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Fantasy Retaking Cyrodiil ~(An Elder Scrolls RP)~

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Spatz, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. Spatz

    Spatz Jedi Knight star 3

    Oct 10, 2008
    TES: Fellowship of Power

    Only ten years have passed since Martin gave his life to save Tamriel from Mehrunes Dagon and the threat of conquest. For the past ten years the Elder Council has ensured the survival of the Imperial Government as they attempted to locate a relative, no matter how distant, of the Septim family. Aiding them is the Champion of Cyrodiil, Bendu Olo, who has departed for a quest to the heart of the Summerset Isles. Because of the dedication of locating a new emperor, the province of Cyrodiil has degraded, due to less Imperial Legionnaires patrolling the province, with travelling merchants enlisting in the aid of mercenaries to protect caravans of goods in order to get from Anvil or Leyawin to inner provincial cities, such as Chorrol and Bruma, and travelling alone is highly unadvised, due to the increase of bandits. The wilderness of Cyrodiil is also much more dangerous, with the migration of Kagouti into the more open spaces of Cyrodiil, and Cliff Racers staking territory in the Jerral Mountains, along with Goblin Tribal Wars plaguing a large majority of the Cyrodiilian landscape. With this it has been made highly inadvised to travel and many small towns, such as Pell?s Gate, have been abandoned.

    In the rebuilt City of Kvatch, a young Breton by the name of Vincent Fiorin has decided that it once again is the responsibility of the capable travelers and combatants to retake the province, and eliminate the newly developed threats that plague the once beautiful province. Having given notice to those of Kvatch through somewhat hastily made posters, he has requested that those interested are to meet him in the Fighter?s Guild dining hall so as to create a fellowship in order to take back the province.
    1. As always, PM Character Sheets to me, posting them on the thread without my authorization will lead to me ignoring your wanting to play.
    2. Follow typical RPF rules.
    3. Don?t curse by either god or hell, but by one of the Aerda/Daerda or Oblivion. Refrain from swearing in general beyond this.
    4. Play fair and nicely, no godmodding, and no claiming you avoided every attack, or are capable of taking a shot to the arm and are completely capable of fighting with no repercussions and such.
    5. Post regularly, if you?re going to be absent, notify me so that I may be able to continue the RP with your character.
    6. Minimal OOCs if you can, it clutters the page.
    7. 1 character per RPer, I?ll see later on if I?ll allow extra characters.
    8. Use as reference site.
    9. Have fun, if you find loot, I will assign it to you appropriately.

    [b]Character Sheet[/b]

    -Name: (Fairly obvious, though try to keep it in league with the species)
    - Age: (18-27)
    -Gender: (only two?)
    -Species: (Check UESP, and no mod species or Dremora?)
    -Faction: (Fighters Guild, City Guard, Mages Guild)
    - Appearance: (Image or 5 line long description)
    - Class: (UESP classes only)
    -Personality: (Minimum 3-4 lines long)
    - Weapons: (Only up to three, and be reasonable to the species)
    - History: (Up to 7 lines, a detailed past allows better understanding of your character)

  2. Ken10Ethan

    Ken10Ethan Jedi Youngling

    Oct 20, 2009
    OOC: good to see a fellow TES fan, i wish i could PM so i could play, i LOVE these games and i've only played Oblivion and morrowind
  3. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
    GM approved!

    -Name: Calen Sirion
    - Age: 23
    -Gender: Male
    -Species: High Elf, or Altmer
    -Faction: Mages Guild
    - Appearance: A little shorter than average for a high elf, his shoulder length black hair is often kept brushed back, so as to keep it out of his eyes and therefore out of his way. His eyes are a dark amber color, not to many shades off from a light brown. For clothing he usually wears a robe and hood of some sort, the color depending on both his mood and taste for the day. Currently though he is wearing a black robe and hood, outlined in gold(think Archmages robes, just replace the blue with black).
    - Class: Mage
    -Personality: Despite being young for an Altmer, Calen possess' a decent amount of maturity, though this is sometimes lost in certain moments, a few of which being when he is attempting some new experiment or spell and when pursuing information about something he finds intriguing or is strongly curious about.
    - Weapons: Mage's Staff of Shock
    - History: Calen was born in Cyrodil to an upper class Altmer family living in the Imperial City. One benefit from being born into a wealthy family was that Calen was able to receive a good education from early on in life. His strong curiosity first began to show itself shortly after his education began in the form of a strong early interest in the arcane, no doubt helped along by the presence of the Mages Guild's very own University being located in the city.

    It was no great surprise then that the moment he was old enough Calen joined the Guild, eventually making his way into the University itself. It was also here that Calen's deep curiosity about the Divines, and much more secretly, the Daedra began. Though he learned at least some skill in all the schools, or branches, of magic he found himself either more talented or favored three of the seven, Destruction, Conjuration, and Alchemy. Though this didn't mean he lacked ability in the others, he just found that he was better with the three.
  4. Master_Starsun

    Master_Starsun Jedi Youngling

    Jan 3, 2010
    Mai'q Approved
    -Name: Lestin Beauchamp
    - Age: 22
    -Gender: Male
    -Species: Breton
    -Faction: Mages Guild
    - Appearance: Shoulder length black hair, green eyes, and pale skin. Lestin wears blue clothes with a red cloak. The cloak has gold trim and was worn by his grandfather.
    - Class: Mage
    -Personality: Lestin is a little arrogant and believes magic will prevail every time over muscle. He is eager to learn as much as he can about the arcane and has a natural curiosity in necromancy.
    - Weapons: Although Lestin believes whole-heartedly in his spells, he carries a short sword.
    - History: Lestin grew up in Kvatch where his father tried to discourage his interest in magicka. After the deadra attack and his mother's death at the hands of a dremora, his father knew the one safe place for him would be the Mages Guild, where he would have a future beyond that of a refugee. So Lestin was sent to the Imperial City with his grandfather's cloak and the hopes of his father. Over the years Lestin proved to be a powerful mage and grew more and more interested in his own family history, esspecially his grandfather who was a great wizard. Now Lestin finds himself in the rebuilt city of his birth ready to make his mark on this world.
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