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Star Wars CLOSED Resurrection

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 5, 2019.

  1. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Pascale Rouser
    Location: ISD Resurrection, Kashyyyk system


    That was what Rouser thought as he was unstrapped from his seat in the shuttle and he managed to rise up from the chair. His body felt like a brick had been dropped on it and he rather slowly made his way to the shuttle’s boarding ramp after being directed there by a trooper.

    To be honest, he wouldn't have minded if he was still strapped to the chair and allowed to rest for a little bit.

    First things first deal with the situation here. Then if he was still alive by the end of it perhaps have a good shower, rest and get out of his archaeologist attire and back into his suit. And also find out if Fortuna had made it back in one piece. He hated to think these troopers had made a mess of his beloved yacht just because they had to probably tractor it back.

    One thing at a time Pascale…..

    He managed to make it down the ramp slowly and with a little bit of a limp, he probably looked like he had been run over. The sight that greeted him though was impressive to say the least.

    Hundreds of stormtroopers standing to attention as well as what looked like followers of these Disciples of Ragnos. Probably all as nutty as Alora in their devotion. And there in the middle of it all was another scantily clad lady, Pascale guessed this must be Tavion, Alora’s boss and his current employer.

    What is it about Dark Ladies of the Sith and having hardly any clothes on. Was this a fashion statement?

    The poor Dark Jedi in the cage was being brought forward to Tavion by two troopers and what looked like a Disciple. Pascale was trying to stay out of the way of it all, he probably had his own punishment to come so he wanted to look as inconspicuous as possible while all this went on.

    No such luck.

    “Ah yes, Rouser,” Tavion said lightly. “You assisted us in locating the fallen Jedi Temple on Alaris. I have another task for you at our final target...” her gaze turned to Alora, the Lethan Twi’lek. “Which I understand you lost?”

    Rouser bowed his head “Yes milady” he simply said as if resigned to the fact he would have to work for this lot even though they were all totally bonkers. So long as he credits kept coming he didn't care although the danger was he could end up in the same situation as in the Temple and nearly die. He could still die at the hands of Tavion and Alora if he failed again.

    Alora meanwhile had pointed out that the Dark Jedi had absorbed the Temple’s potential, Pascale guessed it was probably through the necklace she was wearing. A pretty necklace too, it would fetch quite a few credits if it was ever sold. Sadly he had missed out.

    Someone then brought something which looked like a sword with a fork on the end. And Pascale recognized it, the Scepter of Ragnos. One of his fellow treasure hunters and collectors on Commenor had found it and kept it, Pascale was wondering whether to buy it off them and add it to his collection. But it had disappeared before Pascale had a chance to ask. Unfortunately the person ended up dead and the Scepter went missing. Now it had been found again and under the command of a Dark Lady of the Sith.

    Not good at all.

    Meanwhile the poor Dark Jedi had been positively dumped on the deck and before Pascale had even a chance to limp forward and help her back up Tavion and held her upright using the Force and decided to try and take the power away using the Scepter. It must have failed as Tavion then asked two troopers to take her away as she no longer had any use for her. Alora followed them.

    Sorry my dear he thought to her a shame I could not help.

    He did feel sorry for the Dark Jedi even though she was probably like them, a darksider. Nobody deserves humiliation like that even if she was trying to stop him and Alora from getting the artefacts.

    Pascale decided he had seen enough but to be honest, his body still ached from nearly being crushed. However, his exit was also delayed by something else, and it concerned the freighter that had just arrived as well as someone who was in the gathering.

    Alora then returned as a call went out “Arek Graul,” and Pascale suddenly was frozen in place, who was this person they had called out for?. Was it something to do with that freighter?. Pascale was getting the eye as well as if to say “You’re an outsider here” and then the call continued “We have a traitor and a coward among us.”

    The hangar seemed to go deadly silent as if everyone was taking a deep breath and wondering what was going to happen next. And then the freighters weapons at the front of the ship crumpled as if they were made from tissue paper.

    Oh not good…..

    Was this directed at the person in the freighter, to the person in the hangar or at him?. There was one thing Pascale knew and that he was not hanging around to watch someone get slaughtered.

    Pascale began to inch slowly away towards the exit of the hangar. He wasn't going to watch a bloodbath. And they were right he was an outsider, perhaps he should not be here watching this.

    He continued his slow walk toward the exit.

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  2. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Silent and Friendly Mod of SWTV and SWC star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Madelyn Linnett
    The Brig

    Madelyn was vaguely aware of what was going on. She could hear people, feel some kind of force device try to enter her mind but she couldn't move. Why can't I move. She thought, internally winching as they moved her around to what she assumed was a jail cell. Madelyn lay on the floor, looking at her things on the table. Her lightsaber, The Book of Sith. But she frowned when a voice started to speak to her, and roused her from her daze.

    "I can force walk. But I already have someone bonded to me." Madelyn felt unease, thought she wasn't sure if that was Voren projecting those thoughts or herself." I need to get out of here, but I'm curious; who are you? And what happened here?"

    She looked around, winching at the pain that shot up her arm. She looked down and noticed some bruising but it didn't seem broken. Probably just bruised when the Temple fell on us. Madelyn shook her head and reached out to Voren. Any advice old man?

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  3. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Force Ghost star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    IC Ka'rta

    Hearing a voice reply to her was eerie and she responded accordingly, drawing her blasters and sweeping the room. All of her sensors came back clear, but she wouldn't discount what her own senses were telling her either. There were voices here and they seemed to have their opinions of her. She paid their words no mind, though the fact there were here at all was disconcerting. With another sweep blasters at the ready she confirmed that no one was here. Other than the ghosts everything seemed to be in order, even a working terminal. Nothing is new, everything is just a copy, we find something that works and never change it. She let out a bit of a huff returning her weapons to her holsters.

    Messages and schematics started pouring in taking her mind off the supernatural phenomenon she just experienced. She gave her go ahead for the fortifications after making some slight alterations, and placed the shield generators were they would be most useful. She also looked over the notes for the next expedition, and the wildlife they would encounter, flying beasts and ground beasts. Though the Tu’kata seemed to be the worst of it. Long teeth and even longer claws hunting in packs, some of the reports showed an intelligence beyond that of normal non-sentient species. That could cause an issue. What also drew her eye was the resources being put towards this little expedition. Top of the line gear and some of the highest paid mercs on the squad and herself of course. A curious opening was for an archaeologist, what good would a professor do them with vicious monsters and poisonous brambles about? She did not sign on to watch over some lost academic while they took a sabbatical.

    Sentan really wanted that tomb cleared out. What was so important? Was it loaded with jems or other valuables? Well it wasn't her place to really argue. She was already getting paid a ridiculous amount of money. She'd do just about any job so long as the price was right. And not ask any questions either.

    Getting up she locked the door to her room and made her way back to her ship there were things to prepare, weapons to start requisitioning to store in her bunk...though the voices did give her pause.

    "I'll show you strong." She muttered wandering the halls.

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  4. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Feyna Morrow
    Hangar, ISD Resurrection, Kashyyyk orbit

    Things weren’t exactly going smoothly.

    Tavion didn’t yet appear to suspect that Feyna didn’t belong, paying her no mind as she dealt with the new arrivals. The first freighter was apparently of no immediate importance, though the second bore another Disciple, Alora, a man Tavion referred to as ‘Rouser,’ and a Dark Jedi prisoner, as the ensuing exchange revealed.

    Feyna wasn’t exactly Force-savvy, but she listened attentively as Alora spoke of how her prisoner had ‘absorbed the potential’ of one of the old Jedi Temples. Tavion seemed keen to take that energy for herself, however that worked, but nothing happened, and, declaring the prisoner to be of no further use, she ordered the captured Dark Jedi taken to the brig.

    Then: “Arek Graul. We have a traitor and a coward among us.”

    The front of the first, otherwise ignored freighter suddenly crumpled, twisted by a massive, invisible fist.


    Feyna wasn't certain if the woman was calling out Penin, or Graul, or whoever was onboard the freighter, or…gods forbid Tavion had realized that Feyna wasn’t what she seemed.

    And what the hell was Arek Graul doing here?

    Feyna had heard the name before; though his father was a former Imperial Senator, Arek Graul had served the New Republic since the Rebellion days, like her, but their paths had never crossed. Supposedly he’d been killed in action a few years earlier, but his body had never been found. Had he been here the whole time? Was he a traitor to the New Republic, or was he using his place among the Disciples as a cover, to spy on them from within?

    Not that it made much difference to Feyna; she wasn’t on a rescue mission. She just wanted to get this tracker installed and get out of here.

    Preferably without getting killed in the process.

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  5. QueenSabe7

    QueenSabe7 Chosen One star 6

    Mar 23, 2001
    Combo post with the devilish Sinrebirth

    IC: Lumiya & Qi'ra

    Before, en route to Kashyyyk

    Qi’ra calculated the jump to the Kashyyyk system from her personal controls at her desk, entering the coordinates before pushing the Eventide forward into the hypnotic blue of hyperspace. The yacht obeyed dutifully, though not without a few metallic groans issuing from the hull. The old ship had seen better days, but its former owner had spared no expense in its construction – it was built to last for an exceptionally long time.

    It simply needed more action, and would surely see it soon enough.

    Having remained in her high-backed desk chair, Qi’ra sighed softly now that she was locked into this path intrigue had set her on. Absently it occurred to her, that she hadn’t spent this much time in her public office in years. Short meetings and quick visits for show, it seemed more like a hotel room than her home anymore. Cold and empty of personality, here to use and then leave... though it certainly did have its usefulness.

    With a touch of her thumb a drawer at her right knee popped open and she pulled out a half-full decanter of a dark red liquid, following with a pair of small drinking glasses. Pouring one for herself and another for Lumiya, should she want to take it, she stood and moved to one of the two curved couches that faced each other at the center of the room. She settled near the middle and took a sip of her drink, staring at the Sith with open curiosity.

    “Partnership,” she repeated what the other had said, chewing on the word. “What would you like to discuss? Maybe providing some more detail on what it is exactly, that I am following you into? Less adventure, more mess?”

    Lumiya took the cue, and sat on the couch, an almost equal distance from the decanter and the glass, the bottle creating a triangle out of them each. No need to get too close.

    “The Disciples of Ragnos are a Sith organisation claiming to have received direct guidance from a dead Dark Lord by the name of Marka Ragnos.” She gestured, the glass filling and then floating to her hand. “He ruled the Sith Empire five thousand years ago now, and is generally considered to have presided over a Golden Age for the Sith.” She sipped, and allowed herself to enjoy the burn of the alcohol. “This is quite nice, I must say,” Lumiya inclined the glass to Qi’ra.

    “But that was before the Rule of Two, which imposed that there may be just that - two Sith. There is only one legitimate Sith at present, and I intend to keep it that way.” She sipped again, peering over the lip of the glass with green eyes. “Thus my tracking down Maul’s Legacy, to ensure that there are no other Sith apprentices watching for their opportunity to mess up my carefully laid plans.”

    “I intend to reach Kashyyyk, discover the Disciple’s plans, and ruin them, ideally taking one, minor, artefact from them in the process.” She smiled as she set down the glass. “Then I can return to the shadows and prepare for the coming storm - for when the true Sith will emerge from hiding in truth, and the galaxy returns to my control and rule again.”

    As articulately said as it was, it didn’t sound all that mad. She omitted to mention that if Palpatine had indeed returned again that Lumiya was in for the fight of her life - one she seemingly did not know how to win, if Palpatine had indeed escaped her most recent attempts to undo him.

    Lumiya covered any of her discomfort at the thought by leaning forward. “Are you interested in revenging yourself upon the gakaxy?” Her eyes glittered with temptation, meeting Qi’ra eyes directly.

    Qi'ra smirked, her thumb tracing the lip of her glass. She had only sipped from it once.

    "I've avenged my younger self in more ways than one, long ago..." her voice trailed off, lost for a moment to the past. Like a ghost it passed over her, and she returned Lumiya's mischievous expression with one of her own. "So I suppose it would depend on what you had in mind."

    She allowed silence to linger briefly as they held each other's gaze, but with a blink of her eyes Qi'ra released herself, readjusting her posture to a more relaxing position. "Back to these Disciples first, though... do you actually believe they are communing with some ancient Sith..." Her free hand gestured absently as she searched for an appropriate descriptor. "... corpse?" Now she did take another drink, thinking harder on the details.

    "And that is why you are so concerned with a cult of fanatics, because they can resurrect the dead?" She couldn't hold back a scoff, but it wasn't meant to be impolite, merely a sign of her disbelief. There was a slight shift in her attitude, however, as she was reminded of a unique power that resided inside her that she hardly understood. Her dark eyes returned their searching of Lumiya's emerald pair.

    "The Force... could the Force do such a thing?" She hadn't been aware she had moved again, but Qi'ra was leaning towards the Sith now, very much interested in learning more.

    Lumiya allowed a fleeting memory to cross her memory as she smiled at Qi’ra. It was a lesson that Lord Vader had taught her, in a rare moment where he discussed his turn to the dark side by Lord Sidious.

    “The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities, some considered to be unnatural,” she said, lilting, enjoying the dynamic of teacher and student for a brief moment.

    From a pocket, she drew out the Holocron of Adas. “This is an ancient Sith recording device; within it are recounted historical feats of alchemy and manners to extend one’s life.” Lumiya slightly rocked her head. “You’re used to hearing about Darth Vader, no doubt, and of course Maul, who was formerly a Darth before he was cast out for his failures.”

    It wasn't so much that Qi'ra was mesmerized by the holocron's outward appearance, though it was enough for her discard the casual mention of Maul. While it was intricately appealing to the naked eye, it was what she felt when Lumiya revealed the small device and explained its purpose. She had heard tell of similar objects used by the Jedi but she had a feeling the dark nature this one was exuding would be frowned upon by their kind. She of course found that aspect alluring - all the mysterious secrets locked away within its walls that would be prohibited for all but a select few to know.

    The knowledge and temptation of the forbidden had always been Qi'ra's most unforgiving vice.

    “The entire aim of the Sith is epitomised in the word ‘Darth’, which roughy translates to someone who seeks power over Death,” A shrug. “Immortality could be said to be the entire point of the Sith. The Sith code is, after all, all about breaking ones chains, and mortality is one of those.”

    Lumiya absently wondered how the concept of breaking ones chains would translate to someone who, by all accounts, had risen up the ranks from ‘indentured servant’ - a pleasing parlance in place of the word slave - to take control of Crimson Dawn.

    She, too, was leaning forward, anticipation building. For once again, Lumiya was as much temptress and tempted; tempted to share her world with another, after nearly three years alone within it.

    Qi'ra's stare traveled slowly from the holocron to the other woman, her emotions beginning to swirl in an unsettling manner. Whenever she grew agitated, excited, angry, or anything else that would give way to strong impulses, this happened - as if she couldn't properly sort out all she was trying to feel, everything growing to become so intense she felt as if she had no control over them.

    "Lofty goal," she remarked with a grin, clearing her throat and drinking again. "The Rule of Two, however, works in opposition of immortality, wouldn't it? How can you pass on what you know, to the next in line, if you never die?" She raised a brow, challenging the 'last legitimate Sith' for an answer. "The whole structure would... cease to exist."

    Lumiya nodded. "It certainly adds to the challenge of killing your master..."

    "Let us take Palpatine. He returned from the grave using a series of clone bodies. In essence, he could claim to have completed the goal of the Sith. He was beyond death. Indeed, I gather Skywalker killed Palpatine again not long after he resurfaced - which did not stop Palpatine from resurfacing all the more swiftly." She shrugged, and picked up the drink again, crossing her legs, which moved her a few more centimeters closer to Qi'ra.

    Lumiya's eyes crinkled in a deeper smile, casually dropping a bombshell.

    "That was, until I sabotaged his clones and made it impossible for him to return."

    Another sip. "Immortality does not make you immune to defeat; my successes are proof of that."

    Qi'ra's eyes narrowed ever so slightly, catching Lumiya's movement along the couch. She could not ignore the thrilling ripple of fear that passed over her heart, her breath catching for a moment... a combined reaction to the Sith's admission, and to the decreasing amount of space between them.

    "That was you?" she whispered, her shock and admiration apparent. The return of the Emperor had been an event she would not soon forget, and the discovery that he was using clones to continually do so was a close second. There had been rumors and news releases as to who it was that had eventually managed to destroy any future bodies for Palpatine to use, thus making the last time he fell, his final one. It was a historic defeat that was rivaled by not much else, and made Qi'ra's already surprising level of respect for the woman beside her rise.

    Her own personal triumphs were nowhere near the scale of Lumiya's but she could easily relate to the obsessive need to beat down a rival, to destroy anyone or thing that threatened to harm all you had built upon your own blood, sweat, and tears. And sometimes more.

    "I want to say I can't believe it, but then that would be a lie." Which was the truth. There was nothing false about this woman that Qi'ra could detect and with or without the Force, she was an expert in reading situations as well as people. Which was why though her glass was empty now, she was hesitant to refill it, staying to search the other's face instead. "The Disciples should be no problem for you.. well, for us, I should say."

    Qi'ra reacted as expected, and Lumiya was not so vain as to not say that she had done it just for the admiration, but similarly she was not so unsubtle as to not trade in on her feat. Only after time would Qi'ra realise that destroying Palpatine meant nothing in the greater scheme of matters; a clone which downloaded their knowledge. Was that truly Sith? It was inevitable that Lumiya would undo them.

    "For us, indeed." Lumiya moved closer to refill Qi'ra's glass, and her own. She held it up to her, and lightly went to make the glasses meet, or, perhaps, kiss, with a soft chime. "To us."

    Her eyes were drawn back to Qi'ra's... and Lumiya became more sure of what was stirring within her. She was grateful for the scarf wrapped around her chin, as she might have opened her mouth in absent thoughts about things she had not thought about for some time, gaping like some young schoolgirl, fascinated by the striking beauty before her.

    Time? It had been years.

    The two women were close enough now that Qi’ra could see the finer details in Lumiya’s face, which she visually traced, one by one – the startling green in her eyes, the precise way in which she had laid the sheer scarf she wore… even still, how she could still see her lips and how they moved, and the faint trace of a ragged scar that ran along her cheek.

    Impulsive curiosity fueled by a strong drink, that’s what she would call it, drew her free hand up from her lap where it had been resting to tentatively – carefully – reach for the Sith’s jawline. Pausing only to return to her eyes, a single finger ran along the permanent mark in a gentle, almost-not-there ghost of a touch. She did consider the advance to be crossing a line, but it had been quick, a momentary lapse caused by… whatever it was that was fueling this oddly timed desire.

    It had been so long since she had been with someone that she could not remember the last, and even then, it had never been… like this.

    “To us,” she echoed as her hand dropped back, her voice low and rough before setting the newly filled glass down on the table next to her without taking another sip. And then, with great reluctance, she pushed away and stood, dragging herself back to her desk to halfheartedly sort through points of contact so that she would be prepared to send replies once they came out of hyperspace.

    Qi’ra’s already chaotic emotional state had only unraveled the closer they got to one another, and it scared her, unable to tell if she was just simply wanting to fulfill a basic need, or if this was something else. The latter frightened her most.

    Lumiya watched her walk away. The moment passed, and the Sith knew, with a degree of certainty, that would not be the last moment they met at that point.

    She was giddy, but not just because of her feelings, but because she was pleased that Qi'ra had resisted; that she was not a simple waif who was unable to sort temptation from reality.

    It would only make this more fun...

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  6. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Aryan Graul
    Hangar Bay, ISD Resurrection, Kashyyyk

    So far, his plan was working perfectly. Aryan had followed the designated coordinates to the hangar bay and was able to maneuver the Stardust into position with relative ease. The landing struts had only just settled to the tarmac with a satisfying thud when a host of techs and other deckhands approached the landing ramp to off-load the cargo. They were under the supervision of a gruff foreman, who met Aryan in the entryway to approve the manifest before any containers could be processed.

    Of course, everything checked out, and they asked no additional questions as they set out to complete their task. As a consolation, the foreman even invited Aryan to join his fellow spacers for some refreshments in a holding area while he waited. Not one to turn down a clear offer of hospitality, Aryan gladly obliged. He intended to take full advantage of the opportunity to scope out his surroundings and formulate a plan.

    And so, dressed plainly in an old flight jacket, cargo pants, and spacer boots to embrace his role of ‘grizzled pilot’ – he even added some flight gloves and looped a pair of goggles around his neck for good measure – Aryan sauntered down the landing ramp and crossed the hangar bay to mingle with the crowd.

    He didn’t get very far before he was overcome by the sheer scale of the force on display here, which comprised of stormtroopers, officers, and Disciples of varying ranks and backgrounds. There must have been hundreds of them, all standing at perfect attention with Tavion at their head. It was a full-scale military rally, no doubt linked to the grand plan that Arek had referred to in his message.

    Pursing his lips together with consternation, Aryan’s hand trailed toward the blaster strapped to his thigh as he pressed further into the mob gathered around the holding area. Out of his peripheral vision, he continued to watch as the troopers unloaded a pair of prisoners from a second freighter and brought them before Tavion. Aryan was too far away to hear their exchange, but he could clearly see the woman utilizing the Force to conduct a ritual of some kind. As a result, the female prisoner began to levitate into the air--

    That was enough.

    He found that he couldn’t watch the rest of this grim demonstration and instinctively turned away from the scene. His mind had suddenly become inundated by a surge of painful memories from his past, a haunting reminder of all he had endured during that forgotten year. The onslaught of these emotions caused him to stumble forward with a sharp gasp, his outstretched hand pushing through the immense crowd so that he could reach a safe distance away from Tavion’s prying gaze.

    But that’s when her commanding voice halted him in his tracks.

    “Arek Graul,” she called with authority. “We have a traitor and a coward among us.”

    Aryan inwardly cursed.

    How was it possible for things to go wrong so quickly?

    A profound silence fell over the assembled, almost as if her words had sucked the life from the room itself. It was a response born out of both fear and expectation. Aryan could feel it in his very soul, like a constant needling that refused to offer much respite. It constricted his chest in a painful spasm, making it extremely difficult to breathe. He rested a hand against his collar in an attempt to soothe his discomfort, well aware that Arek’s direct involvement was likely bringing out a more acute reaction in him. It was no coincidence that she had specifically named his son at this critical moment.

    And yet, it troubled him more that he could not immediately identify who she was referring to as the traitor. Had she discovered Arek’s plans for liberation and intended to make an example out of him, or had she sensed his own presence when he came onboard?

    Or was it someone else entirely?

    Either way, he knew that she had remained vague for a specific purpose, likely to incite a certain kind of panic among the gathered.

    And it was working.

    As the congregation parted to do her bidding, Aryan felt himself growing increasingly more agitated with the situation. Most prominent of all of his emotions was his worry for his son’s well being. It was the kind of paternal instinct that nestled deep in the pit of his stomach, materializing as a wild desperation that was impossible to ignore. He could not focus on anything else, and it reached a point where he essentially didn't care when the forward gun emplacements on the Stardust suddenly crumpled in a violent rage.

    Or rather, he didn't care initially.

    In truth, he couldn’t act upon it...even if he wanted to. He needed to remain hidden among the masses to protect his position. Any false move could potentially jeopardize Arek, especially now that Tavion had her sights focused on him.

    And all that mattered to him in that moment was his son.

    With a steadying breath, Aryan tightened his resolve and slowly turned back toward the center of the hangar, his blue-gray eyes searching the crowd for Arek’s familiar presence. He didn’t know what would happen once he found him, but he could only assume that he had a contingency in place to account for their current predicament. Hopefully it would be enough to facilitate their escape.

    Otherwise, Aryan was ready to do whatever was necessary to ensure his survival.

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  7. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Kenix Jir
    Korriban, Academy

    The officer ostensibly in-charge of the local Sun Guard had heard that Moor had brought in someone else to lead the battalion, and that meant Jir, a grizzled war veteran that had served the Empire, stormed to find them. The world was a hell-trap. He had lost more men clearing out this special tomb than he had lost at the Battle of Spirana, a battle he had lost. So whoever was 'running the show' needed to get their backside out of a chair and into this tomb to move things forward.

    Ignoring Bossk, who as ever stared balefully at anyone coming or going from the Czerka compound, he left his retinue of four guards behind.

    Jir's face had, once upon a time, been the face of hundreds of thousands of Imperial clones, as one of the templates selected after the Empire diversified from Jango Fett clones. A lifetime ago, back when he was in his mid-twenties. Jir had been saved from murder by Ventress along with the rest of the Sun Guard at the time, and he had quietly rebuilt the same, taking bigger and bigger jobs as time went by. After Spirana he went independent, if only because his homeworld, Thyrsus, cut itself off from the galaxy, dishonoured for supporting Palpatine since his days as Senator.

    But when he saw her, and that she was a Mandalorian, he drew his blaster without thinking. It wasn't there; blasters weren't allowed in the compound and he hadn't consciously accounted for leaving it with Bossk and his men. But he had already telegraphed his move so he flexed his hand and dropped the dagger from his underarm-holster into his hand, bringing it up and baring his teeth.

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422
    IC: Tavion

    Aboard the Resurrection, Kashyyyk orbit

    She caught Rouser trying to back away, and she dutifully grabbed at him with the Force. "It is quite alright, my friend. You shall be joining me and my personal guard as we head to the target. I shall require your expertise, my learned friend." She propelled him towards the shuttle.

    "Now, the traitor," she said, grinning in a sadistic fashion. Tavion stepped closer to the taller Rosh Penin, stroking his face. There was attraction there, but it was desperate and needy and she could barely leave him alone before divided and stupid thoughts arose. She kissed him fiercely, reminding him that she owned him. His hands came up to hold her waist, almost hesitantly, and she turned her touch on his chin into a grip, throwing him to the ground - disgusted. "You think of your fear and your failure and you disgust me. Alora." The Twi'lek rushed up.

    "Take him with you to Taspir III. It is a fortress; we shall need to secure the world in advance of our declaration to the Empire that the Dark Lord will make that his new capital." Alora seemed concerned that she was not joining the final battle, but Tavion met her eyes. The Twi'lek woman nodded, and took Penin by the arm. He looked back at Tavion, abandoned, forlorn, and clearly regretting his decisions to date. "So be it," she muttered.

    "Troopers," her eyes focused upon Penin's retreating form. "Escort the historian to my shuttle. I shall join you shortly. He shall be among the first, and you with them, to discover our Final Goal." This order included Feyna, of course, still masquerading as a trooper.

    "But now the more artful traitor," Tavion said, drawing close Arek with a crooked finger. "Your partner was supposed to bring that freighter back with supplies, yet he is not here. He is dead, I suspect, as too are the Disciples I sent to tail him." Arek cringed, panicked. This little discovery would be broadcast to the hundreds present, and their aggression towards the man would increase. "Which of course makes me wander who brought your freighter back. I say your freighter of course, but it is merely a freighter with the correct transponder fixed to it. So it is someone else's ship. I wonder whose. The Dark Lord wants to know, Arek."

    Aryan's son grimaced, swallowing his fear and replacing it with anger. He had been tricked. Tavion knew it all; the spectral Dark Lord he sometimes glimpsed speaking to her, sometimes a ghoul, sometimes a hooded man. But Arek was not Rosh. He responded with a spine. "The Dark Lord already knows, Tavion. Why don't you?"

    Another murmur through the crowd. Tavion let out a churlish cackle. "That's more like it. I do so approve, Arek. You are coming along well in the dark side. But if I am to believe that you are in league with my master, surely you can demonstrate it." She gestured, and a tech not too far from Aryan floated from the crowd to the front. The troopers and disciples parted. "Use Force lightning. Do it, and I shall allow you your treacheries, and meet them with more. A true apprentice, you may yet become."

    Arek didn't even hesitate. His hand lifted, and a bolt of energy crackled. The man screamed, collapsing to the floor. Arek released him just as swiftly, not taking his eyes off Tavion. Another churlish laugh, stepping forward to him, all allure and manipulation. "You can claim your prize, Arek."

    "Not my prize," Arek said, shaking his head. "I have one for you." He curled his smile into a wicked grin, and called out, looking unerringly at Aryan, through the entire crowd.

    "Father! Come here!"

    The Brig

    "Oh no, Voren has misled you somewhat. You can take aboard several spirits, and add to your power. I would happily lend you my strength if it meant escaping this forsaken prison."

    Voren was reticent, but he spoke softly, whispering, so as to not be heard by Tavion or her Dark Lord. In Linnett's peripheral vision there seemed to be a ghoul wandering, darting through walls, moving among the Disciples as if their connection to the unholy; anticipation filled the Force and the Resurrection.

    The end was nigh; the Disciples could taste the blood in the air.

    The Jedi finally spoke. "He speaks truth. You can walk with several spirits connected to you, and then increase your power again. We might even have enough power to escape... I did not expect Tavion to simply squash us flat; she is very strong with the dark side..." A pregnant pause. "She is certainly the Dark Lord's vessel."

    "Dark Man," the skull corrected.

    "The Dark Lord of the Sith," Voren stated, sharply.

    A chortle. "Oh I speak of the Dark Man, my friend. The one who the darkness pivots around. There is always a Dark Man, or a potential one. It is the accumulation of fate itself, destiny - a fixed point. The great Darknesses - I know of five of them, by all accounts, that the galaxy turned around. You smell of Revan's era - did you not know him as a fulcrum which the entire fate of the galaxy pivoted around?"

    "And what era are you from?"

    The skull sighed. "I know not, any longer. Time has passed me by, and while I know of many Dark Ones, I do not know when my oldest memory is. The Dark Man we face now - Marka Ragnos - he is of five millennia ago now... yet he seeks to fill the void in the dark side of the Force by the death of Darth Sidious..."

    Voren rolled his eyes. "This is all very interesting, but are we taking him, or not, Linnett?"

    There were two Reborn - high ranking darksiders in the Disciples, standing to guard, examining her personal effects with some curiosity, especially her Book of Sith. It was not for them, yet they touched it as if they owned it, with no sanctity for the great man who had bequeathed it to Linnett.

    Aboard the Eventide, Kashyyyk system

    Lumiya felt unnaturally unwound. Her time in hyperspace with Qi'ra was such that she was not concerned that the unadulterated dark side in the system would cause the woman to feel nauseous. Qi'ra possessed a strong will, and such a thing was necessary to demand the Force serve you.

    She would become a powerful apprentice, in time... Lumiya licked her lips in anticipation at naming Qi'ra for the Sith.

    But it was a lesson in darkness, and it being refined and useful. Here, it was shouted, SCREAMED, at the Wookiees and the galaxy at large. It was utter arrogance, but it rapidly degenerated into a hundred differing directions and more chaos than darkness. It was power - an incredible outpouring of it - but it was not shaped or refined; it had no point and no beginning nor end.

    What could the Disciples hope to achieve with such a mess?

    Lumiya wanted to know what Qi'ra thought of it, but she shielded them both so that their foe would not detect them. "I will teach you how to do that," Lumiya said, softly, running her hands across the nape of her neckline as she stepped around her. "But I would ask you what you think of our foe. Of how they feel to you." Her fingers stopped under Qi'ra chin, tipping it up slightly so the shorter woman could meet Lumiya's green eyes.

    "I can teach you many, many things. But the sentiment, the expression of self, the razor focus you have; it is already Sith. It was hardened by the galaxy already; we need only acclimatise you to the Force itself, and making you," her fingertips drifted to the centre of Qi'ra chest, "the heart of it."

    The ship slowly drifted forward, all countermeasures enabled; only the Force would betray their arrival.

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    IC: Madelyn Linnett
    The Brig

    Madelyn frowned and felt confused. "But what happens if I take too many spirits?" She asked, and she reached out to Voren as he spoke. We could take him, but I don't know much about him. I don't need Voren and our new friend fighting all the time. could be rather fun. Madelyn laughed out loud, a sharp; almost giggle like laugh. She eyed the two disciples handling her Book of Sith, and felt a flash of anger go through her.

    I remember the day I received that.


    It had been a few days after she had turned sixteen. Madelyn had been studying the Sith Empire that fought with Grand Master Satele Shan's Order in the Old Republic, conducting her own research into the Sith that had won despite everything, they had survived when she had been asked to wear the finest clothes she wore. Her hair had been longer too, Madelyn remembered; before she chopped most of it off after The Battle of Endor. It might be why I have gone unrecognised for the most part. The Emperor had given her The Book of Sith, with hopes that she would learn something.

    It doesn't belong to them.

    Madelyn shut her eyes, and sat up on her knees, feeling calm despite the anger that threatened to overtake her. "I am both the darkness and the light..."

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    IC: Pascale Rouser
    Location: ISD Resurrection, Kashyyyk system

    It seemed someone else was trying to escape this whole chain of events like Pascale. It looked like he was doing a better job than Pascale because unfortunately the archaeologist had been caught.

    Although the newcomer did look a little out of place with his whole jacket, trousers and boots combo.

    Meanwhile Pascale felt an invisible force grab him and hold him in place before he could take another step "It is quite alright, my friend. You shall be joining me and my personal guard as we head to the target. I shall require your expertise, my learned friend." the scantily clad Tavion said before deciding to propel him towards the shuttle, his dark brown boots skidding across the floor.

    My clothes look like I have slept in them, might as well ruin the boots as well.

    What was still concerning him was this “target” she kept mentioning. It must be some sort of temple or castle or whatever to need his expertise. He was well versed in history and even legends and tales so she must still see some use to him although to be honest he was regretting getting involved with this lot. The credits may have been very enticing but he didn't know he was basically about to join a band of fanatics on their quest for darkness.

    Meanwhile Tavion had turned her attention to another man who looked like a Disciple. The way she approached him, the way she kissed him and handled him spoke of ownership. Pascale shook his head, some women were pure maneaters, basically seducing men and then believing all they were was objects, made to pleasure them and do their bidding at the click of their fingers.

    She needs to work on her technique. At last i’m not going to be her toy to play with. For now.

    Pascale made sure that if he was with any woman that they would remember that night or nights or whatever time they spent with him. That they were treated as equals not inanimate objects or objects to be possessed or ordered about. Slow and sensual was the name of the game, and Pascale was good at it, well in his opinion anyway.

    Alora, the red skinned psycho Twi’lek was heading off to Taspir III, a planet Pascale knew was an Imperial planet, nothing of interest there unless you liked acid rain. The poor bloke must have done a severe transgression to end up being sent there, but who knew what was going on in Tavion’s mind and Pascale did not want to know.

    And she wasn't finished with him yet.

    "Troopers," her eyes focused upon Penin's retreating form. "Escort the historian to my shuttle. I shall join you shortly. He shall be among the first, and you with them, to discover our Final Goal." it looked like her command was to two troopers who were not far away from her.

    So I'm going to join this woman in their final goal whatever it is. And I could end up being the sacrificial lamb here is this turns out to be another dark side nexus. No choice here, I cant run and I can’t hide.

    As Tavion had finished with Pascale and as he waited to be picked up and escorted away by the two troopers, Tavion had turned her attention to another man dressed as a Disciple. They were having a chat which Pascale was trying to tune out but the name Arek caught his attention at the end. So the man that had been brought forward was Arek Graul who had been mentioned earlier. Was he about to meet the same fate?

    It didn't look like it because compared to the other man, this one looked like he had some balls, and he was standing up to Tavion as if daring her to have a go back. And it seemed a test was in order as this Arek decided to use lightning on a poor tech who had been standing near the “i’m trying to be inconspicuous” man. And it seemed to be a message to the others: that his loyalty was not to be questioned.

    And then the young man looked into the crowd and called his father to come out and reveal himself. Was this young man about to kill his father as another show of loyalty, and was it the inconspicuous man?. Possibly. Hopefully Pascale would not be there to find out.

    He looked over to the two troopers with a look that said “Could you please get me out of here before I end up like that tech”.

    He didn't want to watch anymore.

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    FYI: This is weaving together the past TWO tags, since the first wasn't addressed as of yet.

    IC: Lady Qi'ra

    Aboard the Eventide, arriving in the Kashyyyk system

    Dropping the Eventide from hyperspace, Qi’ra kept to perusing messages, new ones pinging in now that they were back in real-time.

    She was glad for the distraction.

    She read the reply from Czethros the moment it came through, her displeasure at his failure openly displayed in her body language - narrowing her eyes and curling her lips. Idiot,” she remarked under her breath, mentally calculating her monetary losses on what should have been a lucrative deal. The trivial annoyance was soon lost to her, however, as her mind was wiped clean of conscious thought, in their place was nothing more than a raw energy that was not her own.

    It forced its way inside her in such a manner that she started in surprise, clenching at her stomach as it wound around within her body like a coiling snake, churning and contorting in an almost painful way. Though where there might be pain, there was a teasing warmth – not in the way you heat up from the cold, but more of a burning sensation that ran up and down her spine in a decidedly more pleasurable manner than she would have thought. It was disorienting, feeling overwhelmed but not necessarily shying away from it…

    “Do you feel that, Qi’ra?”

    Lumiya’s voice only escalated everything she was feeling, and that she did try and avoid. She merely gave her a look of confusion as she continued to be filled, in places she hadn’t been aware were empty.

    “The Dark side unbridled; an order of Sith shouting it at each other - they aggression, their desires, their rage. It’s almost childish, and it is all chaos. So much chaos, that there is no power...”

    “I’m not sure what… I feel,” Qi’ra said, breathless, as a new wave crested down upon her without warning. Was she going to be sick? Please don’t be sick.

    An alarm began to beep steadily from her desk controls and she brought her eyes to the scanner display. Within the selfsame system as they, there was a star destroyer that was not even attempting to hide its location. It had a repeating signal emanating for any close by to receive, and it designated the vessel as the Resurrection. She recognized the name, from Lumiya’s conversation with an unknown contact before they had made the jump to Kashyyyk. Seems they had found what the Sith was looking for.

    “I assume you have something stealthy we may make use of, Qi’ra? If we are to get aboard, and end these fools.” Qi’ra nodded, gaining some control over herself as she fought against the chaos, as Lumiya put it, wrangling it down and pushing it back so that she could think straight again. “All we need to is discover their target, and we can tell the New Republic and it’s pet Jedi where to go.”

    “This ship is equipped with all manner of cloaking devices and shields. We will be no more than a ghost…” She braced against the desk and stood, inputting a few internal commands that would begin preparing the Eventide’s inner systems for a complete lockdown against other ships and scanners. Finishing, she paused, not able to tell if it was the darkness that soaked the system or something more, but she was feeling more wary than usual. She watched her companion, still unsure of herself in the face of such power, both in the other woman and what they were heading towards.

    “No need for us to get our hands dirty...” Lumiya added, a hungry glint to her green eyes. “But of course we can, if we wish.”

    Qi’ra smirked past her remaining discomfort, returning a similar look that favored the latter. The reasons for it were as cloudy as ever, which she was actually able to acknowledge as a soothing calm settled in over her so that her mind was as clear as it had been before they had arrived. Like a door slammed shut to shield from a storm - it was a relief. She knew she hadn’t done that herself, and she looked harder at the enigmatic woman as she moved closer.

    "I will teach you how to do that," she told her as a gentle caress passed over the back of her neck, to which she yearned to lean into, but did not. Lumiya came around to face her and slid a finger beneath her chin, bringing her eyes up so that they would see only each other. "But I would ask you what you think of our foe. Of how they feel to you."

    At first, Qi’ra was confused. She could only think of how the Sith had described it, unable to find her own words. She made an attempt, nonetheless.

    “It felt… dark,” for lack of a much better descriptor. “Messy yet, intense. Enthralling… I don’t know, really. It’s impossible to sort.”

    "I can teach you many, many things,” Lumiya continued. “But the sentiment, the expression of self, the razor focus you have; it is already Sith. It was hardened by the galaxy already; we need only acclimatise you to the Force itself, and making you, the heart of it."

    Qi’ra tried not to focus on where she touched her, another soft graze this time below her collarbone, if only to drive her point home. It occurred to her then that perhaps she was preying on her emotions, toying with her to get something she wanted. She was Sith. She was cunning and had abilities she did not, yet. And Qi’ra had an untapped source of power that she couldn’t handle on her own. If this was a ploy, or a game, she'd know. That aside, it didn't stop her from wanting exactly what Lumiya was offering. She wanted to be stronger.

    The temptations of the dark side were more real than she had read or heard, it seemed. Being given this choice now, and having experienced the feelings she did, she understood the truth behind the stories.

    “Teach me then,” Qi’ra relented, tilting her head further back and faintly to the side, adopting a confident air about her expression. Still she did not remove nor acknowledge Lumiya’s fingertips lightly pressed against her chest. “I want to know more.”

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    IC: Aryan Graul
    Hangar Bay, ISD Resurrection, Kashyyyk

    The revelation that there were two traitors did not have the desired impact it should least, not from Aryan’s perspective. Other than the small fragments of information he was able to cull from Tavion’s ‘interrogation’ of her paramour – including Taspir III and the elusive reference to the Final Goal – he did not see the need to stay invested in such a blatant display of dominance. It was all for show, a way for her to guarantee loyalty from her subordinates. It made him sick.

    That all changed, however, once Tavion finished with the troubled young man and shifted her attention to the identity of the second traitor – Arek.

    Narrowing his eyes, Aryan allowed his gaze to sift through the crowd until he found Arek’s presence. It immediately unnerved him how tired and haggard he looked; with dark circles under his eyes, gaunt features, and a pale complexion, he was so unlike the young man he remembered. The youthful countenance was gone and the hardened expression that had replaced it seemed to age him by several years, far more than his actual thirty-two years would suggest.

    But despite these rather significant changes, he still recognized him as his son, and his heart ached for him. Seeing him like this also served as an unsettling reminder of what he had been through personally during his own captivity...of what Arek was now suffering through at the hands of the Disciples.

    In that moment, Aryan felt the compelling, if irrational, urge to go to him, but before he could shove his way through the crowd and reveal his position, he found himself faltering at Tavion’s explanation on how the Stardust had managed to infiltrate the Star Destroyer. He had suspected all along that someone had switched out the transponder; it was the only logical explanation for the ease of his arrival. What he hadn’t expected was for Tavion to break the news that someone from Arek’s crew had been responsible for the subterfuge. Why wouldn’t he inform him ahead of time? It...didn't make sense.

    He realized in that moment that something was very wrong.

    That feeling only intensified as he continued to observe their exchange and took note how they spoke with an odd kind of rapport. It didn’t exactly fit the commentary; enemies rarely conducted themselves on mutual terms, unless it was part of the plan. It was possible that Arek was taking a few pointers from Aryan’s old repertoire, though it was highly unlikely. The boy was no politician.

    In fact, as the scene continued to unfold, Aryan wasn’t entirely sure what he was anymore. He thought he had become immune to certain horrors, especially after everything he had endured over the years, and yet...nothing could prepare him for what he was about to witness – his son, his only son, was torturing an innocent bystander for mere sport.

    "You can claim your prize, Arek," Tavion taunted the young man with a leering smile, encouraging him to give in to his impulses and fulfill his basic needs.

    The words also beckoned to Aryan from his vantage point, dredging up forgotten memories and haunting his innermost soul. It sent a chill down his spine and he instinctively flinched, his jaw clenched tightly as if in pain, but he wasn’t sure if it was due to her voice, or the intermittent strobe of the Force lightning as it danced from Arek’s fingers and relentlessly assaulted his victim.

    Either way, it was maddening. He was in pure agony over his son’s malignant transformation; it felt like someone had punched him in the gut and he could not catch his breath. Part of him wanted to retain hope that this was all a ruse to secure their escape, but a small needling at the back of his mind told him otherwise. This was real.

    As if to affirm this belief, Arek ceased his onslaught and stepped back to consider Tavion’s instruction. “Not my prize,” he surmised with a small shake of his head. “I have one for you.” He then turned toward the crowd, and for the first time in three years, father and son locked eyes with each other.

    “Father! Come here!” Arek shouted with his lip curled up in a wicked grin. It was all malice.

    This final betrayal should have ripped Aryan apart completely, but instead he remained impassive as the congregation parted to let him pass. Aside from his heart beating wildly within his chest, he felt very little else in that moment; he was surprisingly numb. Even the prospect of making a run for his ship seemed hopeless and wrong. Perhaps he had come to terms with his fate and had known what would happen before he even departed Nubia to carry out this last request for his son.

    Or maybe he was just tired of it all and was secretly anticipating a release.

    Aryan pursed his lips at that thought and inclined his chin, making a point to maintain eye contact with Arek as he strode forward at a steady gait. He would not acknowledge Tavion; she did not deserve any of his respect or consideration, even when it was limited to only scrutiny. In truth, he enjoyed making her squirm...and he intended to make the most of it while he still had the opportunity. Unfortunately for him, he knew it wouldn’t last long.

    Coming to stand before his son, Aryan frowned and appraised his boy in such a way that only a parent could manage. It wasn’t quite anger reflecting in his blue-gray eyes, but something more attuned to…disappointment. Maybe he even blamed himself for not recognizing the deception sooner.

    “Well played, son,” he rumbled quietly, a rueful smile spreading slowly over his features. His right hand idly flexed against the butt of the blaster holstered at his thigh, though he refrained from unsnapping the safety strap. The gesture was more the result of nervous tension than a direct threat.

    “Whatever you intend to do,” he swallowed the lump in his throat and inhaled deeply, “do it quickly.”

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC Ka'rta

    Ka'rta was just going about her business heading back to her ship to get started on getting her ordnance ordered for the room she wasn't about to use. The ghostly voices still rang just a little through her head. She wasn't shaken just it was odd, voices from beings that weren't there. It was out of the ordinary. She kept her head down before she heard footsteps coming her way. A Sun Guard, that seemed agitated, not that it was surprising, working for a mandalorian was not something many Sun Guards would do willingly or even if you paid them stacks and stacks of credits.

    She gave a curt nod before she caught him reaching for an empty holster. In a flash the knife she kept tucked horizontal across the small of her back was in her right hand, her left reaching out to gain control of his weapon. They had the same thoughts, draw your weapon get control of theirs. She was just quicker. Her left hand clamped on his wrist long before he ever got close to scratching her armor. He eventually caught her hand, but not before her knife sparked against his breastplate, the point directed at his eyes. He tried to force her arm back while bringing his closer, he had the leverage standing taller than her, but she had fought against bigger opponents, Owen almost towered over her and she'd been able to best him.

    Stepping into him she used her grip on his right arm and his grip on her to pull his arms over her shoulder as she dropped it. It was a simple, but effective throw, landing the Sun Guard on his back. Before he had a chance to breathe she was on top of him the leverage all hers. Twisting more and more his wrist strained, but he still held fast to his knife. His other hand busy with keeping her weapon at bay.

    He strained lifting his chest up carrying the full weight of a fully armored mandalorian upon it. With a swivel of his hips he rolled taking Ka'rta with him. She brought her legs in not wrapping them around his waist. Dropping his weight onto her, he tried to pin her down driving his point towards her throat. Grunting she pushed back against him, lifting his chest just enough to get her legs under him. She quickly let go of his wrist but kept her forearms up as protection pressing the soles of her boots into his stomach.

    With a mighty heave she pushed him back onto his feet stumbling back. This gave her the opening she needed snapping to her feet she charged low at him crashing into his waist her hands hooking behind his knees, her knife digging into the soft flesh behind it. Lifting up she planted him on his back again.

    There she stood, each leg under each of her arms, knife cutting into the side of his left knee, him looking up at her.

    "Keep struggling and I'll take the leg…" She offered through gritted teeth. She might just do it anyway, to assert her dominance. Twisting just a little she managed to brush the point against his knee cap, threatening it. "You want to walk with a limp?"

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    IC: Feyna Morrow
    Hangar, ISD Resurrection, Kashyyyk orbit

    The exchange between Tavion and Penin was uncomfortable to watch, and when she and the other trooper were ordered to take Rouser to Tavion’s shuttle, Feyna couldn’t help feeling relieved to have an excuse to get away from the rally.

    And while she was still worried about being discovered, getting on board Tavion’s personal craft was an opportunity Feyna hadn’t even dared to consider, nevermind hope for. There was still the question of how to install the tracker on Tavion’s shuttle without being caught, though.

    While Feyna went with the other trooper to collect Rouser, Tavion had turned her attention to Graul, and that encounter proved even more discomfiting, as Arek was asked to prove his loyalty to Tavion—by torturing a nearby crew member.

    Which he did.

    Feyna still wasn’t quite certain of whose side Arek was actually on, but if this was all an act to please Tavion, it was very convincing.

    Worse still, he had evidently lured his father here.

    Graul, what have you done? What have you become?

    But as much as the scene had taken a disturbing turn, as much as Feyna was, for an insane moment, tempted to intervene, she had a job to do, and Drayson had specifically said “No heroics.”

    From the look on his face, Rouser seemed equally eager to get away from the unfolding drama. Feyna stepped next to him and began to follow the other trooper to Tavion’s shuttle.

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    IC: Skull-Head
    Brig, aboard the Resurrection, Kashyyyk system

    "I forgot my manners, Linnett. My preferred form of address is Foreteller. Though gender is somewhat moot when one is attached to ones skull, that's the name, and I am a guy! Like Voren over there." The skull actually levitated and the jaw began to move. "There is no such thing as too many spirits, my dear."

    He does not lie in that respect, Voren said, somewhat contrite.

    The Reborn were starting to page through the Book of Sith themselves. They were powerful; they felt it. Possibly more powerful than her and Voren... but more powerful than the three of them together? One of the two Reborn began to tug at the book, clearly intending to rip a page from it.


    The Hangar

    Arek cuffed his father across the face, and snarled. “I was hardly the one who hid the experiments to draw your Force sensitivity to the forefront, father. A peculiar sensitivity that defied traditional logic, which you just so happened to bequeath to me. But your father hid it from us too, so who knows.” His expression sharpened to the point of malicious.

    “Perhaps a skill with lying is hereditary.”

    A chortle, brittle. “Falling for treachery seems to be at least one quality.” He lifted his hand, lightning crackling in his hand.

    Tavion lifted her hand and caught him by the wrist. “The point has been made, Arek. Your father was indeed the reason you spent years in captivity. An Imperial project quietly commissioned by the Emperor to locate so-called Echoes in the Force. Resonances - a secondary cast of players with an ancient role. A trifling annoyance that our Lord has decreed by removed from the board game as we proceed.”

    “But now we have two of them, perhaps even four, out of a foretold dozen. The Emperor’s own rule of seven was founded on the secret teachings he discovered... we shall merely continue the project... to its fruition.” Tavion gestured, and Aryan would lose consciousness, assaulted by all manner of revelation and memory.

    He would dream of his cell, decades ago.

    Of the face of Sentan Moor, standing at an entrance that had appeared in the nondescript, but lightsaber scarred, walls.

    A memory he had forgotten.

    “I hate that you’re special, Aryan.” A booted foot caught him in the ribs, sending a spasm of pain through a body racked with exhaustion and dehydration.

    Tavion's Personal Shuttle

    They were just Feyna and Rouser, two people entirely out-of-place, and of course the standalone Stormtrooper, who was loyally minding his own business. The tableau would not last for long - the adorning on the innards of the shuttle, and the half opened door to her room showed all manner of blood-red ornation and colouration which just smacked of the Sith leaders tastes - blood, prominently so.

    This was Tavion's personal ship.

    The crowd outside was cheering, baying for the death of all traitors, and indeed it was going about as well as could be expected. Feyna had not had an immediate opportunity to escape, though, arguably, this shuttle was a good chance. Similarly, Rouser wanted to be away from it all - this was definitely not what he had agreed to. But what would have kept the moment going until Tavion joined became a moment all the more shortened, for Feyna's comlink chimed, urgently - it was a priority red signal.

    The Stormtrooper twitched, lifting his blaster to point at Feyna. "What is that? A separate comlink is not standard issue for our gear."

    That left Rouser unmarked.

    The beeping didn't stop, of course. It was Drayson, not quite panicking, but reserving the right to professional concern, now that an Imperial Star Destroyer had arrived in-system. He was taking his own risk, of course; the line could be traced to his location on Kashyyyk, but he had a lot to tell Feyna, preferably before it all kicked off.

    Sneaking in

    Lumiya grinned, enjoying how Qi'ra was meeting her challenge, teetering on the edge of the precipice of her emotions, but refusing to take the final step unless Lumiya came to her. Lumiya moved closer, her face near Qi'ra's, but she did not kiss her, merely smiling softly and turning away. "Take us in. We need to board the shuttle."

    In the gap as they headed forward, Lumiya stared at the Star Destroyer, remembering the times when she had commanded such ships. "There is a place within you, atop a mountain, where you exist. Emotion is the cliff-edge, surrounding you. A lack of control threatens us all. The top of the mountain; where you stand - it is the keep. You are removed from your feelings and senses; they do not impact you, nor bother you. You merely reach out, parse them, pull them apart and decide what matters and what does not. It is a skill few have, but it is one you know as a master of the Crimson Dawn."

    "But the Force is different; it pervades and cares not for the ledge. It is as much apart of you as it is not, but, it can be managed, as emotions, for it responds and reacts to those things. As much as you would cut yourself from how you feel to do something arguably pitiless or indeed ruthless, you can construct a keep around you, imagine it... enclose yourself within it, and..."

    Lumiya looked back to her. "Exist within it, your own private space, where nobody may access your thoughts without your consent." The Sith gave Qi'ra a moment to follow her instructions, and Lumiya slowly but surely released the protection she had raised between Qi'ra and the bleating emotions of the Disciples of Ragnos. They were braying at the stars as if they were gods, exultant in some petty treachery or violence; Lumiya could sense their glee and avarice, and although it did not move her, it did disgust her.

    To be Sith was to be cast as the villain, yes, and there were moments when playing the madwoman was appropriate, but to believe it in ones heart? To exist as a cartoon evil? It was puerile - a bastardization of everything true and pure about the dark side of the Force. Her lips curled, and with a gesture, she manipulated the controls to send them closest to the hangar. She made her way to the exit of the ship, intending to connect the ramp and enclose it in a shield for oxygen and atmosphere. Cloaks would keep them hidden, and they would shortly be able to join the crew.

    Lumiya drew her scarf up, creating a triangular headscarf, before entirely dropping what protection she had upon Qi'ra. The noise of the Disciples was louder now; it was truly powerful. Lumiya knew that to face them all, and this woman, the leader - Tavion - it would be dangerous, notwithstanding her superiority to them on an individual basis apart from Tavion herself.

    They would need to be careful, but, more than that, they would need to avoid a direct confrontation if at all possible.

    The Dark Lady of the Sith looked back to Qi'ra.

    "Be sure of yourself, my apprentice, for we face what you could become, if control is lost. Not masters, but mere monsters, with no goal but chaos itself."

    And after this I shall take you, and bequeath upon you a Sith name. A name which will reverberate through the ages.

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    IC: Kenix Jir

    Never be it said that a Sun Guard was without honour. The woman, this Mandalorian, had beaten him. The Sun Guard yielded, hissing. “Fine.”

    More out of frustration than any expectation that the woman would not honour his words, he said it louder. “Fine!”

    He looked at the woman. “So this is the hard-ass merc that Moor has hired to lead us into the Tomb of Marka Ragnos? You best be as good as he says - it’s a death-trap down there.”

    There was a click, and Kenix Jir and Ka’rta’s comlinks would be overridden. “Our timeline has been accelerated by a windfall, gentlebeings,” came the sickly sweet voice of Sentan Moor. “I am ordering the final expedition to the tomb be launched now. We have a few hours left before the... ahem, the experts arrive.”

    He clicked off.

    Who else could be experts in a Sith tomb but the Sith themselves?

    Jir grunted to her in introduction. “Kenix Jir.”

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Pascale Rouser
    Location: ISD Resurrection, Kashyyyk system

    Pascale was somewhat glad he was being escorted away. With the gruesome scenes being played out in the hangar it was a chance to get his head back in gear.

    The trooper in front seemed more confident than the trooper that was behind him they seemed uncomfortable in the current environment. Luckily Tavion hadn't noticed anything, perhaps this was a new trooper fresh out of the Academy and hadn't gotten used to their surroundings yet. However there was another option….

    That this person wasn't supposed to be here either.

    Pascale wondered though who would want to jump straight into hell. Whether they were ordered here or whether they came here by accident it was a dangerous mission. And no doubt they would want to get off this ship after what had just happened.

    As he boarded he spotted the blood red decor inside and an open door showed the same thing. Everything covered in blood red, it didn't matter what it was, if it was there it was blood red.

    Charming Pascale thought no wonder she likes killing people and torturing them, she has a lust for blood. Definitely not a fan, you could use some more pastel colours in here.

    The decor and Tavion’s skimpy attire definitely matched. She might as well have called this shuttle her dungeon.

    He knew he could not escape, he had already tried and failed on that one. Fortuna was still parked on board and still locked as far as Pascale knew as only he held the code to unlocking it. This shuttle was going to be as close as he got to making an escape if needs be, but he still had both troopers to deal with if he was going to get anywhere near the cockpit.

    Pascale also regretted taking on this job. Sure the credits were good and he got to see and explore a temple, albeit briefly but he didn't know that his employers was basically a dark side psychopath. He also didn't count on encountering a bonkers Twi’lek, have said temple fall on him, encounter a Dark Jedi and subsequently find himself on a Star Destroyer which sounded like from the noise outside in the hangar was full of fanatics.

    Being squeamish was not part of his reputation, he had to remain strong and pick his moment. He would have to leave his beloved yacht behind, hopefully he would get some compensation for that at least so he could get a new one.

    His moment then came…..

    The second trooper, the one that looked uncomfortable must have had a second comlink on them, because a beeping started that was not coming from the comlink that was usually on stormtrooper armour. The trooper twitched and turned his blaster on the other, and that meant Rouser was now unmarked.


    Unfortunately he did not have his bladder with him anymore since he had been pulled out of the shuttle, however both of his vibroblades were still in his boots, ready to be unsheathed and unleashed. He hated using violence, but if there was a way to get off this boat he was going to take it.

    He made the pretense of getting out of the way so the trooper could focus on his counterpart and slowly backed up so he was behind the trooper and not in his vision and hopefully out of range of his sensors. He raised his right leg slowly, reached his hand down and pulled the blade out. Silently and steadily he advanced behind the trooper….

    And then attacked using his left hand to push the troopers head down slightly so he could jam the vibroblade straight into the troopers neck. A killing blow.

    As the trooper collapsed he shook his head his blue eyes looking down at the body. And then realised that he had not brought anything to wipe his blade on. He sighed and raised his right boot up so he could wipe the blood off.

    He quickly bent down retrieving the comlink and blaster rifle from the dead trooper, the comlink going on his belt. He looked to the other trooper blaster held at his side but ready just in case.

    “Sorry about that,” he said with a charming smile “I do detest violence but unfortunately it was necessary. Now judging by the fact you have a seperate comlink and that you look a little out of place here i’d say you are not part of this rather fanatical party that is going on outside. And like me, you want out”

    He shrugged “Well if you want out, here it is, and I think we had better hurry before Tavion decides she has had enough fun for one day and gets on board. I don’t know what she wants, but it isn't good”

    He then tipped his head to the side “You might want to get that. It’s up to you whether you wish to follow me but perhaps you may know of a place to go so we can get away from these fanatics”

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    (A combo post between me and our GM @Sinrebirth )
    IC Ka'rta

    She had bested him, she just needed him to say it, to admit his defeat at her hand. It was exhilarating the power and the fight before it. Her heart was still pounding in her chest as a grin forming under her face plate. When he said those words her teeth started to show in an almost predatory way, completely hidden from him. She let him go let him get up, she didn't help him, if he needed her help to stand he wasn't worth the credits he was getting paid.

    The message came in from Moor, the time table was stepped up they were moving out now.

    She put her knife back in its place before turning to Kenix,

    "Ka'rta." She didn't give her last name. "So how many men we got ready to head out? And who are these experts?"

    “Twenty men are ready; the rest of out coming the necropolis for alternate access points to the tomb; the defences have proven formidable, and attrition among the troops has been high...”

    There was a spectral giggle. Kenix ignored it, though they had probably both heard it. “And the experts? No idea; from out-system. There aren’t many experts in Sith history, either. Professors tend to shy away from the topic for obvious reasons.”


    The word was finally said.

    Ka'rta turned her head a little to the giggling. Still getting use to the spectral noises. Her brow furrowed a little dar'jetii, to boegy men from legend, or the people the Mandalorian Jedi Hunters fought alongside in the purge of the Jedi. That time was long gone though, and the stories almost seemed like legends. Her gaze hardened looking at Kenix.

    "Right, get them together and check in with the other team, see where they are at with the new entrance. Moore wants this place intact so, no making our own exits. Your mean loaded for Gundark?"

    “We’re loaded for Gundark, Tu’kata, shyracks...” Kenix shook his head. “And that’s before the statues reanimate and the ground opens up to reveal a silooth or what we think may be a taozin. Pretty sure a team found a rathtarr, too.”

    He coughed a laugh. “Welcome to Korriban, ma’am.” He led her past Bossk, and retrieved his weapons from his men. Her men, he corrected.

    The twenty were gathered, armoured speeders prepped. He had debated a hover-tank at one point, but it couldn’t negotiate the tunnels. The men - and three women - looked expectantly from him to Ka’rta.

    He said nothing; this was her moment.

    Ka'rta marched with the man rolling her shoulders. It drove the point home that this would not be an easy mission. Then again when they were getting paid this mission, it wasn't going to be an easy thing. She looked out over the gathered fighters and kitbashed vehicles. Anything heavier might get stuck in the tomb. They looked to her, expectantly.

    "Alright we got our orders." She called out her voice ringing over them, "We need to move now and clear a path, the checks have cleared, this isn't going to be easy, you already know what we face. Death from every direction, above, below, and behind. But, we got a job to do, so keep your head up, ears on, and watch each other backs. We do that, we might make it back here and enjoy the lovely haunted accommodations provided to us by our employer." She was a professional, no one merc could take a job on their own. Out there all they had were the other mercs hired for this job. "Let's head out," She walked among them fixing each with a look as she moved to the front. She wasn't the kind to hide behind the lies, she was hired to lead, she would lead.

    The troop seemed to stand a little bit straighter, clearly respecting the no nonsense approach that she had. Kenix nodded to himself, approving, but also aware that the woman wouldn’t need it.

    “Very well said, Ka’rta,” gave a slippery voice. Kenix looked at Sentan Moor. “This is exactly what I needed of you; to rally my troops. The heart of the tomb is within our grasp, and we shall have cleared the way for the next group - they will unearth the mineral secrets there.”

    Mineral secrets. Kenix sniffed. He hated when employers treated the Sun Guard as stupid. Nobody worth their armour would believe that this was just about resources. Not when there were much easier targets for Czerka across the galaxy.

    Unease spread through the group, and Kenix recognised that Moor had undone at least some of the good that Ka’rta had done. Whether Ka’rta would be intuitive enough to pick up on that, or whether she would simply be the ‘good employee’, Kenix wasn’t inclined to assist - helping her wouldn’t help his team.

    Kenix simply walked down the steps, letting her deal with it - or not - and reinforcing the perception in the groups eyes that he cared about them, not that he cared about Moor. Kenix was a psychologist by choice; he had long recognised the power of it upon morale.

    Moor was just a fop.

    What was Ka’rta? Kenix has tested her twice now, but he promised himself that this was the last time. How she handled this last one would decide whether he killed her in the tomb or supported her fully.

    She turned with a hard gaze to Moor. It was clear the men knew this wasn't just about 'minerals' There were far easier places to get money, and many places that would be simpler to extract wealth. His lie rippled trough the gathered troops murmurs fluttering among them. They were shaken, and her command could be called into question. Kenix already had a dislike of her and the loyalty of the Sun Guards. The kind of person it would be easier to work with than against. While killing him would have been an option it would only serve to turn the men against her.

    "Right, Minerals." She said out loud so everyone could hear sarcasm think in her voice. "In a tomb guarded by monsters..." She looked out to the troops putting on a little display. She wouldn't lick the bosses boots. Afterwards she stepped close to Moor, her words a whisper just for the pair of them. "You brought me here to lead and protect...not to stoke your let me do my job."

    Moor bristled slightly. He went to snap back at Ka'rta, and then saw the eyes of the entire group upon him, even though they could not hear what she said. Even behind their helmets, they created a pressure upon him. "Fine, fine." Sentan turned away, storming off. He shouted back. "Just get it done."

    He sneered. "Tavion will be here soon."

    With that he broke away, and Kenix simply shrugged, calling up the steps. "We had our suspicions, as all the other Sith are, well, dead. But what can you do? We didn't expect to find ourselves on a Sith homeworld."

    But the Sun Guard stood all the more slightly to attention. To Moor, it would be completely invisible; but a braggart couldn't see beyond the end of his pretty nose to think how pretty his lies were. But to Kenix, he could feel as much as Moor had felt the stare of seasoned warriors.


    "That's what you hired me for didn't you." She said to Moor's back as he walked away. Turning to the Sun Guard she could feel it in their gaze. She might pay for it later, but in was necessary to get the men on her side. She didn't what a squad of pissed off gun toting mercs at her back that had every reason to just shoot her and leave her for dead.

    "Dar'jetii homeworld or not we have a job to do and we won't getting done gawking." She looked to the gathered troops, "Let's get going."

    One unspecified shout of support later, the group turned about and began to trot towards their bikes and speeders. Kenix indicated a bike being detached from the back of a speeder rack. "For you, Ka'rta." He grunted out the next. "Well said. Czerka slime. It would be nice to not have to deal with him one day..."

    "...Tavion is bad news though. If we clear the ruins before she gets here, it'll be better."

    "Mind filling me in on this Tavion?" She asked mounting up. It was the second time she'd heard that name, each time it seemed they were important, someone to be feared. It was good to see the troops standing with her that would be one less probelm. "Ehh...there will always be people like Moor, self important di'kut who thinks money buys loyalty. It can but, not always. If it wasn't Moor it would be someone else."

    "Di'kut, yeah," at which point Kenix, who was warming to the woman, remembered she was Mandalorian. Ancient enmities were a thing for a good reason, but he pushed it aside. "Tavion? She's the leader of the Disciples of Ragnos, a Sith terrorist organisation, and successor to the rule of the Empire Reborn, a Neo-Imperial organisation that wants to restore the Empire under the rule of... well, apparently, a resurrected five thousand year old Sith Lord."

    He pointed the way they they were about to go.

    "It's his tomb we're clearing the way through."

    "Marka Ragnos, a Dark Lord of the Sith..." he paused. "Like Vader, and the Emperor, were."

    "Oh joy." Ka'rta said starting out towards the tomb. "Sith tombs, and wannabe sith lords. I suppose I should be on my best behavior when they get here." If the legends were to be believed Sith Lords were not ones for having a sense of humor, or take a liking when mundanes dared to talk back to them. She was still a mandalorian, respect was earned from her, but she could fake it for long enough.

    A dark sense of humour is required for interactions with the dark side came a lingering spirit.

    Kenix let it speak for him, and gunned his speeder to go.

    They had a mission to complete.

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    IC: Lady Qi'ra
    Kashyyyk system, aboard the Eventide, docking

    "Take us in. We need to board the shuttle."

    Qi’ra merely offered Lumiya a nod as the women separated and she returned to the desktop controls to do as she had been instructed. Verifying all manner of secrecy had been deployed and the cloaking mechanisms were doing their job, she set course after glancing once back towards the Sith.

    Was it done? Had her choice of words been taken as submission – a chill ran up her spine at the realization -, student to teacher? She knew nothing of the Sith ceremony for such things, what made pairings of this nature official, what connected and bound them so that they might begin their journey. Together. It did cause unease to stir in the pit of her stomach, thinking of herself as being proverbially chained to another when she had been so repulsed by and fought against the very idea of ever finding herself in that position again. Since she had left Han and refused Maul, leaving it all behind to carve her own path. Alone.

    Drawing inward and searching deeper, she ignored the hesitancy and in doing so, thought as though she could sense her confirmation. There was a tether that now existed unseen but felt between herself and Lumiya. It wasn’t strong, quite the opposite really – fragile – but it was there. Confusingly, certainly, for better, or for worse.

    And so Qi’ra straightened and listened intently as she received her first lesson. How Lumiya spoke of the Force, painting a vivid image that she could picture with crisp clarity, it was easy to imagine herself standing atop this mountain she spoke of, regarding her emotions and choices as one might peruse the selection of wares at an open market. She saw how truly being detached – in theory, she would need much more time to actually utilize this skill in the way it was necessary for a Sith – could keep you in line with all your wants and needs, while still being able to become a powerful being in the Force.

    While she knew much of this already and practiced it to an extent, it was an altogether different beast to conquer when she took into account previously avoided issues with her untested powers. It was like she had to undo much of what she had learned, and reconstruct it into something else, something better. Something stronger.

    Qi’ra closed her eyes, retreating into the mental imagery, giving her a vast expanse above and around her. It was dark, yet easy for her to see.

    "Exist within it, your own private space, where nobody may access your thoughts without your consent."

    With a breath, constricting along with her lungs, she began piecing in and building up a protective barrier that would surround her. It wasn’t anything concrete like a wall or a fence, but she could feel each block laying upon another, layer by layer. As Lumiya, unbeknownst to Qi’ra, began to release her hold on the tumultuous emotions of the Disciples, the strength of her work would be immediately tested. She could see pressure points across the barricade she had constructed, causing her to strain against each wave that beat against her will. She struggled to simultaneously keep her mental focus intact while pushing back against things that sought to invade her personal thoughts.

    The shell began to crack and she wavered, splinters fanning out in places but not breaking. However, it could not keep everything out. She heard the whispers and the insanity, buffeted against chaotic bursts of darkness that she couldn’t help but instinctively recoil from. Qi’ra’s eyes flew open as the increasing pressure nearly shattered what remained, but she did not let go. Even if it ended up crumbling entirely because she was not skilled enough yet, forcing her to start over from scratch, she would keep going and would not let go. Determination and resolve, she knew intimately, and they would get her there.

    With a small slip of balance as she made her way back to her feet, she wrapped a short cape-jacket around her shoulders and drew up the hood, following in Lumiya’s wake to the ramp at the bottom-most point of the Eventide.

    "Be sure of yourself, my apprentice, for we face what you could become, if control is lost. Not masters, but mere monsters, with no goal but chaos itself."

    Apprentice, she had called her, a reassurance she found oddly helpful in the moment. Qi’ra sidled up to the Sith’s side, close enough that her shoulder rested against the other’s arm. As much as she was still wrestling mentally with her task, she managed a lopsided smile.

    “I will maintain control. Do not worry…” she turned and looked up at the woman beside her. Master.”

    Her words sounded more certain than what she felt, but she was aware Lumiya would already sense that. Besides, it was her personality to ‘fake it til you make it’, and that’s exactly what she would do here, though she could not deny the unique thrill in saying the word 'Master' aloud. And the pleasure she gained in giving herself over to someone, some thing so fully. Fact was, she wasn't there yet, but the first steps had been taken in that direction, and all it did was dredge up memories of the misery-ridden loop she had been on when she was younger, feeling like she deserved to be controlled by another in order to be alive.

    This was different, she told herself. And for several conflicting reasons, it was.

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    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Feyna Morrow
    Tavion’s personal shuttle, Hangar, ISD Resurrection, Kashyyyk orbit


    She should have shut the damned thing off once she’d donned her disguise, but she’d thought Drayson would have the sense not to contact her when she needed very much to not be noticed. But she also knew that if he was comming her, it was important.

    The other trooper, of course, was immediately suspicious, turning his blaster on her—which left no one covering Rouser, with Feyna distracted by her traitorous comlink.

    Though this oversight turned out to work in her favor, as Rouser took the opportunity to kill the other trooper, stabbing him in the neck with a vibroblade—a quick, quiet kill. Unlikely to have been heard, but there was no telling when Tavion might arrive.

    For a second, Feyna worried that Rouser might turn on her, but apparently he’d clued in where Tavion and her other followers had not, that Feyna didn’t belong—though this might not be a good thing, since he could compromise her cover, but at least he hadn’t killed her yet. He just wanted to get out.

    Feyna did, too, but she needed Tavion to take her own shuttle, preferably with the tracking program successfully installed, and preferably without Feyna also on it. And though Rouser wasn’t her responsibility, it might be in her best interests to work with him, at least until they were both in the clear. If they separated and he was caught again, he might give her away.

    She lightly kicked the other trooper’s body. “Put on his armor, and make sure you clean off the blood,” she suggested to Rouser. “Don’t go anywhere yet.”

    Digging out the datapad from its pouch, Feyna also pulled out her comlink and started for the cockpit; hopefully she could get the tracking program installed quickly, then get out of here.

    Plugging the datapad into a terminal, she finally yanked off the helmet and answered the comlink. “Make it quick, you have terrible timing.”

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Aryan Graul
    Hangar Bay, ISD Resurrection, Kashyyyk

    With his cheek still throbbing from the staggering blow Arek had delivered across the side of his face, Aryan stood with his chin angled toward the deckplates, listening silently to both his son and Tavion postulate about the nature of his imprisonment and how it related to their plans. His heart sank marginally when Arek revealed that he knew his secret; it was a secret so profound that he had kept it from the family for over a decade. Despite all odds, he had discovered that he possessed the ability to tap into the Force and manipulate its power. It had been exposed through the vigorous torture sessions he had undergone at the hands of Tavion’s agents all those years ago.

    Aryan had wanted to tell everyone in his own time, but he simply could not find the right opportunity. There had been far too many distractions...too much hardship, and now he had lost his son to a dark and dangerous entity. Tavion had influenced Arek into believing her lies until he perceived him as the enemy. He blamed him for his suffering.

    He closed his eyes against that thought and shook his head. He might have been content to leave it at that, but Tavion carried on to explain his purpose; why they had regarded him as special and why he had endured so much adversity during his own incarceration. She spoke of ‘Echoes’ and of a secret project developed by Emperor Palpatine to hunt down and exploit these resonances in the Force. She stated that there were a dozen throughout the galaxy, maybe more...and the Disciples had already taken two or four into custody. From there, it became clear that her intention was to reinstate Palpatine’s secret project.

    Inhaling sharply, Aryan finally looked up as he tried to determine what that meant exactly. Was it a weapon, or did it involve some kind of ritual that would essentially use them as a source of power? Either way, he could not foresee this ending well; it would likely have terrible ramifications for both himself and the rest of the galaxy. That thought brought a sneer to his lips, and he started to lunge, calling on his latent powers to make a desperate attempt at hindering her plans…

    But Tavion would not allow it.

    With a small flick of her wrist, Aryan was overtaken by the darkness. His legs went out from under him, and he felt his knees connect sharply with the metal plating before he lost consciousness.

    It didn’t take long for the images to materialize, of a darkened cell with scarred, gray walls and a cistern in the far corner that emitted a constant drip of water from its tap. The sound was enough to drive one insane, if the intense cold and impenetrable blackness didn’t break your resolve first. It was all so vivid, and yet Aryan remained uncertain whether it was a dream, or if he had actually landed back in this den of horrors.

    He tried to reach out to see if he could actually touch and feel the patterns on the marred walls, but he found that he was too weak to lift his arm. It simply trembled at his side, the muscles contracting painfully from a lack of sustenance. This might have caused concern if he had not become distracted by a shadow looming over him. He hadn’t noticed it before, but someone was watching him.

    With a groan, Aryan willed his chin to elevate off the floor just enough to peer at the mysterious figure standing nearby. He could only see the man’s face through the thin sliver of light streaming through the open grate in the door, but it was all he needed to recognize his distinctive features. They belonged to his former chief of staff and current proprietor of Czerka Arms – Sentan Moor.

    And suddenly it all came flooding back, all the memories…all the pain. Arek had been right – Sentan had been here the whole time, contributing to his own misery. He had only forgotten, most likely to prevent his own fragile mind from breaking.

    But now that he knew? All he felt was anger. Betrayal.

    The bastard…

    Was this all still a dream?

    “I hate that you’re special, Aryan,” Sentan replied with malice in his voice, his booted foot coming forward to kick him in the ribs. His exposed body crumpled inward against the strike, his vision blossoming white with excruciating pain. He heard himself cry out…

    And then he woke up.

    Aryan was panting heavily as he bolted upright, his pulse pounding relentlessly in his ears as he reached up to wipe the sweat from his brow. He could only stare for a moment, struggling to accept what he had just witnessed. Sentan Moor was as much to blame for his predicament as Tavion. But how much did--

    He paused, suddenly cognizant of his surroundings – the scarred walls, the darkness, the bitter cold…

    “No,” Aryan muttered under his breath, closing his eyes against the mental anguish that swiftly washed over him.

    It was not a dream, after all. At least, not entirely. He was back.

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    IC: Foreteller - a combo with TheSilentInfluence

    The skull spoke. “Than accept my power and we can get to it!”

    The guards looked up, actually hearing the voice. They drew their hilts, one each, and began to approach the noise.

    Voren hissed. Do it, Linnett. We have no choice.

    Madelyn drew a deep breath. I accept your power. Let's get rid of these pretenders.

    She braced herself for the pain that she knew would come. Madelyn eyed the guards and felt anger sweep through her as they advanced. "That doesn't belong to you!"

    With her accord, power flowed through her and she felt herself strengthen. Yes, a wave of pain rushed up her form as something foreign shoved its way in, and yes, it was a greater pain than before, but she would also have greater than power than before.

    The Reborn ignited their lightsabers, the closest sneering. “You speak to your superiors in such a manner?”

    The second held up the book and threw it to the table where her lightsaber lay; the table rattled the hilt, and the book rebounded onto the floor, the corner where it had impacted the table crumpled.

    Madelyn felt a wave of pain and gritted her teeth, forcing herself to stand as a wave of anger coursed through her. She threw out her hand as they activated their lightsabers and the cage she was in ripped apart, the metal embedding itself in the surrounding walls.

    "Are you sure you want to play this game?" Madelyn asked quietly. She pulled her lightsaber to her hand and activated it.

    "Play it, girly?"
    There was a chuckle, but it was one not as confident as before. The two Reborn had shielded themselves from the metal, but still - she was dangerous. Looking to each other, they nodded, pointing a hand and releasing a stream of lightning each.

    Block, Voren snapped.

    No! Do a cool spin between the two attacks, or you'll get pinned down!

    I'll get electrocuted.
    Madelyn snapped back before she brought her lightsaber up to absorb the lightening. She winched slightly but pressed on, forcing it back towards the two Reborn.

    I won't let them beat us. You two need to get along or figure out something you agree on because I can't hold on much longer.

    , Voren said, gesturing slightly, turning aside the stream.

    I can do that too! The newcomer also turned the stream. The Reborn appeared stunned, rushing forward. One chopped for her neck, the other for her ankles.

    Now do the spin between the door!

    Voren snapped. Or jump up and over!

    This was getting bothersome.

    Oh for force sake.

    Madelyn scowled out loud and did both jumping and doing a spin over the two Reborn before slicing forwards as she landed, stabbing one of them between the chest and pulling her lightsaber out before she rounded on the second one, bring er blade down upon his. "Have you had enough yet? Yield to me and I will give you a place in my new Empire." Madelyn snarled out, "Or this will end very painfully for you."

    Use your anger. That's what the Emperor did and look how well you turned out. Madelyn thought, though she felt a twinge of something. Guilt perhaps?

    Voren laughed bitterly. We have no guilt. We take what is given.

    Oh do we? What do you have to be guilty for, Voren?

    Shut up!

    The Reborn snarled, taking the table which the Book of Sith laid upon and throwing it at her. Then he unleashed a bolt of lightning at it, causing the table to explode into a hammer rain of fiery debris. The Reborn rushed forward, intending to strike her down while she handled the attack.

    Madelyn pushed aside any feelings of guilt and charged at him, winching as a few pieces of debris caught her in the face, cutting her skin. She kicked the Reborn hard in the chest as she countered, causing him to fall back. Madelyn brought her lightsaber down and broke his, using the force to push it aside. As she kicked him again, Madelyn felt a sliver of satisfaction, before she struck him down.

    Don't let anyone get the upper hand, ever.

    Madelyn was breathing hard, and she sunk to her knees. Now we have to get rid of the rest of this ship; unless you can think of anyone wanting to join us?

    She deactivated her lightsaber, and reached for her book of Sith, holding it tightly to her chest. They didn't get my Book of Sith. Not today. Not ever.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Arek Graul
    Special Project Cell, in the depths of the Resurrection, Kashyyyk system

    He saw his father, and felt the anguish crash into him. He sang with fear in the Force, remembering an experience that Tavion had shown him videos of. The Echo Project was a personal scheme of Palpatine himself to hunt down Force users with a connection to the ancient past... a way to cause the descendants of Force users to connect with their heritage...


    Even Tavion admitted that the notes were fragmentary, and most of those involved were long dead, since the Empire fell. Some were still alive, of course. Arek marshaled his confidence and spoke through the wall. "Sorry, Dad, but there was no other way to get here," Arek said softly. "I have switched off the cams and listening devices... but it was a trap. They used me to get to you, after they found me. The Echo Project was inherited by Tavion - it was a project belonging to a secret organisation called the Second Imperium... which believes that Palpatine will return again one day."

    Arek sounded mournful. "The project looks to tease Force sensitivity from descendants of Force users, as a way of hacking their memories of the past. It's a Force technique combined with mad science... apparently Palpatine started the first experiments on himself, all those years ago. His secret reports tell us about this... Thrawn picked up the program too, as some kind of immense Key to control of the galaxy..." Arek shook his head. "No idea."

    "But I've had to use the dark side to stay alive, and Tavion has let me. She wanted to kill you to see what would happen to me... or the kids..." Arek choked tears back. He was very much not the mad villain of before. Now he was... Arek, again. Yet again.

    "Sentan Moor was one of the original thugs dealing with what Palpatine called his First Class in the records." Arek produced a flimsy, marked Palpatine Report 1, he slid it under a fold in the door.

    His voice grew hoarse; he was upset, he had hurt his father.

    TAG: @HanSolo29 (combo)

    Shuttle bay, Tavion's personal shuttle

    It had happened all so quickly, and the Stormtrooper was dead. The Force knew it, and Tavion turned away from the masses, not paying attention to their genuflections and final preparations. The gathering had fallen apart, with minions scurrying to their various roles and jobs and reprovisioning. A full legion of Stormtroopers was ready, and Tavion had sent word to Moor on Korriban to clear the rest of the Tomb traps or else.

    That should do it.

    But now... her personal shuttle had been taken. Tavion lifted her hand, and pumped a lightning bolt into it, intending to short out the systems. Feyna's program was finally installed, as she rebuked Rouser, but the lightning bolt sent the systems into active mode. Instead, the shuttle leaped out the hangar bay, jostling the occupants around, and then just as suddenly launched itself into hyperspace, not a second after the program spat out where they were jumping to.

    Korriban, Horuset system, Stygian Caldera, Esstran Sector.

    That was pretty specific.

    If they checked, they would find that the systems were programmed to decant for a few minutes at the edge of the hyperspace murk known as the Stygian Caldera and jump to Korriban. But that left them with a good hour in-which they were trapped in hyperspace, all too suddenly, all too abruptly.

    With a frown, Tavion went to snap orders but was assailed by all manner of sensation. Something in the hangar had caught her inner eye, and she frowned, and would likely have cast her mind out to work it out had Tavion felt something in the prison block. Turning away from the anomaly, which was in-fact Lumiya and Qi'ra, hidden beneath the Force, she grabbed the nearest Reborn by the throat. "Order us to jump. We need to pursue my shuttle."

    "Ma'am, not all the preparations are complete -"

    "We'll have to complete them as we go. I want us to go before the infiltrators reveal our plans. If the New Republic has time to respond, they may stop us reaching the target. We need to arrive before they do."

    The Darkness spoke to Tavion. The Fool has moved...

    The fool?

    I will investigate, but the one who Walks is walking a dangerous path.

    Tavion hissed and headed down to the prison block immediately. The Star Destroyer came to life, and Lumiya and Qi'ra would hear the noise fill the ship. "We jump for the Final Target in five minutes. Repeat; five minutes."

    Lumiya hissed. That had been close, yes, and they had barely made it aboard, tucked among the shuttles and TIEs at the front of the hangar. "Qi'ra, we won't have time to do much more than sneak aboard." She pointed to the nearest shuttle. "Go, I will cover you. Now." Lumiya gestured, tweaking a hanging TIE free from its moorings, causing one wing to wobble precariously as it tipped.

    Techs rushed to lower the TIE in full to the deck without it causing a disaster, and Lumiya hoped that nobody would notice. There were about two dozen Disciples milling about the massive hangar, and nearly three hundred Stormtroopers. While Lumiya reckoned she could kill most of them, she would die in the process. But, Lumiya was so focused on the hangar that she didn't detect the two Disciple's in the shuttle she had chosen, which had not yet begun to load.

    When Qi'ra headed up the ramp they immediately took one look at the woman and drew their hilts to their hands. Lumiya sensed the danger and hissed to herself, using the Force to direct the ramp to rise and straining with all her power to envelope the shuttle in the Force - in an illusion to ensure nobody would detect what was going on inside. A mental command rushed to Qir'a. Kill them! Now!

    The two Disciples ignited their lightsabers - one had a single blade, another duel-wielded. It was a bad situation, but she was Qi'ra, and Lumiya had absolute faith in her. But, in essence, Rouser killing a trooper had forced Feyna to act - had caused Tavion to overreact - had caused the entire ship to come alive and forced Qi'ra and Lumiya to react - and had caused them to be discovered earlier than planned.

    It was on.

    TAG: @Jerjerrod-Lennox, @JediMasterAnne (you may combo), @QueenSabe7 (combo for the fight)

    Prison level, the not-secret and not-creepy one

    The turbolift dropped and Tavion held the Scepter ready, hissing to herself. The chaos was intolerable, for her Great Victory. Whatever this Dark Jedi, this Madelyn Linnett, was in the grand scheme of things, she could not comment but her Force Walking was maddening. She felt the spirit of Marka Ragnos beside her as she dropped down a level - towards the twin deaths that had occurred. She seethed. The woman felt more powerful in the Force, but nothing to Tavion and her master.

    Do not underestimate her.

    "Now we have to get rid of the rest of this ship; unless you can think of anyone wanting to join us?"

    Voren shook his mental head. "I don't think we have time," he said.

    "Neither do I," said the Foreteller, lightly. "She's coming even as we speak."

    The prison area had minimal areas out - one central exit would funnel prisoners to one place and make them easier to subdue. Typical Imperial design. The majority of the cells were in the corridor behind her. Her importance meant she was by the front. Foreteller joked. "I heard a story about a group of plucky heroes escaping through a garbage chute...?"

    Voren snorted. "How did that go?"

    "They survived?"

    The turbolift was nearly here. The Force darkened, incredibly so, with the gathering malevolence approaching. "I mean, didn't you try with just Voren and your own powers before? We could have another try..."

    The lights began to flicker as the darkness grew stronger, and the cells all grew dim. The darkness was physically consuming the room. Linnett would have one memory of this occurring before. When she had felt Emperor Palpatine exert himself, all those years ago.

    TAG: @TheSilentInflunce
    IC: Kenix Jir

    En route to the Tomb of Marka Ragnos

    Sandy dunes, broken stone, creatures small and scurrying and vicious, all vanished and dove away from their speeder convoy. In a few moments though, scanners told Ka'rta that they were approaching the target. It also told them that there was something beneath -

    "Tukata!" Kenix snapped to everyone, and the convoy tried to split up, but were hemmed in by the tombs. One speeder bike caught a stone outcropping and exploded, hurling the burning armoured Sun Guard from the bike, probably dead, if not definitely.

    From one of the open tombs the immense beast leaped, rushing to keep up. It was huge, and it was keeping pace with the group.


    The group seemed to loose cohesion, and Kenix snapped out. "Maintain formation; group up, and focus on speed." He leaned over to Ka'rta. "It's hide is immune to blaster fire, and it can bite through durasteel. Not sure about beskar though."

    The tomb of Marka Ragnos was before them - imposing, but atop an area of the Valley which had been excavated and exposed.


    Kenix grimaced. It was unnecessarily imposing, what with those statues at the top of the steps... but to get up they'd have to dismount. The rest of the Valley was unmapped by the team, but they could turn left or right into the valley generally, or... they could turn around and make a stand. Kenix didn't have an answer.

    The spirits did.


    Kenix's unhappiness deepened. He didn't want to take advice from dead Sith either.

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    IC: Madelyn Linnett
    The Brig

    Madelyn frowned to herself, and felt the darkness surround her. The Emperor felt like this, a long time ago. Not all the time; but when he was especially angry. She heard Voren and their new friend speak, and took a step back; making sure she had everything before Madelyn started looking everywhere for an escape.

    "I need to get out of here." Madelyn said out loud. She felt cold; and was shaking slightly from the fight she had before her. I wonder what the other Emperors Hands would say, seeing me fight like that. They were the ones out there; I was always in the background, doing the quiet work for the Emperor. The bookworm. Madelyn shook her head and looked around, spotting a vent that could lead to somewhere. If I stay and fight I might die. What do we do?

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    IC: Lady Qi'ra
    Shuttle bay, Tavion's personal shuttle

    "Go, I will cover you. Now."

    Qi’ra looked to Lumiya for a second longer, crouched beside the Sith as they hid from view.

    She nodded, having no plan except get from here to there – the shuttle her Master had indicated. Springing upwards and walking the shortest, most direct path to her destination, various crew, Disciples and Troopers alike moved in all directions around her but she kept her head down and kept moving until given a reason not to. Her twin petars burned in their sheaths at the small of her back, as if to remind her that they were available for use if needed. A moment later, however, she heard a commotion to her left as a TIE craft became partially detached from its moorings. It dipped and swung precariously, several mechanics and techs that were in her way scurrying off to handle the situation.

    She smiled, picturing Lumiya in her mind’s eye. Thank you.

    Qi’ra cleared the rest of the distance without issue, climbing the ramp of the shuttle in a hurry to become unseen again. But of course, she was suddenly more seen than she had been in a cavernous hangar teeming with the enemy.

    A pair of cloaked Disciples, as if waiting for her, stood side by side in the hold with weapons in hand and clearly poised for a fight. It was apparent that they knew she was not supposed to be there.

    Drawing up short, she stared at them and they, her. “Oh… I… um… kriff.”

    Kill them! Now!

    It wasn’t her own thought but it hadn’t scared her. She knew exactly who had been the sender.

    A lightsaber sprung to life, then two more, and despite herself Qi’ra flinched. She was an expert fighter, trained and honed in hand-to-hand and Teräs Käsi but never in the Force, and certainly never against anyone trained to use a lightsaber. Let alone three

    Swallowing, she withdrew her dual hand-blades and activated the crimson laser along their edges, sinking back and quickly gaining an understanding of her surroundings. The ramp had closed behind her, so she was confined here either in life or death but that would also keep one or both of the Disciples from alerting more of their kind. It was just them.

    Silence stretched as no one made the first move. Qi’ra, without really even trying, reeled her senses inward as if she were filling her lungs with air and then like a rubber band snapped them back out around her. She utilized Lumiya’s brief lesson to a different degree – instead of building a cocoon around her own mind she had the split second idea to try and do the same to someone else, to what degree she couldn’t be sure.

    She reached for their thoughts and the chaotic darkness she had been riddled with since dropping into this system was more specific and less overwhelming when she focused solely on these two individuals. They were fine-tuned conduits of fury and like a black hole, swallowing any light that was within their immediate vicinity. She could sense the pull but instead of resisting, Qi’ra relented knowing she could handle it. It was strange, as if this small space made it almost easier for her to block out the larger amounts of ‘noise’…

    The one with the single lightsaber seemed to notice her intrusion first and roughly shook its head, suddenly coming at her with a low lunge while its partner merely stayed back – one advantage to the enclosed shuttle hold was that it could restrict the pair of them from attacking as one. They’d risk harming each other if they did. She leapt and spun out, sensing the next move would come from the Disciple with the dual blade and she was right – just as her feet touched down a stream of crackling energy was swinging in for her neck and Qi’ra had to dip back so far to avoid being decapitated that she fell backwards off her feet.

    She was set upon instantly, as would be expected.

    A whizzing slash down from overhead and she fan-kicked around on the small of her back just in the nick of time. The blade seared into the shuttle’s hull as she seamlessly rolled to her knees, thrusting out at the nearest Disciple’s knees. One laser-lined blade singed through its pant leg and she assumed met skin because of the inhuman shriek that emitted from her target’s throat. The dance continued like this for a few beats; a flurry of constant movement, missteps and haphazard strikes while she worked overtime to keep tabs on each lightsaber blade, the Force churning and charging the longer they went on. Then from somewhere a boot connected with her stomach and nearly forced her to be sick. In the second it took her to recover another booted foot – or the same, who knew – came up and connected with her cheek, the force of which sent her spinning off into the far wall.

    Everything ceased then and Qi’ra trembled in anger as she narrowed her eyes at the others, angry at herself and her opponents. She wiped a trickle of blood from the corner of her mouth and growled through clenched teeth. She was over this, never having been one for long, drawn out fights that could be ended in less than half the time. The two Disciples gathered themselves and returned to standing shoulder-to-shoulder like clones, their lightsabers still blazing down at their sides. She pushed away from the bulkhead and squared off against them, heart racing and blood feeling like electric currents running through her veins. She could feel it – the darkness building into a moment that would alter the course of this entire encounter. She assumed too quickly that whatever was about to happen would come from them, but almost just as fast she realized that the source of the growing power was not in them, but instead, in her.

    They boldly lunged in unison and Qi’ra released a pent up blast of energy she hadn’t even known she was holding back. The torrent hit the Disciples and stopped them in their tracks, ripping and smacking into them to toss them back like leaves in a storm. It was their turn to careen into a solid metal barrier and they did so with so much force that the outer hull bent outward against their bodies once they hit. In their disorientation, she was on top of them before they even had a chance to get up.

    Stab, slash, swipe, and several more stabs later, she now stood above two still-warm corpses with blood rapidly pooling out from several penetrating wounds. Strained, though exhilarated, a small yet deep gash that had opened up on the back of her left shoulder would finally be noticed, white-hot pain burning into her muscle and bone. So this was what damage from a lightsaber felt like, she recognized, grimacing as the throbbing increased and she wobbled a bit on her feet.

    Qi’ra strode into the cockpit and dropped into a jump seat, locating a med kit and setting to getting her shoulder cleaned and bound. As she worked, her senses instinctively searched for Lumiya in the Force, unsure of where the Sith was or how well she was faring on the outside.

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    IC Ka'rta

    Her speeder lead the group dust kicking up behind her. The ruins quickly disappeared behind them leaving nothing, but desert. It would almost be monotonous is there weren't threats that needed to be dealt with. One of those threats made itself known, a caine looking creature rushing up behind them. She'd looked at them and it seemed they were nigh unkillable with what they had currently. The only thing they could do at the moment was run. The tombs came into view losing one of their number along the way. They were getting penned in the temple of Ragnos, in all it's ostentatious glory in front of it and unmapped valleys on either side of them. A voice rang in her head, suggesting they go left. She grit her teeth, damn her if she was going to take their advice. Looking over her shoulder she had an idea...a very bad one. Turning nearly fully in the seat of her speeder bike she leveled her rocket launcher, tipped with a high explosive warhead and pointed it at their pursuer. She knew it wouldn't do much against the hide, but what about inside. Had anyone tested that?

    "Smile for me you Shabala mangy mutt." She muttered waiting for the moment it's jaws opened and gave her a good shot down its guttlet...she only needed a moment. Her Speeder began to slow the others blowing past her, she would catch up if they decided to run. 'We'll see if my beskar can hold up under its jaws.' she thought her other hand ready to pull a grenade from her belt and shove it down the monster's throat if the rocket failed.

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  25. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Aryan Graul
    Special Project Cell, the Resurrection, Kashyyyk

    It was hard to say how much time had actually passed since he arrived in this cell. Everything had a tendency to blur together under such circumstances. All Aryan had to keep him grounded in reality was the occasional thump from the corridor beyond, or if he concentrated hard enough, he could sometimes even perceive the soft vibration of the ship’s engines underfoot. Other than that, he was alone and left to sort through his own devices. It was a dangerous combination, especially for the weak-willed, but he surmised he had survived this once before; he was more than capable of doing so again.

    And so, with a weary sigh, Aryan had settled in the far corner of the cell with his knees pulled up to his chest and his head resting easily against the cold stone. He had closed his eyes and attempted a calming technique for a time, but now he was awake and peering bleakly through the dim darkness. His right hand had strayed unwittingly toward his jacket pocket, nudging the hand-written notebook his mother had gifted him upon his departure. He desperately wanted to break it open and delve into its pages, though he knew that would likely be a bad idea with so many prying eyes watching from the shadows. It was best to keep it a secret for now.

    Fortunately, he wasn’t tempted for very long as an outside force intervened. Aryan heard a soft thud against the door before a voice carried through the exterior walls to reach him inside the cell. It was weak at first, perhaps a little rushed, but he soon recognized it as belonging to his son.

    "Sorry, Dad, but there was no other way to get here," Arek called softly. “I have switched off the cams and listening devices... but it was a trap. They used me to get to you after they found me. The Echo Project was inherited by Tavion - it was a project belonging to a secret organization called the Second Imperium... which believes that Palpatine will return again one day."

    Frowning slightly, Aryan merely stared ahead, surprisingly numb to his son’s presence and to the information he was providing. Arek was taking a risk, and he knew he should’ve been more receptive and reacted differently. Typically, a father would express elation over being reunited with his son, but in this instance, the sting of his betrayal was still too great. He couldn’t speak to him, much less give him a simple acknowledgment. For the moment, Aryan was content to remain silent and simply listen as he prattled on about Tavion’s plans. At the very least, it provided him with an opportunity to gather information he otherwise would not have access to. And it was certainly a lot to process.

    Aryan had to admit that it was fascinating to learn about the history of this strange ‘Echo Project’ and the true reason behind his suffering. Of course, it still did not make a whole lot of sense from his perspective, but the fact that Palpatine and Thrawn were both willing to scrounge the fringes of the galaxy to uncover a tangible link to the past was all he needed to know. However, it still baffled him how they had intended to extract these memories from their victims. From his own vantage point, how was he supposed to provide something that he had no recollection of? He wasn’t even sure how he related to all of this. What ancient connection did he have to the past? And if it was so important, why did Tavion want to kill him?

    As he pondered those questions, Arek continued on from the other side of the wall. "Sentan Moor was one of the original thugs dealing with what Palpatine called his First Class in the records." There was the sound of rustling before his son slipped a flimsy under the crack of the door.

    Ignoring the reference to Moor and the negative feelings that arose in relation to that name, Aryan pushed away from the wall and rose slowly to his feet to retrieve the small packet. He hesitated a moment, but still did not utter a single word as he lifted the fragile report from the ground and gently brushed his thumb over the title scrawled across the cover: Palpatine Report 1.

    “How did you get this,” he finally muttered under his breath, more to himself than to Arek.

    Pursing his lips, Aryan didn’t know what to expect as he began to flip through its pages.

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