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Star Wars CLOSED Resurrection

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 5, 2019.

  1. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Silent and Friendly Mod of SWTV and SWC star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Madelyn Linnett
    Alaris Prime Moon

    Madelyn scowled at the voice. "I am a Sith. I was raised to be one by my Emperor." She looked down at the book in her hands. "I want to rebuild the Sith Order." She admitted, though she didn't quite believe it herself. She looked up at the trees and thick canopy above her as she walked along, no clear path and yet their was.

    "...Who are you?" Madelyn asked quietly. "Did you help create the Temple?"

    My name is Voren, the voice said.

    I was once a Jedi Knight.

    Like you could have been.

    Like you have the chance to be.

    The New Jedi are on the rise.

    Madelyn nodded in reply and pushed herself deeper into the bush. Here. Here. Here. Madelyn took a deep breath as the forest started to clear. "You know I'm a survivor don't you?" She asked Voren. "You come from the force..."

    I know.

    Voren said.

    Me too.

    Suddenly the ruins were upon them.

    Madelyn stopped suddenly and started to approach the ruins entrance. "What am I looking for here exactly?" She asked out loud. Madelyn watched the shadows carefully and frowned. "Will you show yourself? I would like to put a face to the voice that speaks to me." Madelyn paused and wondered whether or not Revan had been bothered by voices from the force like this.

    A softly blue-edged spirit appeared in Jedi robes, at the point of a crack in the walls to the Temple. Where she stood was not the true entrance to the building; where Rouser was heading would lead him to that broken down way. The shadows and trees obscured the full extent of the Temple; foliage here grew at an accelerated rate, as was Kashyyyk and its world forest, through and through, transplanted or not.

    But the crack in the rear of the Temple structure was Linnett's way in. “Come, my child,” he said, gesturing.

    Madelyn tilted her head and took him in; she reached out with the force and felt it tingle a little before backing off. Strange. It's almost as if he wants to be human again. Madelyn looked at the crack in the wall and clutched her book tighter as she slid into the Temple; the dark and dusty passageway making her cough as she worked her way through.

    "Thank you but...what am I looking for?"

    "I am bound to the Temple by an artefact... I cannot allow the Sith to defile it."

    The spirit vanished through a wall; it was a dead-end, what with the rubble. She would likely have to cut her way through, or use the Force, though that may accelerate matters and be detected - and there were little darkness's throughout the system, as she would remember from her arrival in-system.

    Similarly, none of this had anything to do with refuelling or restocking her ship.

    Madelyn sighed and activated her lightsaber. Bound to the artefact? I wonder why he wants me to take it so badly. As she scanned the rock wall Madelyn looked behind her, reaching out with the force. Nothing yet. I may as well cut a hole, I don't want to risk bringing this whole Temple down on top of me with a force push.

    As she tucked her Book of Sith away in her bag, Madelyn turned around a carefully cut a small hole big enough for her to get through on the other side. Madelyn emerged into more darkness, but it was colder. She held up her red blade and looked around, squinting at the dust falling from the ceiling.


    Where am I supposed to go now?

    The room was an enclosed one - a vault of some kind, perhaps. There were a menagerie of items stacked on the shelves, many which seemed very aged. The area had not been accessed when the Temple had fell, so it had been isolated for years, probably decades. There were many satellite Jedi Temples before the Clone Wars, though this one fell shortly before the Battle of Naboo, ten years before that.

    But central to the room was a glowing necklace, draped around a nondescript statue.

    Madelyn approached slowly, feeling the lingering darkness on her skin and within her through the force. This artefact was of Sith making perhaps? I wonder what Master would have thought of this place. Madelyn stepped forward and brought her lightsaber down her her side as she reached the necklace. With her other hand, the one that did not hold her lightsaber; she reached out and slowly wound her fingers around the necklace; pulling it quickly from where it hung.

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  2. QueenSabe7

    QueenSabe7 RPF Awards Host star 6 VIP - Game Host

    Mar 23, 2001
    IC: Lady Qi’ra
    Aboard the Eventide, Concordia

    The moment Qi’ra’s weapon had left her hand she had felt her connection to it extend out after, like a grounded tether between two points. She saw the mysterious intruder at the same moment, still in a mess of movement, and without hesitation sent her blade on a slight curve to redirect its course. She did so only a moment too late for a center mass strike.

    It did strike, however.

    A gasp flew past her lips as Qi’ra watched her blade find purchase and listened as the laser seared through the arm, severing it with satisfying ease. The only surprise there was that it was not flesh she had sliced through but machine – no blood, just wiring, oils and gears. She stared for a second, then her dark eyes narrowed as they traveled up to a face that she couldn’t quite discern, but the body it belonged to was distinctly female.



    The confusion over a non-organic limb had distracted her sufficiently, the stranger having seized upon her momentary lapse. The arm came at her almost comically were she not in imminent danger, careening into her right hip and sweeping that same-side leg out from under her. Qi’ra fell to a knee with a grunt, recalling her other blade back to her with a single thought, though she was still startled as it landed in her outstretched hand – obviously, she did not use that skill often.

    The woman had reacted in much more extravagant fashion, an electric whip of a sort flooding to life in her grasp. That is no ordinary whip, she had the time to wonder before it swung about the other’s body, slashing down at Qi’ra’s vulnerable position. With a cry she launched herself to the side, out of harm’s way and back behind her desk, tumbling askew and knocking several ornaments from its top with clangs and crashes.

    Scurrying back upright, sweating now, her emotions a volatile beast ricocheting inside her, she was dizzy with overthought and feelings. Too much was happening at once and it was like she had suddenly become hypersensitive to… well, everything.

    “Do you want to keep on like this or would you like to tell me why the kriff… you are on my ship?” Qi’ra shouted from her crouched position, adjusting her feet to spring up or away at a moment’s notice.

    She had just seen this woman use the Force, and she had easily sensed the darkness that conjured around her. How long she could withstand a being with such honed strength and powers was not clear, but she did know she also had some powers of her own. And for the first time in decades, that realization was a comfort, rather than a burden.

    TAG: @Sinrebirth
  3. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Aryan Graul
    The Graul Estate, Nubia

    The message ended almost as abruptly as it had begun, leaving Aryan in a state of perpetual silence. He couldn’t move, his feet planted firmly on the ground and his gaze transfixed on the screen that had only moments ago displayed the image of his son’s haggard form. The device now crackled with the occasional burst of static, but this did not seem to faze him. An impenetrable fog had pressed in from all angles to cloud his mind and senses, transporting him back to another place and time.

    It was from the midst of this luminous haze that a familiar metal room swam back into focus; a place he had believed long forgotten and buried in the deep recesses of his consciousness. Even as he stood frozen in place, he could see the horrifying scars materializing on the walls of this confined space; it was dark, damp…cold, both physically and through--

    He slammed the door on the memory and gasped, staggering back a few paces as he struggled to regulate his breathing. It was a futile effort, however, as he remained noticeably distraught. His hands were shaking again, the datapad wobbling precariously within his grip. He closed his eyes in an attempt to mitigate the effects, but he felt himself slipping back into that recurring nightmare…

    That single year he had spent in captivity; the year that did not exist.

    While Aryan still found himself battling the personal demons that continued to haunt him on occasion in the aftermath, he had managed to claw his way back to live a normal life beyond the horrors he had witnessed. He thought he had found peace…

    Until today.

    The terrible truth about Arek changed everything. He was alive, yes, but any joy he felt over this revelation remained hindered by the vivid image he saw in his mind’s eye – his son’s face, worn and beaten, peering out from the gloom of that same dark place with the same metal walls. If he concentrated hard enough, Aryan could almost feel his terror...and suffering. No father would wish this fate on their son, to have him experience the same dangers and tribulations he himself had endured all those years ago. It rendered him helpless, and it was that feeling that filled him with dread.

    And yet, maybe all was not lost.

    Arek had outlined a plan to strike back against his captors – a cult of powerful darksiders known as the Disciples of Ragnos. It was a name that Aryan had come to recognize over the years, and he involuntarily shuddered at the mere mention of Tavion and her followers. He knew it wouldn’t be an easy feat to sabotage her expansive operation. In fact, Aryan had his own doubts about getting involved and putting himself in danger...but what other choice did he have? He would do anything to support his son. He owed him this, if only to remove him from this perilous situation and bring him home.

    Because he had been there. He knew.

    It was this hope that encouraged him to carry on.

    Fortunately, Arek had already established a covert means of communicating through an old Clone Wars frequency Aryan’s own father had utilized during the height of the conflict. This mode might have seemed ancient compared to today’s standards, but it had saved countless lives over the years through its wire-based networks. For Aryan’s part, he remained intimately familiar with the different channels, having used them frequently during his time in the service. That’s why when Arek revealed the timeline for his next communique – ten minutes from now – he had no trouble recalling the proper frequencies.

    Inhaling deeply, Aryan took a moment to regain his composure and turned to face Lyz with the datapad resting in his palm. He tried his best to conceal his distress as he typed the code into the keypad, but he knew his wife had a keen eye for detecting when something was amiss. She would likely recognize the decline in his mental awareness and question him, perhaps even raise the old debate surrounding his refusal to speak of that missing year. And of course it would ultimately come down to his decision on how to proceed – if Arek’s involvement finally constituted a need to reveal the truth.

    That possibility frightened him more than he cared to admit, and he instinctively clamped down on those turbulent thoughts to focus on the task at hand. He could not allow himself to become distracted...not now. Not when Arek was within reach.

    “Here goes nothing,” Aryan whispered quietly, the first words he had spoken since the message began. He refused to make eye contact with Lyz as his thumb brushed the edge of the handheld device in hesitation. It rested there a moment longer before he issued a deep sigh and toggled the switch to open the connection.

    “A--Arek?” he swallowed the lump in his throat, his brow furrowed with doubt. “Can you hear us?”

    TAG: @Sinrebirth
  4. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Feyna Morrow
    Spaceport, Rwookrrorro, Kashyyyk

    She’d stopped in another alleyway to take advantage of the datapad’s information files to read up on just what the hell a taozin was, as she’d never heard of one before. Some kind of bug-creature from a moon of Va’art, with blaster- and lightsaber-resistant skin. Evidently they were Force-senstive themselves, and thus able to make themselves invisible to sentient Force-users. How exactly the skin nodule retained this quality, Feyna didn’t understand, nor was she sure she wanted to. She put the bracer on, though she tried to keep the collar of her shirt between it and her own skin.

    The Disciples might not be able to sense her, but Feyna still took a cautious approach to the spaceport; it wasn’t like she was literally invisible.

    Finding the shuttle in question didn’t take long, thanks to Drayson’s intel, but of course the real challenge was getting on board and installing the tracker without being detected. She had to assume anyone on board was a Dark Jedi, and since Feyna was not Force-sensitive, nor by any means capable of standing up to a lightsaber, detection would almost certainly result in her death. She was not taking chances.

    How many were on board, even? Just their one spotter, or did they have back-up with them? Feyna cursed herself for not thinking of the question sooner, when she could have asked Drayson.

    She considered whether to set up some kind of outside distraction to attempt to lure out the shuttle’s occupants and sneak aboard while they investigated, but ultimately decided against it. She might blow her cover, or the pilot might get spooked and take off before the tracker was installed.

    Here goes nothing. Checking that the nodule was still secure around her neck, Feyna took a deep breath, unholstered her blaster, and carefully approached the shuttle’s loading ramp.

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  5. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Tavion Axmis
    Elsewhere, aboard the Resurrection, positioned

    The Star Destroyer knifed its way through space, a mile-long monstrosity of durasteel and death. The flagship of the Disciples of Ragnos, and indeed the sole surviving capital ship from the Empire Reborn, Tavion Axmis stared into the depths of space, sitting cross-legged on her throne-command chair, converted to give her the appropriate level of Sith grandeur. Of course, she was merely the instrument, but, as she tapped the Scepter of Ragnos, she knew that the tool was often the second most powerful in the galaxy.

    Look at Darth Vader, for example.

    The Sith disciple reflected on those dark days after the death of her former master, the Chistori Dark Jedi Desann. Shortly thereafter, Hethrir, the founder of the Empire Reborn, had been lost to the accursed Rebels, and several of their supporters among the high nobility arrested. Even their secret base, a worldcraft, had fallen into New Republic hands. With a handful of Reborn Dark Jedi left, and a single Star Destroyer, they were on edge of defeat - until Marka Ragnos had appeared to her in a dream, directing her to an artifact collector on Commenor.

    Of all the serendipity. Had the artifact not turned up there and then, they would have been finished.

    Sure enough, the dark side must have blessed their crusade. She felt a familiar stirring in the Force, and Marka Ragnos was here, behind her. She turned, taking the knee. His cloaked form was the one he most often visited her, but she knew from her dreams that he was more formidable than a mere cloaked wraith. "My lord."


    "Yes," he simply stated. "It is time for the Jedi heresy to be purged from this galaxy. Do you have the last of what we need?"

    As if on cue, a beep. Tavion shot a glance to the comms officer, who had, along with the rest the crew, taken to their knee and eyed the floor. The officer moved, not looking up as he shifted until his screen was evident. "Alora has confirmed that she has the target, my Lady; my Lord."

    Tavion turned back to Ragnos. "You have it, my Lord. We shall advance, take the last Temple, and move forward. We shall seize your tomb, and resurrect you anew."

    A pause. "I would have preferred for the Jedi not to have known of my return, but we needed to drain Exar Kun's Temples on Yavin 4." His black gaze turned. "The Jedi will be watching Korriban, and will strike."

    "We will be ready," Tavion said, with certainty.

    "Perhaps," he said. Ragnos knew that many of the Reborn and Disciples, strength for strength, did not stand up to the Jedi Knights, but when Ragnos returned it would make no difference. "Make it so, Tavion." He swirled out of existence. "I grow impatient to take flesh again."

    "As do we all, my Lord." Tavion meant that truly. To see the Jedi destroyed, especially Katarn and Skywalker. It would be truly delicious. Katarn had allowed her to live, before, rather than kill her, and she felt tainted by his mercy. She had to make him pay for it - and every single death she enacted she did because he had spared her. To resurrect the Dark Lord of the Sith, she would prove once and for all that the Jedi way was weak, and had doomed them to defeat.

    She stood, and her crew returned to their positions.


    TAG: No-one
    IC: Alora

    Fallen Jedi Temple, Alaris Prime

    As they arrived, Alora felt a shift in the undergrowth, and in the Force. She scowled. Drawing her lightsaber, she stabbed a finger at Rouser. "Bring your ship around to the front of the Temple. Secure the artifacts." With a press of the relevant control, she dropped the ramp. "If you leave, you will not be rewarded. Ensure that we have what we need; I sense that part of the Force here is imbued in those artifacts." Alora resisted the urge to frown. Lightsiders usually imbued places, not things, or constructs, like the Sith. So was there a Sith artifact present? Whatever it was, part of the strength of the Force that Lady Tavion would drain was on the move; not the entirety of the Force presence here, but a notable fraction. "I will return."

    Without anything further to add, she leaped free, her blue blade ignited, cushioning herself with the Force. She brandished her blade, and saw the entrance Linnett had made. She followed, seeing the necklace drift into her hand. "You have something my Lady seeks."

    Do not let her have it, Voren cautioned. I cannot assist you - our bond is not yet strong enough. The spirit was definitely attached to the necklace, which was indeed reflected what Linnett had surmised about the artifact, and indeed Alora.

    Alora frowned. "Who are you?"

    For Rouser, the front of the Temple was open, a debris filled wreckage, burned by blaster bolts, most old, and none too recent. But there was history here, and even some signals which suggested power sources that remained active. Data, perhaps? Secrets? The vault remained sealed from the direction Rouser would take, and much of the masonry was unidentifiable.

    Gryyl Asteroid Belt

    After waiting for a moment, the Imperials responded to Ka’rta, accepting her silence as near-neutrality on the topic. Quite magnanimous of the Imperials, perhaps - or something else? “Either way, thank you for your assistance.” The attention returned to the furball and the prototype and, seemingly, they had escaped unscathed.

    Rosac made his way to the rendezvous without much further concern, and it may be that the local authorities were too busy with the trap-gone-wrong to focus, but the smuggler doubted it. He commed the buyers before he had even broke atmosphere of Trandosha, completely blowing whatever code they had in-place, of course. The Rodian warbled at Ka’rta to catch up, or he would take her full fee.

    The slavers freighter dropped to the dusty ground of the handover point, and the Trandoshan’s were there, payment in three boxes. One for Ka’rta, one for Rosac, and one, sealed and code-printed, for Czerka itself, which Ka’rta would ordinarily deliver as part of her fee... however the four Trandoshan’s were rather heavily armed for a simple handover.

    Rosac decided to wait for Ka’rta, his slimy hands becoming moreso as he sweat. The slave remote remained in hand, ready to hand over when he dropped the ramp.

    Spaceport, Rwookrrorro, Kashyyyk

    Rosh Penin was engrossed in his experiments, casually nudging people. But then he came across a couple arguing... spaceports were places of coming and going, of separation and reunion. Emotions eternally ran high, and it was a simple enough technique to shut out the extraneous detail so it did not overwhelm a particularly sensitive Force user. However, in this state, Rosh was open to it all, and so he tasted all manner of impression, and he had lilted towards those couples who were meeting after separations, not quite reasoning that it was due to his loneliness of a Jedi turning on his comrades and becoming a Disciple.

    The couple had been anticipating their meeting, Rosh had sensed the teen as he arrived at the port, waiting for the girl to arrive in the passenger shuttle, arriving from distant Lantilles. She had been there for schooling, and they had agreed to continue a long-distance relationship. However, their expectations of the moment had risen so high, that they were impossible to recapture. Their old relationship had gone; changed, evolved. They were chasing what they had, rather than embracing what had occurred and rising to the challenge.

    And so, the reunion fell flat.

    Within minutes, they were arguing, one trying to hold the other, one not wanting to, as if the physical contact would reconnect the dots, though it had not from their first embrace, and definitely not from the first, awkward, kiss.

    It would have been so easy to encourage the emotions involved into murder, quite so. Yet, Rosh was unwilling to, and he sent calm to them, to prevent their feelings from destroying what they did have -

    Then the comlink chimed. Rosh jumped, guilty. It was Tavion - she had given the signal. With a cry, Rosh frantically tapped controls and pulled the ramp up - not a few steps into Feyna’s own steps up the same. It was not a response against her action, but simple timing - Rosh had to be at the rendezvous and quickly, for fear of upsetting Tavion.

    Guilt curdled in his gut.

    She always knew when he had been a failure.

    TAG: @Jerjerrod-Lennox, @TheSilentInfluence, @galactic-vagabond422, @JediMasterAnne
    IC: Lumiya
    Concordia, moon to Mandalore

    The woman was exhorting her? She had attacked her; though, as Lumiya’s mind caught up with the whirlwind of events, she realised that busting through the lift doors was not likely to have caused any other reaction - she had panicked, because of the message. Professional irritation rose up within her, and Lumiya deactivated her lightwhip and threw it into the central area.


    She was taking a risk, but this stand-off was only likely to get Lumiya killed, or her foe, and she would be unable to solve her little history curiosity. “My name is Lumiya.” She smiled, slightly, more to herself than anyone else.

    “I am a Sith.”

    TAG: @QueenSabe7 (combo, if you wish)
    IC: Arek Graul

    “Dad,” came the almost rushed reply. “It’s me.”

    Lyz released a breath she had not realised she was holding, glancing at Aryan, and suddenly frowning at his complexion - he was deathly pale, but Lyz supposed that she was too. “Arek,” there were tears in her eyes, and she became increasing aware of a group of faces peering between the curtains, before they were shooed to move away and not look.

    “Are you okay?”

    “Yes, Mom,” Arek said, voice-only; there was some strain in his tone. “But we are heading to the rendezvous now, in the Kashyyyk system - but that’s not the final target. I just need a little bit more time, and then I can tell you all where we are going - they’re mobilising, gathering every Disciple that is left, every Stormtrooper, TIE fighters -”

    “Don’t do anything stupid,” Lyz bit out. “We only just got you back.”

    “I know, but this is important. If they resurrect Marka Ragnos we will all suffer,” Arek said, firm. His tone of voice changed. “Mom, can you go check on the kids. I know there wasn’t a lot of time between my partner getting to you and this time, and I know they’ll worry -”

    “I need to speak to Dad about Sentan Moor.”

    Lyz’s skin crawled at the merest mention of the name. Aryan’s past was reaching for him. Ancient history, they had both thought.

    But clearly not.

    TAG: @HanSolo29
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  6. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Silent and Friendly Mod of SWTV and SWC star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Madelyn Linnett
    Fallen Jedi Temple, Alaris Prime

    Madelyn eyed the newcomer with suspicion and heeded Voren's warning. She carefully slipped the necklace around her neck and swung her lightsaber in front of her taking a defensive stance. How can I make our bond stronger Voren? Madelyn asked, carefully moving to the side. "Your a pretender..." Madelyn assessed carefully, tilting her head with a small smile. She shook her head and kept her distance. "You don't know what it means to be Sith, to work for our Emperor." Madelyn rolled her shoulders, eyes cautious and yet wild. "Why are you here pretender? Do you know what this place is?"

    She motioned her lightsaber off the walls, reflecting in the darkness. "You walk in a sacred place." Madelyn pointed out. None of the other Emperor's Hands had shown an interest in the past like she had, like the Emperor had raised her too. I need to protect this Temple...but how?

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  7. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Ka'rta
    Gryyl Asteroid Belt

    She got through the furball still diving toward the ground. The shuttle or whatever it was broke off, content with her silence. Good she wasn't up for a dogfight, not in her slow lumbering freighter. That was easy enough, though she felt like her ordeal was just beginning. Coming down she landed next to Rosec noting the welcome wagon four towering reptiles nothing more could be seen from this distance.

    The merc did another pass making sure nothing big was lying in wait for her once she landed. Secure that there was no AT-AT or stormtrooper battalion waiting on the ground, she landed next to the Rodian smuggler.

    "I'm down, you can stop hiding now." She commed to her 'partner' in this endeavor. She lowered the ramp seeing the four heavily armed trandoshans with three crates between them. Her hands moved toward her pistols on her hips. This was too many beings too well armed for just a hand off something didn't feel right. Much like the battle in the stars this meeting didn't sit right with her. "Gentlebeings," she said with a cool demeanor, "Heard you all were in the market for some cheap labor."

    TAG: @Sinrebirth
  8. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Pascale Rouser
    Location: Fortuna, Alaris Prime, Kashyyyk System

    As Fortuna made its way towards the coordinates Pascale had entered something changed in Alora’s expression. It seemed she had sensed something that Pascale had no idea about.

    It probably meant that the Dark Jedi had beaten them to it which Pascale was now in trouble. The Twi’lek drew her lightsaber and stabbed her finger at him.

    "Bring your ship around to the front of the Temple. Secure the artifacts." With a press of the relevant control, she dropped the ramp. "If you leave, you will not be rewarded. Ensure that we have what we need; I sense that part of the Force here is imbued in those artifacts.” before Pascale could say anything she added "I will return."

    At that she leapt impressively off the ramp and headed off. Pascale shook his head “It looks like I don’t have a choice” he said with a frown as he checked his sensors. If he did leave he risked being chased around by Alora and her boss, and the rest of the Disciples of Ragnos basically hunting for him as well he would have to hide somewhere with a very deep bunker. But Alora and her boss would not stop until they had him and Alora would probably enjoy having her way with him.

    The only other alternative would be to stay here and be possibly accosted or killed by the Dark Jedi. Which didn't sound good either. He would have to take his chances with trying to grab as many artifacts and other treasures as he could and then hopefully get away before the real shooting started.

    But he doubted it.

    Before lifting off he had managed to get changed into his “safari gear”. Light brown short sleeved shirt and trousers, dark brown boots and belt, he decided to forgo that hat as he wouldn't be delving too far into the forest. It was his trademark wardrobe for tomb and temple raiding as he preferred his suits for everything else and they were rather expensive. His blaster was tucked in the back of his trousers and both vibroblades were tucked into his boots. He hoped he didn't have to use them.

    He brought Fortuna around to where his datapad showed the main entrance sat. He managed to find a gap in the woods that would fit his yacht, although unfortunately he did manage to scrape some of the trees with his wings. Hopefully the paintwork wasn't too scratched. He kept his systems on standby instead of shutting them down, this was more in case he had to make a quick getaway.

    He rose out of the pilots seat and made his way into the main cabin. In a storage closet he brought out his trusty pack which he packed with his tools and kit that he would need. Food and water also went in just in case. Finally moving to is weapons locker he pulled out a couple of stun grenades, and if things got really nasty, a couple of thermal detonators.

    Pascale was always one to only use his weapons if he ever needed them as he preferred to let others do the dirty work for him, the brawn to his brains if you will. However he knew what each weapon could do and how to use it, you had to in his line of work even though he was archaeologist first and mercenary second.

    Making sure he had everything in his pack that he needed and his datapad in one of his trouser pockets he dropped Fortuna’s ramp and headed down. Once off the ship he locked up the ship, bringing up the ramp and bringing his security systems online. This, like Fortuna had cost him a lot of money and the person that sold it to him assured him it would work. Fortuna had state of the art security, anti-sabotage and anti-theft systems and they were all linked to Rouser’s chrono which would alert him if anybody tried to take his ship. However Pascale doubted it would probably be no use against a Dark Lady of the Sith or Dark Jedi.

    As he arrived at the Temple entrance was open and waiting for him, Alora wasn't here which was either good news or bad, perhaps she had found their Dark Jedi guest and was probably giving them an ultimatum, namely back off or die. There was debris everywhere and evidence of scorches which meant only one thing: blaster bolts. However these did not look too recent as the scorch marks were not hot nor were they colored a deep enough black.

    As he made his way round or over debris he could see the history of this place, Jedi roaming the halls, either on their way to meditate, to classes or maybe just contemplating the Force itself and where they stood in this galaxy. A shame the Sith wanted to drain the power from this Temple as it could tell all sorts of stories and legends. Pascale obviously had no access to this power but the artifacts themselves could tell a story.

    Unfortunately as he reached the vault it was sealed. Pascale’s first choice was to use his laser cutter to try and break a bit of the seal and try to create a gap big enough for him to get through. Hopefully he would create a hole that would not see the whole temple come down on his head, or the others. Well maybe the Dark Jedi’s….

    The only other option was to find another way in. However that way spelt trouble. If Alora was not here then she had found another way in, but that would mean she had sensed the Dark Jedi and tried to confront them. And he did not really want to get involved in that, he was here to grab artifacts, nothing more. The Sith and the Dark Jedi could kill each other for all he cared, so long as he brought the artifacts back to Alora’s boss he would be rewarded.

    Or he might as well consider himself dead right now.

    He shucked off his pack and grabbed his laser cutter and placed it next to the seal.

    Time to get to work.

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    Combo with Sinrebirth

    IC: Lumiya and Qi'ra

    Aboard the Eventide, Concordia

    Qi'ra heard, felt, a shuddering of power and something metal clanging to the hard floor of the office. She remained crouched as she was, behind her large desk though beginning to feel a bit like a child playing a game of hide-and-seek. A coward.

    "Talk?” The intruder's voice replied to her attempt at conversation over a brawl, appearing to be puzzled. She was not able to effectively read the other's emotions - they were all swimming around her at once, incoherently - so Qi'ra couldn't be sure.

    “My name is Lumiya. I am a Sith.”

    She winced, literally curling in on herself at that word - Sith. Here? Why? The very idea of the ancient lineage of darksiders made her extremely apprehensive and forced her to think on her own center of darkness, enough so that unbalanced fear nearly froze her in place. Nearly. Over the years and throughout the massive amounts of knowledge she had gained, the Sith were among the many more important subjects she had looked into. They were intriguing, no denying that, but they had always felt like something to be left alone, a topic that Qi'ra had actively avoided becoming well-versed with. Odd that to this day, she could not name a single reason why or an exact moment when her feelings had become so hardwired against them.

    Still clenching her petars so tightly that her knuckles were stretched white, slowly she pulled herself to a standing position and her dark eyes found the woman standing motionless opposite her. Glancing away once, she spotted her mysterious weapon discarded on the floor between them.


    With a defiant lift of her chin, there was a moment before she could respond. "What do you want then, Sith?" She spat the last, saying it aloud leaving a bad taste in her mouth. "From, or with, me..." The question was simple yet direct, and she had so many but this encounter had grown into something far more dangerous than a simple assassination attempt, of which she was not unfamiliar with.

    "I want a story," Lumiya said, honestly so. "I want to know what happened to Maul after the Clone Wars, and whether he trained an apprentice that I need to erase. I destroyed the Prophets of the Dark Side for violating the Rule of Two, and I will deal with the Disciples of Ragnos once I have satisfied myself that Maul had no secret apprentices."

    A sneer. "When I make my move and continue the Sith Design, I have no desire to become embroiled in a power struggle with a loose end."

    She flexed her fingers. "Are you that threat?"

    "I don't see how I could be," Qi'ra stated plainly, her lips curling at the very mention of Maul... a name she didn't often think of anymore. "Nor how you expect me to have story time on a being I know very little of." Her voice was strained more so than she would have liked, but there was no reason this Lumiya would make that connection.

    She shifted uncomfortably, though relaxed her stance only a little. "Whatever you're looking for... it isn't here."

    Lumiya paused, and tasted the air of the Force. The woman was not lying, not exactly, but there was an old story here. She could sense it. Whatever had occurred, she knew who Maul was, at very least. But she was not a Sith. The impediments Lumiya had before her was nothing more than obstacles to be made into fulcrums.

    Opportunities... as Sidious used to say.

    Standing from her cover, she strode out, her hand outward, palm forward. Her triangular headdress, concealing her scarred chin, was both curious and distinctive, but her height was usually imposing. "Then I apologise for interrupting your..." Lumiya briefly looked around at the emptiness. It was not so much bereft, as that it was not full. Whatever the woman was doing for a living, there was more to her, and more to be done.

    "... your home."

    "As I say, I am Lumiya. I am happy to cover the cost of anything I broke in my entrance," she remained still, with sufficient space to maneuver if need be. "Who do I greet? Of what allegiance? Of what people?"

    Her hands fell the rest of the way to her sides as her head tilted quizzically to the left. "Qi'ra..." she drawled, her eyes narrowing to further her expression of thorough perplexity. The fluctuating temperatures of this situation were rather nonsensical, weren't they? Apologies and offers of aid were not the usual result of a Sith coming up empty handed, at least not with any of the few she knew of.

    Qi'ra looked the woman over from head to toe and back up again before stepping out from behind her desk. She walked laterally to it, not moving any closer to Lumiya than she was before. "Just Qi'ra. And I owe allegiance to no one but myself." With a sigh, she shook her head frustratingly and continued. "I'm sorry, but your Sith business and oddly placed pleasantries aside still do not explain why you are here." For emphasis she thrust one of her petars point down in a jabbing motion towards the floor. "I have no dealings with your kind and never have..."

    A lie, possibly. But if it was she wasn't concerned. "I was never connected to Maul... directly."

    Definitely a lie, partly.

    “Qi’ra...” Lumiya let the world play across her lips and tongue. Nothing. It made no impact. Whoever she was, Qi’ra was not someone she knew of.

    That did not speak of much; she had not known what was coming, not without the oracle stone. It had shown her. But after, there were so many obvious signs that the Sith Lady had missed.

    So perhaps Qi’ra had some puzzle pieces she was missing. “Indirectly?”

    “He... tried to take something from you, no doubt. Always reaching for more than what he had, was Maul.” Lumiya shrugged. “Vader told me all about him.“

    Something dark sparked deep in her chest, buried away for so long Qi'ra had forgotten it existed. Maul had tried to take everything from her, much as Dryden Vos before him already had. It had taken so long, with what little she had left inside, to completely tear herself away from the former's influence - all he had instilled in her and molded her with. He had hollowed her out and filled her with things that did not belong to her but she had been required to carry nonetheless. And then Maul...

    That spark ignited suddenly and the flames of resentment began to lick away at her temper. Absently she started to pace, keeping her eyes on the Sith as she moved.

    "He had been my... employer, for some time. But I never met him face-to-face. I did not have the privilege of a high enough rank, to do so."

    Qi'ra brushed off an angry flush and nudged her chin at the other woman. "An issue you seemed to not have, conversing directly with someone like Vader, as you say you did." She knew that name well, and despite herself she latched onto it.

    Lumiya came to slowly realise that Qi’ra had been apart of the supposedly defunct Crimson Dawn, a criminal organisation that petered out as the Galactic Civil War began. Even now, pieces of history slotted together. Dryden Vos had turned up in her research, as the endpoint of a trove of artefacts that he had collected. But said collection was said to have been lost fifteen years ago...

    “Vader was my Master,” Lumiya said, picking up the conversation prompt, her eyes seeking to meet Qi’ra’s. “I was his secret apprentice, intended to elevate when he overthrew his Master, Lord Sidious.” She strived to keep her prior reaction to the dead Dark Lord under control.

    “True Sith obey the Rule of Two. That there is always one to embody power, and one to crave it. If a Sith passes beyond said Rule, they are to be destroyed, to keep the Sith strong.” She shrugged. “A house divided destroys itself, after all.”

    Lumiya looked to the various artefacts, and nodded to herself softly. “As happened with Crimson Dawn, I gather. When Maul’s top lieutenant was murdered, the organisation never really recovered. And when Maul died at the hands of Kenobi, it vanished.”

    “But I imagine you know all about that, Lady Qi’ra.”

    There was a surge of pride in the memory of the moment Qi'ra slew Vos, so long ago but the feelings it evoked were still fresh. It had been an act that literally freed her from ever having to be shackled to another being again and she would not soon forget that.

    "Crimson Dawn was only half of what it could've been, thanks to... inadequate leadership. It would not have survived regardless if either had lived." Her jaw clenched reflexively. "It is better that they did not, of course."

    One after the other she sheathed her blades in cross-holsters positioned at her lower back.

    "One less opponent to hunt down. You can carry out your Rule of Two, unimpeded."

    Lumiya paused, holding out her hand, palm up, briefly savoring Qi'ra emotions. "I could, true. Though I shall need to hunt down and kill the Disciples of Ragnos - a quite disparate group, that one." She shrugged. "I could do with some help, and I could pay for a woman of your resources to supply me with assistance in my endeavor."

    "I could perhaps assist you in developing that... second sense you have about things." She smiled, but although her face was concealed, it reached her eyes, and Lumiya filled the Force with genuine warmth.

    Comradeship would be nice after the last three years of being alone.

    Careful, Shira, she thought to herself.

    Qi'ra scrutinized Lumiya with noticeable concern, her initial reaction being that of suspicion and complete distrust. This woman announced herself as Sith, displayed a strength she could not understand, had once been under the guidance of the infamous Lord Vader and yet she stood in front of her, offering her help. Again. There had to be an angle she was missing, some hidden agenda that was being kept hidden.

    And yet somehow, not only on the surface but underneath it all, she could tell that the other's words carried a weighted truth to them. There was plenty else going on that she wouldn't be able to untangle, but that much swam up above the rest. There was also this undeniable yearning of a personal nature to learn more of her... curse - as she could never get past her fear of it. It was an inexplicable avoidance of that side of herself, that was so foreign she felt more that it was a different personality that was detached from her core. She didn't ask for it, and had never wanted it.

    Was Lumiya here now to prove otherwise? Or was she being ridiculous, imagining anything would change her so profoundly at this stage in her life.

    "You don't even know who I am," Qi'ra asserted, though her voice did not grow harsh or accusatory. It was a statement of fact. "Nor I, you... How can you be sure you could trust me, or that I could be of any use to someone with your particular skills, and views."

    Lumiya smiled again. "I do not need to know someone to intuit that they might seek what I seek. Purpose, direction, maybe even comradeship." Another shrug. "I do not need to trust you to travel with you, to work with you, to even use you, if that was my preference, which it is not."

    She pursed her lips, but acknowledged that was not visible to Qi'ra and looked at the floor to convey the same emotion. "Perhaps I simply wish to be two again, for I have been the one for years now... and I have yet to have met someone who has both challenged and intrigued me for all that time..."

    The Sith Lord decided she had been altogether too honest, and gestured, slowly levitating her arm to her. She would have to repair that soon enough. Her lightwhip, extinguished, wrapped itself around her waist. "I have to get going, before the Disciples complete their master plan." She eyed the relics in the room, wondering how many of them remaining from Vos's time, because they were expensive enough to retain as trophies, perhaps, perhaps not.

    "The true way of the Sith is that of joining something altogether greater than yourself. Not the scrabbling lust for vengeance and dominance that Maul demanded of anyone he interacted with, but the sense of belonging and growth. For, through power we gain understanding, and power is the goal of power itself. We do not serve anyone but ourselves, and it is on that basis that I offer you the opportunity to, at very least, travel with me, and direct your attention to my goals, so that I might better you."

    A pause. "Or not." She smiled broadly, pulling her things together and turning to leave.

    The Sith's reasons and lack thereof were decent enough, thought out even - and made her all the more interesting for it. However, that wasn't what suddenly pushed her onto whatever path she had just randomly discovered. She would have to sort her thoughts at a later time, but every instinct and inner voice were screaming at her to not allow this woman to simply walk away.

    "Wait," Qi'ra called to Lumiya's retreating form, the words spoken aloud before she even had a mind to think over what she could potentially be committing herself to. It was impulsive - a trait she had rarely used since her youth, always forced to think five steps ahead for such a long time. Though apparently, not this time. Not now.

    A deep breath in, followed then a slow breath out and Qi'ra took a few well placed steps forward, her emotions heightened to the point of distraction. She glanced around at her office and her personal possessions displayed here and there throughout, reminders and trophies of a life full of adventure, of war. Of pain and triumph, struggle and revenge. So, what next?

    Qi'ra relented to the smirk that begged to play across her lips, raising a brow temptingly as she relaxed into her decision. Her hands came out slightly at her sides, a gesture of an offer of her own.

    "Shall we take my ship?"

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    The following is a combo with Sinrebirth:

    IC: Aryan and Arek Graul

    The Graul Estate, Nubia

    The painful memories continued to plague him, even as Arek’s voice crackled over the comm unit and called out to them for the first time in years. Despite the fact that the connection did not come equipped with holo capabilities, Aryan still found himself turning away as if to conceal his face from his son. Somehow, he remained convinced that he could still see the anguish and fear etched clearly over his features across the distance that separated them. It felt safer this way, especially if Arek did go through the same experiences. He wanted to protect him; he couldn’t discover the truth this way.

    And so, Aryan found himself falling deeper and deeper into that perpetual haze, losing himself to his current surroundings and allowing his concentration to lapse. The conversation itself became a distant echo, his mind only honing in on specific keywords as necessary – Kashyyyk, mobilize, Marka Ragnos, resurrect…Sentan Moor.

    The breath caught in his throat at that last one and he drifted, his thoughts immediately getting pushed back into the present. Sentan Moor. That was a name he had long believed to have fallen away to the whims of time. The man had once served him as his chief aide during his tenure as Senator from Nubia. When Emperor Palpatine had dissolved the Galactic Senate and placed every surviving member under arrest, Aryan only assumed that Moor had perished in the ensuing chaos.

    Evidently, he had been wrong.

    With a vanquished sigh, Aryan blinked his eyes slowly and turned to regard Lyz, only now seeming to realize that Arek had asked her to head back to the house and check on the grandkids. No doubt it was a ploy to get father and son alone so that they could speak privately. While Aryan did not like the idea of withholding pertinent information from Lyz, he recognized the severity of their current circumstances. This was the right choice...for now.

    Resting a hand on her arm, he gave his wife a reassuring squeeze and managed a weak smile. “Go ahead,” he murmured quietly with a short nod, struggling to keep his voice steady. “I’ll be along shortly to fill you in.”

    Aryan waited until Lyz was out of earshot before he bowed his head and returned his attention to the datapad in his hand. “Arek,” he breathed again, almost as if he needed to reaffirm that this was truly real. “I--” He trailed off and took a moment to simply breathe. When he spoke again, his voice retained much of its former intensity. “What’s going on with Sentan?”

    "He's been here. He's been overseeing the Dark Jedi conversion, and supplying the Disciples with supplies via a company called Czerka. I have not had any access to the hard evidence, but I have escorted enough unmarked convoys to know what's going on." Arek sounded angry.

    "He picked me out, Dad. He recognised me. Said I reminded him of you, before you became a coward and lost everything in the Senate." Arek's voice grew heated. "He goaded me, and I went for him. Tavion blocked me. She was so happy that I had lost control - but it gave me an in." He sounded a little manic now.

    "He said that my being held in that prison reminded him of something from years ago, but Tavion interrupted." Arek frowned. "I thought you hadn't seen him since the Senate was arrested, Dad - I didn't think you had ever been imprisoned as a Senator..."

    “No, I wasn’t,” Aryan replied sharply, perhaps a little too quickly to thwart any suspicion. However, it wasn’t a complete lie – he hadn’t been a Senator at the time of his captivity, the Senate having been disbanded nearly three years prior to that. But he supposed it was all relative at this point. In truth, he was far more concerned over the revelation that Sentan Moor was alive and he somehow…knew.

    Did that mean he had been there the whole time, watching from afar and actively participating in his own--

    Aryan couldn’t bring himself to finish that thought. It was too painful to even consider that path, much less to find out that an old friend and colleague had been responsible for so many atrocities by aiding Tavion’s cult. Had Moor been brainwashed by his own idealism, or simply drunk with power? From his understanding, Czerka Arms certainly had some decent capital; it would’ve been fairly easy for someone with Sentan Moor’s talents to climb the ranks to glory.

    These thoughts continued to overwhelm him, but he also realized that the silence was beginning to stretch out. Arek would surely challenge him if he did not formulate an answer soon...if he didn’t already have his doubts. Once again, he was grateful for the audio-only transmission.

    “I...wouldn’t put too much confidence in Sentan’s ramblings, Arek,” Aryan continued carefully, his voice wavering slightly. “He might have lost his path, and it’s unfortunate he turned up where he did, but I can assure you...I haven’t seen him since that day they stormed my office on Coruscant.”

    He ran a hand through his graying hair, now starting to amble away from the house to afford himself more privacy. “I-I...honestly don’t know what he was talking about,” he shook his head slowly, trying to hold back the agonizing memories. “H-h--he was only trying to get--get under your skin. And it sounded like he some extent.” Despite his best efforts, his vision began to blur with the onset of tears. “D-don’t give him that satisfaction.”

    Arek regarded his father with a steeled gesture. Or he has gotten under your skin... Arek suddenly realised that Sentan might have been conniving enough to use Arek as a message to his father...

    Taking a breath, not worrying, because that would make things worse, Arek simply nodded. “You’re right, Dad. Sentan probably just has a chip on his shoulder. Sounds like him, to be honest.”

    “I need you to be ready to come get me, Dad,” Arek said. “Can you get together a ship to extract me, and keep the New Republic out of things? Tavion is getting a lot of information out of Alpha Blue, it’s why we’ve rendezvoused at Kashyyyk - we have a lead on Drayson himself...”

    “Can you do that, Dad?” He regarded his father softly.

    Releasing the breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding, Aryan allowed his shoulders to slump with relief when Arek strayed from the subject, deciding to leave it in the past for now. But unfortunately, it was only a brief reprieve; Arek wanted him to step up in other ways, which would mark the first time in years that Aryan would have willfully participated on the galactic stage. While he still got plenty of exposure running the family company here on Nubia, it was relatively small scale compared to the events that were transpiring elsewhere.

    As a result, he was understandably hesitant, but this was his son...what other choice did he have? He would do anything to ensure his well being.

    “Your mom won’t like it,” he started with a sad smile, reaching up to rub at his eyes with the back of his hand, “but yes, consider it done. Just...tell me when and where. I still use the Stardust for various business transactions…”

    Aryan trailed off and inhaled deeply, his gaze wandering toward the old hangar in the distance. “Unless you’re looking for something a little more discreet?”

    Arek looked somewhat amused, taking the chance to dispel the mood. "The Stardust is still running? Definitely bring that."

    "Come to Kashyyyk, Dad, and hurry. I am not sure how long we will be holding here." There was a noise behind him, and Arek looked back. "I need to go."

    "Love you, Dad." He cut off.

    And that was that.

    “Wait, Arek--”

    His words trailed off as the line dissolved into static.

    For several moments, Aryan simply stared at the device in his hand and willed himself to remain strong and not succumb to his turbulent emotions. There was still so much he wanted to say to Arek, and he now feared he would never get that chance. That desperation and longing materialized physically in the form of a very pronounced ache in the hollow of his chest, forever clenching under the memories of all he had struggled for and lost in the intervening years.

    And yet, despite his anguish, there was that small spark of hope – Arek had been lost, and now found. He owed it to him to carry out this mission and see it through to its conclusion, no matter the consequences and the fate that awaited them. That was the love a father had for his son.

    Closing his eyes slowly, Aryan took several deep breaths and angled his face toward the gentle breeze drifting in from the distant mountainside, using this moment of tranquility to calm his mind and refocus his thoughts on the upcoming task. This nurturing power tightened his resolve and bolstered his confidence.

    It even allowed him to find acceptance when he finally opened his eyes and glanced at the house silhouetted against the coming twilight. Inside that dwelling, he knew his mother, wife, and grandchildren anticipated his return. They would likely have difficulty accepting these circumstances and disapprove of his decision, but it was something he had to address nonetheless.

    Along with so many other things that he had kept hidden from them for so long.


    Placing the datapad back into the folds of his light jacket, Aryan issued a soft sigh and strode toward the house to set things into motion.

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    IC: Feyna Morrow
    Aboard a Disciple’s shuttle, Kashyyyk


    She was only a few steps up the ramp when the pilot fired up the engines, and the ramp began to rise. Startled, Feyna almost swore out loud, but for fear of being heard, she grit her teeth and kept quiet. There wasn’t time for her to stop and think about it; she quickly dashed up the ramp into the ship.

    For a moment, she worried that she’d been detected, but there didn’t seem to be anyone in the shuttle’s loading area, and when no one appeared to confront her, she concluded that it was just...timing, whether good or bad. Perhaps the passengers were all in the cockpit, or the pilot was the only other person on board. Hopefully there weren’t any cameras on board that might give her away.

    Tugging on the taozin nodule again (she was paranoid about losing it, even though the thing creeped her out a bit), she cautiously began moving through the ship. She kept her blaster drawn, warily checking around corners, until she located a suitable hiding place, and settled in for the ride.

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    IC: Rosh Penin
    Panicking, but heading into orbit of Kashyyyk

    Unaware of his passenger, not for want of casting out the Force to anchor himself to, well, anything solid, but of course due to the slippery piece of reptile that Feyna now clung to for dear life. The shuttle jumped into atmosphere and then orbit, ignoring whatever the Wookiee Ground Control was roaring at him. Rosh Penin's master had called, and he was to follow. Fear curdled within him, but he pressed it down, wondering if Tavion knew that he had been tempted to do good, and not spread malice.

    She always knew.

    She was the chosen intercessor of the Dark Lord.

    He spoke through her, and he knew all.

    And now... Tavion was here.

    Her ship decanted from hyperspace in the centre of the system, equidistant from Kashyyyk and Alaris Prime and Trandosha. From the Wookiee and Trandoshan homeworld ships began to lift off, bringing with them supplies and troops and slaves, all smuggled into the star system in the past week. The flagship, the Resurrection, was an Imperial Star Destroyer, a mark II variant. As much as the great narratives of the Galactic Civil War painted lumpy Mon Calamari cruisers engaging these arrowhead vessels, Star Destroyers remained potent, terrible weapons, capable of devastating almost any star system.

    Heavy ion cannons and turbolaser cannons; sixty turbolasers; seventy two TIE fighters; 9,700 Stormtroopers; 20 AT-ATs; 30 AT-STs.

    A mile of durasteel and death.

    And it was here.

    The Wookiees immediately reached out to the New Republic, but their fleet was dispersed across thousands of members worlds across the galaxy. Help would come, but how soon - that was the question. A single Imperial Star Destroyer was enough to leave much of the Wookiee homeworld a charred, bloody, footnote in history, given enough time and space to pummel the planet.

    That was even before the dozens of Sith were taken into account. The entire Sith order loyal to Tavion was here, preparing their final attack.

    The shuttle of Rosh Penin was given priority through the screen of fighters and shuttles and freighters, and reached the flag hangar in short order. It settled down, and even before the ramp dropped down, the sharp voice of Tavion cut across the bay, the Force pushing it to penetrate the very helmets and nooks and crannies of the cavernous hangar - her words were heard every where, for she was power, and she spoke for the Dark Lord as his Voice. Even in the little hideaway Feyna had taken for herself, which included a full set of Stormtrooper armour of all things, it was if the Sith was standing right in-front of her.

    "Disciples of Ragnos! We stand here, on the cusp of victory!"

    They roared. Rosh joined them, belatedly raising his fist into the air in support.

    Fallen Jedi Temple, Alaris Prime, Kashyyyk System

    Alora sneered at Linnett. “The Emperor? The great and vaunted Darth Sidious - dead after a handful of decades, inheriting the millennia of Sith teachings to fail so utterly?”

    “This is a Jedi Temple,” she laughed. “You’re a Dark Jedi, what are you doing here?” She brandished her lightsaber, pointing it.

    Voren, the softly spoken Force spirit, whispered. We need to walk together; a technique known as Force Walk. This acolyte - this Sith - she is more powerful than you, after the Emperor left you. If we work together... we have a chance.

    In short order, the laser cutter did its work - all the moreso as the millennia had damaged the stone nature of the vault. It gave way, allowing Rouser into the vault, and immediately his eyes would be able to appraise that there were artefacts post-dating the Revanchism movement, giving truth to Alora’s words.

    The Twi’lek’s melodious words floating in through the tear in the rear of the room, “I see you are stealing trinkets from the vault, Dark Jedi. Perhaps you think that you can redeem yourself by saving Jedi artefacts from Marka Ragnos?”

    A laugh, bouncing off the corridor and vault walls...

    Trandosha, rendezvous

    The four Trandoshans eyed Ka’rta, looking to each other and clearly evaluating whether to pursue what was patently obvious - their intent to steal the slaves rather than pay for them. One spoke up. “Doska,” he said, indicating himself. “Meat.” He pointed to the slaves, and then the boxes. “Payment.” Then, with a glint in his eyes, he hefted his rifle.

    “All - ours.”

    The other three promptly shouldered their blasters and began to draw a bead on Ka’rta and Rosec¸ who warbled in panic, reaching for his blaster and dropping the remote. It bounced off the floor, and, because if it was going to go badly it may as well go all the way - the remote opened the door to the ship.

    Togruta, still wearing their shock collars, rushed to escape, a small stampede dashing down the ramp and into the gun-slinging. Doska vanished under the Togruta rush, rolling free by Ka’rta, coughing but barking orders in his native tongue. The remote was, of course, on the wrong side of the exodus to Ka’rta and Doska.

    One of the Transdoshans began firing stun bolts into the group, while the one on the other side, barely visible through the group, went to try and find the remote. The last turned to cover Doska, remembering Kar’ta.

    His rifle, however, would be on kill.

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    IC: Lyz Graul

    Nubia, Graul Estate

    Events were beginning to run already, and they were speeding up.

    The dead Disciple was shuffled into the garage, and kept under a tarp. The garage was isolated from the main house and could be locked, to keep curious grandchildren away from them. But they were confused, and worried, and so the family had to retake normality for another hour before bedtime was complete.

    That done, Lyz listened to Aryan, and what he was willing to tell her, nodding slowly. Their son was alive. That was all that mattered... but now Aryan wanted to hare off to Kashyyyk to save Arek.

    At that, she shook her head, violently. “I can handle reporting this guy to the authorities after you leave, Aryan, I really can, but this? No; absolutely not - you can’t expect me to stay on the sidelines while you go into danger,” she said. Biting her lip, she continued. “At very most, I would be happy if I was with you, but even then, you’re putting more of the family in danger and leaving the grandchildren here...”

    The third adult in the family was quiet, Ashaiya regarding Aryan with knowing, soft eyes, yet, peering deep into Aryan Graul. Time was of the essence, but no Graul had rushed into something without thinking about it.

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    IC: Lumiya

    In orbit, aboard the Eventide, Concordia

    The lift was gracefully accepted, and Lumiya nodded to herself. This woman, Qi’ra, she was interested in what the Sith had to offer. Perhaps not the Order generally, but at very least she was intrigued by Lumiya herself.

    Curiosity would do for now, Lumiya thought.

    Unpacking her bag, she fixed her arm while they headed into orbit, setting up the room she now occupied. The Holocron of Adas; the oracle stone, which was useless off of Korriban, but the spirits there had requested she bring with her; replacement parts and so forth. It had been a long time since Lumiya had been able to put down roots and call somewhere home. Nonetheless, she abandoned her triangular headdress for a shawl around her lower face, letting her hair hang low. The lightwhip she tucked into her thigh compartment, for ease.

    In short order, Lumiya reconnected with her sources and frowned. The Disciples were on the move, but she did not know the Final Target; apparently only Tavion herself knew. She was not immediately able to locate where the Resurrection was presently, either - the innumerable attacks the Disciples had launched had ended, but being as so many of them were across the galaxy, in places as distant as Dosunn, Bakura, Tatooine, Chandrila, and so forth, the pattern was minimal - some missions related to the Force, others to Imperial interests, others to nothing more than supply runs. Frustrating, in short, she thought.

    She imagined Qi’ra was monitoring her, but it mattered not to Lumiya and whatever the woman needed to feel in control, the better. In the meantime, the yacht made way, moving into orbit with a deceptive smoothness to its take-off.

    Heading to the central area, Lumiya peered out into the star field until she sensed Qir’a’s attention. “Well, my leads turned up very little, but I had to start over three years ago so that is no surprise. My last apprentice compromised my network before his demise, and I lost some quite promising leads. Decapitating Black Sun was my revenge, but it did not take the entire sting out of his failure.” She shortly laughed. “So I hunted down my first apprentice - Flint - and I killed him for betraying the Sith. Now that was satisfying.”

    She was doling out titbits of her shadow life, and the events she had influenced along the way. Lumiya absently wondered how much time she had spent tracking down Disciple leads or pulling up the files the New Republic and Empire had on Lumiya - both of which thought she was dead.

    Dead, along with Shira Brie, Lumiya absently thought.

    She had not yet turned back to Qi’ra. “What have you discovered, oh High Lady of Crimson Dawn?”

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Ka'rta
    Trandosha rendezvous

    "All - ours." The leader Doska spoke this was one of the common occurrences in Ka'rta's line of work. Some idiots that think they can just take what they want without paying those they hired. As they leveled their rifles she drew her pistols. She just had them online when a herd of slaves crossed her line of fire. They were still valuable if they could be wrangled. The shock collars would help with that, if she could get at the remote, which was on the far side of the stampede.

    Doska came tumbling out of the crowd coughing barking orders in his native tongue since his command of Basic wasn't the best. She turned firing a volley of bolts into the tradoshan's broad frame. He was still breathing, but she couldn't deliver the killing blow as his comrade fired back at her. With not a lot of cover she took a hit on her armor as she dove to the other side of the boarding ramp using the posts as some cover against the incoming attack. A few wide blind fire shots distracted the reptile giving her an opening to turn and fire with both pistols. She buried her target in a shower of bolts tearing through his armor and body. He fell to the ground riddled with smoking holes.

    Half of the group was on the ground in various states of health. The one that was trying to stop the slaves from escaping with stun bolts turned realizing too late that he'd left himself open. He turned to bring his rifle on line but, Ka'rta ended him with a single blast to the head, quick and effeinecet also didn't let him get another shot off. The last was still scrambling for the remote he'd just gotten his hands on it about to press the button before a blast lanced right through his wrist.

    An angered hiss flew from his mouth as he cradled his injured arm. The mandalorian smiled under her helmet. The smile grew as she leveled her blaster and and put a bolt right between his eyes.

    As the body slumped to the ground Doska reached out for the remote having crawled his way over towards it in the confusion.

    Cooly and calmly Ka'rta walked over to him slamming her boot down on his wrist. He yelped in pain, but never let go of his aggression looking up at her with bared teeth. She knelt down keeping pressure on his pinned hand.

    "All…" She pressed the barrel of one of her pistols against his head. "Mine." Pulling the trigger a golden bolt passed through his brain and into the ground leaving a scorch mark. The leader fell limp to the ground. Holstering one of her blasters the merc scooped up the remote and activated the shock collars, stopping the attempted jail break in its tracks.

    Tossing the remote to Rosec she moved to collect her payment.

    "I want half of however much you sell this lot for." She said to the Rodian pushing her crate of goods towards her ship. "If I don't hear anything by the end of the month." She fixed him with a harsh glare. "I'll find you and I'll make what these trandoshans were going to do you tame by comparison." Getting back onboard her ship she got a message from Sentan Moor Director of Czerka.

    "A new job for you once you’ve finished this drop, Ka’rta, on double your usual fee, each month. Protection detail, but on a bigger scale. A team is being assembled in the Horuset system, Esstran Sector. Get there once you’re done with the delivery."

    Loading the last crate on her ship she sent her reply.

    "Got it, see you there."

    Another job already lined up could the day get any better. A good fight, more credits in her pocket, and a new well paying job waiting for her once she was done. Things were looking up. She took off traveling a little through the atmosphere to come out hopefully away from the fight the Republic and Empire were having. From there it should be a jump to Horuset to meet this 'team'.

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Madelyn Linnett, Alora, Rouser
    Fallen Jedi Temple, Alaris Prime, Kashyyyk System

    Eventually the laser cutter did it’s job and the wall of the vault crumbled which pleased Pascale. At least it took less time than he thought to get through, luckily he had bought that powerful laser cutter.

    He put the laser cutter back in his pack and made his way through the hole…


    He spotted the artifacts in the room and his blue eyes lit up at seeing all the artefacts there. Such beautiful treasures and he could probably get a good amount of money for these. However there was a problem.

    He had stumbled into a fight.

    Alora and another woman were facing off. And it looked like the other woman was the Dark Jedi the Twi’lek had been sensing. Perhaps he could grab the stuff and go unnoticed. He doubted it but it was worth a try.

    He tried, as quietly as possible to make his way towards the artefacts. He had his pack now on one shoulder to stuff them quickly into his bag and depart.

    Madelyn took a deep breath and centred herself. "Jedi or Sith, these artifacts must be protected." She assessed her opponent more clearly and spoke back to Voren. Force walking? I don't think I've ever come across that term, but I'm willing to take down these Sith with you. Show we how it's done please...before she attacks me.

    She turned and faced them, red lightsaber in hand as she reached out with the force. There's someone else here. Madelyn turned her head and threw out her hand at the Intruder, using the force to push him away from the artifacts. But I'm still surrounded. Whatever your planning Voren, now would be a good time to do it.

    Voren started to detail the technique when Alora leapt forward, cutting low. She shouted out. “Rouser, now!”

    Of course, Rouser had no instructions but distracting Linnett was all that Alora needed. The moments the words left her mouth, the Twi’lek reversed her attack and slashed for Linnett’s neck, using the Force to increase the speed of her attack.


    Pascale had been so close to the artefacts, but it seemed this Dark Jedi wanted them to be protected. Pascale had the same idea, only that Alora and her comrades had paid more for him to deliver them to Tavion.

    As he was pushed away Pascale knew he was now in a fight and that he may not come out of it unscathed. His main.mission was the artefacts and this Dark Jedi was not going to stop him. He had no idea how to fight Force sensitives and he only ever used his weapons as a last resort.

    As Alora made her move she commanded Pascale to attack. Of course there were no prior instructions, he just had to wing it. And it seemed a shame to maim a woman…

    All's fair in love and war I guess.

    Pascale drew his blaster from the back of his trousers and fired towards the woman's head and back as Alora went low. As Alora then went high Pascale shot low for her legs.

    Could she deflect them all?

    Madelyn felt a flash of anger course through her and a heard small voice in the back of her head. A memory. Good. Let them attack. Draw them in.

    Madelyn raised her blade and deflected Alora's lightsaber back at her and she jumped in the air and over to the side. She landed a little awkwardly, tired but still on her feet. Now would be a good time to force walk.

    Voren was rambling through the incantation. Repeat after me!

    Flesh and spirit as one,

    Spirit and flesh as one,

    One as flesh,

    One as spirit

    Alora pivoted, stepping back as Linnett jumped, and then, bodily, slashed down with an overhead two handed swing.

    Madelyn centered herself as she dodged Alora's swing by a matter of inches, backing into the temple wall and repeated the words.

    Flesh and spirit as one,

    Spirit and flesh as one,

    One as flesh,

    One as spirit

    Alora cut and blocked as the words tumbled out of the Dark Jedi, the woman being more defensive than not. This was not going well, and Alora could not make out what she was saying -

    Suddenly, Linnett would be in complete pain. The ritual was complete, and electricity coruscating across her skin and driving the woman to her knees. A hand spasm caused her blade to be dropped, the weapon deactivating even before it touched the floor. Alora raised her blade, and sensed... well, she sensed the Force from the necklace transfer to the Dark Jedi, beneath the agony that Linnett felt.

    Quickly,” Alora snapped to Rouser. “Stun her!”

    Pascale did'nt know what was happening to the Dark Jedi, but for her her to fall to her knees and drop her lightsaber she must have been in some pain.

    And Alora was probably sensing what was going on which was why she was commanding him to stun her. And from the sound of her voice whatever was going on was not good.

    Pascale set his small blaster to stun and began firing at the Dark Jedi's head and back. Only a few shots though as he didn't want to waste shots and energy. He began moving towards the artefacts again as he fired.

    Madelyn screamed as she fell to her knees. The pain was unbeardable, it felt as if her whole body was trying to re-form and shape itself. Like her essence was being torn out of her skin as the Force Walking took place. She was dimly aware of being shot at but didn't feel any pain, nor limitations of movement as she slowly forced herself to her feet.

    She breathed heavily, facing Alora with what felt like a new energy as her whole body felt like it was on fire. Madelyn took a deep breath and centred herself. I feel different. Powerful. Like I can actually protect the Temple and get rid of that annoying pretender. She clenched her fists, eyed her lightsaber and picked it up. Help me defeat her.

    The stun shots washed over Linnett, and Alora suddenly realised she should have ordered Rouser to kill the Dark jedi - better yet, she should have just slashed down -

    There was an explosion of energy, outward, and then the Temple collapsed, and the forest swayed, and for each of them... there was only the black of unconsciousness.

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  15. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Aryan Graul
    The Graul Estate, Nubia

    The conversation unfolded pretty much how Aryan expected it to; Lyz immediately focused her attention on the most dangerous aspect of what he was proposing and began preaching to him about the worst-case scenario. After everything she had been through – his service during the war, his isolation after the Senate, the ‘year that didn’t exist’, losing Arek – maybe he couldn’t blame her for raising these concerns. It would be near catastrophic for her to endure another terrible loss in such close proximity to the others, and yet…

    With a harrowing sigh, Aryan ran a hand across his jaw and turned away to pace, his gaze straying toward the bay window that overlooked the wide expanse of their property and afforded a picturesque view of the crimson sunset lingering on the horizon. It was in this pensive state that Aryan saw his mother’s countenance reflecting back at him in the tempered glass, regarding him quietly.

    Pivoting on his heel, he shoved his hands into his pockets and turned to face her fully. She sat at the kitchen table with her hands folded upon her lap, her once beautiful face now lined and weathered with age. But behind these tired features, her blue eyes continued to shine brightly with intelligence and strength, eyes that Aryan knew so well. He peered into them now, studying their depths and striving to uncover her thoughts. To Lyz, it would appear as just another passing glance between mother and son, but Aryan was able to glean so much more:

    She knew his secret.

    And really, how could she not? She had carried him, raised him; it was foolish for him to think hide from it for so long.

    This revelation provided all the confidence he needed; he knew what he had to do.

    Pursing his lips, Aryan flashed a knowing smile at his mother, perhaps a bit embarrassed by it all, before shifting his gaze back to his wife. His motions were fluid and more at ease; he was in complete control.

    “But what would happen if I did nothing?” he countered in a firm, yet placid tone. Stepping away from the window, Aryan approached Lyz slowly, his chin angling down to meet her gaze. “The children will be in far more danger that way, Lyz. If the monsters holding Arek are given the chance to succeed, they will latch on without hesitation and unleash untold terrors on this galaxy; they will hunt us down. At that point, it will be too late to stop it. Our complacency could destroy us.” He frowned slightly, a hint of his previous trauma crossing his features. “I...can’t abandon Bren and Rylla to that kind of future...nor Arek. We can bring him home.”

    Inhaling deeply, he closed the rest of the distance between them and placed his hands on her upper arms to hold her in a loose embrace. “We have an opportunity now – Arek has discovered a weakness and he can show us the way; we can prevent this disaster from happening. I just need to go to him.” He tightened his hold on her, squeezing marginally as a rueful smile pulled at one corner of his mouth. This next part will be difficult for her to hear. “I know you want to come, but I would prefer if you stayed watch after the kids while I’m gone. Mom can’t do it alone.”

    He was surprisingly calm, at peace with both himself and what he was about to do as he leaned down and pressed his lips to her forehead. “I promise you that I’ll be alright,” Aryan murmured quietly, his breath sultry against her flesh. “So much has changed since the fallout in the Senate; the circumstances are not even remotely the same. I’ve done a lot of soul-searching since then, and I’ve learned so much about myself – some things are truly amazing, Lyz, a new lease on life in many respects. Please trust me when I say that I’m prepared to deal with this.”

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    IC: Feyna Morrow
    Aboard a Disciple’s shuttle, Hangar, ISD Resurrection, Kashyyyk system


    She nearly jumped out of her skin, and quickly clapped a hand over her mouth to cover the small yelp of surprise that came out when the voice spoke. It had sounded as though it was right in front of her, and Feyna was momentarily terrified, afraid that someone had found her little hideout, but there was no one there.

    The shuttle seemed to have landed, and, though somewhat obscured by the voice, she heard the ramp lowering again, and the sound of the pilot’s feet first getting closer, then fading away as he disembarked. A loud cheer went up outside as the voice finished speaking—gods, how many are out there? She’d need to be extra careful if she wanted to continue to go unnoticed by these dark-siders.

    Fortunately, there was a ready-made disguise just sitting here: Stormtrooper armor. Feyna quickly and quietly pulled it on, tucking the taozin nodule underneath her collar before donning the helmet. The datapad with the tracking program was secured in a pouch on the armor’s utility belt.

    She hadn’t heard anything to suggest that there was anyone else on board the shuttle, but she still waited a few more minutes before cautiously emerging from her hiding place, again with her blaster drawn.

    Satisfied that there was no one else on board, lying in wait for their stowaway, Feyna headed to the ramp. Hopefully the Disciples would be too occupied with their rally to notice her, but even so, she kept up her guard as she started down.

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  17. QueenSabe7

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    IC: Lady Qi'ra
    Eventide, in orbit, Concordia

    Qi’ra was in her personal quarters, biding her time. After taking on her new passenger, she had pinged her most reliable informants and sent them on differing errands for information, the topics of which she hadn’t mentioned straight out, of course. All in a roundabout way. So now, she was just waiting. And watching.

    Her eyes had been following a holo display that was placed in the corner of the desk she sat at, located within the outer room to where she would sleep – try to sleep. This desk was nothing like the large, ornate one she kept in her office above. That was more for presentation than practical use while this one was just for her. Under several layers of personal security, it held some of her most private items and belongings, one of which she was casually turning over in her hands as she stared at the ghostly blue image of Lady Lumiya. She was spying, as the other sorted her belongings within the confines of her chosen private room.

    Every space, corner and closet within Qi’ra’s ship was under hidden surveillance – both visual and audio, as one in her position could never be too careful. The business of secrets and lies was always treacherous, and she had been told she was paranoid on more than one occasion, perhaps borderline hysterical when it came to her safety. But she saw her extremes as something much more complex, a necessary obsession. It had saved her before and this time would be no different.

    This woman, this Sith, had broken into her home and had remained undetected despite her great lengths to keep people like her from catching her off guard. Which, she had certainly succeeded in doing. So yes, she would be watching her every move.

    Leaning forward to see Lumiya working at getting her arm reattached, Qi’ra placed the well-worn and bound book she had been holding upon the matte black desk top and signaled the image to zoom in. What was most curious to her was how much of the other was actually mechanical, or cybernetically enhanced, rather. Since cleaving the limb from the Sith’s body, she had been wondering just how she got that way. Was it a choice made on purpose, meant to gain power and strength? Or life-saving measures that were the result of some horrific event?

    Her eyes roved over the projection, also noting the intriguing personal collection of artifacts that had been laid out, most likely for show. It was still a chilling notion that she had an actual Sith aboard her ship, and one she had willingly allowed to stay nonetheless. She knew this woman would be cunning and intelligent, had already seen proof of such, so if she were making a display for Qi’ra’s benefit, naturally she wouldn’t let her know that.

    Mind games and power plays. She was familiar with those.

    Several more minutes of insignificant shuffling and then Lumiya left her room, Qi’ra tracing along after her as each camera’s range picked up the woman as she made her way back to where it all started. The final image she would have was of the Sith standing stock-still, gazing out into the stars as the Eventide slid seamlessly into the black of space. Considering the length of time since the yacht had even been out of atmo, it was an impressive feat.

    Peering, suddenly agitated enough to want to stand, at first she assumed the woman wished to be alone, to meditate or whatever it was her kind did to connect to their higher energies. There was this urging in the back of her mind, however, that finally pushed her to her feet without thinking and before she knew it, she was on her way to meet her.

    Soundlessly, Qi’ra entered her central office through her private entrance though it wasn’t even an instant after her eyes found Lumiya that the other started speaking. Naturally, she didn’t need to see, in order to feel.

    Once more going on about her Sith past and various entanglements within, Qi’ra was… astonished at the ease with which her companion revealed such things. Maybe they weren’t as profound as she made them sound, but it lead her to sense an odd ‘open book’ quality to the dark lady. It didn’t seem to fit.

    “What have you discovered, oh High Lady of Crimson Dawn?”

    She cocked a brow, then her head, not baited. Walking the rest of the way to where Lumiya stood, she stepped in beside her and soaked in the neverending scope space provided. “Enough,” she replied conversationally, if a bit dry. “Some, still learning.” Coyly, or not so much, she meant it as a reference to the fact that she was digging and would keep doing so without slowing.

    She glanced across, admiring the crimson hair that was now free of the headdress the Sith had been wearing previously. “How is your arm? Mended well?"

    Of course it was. She had been watching, after all.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Sentan Moor
    Horuset, which has some name or other

    The star system that Sentan Moor chose to rendezvous with Ka'rta was a lonely one. Two debris fields, one closer to the sun, and one further away, with a planet in the middle. It was almost as if the world had been orphaned, though in-fact it had been dragged here by a Celestial artefact a hundred millennia ago, though the other two worlds had been destroyed before that happened.

    Of course, that was not information that Ka’rta would have access to.

    Nor would she know the world’s first name, Pesegam, nor its secret name, Moraband.

    Formerly a Commerce Guild outpost, this world and the Esstran Sector in general was isolated by the galaxy at large, with no major hyperlanes evident, and the worlds of the sector had been drained or resources and even populations by events the galaxy had inflicted upon the worlds of the area, or indeed events the sector had inflicted upon the galaxy at large.

    All she would know was it as its current name - Korriban.

    Arid, deserted, desert, and a thoroughly unpleasant world, its location between the Perlemian and Hydian Way meant that it did have some benefits, and efforts were being made to reconstruct hyperlanes or indeed to create new ones entirely with galactic engineering. S-thread boosters could create stable hyperspace routes, much as the Empire had done with the Sanctuary Pipeline from Sullust to Endor a decade ago. It was a massive endeavour, but the security that the isolation supplied was more important than not, especially with legends of a hyperlane running straight from Korriban to Empress Teta in the Deep Core - presently an Imperial stronghold.

    In theory, one could expand the Empire’s current borders in the Outer Rim to include Korriban, and then access the Deep Core, reunifying the Empire and allowing them to swallow up the worlds between the two - including Kuat, Coruscant, Bilbringi and other key systems.

    In grand theory, of course.

    And it was that theory - that Grand Design - that Sentan Moor had brought into.

    Thus, he needed to protect his investment.

    Czerka had once led its entire financial empire from Korriban, four millennia ago, and it would again, under new, enlightened management. Investigating the history of the Force meant investigating the history of the galaxy, and by pushing the frontier of research to the very beginning of the Twilight Wars - the conflict which gave rise to the Rakata primacy - Sentan had won favour with all manner of Imperial loyalist who had secreted away funds, or hidden resources, or simple slave stock, and accessed the true Empire.

    The dark at the heart of the Galactic Empire.

    Because, of course, Korriban was a Sith homeworld.

    And while an Imperial outpost would inevitably draw attention, a quiet corporate move, complete with a mercenary force - that was the perfect foothold in a region the Empire had abandoned and now needed to retake.

    Sentan Moor was the bridgehead for the Empire Reborn; for the Second Imperium.

    He idly enjoyed the moment, and then the sensors chimed with the new arrival.

    Standing from his desk, tucking his arms behind his back and striding from his office into the heat and dust, Sentan grinned. Flanking him was Dengar, and Bossk. He would have liked to pick up IG-88 but the droid did not agree with the planets nature. He looked forward to introducing Ka’rta to the troops he had gathered for her to command. He liked Ka’rta. Her no-nonsense attitude appealed to her, and, unlike say Dengar, or even Fett, she didn’t mind working with slavers, and they had a lot of slaves to distribute - whole populations taken and kept in storage for when they were needed.

    He stood at the makeshift landing ground, smiling away to himself.

    And looked forward to her arrival.

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    IC: Lumiya

    Eventide, in orbit, Concordia

    Qi’ra was so sly. Lumiya loved it.

    “Yes, thank you,” the Sith said, working her arm to show it was unimpeded. “No lasting damage. I would love to say that it has never happened before, but when one fights one risks harm.”

    Lumiya spread her arms to the vista. “I find it calming, I must say. Once, I was shot-down, injured terribly, and all I had left was to accept my fate and die. My limbs, ripped free, my jaw, removed... all I had was my resolution, and the Force.”

    “But you know something of the Force, I suspect. Though it is merely an echo, something you can hear but not feel, perhaps?”

    The question was interrupted by her comlink activating; not the cranial implants, but her physical comlink. When in company it was polite to not be running two conversations at once, and she was also conscious of the usefulness of hiding some conversations and not others. She activated the comlink without asking permission, but the volume was sufficient that Qi’ra could hear too.

    “My Lady,” came the voice.

    “Dyur,” Lumiya replied, naming the Bothan who served her, captain of the Boneyard Rendezvous. “What do you have for me?”

    “The Disciples are making their move; every asset they have is converging on the Kashyyyyk system.”

    Lumiya pursed her lips. “And the target?”

    “Still only known to Tavion, my Lady.”

    “How did you discover this?” Lumiya said, frowning. She did not ordinarily ask, but something tugged at her to enquire.

    A pause. “We intercepted a coded message from the Resurrection to Nubia, of all places. One of the Disciples was communicating with his father. One of the old encrypted lines used by the local resistance that Palpatine set up to lure them into a trap, apparently.”

    “Fine. Leave it with me.” Lumiya cut the line, and paused. “Well, Lady Qi’ra, did you have any assets on Kashyyyk we might use? Or, did you wish to visit the Wookiees with me - not with me, of course. I expect you can sit in the shadows of one of the other worlds, Alaris Prime or Trandosha, perhaps, and I shall sneak in.”

    In-fact, Qi’ra had a transaction on-going involving slaves, though the exact details had not passed her by. Czerka were handling Togruta slaves to her contacts on Trandosha, though the front-group had just been slaughtered by Ka’rta for attempting to steal the entire stock and not pay. Now Rosec, the wily Rodian, had the slaves to convey to whomever Qi’ra sent to pick up the pieces of the deal, unless he sold them to someone else. Czethros, her second-in-command, had kept the details from Qi’ra because she was often focused on her own projects...

    ... perhaps Lumiya was a project, who knew...

    ... and amusingly, Lumiya actually knew about Czethros, but not about Qi’ra being behind him - it was funny how things worked out.

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    IC: Rosh Penin

    Rally aboard the Resurrection, Kashyyyk

    The troops and Sith were gathered, hundreds of the former and dozens of the latter, all cheering and pouring their vitriol into the Force. It was like a psychic attack, and Rosh found it difficult to tune out, let alone join in.

    We are here to start the End of the New Republic!

    The End of the Jedi!

    The End of All!

    Today, we shall resurrect the Dark Lord, and announce a new Empire!

    An Empire not of bureaucracy, or politicians, or supply-lines!

    But an Empire of power and strength! We shall take what we want! We will not have to strategise, or politic!

    We shall be the purest expression of the Dark itself!

    The Force whispered, and he saw Arek Graul, one of the newer Disciples, strode in to the hangar, adding his cheers and looking about. Rosh met his eyes, and wondered where he had been - that direction only led to the nearby comms room - the other direction was the barracks... and then of course the main entrance led into the bowels of the ship.

    Arek’s eyes flickered to something behind Rosh, and Rosh found himself turning out of habit. A Stormtrooper had stepped off the ramp of his shuttle, and Rosh frowned again, though he was still focused upon Arek. He had not looked directly at the trooper before he began to turn back to Arek. Rosh was unsure what to do about either of them, and whether he wanted to. What they were speaking now - what Tavion was telling them all - it was not what he wanted... he just wanted everyone to notice him, not Jaden...

    His fist curled as he thought of the Jedi hopeful that had somehow constructed a lightsaber before even joining the Academy!

    But that had nothing to do with what he was doing now.

    He had resolved to ignore Arek and the Stormtrooper when a chill ran down his spine. He looked up; Tavion was staring right at him.

    “Reborn Penin, come to me.” A Stormtrooper, a differing one, stepped beside Rosh, and indicated with his blaster that the trooper that had stepped down the ramp should join him in escorting Rosh. As in, he directed Feyna to fall-in and walk Penin up to the front of the speech.

    Arek winced, and watched. The errant trooper was giving out little into the Force, but Tavion terrified anyone she was in close proximity to.

    Alaris Prime

    Tavion was a taskmaster, and so it was not long after she arrived that a shuttle was sent to Alaris Prime and collect Alora and account for the delay. Troopers tracked her signal into the forest, and found the Temple and the bloody tableau. In short order, they burned down the forest around the debris, and dug out Alora, a woman tentatively identified as Linnett, an Emperor’s Hand, and Pascale Rouser, the archaeologist that had been sent to assist Alora in finding the Temple which was of course now.

    Scanners pioneered by the Emperor’s mad scientist, Umak Leth, identified that the potential of the Temple had passed to Linnett, somehow, so her unconscious form was placed into a Force cage and the shuttle took them all back to the Resurrection, the troops collecting both Alora’s ship and Rouser’s yacht - tractoring the latter because they did not have code access to the yacht

    Rouser would come to aboard the shuttle, with Stormtroopers present, much as Alora did.

    She looked balefully at him and gestured out the viewport behind him, strapped into the chair. The dagger of a Imperial Star Destroyer hung in space, nimbused with shuttles and freighters, with a dozen TIE Interceptors flying patrol. The Wookiees had scrambled squadrons of X-wings and B-wings, but their fighters were holding off - they did not have the punch to handle a Destroyer.

    “Welcome to the future, Rouser.”

    As for Linnett, however, she stayed asleep... she was having a conversation with her own passenger.

    In her mindscape, Voren stood in his Jedi robes, in a glade on her homeworld. Linnett was present, in clothes that befitted her in a happier, more innocent time. Before the dark side... before she became a Hand.

    “You saved me,” Voren said, a smile to his lightly bearded face. “Thank you, Linnett.” He stepped forward and took her hands in his. The feeling was warm, and he glowed with gratefulness.

    “Force Walking can bind any spirit to you, permanently,” he carried on. “It bestows upon you a share of their strength. It was a skill pioneered some seven millennia ago, but has not been used in the last three and a half. The last known use actually post-dates my death, I gather.” A slight edge of gallows humour, there, the kind that only someone in mortal peril could appreciate.

    “It allows you to share my knowledge, and mine, yours.”

    “So... the Disciples of Ragnos are interesting... but what is the Old Folk’s Home that your fellow Hand, Jeng Droga, has contacted you about?”

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    IC: Lyz Graul


    From the moment Lyz conceded the point, drew her husband into an embrace, and then they were both drawn into the arms of his mother, things moved quite fast. Lyz busied herself with the grandchildren, not saying a word to them about Arek. In short order, the old family spacehopper was prepped, and Aryan's contacts furnished him with an exit visa that was open ended, which was theoretically impossible on a New Republic member world. Of course, Nubia had only recently rejoined the New Republic, so there were still gaps, and Aryan's friends knew them all.

    Because of course, the Empire could recover again, and so they had to keep things hidden from the New Republic in-case they were compromised, or, unlikely but possible, the New Republic became an alliance of oppression, abandoning liberty and freedom to crush the spark of independence they had ignited in all.

    Ashaiya was similarly busy, but only in completing a handwritten notebook. She passed it to Aryan before he went to leave, just saying. "For later, my son." She carefully kissed her son on the forehead, standing on her tip-toes to do so, and then turned to leave so that Aryan could not see her tears. The fate the family had hidden away from was calling to them, in-spite of years upon years of them trying to avoid it. She had hoped Arek was the last tragedy to face the family, but in his survival there was much more to come, it seemed.

    With not much else to add, she left her son to return to her great-grandchildren, and Lyz took over. The younger ones had already worked out something was going on, but penetrating the code of adults was difficult at best. They knew their grandfather was going away, and that was enough, especially for Bren, who seemed to have wizened to the fact that he might not see Aryan ever again. Rylla had drawn closer to her sibling in the meantime, focusing on Bren as was her want to.

    Lyz embraced Aryan and kissed him, but she didn't give him opportunity to speak. She simply pressed a finger to his lips. "Whatever you promise me will be a lie - we cannot control what is to come, and I can only pray to Nubia that you will make it back. Whatever truth you give me will be one you have kept - I do not need to know what you have not told me, or not yet came to realise; you can tell me when you get back. Lie, truth - they only matter if you come back, not if you do not, my love. I want you to be nothing more nor less than that, and have no regrets, regardless of what happens."

    Her eyes met his, and she kissed him.

    Then, she left him to go. Lyz wanted to bring Bren and Rylla to wave him off, but she knew her emotions would fail her.

    As such, Aryan Graul was left to his own devices; to his own fate, and to his own, aborted, delayed, secreted, future.


    There it was.


    And there it was, as obvious as possible - a brazen statement of power. An Imperial Star Destroyer. The comms crackled immediately. "You're late. Come on, come on. We need those converters."

    The message was directed at Aryan Graul.

    The Disciples had been expecting him? No, someone else, a ship of similar design, or perhaps a ship to come from Nubia... or maybe it was the partner to Arek they had been expecting, and he had arranged this in advance of his death?

    Things were suddenly moving a lot faster than expected.

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    (Combo post with our GM @Sinrebirth )

    IC: Ka'rta

    Getting to this planet was a pain, no good hyperlanes, difficult to find even on updated maps, and even harder to navigate. All these and more delayed her arrival though she never really committed to a time that she would show. Even from orbit the place looked like a heap, all tan and brown not a splash of blue to break up the bleak terrain. She shook her head as she began to descend getting a location and clearance to land from the Czerka representatives.

    Dust and sand were kicked up as her old freighter touched down. The ramp came down in a cloud of grit obscuring her figure for only a little bit as she walked down the ramp. Wind whipped across the deserted plain sand blasting her armor. She found three other being greeting her. Dengar easily identifiable by his distinctive head dress and armor, and Bossk, identifiable by his scales and yellow flightsuit. A slight cruel grin formed on Ka'rta's face a memory of the Trandoshans she's just killed.

    "Dengar, Bossk," She nodded to each bounty hunter in turn. While they were competitors, there was still the code, and they were going to be working together. "So what's so important you drag me all the way out here?" She asked of Sentan Moor, "I also have something for you from our trandoshan friends." She continued gesturing with her thumb towards her ship.

    Sentan smiled at her no-nonsense approach, gesturing at Dengar to go collect whatever it was.

    "I heard they're all dead. A shame they tried to play you." Bossk eyed Sentan and then Ka'rta, likely having known the deceased Trandoshans. "That's the last time I take advice from a certain someone." Bossk looked at Sentan as if he was considering eating him.

    "I have a business investment to protect here, Ka'rta. I need the best of the best to protect it." He threw out his hands. "All of this."

    "And me, of course."

    A wicked grin formed on her face watching Bossk lick his lips looking at their benefactor. Her hand drifted towards her blaster, not resting on it just moving closer.

    "Don't touch anything while you're in there Dengar." She shouted over her shoulder to his retreating form. Turning back to Sentan a smile bloomed across her face, one that could be heard in her voice. "I'm glad you think so highly of me, you really know how to make a girl feel special." She paused for only a moment, "What exactly am I protecting...I don't need to know what you're doing just what parts of this planet need protecting besides yourself. I'm on the clock so I might as well get started learning this layout."

    Sentan nodded. "Straight to business, of course. I have obtained mineral rights to this part of the planet in advance of some business partners securing the rest. There are no locals to speak of, but there is some... carnivorous wildlife we need to contend with. Inevitably we will have infiltrators from rival factions and so forth - we are Czerka, after all."

    "So I am hiring you to defend the former academy and spaceport. Its a bit run-down, the latter, but the former is hardy. It's been here for centuries. Stone and all that. None of this modern construction which lasts a few years and needs replacing to create more demand." He smirked. That was a Czerka business policy.

    "I have... well, two hundred Sun Guard mercenaries for you, if you want them. You can weed out up to... 5%, if you need to stamp your authority on them." He gestured to Bossk and to Dengar, who was appearing carrying what was expected. "These two answer directly to me."

    Her brow did raise, Sun Guards, them and Mandalorians didn't get along, but she'd worked with one of them before. Owen one of her mentors. She could find common ground with them, they both liked fighting and, they both hated mandalorians. While it was nice to know she had clearance to do away with a number of them, she would use this power sparingly. No sense getting rid of valuable personnel, not when they could be broken in. Though there were times some people needed to die, to send a message.

    "Academy for what?" she asked tilting her head. It was intriguing, a centuries old building made of hard stone that had weathered the ages in this place.

    He waved his hand, as if discarding something. "Some old religious cult. They mostly died out a millennium ago at Ruusan."

    "I don't care for religious matters, really." He went to turn and lead her into the old academy. "Gods and that stuff have no bearing on business."

    "What's the saying hokey religions are nothing for a good blaster at your side." She said following behind the man. She didn't believe in much of anything anymore, other than the power of credits to get her what she needed. Though she had seen a few cult leaders that really pulled in the credits. She lacked that particular charisma through, she couldn't make people believe in something that wasn't real. What she could do was make them believe that she would kill them in an instant should they cross her. "Mineral rights huh," she looked around at the sun blasted plains, "Must be some shabala good minerals for you to set up shop here."

    "Well," Sentan said. "There are tombs. Precious metals, gems, and the like. The upper levels have been dug into, but the, um, what was it, Valley of the Dark Lords? There is a necropolis there which has not been dug into fully. I intend to expose the tombs in the lower levels and bring in, ah, a specialist team to do the heavy lifting."

    "I will probably need you to clear the way for them, but the sealed tombs and all their silly traps and the like we can leave for the experts." He lazily looked over to her. "Sounds good?"

    "Grave robbing..." She said with a dark chuckle, "Must be some important people to be worth hiring so much muscle." It didn't bother her disrupting the graves of those long dead. Wasn't like they would notice, or that anyone alive would care. She would raid a Mandalorian grave if she thought it would be advantageous. "Valley of the Dark Lords, sounds pretentious. Clearly these cultist thought very highly of themselves or there venerated ones." She didn't mull over the offer very long. "Sounds good, I wasn't made for finding traps, but fighting that's my speciality."

    "A few kings, Dark Lords and the like..." Sentan sounded thoughtful as he led Ka'rta towards the building. "No tombs have been created for, oh, five thousand years?"

    "And the creatures here will undoubtedly need killing, which I am sure you can help with, my dear."

    "You wanted the best." she said offhandedly as the 'Academy' loomed larger and larger in the foreground. "And the Academy has been cleared of traps, or will I be staying offsite?"

    “The Academy I had the Sun Guard clear... but I lost a good fifth of them. Absolutely incompetent without a decent commander. They’re still waiting for Carnor Jax to return and lead them.” Sentan snorted.

    “I’ve half of that fifth in the infirmary still,” the businessman said, rolling his eyes. “I’m waiting for the psyche evaluations to come in to see if I can break the contract without a penalty.”

    “You can stay aboard the Osik but I have a room setup for you. I’m already expecting you to requisition some expensive toys, so don’t worry about that.” He nodded to her ship. “I know you never like to go anywhere without enough weapons to arm a battalion secreted away.” A finger was raised. “But no disintegration’s. We need access to the necropolis.”

    “But I’ve some sketches to show you yet, paths and the like -“ he seemed to perk up. “Unless you can give me some ‘expert medical opinion’ on these slacking Sun Guard’s, warrior to, um, employer of warriors?” He pointed; they were in the foyer now. “The medbay is that way; my office and chambers are that way; and of course your room that way, in the old students rooms.” His finger drifted to each corridor.

    Her face soured behind her face plate. No disruptors, or flame projectors, those were good for clearing out undesirables. Animal or otherwise. That left her with just blasters and rockets. She was good with them and with enough bodies anything was possible.

    "I'll take the room, might just use it as a weapons depot for myself rather than a place to lay my head. Sounds dangerous in here. Since you're looking for psyche evals I'm guessing that these traps were of the hallucinogenic variety?" Things that mess with the mind were sometimes useful when dealing with large groups that you would have to slog through to try and win against. Though you had to be careful you didn't git hit with it. She doubted it matter much anymore whoever set those up was long dead. "As to getting them going again, and you don't want to offer them credits. Call out their honor, threaten to take away their credits, find something to motivate them. They aren't fighting for a cause, not a real one anyway. Jax is gone, aint coming back. Sometimes understanding their fear and making them face it can work, but that can take too much time. If you want them to do something now. I'd say pull their contract or threaten to. We live and die by our reputations and contracts. A black mark can permanently tarnish our prospects." She spoke with knowledge gained over years of fighting for this group and that, learning how they tick and how they fall apart...usually it revolved around money and their ability to get it. "If that doesn't work look over the contract look for loop holes, you said this place had dangerous wildlife, release them from their contract and let them wander the wastes. You never said you had to provide them transport off the planet." She said with a dark chuckle, "One or two like that and should get the others on board. Though begrudgingly at least give me time to work on them." She looked down the corridors offered. "I might as well take a look at my quarters first, start measuring for the ordnance and weapons I can store there. I'll get you a shopping list soon. Don't worry about getting all of it, just most of it."

    Sentan produced a datapad and began to take notes. “See, this is why I pay you so much. It’s for resolution of problems. You get things done, with all that experience.”

    “Remember when you picked up that ex-Senator for me? That was fiddly, but you came through. What are we talking, over ten years ago now?”

    He continued to make notes. “Oh those Sun Guards say the old student digs are haunted by those who failed their trials to join said cult. Spirits who railed against them for assisting one of the fallen Lords here, and not them.” A noise of dismissal. “But I’ll release one or two of them into the wild, see what happens.”

    “Hopefully by the time you’re settled we’ll have a shift towards action over inaction from the rest.” He snapped the datapad shut. “Business calls I’m afraid.” He pointed again. “Second door on the left. There were no doors and privacy to speak of, so I added some more modern fixtures including, well, doors. But you’re welcome to do your scans and so forth for listening devices. If you find any, let me know.” Sentan sniffed. “They’re. not mine.”

    "Those infiltrators you spoke about." she said with a rueful grin. Taking his direction she walked toward her room rolling her shoulder. It had been a long time closing in on half her life dedicated to the ending of life. That did not come without sacrifices. The Senator needed to get out of Courscant and in a hurry. Sentan had acquired her services for extraction. Had to fight her way through a squad of stormtroopers and separated her shoulder catching the man after he was pushed out a window. Had to pop it back in herself, still hurt on rainy days, hopefully those would be few and far between here. She opened the door to her room. "Hello?" she called in half joking. Flipping through her built in sensors in her helmet she scanned the room looking for anything out of the ordinary.

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    IC: Madelyn Linnett, Voren
    Alaris Prime

    Madelyn knew she was dreaming. She had to be. I'm in my youngling robes. The one with the Mandalorian symbol on the upper arm so everyone knew I didn't speak basic. She looked at Voren when he clasped her hands, felt the warmth.

    This must be what Jedi feel all the time.

    Madelyn frowned when he asked his question and shook her head at him. "It's Korriban. That's where the first Sith walked. It's where Revan got the information to change the war against Darth Malak." She studied Voren carefully, wondering what his advice would be on that.

    "Oh is it now," Voren said, softly. "I remember Revan."

    He seemed to debate what next to say.

    "I was a Jedi Knight when he begged the Order to intervene against the Mandalorians." He indicated the symbol on her arm. "But I bet you know all about the histories of the Mandalorian Wars..."

    Madelyn shrugged, look shy. "Revan was the only one who ever beat us." She looked down at the symbol on her arm. "I know Revan went from Jedi to Sith to something in between...I've been studying about Revan; following their path." She looked at Voren. "You really fought with Revan?"

    Voren nodded slowly. "I fought beside him, yes."

    "Revan..." he paused. "Revan was a rule unto himself. We all thought he was the Chosen One. He was righteousness incarnate - staring at him was like staring into Power." He trailed off.

    "He was the best of us."

    Madelyn listened quietly, gripped Voren's hands a little tighter. "Revan wanted to change everything didn't he?" Madelyn took a deep breath. "What do you really see in me? Why would you help me like that?"

    "Revan wanted to save everything," Voren said, tightly.

    "I see..." He paused. "I see the chance to do what Revan intended in the right way."

    "I died before I could do anything about Revan, you see." For a moment the man looked wistful.

    Madelyn looked at their surroundings, felling the weight of Voren's words. "I'm not Revan." Madelyn pointed out carefully. "I'm not sure what I am anymore." She let out an unsteady breath. "But we're trapped aren't we? Who will help us? Who would help an Emperors Hand?"

    "Revan wasn't sure for a time," Voren reminded her.

    "We are trapped, but there will be opportunities. There always are. The Disciples need your strength. Save for Tavion and their Dark Lord, they are all weak Force users." He paused. "There will be ways forward."

    Madelyn sighed. He's probably right. But I'll need to use my status as an advantage. "If we can get a message out...we might not have to take these...pretenders down by ourselves?"

    Voren paused. “Are there others you could contact? Others among the Dark Jedi who once served your Lord Sidious?”

    Emperor’s Hands, like Droga?”

    “Jade has joined the New Republic... Cronal, Lumiya, Ismaren and Quest are all dead... it’s just Kogo, Stele, Droga and me, now.” She paused. “Maybe Tremayne, but nobody knows where he is.” Madelyn swallowed hard. I can't give myself up to the Republic. They'll kill me. "At least Revan had friends he could call upon. We were always trying to outdo each other as Hands."

    As is the way of the dark side.” Voren smiled slightly. “We can use that, especially among the Sith.”

    Thinking of becoming a Jedi?” He sounded wan.

    Madelyn nodded, looking thoughtful. "Yes, but we should still be careful." She shook her head at his question; amused. "You said there was good in me before, but I'm Sith. Not Jedi Material."

    Voren shrugged, smiling slightly again.

    Worth a try.” He looked around.

    We’re about to arrive at the Star Destroyer. I am sure Tavion will wake us up so that she can complain about us stealing the Temple’s potential.”

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    IC: Pascale Rouser
    Location: Shuttle approaching ISD Resurrection, Kashyyyk system

    Pascale knew he was lucky to be alive.

    After the explosion had rocked the Temple Pascale had gone flying backwards into a wall rather hard but thanks to his pack that had cushioned the blow somewhat. However the Temple coming down on top of all three of them was not a good sign.

    Pacale had thankfully fallen unconscious before the Temple had decided to come down on his head.

    As he came to aboard a shuttle he guessed thanks to the engine noise he knew that he felt awful. He had not come out of it unscathed and his hope was that Alora and the Dark Jedi had not survived an that he had made it without having Force powers on his side.

    Unfortunately as his blue eyes scanned the shuttle’s main cabin he could see the Dark Jedi trapped in some sort of cage. It looked like she had been captured as well as he and caged like an animal. Perhaps Alora had managed to tell Tavion what had happened or perhaps someone had told this Tavion that she was a Dark Jedi. Either way it didn't look good and since this Dark Jedi was a Force user she could end up in a rather tricky spot.

    He wasn't in a much better spot either. Strapped to a chair, feeling like his brain had been on a particularly bad bender and his body felt like he had been run over by a bantha. His pack had definitely been taken off his and the familiar yet light weight of his blaster had gone from the back of his trousers. Hopefully they had not noticed the vibroblades on his boots, although what he could do with these against powerful Force users was anyone's guess.

    And he probably looked in a sorry state too. He didn't know whether anything was broken as his mind was still in a haze but the fact that he was sitting upright in a chair and not laid out flat on a gurney was good news if you could call being trapped on a shuttle with a mad Twi’lek, stormtroopers and a caged Dark Jedi good news.

    Pascale had to hope that Fortuna had managed to survive the nearby explosion in one piece, he had parked it nearby ut hopefully the explosion had toppled the Temple inwards not outwards. The troopers would have to tractor the Baudo as Pascale was the only one to have the security codes. Anyone who tried to break in, tried to change the code or inputted the code in wrong three times would end up with a nasty surprise. Hopefully the stormtroopers would not try anything on his beloved yacht.

    As he turned his head to look around (slowly so he didn't make himself too dizzy) he spotted the scantily clad Twi’lek Alora and she was giving him a look that Pacale could only describe as hostile. And it spoke volumes, he had failed in his mission and she wasn't going to let him forget it. She gestured to the viewport behind him.

    “Welcome to the future, Rouser.”

    He didn't really want to turn around for fear of making himself even more dizzy and ending up with him embarrassingly spew up on the shuttle. But he got the sense that Tavion had arrived and she had brought the full force of the Disciple of Ragnos to the system. And Rouser was definitely in trouble.

    He could now be a prisoner of the Disciples, tortured, possibly mutilated or even killed for failing. He could also end up as a slave, doing Alora’s or Tavion’s bidding or perhaps even becoming their toy to play with. He shuddered at the thought. He could try to escape but he was in no condition to do so at the moment. However he would bide his time and wait until the opportune moment.

    However his future at the moment as uncertain.

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    IC: Lady Qi'ra
    Aboard the Eventide, orbiting Concordia. For now.

    Qi’ra smirked, her eyes traveling down from Lumiya’s face to her mended arm, studying it as she moved the limb without issue. Listening to the Sith as she vaguely recounted the trauma that resulted in her current state, she had to acknowledge the strength this woman must have, to survive the horrific hand that life had dealt her and thrive as she assumed she had been. Forged in fire.

    In that way, they were alike.

    A pleasant warmth tickled at her awareness and she smiled further, turning her gaze away and out to the starry void before them. It was something almost tangible, but to Qi’ra, when she reached for that feeling it slid away from her and disappeared altogether, like sand slipping through her fingers.

    “But you know something of the Force, I suspect. Though it is merely an echo, something you can hear but not feel, perhaps?”

    How odd, that Lumiya describe it that way. As it was exactly how it was, as if she had read her mind that very moment. Choosing to remain indirect for the time being, she opened her mouth to respond in some non-committal way, but was stopped from doing so when her travel companion allowed a voice to blurt in from her personal comm. The conversation was confusing without much context, but it was clear there was something afoot with the Disciples that Lumiya was invested in.

    “Well, Lady Qi’ra, did you have any assets on Kashyyyk we might use? Or, did you wish to visit the Wookiees with me - not with me, of course. I expect you can sit in the shadows of one of the other worlds, Alaris Prime or Trandosha, perhaps, and I shall sneak in.”

    Qi’ra had turned back to face Lumiya during her exchange with her associate, and had narrowed her eyes in the other’s direction once she had finished.

    “I do not,” she admitted, thinking. Considering. “But close by, yes. On Trandosha, in fact. Last I was told.” Side-stepping to her desk, she took a seat behind it and activated a touch-screen panel on the lower right side of its surface. She entered in a coded message to Czethros, her most trusted and capable employee, asking for a status update on the region’s activity.

    Once sent, she swiveled the chair back towards the Sith, crossing one leg over the other as she did the same with her arms over her chest. “Though, if I am to help you, I won’t be sent off somewhere to wait.” Qi’ra raised a brow in challenge. “I don’t hide.”

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    IC: Feyna Morrow
    Hangar, ISD Resurrection, Kashyyyk orbit

    Oh, boy. This was a problem.

    One of the Disciples had been called up to the front—Feyna suspected, worriedly, that it was her pilot—and another trooper had motioned for her to fall in to escort him up there.

    It occurred to her--too late--that she could have simply installed the tracker on the shuttle and just laid low until the Disciples made their next move. But instead she’d thought hey I’ll plug the tracker into their Star Destroyer, while somehow avoiding detection by a few hundred Sith and stormtroopers!

    I am such an idiot.

    Now she’d been spotted—at least they didn’t yet realize that she shouldn’t be there, but she’d have to think of a convincing lie if someone asked what she’d been doing on the shuttle. If she remembered correctly, Force-users could tell if someone was being untruthful, so she didn’t know how much good a cover story would do her. She wasn’t too confident that the taozin’s protection extended that far.

    Just going along with it seemed insane, but resisting would draw even more attention and heighten suspicion, and starting a fight in a hangar full of Dark-siders and stormtroopers was nothing short of suicide.

    All right, let’s play along then.

    She gave the other trooper a nod and fell into step on the Disciple’s other side.


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    IC: Aryan Graul
    CR90 Stardust, arriving at Kashyyyk

    With a slight shudder, the Stardust decanted from hyperspace around the lush world of Kashyyyk, her matte black finish allowing her to slip into shadow and becoming a mere silhouette against the backdrop of the distant sun. In a sense, traveling back to this system was like stepping into the past; so much had happened here to define the course of his life. He had seen the end of one reality and the start of another, all the result of the fateful accident that had cost him his left leg. It had been a watershed moment for Aryan Graul.

    And now he had to wonder – was it any coincidence that he was back after all these years? Was the past doomed to repeat itself?

    Aryan sat quietly on the ship’s bridge, contemplating this and other like-minded questions. He was in a particularly wistful mood after the emotional farewell with Lyz, his mother, and the children. Fate was at the forefront of his mind – what it would mean for him and the role he would play in its eventual fulfillment. He had come to terms with what he was about to do...for his son and the thousands of others at risk. But it did not make it any less painful, especially when he may never see his family again.

    He may not make it back.

    With a wavering breath, Aryan ran a hand through his graying hair before shifting his gaze to the handwritten notebook his mother had given him as a parting gift. He reached out to where it was resting on the console, his fingers smoothing over the worn-leather cover as if he could still perceive his mother's presence through touch alone. He swallowed the lump in his throat, suddenly tempted by his intense emotions to open its pages and divulge its secrets, but he refrained.

    Or rather, he was rudely interrupted by a blaring voice over the comm.

    "You're late,” the man scolded him gruffly. “Come on, come on. We need those converters."

    Aryan hurriedly shoved the notebook into his breast pocket as he pressed forward to glance at the Star Destroyer looming large outside the forward viewport. His eyes instantly narrowed with concern. How did they know he was coming? Had Arek called ahead?

    No, that wouldn’t make sense. He had been too insistent about remaining discreet about this mission and ensuring that outside entities did not get involved. Besides, they weren’t showing any signs of hostility. This was likely a simple coincidence, which he viewed as the perfect opportunity. If he played along, he could get into position to extract Arek without having to infiltrate their defenses. He only hoped his son was ready for him.

    Clearing his throat to slip into character, Aryan toggled a switch on the console to open the line. “Uh, sorry...I, er--I apologize for the delay,” he relayed anxiously, allowing a hint of dismay to creep into his voice. He was nothing more than a grizzled, old cargo pilot, hired to carry out a simple job to make ends meet; a freelancer who didn't know any better. He knew the Empire utilized their kind often. Why not a mystic cult?

    “I had some trouble loading up the cargo at Rordis City...I’m sure you know how that goes. You can’t find any competent help these days.”
    He offered a nervous chuckle and paused briefly to recompose himself. “Anyway, I’ve received the coordinates for docking and I’m making my approach. See you on the other side shortly.”

    Silencing the comm to prevent the man from uttering another sharp rebuke, Aryan briefly scanned the computer readouts and sighed. This was it; there was no turning back. Taking up the control yoke in both hands, he eased the Stardust forward on her approach vector.

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    IC: Lumiya
    Aboard the Eventide, orbiting Concordia. For now

    Lumiya grinned at the woman. "Of course you don't.” She gestured to the great expanse. “Let us go, and discuss our...” her eyes became especially piercing. “Partnership.”

    They jumped, and arrived, in short order. There was much which could be said of what happened, but also much not. Of course, what did... did.

    Czethros had sent a swift reply to Qi'ra. It had, however, been sent while they were in hyperspace, and arrived as they did.

    My lady, the slave handover went awry as our agents sought to steal the goods. They are dead, at the hands of Czerka's representative. New agents have been hired to take the slaves. I will cover the additional expense from my personal accounts. Apologies, my lady.

    Lumiya was not paying all together too much attention. They were at the system edge as was her nature, but the dark and inky stain upon Kashyyyk was obvious. “Do you feel that, Qi’ra?”

    She all but arched her neck at the thrill of the sensation. “The Dark side unbridled; an order of Sith shouting it at each other - they aggression, their desires, their rage. It’s almost childish, and it is all chaos. So much chaos, that there is no power...”

    Lumiya steeled herself. Eventually someone would become nauseous in the face of such unshielded emotions. Lumiya could teach Qi’ra the way to block it out, but she wouldn’t without being asked. In Qi’ra she saw a potential equal, not a mere student.

    But the more mundane senses would show a Star Destroyer - one broadcasting it’s identity to the system, as if to dare someone to pursue them. The arrogance.

    It was the Resurrection, and Lumiya found that name to be telling, what with Droga’s claim.

    “I assume you have something stealthy we may make use of, Qi’ra? If we are to get aboard, and end these fools.” A short chuckle. “All we need to is discover their target, and we can tell the New Republic and it’s pet Jedi where to go.”

    “No need for us to get our hands dirty...” Lumiya looked carnivorous for a moment. “But of course we can, if we wish.”

    Hangar bay

    It was a moment of deliveries, Tavion thought, amused. Her legion was gathered, dozens of Disciples ready to strike at the Republic at the behest of their Dark Master. Two ships joined the hangar, such was its cavernous nature.

    One was a freighter deploying some converters; Tavion paid it no heed. The ramp to Aryan’s ship went down and techs rushed to take the cargo he had quite innocently brought with him to the Destroyer; he had been setup, but the manner in which he had protected him. He would have a positively brilliant view of the Disciples and hundreds of Stormtroopers standing in attention to the terrorist Tavion. A tech pointed a thumb to the rear of the hangar. “You can head there if you want to wait for us to unload,” said the heavyset man gruffly. “Food and whatever.”

    The other was the ship she had sent to collect Alora, who apparently had some surprises for her. The ramp descended without aplomb, and Tavion noted the non-Disciple, Rouser. The archaeologist.

    There was a Force cage, and as Rosh and the two troopers arrived she held out a hand for them to stop. One trooper was attentive, but worried; the other was attentive, but focused, it seemed. She had no sense of fear from the other, but the Stormtrooper’s body language... it was curious. Tavion realised she was a woman and paid it no heed; women were plentiful in the Corps in the Empire since Palpatine’s final death - desperate times called for desperate measures and all. Had she know it was Feyna, perhaps she would not have been so droll.

    “Ah yes, Rouser,” Tavion said lightly. “You she assisted us in locating the fallen Jedi Temple on Alaris. I have another task for you at our final target...” her gaze turned to Alora, the Lethan Twi’lek. “Which I understand you lost?”

    Alora pointed to Linnett, who could hear and see everything, but the Force only existed for her within the cage. An invention of the late Umak Leth, the Emperor’s personal mad genius. “This Dark Jedi absorbed the Temple’s potential.” She pointed.

    “Oh did she.” She held out her hand for the Scepter of Ragnos, and an adjutant supplied it as the cage arrived. With a gesture, it unfurled, ruthlessly depositing Linnett to the deck. “Then I shall simply take it back.”

    With a flutter of the Force, Linnett was tugged upright and frozen into place. She pointed the Scepter, intending to drain every essence from the woman.

    Nothing happened.

    Tavion paused, and then inclined her head, as if listening. “A Force... Walk?” Then she released a peal of laughter. “Alora, take her away, she is of no use to us anymore.” Alora nodded, and Tavion gestured, causing Linnett’s body to drop. She was conscious, but her body would not response; Tavion hadn’t even cared about whatever defences Linnett had, even with Voren’s help. He nonetheless, as two of Alora’s Stormtroopers carried Linnett away, released a sigh of relief.

    That was close.

    Tavion turned back to Rosh and the troopers, still intrigued by the one that didn’t feel fearful, but definitely seemed... highly strung. Rosh however poured his fear into the Force; Alora glared daggers at him. As she did her gaze swept over the freighter and she remembered.

    Arek Graul,” she called, and the crowd parted again as Alora returned. She eyed Rouser, an outsider in the middle of a Disciple rally, and then she decided what to say and do. “We have a traitor and a coward among us.”

    The room stilled.

    Her hand fluttered, and the weapons to the front of Aryan’s ship crumpled, damage reports being confirmed to his sensors, if he was still aboard.

    Tavion sneered. “I couldn’t be happier.”

    The Brig

    They were shortly taken to the brig, and Alora left her with the two troopers, scurrying back to her master. She was disarmed, but she would be able to see her hilt and personal effects on the table to the centre of the room.

    We shall need more strength to surpass that one, Linnett.

    I can help, came a voice, a slightly higher pitch to it. I was killed l, here, in this very room. I’ve been hanging on to, well, it was then that she saw the skull in the corner of the room. That.

    Voren paused. It was Linnett’s body.

    But I hear that you know how to Force Walk?

    Tense; Voren was unmistakably tense, but still he held his tongue.

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    IC: Unknowns

    Former Sith Academy, room


    Whatever Ka’rta had expected, it probably wasn’t her own voice to echo back at her. But it did, and repeated her question.

    Strong. Another Voice.

    Pawn. The first Voice, with her own inflections.

    Pawns can become.


    And then, silence. Unerring, monstrous, silence. All of her sensors would come back negative on any technological trickery. It was just... voices.

    In the corner, draped under a sheet, was a positively ancient access, but it still had power; Sentan had basically appropriated the system’s which were still in place, repairing the wires and what not and cutting off anything from before. It wouldn’t take much to reactivate it, of course.

    One truism of this galaxy was that technology had plateaued about five millennia ago. From that point onwards, periodic Sith and civil wars kept the level of progress to a bare minimal, though the era of Empire had seen a remarkable amount of old technology and weapons reclaimed, such as gravity well generators, Dreadnoughts, and even basic superweapons. It had also seen the galaxy tentatively reconnect with cultures and societies which had been lost by the wars, such as the Nagai, Hapans and the Chiss, though the name for the species evaded public knowledge, regardless of Grand Admiral Thrawn five years ago.

    So yes, the ancient console could be accessed by Ka’rta. Otherwise it was a lazy room with a functional bed and a minimalistic approach. She would begin to receive schematics and uploads from the Sun Guard out on patrol, Bossk having been the temporary leader in the meantime. There were open tasks for orders of fortifications for installation, even shield generators and so forth.

    There were notes on the next expedition into the necropolis, which was proposed later today, with links to information about shyracks, Tu’kata, and so forth. Enough resources were being piled into it to suggest the urgency Sentan had implied, though in his typical cool nonchalant manner he has downplayed it. There was an open spot for an archaeologist; their last expert had apparently been killed by poisonous brambles or some such.

    In reality, however, the way to this particular unimportant five thousand year old tomb had to be cleared now.

    Before the Disciples came.

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