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Star Wars CLOSED Resurrection

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 5, 2019.

  1. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    A short combo with Sinrebirth:

    IC: Aryan Graul and Mysterious Voice
    In Pain...

    As Aryan blinked into the ether, he was aware of only three things – the cold, uncomfortable chill from the stone floor pressing into his back; the intense pain that penetrated both flesh and bone, paralyzing him with its intensity as it pulsated through every inch of his body; and the awful truth that he had, once again, lost his son.

    It was truly too much for him to comprehend, an overwhelming force that quickly swelled into a raging tempest to swallow him whole. It was a miserable existence that he desperately wanted to escape from, but he soon discovered that he was hopelessly trapped. There was no mercy for someone like him; it was like he was a pawn in a cruel game that only had one ending – pain and untold suffering.

    Perpetual suffering. There was no other way to describe what he was experiencing.

    He blinked again, moaning softly at this new reality. In addition to his physical anguish, there was also a dense mental haze that had descended upon him. It hindered his ability to think and remember. With a sudden surge of panic that ended in a choked sob, he realized that he could not recall the reason for his torment. Why had he ended up this way? Who or what had caused this?

    As if in answer, a series of images flashed through his mind’s eye in quick succession. They were faint, almost like looking at the blurry afterimage of events that had occurred at some point in the past. But in this instance, he could not place any of them. They remained a mystery, and that only heightened his distress.

    As a result, his muscles tensed, throwing his body into a convulsive fit.

    But then a reprieve, a source of warmth that pervaded his senses and proceeded to encompass him in its calming embrace. It eased the uncontrollable trembling that had wracked his battered body and helped him to relax. After a moment, it manifested itself as a single voice whispering into his ear:

    Tell me... is Tera alright? Tera Moor?

    Aryan parted his lips and released a ragged breath, trying to process the meaning of those words. A name. Tera? He did not know anyone named Tera, but...


    That one he did know.

    It brought back a myriad of negative emotions that caused a tightness in his chest and forced a savage growl from his throat. “S-Sentan,” he croaked in a hoarse whisper. “That…bastard.”

    Sentan? Could it be? The voice was unhappy to hear that his son had a name... though his memory fogged across the distance; did he have a son? Or a daughter? The voice went to withdraw, and then asked again. The Holocron of Prophecy? Do you have it? The Darkness is always seeking a complete one to discover the future. If it finds one... all is lost.

    Aryan’s mind drifted aimlessly, passing in and out of what he perceived as consciousness. As he wavered, so did his perception of reality; it was hard to discern whether the voice was real or merely a reflection of his own fractured psyche. Nevertheless, it was the only thing that offered a distraction from this agony. It helped to sustain him.

    Latching onto the warmth it generated, he used it as a lifeline to delve into his broken mind for answers. However, it was no easy task. The memories came to him in vivid snapshots, but before he could isolate the relevant information, they faded away...

    But maybe not completely.

    "The red...pyramid," Aryan confirmed after a prolonged pause, struggling to convey his words through his pain and concentration. “I...I had it--it was here, but…” He gasped, his body becoming stiff as a very familiar face crossed his field of vision. “It’s me. Myself. He--I came here...and took it. I-I have it now.”

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  2. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Luke Skywalker
    Battle of Korriban, Valley, by the Cloister

    The Jedi Master allowed the archaeologist and the spy to greet him, and give him a sit-rep. The screams had stopped at least, and there was no need to rush in without an understanding of the situation. The reference to Aryan, and the echo, it was curious but it didn't resonate with him. It didn't seem to be directly connected to the plan Tavion had - it was almost a casual aside, or perhaps a skifter in the deck to distract...

    "We were sheltering in the tombs nearby when Arek stumbled across us. Rouser tried talking to him, but he was in a volatile state and he attacked. I didn't mean to kill him, but I had to defend Rouser."

    Luke glanced to where Feyna had indicated the body of Arek, which had vanished into one of the tombs, though Luke noted that there was no bloody stain. He tried to stretch into the Force for the body, but he couldn't sense anything beyond the teeming mass of scurrying activity.

    "We were on our way to Aryan, to see if we can help him..."

    Refocusing, Luke looked forward and found a surprising nexus of the dark side. But it had a salient, fleeing from it, and he turned to look at a fleeing shuttle, advancing at top speed. He felt that he had reached some kind of crossroads, and all manner of eyes were upon him. Even Feyna and Rouser would feel it. The battle behind them was reaching its peak, with the Disciples of Ragnos cut off from escaping the tomb even as they rushed to advance in. Any moment, the Resurrection of Marka Ragnos would either be upon them, or not.

    "A shuttle fled here a moment ago... and the battle behind us is reaching a fulcrum... and what is before us is a dark side nexus like any I have ever known; it resists me, and on noticing it, we have been noticed. It is as Master Yoda used to say; when you look into the Dark; the Dark looks back." Luke felt his grip tighten on his lightsaber hilt, before releasing his breath to relax.

    "I need to go forward. Follow me, and be ready."

    There was a howl in the Force, and it reverberated in cloister, filling Aryan, Madelyn and the two Sith standing with her. White Eyes allowed a grimace of disgust to fill the Force. "We are discovered." A flick of his hand to the three of them - to Madelyn, Rasping and Refined Voice. "Wipe them out... all of them."

    He turned to the Chagrian beside him; Mas Amedda. White Eyes growled. "Bring Graul to my ship, Lord Wyyrlok." With a bow, the blue-skinned Chagrian turned to take a passageway which would bring him down to the centre of the courtyard.

    For his part, White Eyes took one more glance back at Madelyn, a smile quirking in the corner of his briefly-visible chin, and he vanished into the shadows. In a few moments, he would reach his shuttle, and they would leave. The three he had left could keep busy Skywalker.

    Whipping a curved blade out, the moment Luke reached the top of the sand-mound he was set upon, and all Luke saw was a refined looking aristocrat weaving a basket of red slices. The other, more dishevelled, snarling man launched for Rouser and Feyna, a simple lightsaber to hand - and a fork of lightning hurtled at the archaeologist.

    That left Madelyn free to act, even as Amedda appeared from a shadowed doorway to collect Aryan, who was gabbling about a Holocron of some kind. Luke clashed blades, surprised by the ferocity of the blows thrown at him, caught off-guard. The Refined Man allowed his glee to enter the Force as the Jedi Master struggled to defend himself.

    The whispers rippled out.

    Foreteller, his words touching Madelyn only. This is your chance, Linnett.

    Kill Skywalker, and the galaxy will be yours,
    Voren crowed to her.

    Tulak Hord watched, curious as to how best to intervene, if at all, his powerful presence floating above the courtyard.

    Meanwhile, the voice that had been pulled up through Aryan seemed forlorn.

    There are four fractures in the Force, and you are but one. When all the fractures gather together again, the Force will die. I can see it now. If it is what he wanted, then he must be the monster I feared he is. If it is not, then it was us - me, and her, and him and him.
    We did this. The Holocron you have lost, I hope it is safe... I hope they are all safe from the Darkness...

    With that, he trailed away, and Aryan knew he was gone.

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    IC: Lumiya

    Reaching the Resurrection, in orbit

    “So you have no worries, not even the smallest concern that what we are chasing after now, could potentially lead to a truth you’re unwilling to face? That perhaps he did find a way?”

    The Dark Lady of the Sith ruminated on the words that Syren spoke, as their ship returned to the Resurrection. It was a very different arrival than last time; the hangar was abandoned - every spare ship and trooper and cultist had been sent to the ground to fight the battle. Now, there was merely a skeleton crew, and their worry permeated the Force as they were here - exposed, their fighter screen stripped away by the Jedi squadrons and with them being unable to intervene in a tomb-to-tomb battle.

    That being said, there was a single shuttle remaining, clearly not used in the initial deployment and now it would be a target that was too simple to blow up and risk the crew sending gunners or medical staff armed with sidearms. It was pointless. As they settled in, Lumiya finally spoke. "If is the truth then it is indeed not one I wish to face," she said, with a sigh. "If he returned again, how are we to stop him? Do we eternally live in his hand, one way or another?"

    She rebelled against that notion, and focused on the growing disturbance behind them; almost immediately, she shrank in the Force, almost to the point that even Syren could not sense her, and she was there in-front of her. "Luke has made it to the cloister. If your instincts are true, we will need to be careful about this. If he senses I am alive, he will divert from pursuing the Sith, for me..." She grimaced. "But as he is there, and clearly Palpatine isn't ready for him - or he'd have sprung some kind of trap by now - he'll try to escape." Lumiya keyed the sensors, and began to paint a view of the Valley. She shifted the scan to the rear of the cloister, expanding the radius.

    "There," she said. "A shuttle - its powered down but its a flat surface and there is something there. If someone is using Tavion as a front..." Lumiya paused. Lumiya thought about it. "We have a Star Destroyer here; could we take it over in time? Or do we need to separate - one of us to stall the shuttle, one of us to take command of the Resurrection, or of a turbolaser cluster facing the planet?" Lumiya flexed her hand, which had began to shake.

    She was afraid, she was disgusted to say.

    "I can't return to the planet without getting Luke's attention - it's too close," Lumiya said flatly. "If it is him, Syren - Qi'ra - then he can kill you. You might not stall him for long. I'll only need a few minutes but we may not even have that."

    Her green eyes met those of her apprentice. "Do you want to try?"

    The sensors beeped; the shuttle was entering a startup cycle.

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  3. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Pascale Rouser
    Location: Korriban

    Feyna had described things pretty well, especially the fact that she had to defend him. Which he was more than grateful for.

    Regarding the Echo Pascale decided to stay silent on that one. He had seen and been through enough madness for one day. And to be honest would Master Skywalker believe his tale?.

    The battle was getting louder now, A shuttle had also taken off, where that person or persons were heading he was not sure. But he could feel even without the Force that somebody, or even maybe more than somebody or something was watching him. Like the battle may be about to be decided, even Luke had said as much.

    Focus Pascale, protect Feyna at all costs.

    He followed Luke, clutching the lightsaber in his pocket, following the Jedi Master no doubt into the maelstrom. He was a lover not a fighter. But he would do anything to help Feyna get off this rock.

    As soon as the group reached the top of the sand mound, Skywalker was attacked. And it seemed Pascale was the target once again as what could be described as a crazy looking man spotted him and aimed a bolt of lightning towards him. It looked like Feyna's taozin had worked it's magic once again.

    Hopefully she could attack whilst Pascale was distracted.

    Grabbing Arek Graul's lightsaber out of his pocket and activated the blade feeling the thrum of it against his hand. If he had the Force he could try and deflect it but he just had to hopefully keep it away from Feyna.

    Pascale dropped to one knee, blue eyes narrowed and raised the lightsaber to try and block the attack.

    And hopefully not get electrocuted in the process...

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  4. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Feyna Morrow
    Valley, near the Cloister, Battle of Korriban

    She followed Luke and Pascale up the hill, constantly looking around, her blaster drawn and ready.

    Luke was attacked nearly the very moment they crested the hill, his opponent moving so fast that their blade was nothing more than a whirl of red, too fast for Feyna's eyes to follow. That Luke could keep up was a testament to his skill.

    But there was more than one assailant, and another had set their sights on Pascale, light saber drawn and lightning jumping from their hands.

    She didn't know when Pascale had picked up Arek's saber, but thank goodness he had; he ignited the blade to deflect the lightning attack, with barely a second to spare. Once again, the attacker didn't seem to pay much mind to Feyna, who again brought up her blaster and fired.

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  5. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Force Ghost star 4

    Jul 11, 2009

    "Tell me, Kenix and Ka'rta... Ka'rta and Kenix, perhaps... what it is that you desire when the Sith Empire is resurrected?"

    "All I want is to get paid and move on to the next job." Ka'rta growled turning around and aiming her pistols into the melee looking for an open target. She didn't have time for 5 year plans, or a game of hopes, dreams and desires. Not that she thought much beyond the next few moments, grand strategies, and galactic conquest were ideas for other people. She was a merc, she went were the money was, and followed whoever was handing it out. It wasn't her place to dictate plans. She had no wants except more money, and more violence.

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  6. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Luke Skywalker
    Battle to the death

    The battle was a fierce one, but Luke kept his focus on the refined man. He had a clear understanding of the advanced and ancient Jedi forms, whereas Luke had eschewed the old ways for a simpler teaching of 'fast, medium and heavy' lightsaber styles. He might teach the students the Seven Lightsaber Forms one day, of course, but for now he had kept it to himself and wanted to create more well-rounded Jedi.

    However, this man, he was an expert in Form II; his specialty was lightsaber combat.

    They stepped apart, and the man whipped his blade up, a pointed strike intending to shave Luke's cheekbone from his face - painful, but not fatal - Luke was ready, and darted his blade up between his face and the strike, but even as the attack was withdrawn, Luke was already stepping forward, twin hands as he swept down. The man - the Sith - stepped back and slapped out his blade to catch Luke's swing by the hilt with the middle of his blade and push it aside; Luke disengaged and spun out at the mans riposte, feeling heat across his back where the blade would have split him in half -

    Luke had barely reoriented himself before he was sharply blocking, trying to redirect a quick stab at his center mass away -

    This man was good.

    Luke winced; he couldn't do anything for the others.

    Not while he life was in danger.

    The rasping man grinned like some kind of reptile; a dragon, perhaps, with a sinister smirk. The lightning bolt caught on Rouser's blade, a rivulet of energy curling up his bicep, but the Sith had to disengage as Feyna shot directly at him, whipping a crimson blade up to deflect the shot into the air. He made a claw of his hand and yanked at her blaster, not even paying attention whether he succeeded before he swung his hand back with the intention of sweeping them both off the dune -

    That left Madelyn as the Chagrian stepped down the creeking staircase to secure Aryan Graul. Madelyn would feel her strength in the Force drain as the Foreteller intervened, using his own Force to prop up the broken man, soothing his pain and enabling him to stand in-spite of an impossible set of injuries.

    Foreteller whispered to Madelyn. Sorry.

    Voren crowed. Mine.

    And then he made his move, wracking her body with pain.

    "Submit!" The Sith spirit snarled, demanding she give his flesh over to him.

    Foreteller wasn't able to help her and Aryan. He refocused, speaking to Aryan. I'm the Foreteller; you need to use the Force now - I'll keep you going for now.

    Darth Wyyrlok - to Madelyn, the old Grand Vizier of the Empire Mas Amedda - sniffed and drew a hilt from his robes. "Emperor's Hand Linnett. Get a hold of yourself and apprehend Graul," he sneered. A second blade dangled from his waist, but his other hand was busy with the Sceptre of Office of the Old Republic; an old momento to hand onto this late in the Empire's collapse.

    The specter of Tulak Hord watched from above, intrigued as to how matters would go.

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    Tomb of Marka Ragnos

    "All I want is to get paid and move on to the next job."

    "Me too," said Kenix, unimpressed by the grandiose words of Tavion. She curled her lips in disdain, and looked as if she intended to do something about them for refusing her gracious offer, but a staccato of lightsaber exchanges and a scream - along with a meaty drop to the floor - changed her mind.

    She fluttered a hand to the remainder Reborn with her. "Pay them; then they can leave." A slight smile tugged at her expression. "But of course they'll have to leave by the same way Jaden Korr is pursuing us."

    With that, Tavion swept on, her Scepter glowing and the Reborn following.

    In short order, they'd receive an automated update that credits had been deposited in their account, in accordance with their contract - they were, now, free men.

    But then a Jedi in a flight suit rushed into the room. Jaden Korr, no doubt.

    He held a lightsaber, and, unable to sense what was enemy or not in the heat of the battle, in the depths of a tomb, cried out and rushed forward.


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  7. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Silent and Friendly Mod of SWTV and SWC star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Madelyn Linnett
    Battle to the death

    Madelyn knew she had to do something. She felt pain; felt Voren trying to take control as Luke Skywalker fought not too far away. She looked around for Aryan, and shook her head as Foreteller went to help him. Go. I'll be okay. She thought to him; sinking to her knees as she desperate tried to fight for control. She grasped her lightsaber and placed a hand on her head,breathing heavily. I have to think of something. Fight back. She rose up a little and spoke to Voren. Get out of my head. You've had you're fun Sith. But I never should have trusted you. And she felt a spark of something up her spine. I am one with the force and the force is with me. I am one with the force and the force is with me.

    She looked over at Darth Wyyrlok, the rasping man going after the others. Madelyn felt the force leave her but she knew she could fight without the force-

    -Madelyn didn't have a choice.

    She forced herself up and got in the way, activating her lightsaber and standing her ground, face pale and shaking from the pain. She looked at the others, and then at Skywalker before turning her attention to Darth Wyyrlok, the others. "You know what the funny thing about being a Sith is?" Madelyn asked quickly. She took a few steps forward, still shaking from the pain. "How easy it is. Or maybe it just became easy to me because the Emperor actually like me. Of course-" She took another step forward and glowered. "-maybe you just got lucky. I'm just curious Darth." Madelyn gave him a small, sweet smile and eyed the sceptre for a moment. "You must have been important, for his majesty to trust you with that."

    Madelyn winked and brought her blade up swiftly to his abdomen and then pulled away at the last second; drawing it back and countering it towards his hand that held the lightsaber and the one that held the sceptre. She knew this would be her only chance, and she could die; but she hoped that Foreteller was strong enough to protect Aryan, that her apprentice could defend himself in this moment.

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  8. QueenSabe7

    QueenSabe7 Chosen One star 6

    Mar 23, 2001
    IC: Dark Apprentice Syren
    Hangar Bay, Resurrection, in orbit

    Syren stared at her Master, easily sensing her growing unease - fear - before her presence withdrew so quickly from her senses that it visibly startled the apprentice. Of course, Lumiya was right beside her and had not died or disappeared, she had only shielded herself in the Force so strongly she was practically undetectable. A strange sensation for two that were bonded as closely as they were.

    Instead, she cast her feelings out and away, towards the shuttle that Lumiya referenced and sure enough it was out there.

    "Do you want to try?" Lumiya asked of her, suggesting they divide and conquer. Together, yet separate.

    Syren gave a single nod, meeting the other woman's steely gaze. "Not try. Do."

    A sensor chimed on the dash, pinging the shuttle as it began to spin up its engines. Prepping to leave? Flee? To conjure reinforcements? Either way, it was as clear to her as it was to her Lady.

    It had to be prevented from achieving any of it.

    There was a modicum of fear swimming about deep in her stomach that she wouldn't ignore. The right amount of fear made you cautious enough and more aware, but the fear was for her Master and for herself, because Lumiya wasn't the type to scare easily, that much she knew. And Luke Skywalker did scare her, or at least the threat of encountering him again. Being butchered so viciously by someone you cared for could do that to you, she supposed. The image of her other self popped back into her thoughts, her much stronger manifestation from someplace and somewhere else, tearing her apart and leaving her in literal pieces.

    Like a white hot poker being rammed directly through her chest and rib cage, searing into the center of her heart, rage flared up like fuel catching fire. Suddenly she hated Luke Skywalker as much as she hated that other Qi'ra, for doing so much irrevocable harm to Lumiya as was also done to herself. As a pair, they felt more like one right now and she seethed her anger just as she exuded pride in her position next to her Master.

    Syren stepped in so close to her mentor so that there was no space left between them and leaned her face in to press a kiss upon the woman's lips. It wasn't lasting and it wasn't deeply passionate, but it carried a promise that meant more than one thing. "Consider it done."

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  9. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Force Ghost star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    (OOC: A combo between @Sinrebirth and Myself.)
    IC Ka'rta

    The mandalorian didn't flinch as Tavion curled her lip and tensed her hands. Sith or not Ka'rta would take her on if she tried to stop her. The contract had been fulfilled, the tomb had been opened she even took out a jedi for them. She'd done more than enough to earn her pay. If the little dark princess had an issue they could settle the matter with blasters.

    However it seemed she had bigger issues than two mercs that had completed their contracts. Though the merc didn't miss the 'someone else will deal with it' comment. Ka'rta didn't really care, she'd killed one jedi, she could kill another.

    As her and Kenix moved down the hall quickly meeting Jaden Kor.

    "Hey look.." She stared before the young jedi rushed her with a lit lightsaber. Moving quick she moved out of the way getting the lightsaber she'd taken off her kill and igniting it to defend herself. "Look we're not your enemy anymore. We've been paid, the person you really want is further down the hall."

    Jaden stopped, hesitant. Kenix spoke up also. "Yeah, we're out, no need to cut us down."

    The Jedi was breathing heavily, but took some deep draws and noisy draws of air to settle himself. "Mercenaries?"

    He regarded the corpses throughout the room. His expression was guarded. "Did you do this?"

    "Who can say." Ka'rta shot back, "you know how chaotic combat can get. We were here for a job, and that job is done. You want to stand here over dead bodies while the real threat goes and makes more?"

    Jaden nodded. He was a young man, but he knew how the world worked. Having been at the front of the campaign against the Disciples, travelling to worlds as remote as Bakura, Yalura, Blenjeel and Dosunn, to the very Core at Coruscant, Chandrila and the debris of Byss.... he knew.

    Nodding, he passed by them, but he made every effort to memorize them. One day, there would be a reckoning, Jaden was sure of that.

    Kenix looked back at the Jedi, who trotted around the corner and immediately clashed with the last of Tavion's guard.

    "There's no money in intervening any longer. Guess we need to trust the Jedi will stop the madwoman." He eyed Ka'rta. "Right?"

    "We got paid, the boy can go kill himself if he wants." Ka'rta kept moving. "Unless Tavion does something to personally screw with me, I see no point in fighting her." She points back down the hall. "You saw that crazy ghost and the power she wields. I'm not facing that unless I have a shabala good reason."

    Kenix nodded slowly; piqued not so much by his conscious as a good healthy dose of fear of the future. “Sounds good by me.”

    He readied his blaster. “Let’s get out of here, and alive, ideally.” There were less sounds of fighting on the way out the Tomb, but plenty more behind them where Tavion had gone.

    Not their problem.

    The sounds of conflict rang out, but she wasn't getting paid anymore, to take up any fights that weren't hers.

    Not their problem.

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  10. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Aryan Graul

    Four Fractures.

    The Force.


    Wait–no. Not death; not in the physical sense. It was the Force that would die, but…how was that possible?

    Was the red pyramid the key to finding these answers? The holocron. He had to keep it from the Darkness; he had to keep it safe. And yet, he had lost possession of it. Someone had come and taken it away–

    No, that’s not true! He did have it! He could see the scene so vividly in his mind – a man with his own face leaning in from the shadows to secure the ancient artifact for his own purposes. This same man had reassured him – himself, that there was no need for concern. Everything would be as it should.


    The first voice faded away and another soon rose to take its place, ebbing and flowing as they cycled through what remained of his fractured mind. Aryan initially thought that they might have been the same voice, but then he noticed a palpable difference in the warmth that encompassed them both. It was as if they each embodied a unique identity, no matter how slight that perception seemed to his own untested senses. The first had been congenial and cautious, while the new had a more enigmatic quality. It felt murky and detached…

    Still, it served as a perceivable light in the midst of so much despair; he couldn’t help but latch himself to this tangible line to help ease his suffering. He was desperate for a release.

    I'm the Foreteller, the second voice filled his mind and caused his body to go rigid. Aryan heard himself scream in response, though he clenched his teeth and bared the brunt of the pain, determined to listen. You need to use the Force - I'll keep you going for now.

    The Foreteller, Aryan sent back, repeating the name as if he was testing it out. He was not familiar with such a being, however, he noticed that his body was no longer lying prostrate upon the stone floor. Despite the shattered bones in his legs and the other impossible injuries that ailed his ravaged body, he was now standing upright with his feet turned inward in an awkward stance. He supposed that it was the best he could do under the circumstances. While he was still aware of the physical pain, it was somehow diffused and perhaps even…bearable.

    Was this the result of the Force? Had he done this? Or was this–?

    Aryan groaned as he struggled to regain control of his faculties, his mind reaching out at the Foreteller’s advice in an attempt to touch the Force’s intricate flow. He did not quite understand how it worked, and the mere thought of trying to perform such a monumental task only induced more panic. His breathing became more laborious, his pulse quickened, and his hands began to visibly tremble.

    “I–I don’t know...if I–” he trailed off when he felt himself wavering, his anguish beginning to surge in ways that previously felt unimaginable. That’s when he decided to close his eyes, mostly to prevent the terrible images from returning to the forefront of his awareness. He could feel them coming, and he was afraid…

    But as he withdrew and turned deep inside himself, he found solace. He discovered that he could perceive his very essence and pinpoint every nuance of his being. Focusing first on soothing his rapid heartbeat, he exuded a sense of calm that revitalized his stamina and eased his suffering. It was like tapping into a source of energy that he could implement to sustain his ailing body.

    Is this what the Foreteller had been referring to?

    Parting his lips in surprise, Aryan furrowed his brow and sought the stranger's presence. Why are you helping me?

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  11. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    OOC: Another combo w/ Sinre and Jerjerrod-Lennox

    IC: Pascale Rouser and Feyna Morrow
    Valley, near the Cloister, Battle of Korriban

    Thank whomever it is up above for providing me this lightsaber..

    That was Pascale's thought as the lightning bolts were intercepted on the blade of Arek Graul. A thin tendril curled up his arm and he growled hoping against hope that he didn't drop the lightsaber. Otherwise he would really be in trouble….

    Thankfully Feyna began to shoot at the crazy man, breaking off the attack on him. Now the crazy man had his blade out, which could spell trouble for her as she only had the blaster. And now by the looks of his hand, he was trying to grab her or her weapon.

    Oh no you don't. I think i'm going to have to do something crazy again….

    As the crazy man moved his hand back Pascale turned to Feyna, gave her a smile once again, he was probably about to have the dance with death again but for her, he would do anything to save her.

    Pascale faced forward, and with a look of concentration on his face began to charge forward again, blade in front of him.

    Feyna, I hope you can use this to your advantage...

    She had to think that Luke actually might need help, but Feyna and Pascale had to deal with their own attacker first.

    She almost lost her grip on her blaster, feeling an invisible hand grabbing at it, trying to pry it from her hand, but she just managed to hold on.

    As she regained her balance, she saw Pascale start forward, Arek's blade raised, about to take on the dark-sider.

    She quickly moved to try to get a good shot, without any lightsabers getting in her way. She was careful to also steer clear of Luke and his opponent; with her taozin nodule, the dark-siders couldn't sense her, but neither could Luke, so she gave them a wide berth.

    Once she thought she had an opening, she again took aim at the attacker, and fired off a series of bolts.

    The dragonic Sith blinked as Rouser rushed him, and he snarled, intending to lash out at him but was warned of a nonspecific threat -

    His eyes found the woman, surprised that she had held onto her blaster before, but realised that she had likely survived encounters with Force users before so he should have been more Forceful in his yank -

    He allowed his blade to intercept the bolts, hurriedly sending the first away but managed to get his rhythm back enough to send the last bolt right back at her -

    Then Rouser's charge impacted with him, and he howled as his arm fell away, severed - his weapon arm had been out of position when the two met and he could only wave his free hand in frustration, smacking Rouser with a side-ways Force wall with such animalistic, pained, strength to send him flying -

    The rasping man sagged to a knee as the pain overwhelmed him, cursing and spitting in an ancient tongue -

    Pascale heard Feyna begin to fire at the crazy Sith (he guessed he could call him that now) and it looked like it had managed to divert his attention back to Feyna. He continued his charge...

    And then with a swing Pascale managed to chop the man's arm off. He thought he would try and at least injure the crazed Sith not start chopping limbs off.

    I guess lightsabers are as dangerous as they look.

    Before he could even think about the possibility of grabbing the other lightsaber to add to his collection or maybe mounting another charge the Sith hit him with an invisible wall that felt like he was pouring all of his rage into it.

    And Pascale went flying.


    He managed to keep an iron grip on the lightsaber and deactivate it whilst he was going for his second flight of the day. Pascale eventually landed on his fron and it took all of the wind out of his sails.

    I'm getting bloody fed up of being tossed around like a BLOODY RAG DOLL!

    As Pascale struggled to catch his breath he saw the Sith drop to one knee. Pascale knew he would probbably have to charge again but he would need a minute or so to get his strength back.

    Hopefully Feyna could start to finish him off...

    The crazed dark-sider used his lightsaber to deflect the blaster bolts, so none of Feyna's shots made it through. The last one even came back toward her, sending her diving to try to avoid the rebound.

    If she was hit, she didn't notice at first; her attention was drawn back to the fight as Pascale managed to take off the man's sword-arm. The Sith retaliated, sending Pascale flying with a pain-fueled Force-shove, before collapsing to his knees, growling and muttering.

    He seemed to have forgotten her again, or was in too much pain to care, so she took the opportunity and shot off another bolt in his direction.

    The shot entered his forehead - and burst out the other side. The Sith Lord staggered, and, promptly, collapsed. There was a sudden stillness to the moment, and indeed the man became even more still for it. All that sounded was the violence between Luke and the other man, which was escalating -

    They had a long moment to catch their breath if they intended to drop in -

    And then the pain caught Feyna, and she would realise in her dive her scalp had been singed, raising an angry burn welt and white streak through her hair - blood dripped into her eye -

    And the adrenaline of Rouser would momentarily drop and he'd realise his ankle was twisted from the toss -

    Feyna had done it again, another kill. Would she feel as bad about this one? Pascale was not sure, but he would be there for her to talk it out if needs be afterwards. She had dived to avoid the deflections back but thanks to his slash with Arek’s lightsaber he had injured the Sith badly enough for Feyna to finish him off.

    But he could see she had been injured, there was blood dripping into her face and Pascale felt disappointed that he had not protected her enough to make sure she emerged unscathed. Meanwhile he now had his breath back but a sharp pain from his ankle suddenly invaded his mind.

    He’d twisted his ankle. He didn't know how bad it was but he could add that to his list of injuries. His shoulder was still throbbing and he had cuts and bruises everywhere.

    I’m really beginning to hate this. Whoever up there that wants me to keep getting injured could they kindly knock it off please…

    He managed to lever himself up onto his knees and then rose up, nearly falling over in the process as he was trying not to weight bear on his twisted ankle. The even more bad news was that the battle that Master Skywalker was in was getting worse, he needed their help, although what help they could both give was a mystery right now. The good news was the crazy Sith Lord’s lightsaber was now his to collect so with a grimace he hobbled over to collect it, bending down and picking it up.

    He couldn't help but smile as he looked at the two hilts. If Fortuna was destroyed these would take pride of place in his new collection.

    He then hobbled over to Feyna after attaching both sabers to his belt. He gave her a concerned look offering her his hand so he could help her up. “I hope you are alright” he said sounding concerned “I’ve twisted my ankle after being thrown away like a piece of rubbish.” he indicated with his head towards the Skywalker-Sith fight “It sounds like Master Skywalker needs our help, although I don’t know what we can do to help him as we are both injured, to be honest I would rather hole up in the mouth of one of those caves and wait for someone to pick us up and sort your wound out, but I don’t think we can leave Master Skywalker to fight alone”

    Feyna let Pascale help her up, wiping the blood on her sleeve. Her scalp was stinging from the burn--that was a close one. She wasn't sure how bad it was, but she was conscious, and she could stand, so at least she had that going for her.

    As much as she also would have liked to find cover and just wait out the rest of the battle, she agreed with Pascale, it didn't seem right to leave Master Skywalker on his own. He was holding up against the other Sith, but as much as she had great faith in Luke's abilities, his opponent's whirlwind attacks had her worried.

    "Let's try and help finish this one off," she said, resignedly, picking up her blaster again. "Hopefully after that, we'll be done and we can find somewhere to take cover."

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    IC: Lumiya
    Boarding the Resurrection, Battle of Korriban

    For that moment, Lumiya allowed herself to be open again, conscious of the vulnerability that Luke caused in her. As their lips met, Lumiya felt that she might have been saying goodbye but turned away from it. She would secure a weapon aboard the Resurrection, and she would point it at the planet; to end whatever conspiracy was going on in that cloister.

    Maybe even kill Luke.

    Stilling the thought, she refocused on the possibility that Palpatine had survived; on Syren's instincts, not clouded by Lumiya's fear. Yes; fear. She owned that as her body pressed up against her apprentices, and, without another word, she broke the embrace, grinning and letting her go as she strode down the ramp. The hangar was empty but Lumiya was completely open about what she was.

    Here, and now, she raged into the Force; as the Dark Lady of the Sith.

    Skywalker be damned.

    She gestured, and the ramp went up and the shuttle they had commandeered - the place where they had first became one - was placed to return to the surface. Lumiya eyed the yacht remaining in the hangar - the Fortuna, intending to use the Force to scramble its security systems. On Syren's sensors, the grounded ship behind the cloister was warming up - indeed, it was ready to launch, but seemed to be lingering for something. She didn't have long to reach the surface before whatever it was waiting for arrived; there was no doubt of that.

    But then - but then, as Syren returned into atmosphere, a pressure emerged from the Force, and there it was.

    Three New Republic Mon Calamari cruisers had just arrived. The Yavin, the Tatooine, and the Calamari.


    The Resurrection opened fire - unleashing a torrent of green turbolaser fire against a battering of red.

    Lumiya pulsed into the Force.

    Go. You must stop him.

    And then the Force roiled with a tectonic movement; from where her sensors told her was the Tomb of Marka Ragnos - at the opposite end of the Valley to the cloister.

    TAG: @QueenSabe7, @Jerjerrod-Lennox as the Fortuna is mentioned
    Outside the Cloister, duelling to the death

    As Rasping Voice died at last, leaving a decidedly injured Rouser and Feyna behind, Luke refocused on the whirlwind of lightsaber actions that was Refined Voice. Luke was forced to switch styles repeatedly, adopting a twin handed club-like swing to batter at his foes defences, and then returning to a swifter, one handed form as his foe riposted, each of them an almost seamless interaction of back-and-forth that left not a single singe or burn mark on the floor or cloister doors as they pushed back and forth. Every moment their blades met was momentary, neither foe caught by a lock, or deflected even a micrometer off-centre as their eyes met through the blazing of their crimson and green weapons -

    Into that lightsaber-sharp focus was a bleating in the Force, and Luke stumbled; Lumiya?

    That was impossible - a Sith trick, surely.

    Refined Voice sneered and stepped into the moment, cutting swiftly and Luke's weapon hand was suddenly bereft of two fingers and half a palm as his blade flew away - the darksider allowed his victory exhalation to surround Luke, and he drew back his arm to run him through -

    But before Luke could respond another wave of emotions filled the Force, hammering upon them with a cacophony of voices and hopes and adrenaline and panic; he recognised them - Wedge, Ackbar, Drayson - and then Refined Voice himself stuttered, trying to filter out all the impressions pouring down upon them.

    Luke allowed his off-hand to open into the Force, snatching up a lightsaber from the ground to his hand and igniting it - the red lightsaber - the one Rasping Voice had used - surprised him, but the Jedi Master acted with utter sureness; he stepped forward -

    - and separated Refined Voice's head from his body.

    He released a breath, looking at the other two, rubbing sweat from his forehead. Luke held up his cut hand - it was his cybernetic replacement, so at least it didn't hurt. It allowed Rouser and Feyna to see what had happened, and there was no dangerous.

    Absently, he held the hilt out to the nattily attired man, and regarded the New Republic Intelligence officer. He touched upon them with the Force, and, as he spoke, dropped to one knee and placed his flesh-and-blood hand on Rouser's ankle. "It's only a sprain." He immediately applied his healing techniques to the wound as he eyed Feyna.

    "Reinforcements are here," Luke said, as he looked up to the orbital firefight. The Resurrection was in a lower orbit than not, so the three lumpy ships engaging the dagger were actually visible to the naked eye, especially in the cooling daylight.

    Her comlink finally chimed, and it was Drayson. "Agent Feyna? Report on the ground situation."

    Luke for his part was peering into the cloister, frowning. In the shadows, there were ignited blades, and Luke, his blade on his belt again, sighed. "Request ground support, please."

    All of a sudden, there was a massive blast of energy into orbit, and Luke looked to the other end of the Valley, fear flooding him.

    "She did it," Luke breathed out, and looked at them. "Tavion did it."

    "Marka Ragnos is back."

    TAG: @Jerjerrod-Lennox, @JediMasterAnne (combo)
    IC: Darth Wyyrlok
    Uncertainty in the Cloister of Xoxaan

    The Chagrian beetled his brow as Aryan, who clearly had four set of broken bones in his arms and legs, stood. The former Mas Amedda looked to Madelyn Linnett, and decided she was responsible. With an exertion in the Force, he sought to slam her into the courtyard wall.

    The Force was full of information; the pulsing of a female Sith as if unveiling herself; the arrival of the New Republic reinforcements; the shift that meant a Dark Lord lived. Wyyrlok's fear flooded the Force, and Foreteller chided Aryan.

    We don't have time for that, he said. Aryan's arm jerked up and the second lightsaber hilt on the Chagrian's belt flew free into their hand - his hand. Oof, the spirit said. I can't do that again. I'm gonna feel that later. I'll keep the pain at bay, but you need to do the heavy lifting. You're a veteran right? Go use those stupid fencing lessons from your youth on him, would ya?

    There was a chuckle, and then Foreteller focused his attention on supporting Aryan - but spun out part of his voice to Madelyn, who he had abandoned to Voren, who was greedily trying to take control of her body.

    You can do it, Madelyn. I know you can.

    TAG: @HanSolo29 (combo), @TheSilentInfluence (separate combo)
    IC: Kenix Jir

    Tomb of Marka Ragnos, on their way out

    All of a sudden, the open channels were filled with a hundred voices, as three New Republic capital ships arrived in-system. All the other mercenaries were dead, slew in the operation to open the tomb, or indeed to defend it from the Jedi assault. Most of the tomb was secured by them now, and Kenix led Ka'rta back a few passageways that avoided the Jedi forces. There was no need to go through a dozen confrontations just to go.

    As they walked, Kenix kept repeating, aloud. "Not our problem."

    The Ragnos followers had been decimated by the Jedi assault; the sheer number of dead corpses was testament to that - and hardly any Jedi losses, as well. It wouldn't be too far of a stretch to say that the Reborn hadn't killed a single Jedi themselves. Kenix approved of that thought. Meanwhile, the data coming in to them told them that the orbital battle was also about to result in a massive defeat; the New Republic outmatched the Imperials three-to-one.

    Long odds.

    But then every hieroglyph on the Tomb lit up in a purple eerie light, leading out from the core. A laugh flooded through the Tomb - while it possessed Tavion's throaty laugh, there was a terrible and monstrous masculinity to it that the two mercs would recognise - Marka Ragnos had been reborn.

    "Fierfek," Kenix said, swearing the old Mandalorian curse word. "She did it; he did it."

    A wave of fear and resolve flooded the tomb, and even the two Force-mutes would feel it.

    "Not our problem," Kenix repeated.

    His comlink crackled, as did Ka'rta's.

    "Hello?" A pained voice sounded out. "It's Sentan Moor... any surviving Sun Guard or Mandalorian mercenary - I have," a gasp, "A request. I was shot down by a shuttle, it was pretending to be Tavion. I am alive, not far from the Valley - near the Academy." As Kenix and Ka'rta emerged from the tomb there was a sole ship evident; their speeders were gone, but a vacant and empty Imperial shuttle remained.

    "Save me," Sentan said, with another grunt of agony. "And I will make you rich. Before - before he gets me - this failure - he won't let me live."

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422 (combo if you wish)
    IC: Jaden Korr

    Heart of Marka Ragnos' Tomb


    "I will not cower... as I did before Katarn," Tavion said, struggling from the floor. Jaden released a breath, exhausted from their brutal lightsaber battle. Even though she had also used the Scepter of Ragnos to fire beams of plasma at him, the Jedi Knight had overcome her, stooping to taunting her with memories of her defeat at the hands of his Jedi Master before.

    Here, she was not the poised and brilliant Sith Lady, but a personal enemy.

    It was all he had in him to not allow the dark side energies of Korriban pollute him.

    As he grappled with his feelings, she gathered her remainder strength and leapt up, slamming the Scepter into the head of the Marka Ragnos statue at the centre of the tomb. She dropped to the floor, leaving the Scepter - crackling away with the energy drained from a dozen Force-strong sites across the galaxy - impaled. Jaden watched in horror as a spirit emerged from the statue, almost solid in his appearance as he was spectral.

    "I will not be denied," the Dark Lord announced, his voice booming, powerful and yet refined.

    "By the Force," Jaden said, stepping back.

    "Marka Ragnos," Tavion breathed, in awe.

    Marka thrust a clawed hand at Jaden. "A mere Jedi child will not undo my return."

    "That's Jedi Knight, Ragnos!"

    "You will kneel before me, Jedi," Ragnos rasped, and as Jaden reached out, he turned, heading towards Tavion.

    She gasped, almost in pain, and there was a flash of light - a flash which became a pillar shooting into the sky.

    Jaden ignited his blade anew, as Tavion's body made inarticulate noises of pain and stood, the burn marks inflicted by their long battle, the bruises from their physical blows, fading away as her face paled and blood-red veins rippled down from her now bright yellow eyes. She gestured - no, he gestured - the Scepter of Ragnos slamming into their hand, and he reached for the base of the Scepter, drawing free from it an ancient Sith Sword that Jaden had not realised was there - that even had Tavion had not.


    Ragnos discarded the Scepter wordlessly, brandishing the oversized Sith weapon.

    "You are no match for me," he sneered, and their battle began.

    Jaden only knew that he had to hold the line here and now.

    For all of them.

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    IC: White Eyes
    Shuttle, waiting idly

    The man who had orchestrated this fiasco chuckled to himself.

    The Second Imperium was but one avenue he had in place to seize back control of this galaxy.

    He regarded his collection of Sith statues, musing on them. He had been told they were key to the future; his sign-posts. Once he collected them all, he would have met all the people necessary to rise. Indeed, from the Muun he had picked up one statue, from Tarkin another... and so on and so forth. Lighting his path and way.

    That path - that Design - he had sought to access again; it had led him far enough, but abandoned him? Was it that he’d bypassed the Nagai, but not yet the Yuuzhan Vong? Had losing Kuat and Hapes knocked him off-path?

    He needed to know the Truth.

    His Truth.

    Today, he'd been largely foiled, using the Disciples of Ragnos to collect his foes in one place to sort through them - to destroy, or consume.

    He would spend more time researching the truth, and he would triumph.

    It was inevitable... one time, or another, he would succeed.

    With a smirk, he simply waited for Darth Wyyrlok to bring along the prisoner, and then, in his stealth equipped shuttle, and his New Republic codes, easily stolen by his agents, he would simply depart this planet, and Skywalker would be none the wiser that he had even been here.

    What was the next plan? White Eyes tapped away at his other options; the infiltrators in the Senate; the Shadow Academy in the Deep Core; the stranded Imperials in the Unknown Regions.

    Ah yes.

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    IC: Pascale Rouser, Feyna Morrow, Luke Skywalker
    Location: Korriban

    After what seemed like an eternity Luke finished the other Sith off but not without getting injured himself. Pascale did get a shock when the lightsaber he had just picked off flew off his belt but if Skywalker hadn't done it he would probably be dead.
    Well at least me and Feyna got a break there.

    Luke showed Pascale and Feyna his hand which looked mechanical in nature, Pascale just nodded in response. Luke then headed over and gave the lightsaber back to Pascale who with a smile and a nod accepted it back and reattached it to his belt. And he instantly felt his ankle healing itself as Luke got to work on it.

    I suppose if I had the Force I could have done that, might have been able to help heal Feyna too.

    Luke explained reinforcements had arrived which was music to Pascale's ears. Hopefully this meant Tavion and her forces could be finished off once and for all. Feyna's comlink was going off, probably her boss checking in and there were the sounds of battle still going on.
    And then Luke dropped the bombshell, Tavion had released Marka Ragnos.

    "Lovely" Pascale said to Luke more than Feyna as she would be on her comm call "So what do we do now? Do we have to go off and battle an undead Sith Lord now?" He shook his head "There is a battle going on over there and now we have another Sith Lord to contend with. Me and Feyna are not in the best shape, she's got two head injuries and is as bloodied and bruised as I am and I've had a temple fall on me and my shoulder dislocated. I'm not quite sure how we can take on any Sith Lord. And you've technically lost a hand".

    She took a few steps away, but still tried to keep one ear on Pascale and Luke's conversation while she spoke to Drayson.
    "Admiral, I'm not far from the cloister, with Master Skywalker and Pascale Rouser, an archaeologist who escaped with me from the Resurrection. We're in a lull here, but Rouser and I are both injured and there is still fighting at the cloister. Master Skywalker is requesting ground reinforcements."

    Luke suddenly looked afraid, which in itself was disturbing. But he didn't leave them to wonder why, and she relayed his words to Drayson. "He says Tavion has revived Marka Ragnos."

    Drayson swore. “Stay put,I’ll send reinforcements down to assist. We don’t need another Palpatine or Vader running around when we’ve the Empire beat.”

    He snapped some orders, but didn’t sound confident when he came back. “We’ve got the Resurrection pinned down and won’t be able to send shuttles to you yet.”

    “Hold position for now -“ A blast of battle stasis interrupted, and he was gone.

    Luke Skywalker looked at Feyna unerringly, as if searching her soul with the Force. “I may need to go alone.” He eyed his hand.``It’s not an issue, Mister Rouser, I assure you.”

    He eyed their injuries, and turned to the noises of combat. “What’s been going on here?” He looked at the shuttle, and the gap in the sand where another had departed. His jawline was set.
    He didn’t mention Lumiya.She had to be dead; Korriban had to be antagonising him.

    Feyna wasn't sure what to make of the way Luke was looking at her--she wondered if the taozin amulet was making it harder for him to read her, so she took it off, just for now.

    As quickly as she could,Feyna gave Luke a nutshell version of events up to when he'd found them: how she'd sneaked aboard the Resurrection, the Disciples' rally, how she and Rouser had accidentally "escaped," Sentan Moor and the attack by the other shuttle, the crash, the hounds in the tomb, Arek.

    She left out the part about her and Pascale's odd encounter with their other selves--perhaps Luke could have shed some light on it if she had (or he might think they were both crazy), but it didn't seem relevant to their current dilemma.

    She wiped another trickle of blood from her forehead; between the concussion and now the burn, her head really hurt. Drayson had said to stay put, and Luke was talking about going ahead by himself, but--
    "At the risk of sounding insubordinate, sir, are you sure that's a good idea?"

    Pascale patiently listened as Feyna explained their adventure up until now. They had been through a hell of a lot and now it seemed it was coming to a crescendo with Marka Ragnos being unleashed.

    And why was Luke staring at Feyna? Was he sensing something from her?. She had now taken her amulet off so maybe Luke could get a clearer read on her. Pascale hoped Luke wasn't getting any ideas.

    Pascale could see another trickle of blood falling down her forehead so he knew he had to stop the wound from bleeding. He untucked part of his shirt from his trousers, ripped a little bit off and then moved close to Feyna, gently applying pressure to the wound so it would hopefully stop bleeding.

    "I concur" he said simply "It's suicide if you go in there on your own. You need help either from us or ground troops" he looked at Feyna "We started this together, we might as well finish it"

    Luke looked at Rouser. He’d been tentatively sensing whether Feyna’s head wound was critical, but it wasn’t - though he did pick up on Rouser’s affections for her, ones which were not reciprocated, it seemed.

    The Jedi Master shook his head. “You have your orders to remain here. You can investigate the cloister for me, as it is clearly at the heart of something to do with today’s events. I will head to face Ragnos... my Jedi are there, I will not be alone.”

    As he spoke, a personal freighter came into view; Kyle Katarn’s Moldy Crow. Luke pulled out his comlink - Kyle and Jaden had headed to Taspir III to track down a turncoat apprentice - Rosh Penin, who alight to return to the light. He made sure the comlink was loud enough for the others to hear - perhaps even Drayson had he still been on the line. “Master Katarn?”

    “Luke! I can sense something bad. Jaden killed Alora, and made it back before me - but he’s in the thick of it now. Him and Tavion and -“

    “Marka Ragnos.” Luke finished. “Pick me up; we need to head there immediately - I have been cleaning up some straggler Sith at the other end of the Valley.” He flexed his broken hand. “Do you have a spare prosthetic?”

    Kyle sounded uncertain. “Hand? Maybe? Why?” But the ship came down before them.
    There was also a sound of violence within the cloister, which Luke pursed his lips over. He could not intervene; not right now. Not with Ragnos present. “I thank you for your service, Feyna, Pascale - but I need you to let me go. This will be bad; I do not know what is going on here, but I do know that there - in the Tomb - it is definitely the most dangerous place on Korriban right now.”

    “Possibly the most dangerous place in the entire galaxy.” As the ramp dropped, Luke went to go, trying to sense all the currents of the Force going from this very point and moment.

    Feyna winced as Pascale applied pressure to the burn, but she appreciated that he was helping.

    And despite their protests, Luke reiterated Drayson's order to stay put, though he suggested that they might investigate the cloister for him--which seemed to mean they would still have to wait for reinforcements, if there was still fighting there, and neither she nor Pascale were fighting fit.

    At least Luke did have backup to go with him to Ragnos, though it didn't exactly help her or Pascale's situation. Feyna nodded to Luke as he started toward Katarn's ship. "Be careful, sir."

    Before he reached the top of the ramp, she quickly called out, "If we look into the cloister, is there something specific we should be looking for?"

    It seemed like Luke was set on his mission and he and Feyna were about to investigate the cloister, which by the sounds of things had a rather nasty clash going on.

    He finished his ministrations to Feyna and tucked the square of his shirt back into his pocket. Hopefully with reinforcements on the way he and Feyna would have a bit more of a chance to tackle what was in there. Even though he considered the waiting in a cave and sitting this one out as he wasn't in great shape. Neither was Feyna.
    He waited patiently, hands on hips near his lightsabers ( Pascale considered them his for now) as the Jedi reinforcements appeared. And some welcome news, Alora was dead. Which was a blessing for Pascale as she would have no doubt come after him if he survived.

    Won't miss her at all, or her rather skimpy outfit.

    There was not much for him to say except "As they say, may the Force be with you Master Skywalker" he said with a bow "I hope you can defeat this monster"

    Feyna may not be returning his affections, and he was beginning to wonder if he should have said he loved her in the first place. But he would protect her to the very end.

    And hopefully Skywalker would finish off Tavion along the way too.

    Luke cracked a wry grin. "Red lightsabers, I guess."
    "May the Force be with you, Agent Feyna; Pascale. Thank you for your help." At that, he sketched half-a-salute with his half-a-hand, and headed up the ramp.

    The Moldy Crow gunned forward, and off Luke and Kyle went to save the galaxy.

    A ship swept overhead - yacht, in-fact. Rouser's yacht. It drifted over them, and came to land behind the cloister. But behind them did not come a New Republic shuttle - it must have escaped the Resurrection before the battle above in orbit.

    A wave of explosions consumed the sky, eclipsing their view of the lumpy Mon Calamari cruisers and angular Star Destroyer above them, difficult as they were to see anyway.
    To follow the yacht they'd have to go through the cloister, or wait out the orbital scrum before reinforcements could arrive.

    Feyna saluted back to Luke, and then he was off to face Ragnos and Tavion.

    Explosions obscured the battle above, and Feyna had to wonder about Drayson, but there wasn't anything she could do from here.
    She frowned in the direction of the cloister, then looked to Pascale.

    "You want to wait 'til we get some back-up before we head in there, or shall we just go?" It felt wrong to just sit and wait, but she was tired and sore and hurt, and she was sure that he was, too.

    Pascale smiled as he saw his beloved yacht come sailing over their heads, but the smile quickly faded. Someone must have broken into it and stolen it. Plus his chrono was smashed so he had had no idea that someone had taken it. Probably one of Tavion's mad disciples.

    Next time, I'm getting an upgrade, and will get one that is Force user proof….

    The Fortuna landed on the other side of the cloister, which meant they would have to run the gauntlet to get to the other side and safety.

    "Well it looks like the cavalry isn't coming yet but we do hopefully have a ride off" he pointed towards the cloister "The grey yacht with the white markings is my yacht. Luckily she still looks intact but someone pinched it to head to the cloister"

    He sighed "I think we might as well just go, get in there, defeat what is in there and then I can get you out and away and safely back to your boss. And then we can both rest for as long as we like, because we both bloody need it"

    He took the lightsabers off his belt "Once more into battle, let's hope this is the last…."

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Aryan Graul
    Cloister, Korriban

    Shock registered on Aryan’s face as the lightsaber hilt detached from the Chagrian’s belt and flew into his open palm. He instinctively grasped the cold metal between his trembling fingers, though he did not ignite the weapon. It felt…wrong somehow. Despite his fractured mind, he was still cognizant of the fact that he had not been in control of his actions. All of this was unnatural.

    And in some ways, it was wholly impossible. He had sustained injuries that had shattered the bones in both of his arms and legs – injuries that would typically require extensive medical care, and yet he was standing here as if nothing had happened.

    The Foreteller persona had manipulated his body as if he was a mere puppet.

    While that realization angered him profusely, Aryan found that he was far too distracted to act on it in a sensible way. The Force was alive with a myriad of different impressions, and it now filled his senses with an onslaught of information. It was all so very new, and perhaps even overwhelming, but after a moment, he was able to discern individual elements from the swirling tempest:

    Something was coming from above; strong, expectant, and confident.

    A dark shadow that caused the Force to shift in a dispiriting way.

    And fear.

    Someone close to his location radiated with fear.

    Aryan narrowed his eyes and lifted his chin, his gaze hardening when he realized that the sensation was emanating from the tattooed Chagrian. What was he afraid of? Surely, not him – a crippled man with barely enough stamina and Force prowess to carry him through a fight.

    You’re a veteran, right? the Foreteller’s voice suddenly broke into his thoughts, the words fraught with tension. Go use those stupid fencing lessons from your youth on him, would ya?

    An incredulous laugh forced itself from Aryan’s throat, a strained sound that seemed to border on the edge of insanity. That was over thirty years ago. Do you honestly think I remember how to do that? This is crazy! All of it! I can’t possibly––

    But then he stopped as the Chagrian’s fear came rushing back to the forefront of his awareness. It was a negative emotion that had clearly consumed the man’s thinking, making him vulnerable, unstable…

    And an easier target to overcome.

    That thought spurred him into action. Aryan flipped his thumb over the actuator and ignited the copper blade before his mind could fully comprehend what his body was doing. At this point, it was all by instinct. Even the pain had dulled to become a mere annoyance. Or in some cases, it was the fuel that sustained him – it served as a reminder that he was still alive.

    The weightless blade felt awkward in his grip, but after a few practice arcs, he deduced that it wasn’t too dissimilar from a fencing sabre. It bolstered his confidence, and he soon fell into the en garde position, a hint of his familiar smirk turning up one corner of his mouth.

    His blue-gray eyes then met the Chagrian’s with grim determination, the intensity of his gaze conveying the silent challenge. He did not wait for a response from his opponent; he simply lunged forward to attack, albeit clumsily, with a straight thrust.

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    IC: Madelyn Linnett
    Uncertainty in the Cloister of Xoxaan

    Madelyn was still in pain.

    She struggled against Voren's hold, and desperately tried to think of anything that she had been taught as a child that might help her break free. She wasn't a Jedi, but she had been once. And she didn't know why she had been thinking so much of that lately. She couldn't even remember if she had friends there, or had been selected at an early age for a future; potential apprenticeship. She hadn't even spoken basic yet. I wish I could remember. I'm sure they taught us about the darkside from the start.

    The memories bubbled up as Voren spread his shadow through her veins and ligaments with mad glee; of a grim Master Yoda dwelling on the future alone in the fountain gardens, noticing little Madelyn. "Apprentice Linnett, you are what passes beyond us. Remember me not, as serious as I am today. Honour me by letting your light shine, you should."

    The imagining was consuming her, as if she was being driven down into her past to allow Voren to take control of her future.

    Yoda's kindly face met hers, and he took her hands in his.

    "Be the light you are, and succeed, you will."

    Madelyn opened her mind, then her eyes. I havent thought about him in years. He loved all of the younglings. I think. He knew the name of everyone.

    I'm not the person I used to be Master Yoda. I want a chance to be good again, but Master...I don't know if I deserve that.

    She shut her eyes and tried to find the light regardless. But what did it truly feel like again? The force was everywhere. Madelyn took a deep breath, trying to ignore the lingering pain. I am one with the force and the force is with me.

    Fed by hope, the light is. Feed it, my apprentice
    . Those were not words which Yoda had ever said to her in life, but he was here, speaking to her, in that moment. A flicker of the future would cross her sight. No, not the future - her future.

    One with the Force, yes, said Yoda, the Force is with you.

    My future? Madelyn thought. I really have one? She let the light envelop her. Please Master. Show me please. I want to hope again.

    The Force showed her; it showed her a man, and a child - a daughter. He was a harder one than not, but had a kindness to him as well. The daughter, she shared Linnett’s smile.

    Her future.

    A bright spot in the Dark - a black, black, shadow that laughed with Voren’s voice.

    Madelyn felt her heart leap in her chest. I have a daughter. She felt the light grow, and a sense of protection formed. You will not drag me down to the darkness. I am one with the force and the force is with me.

    Get out of my head!

    Your future, you see. Take it, you must.
    These were Yoda's final words...

    Voren recoiled, the mind-vision becoming a forested area - the broken Temple back on Alaris Prime.

    The man stood, not in Jedi robes but Sith attire of the era of Revan. "The Force is darkness! Accept it, and embrace everlasting night!"

    He charged, a two handed attack, gripping a crimson lightsaber that materialised in his hand.

    Madelyn jumped back and brought her own lightsaber up to counter, keeping her stance sideways as she tried to remember how she had been taught to defend herself. It had been a while, and she knew she could not remember everything but Madelyn was not going to go down without a fight. Keep defending until you find an opening to attack.

    But Voren found his hold on her realm tenuous at best - he had thrown all he had into his attack; a piece of a spirit millennia old and desperate to hold on in the face of his fear. Madelyn did not need to find an opening because the man faltered, clearly undone by the hope she had just found.

    “How did you manage to stand back up - when you had lost everything?” Voren gasped. He peered at her. “You remind me of someone who was there, above Nouane... when I died. Maybe it was supposed to be, and I changed... nothing.”

    He collapsed, his body flickering away, holding until she told him. As if her words would give him a final resolution.

    Madelyn watched Voren wither away, and knelt down beside him, listening as he spoke. She smiled a little, and wondered just who she reminded him of, before she spoke, "I've been losing since the life I had before the Jedi Purge was taken away from me. My Master taught me to hope above everything else, and that's what I did. The light is part of that; and the good is too. It's why the Rebellion and Jedi could defeat us. But you don't have to hold onto that anger anymore Voren. To be a Jedi is to face the truth, and choose. Give off light, or darkness, Voren. Be a candle, or the night."

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    IC: Darth Voren
    Between, and then, Nothingness

    Voren dropped his head to the floor, thinking of the others. Of the Jedi he had once led a crusade against the Mandalorians with... and those comrades who he had held Council with later... Revan, Malak, Glovoc, Sion, Bandon, Tanis... all long gone, many simply failing in the dark itself.

    With a sadness, the Sith simply looked at Madelyn from his position...

    I choose... night.

    With that, he dispelled, and Madelyn's eyes in real life would flutter open.

    Wyyrlok watched the young woman become a beacon of light, and realised that it was not just him against a surprising Aryan Graul, but against those that had killed his fellow Sith also... Aryan made a straight thrust, a clumsy opener but in his distraction sufficient to surprise him. The Chagrian stumbled back, dropping his lightsaber where the stab had stung his grip. He glanced at the back of his hand; a scorch-line rose up from it and Wyyrlok sneered - in fear, but also annoyance.

    His senses told him that there was at least one more foe out there - Rouser, and the oily-presence which he could not truly sense - Feyna and her Taozin nodule - and though Wyyrlok could sense Luke Skywalker and Kyle Katarn had already departed, rushing towards the Temple, he was alone, ill-equipped to defeat all four of them - not with these relentless surprises - and the Chagrian acted.

    His free hand flared, lifting Aryan bodily - the Foreteller yelped in protest - and hurling him at Madelyn, in clear sight of Feyna and Rouser as they advanced into the cloister. As he saw them he pointed down with his hand, intending to slam down the entrance-gate upon them, but it was made of Force-resistant material, so they would have far too much time to dodge.

    With a seething snarl, he nonetheless took advantage of the distraction to gesture his blades back to his hand - yanking one free of Aryan's grip - and vanishing into the shadows of the cloister. A slight light opened in the distance he fled into, and if one were inclined to narrow ones eyes and look down, they would see a yacht and a sleek looking shuttle.

    The Fortuna was there, being.

    There was a shudder in the Force, and Madelyn, Foreteller and Aryan would sense it all.

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    IC: Jaden Korr

    Battle to the death

    Thinking of all the battles through the tomb and the Jedi he had worked beside - Kyp, Streen, Kirana Ti, Cilghal, Kam, Tionne, Madurrin, Mara, Corran, Raltharan, and others - he couldn't think of anything worse than failing them now. But he didn't have much choice in the matter.

    With red energy coruscating through her - through his sword - Jaden was brought to mind the ancient legends of the First Schism, where metal blades charged with the alignment of the Force users, clashed. Jedi Master and librarian Tionne had told him the tale, and it stuck in his mind here and now fighting Marka Ragnos and Tavion.

    The bolts of energy and Force-related grabs were relentless, and almost impossible to block. Jaden found himself dodging behind Sith masonry and using all of his power to just send the attacks off to the side with an angled riposte, all the while clashing with a foe that was a living-tank - marching, striking, cutting, relentlessly.

    The two of them were relentless, and in their double-voice mocked him for his inability to maintain an offensive.

    The two of them...

    His mind grasped that as he dove behind a statue - it promptly exploded, but Jaden managed to gulp down a breath of air and launch realise that Marka was no more powerful than Tavion - that it was her body, not his, not a corpse reanimated, but a possession grab. The Jedi had succeeded in preventing his Resurrection - and so if Jaden could beat Tavion - and all her power - he could just survive long enough for -

    This was the fate that Madelyn had narrowly avoided; her body rejecting all the Force spirits she had consumed to power her.

    Tavion's body cried out and dropped to the floor - Tavion was being killed by Marka Ragnos's power - but Jaden felt the Dark Lord's spirit act to push the ailing flesh to continue on, and Jaden knew he had a moment - he saw the Scepter, bereft its sword-base but discarded - Marka saw it too, and lifted a hand out to grab it with a telekinetic snatch -

    Jaden dived onto the scepter and rolled off it, cutting it as he went -

    It exploded, and Marka and Tavion screamed.


    Jaden looked up to see Tavion's body float to the air in agony, and then collapse, releasing Ragnos' shade.

    "This is impossible! I will return Jedi - one day I shall return, and annihilate you all!" Jaden watched as Ragnos fled back into his statue, and Jaden took a few more gulps of air before retreating out the tomb - the Jedi had withdrawn at Luke's order, leaving dozens of cultist bodies.

    He was one of the most ham-fisted villains I have ever faced, Jaden wryly reflected upon. As he left the tomb, he ignited his blade and sent it spinning through the supports for the tomb, and outer entrance, collapsing both. He saw Luke and Kyle, fresh from having coordinated the evacuation, running up the steps.

    Jaden saluted awkwardly. "It's over. Ragnos will not be resurrected. The Scepter has been destroyed." He felt a little flat and wooden, too exhausted to be considering the moment anti-climatic.

    "And Tavion?" Katarn said, clearly hoping she had been saved at the very last minute.

    "Dead," he said, cutting to the point. "Ragnos had possessed her. Her body couldn't withstand the corruption. Once I destroyed the Scepter and Ragnos left her body, there was nothing left."

    "Jaden," Luke said. "You did more than we could have ever hoped. You have become a true Jedi."

    "Thank you Master Skywalker, but I couldn't have done it without Kyle," Jaden said, honestly.

    "Don't get all mushy on me kid," Kyle said, lightly. "Come on, let's get out of here."

    They still had mop-up left; to account for any surviving Disciples and Stormtroopers; to hunt down those mercenaries; to make sure no threat escaped this hell-hole of a planet.

    White Eyes could only sneer to himself... and his prisoner.

    Obligatory link to the Battle of Korriban.

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    (A combo between @Sinrebirth and myself)

    IC Ka'rta

    Kenix looked askance hearing the other mercs fall as they tried to hold the tomb. Foolish really, they held them off long enough for Tavion to do what she needed. Or at least did enough. If Ka'rta and Kenix got paid so did the others, they had all rights to drop their weapons and surrender or just leave the front lines. Though it seemed Kenix wasn't too happy with them walking away not with his constant muttering of 'Not my Problem.'

    She looked up at him a sneer behind her face plate.

    "If you want to make it your problem go right ahead, I won't stop you…" She said pointing back the way the pair came. As she said that the whole place lit up purple and a throaty laugh echoed through the hall. It felt off, felt wrong. "Well, I'd say we're getting out at the right time then." She looked at him still a little worried he was going to do something stupid. "Crazy people often do what they say they are going to do, unless someone stops them." Ka'rta kept moving despite the pit in her stomach. "Besides said crazy lady was paying our bill so...good thing we didn't turn against her now huh…"

    As they got out the mandalorian merc looked up to the sky, a sky no doubt filled with New Republic ships, and would be a mess to try and get out of…

    However they dear friend Moor had contacted them, he needed help...and look an abandoned shuttle, just for them.

    "Take the shuttle, pick up Moor, right off into the sunset filthy rich?"

    Kenix smirked a bit at Ka'rta. "Alright, alright. Point made. Sunset, rich, works for me."

    He stepped over the cut-up bodies of Stormtroopers - lightsaber wounds - and worked the lock. In short order the shuttle ramp dropped, and a pilot rushed out, blaster in hand. Kenix gave him a headshot and watched his body tumble down the ramp. "Well. That happened."

    The Sun Guard peered over the cockpit controls. "Stupid guy panicked and forgot to lock down."

    Sentan Moor sounded out on their comlinks. "Is anyone alive?" It was a bit of a wail; plaintive almost.

    Kenix turned over to the orbital scan. "Three New Republic Star Cruisers - one Imperial Star Destroyer. No fighters deployed yet as they're scrumming it up... Star Destroyers usually outgun Star Cruisers but then the Star Cruisers out-tough them." He shrugged. "Disciples are finished, I'd say."

    He didn't sound particularly confident. "You taking her up?"

    "Yeah we're alive heading your way." Ka'rta replied to Moor's desperate cry. Taking a seat at the pilot's seat she started running through the start up procures. Jerrod had taught her a lot about various different craft and how to fly them. She wasn't the best but, she was versatile. "Well, there that should assuage your conscious then shouldn't it Kenix." She said digging at his fear of Tavion getting her hands on whatever power she said she had. "And don't worry about the cap ships, once I get to the Oisk, and get us out of here, they won't ask too many questions."

    “Well I have a ship too,” Kenix said. “I’d rather we head to the port and pick up our ships before we go hunting Moor in this Imp piece of kark.” He sniffed.

    “Conscience won’t pay the bills,” he said. “I just wanted to know where you stand on resurrected Dark Lords of the Sith.” He stuck out his tongue slightly. “I need someone to keep me on the straight and narrow, sometimes.”

    He completed preflight and it was in her hands. “All yours.”

    "Thank you." She said taking off and heading back towards the port. "Moor, we'll pick you up soon, we need to swap some things around. Can you give us a location?" She said into the com as she flew.

    A scratchy-trace signal was revealed, and Kenix connected the dots. “I’m going to make you a very rich Mandalorian, Ka’rta.”

    Kenix snorted. “I’m here too, Moor.”

    “You both survived? Brilliant,” he said, still sounding pained, but clearly the gears were twirling. “I don’t understand why we’ve not won. What happened? How did we lose?”

    "A bit of yes and bit of no," Ka'rta said double checking the location they had. "The Jedi slaughtered your mercs but we held them off long enough for little miss scary to activate her dark doom's day machine."

    They made it to their ships, and Kenix downloaded the location and sketched a quick salute to Ka'rta as he jogged to his ship on the landing strip. He kept open a joint line with her and Moor, who sounded incredulous. "The Dark Lord returned!?"

    There was an explosion above; the Resurrection had just gone up in the detonation.

    The rumble from low-orbit was felt throughout the Valley. Moor cursed. "It doesn't matter. Come and get me; we're done here."

    Kenix's ship was already switching up and on.

    Ka'rta quickly jumped into her ship and rushed through her startup. Everything was going south, she just had to pick up Moor, and get out of here now. Her job was done, a dark lord had returned and the galaxy would have to deal with it not her. She was only here for the credits, and Moor was offering a lot of them.

    "On our way." She said taking off and heading in the straightest line she could towards Moor.

    Kenix was only a few seconds after Ka'rta. "Souped up show-off," he muttered, and realised there was that open comm. "On my way," he said a bit more loudly. He kept low, so the New Republic didn't detect them. He shared updated nav data - all three Mon Cal cruisers had taken damage - but not a lot. In short order, they would be launching shuttles and escorts and they would have a narrow window to escape.

    They reached Moor's downed shuttle, and it was a sorry state - it had taken blast damage, and the nose was gone, but at least it hadn't sank in the sand - yet. Kenix dropped down, and managed to hide his swearing until after he'd muted the line to Moor - he kept it open for Ka'rta.

    "Yeah it's not looking good." Ka'rta said over the shared line, no letting Moor hear what was going on. "We're going to have to do this quick, don't fancy losing my ship to these sands." She landed on whatever looked solid enough to hold her ship and headed out looking for Moor hoping that he wasn't in that shell of a thing.

    He was.

    Kenix caught up and peered through the gap in the torn rear-bulkhead - what should have been the ramp had shied away. He reached out and with his gloved hands drew apart the metal, which was so weakened it tore away. He backed away to drag the edge back and let Ka'rta through.

    But what she would see was Moor speared by a shaft of debris, clear through his stomach. It had cauterised - it seemed - so there was minimal blood loss, but it had likely gone through at least two organs. Blood dribbled from the mans lips, and he appeared waxen in the sunlight, but he was certainly alive.

    For now.

    "Shavit." Ka'rta said looking down her face paling under the helmet. "You got a bacta tank, or two in your ship?" She asked Kenix as she moved close to Moor. The wound didn't look good and a quick bacta patch and run wasn't going to fix it. He'd lost a lot of blood and she would need to throw him into a vat of the stuff and hope for the best. She did know that she shouldn't pull him off the metal that was holding all his guts in. If she did that then he would likely die in moments. Pulling out her lightsaber she cut the spear of metal that was protruding from the ship and puncturing her meal ticket. This way the metal could keep Moor together, and she can move him now. "Going to need a bit more space." She said hefting up the human and making sure to keep the stake impaling Moor in his body.

    Kenix shook his head. "But I have bacta patches... and one of those plug-guns." He was describing a liquid-wax concoction which pumped bacta into the wound and it solidified and thus plugged the hole. It wasn't as good as a tank, or surgery, and it was said to burn like hell but... a patch wouldn't be able to handle this.

    The Sun Guard helped, seeing that Ka'rta intended to keep the pole inside Moor until he was out the ship. In response, however, Moor fell unconscious as Kenix slightly lifted him so Ka'rta could cut the lower part of the spear. "This is nuts."

    "Yes it is." She said carrying the unconscious form. "It will have to work." She helped carry Moor towards Kenix's ship. "We'll have to do it quick so we don't lose him." Getting him on board she looked to the Sun Guard following his direction on where his med bay was, or at least the medical equipment.

    Kenix worked with Ka'rta, and as they placed Moor in his ship, and grinned as he did. "Isn't this fun. What a day." When the Sun Guard set down Moor, he saw Ka'rta looking around. He reached into a store box, and pulled out an oversized plasteel gun. "Here." He loaded it, pushing a small cylinder of bacta into the rear.

    He powered it up, and it whined. He had another cylinder in his free hand. "Are you plugging, or pulling it out?" He snorted slightly. "He will wake up at least - then he can tell us where he wants to go."

    "You plug I'll pull." A sick twisted grin formed on her face. She always wanted to cause this little rodent some pain, but he paid so well, she never had the chance. Now was that chance. Gripping the base of the length of metal that was skewering Moor she looked to Kenix. "On three...One...Two...Three" she quickly pulled the object from Moor's chest and hoped that her partner was on point with that squirt gun.

    He rammed it in, squeezed the trigger, holding it two-handed against the recoil. Moor sat up, screaming, his eyes wide open. Kenix quickly recharged, and slammed the gun into the exit wound, and put his foot on Moor's chest to push him back down. With another recoil, it went into the next hole.

    Moor screamed again, and then devolved into swearing. "What in the frak are you two doing." He reached for Ka'rta, as if he was going to throttle her. Kenix stepped back from Moor, looking forward to this.

    Ka'rta grabbed his bony wrists and turned them to the outside, nearly breaking them with her power. How dare he try to harm her as she was trying to save him.

    "We're saving your shabala life." She replied putting just a little more torque on his arms. The forehead of her helmet pressed against his head delivering a Kov'nyn, also called a Keldabe Kiss. "No you can either lay down tell us where you want to go or." She tightened her grip just a little more. "I see if I can snap both your arms in one go."

    Moor nearly dropped from the kiss, but he managed to keep to his feet. "We were supposed to head to the next rendezvous," Moor spat. "From Korriban, to Orinda. The other supporters of the Empire Reborn - we would overthrow Pellaeon and take over the Empire. We can head there - and I'll take charge."

    Kenix snorted. "And we'll be paid when?"

    "When I get there," snapped Moor, eyes frenzied in pain.

    Their sensors beeped in unison. New contacts were leaving the Mon Calamari cruisers.

    "Time to go, Emperor."

    "Then go!"

    Kenix eyed Ka'rta; wondered if she'd insist upon taking Moor.

    "Fine, you're coming with me, Moor." Ka'rta said picking up on Kenix's unease. This was all madness, but it didn't matter as long as she was getting paid. "You'd best not screw us on this Moor, or I will gut you like a will be so easy." She said carrying the man to her ship. It was madness but if there was enough money involved she would do just about anything.

    Kenix expected as much. "I'll see you topside." He raised the ramp and keyed his engines.

    Moor snarled. "When I am Emperor, I will make you pay for those words. You'll be paid, mercenary. Enough credits so I hopefully never have to see you again!"

    Kenix came over the comms. "Three New Republic shuttles and a squadron of E-wings."

    "Shut up Moor." Ka'rta snapped at him throwing him into a chair and strapping him in. "I see them," she replied to Kenix as she rushed through her startup. "Lets get out of here before things get worse."

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    OOC: A combo with @Sinrebirth , @JediMasterAnne , @HanSolo29 and @TheSilentInfluence :)

    IC: Pascale Rouser, Feyna Morrow, Aryan Graul, Madelyn Linnett
    Location: Korriban

    Madelyn felt free.

    She rose just in time to see Aryan being thrown into her and collapsed back onto the ground as his full weight knocked her over. She felt the air rush out of her lungs and pushed at him, using the force to gently roll him next to her as the Sith fled.

    "You...okay?" Madelyn turned to look at Aryan and wondered if Foreteller was still with him. She couldn't tell anymore, though her connection to the force felt lighter. "I'm sorry I couldn't help you. That I led you to this place. It was wrong." She winched and sat up, feeling exhausted and sore all at once. She looked at her lightsaber a few feet away, and then at two people in the distance. She reached out with the force, hoping to take a glance at who they were.

    Aryan became acutely aware of the pain cascading through his body, the sudden torrent eliciting a groan from his throat as he struggled to pick himself up from the pebbled ground. His memory continued to fade in and out of focus, though he seemed to recall the duel in sufficient detail – had he truly welded a saber in his current condition? Nevertheless, he had only made a single thrust when the Chagrian had fled from the scene, but not before he had utilized the Force to hurl him bodily across the room.

    That’s when he had collided with–

    “Mad–Madelyn,” he croaked in a hoarse whisper, his chapped lips parting to form a weak smile. From his prone position, he was able to angle his chin just enough to peer into her face, his blue-gray eyes searching her expression as she offered her apologies. “You...didn’t know. It–it was...trap. They took advantage of–of...all of us.”

    To reaffirm his words, Aryan reached up with some difficulty and squeezed her hand in his own.

    And then, a rush of wind. She looked at the Temple; and Madelyn knew something important had happened.

    She just couldn't figure out what it was.

    Foreteller was in-fact still with Aryan, but he drifted across to Madelyn, exploiting their old connection. That connectivity entwined the two humans for a moment, until Foreteller blocked the way; no need for them to sense each other's innermost thoughts, and vice-versa.

    Ooooh. Very light. Very nice, Madelyn. He peered through her eyes at Feyna and Rouser's escapades.

    Madelyn smiled a little at Foreteller’s remarks. She let her gaze drift from Aryan to the others, curious. She didn't want to make any sudden movements and so she waited for them to approach. I'm probably going to have to surrender aren't I?

    Pascale with both lightsabers in hand entered the cloister and recognised both people currently indoors as it were.

    One was the Dark Jedi that he had seen in the Temple in what seemed a lifetime ago, the one that decided to drop said Temple on him. Plus she had unfortunately been captured by Tavion and looked like she had managed to escape.

    Meanwhile, the other he had seen aboard the Resurrection, the man who was trying to look so inconspicuous it was conspicuous.

    He sighed, he didn't have time for pleasantries right now, he had to get to his yacht, make sure it was safe and get himself, Feyna, and maybe the man off. The Dark Jedi...maybe not.

    "Well I didn't think I would see you again," he said narrowing his eyes, he looked to Feyna "I wonder if you recognise these two at all"

    He turned back to the Dark Jedi "I'd love to stay and chat but I have to go and make sure my yacht is still intact. Because it could be your only ride off...if you don't decide to drop this cloister on my head as well"

    He quickly moved forward.

    The man’s footsteps echoed and faded away into the abyss, much like the tangible link that had briefly intertwined Aryan’s consciousness to Madelyn’s. The aftershocks of the bond rippled within the Force, though the former Senator hardly noticed their effects. His broken mind was drifting, plainly distracted by the flamboyant man and his cavalier attitude.

    But it wasn’t his behavior that had initially attracted his attention. It was the metallic cylinder clenched in the man’s hand, swinging idly at his side as if he had claimed the ultimate prize. A lightsaber.

    And not just any lightsaber…

    The revelation reopened the deep void in Aryan’s chest, vast and relentless. There was no escaping its wrath as it expanded outward to consume every pore and crevice of his body, triggering his pain receptors so that he was in constant agony. This fueled his grief, his anger...his power.

    With a feral yell, Aryan extended a hand and exerted the Force upon the archeologist, the invisible wave slamming into the man’s backside with the intention of knocking him off his feet.

    “You killed my son!” he hissed through clenched teeth, tears clouding his vision. “Do you think I–I’m just going to let you leave?! I’ll do more than drop the entire cloister down on your head, you bastard…”

    Despite his threats, Aryan was laboring, clearly on the verge of a breakdown.

    Madelyn remembered how she had tried to kill him. She felt a wave of guilt rush through her before she could speak; and then saw the archaeologist knocked off his feet with the force. Madelyn turned around sharply, and saw Aryan's expression, feeling his anger through the force. She drew on the force and pushed herself onto her knees, throwing herself at Aryan enough to get his attention and grabbing his shoulders sharply so he would look at her.

    "Aryan...Aryan you need to listen to me. Killing him won't bring back your son. You need to let go of that hate Aryan." Madelyn reached out and pulled at his force signature again. "Please let me help you. I know a better way to make sure your son is remembered Aryan. I've made a lot of mistakes in my life; please...don't go down the same path I did."

    Her words initially fell on deaf ears. The intense pain that continued to hollow out his insides, leaving a void in its wake, had also quelled his senses. The only thing Aryan could perceive was a tumultuous roar that ravaged his mind, making it impossible to concentrate and find focus. As a result, he became a slave to his raw emotion – to his grief and suffering.

    Both hands came up to roughly propel Madelyn back from his personal space with a snarl. But before he could conjure the strength to inflict more damage, he felt a sudden nudge that gave him pause.

    It was barely perceptible at first, a slight needling at the base of his skull, though it soon intensified and dissolved into a comforting warmth that enveloped his entire body. Only then did Aryan recognize it as the Force. He involuntarily shuddered as it rippled with luminous intensity, a shining light that swiftly expelled the darkness that had eclipsed his soul. There was also an intimate quality to it that he hadn’t noticed before, almost as if–

    The bond – his bond with Madelyn.

    All at once, Aryan found clarity. His mental haze lifted, if only momentarily, and his blue-gray eyes sought her face. It was as if he was truly seeing her for the first time. The experience was refreshing and new.

    But then he gasped when he ultimately realized what he had done; he had been precariously close to losing it all.

    “I–I’m sorry,” Aryan mumbled quietly, his words fraught with tension and hardly lucid. “I miss–he’s...”

    He could not finish that thought. Instead, he pursed his lips and shook his head somberly, his hand coming up to cover his face as he broke down into heavy sobs.

    Feyna did recognize the Dark Jedi who had been brought onto the Resurrection during the rally, and of course the other was Aryan Graul.

    Surprisingly, the Dark Jedi didn't seem to be acting very Dark, so while she was talking Aryan down from his grief-driven rage, Feyna went to help Pascale up again.

    "You all right?" Considering the state he was already in, and as much as he was getting tossed around, it seemed like kind of a pointless question.

    She wanted to tell Aryan that Pascale hadn't killed Arek, but if the (former?) Dark Jedi was making progress in calming him down, Feyna didn't want to risk destabilizing him again.

    And considering that Feyna was the one who actually had killed Arek, she also did not want to be attacked.

    Bloody Force users…

    That was Pascale's thought as he went flying yet again. He was really getting sick and tired of being flung around. All because the man had thought he had killed his son. Well Pascale did have a hand in it but he wasn't going to tell him that.

    Luckily both lightsabers were still in his hand as he sat up and clipped one back on his belt as he was helped up by Feyna "I'm fine, next silly question" he said, but he said it with a smile.

    The man was having a total breakdown now and the Dark Jedi seemed to be trying to calm him down. Had she turned around to the light? Or was she trying to get him to focus his anger elsewhere, maybe at Feyna.

    We don't have time for this.

    He leaned close to Feyna and whispered in her ear "Well these two seem unlikely partners. I don't know whether they are partners, lovers or what. But the man has definitely gone bonkers like his son and i'm not sure what the Dark Jedi's plan is whether she is'nt bad anymore…."

    Like father like son he thought of the man on the floor.

    "The risk is if he finds out both of us have had a hand in killing his son he could kill us both or destroy my yacht either on the ground or in the air. Even if the Dark Jedi has turned she might not be able to stop him and he could kill her too. I'm going to stick my neck out and see what happens but if I even sniff something wrong they're not getting on. Whatever is down there, whomever pinched my ship i'm going to need backup to deal with them and I would rather it be you"

    He leaned back looking at the Dark Jedi and the man he spoke to the Dark Jedi "Get your partner there under control or he is not getting on my ship. I'm not sure I want you aboard either after what you did to me but i'm giving you a second chance. Don't waste it".

    Pascale turned and both lightsabers back in hand he walked off.

    Madelyn let out a relieved breath as Aryan calmed down, and glanced over towards Rouser and Feyna. She frowned slightly and stood up, sensing his mistrust with the force and speaking loud enough to hear. "Thank you. My apprentice and I are grateful." Madelyn bowed a little; and helped Aryan up; though the man was still sobbing. "I apologise for how I treated you before." She gave him a curious look. "He's lost his son. Let him get the emotion out. Have you never lost someone of importance to you? Let him grieve." Madelyn gave them an even look, and gave him a firm look.

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    IC: White Eyes
    Leaving, in his own way

    The confrontation was over, and Wyyrlok had failed. The Chagrian was panting, explaining what had happened, breathlessly. White Eyes was no longer smiling. His lips were firmly set, and he launched spittle at his oldest servant as he did. "You are worse than Vader, with your sycophantic prattling."

    A withered, pale hand, reached out, and yanked the Scepter of Sistros - the staff of office of the Old Republic - from his hand, inverted it with a twirl, and shoved the sharp end into Wyyrlok's stomach. He toppled, gurgling, but White Eyes knew a non-fatal wound. He'd inflicted enough of them in his time; to Yoda, to Maul, to Skywalker... he eyed the unconscious form on the shuttle floor, still slightly electrified.


    She'd tried to confront him for Lumiya.


    White Eyes was so much more than any simple Sith.

    Turning to eye his pilot; a crimson Royal Guard, White Eyes snarled. "What."

    "The New Republic has destroyed the Resurrection. Several ships are en route for the surface, and the Jedi are regrouping."

    "And Marka Ragnos has been defeated."

    "Yes, my Lord."

    White Eyes seethed. He hadn't achieved all his goals... he was close, but had been undone by the quartet now standing in the Cloister of XoXaan. "We need to leave before Skywalker and the others find us - take us back to the Deep Core, back to my Second Imperium."

    The Royal Guard complied, and the stealth-equipped ship, modeled after the Sith Infiltrator, took off. Now, while its cloaking device would hide it from the New Republic sensors, and all manner of Force technique could hide its occupants, the simple fact was that the ship would cause a disturbance in the air, and indeed a ripple would rush into the courtyard that Madelyn, Aryan, Pascale and Feyna now stood.

    As and when they made it to the landing pad to the rear of the cloister, they would find the abandoned yacht of Pascale, clearly used to travel down to the planet from the Resurrection, and abandoned. In a handful of minutes, the New Republic shuttles would land a small team, and began to lift the entrance that had nearly crushed Feyna and Pascale. E-wings patrolled the skies above the Valley, and indeed painted Pascale's yacht as a target of opportunity in-case they fled.

    Drayson, who had rushed down to the surface to check on them, leaned under the entrance as it lifted. "Is everything alright?"

    "Allow me, Admiral," came a gurgling female voice, and Cilghal, the Mon Calamari Jedi Master, used the Force to assist, but clearly it was a struggle. Medics rushed in, with security officers in blue.

    Oh yes, said Foreteller, remembering himself. He withdrew the support he had offered Aryan, and his limbs faltered, and, indeed, the pain returned.

    Guns were pointed at Pascale and Madelyn - one as a rogue, one as a known Dark Jedi - notwithstanding how far either of them made it to the yacht and rear landing pad.

    Drayson himself stepped over to Feyna, clearly relieved she lived.

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    IC: Kenix Jir

    Deep Core

    The two of them rushed into orbit, and made hyperspace swiftly enough, using the coordinates that Moor had shared. Mercifully, the man had collapsed, so Ka'rta didn't have to deal with him at all in the journey. When they arrived at the rendezvous, Kenix recognised that they were in the Deep Core - within Imperial territory. Moor had been jostled away by the hyperspace reversion, and carefully, pained, but medicated so he could function, was in the cockpit as Kenix commed Ka'rta.

    "So, payment?"

    Sentan hissed, and produced his datapad, furiously pressing certain buttons. "There. Enough that you can take a few years off." He wasn't wrong. Each of them received enough funds to buy their present ship five times, and it would still be fully stocked. Not enough to buy a moon, or a continent in the Outer Rim, but more than enough to justify the trip.

    "Cheers," Kenix said, before adding. "Nobody is here, you realise."

    "I know that. This is the secret meeting point of the Second Imperium. It is here that we would be expected to regroup for the next step; the wholesale invasion of the Core Worlds, leading a reunified Empire."

    "Not happening - there is nobody here - "

    The comms crackled.

    "You appear to have some of my property with you, mercenaries," came a reptilian voice.

    Kenix frantically scanned again; it was a nearby transmission, but it was clearly a shielded and cloaked ship.

    "Supreme Leader?" Moor said, paling.

    "Which ship are you aboard so I know which one I do not need..." There was a laugh, curt, and sharp.

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    IC Ka'rta
    Deep Core

    Somehow Ka'rta made it out of that place, just slipping past the growing blockade of Republic ships. Thank the Mand'a that Moor was passed out from the pain so she didn't have to put up with his incessant nattering while she tried to get him where he needed to go. She didn't really have time to check and see where they were heading, not with Republic starting to look her way. She escaped jumping out of the system and to wherever she was going.

    Taking a breath she sagged in her chair hoping that this mad dash and madness was going to be worth it. She'd given a lot to this fight, and risked a lot, she deserved likely more that what Moor was offering, though she'd be a fool to try and negotiate a higher price though that did sound quite entertaining. She did hold his life in her hands.

    However she didn't get the chance to really, not with him passed out in her co-pilot's chair. When they arrived they found a vast expanse of nothingness. The Star Chart said they were in the right place, but there was nothing here.

    Not that it mattered after she got her payment, a shiny stack of credits in her account to be sure. Enough to look at retiring in a few years, but that was still a few decades off, given her abilities to survive. She looked out into the distance again seeing if there was anyone one here. That's when her comm came to life, a croaking hissing voice came over, one Moor recognized.

    "Supreme Leader"

    Oh great more titles, and more threats, just what she needed after a long hypersapce journey.

    "Well your highness he's on my ship." She replied to the com message, "But both ships carry dangerous and capable mercenaries. Pay us well, and we will lend our aid to your cause." He hand rested on her blaster looking to Moor, "Your subordinate here can vouch for our skills." Her threat to Moor was clear, get her and Kenix out of this situation or she could kill him. Moor was a lot of things but a Zealot for a cause wasn't one of them. She knew killing him would likely end her life, but she also knew that Moor liked breathing just as much as her. And like she would turn down another payday.

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    IC: White Eyes
    Deep Core rendezvous of the Second Imperium

    "Perhaps I merely want Moor dead for his failure to deliver me victory," the man rasped.

    "The Sith failed... and I grow weary of failure."

    Moor spoke up. "Supreme Leader - I did not fail you. I was shot down - by Lady Tavion's own ship! She tried to kill me."

    "You idiot," snapped the voice. "Her ship was commandeered, and you were so fearful of that stupid child that you did not think."

    Kenix cleared his throat. "Did you want us to space him for you? Small fee, for dirtbags."

    "Ka'rta and Kenix," rolled the words in his oily voice. "I would have you gaze upon me, before you offer your services to me. Nobody will ever believe you... nor what you saw..."

    A visual channel was opened, for them to take and accept. Moor panicked, and dropped to one knee, peering at the deck.

    "I would consider it an expression of trust."

    Clearly, whoever they were dealing with was as confident as he was dangerous. "To accept my job would mean consistent and bountiful employment for you... to train my new forces for the true war to come."

    There was a laugh. "The Disciples of Ragnos were but One of my many Sith experiments... one which failed... but the Second Imperium will rise... as a new Empire... if you want the credits."

    Another laugh; choking, wheezing, cloying.

    Kenix sounded uncertain. "Ka'rta?"

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    IC: Madelyn Linnett, Pascale Rouser, Feyna Morrow, Aryan Graul, Cilghal, and Admiral Drayson


    Madelyn swallowed hard.

    This was the closest she had ever really been to a Jedi in person. And she felt something flare up in the force. Surrender. Madelyn looked up at the guns pointed to her, and the Jedi before she raised her hands, dropping to her knees and locking her hands behind her head. "I surrender." Madelyn admitted, hoping Aryan would follow her example. She nodded towards her bag that had fallen. "Search me, if you think I'm lying." She told them quickly. "But I have no quarrel with any of you."

    Drayson eyed the woman, and again the eclectic bunch. What a curious four, but they'd apparently overcome several Sith to get to this point. Once he thought through it, he may even be grateful about it.

    Feyna looked to the men leveling their blasters at Pascale. "He's with me, lower your weapons."

    She gave Drayson a small nod in greeting. It was a huge relief to see him, and he looked relieved to see her. Finally, they could get off this planet.

    But was the battle actually over? "Sir? Is there any news of Master Skywalker? Or Ragnos?"

    Pascale had spotted his beloved Fortuna and was going to make a run for it….

    Before being abruptly captured. Bloody brilliant he thought as blasters were levelled at them all. There was a man that seemed to be the leader whom Feyna obviously recognised.

    Pascale folded his arms, he wasn't going to surrender like the Dark Jedi "Agent Morrow is correct, I am with her. We have worked together as a team to get here and I do not wish to be blasted to bits" he then pointed to his yacht "That yacht goes nowhere without me, if you don't trust me to fly it upstairs then have her accompany me. We have come too far together and I wouldn't hurt her" I love her too much to do that he thought.

    Drayson was looking at them all, and seemed to be wondering. "Interesting."

    "We won't do anything to your yacht, Mr Rouser, on the basis it is indeed in your legal ownership." He eyed Agent Morrow, and the surrendering Dark Jedi, and the wounded man. Master Cilghal was already spraying a foam on the arms and legs of Aryan. It was a bacta foam which would set shortly, and he was promptly put on the hoverchair a medic unfolded.

    The soldiers did a cursory search of Madelyn Linnett, then they cleared her - but took her lightsaber. Drayson accepted it from them, and eyed Aryan, looking for his story.

    For his part, Aryan remained generally unaware of the events unfolding around him. His mind had quickly succumbed to the mental fatigue that had previously taken hold as a result of the intense torture he had endured. This sense of disorientation seemed to coincide with the Foreteller’s departure, signified by a sharp tremor that had wracked his body and forced him back to the ground.

    Now in the aftermath, he knew nothing but pain. Even the medics’ efforts to alleviate his suffering were marginal at best. While he didn’t openly react when they applied the bacta to his fractured limbs and hoisted him into the hoverchair, the discomfort was still plainly evident in his expression. Other than a few dismal groans, Aryan didn’t say anything at all.

    But that all changed when he felt the Admiral’s expectation through the Force; it was almost too urgent to simply ignore.

    Blinking a few times to clear the fog that had descended upon him, Aryan canted his head to regard the other man. “H–He son,” he uttered heedlessly, his eyes beginning to brim over with tears all over again. That thought was clearly the only thing that mattered to him at this moment. It consumed him.

    He then gestured with his chin toward Rouser to identify Arek's murderer.

    Drayson looked back that way to Rouser, and then to Feyna. Clearly, the man was deluded, but he would have to deal with an accusation of that level also.

    Cilghal stepped over and sedated Aryan, though, as it was clear he was going to hurt himself if she let him be. It was a mercy, in many ways, but also a stretch of medical principal; she had infringed hard upon his agency but he was distressed and she could feel that with the Force. Such distress would have led to more injury and he should have already passed out from the pain. She looked apologetically at the Admiral, but wasn't going to interfere with the process of the military.

    She did however refocus on the Dark Jedi... but she also felt a growth of light within her. Cilghal would make mention of it at the first opportunity she could.

    Madelyn let out a sharp breath as she was checked over and her lightsaber taken. She was nervous of course, and tried to keep her hands from shaking as she kept them on the back of the head. It wasn't until the Jedi came over, and look at her did she dare a glance upwards, wondering what was going to happen to her now. She could be put on trial of course, or maybe they were just biding their time before they killed her. Madelyn turned away, and refocused on the ground.

    "'re a Jedi then? I haven't seen one since before the Purge. There were a lot of Jedi back then, at the Temple. Before Darth Vader." Madelyn looked over her shoulder and paused. She didn't want to get too personal with this Jedi. She didn't even know her.

    "I am Jedi Master Cilghal," she said, slowly. "And I sense something curious inside you. Darkness, yes... but a growing light inside you... as if you have seen something, and it made you turn far away from what you were becoming."

    Madelyn nodded back at the Jedi Master. "Yes. But that's a little complicated Master Jedi." She smiled a little and turned her attention to the others, listening closely, but it wasn't her place to say anything. She hadn't been there when it had happened, and really; Aryan needed medical attention first. She waited, and wondered where they would be taken next.

    Drayson was half-listening, and there seemed to be a bubble of an idea to this, but he wanted to hear from Pascale and Feyna as to the death of a minor former politicians son.

    A Jedi healer had sedated Aryan, and was speaking with the Dark Jedi, so Feyna took the opportunity to step closer to Drayson, trying to keep the conversation somewhat private. She took off the taozin nodule as she spoke. "Mr. Rouser didn't kill Arek Graul, sir. I did.

    "Tavion must have taken Arek when he was presumed killed three years ago; he was among her Disciples, but I don't know if he was actually with them, or if it was an act. He came upon Rouser and me while we were sheltering during the battle, in a volatile state. He attacked, and I shot him to defend Rouser. I intended only to injure him, but he moved into the shot."

    As Feyna moved forward to address her boss, Pascale moved forward too, this was probably concerning him, Feyna and the deluded man's son.

    He listened as Feyna laid it out what had happened. He nodded after Feyna had finished "It happened exactly as Agent Morrow said. Arek Graul was going to attack us and kill us, and if it wasn't for Agent Morrow we would both be dead".

    Pascale shook his head "That man over there probably thinks I killed his son because I have his lightsaber" he pointed to the lightsaber hanging off his left hip. "I picked it up as I had no weapons left of my own to defend myself and Agent Morrow and I had promised her I would get her back to you in one piece".

    He placed a hand on Feyna's shoulder and gave her a smile.

    Drayson nodded along. "I have no reason to dispute any of this. Notwithstanding that Pascale Rouser is a notorious rogue, he isn't a murderer... and Arek Graul was an enemy combatant, and such things happen." He nodded; case closed. As an Admiral, he could decide on the spot if he saw fit.

    Cilghal directed the medics to take the unconscious Aryan away, even as Drayson directed the soldiers to move on and secure the rest of the Valley. The Mon Calamari Jedi stayed nearby, and Drayson didn't see the need to request she leave. A soldier passed him Madelyn's weapon as he went, and the Admiral hefted it for a moment, thinking.

    "I'm looking to build a team. While I have Wraith Squadron as a commando-starfighter Intelligence asset, I need unconventional Force users and thinkers..." His eyes unfocused. "This entire crisis began when a Sith artefact was discovered by an otherwise unremarkable Dark Jedi."

    Foreteller snorted. She killed me; me a simple collector of artefacts. Very sad.

    With it, she was able to rally a segment of the Imperial Remnant and provide a central focus for the Empire to reunify around. The New Republic can't have that. I'll have to have the deployment signed off by the Chief of State Organa, and probably Master Skywalker... but I'd like you three to be the nucleus of a new unit."

    He eyed Cilghal. "It is known that at least one Jedi student fell to the dark side during this campaign, and it's likely that a public inquest will follow due to his actions at Kashyyyk. However Madelyn Linnett, her involvement is not a matter of public record... and I'd like to keep it that way."

    "With a NRI agent supervising your deployment..." Drayson indicated Feyna, " and NRI funding for your expenses, such as fuel for that yacht, which would make a nice base of operations..." again he indicated Pascale's yacht... "and of course a Force user to deal with more complications..." He settled on Madelyn. "What do you each say?"

    Madelyn frowned, and started to shake her head but stopped. "I thought I was going to be handed over to the Jedi's Authority Sir. Isn't that how this sort of thing works with former Dark Jedi?" She shifted slightly, feeling uncomfortable. But she wasn't sure if she wanted to work with the people who had killed Aryan's son. "I appreciate the offer, but I'm not sure I'm the sort of person you're looking for." I don't even know any of them. How do I know this isn't some sort of trick?

    Feyna's brow furrowed; Drayson seemed to be putting a lot of faith in this Dark Jedi. Would this new unit include another Jedi, to keep an eye on her?

    Feyna didn't mind a new assignment--she did wonder what it might mean for any potential...development, between her and Pascale, though. She wanted to give him a chance, but if they were working together, possibilities for anything other than a professional relationship seemed slim; she wasn't even sure if it was allowed.

    But she had a duty; a something had started here, and Feyna felt a responsibility to see it through--whatever 'it' was.

    "What exactly will this team be doing, sir?" She inquired.

    Pascale felt excited to be working with Feyna again, he couldn't have asked for anything better. Fortuna would need an upgrade if it was going to be used as a mobile base. She already was outfitted with the best comms, sensor and security systems money could buy but her shielding, armour, engines and hyperdrive would need an upgrade. Maybe see if an extra laser cannon could be outfitted.

    There were a couple of potential spanners though. The first was Madelyn, had she changed? Although if Pascale could change maybe she could too. But he and Feyna would both have to see that she had changed and had been sanctioned by the New Republic to come aboard. He supposed though having a Jedi about could be useful.

    The other potential spanner which was even bigger was him and Feyna. They had both wanted to see where their new partnership would take them. And Feyna had said to him there was no rule that NRI agents couldn't fraternise.But Feyna could be forced to put duty before him, and if they did become lovers, would it even be sanctioned? Would Feyna's boss even allow it?. Would Feyna even want something that could jeopardize any mission?.

    Pascale's heart sank; it could be over before it even got started. She could be the one that got away. Maybe he could have a private word with her boss, maybe she would, or maybe they both would. Maybe they both needed to discuss things. But it wasn't looking good. Hopefully they could at least be friends if it didn't work out. Only time and maybe Feyna and her boss would tell. But he wasn't going to force her to do anything she didn't want to do.

    "First off I would like to thank you for the offer" he said looking at Drayson "To work with Agent Morrow again would be good, we have formed a good partnership and I would like to see it continue" perhaps Drayson would get the hint with the way he said partnership "We have gotten this far and I would like to see it continue both on a personal and professional level"

    He placed his hands on his hips above the lightsabers and looked at Linnett "If you want out of your former life, this is it" he turned back to Drayson "However I and no doubt Agent Morrow here may agree that this lady needs to be fully cleared by NRI or the Jedi before she joins us on any mission. I also would like to know before I sign up what our missions could entail".

    "I need someone to hunt down Sith artefacts before they become a problem like they were today. If this keeps happening, the defeat of the Empire will be complicated time and time again. Thrawn finds Palpatine's storehouse; Exar Kun's spirit rears its head; Tavion finds the Scepter of Ragnos."

    Drayson ticked off fingers. "I need three things."

    "First, a NRI agent to run the show that can be trusted to not go rogue with unlimited budget and minimal supervision." He indicated Feyna.

    "Secondly, someone with an ear to the black market on artefacts who can provide us the Intel to follow a lead." At that, he nodded to Pascale.

    His gaze shifted to Madelyn. "And thirdly I need someone who can handle a dark side artefact." Drayson's gaze hardened. "Because current New Republic policy is to imprison Dark Jedi."

    Cilghal went to speak. "We did pardon Master Durron a couple of years ago..."

    Drayson nodded, "Yes, we did, but Durron was 'possessed by a Dark Lord of the Sith'," he said, placing emphasis upon the latter end of the sentence. "Madelyn wasn't; she may very well be on the path to redemption, but I have half a dozen Dark Jedi in Oovo IV and I don't think it will help with her progress."

    The Jedi Master folded her arms. "So, that's my proposal," Drayson said, shrugging. "I don't mind, but the sentence will start at ten years, and you'd only be released for good behaviour after five."

    Ouch, said Foreteller, in Madelyn's mind.

    So the Dark Jedi--Madelyn--would, in effect, be in Feyna's custody for at least the next five years, maybe ten, depending on her behavior and if she agreed to the terms.

    Chasing down Sith relics sounded risky, but also a little intriguing, if Feyna was honest with herself. Kind of a macabre treasure hunt.

    She gave Drayson a slow nod. "Okay, I'm in."

    She looked to Pascale, raising an eyebrow in silent question: You coming too?

    Off on another adventure…..

    It would be very interesting, no doubt about it. He would still discover relics so there would still be some good old fashioned treasure hunting. And he could still use his contacts to good use.

    Madelyn coming along was a risk but Drayson and Feyna by the looks of things wanted to take the risk. Perhaps this sentence would do her good. And Pascale would still keep his promise to protect Feyna, if they were just professional, friends or even lovers.

    Was Drayson sanctioning having a personal relationship when he had said she would have minimal supervision? He couldn't tell. And Feyna had said nothing either. It wasn't looking good. But he would take it as it came.

    "I'm in as well," he said looking to Feyna and giving her a bright smile "I quite fancy another adventure" he then looked to Madelyn to gauge her reaction.

    "So let me get this straight." Madelyn said carefully. "You want to take someone who used to use the dark side and by all means is heading towards the light to possibly hunt down Sith Artifacts, and maybe be freed after five years?" Madelyn took a sharp breath and paused. I wasn't expecting this. It seems way to harsh. But I guess I also understand it. It still feels like I'm being used for their gain.

    Swallowing hard, Madelyn shrugged. "Although I feel like I don't have much of a choice. Darth Vader didn't give me a choice either, although I assume the risk is a lot lower." She finished sarcastically. Madelyn looked at Feyna and Pascale. "I accept."

    "The five years can be in the team, with good-behavior, or a solid ten in prison," Drayson said, cutting across Cilghal before she could interject. "Those are my standing orders. With..." He looked to the Mon Calamari. "Bi-monthly check-ins on Yavin 4? I am sure the Jedi will want to monitor your progress."

    The female Jedi Master glowered at Drayson. "A nice concession there, Admiral. A bit ruthless, though."

    He shrugged. "I just fought off a cult that resurrected a five thousand year old Dark Lord of the Sith. Its necessary, I'm afraid."

    "Pick your squadron name, if you would, so I know for the black book funding." Drayson smiled at them, a bit softer now.

    Madelyn held up her hands in defeat, although she did feel better about having the Jedi step in once and a while. "Alright, I get it." She looked tired, but more relaxed. "I'll work with you're team." She paused and thought about a name for the team. "What about kandosii. " Madelyn said, switching to Mando'a for a moment. Though she could understand it better then she could speak her former language, Madelyn had never completely lost the language."It has a couple of meanings in Mando'a. Ruthless, indomitable or noble and classy. But maybe we are a bit of all those things."

    Feyna kept silent through the exchange between Drayson and Madelyn--though she hoped the former Dark Jedi's attitude would improve with time. Drayson was cutting her a better deal than he could have done, but she was still almost biting his head off.

    But the agent merely shrugged at the suggested name for their mis-matched little team. "Works for me."

    Feyna kept silent through the exchange between Drayson and Madelyn--though she hoped the former Dark Jedi's attitude would improve with time. Drayson was cutting her a better deal than he could have done, but she was still almost biting his head off.

    But the agent merely shrugged at the suggested name for their mis-matched little team. "Works for me."

    Pascale inwardly shook his head. Young Madelyn needed to be taught a few lessons on being polite and courteous. The offer was as good as she was going to get and she might as well have made a rude gesture whilst speaking back.

    He looked at Feyna, she wasn't looking too impressed. But at least the Jedi would be keeping a very beady eye on her. So would he. Any false move and she would be straight off the yacht

    "My Mandalorian is unfortunately quite rusty but the name seems pretty impressive" the noble and classy bits were him and Feyna definitely, Madelyn would be the blunt instrument "I approve".

    Drayson nodded. "Kandosii Squadron it is, then," he smiled to himself, and glanced to Cilghal. "I assume that meets with the approval of the Jedi Master?"

    "It does," she said, glibly, no stranger to negotiations. "I'd like a quiet word with Madelyn, however..."

    "... and I'd like one with Feyna, too," Drayson finished. "Mr Rouser, I imagine you want to check your yacht is in pristine condition in any case, so if you would."

    Cilghal glanced to Madelyn. "I'll just be outside, when you're ready."

    At that, the Mon Calamari turned to go, and Drayson smiled, that typical spymaster smile that didn't say anything but thank you but I need the room.

    Pascale nodded, the discussion was over, now it was time to check over his beloved yacht and see if at least he would be able to fly it out. Maybe get a quick shower and get changed at least. He wanted to get this sand off and at least look fresh for Feyna and Madelyn if they were about to board.

    He nodded to Feyna giving her a small smile "I'll be on board if you need me" he gave Drayson a respectful nod and turned to head back towards his yacht.

    He was dreading what it would look like inside.

    Madelyn nodded, happy that her name had been chosen. She watched the exchange between Drayson and the Jedi Master Cilghal for a moment, before the Jedi said she wanted to speak to her. A look of hesitation crossed her face before she shook it off. The Jedi won't hurt me. At least, I don't think she will. Madelyn glanced at Feyna and Rouser as she followed the Jedi a few steps behind, a little on edge. Too much time working for the Empire has made paranoid.

    Feyna returned Pascale's little nod, then waited for Cilghal and Madelyn to step out before turning curiously to Drayson. "Sir?"

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC Ka'rta
    Deep Core

    Ka'rta was unfazed by the threat of violence this was the mercenary business, threats were part of the job. Seeing a visual of the man speaking did cause her brow to rise just a little. It was an interesting character she was looking at. With her face covered by her helmet the other man wouldn't get that cue. She kept a relaxed pose particularly when talk turned away from violence to the promise of money. The grand plans of a Second Imperium did little to make her heart swell for their cause. What was loyalty? What did it matter to her? The only thing that mattered was the money, and he seemed to be offering a lot of it, and not even for front line work. There couldn't be a better job. Order some fresh recruits around, belittle them, insult them, and they can do nothing to you. It was perfect, absolutely perfect.

    "I say we take it." She said to Kenix, "Easy money, no one is even shooting at us." She turned to the Holo-gram,

    "I'm interested."
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    IC: Admiral Hiram Drayson
    Cloister of XoXaan, central courtyard

    The others filed out, and Drayson watched as they went. Feyna stepped forward, and the Director of New Republic Intelligence looked to her. "you'll have your hands full with this bunch, but it's your team. I have a recommendation or two to bulk out your numbers, but I'll leave it to you." He supplied a datapad. "The codes to a black account, completely untraceable. Don't let Rouser get a hold of it, would you?" Drayson looked bemused for a moment.

    "We won a major victory here, today, and it was thanks to you giving us the lead on where the Resurrection was heading," the Admiral continued, watching Rouser at the end of the courtyard corridor. "I know it was a more dangerous mission than you expected, but I didn't have a lot of assets to hand, and I won't for some time."

    "What I'm trying to say, Agent Morrow," Drayson looked back, smiling. "Is well done, and as much as this new mission is a long term commitment, I want you to take some R&R, even if you have to keep Pascale to hand."

    He paused slightly. "The man is a renowned womaniser, I am obligated to mention, and I have little down he's tried his charms on your already. I can't give you advice on your entanglements, but it can't interfere with the mission. These Sith artefacts, they've dangerous, as we've seen. Everyone you take out of the equation is another galactic crisis we avoid." Drayson's voice grew a bit firm. "Is that understood?"

    "Also, is there anything else I need to know about, before we separate for the foreseeable?"

    There were probably a few things which would come to mind, of course.

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    Rear landing zone

    The yacht wasn't as battered as one would have expected, but it was clear that whoever had flown it down from the Resurrection had manhandled it, and the controls were off, with damage to some steering vents. But, as it wasn't a fireball like the Star Destroyer itself, it was an improvement, even if the security system had been completely disabled by what seemed likely to be Force use of some kind.

    There was footage, of course, of a young woman that Pascale might recognise from his underworld wanderings; Qi'ra, the young woman who had vanished into Crimson Dawn decades ago, and never re-emerged. The internal cams showed he angrily take the controls, and guide the yacht free of the Star Destroyer as the New Republic arrived, and it would also show an angle of her stepping down the ramp, to be bodily grabbed by some invisible hand, slammed into the floor a few times, and the blue-skinned Chagrian pick her up and take her to a second shuttle.

    Of course, that was reliant upon him looking at the cams.

    But what the yacht did offer was a strange resonance to him. Last time he'd been aboard, he'd been in possession of his echo. Today, he wasn't. He was, instead, detached from a cosmic destiny that had threatened to undo him, as it had another Pascale Rouser, rather clearly. That moment had passed and changed him, when the world of Korriban had seemed to be leaning on him in a spectral sense.

    Indeed, his shadow seemed to leech, and a shade emerged from it.

    Armoured heavily, it was the spirit of Tulak Hord, and he loomed, a manacled hand apparent.

    "You gave up the Force. How?" A hesitation. "Why?"

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    Outside the Cloister

    Jedi Master Cilghal led Madelyn away from the Admiral, and she looked back to the young woman. She gauged her with her Mon Calamari eyes, wondering as to her past, future, and fate. So much had clearly changed for her, in her lifetime, and Cilghal spoke carefully, collecting her thoughts as she did.

    "Jedi Master Tionne has records of many Jedi from the Old Republic; those who died, and those who survived. We still have some that are unaccounted for; Quinlan Vos, K'Kruhk, T'raa Saa, Tholme... names you might recognise, I suspect, but also, we have Padawans who were on the Roll of the Order that we have not seen. There was a 'Madelyn Linnett' on those lists, who was believed to be the Padawan for Jedi Master Luminara Unduli, after Barriss Ofee."

    She paused. "I would ask if this is you, or you are her daughter, perhaps."

    Cilghal pressed on though, before Madelyn could answer. "And what you remember of that time."

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    Elsewhere, somewhere in orbit, maybe

    Aryan Graul came to a long time later, after the drugs had worn off. He awoke, well, he awoke in a box.

    That box.

    It was scarred with red-lightsaber burns, and it wasn't very clear how he had returned to this place, but he clearly had.

    A woman with green eyes and a triangular head-dress was evident, silhouetted by the bright, white light above him.

    "I traded an apprentice for you, Aryan Graul."

    In her hand was a metal-and-leather whip, though he wouldn't know that she had an energy component to it that could rip him in two.

    "I would appreciate you telling me just why I did that."

    There was a quirk of a smile in the Force, and he would feel it from her.

    "But we do have a very, very long trip, yet."

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    IC: White Eyes
    Deep Core Rendezvous

    The bounty hunter sounded interested in the credits, but not the cause. So be it.

    He would simply offer what Lord Tyranus had to another bounty hunter, so shaped, and so spoken.

    "I have need of a trainer for my troops. A new Cuy'val Dar, I believe were the words," White Eyes' made a sneer as he twisted the foreign words upon his lips through the comlink. "In the next decade, I intend to launch a new army at the galaxy, to rebuild my Dark Jedi armies aboard a Shadow Academy."

    Kenix had already drawn in his breath in surprise; he hadn't expected a long-term contract. "I have no desire to interfere with what other jobs you wish to take in the meantime, of course," he said with a drawl. "But it would be a secret position. If word of it leaks out, I will have you executed. In a decade, my new Dark Jedi will need Stormtroopers to lead them, and Mandalorian-trained men and women are the best, after all."

    His voice raised slightly. "You will be handsomely rewarded; I would offer you a not inconsiderate fortune to take this role." His voice chuckled. "I would even let you go if you refused; for such rumours will only serve to add to the fear of my second coming."

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