Official Info Rian Johnson to create a new Star Wars Trilogy

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    It also exciting becuase it is supposed to be all original
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    I couldn't agree more about hiring writers to write. I wish that they'd commission a bunch of SF/fantasy authors to pitch stories for a new trilogy. Maybe Rian Johnson is that guy, a story idea guy. I am not a fan of TLJ and based on it I wouldn't re-hire the guy, but I'll concede that Johnson is probably better suited to developing something new than he was to jumping into this trilogy. What will he come up with when he isn't working with well-worn, preexisting things? I don't feel as though I have a good sense of that.

    For what it's worth, I think that JJ Abrams is a better director than Rian Johnson. Take Johnson's ideas and Abrams' sense of putting things onscreen, and throw a good dialogue writer like Kasdan in between them, and that's probably the best case-scenario for Star Wars. Handing the reins over to just Johnson strikes me as uncomfortably close to George Lucas taking it all on himself.
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    No. Rian's sense of dialogue is conventional and slightly more juvenile than what was processed before. In fact, didn't he himself admit to make it more like Monty Python? He hasn't really done anything so special before that makes the ST have a unique style to it like the OT or PT.

    Lucas provided a formality in stylized dialogue in the format of 1930's-1960's, yet not without a sens of authenticity with lovely expressions in poetic romanticism. It was lavished with many bits of maturity but innocence was there nonetheless.

    His "ideas' were more or less re-used from his previous movies without that many changes actually.

    Overall, I like his films. A tad pretentious however...
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    I agree with the both of you, although I personally only seen the film once. I think the official information is that this new trilogy will be a divergence from the "main" Star Wars canon in that it won't take place where Episode 9 leaves off. If "The Last Jedi" is any indication, I think there will be a divergence not just in terms of plot, but probably in themes, and tone. I anticipate that further aspects of the Star Wars lore considered "sacred" would probably be turned on its head in the new trilogy.

    I personally don't have much concerns with Rian Johnson as both director and writer. The combination seemed to work fine for Alex Garland, Guillermo del Toro and Peter Jackson, though, of course, it could equally work well if the directorial and writing duties were split.
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    I don't consider TLJ even close to my favorite SW film. But athough I do have issues with it, the positives outweigh the negatives for me.

    That said, although I rank it low in terms of the overall saga, I do agree that as a film alone in its own right it was a well done and top notch production. Because of this I also am excited to see what he brings us in (presumably) a few years!

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    After this time has passed, I've given more thought to having RJ helming a new trilogy. And although I also agree he should not be given the job to write the story, I do also agree that most of what made me (and I'd wager others) dislike parts of TLJ were due to the fact that he was working with well established material that had an already set backstory, familiar characters and expectations. Working with a completely new storyline with completely new characters actually could be great-and I have no doubts about his ability to direct a great looking film. That was IMO one of TLJ's strengths. It was a well put-together movie, with nice imagery, angles, shots, and performances.

    PS. technically a double post, but it's been a year and a half...;)
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    Rian is awesome, I am far more excited about his future trilogy than with B&W. His new film "Knives Out" is a huge critical success. I can't wait to see what he can do with a clean slate, as what @DARTH_BELO was alluding to.
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    I actually think that I will like Rian's work more if he does his own trilogy with his own characters more than I did TLJ since for me the strengths of TLJ were in how he explored various thematic issues and in some of his imagery (such as the Prime Jedi symbol that I liked as a Star Wars version of a yin-yang symbol as well as the blood red streaks on Crait) while what struggled to work for me in TLJ was his characterization. Essentially for me Rian's thematic explorations and imagery worked well for me in TLJ but the characters he chose to explore those themes with was less successful. If he is working with his own original characters, I do feel that would be less of a problem for me. Many of Rian's sensibilities as a filmmaker do appeal to me since I do have a favorable opinion of some of his non Star Wars movies, so I could imagine liking an original trilogy by him more than TLJ. To me, this original trilogy would give him a chance to shine more with his strengths than TLJ did.