there would be no danger in them meeting outside the Unknowns, or beyond the shadows of the Cloister of XoXaan, the hovel the One Sith concealed themselves within on Korriban.

    He gestured to the illusionary Black Coats behind Wyyrlok; he and Ren turned slightly to regard the secondary cast. “The Yuuzhan Vong War changed much of the galactic dynamic. This required us to adapt to the formation of the Galactic Alliance between the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant.” He spat the latter word. Wyyrlok knew how much he despised Pellaeon’s egalitarian regime, which sought to turn away from the Sith.

    Three Black-Coats withdrew their hoods. “Senators Ormes Apollin and Cerise Sindian have served us well within the New Republic Senate, nurturing the Centrist Party into a force for stalemate.” Indeed they had, reasoned Wyyrlok; after all he had recruited them, as the former, doting Grand Vizier of the defeated Galactic Empire, which had ‘dissolved’ so as to join the Senate as a single political bloc. The third was man cutting a distinctive Imperial jawline, and Wyyrlok recognised him, too. “Moff Quillan has long served as our agent within the Moff Council, having provided us with access to the Remnant executive boards and diverting materiel to the Unknowns.” Quillan’s position as one of the surviving eight Imperial Moffs had allowed them to turn portions of Pellaeon’s regime to their use, especially with companies relocating to the Remnant, setting up spin-offs like Kuat-Entralla Engineering or Jaemus-Seinar Systems - groups responsible for the Resurgent-class Star Destroyers and plethora of advanced TIE designs that served the First Order.

    A flex of a mottled hand and two more Black-Coats were unmasked. “Added to our Design are Senators Haydnat Treen and Fost Bramsin, both serving in the Galactic Alliance Senate. They serve via intermediaries…” Wyyrlok heard Palpatine’s grave voice falter, clearly a second thought unspoken, which the Chagrian knew would be something along the lines of. ”… for as long as Bramsin is cognisant. The man was the Old Republic Senator for Coruscant, and so a natural choice for the Alliance Senate, a much smaller organisation made of those who wished direct membership to take advantage of the relaxed military regulations of the Galactic Alliance. The Corellians, Bothans and Kuati were among several groups that had sought dual-membership, and of course the Alliance Senate also welcomed representatives from the Hutts, Hapans, Remnant and other powers outside the traditional sphere of New Republic territory, which had been reduced by the recent Yuuzhan Vong War.

    No surprises there.

    Two more Black-Coats were unmasked, one standing at the same level as Ren. Wyyrlok eyed them both. “Brendol Hux rebuilds our Stormtrooper Corps, and Ennic Pryde our fleet strength.” The latter was eyed up by Ren, but Wyyrlok knew that Pryde was elevated because he knew of Palpatine, and not just Snoke. For a time other naval officers had stood in for Hux; Rae Sloane, Gilad Pellaeon, Natasi Daala - but they had been mere pawns rather than true contributors.

    That was seven.

    Wyyrlok eyed the position opposite him.

    The Black-Coat was unmasked as Darth Krayt, fourth in the pecking. An unconscious ache resonated within his decapitated lethorn, having been removed by the fallen Jedi in their first meeting. “Lord Krayt will command the One Sith, with your supervision, as his Voice when he is in stasis.” Wyyrlok looked to the milk-coloured eyes of his master. Krayt was suffering from a virulent Yuuzhan Vong infection which the Force could not defeat. As such he was often required to freeze his body to prevent its progression, but that simply allowed them access to his Visions, for his former ties as a Lightsider availed him access to the future that they did not have otherwise, especially not since the Prophets of the Dark Side were long gone, and the Rhandite’s mad frothing was merely good for apocalyptic foresight. “And I shall attend Korriban when you are needed elsewhere.” Wyyrlok in his guise of Mas Amedda had long walked a narrow line among the politicians of the Empire, New Republic and Remnant, advising the likes of Fyor Rodan, Borsk Fey’lya and Moff Gideon, and the Centrist infection within the New Republic Senate require oft-tweaking.

    But he knew that Palpatine would not be long able to leave Exegol. His time in the Ommin Cage, a life-support casket designed originally by an ancient Sith King, was becoming more and more necessary, especially as the body he now inhabited - and had for some two decades - suffered. But Palpatine’s clone laboratories had not been fully set up on Exegol when Byss was destroyed, and so the transference from Onderon had seen the great Emperor trapped, unable to leap into a new form unless perfectly compatible. Many efforts had failed, or had succeeded in the worst way - the only successful creation had been a Force-mute son, and his escapades and subsequent death had distracted Palpatine from his plots and plans involving the Second Imperium.

    The grandchild had been lost.

    But the surviving Dark Jedi of the Imperium’s Shadow Academy had withdrawn to Korriban, and became the nucleus of a New Sith Order. Palpatine had long aspired to be the One Sith - the Dark Lord whose power was so ascendant that no cabal of darksiders could oppose him - and so it naturally flowed that Krayt’s vision of a One Sith Order would become. He reinvigorated the defeated Dark Jedi, and the One Sith would be poised to strike at the Jedi in short order, having already been useful in discovering the location of various Thrawn-era cloning facilities and troves of abandoned Rakatan technology. With his affliction, Krayt was no threat to the Emperor, and Wyyrlok rarely had to intervene between them, and their compact was undoubtedly sealed by Krayt’s belief that the Emperor would not overcome his own physical difficulties, and when said clone succumbed the great Palpatine would be dragged into the netherworld with it.

    Wyyrlok’s heart skipped a beat at that thought. Utter fear gripped him. Not for him, nor even for his daughter, who would undoubtedly one day bear his Sith name, but for his Emperor, the dark light of his universe. The Chagrian dismissed the heretical notion that his master could cease to be.

    Not even death could stop the great Darth Sidious.

    But there were two more left.

    One, closest to Palpatine, unmasked, and Wyyrlok relaxed somewhat; it was merely Snoke, the malformed clone of the Emperor that had proven useful as a proxy, the Supreme Leader of the First Order. Rax’s folly, they had needed to take control of the nascent regime from Sloane, an unplanned part of the Contingency that had been originally designed to head to Exegol and prepare for the eventual regime based from there. But it had been easy enough to seize - the Attendants, gifted hyperspace navigators that had served the Grysk in their efforts against the Chiss, they had been offered to the young First Order by Snoke, who reinforced the former Imperials and subtly positioned himself as its ultimate Supreme Leader.

    All at the behest of Palpatine, of course.

    Where the Supreme Leader ended and the Emperor began, Wyyrlok could not say, but the Snoke template, as monstrous and malformed as it was, had proven capable of duplication, and so on Exegol there were plenty spare for when Snoke inevitably broke down. Cloning science had long been limited when it came to cloning Force users. Geniuses such as Vader and Thrawn had all dedicated energies to the problem, but the fundamental issue remained that copying a powerful Force user was nigh-impossible. It was easier to brainwash someone into believing that they were clone than creating one!

    The Emperor explained how Snoke would be the ruler of the First Order, as a vanguard for the Sith Eternal. All that was of note there was that Starkiller Base would be assigned to Snoke to cultivate, but that was logical being as Ilum fell within his ostensible territory. With the Empire of the Hand having been smashed by First Order forces at the height of the Yuuzhan Vong War, the heart of the Unknowns had been cleared, and what remnants of Thrawn’s loyalists had fled into Chiss space. The Killiks were advancing on their territory anyway, and Palpatine expected the Chiss to be more focused there than investigating the mysterious enemy that had battered the Empire of the Hand. But subtlety would be needed, and the Supremacy - the mobile capital-shipyard - would remain out of sight even inside the Unknowns, nestled by stars and working on the next wave of Star Destroyers. “Snoke will remain there unless he was needed in the Knowns to complete a task for me.”

    “I guess this has to do with the last guy,” Ren sarcastically opined, pointing at the relatively short and slim final Black-Coat. “He’s gotta be important if you put him above Fang-Face and Tats-Boy.” He indicated Wyyrlok and Krayt respectively. The Chagrian bared said fangs in response. Ren shrugged, nonchalant to the end.

    “Yes,” crowed Palpatine. “Ben Solo shall be my ultimate instrument.” The teen, the youngest of Solo brats, was revealed, and Wyyrlok felt the selfsame twinge within him when he ever heard the Emperor speak of Maul, Tyranus, or any of the Skywalker’s.

    His intended apprentice.

    It wasn’t jealousy; Wyyrlok had long passed beyond such things. But it was certainly envy.

    A slight sigh, and he swung to regard the illusions of the others.

    Twelve men and women, unified in ultimate service to the Emperor.

    And Darth Wyyrlok stood as fifth.

    It wasn’t a bad place to stand.

    His lowest point had been as Acting Emperor, kept on Coruscant and forced to act the fool to Gallius Rax. Forbidden to use his Force powers by his master, the then-Mas Amedda had been subjected to all manner of humiliation, and forced to sign the Galactic Concordance. Exposed to all kinds of ridicule, the surviving Moffs in the Core and Inner Rim, as well as a cabal of Lords, had caused him no end of grief before he was allowed to depart for Korriban. So he was content to be lower down the pecking order for now.

    When the Emperor took back direct rule in malevolent fashion, occupying young Solo’s body, Snoke would not be needed and Wyyrlok would stand where he was used to; as the third most powerful individual in the galaxy. He’d outlasted his fellow Grand Vizier Pestage; the worming Xizor, and irritating Sedriss.

    Let the Galactic Alliance grow more powerful. Let the Jedi rebuild and replenish their numbers. Let the Hapans and Remnant integrate with the galaxy and expose themselves to the twists and turns of galactic rule.

    In a decade, Starkiller Base would be finished.

    A year after that, the Sith Fleet would be complete.

    Ren nodded to it all. “Gotcha. I guess I’d best get my Knights ready to test the kid.” He sketched a disrespectful salute.

    Palpatine stared at him, and through him, and the illusions of the Great Design faded, leaving the three of them once more. “My apprentice needs merely seasoning for the time when he takes my spirit. The dark side must surge through his veins to make him the perfect vessel. Snoke will be his taskmaster; the forger of the sword, and my proxy in the great dynamic of Master and Apprentice.” A monstrous grease of a smirk touched his ruins lips. “I shall be a shadow hand upon him, and nothing more. My involvement will remain unknown to most of my Design until it is too late.”

    Ren bowed his head, and Wyyrlok followed.

    “To the Grand Design,” the Chagrian solemnly intoned, and then had headed to Denon.

    To the ultimate Sith Victory.

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Eleanor Magnus

    "I can do fast." Eleanor said with a grin. She looked at her father. "A benevolent kidnapping." She glanced at Feyna. "And I won't even scared her that bad." Eleanor moved forward quickly, and tapped the closest storm trooper in front of her on the shoulder so they would turn out.

    "Hey dikut-" Eleanor said in greeting-

    Before she sucker punched him in the helmet as hard as she could-

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Carlos
    Heading into orbit

    He followed, sullen, ready to head into orbit with his son-in-law turned jailer.

    This hadn't turned out how he had expected.

    But there was an Imperial Star Destroyer directly above their location.

    A tractor beam activated the moment the Fortuna was in orbit, and began drawing them into a hangar bay... where a commotion had began!

    The punch that Eleanor threw caused pandemonium.

    The refugees-come-prisoners took it as a cue and hurled themselves at the Stormtroopers -

    An officer shouted out. "WEAPONS TO STUN! STUN!"

    Blue bolts began to bounce off walls, but no kill shots so far -

    In the middle of it all, Feyna would have a perfect view of her half-sister, who was vising the neck of a Stormtrooper who had lost his helmet in the commotion -

    Pascale would undoubtedly have an interesting scene there and then -

    As a set of Stormtroopers clattered into the room and headed towards Eleanor -


    Just for her.

    Carlos glowered from the cockpit.

    "So now what?"

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  12. AgentViper007

    AgentViper007 Force Ghost star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Pascale Rouser
    Location: Denon

    Pascale was thankful to be finally off Denon, although being tractored aboard a destroyer was not good. The glove had been secured in his artefact room, no one but him was going in there.

    The scene before him though was one of sheer pandemonium. What looked like a group of refugees were battling stormtroopers. And some familiar faces which made him smile.

    Eleanor his niece, was there which meant Paz and Madelyn must be nearby. And…was that a lightsaber? She had become a Jedi after all. There was a woman who looked uncannily like Feyna….

    There she was. His beautiful wife. And his heart soared at seeing her again. First things first, time to help out.

    "Now we go and help" Pascale simply said to Carlos "I'm getting my family aboard this ship and leaving. Hopefully we can direct the refugees to another ship and you can get Nola and go". Pascale settled Fortuna down but kept the engines and systems still up and running.

    He stood up grabbed Carlos and dragged him along with him to the ramp, opening it and unceremoniously pushing him out "You wanted your daughter, now go and get her".

    He walked to the weapons locker and grabbed a blaster pistol from it "Mr Amedda, kindly ask the Captain of the destroyer if he would let us leave once everyone is aboard. I would like to depart in one peace. You can also get off here if you wish or I can drop you off somewhere".

    Pascale moved to the ramp and moved down to the middle and started shooting at the stormtroopers, taking care not to hit refugees or Eleanor. He looked straight at Feyna and smiled joyously.

    He was rather looking forward to being reunited with his wife.

    "Time to get aboard cheri" he called out "Eleanor, if your mother and father are with you it's time to get off….."

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  13. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Feyna Rouser
    Star Destroyer hangar, Denon orbit

    Feyna had moved to relative cover under the ramp of Madelyn and Paz's ship, where she could still help in the fight but not be out in the open.

    Nola was nearby, with a stormtrooper in a headlock, and better still, a very familiar yacht had just arrived in the hangar. Pascale!

    Sure enough, the Fortuna's ramp lowered and her husband appeared, looking to be suffering no lingering effects after Carlos had shocked him. And Carlos himself was roughly shoved down the ramp, as Pascale spotted Feyna and called for her to get aboard.

    She didn't need telling twice--though she did try to help her sister out, popping off a stun bolt at the stormtrooper as she dashed over toward the Fortuna.

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  14. TheSilentInfluence

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Eleanor Magnus, Madelyn Linnett
    Heading into orbit

    Eleanor jumped back as the stromtroopers turn to her and fumbled for her lightsaber as Madelyn moved to help, but before they could do anything Pascale shot the stormtroopers, and Eleanor let out a sigh of relief. She looked at her mother and then at Uncle Pascale as he spoke to her. "Thank you!" Eleanor responded. "I owe you one Uncle!"

    Madelyn swallowed hard and nodded at Pascale, before she turned to Eleanor. "Keep your lightsaber close but don't turn it on. There's too many civilians and were in close quarters." She turned to look for her husband. "Paz! We need to move!"

    We all need to get out of here before something worse comes for us.

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  15. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Paz
    Skirmish in the hangar of a Star Destroyer

    Nostalgia, that was it.

    Paz remembered fighting Remnant Stormtroopers; his covert being slain, and him rebuilding up with the Armorer.

    This wasn't mad, insane, Yuuzhan Vong, it was a threat they could shoot and fight, like Mandalorians.

    Madelyn was on point about the lightsaber, and Paz knew Eleanor would understand.

    He shoulder barged a 'trooper, cracking their plasteel armour on his beskar.

    Whiteshells, he thought, reflecting on the slang for Stormtroopers.

    A grin, and he regarded the others.

    The Stormtroopers were caught in utter bedlam, and stun bolts cut into them as much as refugees from a thousand different worlds.

    Feyna was scrambling up the ramp of the Fortuna towards Pascale and what he assumed was Carlos, a woman who looked like Feyna following, mostly, as she seemed more interested in kicking Stormtroopers.

    Paz moved up to his wife and daughter. "Come on, let's head after them."

    In these close quarters he was reluctant to use his jetpack, so he indicated the ramp with his chin, some distance but not too far for a Force jump -

    Carlos saw his daughters, eyes widening, "Feyna, Nola -"

    When she saw him, she turned and ran towards her father, bypassing Feyna (but only just) -

    And punched him, so hard he tumbled off the ramp!

    There was a clatter of armour as another twenty Stormtroopers piled into the hangar and began taking down refugees with stun blasts -

    Worse, the cavernous doors to the hangar began to inexorably close -

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  16. AgentViper007

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Pascale Rouser
    Location: Denon

    Pascale nodded in response to Madelyn and smiled at his niece. He had thankfully gotten her out of trouble.

    He also spotted Feyna coming towards him as well as her sister. As Feyna moved up he moved back up the ramp and back aboard. Pascale wanted nothing more than to grab Feyna, hold her and kiss her.

    But that would sadly have to wait until they were properly alone. He didn't know where Amedda had gone, probably hiding in the yacht somewhere.

    "Is it safe to say that I missed you cheri" Pascale said to his wife still smiling "Now let's get out of here, i'm rather tired after what's gone on and I would like nothing better than to be alone with you".

    Carlos meanwhile had gotten what he deserved, a punch in the face and a tumble off the ramp. Pascale had no qualms about leaving him behind, he didn't know about Feyna though.

    There was another ship in the hangar, was that Madelyn and Paz's? Hopefully his friends and niece would get aboard there or join everyone aboard Fortuna. Minus Carlos.

    He looked towards the hangar….the doors were closing, and he was thankful that he had left the yachts engines running.

    "Time to go" he said to his wife and hit the ramp button. If Madelyn, Paz and Eleanor wanted to get on board they needed to do it now. "Will need you on weapons again my dear"

    He looked to Nola "Forgive the impoliteness but introductions will have to wait. Strap in in the common room, it might get a little bumpy".

    Heading to the cockpit he sat back down in the pilots seat and immediately began reversing Fortuna out.

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  17. JediMasterAnne

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    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Feyna Rouser
    Fortuna, Star Destroyer hangar, Denon orbit

    Relieved as Feyna was to be home, to be back with her husband, on their ship, a proper reunion would have to wait--hopefully not too long, but they needed to get out of here.

    Paz, Madelyn, and Eleanor had their own ship, and Nola wasn't far behind Feyna coming to the Fortuna. But she clocked Carlos hard on reaching him--not the reaction Feyna had expected, but she wouldn't argue that it wasn't deserved. She didn't know Nola's reasoning, but for Feyna and Pascale, he'd been nothing but trouble.

    She followed Pascale to the cockpit as he was firing up the engines. She leaned to quickly kiss his cheek as she took the co-pilot's seat. "I missed you," she told him before shifting back to the matter at hand.

    "Not that I'd be sorry to leave him, but I think we'd just be buying more trouble with Carlos if we take Nola and not him," she said, though clearly not thrilled with the thought of having him on board again.

    "I don't know how much Nola knows--I'm tempted to not even tell her, honestly. Even if we could have a decent relationship with her, it comes with having to be around him, and I'm not up for that until he can behave himself better. We could just drop them off somewhere and be done with him."

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  18. TheSilentInfluence

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Madelyn Linnett, Eleanor Magnus

    Madelyn met her husbands gaze and she grinned at him as he hit the ramp button. That's not too far for me. But I'll have to help Paz and Eleanor. "Right. We had better get moving. Tuck and roll Eleanor-"

    "Tuck and what AH-" Eleanor yelled as her mother threw her over the gap with the force and hit the ground on the other side, stumbling and rolling. She shook her head and looked back over in time to see her mother do the same thing to her father, and then leap over herself.

    Madelyn landed on her feet, and looked to make sure Eleanor and Paz were okay.

    "You could have warned me Mama." Eleanor said.

    "I did." Madelyn looked amused. "Now, let's get out of here before they follow us." She started to lead the way toward their ship, grabbing Eleanor and Paz's hands to get them to move quicker-

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  19. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Carlos
    Aboard the Fortuna

    The yacht emerged from the hangar, shortly followed by Madelyn's ship, Paz having activated a remote startup.

    The Stormtroopers pattered their ships with blaster fire - kill shots - but their armour held.

    The Imperial Star Destroyer marshalled tractor beams, seeking to seize them, and Paz tapped in the family encryption. "Where are we going, Pascale, Feyna?"

    Nola, arms folded, and ignoring her father, who was sporting a black-eye, snapped. "Not here."

    Regarding his daughter, Carlos spoke up. "I have a hidey-hole on Ziost."

    That wasn't a world that Madelyn or Eleanor would want to hear mentioned!

    Paz called out. "Those tractor beams will be up and running any second -"

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  20. AgentViper007

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Pascale Rouser
    Location: Fortuna, Denon

    Pascale agreed wholeheartedly with his wife. "I very much agree. As much as I would like chatting to your sister, he would still be around. He's not going to go anywhere without her".

    He got Fortuna turned around and gunned the engines forward. Engine one was still showing amber but at least he had gotten a refuel.

    Paz came on over the special 'fmaily channel' with Nola and then Carlos who had unfortunately made it aboard making suggestions. Although how in the hell they had heard the comm conversation from the common room was a surprise.

    "We are NOT going to Ziost!" Pascale shouted back "And I would keep quiet if I were you"

    Thankfully Madelyn, Paz and Eleanor had made it off but with Carlos aboard Fortuna they needed to get him and Nola off before they all met up again.

    "I think we will need to make a detour" he said, turning slightly to his wife "Drop these two off and then meet up with the others or just head back for Naboo. Madelyn and the others do not need to get involved in this family saga".

    "I am very tempted to suggest somewhere remote, especially for him, but Nola doesn't deserve that. So somewhere neutral, where we won't get arrested and neither will he. As much as I want to see him in a jail cell for kidnapping, ship theft and Force choking me. Oh and threatening to forget that you loved me and murder me if I didn't do what he said".

    Pascale thought for a moment "Perhaps Hutt Space? Would be right up his alley, lots of scum and villainy there. But I have a few old contacts there who could keep an eye on him…."

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  21. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Feyna Rouser
    Fortuna, leaving Denon

    Feyna, like her husband, was not inclined to listen to ideas from Carlos. Sith connections or not, she'd have refused to go to Ziost, simply on the grounds that he'd suggested it.

    She'd have liked to try heading back to Mon Calamari and Drayson, but there was no telling whether Hiram was actually still there. And Carlos would likely object--possibly with violence--to going back to a Republic world.

    "Hutt space gets my vote, then. But Paz, Madelyn, Eleanor--first off, thank you so much for your help. But if you'd rather head home, I wouldn't blame you."

    She'd leave it up to them, of course, but she didn't want them to feel obligated to get dragged any deeper into the family drama.

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  22. AgentViper007

    AgentViper007 Force Ghost star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Pascale Rouser
    Location: Fortuna, Denon

    Pascale wondered if his wife was processing the fact that Carlos had choked him and threatened to kill him. No doubt Carlos would mention that Pascale had threatened to kill him too.

    Feyna opened up the comm again as Pascale had muted it to talk to her in private as she explained where they were going and thanked them.

    "Indeed thank you for your help" Pascale echoed "And thank you for helping Feyna trying to find me but it seems I found you all instead" he chuckled.

    "As my wife has said we need to head to Hutt Space. A little family business to take care of. And I echo her thoughts, do head home if you need to, you deserve some rest. It seems our reunion was not one we wanted".

    "I do intend to head back home to Naboo after we have made our drop off. If ever you want to drop by, you would be most welcome".

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  23. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Carlos
    Jamming above Denon, Galactic Alliance capital

    There was a squeal as the Star Destroyer cut across their comms, leaving Madelyn, Paz and Eleanor with the last communique that Hutt Space was being proposed - and Carlos having mentioned Ziost in ear-shot of the audio just before.

    But the jamming meant they couldn't clarify, so when the Fortuna leapt, it would be to the big glob of space known only as Hutt Space.

    Carlos for his part growled. "The Hutts are worse than the Imps; they'll be looking out for me -"

    "Who isn't looking out for you?" Nola snapped. "Feyna, I know we're half-sisters, but this man is actual scum. He left me behind so he could survive, joined the Peace Brigade for Sith sake - and he's trading in dark side artefacts."

    "Hey, hey, hey," Carlos said, looking for support and realising Pascale wasn't going to give it -

    The ship rumbled with the brush of an ill-targeted tractor beam -

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  24. AgentViper007

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    Mar 9, 2005
    OOC: A combo with @JediMasterAnne and @Sinrebirth

    IC: Pascale and Feyna Rouser, Nola and Carlos Morrow
    Location: Fortuna, Hutt Space

    They arrived in Hutt Space, sadly Madelyn and the others had not responded so whether they would join them or not remained to be seen.

    And Carlos and Nola were still bickering. A tractor beam had brushed them, he guessed this was the Hutts bringing them in. He had done business with them before.

    Pascale throttled back so the tractor beam could catch them. He sighed "Feyna cheri would you mind shutting the door? I'm getting tired of their bickering".

    He then let go of the controls and turned his chair around "I think it is time to have some quick alone time, no? And I want you to be certain about what you wish to do with your sister".

    Feyna closed--and locked--the cockpit door and shut off the on-board comms, with only a short "Excuse us for a moment," to Carlos and Nola.

    She came back over to her husband, reaching for his hand. "At this point I just want him gone. Whatever else Nola accuses him of, it wouldn't shock me. He can't be trusted, I don't want him around.

    "Nola...I don't know if he'll willingly part ways with her, but if there's somewhere she wants to go, to get away from him, I'm not against taking her. But I don't want him knowing our location once we leave him. I don't want him showing up unannounced in future and bringing who-knows-what-trouble with him."

    She regarded Pascale, concern slipping into her expression. "Are you okay, though?" The last she'd seen him before Denon had been right after Carlos had shocked him with...whatever that thing had been.

    Pascale nodded regarding Feyna's feelings on her sister and Carlos. He wanted the scumbag off his ship but he was willing to give Nola a chance to get away from him.

    He gently took his wife's hand pulling her towards him, she could sit on his lap if she wished to.

    "Don't worry, I will be throwing Carlos straight off, I have no objection to Nola staying aboard to drop her off somewhere else or if she wants to come back to Naboo and continue from there".

    He smiled up at her "I am….thankfully unscathed. Tired though and my throat hurts slightly from Carlos choking me with that glove. And battling a Sith did not help".

    "All I could think about during that time was getting back to you. I missed you lots" he pulled her into a deep kiss. It felt good.

    "How about you? You seemed to be involved in a battle…."

    She sat on his lap, relieved to be back in his arms, to taste his kiss again, though her expression hardened briefly at hearing that Carlos had also Force-choked him.

    "We got tractor-beamed onto that Destroyer at Denon. Since you and I have warrants, thanks to Carlos, we tried to feed the patrol a cover story to get past; they didn't buy it. Madelyn and I were going to try to run for the surface while Paz and Eleanor distracted the guards, but then we realised Nola was there... I'm all right now, though." She kissed his cheek again. "I missed you, too, and I'm so glad to have you back."

    Pascale kissed her again, wrapping his arms around his wife and smiling "I wouldn't have it any other way".

    "I'm glad Madelyn, Paz and Eleanor joined the hunt for me, I wish we could have reunited under better circumstances. It's not often you and I get split up, but it will not happen again".

    "And I am sorry that reuniting with your family did not go as planned. I never wanted this for you, you deserve a happy reunion, you deserve to have your family back after being on your own for so long".

    She hugged him, gave a shake of her head. "It's not your fault Carlos turned out to be a complete sleaze-bag.

    "My curiosity about why he left me is satisfied enough, and I'm honestly not even sure that was worth all the trouble. I can be happy with the family I've had, without him in it. And if Nola works out, then at least something good came out of all this."

    She wasn't sure about Nola yet, but they at least seemed to be on the same page as far as their opinions about Carlos.

    Pascale squeezed her gently and smiled "I hope it does, I don't think your sister is too impressed with him".

    His voice turned into a purr. "Now speaking about reunions when Carlos is dropped off and we get some proper time alone I wonder how my wife would like to celebrate our reunion…." He winked at her.

    Feyna smirked back. "I don't think you need 'wonder' too hard. If we didn't have an untrustworthy passenger aboard we'd already be celebrating." As it was, she didn't plan on leaving the cockpit unattended while Carlos was on board.

    She sat up a bit straighter, not standing up just yet, but looking toward the cockpit door. "Shall we let them up here so we can discuss the plan?"

    Pascale purred back "I look forward to it" he kissed her again before she straightened up.

    "Indeed, let's have them in, but if they start bickering again i'll throw them straight out" he released Feyna so she could move to open the door.

    To be continued...
  25. AgentViper007

    AgentViper007 Force Ghost star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    Part 2

    "The Hutts will not be easy with Carlos, he'll end up in a nasty cell or even in the belly of some nasty beast. I've dealt with them before, they are gangsters."

    Feyna kissed Pascale once more as she stood, giving a sort of half-shrug; whatever happened to Carlos once he was off their hands, did not especially concern her.

    She grabbed a blaster just in case Carlos tried anything funny, and unlocked the cockpit door. "You two, up here," she called down, taking her place in the co-pilot's seat.

    Carlos was on the floor, unconscious. Nola was sitting on him, her arms folded, eyes sharp. "You can't trust him, Feyna."

    Pascale was about to turn around to check if they were still being tractored…but this was interesting.

    "Looks like we might be dragging him off," he said quietly to Feyna.

    To Nola he said "My name is Pascale Rouser, i'm Feyna's husband. And whilst you stunning Carlos is rather welcome, I would kindly ask you to step away from him."

    Feyna raised an amused eyebrow at her sister, but beckoned her up to the cockpit. "Let's talk, while he's out."

    Nola stood up off him, and folded her arms. "Not much to talk about save to push him out of an airlock."

    "He's a war criminal, Feyna. I can't stress how much he wanted to survive, to be on, what he called, the winning side for once."

    She eyed Pascale. "You know all about the Sith artefacts, right? Carlos said that you were both in the family business, so to speak."

    Pascale nodded "I do, I'm an archeologist after all. Carlos was playing sides off against each other to get as much money as possible for the glove. The Imperials and the Sith".

    "The artefact is aboard, I thankfully was able to remove it off Carlos. He won't be getting it" he looked to his wife.

    "When we worked for NRI, our job was finding Sith artefacts before they fell into the wrong hands," Feyna elaborated. "But we're retired now."

    She eyed Carlos's unconscious form. "We'll drop him off on some Hutt world; if he's as 'popular' as it sounds, some bounty hunter will probably sniff him out soon enough."

    Her gaze shifted back to Nola. "What about you? You clearly want to be rid of him as much as we do"--he didn't bother voicing Carlos's supposed desire to get Nola back; at this point Feyna dismissed it as a half-truth that Carlos had simply used to gain sympathy. "--So where will you go?"

    "Well he's been leveraging that Glove for years. It's a Mandalorian crushgaunt, built around some kind of Sith amulet. Basically invincible; survived the destruction of the second Death Star and everything in-between." She regarded Pascale and Carlos. "For some Imps, whoever wears it gets to be the Emperor."

    She snorted. "Carlos couldn't give it up. Even when that White Eyes contact was around; he kept us on the move, wrecked my life, and then ditched me when the Vong turned up and he was desperate to make sure he didn't lose out on his chance at the Galactic Throne."

    "So yeah, I want rid, and I want to head into the new markets in the Unknowns and be left alone, thanks."

    Well this was a turn up for the books. So this artefact was indeed important. Now more than ever Pascale resolved to keep it out of Imperial and Carlos's hands.

    He remarked quietly to Feyna "I would have no idea that your father would want to rule the galaxy, and even then I don't know what he would do with such power. Let's make sure this artefact stays hidden away".

    And it seemed Nola didn't want a family reunion, just to head off into the sunset. Fair enough.

    Louder he said "I don't know if we can drop you off in the Unknowns, the ship is sadly damaged and one engine needs to be fully repaired. We can maybe drop you off here or you can come with us to Naboo to get further transport?"

    He looked to Feyna.

    Feyna nodded agreement. "I'd suggest dropping Carlos first." She glanced back to Nola, "Since I'm guessing you'd prefer him not to know where you are." She didn't blame her; Feyna didn't want Carlos knowing where she and Pascale lived, either, and she was going to suggest a thorough inspection of the Fortuna once they got home, to make sure Carlos didn't leave any trackers, or other surprise parting gifts.

    "And I'm sure Drayson will know a safe place to store the glove."

    Nola nodded. "I don't want anything to do with him. Ever again."

    "If you can drop me somewhere on the Corellian Spine or the Hydian Way, I'll make my way to Terminus and pick up traffic to Batuu and beyond, or something." She shrugged. "Wherever you hid the other artefacts, I'd suggest you put it there."

    Pascale was pretty sure that Feyna felt the same way about never seeing Carlos again.

    He nodded to Feyna "I think it is best if Drayson handles the transfer of the glove. Even my personal archive would not be safe enough. The Sith and the Imperials will both kill for this thing, maybe their focus will be on blaming each other for stealing it for now".

    He then nodded to Nola "Don't worry, we won't be stopping for a chat regarding Carlos, he will be thrown straight off. As for you, you can stay on board as our guest, feel free to rest in one of the passenger cabins".

    He looked to Feyna again "I'm sure we can do a drop off for Nola on the way home".

    Feyna gave another nod. "That sounds reasonable to me." She glanced to Carlos, still unconscious. "I suppose all that's left is to dump him at the next chance." She wondered if he'd wake before they got there. She'd have liked to give him one last piece of her mind, but maybe it was better if he didn't; easier for them to clear out and be done with him.

    Where were they at now, anyway, she had to wonder.

    Pascale turned his seat around and resumed taking the controls "There was a tractor beam trying to lock on to us so I don't know if that was our Hutt hosts trying to make contact. Nothing over comms yet which seems strange".

    "Just in case they do turn hostile, Feyna my dear, I'll need you on weapons. But don't arm just yet. Nola seems to have Carlos in hand".

    Nola shook her head. "I want to see this Glove locked away before I leave. Let me come with you, meet Drayson, or whatever." She looked at Carlos. "Won't he swell up and cause grief?"

    She looked unhappy. "Maybe we should just drop him in your Sith artefact stockpile too."

    Feyna glanced to Pascale. "I'd prefer to have him off the ship as soon as possible," she began.

    Nola had a point, though. Clever as he was, Carlos might weasel his way back to stir up trouble. "I'm not opposed to turning him over to some authority--he did kidnap you and steal the ship out from under us last time we got him near Drayson, but with Nola here now, he hopefully won't be left unsupervised long enough to pull that stunt again."

    Pascale looked at his wife's figure in the reflection of the viewport. Nola seemed to be changing her mind a lot. First wanting to be dropped off without Carlos aboard, then changing her mind and having him aboard so he could be taken somewhere else.

    And then staying aboard to see the glove dropped off. Feyna and Pascale could handle that themselves.

    "We are here in Hutt space about to get tractored, to refuse would mean angering the Hutts. And they have access to some rather nasty bounty hunters and assassins".

    He shook his head "I cannot risk him taking over our ship again, holding us hostage, even kidnapping again. We cannot put your sister at risk cheri, she does not deserve to have anything happen to her. He could go for us both again. And with the glove still aboard? He could still go for it"

    "Better to be rid of him now than later. And if he does weasel his way out of the Huuts grasp? Then the Galactic Alliance can have at him. Nola can remain aboard, we can comm Drayson and have him meet up with us where we were going to drop Nola off so the glove can be passed over".

    "Can't we just drop him off wherever you've hidden the artefacts?" Nola pressed. "That's surely the most secure place in the galaxy. Sedate Carlos, and we're all safe." A hesitation. "I just don't feel comfortable knowing he'll be out and about. I know the Vong smashed the Oovo IV prison... was that where you would have hidden him?"

    She sounded desperate; afraid, panicked, even.

    Would Nola kill Carlos, to be safe?

    Drayson had everything moved off of Oovo before the Vong took it." It had been roughly back at the start of the war, Madelyn and Paz had taken the assignment. Drayson had asked Feyna as well, but it had been just after Dantooine, after Pascale had been injured. "I'm not sure where he moved the prisoners to, though." Arek Graul, as best she knew, had been among those, taken into custody after he'd invaded Pascale and Feyna's wedding.

    "I suppose we could try comming him." She took a look out the viewport. "The Hutts don't seem in any hurry to reel us in.

    "Though I'm not sure whether it's a good idea for Carlos to be in close proximity to a collection of dangerous artefacts, locked up or not," she mused. But that would be Drayson's problem, if they decided to go that route.

    Nola was getting hysterical now, she really was afraid of Carlos. Pascale had put his opinion forward but had sadly gotten nowhere. And he was too tired to argue.

    He just wanted to get this whole thing over with and go home.

    Putting Carlos near any artefact of value or power was a bad idea. But the Galactic Alliance would have to deal with him next time. And Pascale was going nowhere near the man ever again, otherwise he would probably kill him. And he wasn't sure how his wife would take it.

    All he said softly was "This is a very bad idea" and activated the comm, punching in Drayson's code.

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