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  1. Minimilk

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    Feb 22, 2020
    As a fan who's been devoted to Star Wars ever since I was five years old, I believe I have credit to speak here. A quick disclaimer though. This is in no way an attack on Reylo fans. This is simply a discussion by both sides of an argument, and a way for both sides to maybe come to a compromise. This is, in a way, a healthy debate forum. For those of you who don't know, "Reylo" is a term used by fans who shipped Rey and Kylo as a couple. This was massively spurred on by the kiss in TROS. This is a place where we will discuss the pros and cons.You can make posts as much as you want, but here are some rules.

    The first post you make will begin such as this. (This will be my first post as well.)

    Side: You may choose Pro-Reylo, Anti-Reylo, or Neutral.
    Points: A minimum of two points and a maximum of ten points.
    What you hope to happen to the idea of "Reylo." :What you hope will become of Reylo. (Example down below.)

    Note: At the beginning of each post in this forum, please put your Side on the top. So people know if you are Anti Reylo, Pro Reylo, or Nuetral.

    My First Post.


    . As shown by Anakin and Padme, and their love that was shown through two movies, as well as Han and Leia's beautiful character arc in the OT, love is capable of being done right in Star Wars.

    .Kissing, a deep form of human emotion and compassion, is shown as a form of sealing the deal. You've been together for a long time. It's meant to show you have commitment to each other. Which Kylo and Rey did not have.

    . Kylo died right after the kiss, leaving Rey by herself, which is an odd choice for people who just pledged love.

    .The Fans are in an uproar. This is a choose a side. Now, If you've ever scrolled Pinterest and you follow Star Wars, it's likely you came across images such as this: (SFW. Don't worry it's just a pic of Rey and Kylo kissing.)

    .The Star Wars community is being taken over by Reylo. It's filled with phony fans, (not saying if you like Reylo your phony, but I know multiple people who are "fans" because of the kiss) romance enthusiasts, and people who have watched the scene way too many times,

    .The relationship is toxic. Kylo is a mass murderer and Rey is a Jedi.
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    Nope. We're not doing this. We have enough of this wretched argument on the forums, as is. We also don't allow anyone to make claims about who is and isn't a fan. Locking.
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