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    Corellia: Vigo's Manor
    After seeing Isha's holonet broadcast, the Corellian ordered the base on high alert and sounded the general evacuation order. He chastised himself for so foolishly trusting Malis. He had been so focused on destroying Banjeer and Bel Iblis that he had been blinded to the enemy hiding under his own nose. Now the Corellian's identity was known to everyone and he was implicated in the attempted assassination of the most important and powerful man in the galaxy. At least Bel Iblis's associates had also been revealed. Shadow Trooper hoped that ISB would prioritize the Senatorial traitors over a criminal like him, perhaps it would buy him enough time to evacuate and find a place to lay low for a while. Perhaps Hutt space would work. It was out of Imperial control and the Corellian was certain he could work out a deal with Durga. His plans were interrupted by the sudden blaring of an alarm klaxon. Shadow Trooper heard Captain Tulkis scramble into his office.
    "Imperial Troops have just engaged our forward guard post" the Whipid reported. "The scouts tell me that the Empire has sent 4 platoons of Stormtroopers and a pair of Walkers to destroy the Black Sun presence on Corellia."
    "It would appear that we are out of time then." Shadow Trooper shook his head sadly. He looked around his office for what he knew was going to be the last time. "I am really going to miss this place. This villa was mine for over 30 years. From within these walls I built myself a smuggling empire. Now it all seems to be crashing down around me."
    Tulkis grunted impatiently. "The Imperials have called in air support" he rasped. "Most of our freighters have already evacuated but I had some of our ships held back to escort us out." From down the hallway came the muffled thump of an explosion, followed by a scream. The Imperials must be getting close.
    "I think that was Landon that just got hit." Tulkis said. Tulkis remembered that man from the time when he had been captured by the Mandalorians. The men who were giving their lives fighting the Imperials right now were all of Vigo Shadow Trooper's best veterans but they stood no chance against the might of the Empire. Their loss would be a bitter blow to the Corellian's branch of Black Sun. Tulkis was relieved to see that his men still held the docking bay by the time he had finally shepherded the Vigo there. "The Boss is secure" he said to the pilot. "Prepare for immediate launch." The Vigo's ship and a screen of freighters and fighters blasted out of the docking bay. Waiting outside was a squadron of TIE Fighters, but thankfully no Capital ships yet. Tulkis ordered the fighters to engage the Imperials until the valuable cargo ships and the Vigo's personal craft could jump out of the system. This tactic allowed the Vigo and most of his fleet to escape, but at the cost of most of the fighters involved in the delaying action. Tulkis was again struck by the magnitude of their losses.
    Once they were clear of the system, Shadow Trooper ordered Tulkis to contact the garrison on Ylesia to prepare for the arrival of the smuggling fleet. They waited for the comm expectantly, but when they saw what was on the other end their relief turned to horror. Displayed in the blue light of the holo projector was an image of a smiling Durga the Hutt wielding a blaster pistol. At the foot of his dais was the tied up form of Vigo Scholomancer.
    "Well, Well" Durga rumbled cheerfully. "If it isn't my friend the Corellian. I heard about your plot to assassinate the Emperor." The Hutt laughed menacingly. "You guys really botched that one up good. I was surprised at your failure, considering how effective you guys were at murdering my father! "
    Shadow Trooper's face went pale. Scholomancer must have broken under torture, told them about everything...
    " You look afraid Corellian. Well you should be. I know everything about your silly little council, and now I'm going to get my revenge on all of you. Starting with this one here." Durga aimed his blaster at the helpless Scholomancer.
    "You wouldn't dare. Your arrangement with Black Sun is all that is keeping you from being ousted by the Desilijic..."
    "The partnership with Black Sun is crucial to Besadii dominance, it is true" Durga rumbled. "But that deal does not have to be with you." He pulled the trigger on his blaster. There was a flash of brightness, and then Scholomancer's head was vaporized. "I have made a bargain with Captain Malis, and with Prince Xizor. Xizor has agreed to further support the Besadii clan, bring justice to my father's murderer, and make me a full partner as the newest Vigo of Black Sun. He has connections with the Emperor that are deeper than anyone ever dreamed. Your downfall on Corellia was not an isolated incident. Even as we speak, his people and the Emperor will be moving in to destroy your strongholds all across the galaxy. Prepare yourselves for the end."
    The Corellian cut the comm feed. "Patch me in to the Vigo Council immediately. They need to be informed about this."
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    Almost a day now, Prince Xizor had been staying at the Manarai, a restaurant owned by none other than himself. The place had been turned into a real fortress. Not only were Imperial patrols stationed outside, Deshade bodyguards could be seen walking through the corridors. Xizor had taken every precaution to ensure his own safebeing. After all, he had just made some very powerful enemies. Enemies who had tried to assassinate him before. However, the Falleen did not seem worried at all. He knew his enemies were in no position to strike back. And he did not plan on giving them any chance to. As he put the last piece of Moonglow into his mouth, he was approached by a blond woman. Guri gave him an update about recent events. It appeared as if his plan had worked. The Vigo Council's network was rapidly falling apart, even faster than he had previously anticipated. Soon, he would be in charge of the criminal organization and there wouldn’t be anyone to stop him.

    After his effort to replace the Vigo Council with replica droids failed, he immediately started working on a new plan. Around that time, Trillian Banjeer began investigating his criminal enterprises, using a private detective called Mahwren to gather evidence. However, Banjeer and Mahwren did not realize he actually was feeding them information. Although Xizor did not know how to take advantage of the situation at first, everything changed when Durga the Hutt’s father got murdered. Especially after he found out Vigo Scholomancer was involved in the murder. By then, Banjeer had grown bold enough. Xizor learnt the justice officer was planning a coup. Since the Falleen was known to be a trusted associate of Emperor Palpatine, Banjeer demanded his cooperation. Providing insight in previous assassination attempts, Xizor managed to subtly convince the Imperial commander that he needed a Force-user on his side. The Falleen Prince then let Vigo Scholomander fall into Banjeer’s hands, giving Banjeer the opportunity to recruit Faya and her Black Sun employers. That way, Xizor had made sure the Vigo Council lost support from all its allies: not only the Hutts, but also the Imperials. Being cornered on all sides, it now was only a matter of time before the old Vigo Council would be entirely wiped out…

    OOC: Shadow Trooper, Darth Master Titus, ConservativeJedi321, Darth Rozic
    Now, it is your turn to post how Prince Xizor's takeover has affected your character's operations. The Vigo Council now is targeted not only by the Imperials, but also by the Hutts. So, you need to evaluate how much chances your character's network has to survive, who targets him first etc. You do not need to kill off your Vigo character though.
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    Titus had been on Manaan for years, dating back to around the Clone Wars. He had been there so long he had an HQ built near the Kolto mining operation. The mining operation was about a mile east of Hrakert Rift. Of course since Manaan was a water world, the HQ had been built atop a solid float.

    Mining was still taking place, but Titus really didn't need to oversee Manaan. It was not like Kessel, which required a lot of managing. Things here were peaceful enough. Not many concerns came up. He just spent a lot of time on the planet because of its scenery.

    Titus was reflecting on everything he has been through with the Black Sun. The friends he had made, and lost. The enemies he made, and killed. Ciro, and Pax were inside somewhere, after Ciro had stormed off when learning of Errai's demise, taking his cousin with him.

    He received a call from Quai, a local Selkath that he has worked with closely over the years in regards to the Kolto operation. "Titus, I have just received word that there are Imperial ships that have just entered Manaan's atmosphere. I am sure this has something to do with what is all over the Holonet. I would get out of here fast if I were you. Good luck," the call ended.

    There was only one reason they'd be here. Someone must have informed the Imperials about their galaxy-wide operations. He had one person in mind.

    A call was now coming in from Vigo Shadow Trooper. As he went to answer it, the alarms started to blare at HQ. The Imperials were on them already. With no time to waste, Titus ran inside the base, looking for Pax and Ciro. The workers he had inside the base was relatively small. He only kept secretaries to document all business activities. There were only 5 workers in total.

    Turning to them quickly, "Shred and burn all documents. Once you've done that, enter the submersibles and dive down to the Kolto plant. Alert everyone we are being raided by Imperials and to return home to their families. Be safe, and hurry."

    He quickly ran a few flights of stairs until he reached the housing floor of the HQ. Entering their room, Ciro was readying weapons. "What are the alarms for?", Ciro asked. "The Imps have found us."

    "Good. It's been a while since I've killed some Imps,". This angered Titus. "Look, now is not the time for vengeance. Live to fight another day, let's get Pax ready to move. We are taking my shuttle out of here ASAP."

    Sitting Pax down in a motorized wheelchair, they sped off for the elevator to take them to the shuttle hangar on base. Once in the ship, Titus wasted no time and fired up the engines.

    Flying out of the hangar proved to be very timely as just a few seconds later, a missile exploded it. Before long, the entire base was being bombed and raided. Soon, a TIE Fighter was on their tail, looking to shoot them down. Luckily enough for Titus, he had invested in a multi purposed shuttle, one that could just as easily navigate through water as it could the air. He pushed the controls forward as the craft plummeted to the ocean.

    Once submerged, Titus head west for about 3 miles before pulling up and heading straight to space. They had narrowly escaped the Imperials on Manaan.

    If it was not being raided already, the Kessel spice mine was sure to be under attack shortly. Not by the Imperials though. Titus believed the traitor would leave that for his Hutt friends.

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    The Capital city glistened at night, as the Black Sun Vigo stood atop one of the large public towers that dotted the cityscape. Dressed in dark, practical armor, with a robe overtop so he could blend in; he looked upon the large skyscraper that had been his home for the last few years. So much had changed since then. In some ways it was simpler when they started, just Conservative Jedi and his three agents. The ragtag bunch seemed invincible then. As if nothing could hurt them.

    They did the impossible, they expanded their criminal syndicate into the heart of the Empire, turned a raggedy old shack into a booming business. Now things couldn't look much worse. That life was gone, maybe some day it could be retrieved, but for now they had to retreat, had to survive.
    The loss of Ut-Reb had hit him hard, the Gungan had been a competent companion for them all since near the beginning, a friend. Wravachar hadn't even received an opportunity to grieve yet. By Conservative Jedi's orders the Wookiee was keeping consistent tabs on Otsisa Frerwalka as she continued the trip back to base. She hadn't told them the whole story, but it was very clear she was shaken up. It was more than Malis's betrayal, or Ut's death, she just seemed defeated. He was worried she would return to her old habits, or disappear completely. She needed comfort, and while he knew Wravachar had been stressed as well by recent events, he seemed to be coping with them better.

    The Vigo was taken out of his thoughts by several blinding lights flashing through the night sky. They weren't directed at him, but they were close enough to burn his eye's. "It's time." he muttered to himself. Several Imperial Gunships flew through by the towers, and a battalion of Storm Troopers were on the ground, making barricades, and preparing to enter the building. Some of his subordinates had called him crazy, they insisted Banjeer was bluffing. But Conservative Jedi would take no risks, if there was even a small chance their operation was compromised, it was better to cut his losses. It cost a fortune for sure, relocating all their supplies, and scrubbing their files clean. When the Imps entered the building, they would find nothing incriminating, or at least nothing they would live to tell about.

    He pulled an activation switch off his belt, and thought for a moment about how, for what was suppose to be a surprise attack at night, the Imps utterly failed to be secretive about it. Had his people been unprepared for this attack, the flashing lights would most certainly have alerted them to the raid. "Not very bright are they." He mused solemnly, as he pressed the button on the remote, and the tower went up in flames as a massive explosion erupted from its base. The whole thing would come down in minutes he knew, though he couldn't afford to wait and see. Instead he ran out onto the balcony, and leapt into his speeder, leaving the city behind.

    His communicator went off then, and a hologram of one of his operatives, a young human male appeared on the dash before him. "Report." The Vigo demanded. "We have confirmed almost fifty percent of our operatives have managed to go under ground. We know our guys on Duro, Devaron, Cardia, and Zeltros have all been arrested by the Empire; and the operatives in Hutt space have gone silent. Supposedly the Hutts are striking at them, but no confirmation on that yet. No tabs on anyone else either, but it will take time for Outer Rim reports to start flooding in. This has thrown the black market into chaos, estimate eighty nine thousand credits lost in the last twenty four hours." "Unfortunate. It will be a long while before we can build up again. Though at least we're alive. Meet me back at my old family estate in Juranno City. It has been unrelated to any Black Sun operations to date, so it should be safe." So much had been lost. But there was still hope, a chance for them to rebuild, someday.

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    S_Heffley was awoken by a quiet beeping sound. The noise shouldn't have been enough to wake him, and yet it did. The beep seemed familiar to him, like something he had known in a faraway life. It wasn't a bomb, he used to know this sound well but no longer could place what it was. All these thoughts went through his head for a few seconds, until he realized the source of the beep, and that his notion he used to know it in a different life wasn't far off.

    He rose from the bed he had found to sleep in during the year he had been gone from the Black Sun, quietly as to not wake the woman next to him that he intended to make his wife someday. Yes, it had only been a year, but S_Heffley was now so disconnected from his old life that if felt like far more. He had set out from Kashyyyk and practically rebuilt his identity. Using his contacts in the Underworld, he had made it virtually impossible for himself to be traced to the slave trader he used to be. He had somehow settled down on the Imperial planet of Naboo, and was now just a normal office worker among the residents. One of the two things that still connected him to his old life was his communicator, that he received coded messages from Ben on. This was the source of the beeping.

    S_Heffley walked over and picked up the device. It seemed so foreign in his hands. The last time it had been used was when he informed Ben that he had safely arrived on Naboo, and that to further separate himself from his life as a slave trader they must cut communications entirely unless in the case of emergency. The beeping now ensured that an emergency must be the case.

    The communicator designed was a strange one. Instead of a holographic projection it had a small view screen, along with text. This was personally designed so that messages could be sent without the seeing eyes of others around. However, the Imperials could still intercept these messages, therefore they needed to be coded. A button on the side of the device decoded the message automatically, so S_Heffley pushed this to show what Ben had sent him.

    Message: Xizor has betrayed our details to the Empire and the Hutts, and he plans to destroy us all. I know you've tried to separate yourself from this life, but we need your help. I've called in all the people I could, but we simply don't have enough ships too evacuate this place before the invasions starts. I don't like asking you to do this, but with enough credits you can do great things. Get us some more ships. Be at Kashyyyk as soon as possible.

    S_Heffley smiled. So Ben did know about the second thing that still connected him to his old life, the huge stash of credits he had taken with him when he left the Black Sun. He had planned on taking from it slowly, receiving luxuries as he pleased but not too many as for people to get suspicious. The credits lay in many different banks on many different planets, but could be drawn from any one of those banks. One of those was here right on Naboo.

    S_Heffley was about to make a very large withdrawal.

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    In his office, advisor Immodet was watching holonet feeds. The assassination attempt on Palpatine's life didn't exactly go as planned. Yet, from one point-of-view, it didn't matter much. Immodet had put everything he owned on the devaluation of the Imperial credit. Now, he was making a lot of money. The fact that Faya and Errai failed at their task, didn't change a thing: the Imperial credit took a dive anyway. Suddenly, one of Immodet's assistants entered his office. The Black Sun advisor wasn't amused: 'I told you I didn't want to be disturbed, remember?'. The assistant replied: 'My apologies, Sir. The local Imperial outpost contacted us. Captain Linkin received word a Star Destroyer will soon be entering the system. Luckily, he decided to let us know beforehand'. Then, Immodet's communicator started beeping. He was receiving a message from Vigo Shadow Trooper. Immediately, the advisor realized what was going on. He deleted all files from his computer and ordered the evacuation of Lorahns.

    Immodet had expected the evacuation to go smoother. Imperial gunships were already descending from the sky and he hadn't made it to his shuttle yet. Quickly, he entered the Ffib temple where he was greeted by one of the priests: 'Immodet, is it true? Are you abandoning us? I should have known criminals cannot be trusted. You will burn, Immodet, I promise you that!'. Immodet couldn't do otherwise than laugh at him: 'And you will burn with me. For years, you accepted my credits and now you start asking questions? Trust me, I am not abandoning you. More credits will appear on your bank account soon'. Then, he grabbed a Ffib coat and disguised himself as a priest. He returned to the streets where he snuck past Storm Troopers. In the vicinity of his shuttle, however, an Imperial officer made him stop. Captain Linkin, who had betrayed him, pointed a gun at his former ally. Although the Captain had been on Immodet's payroll for years, he now decided to save his own skin. Out of nowhere, blaster bolts appeared. The Imperial officer hit the ground before he knew what was going on. Immodet recognized the shooter as Milo, a boy who served the Ffib. He begged the Black Sun advisor to take him off-planet. Since the boy made Immodet remember about his own childhood, he decided to take the youngster with him. When they entered Immodet's private shuttle, Milo asked his new boss where he wanted to go. The advisor answered: 'Set course for the Outer Rim. Temporarily, we will be joining Jula Vez, at least if she still is out there. After all, we don't know which Ffib outpost is compromised, and a mobile command post in the shape of a pirate fleet always comes in handy'.
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    Getting the money from the bank was the easy part. It was an automated system, so S_Heffley simply put in the amount he wanted to withdrawal and got his credits from there. Because it was such a large amount, the money was put onto a credit chip and deposited to him from a droid. The problem now was getting off the planet in time, with extra ships behind him. Such a large transaction was bound to attract attention, not only from imperials but also from criminals who somehow managed to gain access to that sort of information. The instant S_Heffley thought that, though, he realized how ironic it was to be thinking of criminals in such a negative manner. He used to be a criminal himself. Not only that, but a criminal was exactly what he needed to save his friends on Kashyyyk.

    Several hours after leaving the bank, S_Heffley found himself on the doorstep of a house he had never wanted to go to.

    Back in the old days, before S_Heffley joined the Black Sun, he had had his own network of contacts. The man that lived in this house was one of them. An excellent slicer, S_Heffley had hired him for many missions. But after he had joined the Black Sun the man fell of his radar. Only recently did S_Heffley find out he had also settled down here on Naboo, when he had appeared on the HoloNet News for a recent scientific achievement of his. It had been just vague curiosity that had led him to seek the man's address, somewhat illegally. It wasn't far from his own home, all things considered. 3 hour drive by speeder, no more. He had never intended to come here, but now he needed to.

    He knocked on the door, and a tall, old man with glasses and a grey beard answered. His eyed widened under his spectacles as he realized who was standing before him.

    "What are you..." he said in surprise, but caught himself, realizing it was very early in the morning, "Please, come in."

    S_Heffley walked in to the man named Urwin's home.

    They sat down across from each other in his living room, and they both stared at each other awkwardly for a few moments. Urwin managed to collect himself just enough to say, "I don't mean to be rude. But whatever you have to offer I don't want it. I'm a scientific man now. I'm not a criminal."

    "As so I thought," said S_Heffley, "but destiny has a strange way of running things. My friends are in trouble. They have been betrayed by an even worse criminal, and now the imperials are going to kill them all. These are good people, Urwin. Better than the imperials will ever be. Some of the things the imperials have done are much, much worse than anything I ever saw as a criminal. I can't let them do this. You know you can't, Urwin."

    "No!" yelled Urwin, "I'm not gonna get involved with this!"

    "There will be credits. I just need you to hack some ships, take away the security protections from the outside. And of course find me some people to fly those ships. Come on, you are probably the only slicer around with that kind of ability."

    "No amount of credits can make me change my mind!"

    "How about a billion?"

    A look of shock came over his face. "The things I could do with a billion credits!" He seemed to contemplate this for a bit. Eventually he held out his hand. "This offer is too good to pass up," he said with a laugh.

    They shook on it, and S_Heffley said jokingly, "You sure do charge a lot."

    "Yes," Urwin said with a chuckle, "How many ships do you need?"

    "I'd say about 20."

    "20! Well, that will be a bit tough, but doable. How soon do we have to leave?"

    "The earliest possible. Give me three hours to get to my own ship, we need to be at Kashyyyk by midday. I’ll try and contact you then. You have a comlink, yes?”

    They exchanged the needed information for communication.

    “I hope there will be pay for the flyers of these ships as well?” asked Urwin.

    “Of course.”

    “Good. There will certainly be guards at the spaceport. You can't expect my friends to risk their lives for free, can you?”

    “Who are these friends anyway?”

    “I don't want to say too much. You'll find out. But what they do is very, very illegal.”

    S_Heffley smiled at him, “That's just the way I like it.”
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    Outer Rim

    When Immodet's shuttle exited hyperspace, it nearly crashed into a huge debris field. The boy, who was flying the ship, clearly did not possess the right navigation skills for the job. And who could blame him? Milo, after all, had only seldomly left his homeworld Lorahns. Nobody had learnt him how to fly. Quickly, Immodet took control of the ship, safely bypassing the debris field. Although the Black Sun advisor wasn't exactly a good pilot, he was a better one than his young friend. At a safe distance, the two men stared at the floating rubble. Milo expressed his concerns: 'Sir, isn't that supposed to be Jula Vez' pirate fleet? What are we going to do now? We are doomed'. A smile appeared on Immodet's face. He inserted a code which he transmitted into space. His companion Milo clearly didn't understand what his boss was doing: 'If your enemies pick up that code, we will soon be flying space dust! Please, stop!'. At that moment, a ship, which had been hidden behind the nearest moon, appeared. Immodet's shuttle was caught in its tractor beam. The boy started panicking, resorting to Ffib prayer. All Immodet could do, was smile. Especially when the ship entered the hangar bay and he saw Jula Vez waiting for him. 'Relax, son, this all was part of the plan. Vez decided to stage the destruction of her flagship in order to lure the Hutts away from this area', Immodet explained, 'However, I want to warn you. Though Vez may protect us, some of her men may betray us to take away my money. So, be very careful. Trust only me'.
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    Conservative Jedi flipped several switches, and the old lights slowly fluttered on. It wasn't as fancy as their old building, but it would work. His family was once a minor noble house on Alderaan, his mother the seventh, and youngest child of that House. So while she certainly didn't inherent a fortune, she made a modest living on the outskirts of Juranno City.
    She had always insisted to him that his father was a distant cousin of the great House Antillese. But he never believed her. That was a long time ago now he realized reluctantly. He hadn't been here since before he joined the Republic navy. He had continuously paid out of pocket to prevent the place from being bulldozed after it was deserted since then, but because of its long desertion it was completely unrelated to Black Sun activity.

    If there was one disadvantage to living here it was that none of his usual aliases would work here. It was possible, perhaps probable that many of the citizens of the city would recognize him. Or at least recognize the history of this House. Meaning the only excuse he had for living here now was admitting he was part of it. A life he had wanted to leave behind years ago, come back to haunt him.

    Even so it should make little difference in regards to the safety of the home. Since he left the navy he had been using one alias after another to the point where he barely recognized his real name. So while taking up the role of a minor noble of Alderaan would be strange to him, it shouldn't ring any alarm bells from the Imperials, or the Hutts for how little they were relevant here.

    "Whatever works." He mumbled to himself. A large growling noise was heard, and he moved into another room where he found Wravachar sitting on a large dusty sofa. The large Wookiee sure had made himself comfortable fast. "Oh nothing." He said dismissing his friends concern. "Have you heard from Otsisa? Is she almost back?" A gruff reply came his way, and The Vigo nodded his head. "Passing Ojom then? Hm, a day's voyage at most from there unless my estimates are off. I do hope she is alright." Silence passed between them, before Conservative Jedi broke it. "How fast do you think you can get the computer grid up and running?" He sat down next to the Wookiee, and placed a hand on a low level terminal he had always used as a Covi Table in his youth. Wravachar went into a long tirade trying to speak in techy talk to such a degree Conservative Jedi couldn't decipher much of anything he said. "Woh woh buddy, can you say that in layman's terms?"

    The Wookiee simply responded by bashing his fist down on the metal computer which made a slight beeping sound, lit up, then crashed. "So not looking good huh?" Wravachar offered a short grunt that amounted to 'I can do anything. just give me time.' "Good to hear. Work as fast as you can. We need eye's in high places just in case we were somehow tracked here."

    The Vigo then moved out onto the balcony, overlooking the town. His organization had been decentralized on his order. His employee's sent to blend in with the population of the planet, to stay hidden until contacted. His market had grinded to a halt. As a business person Conservative Jedi knew any moment he was not making money he was losing it. He didn't like it one bit. But he was playing the long hall now. He couldn't make money if he was imprisoned or dead. Perhaps he should flee to the outer rim? Well out of the Empires grip. But something told him it would be better to stay where he was. Hiding right under then Empires noes, who would possibly guess? It was unpredictable, and he hoped that unpredictability would work in his favor. It was a big planet, no way they would find him. What place could be safer than Alderaan?
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    Zesha and Duunava were in a hurry to evacuate. The prison was beyond hope. They had lost the spice mines. Hutt forces piled into the facility without end it seemed. Gamorreans and other hired mercenaries were sent to get the job done. The Black Sun made sure the facility had appropriate security, but it was nowhere near enough to push their attackers back.

    At this point, all they could do was salvage their lives. Oddly enough, the alarms and sensors weren't tripped until it was too late. They never saw the attack coming.

    The two Togrutas scrambled for their personal belongings. Once they safely evacuated the prison facility, they would be returning to Shili, their home world. Never would they return here, or anywhere the Black Sun had a presence. Titus had gotten them into this mess, they would not want anything to do with them. But first, they needed to escape.

    "Hurry up, Zesha! We have to go now!", Duunava was truly in survival mode. "What about everybody else?" Zesha offered. A flash of annoyance and anger flicked across his face. He lunged at her, grabbing her wrists and pulling her down the hallways to the rooftop exit, where they could take a shuttle out of there.

    Explosions rocked the infrastructure from within, reverberating through the floors. Zesha felt so much remorse leaving all of the workers inside for dead, but ultimately she was hopeless against the Hutt's forces. Duunava on the other hand had no shred of guilt within him. Only caring about getting his sister and himself out of there alive. And rightfully so. They had no ties or anything connecting them to this place and its people.

    He had only decided to come to Kessel because Titus had offered him an astonishing amount of credits just to oversee mining operations. Of course he would take the job, he'd be a fool not to. Well, now he seemed to be a fool for accepting the offer. He and his sister were facing certain death if they did not escape immediately.

    The Togruta siblings made the final push for the rooftop, hoping for a clean escape.

    Elsewhere in the facility Gleem was fighting off a score of attackers.

    For him, this was probably a stroll in the park seeing as how he is a Mandalorian. A bunch of uncoordinated Gamorreans weren't going to take him down. The hired mercenaries on the other hand would be slightly a less awful challenge.

    More and more poured into the place, and more and more he killed.

    Suddenly grenades were being tossed all over the place, and as each one detonated, the more dire his situation became.

    But Gleem certainly would find a way out of this..

    Titus had finally made it to Kessel. And just as he suspected, the mining facility was in the process of being raided. The Hutts were taking it over for themselves amid the Black Sun chaos.

    Pax and Ciro were in his ship alongside him.

    "I knew there was no hope here. This operation is lost, too. I only came here for a few people in particular..."

    Hovering over the prison, Titus set his eyes on a rooftop where personal ships and shuttles were docked. On the rooftop was about 10 Hutt guards stationed, all ready to blast those who fled away from the attackers inside.

    As Titus began to tell Ciro to clear the men out, the rooftop door flew open as Zesha and Duun stumbled out. It was too late. The guards opened fire, blasting them both to death.

    More lives ruined because of me..Titus especially regretted bringing Zesha to Kessel. She was such a free spirit who cared more for others than herself. But he knew she was tied to her brother's hip. Whatever he did, she would do to watch over him and keep his head on straight. He had used that as an advantage to recruit them, but now he wished he would have never returned to Shili.

    Titus pulled back on the controls, lifting higher into the air and preparing the hyperdrive for jump.

    Kessel was lost.
  11. General Immodet

    General Immodet Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 5, 2012
    Outer Rim

    After being greeted by Jula Vez, Immodet and Milo got the opportunity to take some rest in one of the private quarters. Although the Black Sun advisor was tired from the long and troublesome journey, he decided to read through some reports first. The situation wasn't exactly looking good for Black Sun. Not only did Titus just send in a report about the fall of Kessel, the organization's shipyards in the Excarga system had fallen into enemy hands as well. All members of the Vigo Council appeared to be on the run, being chased by both the Imperials and the Hutts. Many of their associates had died while others had crossed over to Prince Xizor's side. 'Luckily, I still have some money left', Immodet thought, 'Some money? All the money in the Galaxy!'. Milo got up and slowly walked towards him: 'What are we going to do now, Sir?'. Immodet stared at him for a while. Actually, he hadn't made up his mind yet. Would use the money to live a luxurious life on some backwater planet, or would he use it to retain his power position?

    Suddenly, Immodet received a message from someone he hadn't heard from since Xizor's takeover started: the Black Sun Overlord. The flickering image of Mr. Blue was projected into the room. Well, well, well, Immodet, I see we find ourselves in quite a predicament, don't we? Laughter. Immodet couldn't tell what was funny about the whole situation. Desperate times require desperate measures. Our ally on Coruscant, Bookman, has contacted me. Recently, he gained control of the Coruscanti Crime Families, and now he has found us an engineer. An engineer, perhaps I need to be more specific. The same engineer who helped Arok the Hutt create his gravity well generator. The same engineer who would have helped Trillian Banjeer carry out his coup. His skills are quite remarkable, I must say. Bookman has proposed using the Coruscanti Crime Families and this engineer to strike back at our enemies. Prince Xizor is holed up at a restaurant called the Manarai, and thus makes an easy target. I agree with Bookman. Yet, it is important we leave nothing to chance. We need to devise a plan, together. On my behalf, you will contact the Vigo Council. Ask all members to assemble at my base on Eclipse. I will send you the coordinates. Normally, I am not very fond of visitors, but this time I shall make an exception. Like I said, desperate times require desperate measures. Tell the Vigos I only expect them, not their servants. Good, good, good. See you soon. Immodet did as he was told and transmitted the message to the Vigo Council.

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    Your characters have been invited by the Black Sun Overlord. Now, it is your turn to post your character's reaction to the invitation. You also may include him traveling to Eclipse, should he accept the invitation.
  12. Shadow Trooper

    Shadow Trooper Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 18, 2013
    Somewhere in the Outer Rim..
    Shadow Trooper was not pleased with the transmission from the Underlord recalling him to Eclipse. For years the Man had been content to let the Vigos run the show. His sudden intervention during this moment of crisis was most unwelcome to the Corellian.
    "The fool wants us to gather together in his hideout?" Shadow Trooper shook his head incredulously after listening to the message for the upteenth time. "And with no protection either. These young punks do not remember the lessons of Alexi Garyn."
    "What lessons where those exactly?" Tulkis asked.
    "To never gather together in one place." Shadow Trooper replied. "In the years before the Clone Wars, that tattooed Zabrak, Maul caused turmoil in the organization when he started murdering Vigos. This caused a panic and all of the fools joined Garyn on Ralltir for protection and they ended up all slaughtered. When Advisor General Immodet and I seized power after this event, we vowed that this would not happen to Black Sun under our watch."
    "The Underlord seems resolved on this course of action. What do you intend to do?"
    The Corellian had the face of a man resigned to his doom. "I will obey the Underlord of course. Xizor, Durga and their Imperial lap dogs took everything from me when they framed me for the terrorist attacks of Banjeer. I will obey because maybe the Underlord has found a way to get revenge. This might be some part of a greater strategy which is too much for a smuggler like myself to comprehend. I just have this bad feeling that all of this is going to go wrong."
    "My men and I will accompany you to the Underlord's lair, despite his prohibitions" Tulkis growled. "I am tired of being the prey. If this meeting is a chance to tun the tables on our enemies and to become once more the Hunters, then I want to be a part of it."
    "Mr. Blue was very strict about the conditions of this meeting" Shadow Trooper argued. "This will not be permitted."
    "Then let me go in your stead" said the Whipid. "This promises to be the hunt of the life time. If this is truly a trap like you expect, let me be the one to spring it. Ou enemies will discover that this beast is not one to be hunted lightly."
    "Very well. I consent to your plan. The Underlord only specified that he wanted the Vigo of Corellia present, he never specified that he wanted me. Tulkis, I hereby grant you my title as a Vigo of Black Sun!"
    When Tulkis boarded the Shuttle to Mr. Blue's place, Shadow Trooper made not of his destination. Just because ST wasn't showing his face at the meeting did not mean that he did not plan on going. Mr. Blue's plan seemed foolish to the Corellian but he could use it in ways to benefit his own objective. "Have the fleet Shadow Tulkis", the Corellian ordered his crew. "Stay at the edge of the ystem so our ships are not detected. If it looks like Xizor or Durga have taken the bait and attack the meeting, then we will spring a tap of our own."
  13. ConservativeJedi321

    ConservativeJedi321 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 19, 2016

    The Vigo was just contemplating the Underlords offer when he heard the noise of a shuttle landing on the large patio outside. "Wravachar!" He said alerting the large Wookiee who was lying under the central computer still trying to get it up and running. Wravachar bumped his head as he jumped up, and roared out in anger, rubbing his cranium in frustration. "Calm down." ConservativeJedi insisted, before calmly explaining. "She's arrived."

    By then he could see the pink Twi'lek moving down the ramp slowly. Her tattered grey robe was rapped tightly around her, and it was apparent she had been crying. The Human approached her slowly, trying to gage how she was feeling. It had been a rough few weeks for them all. As he opened his mouth to offer his condolence's, Wravachar wailed out his own regrets, and wrapped Otsisa in a large embrace. ConservativeJedi didn't want to ruin the moment, but he couldn't waste time. They had to come to a decision.

    "We will all miss Ut-Reb Chets." He offered quietly. "But we will have to mourn him later. The Black Sun Underlord has requested the Vigo Council meet on Eclipse."

    As Wravachar set her back on the ground she exhaled slightly, putting on a strong expression. "I am at your service Vigo, as always..." though he wasn't sure how much more they could take. For the first time in a long time their future seemed uncertain. Otsisa had been the most affected by Ut-Rebs death, because she bore witnessed to it. But it was like a punch in the gut for all of them. Conservative Jedi had felt an increasing paranoia since it happened. He wasn't sure if he could trust his instincts, something just seemed wrong about all of this.

    The Wookiee grunted out the question that was on all their minds, and the Vigo hesitated before he answered. "I.. honestly don't know. I have read the historical records. I am aware of what happened to the council under Garyn's command. I doubt the Underlord would willingly deceive us, but it sounds awfully like a trap to me. It could just be the recent tragedy on Naboo, but I think it would be foolish to go without a backup plan."

    He turned back into the house and took a seat on the couch before the holonet transmitter. Resting his elbows on his knees he thought deeply on this for a few moments before speaking. "Ojom, the homeworld of the Besalisk's is in the deep core correct? In a relatively close proximity to Eclipse if i'm not mistaken by the coordinates the Mr. Blue sent." Wravachar nodded, with a confirming growl. Conservative Jedi looked to Otsisa with his next question. "And we had an operative there before the Imperial strikes right?" The Twi'lek took a moment to think before she confirmed that point as well. "A small outpost run by one Besalisk called Grevon Woxx I believe. Used primarily as a stopping point for goods being transported throughout the core and northern quarter. The Natives also bought illegal weapons from time to time bringing in a decent profit."

    The Wookiee explained that Grevon was believed to have died in an Imperial raid on that world during the early stages of their attacks on the Black Sun. A plan began forming in his mind carefully. "We need to begin the process of rebuilding anyways. We probably won't get far, but by salvaging what remains of our previous outposts we can at very least prevent ourselves from going bankrupt in the aftershock of these attacks. It only makes sense that we would lay the foundation for our new Black Market in the Core and Inner Rim, before tiptoeing back into the expansion region."

    He picked a datapad off the table and began transcribing orders onto it. "I want you to contact whatever is left of my leadership in the galaxy, and tell them to converge in these sectors. Start with Caamas, Skako, Phu, Alsakan, Anaxes, and whatever other worlds you believe to be the most appropriate. Just tell them to be discrete." He handed the datapad to Wravachar, and with a point declared. "I want you two to take a couple mercenary bands and personally oversee the job on Ojom. I will go to this meeting, and periodically send you an all clear message. If I miss any intervals you should assume the worst."

    "No boss, let us go instead! You must stay safe, we can't lose you too." Otsisa insisted. The human simply shook his head. "Mr. Blue was very strict in his instructions. And I'm tired of sending minions to do my job anyways. I'm going, and that is that. Plus it's probably nothing. Trust me."

    He got on his feet, and moved to his room to begin packing. He would take his personal shuttle, The Shade of the Shine II of course, and would need refreshments for the voyage there, and hopefully back. As well as a change of clothes, and perhaps a hand blaster just in case. He stopped himself as he came to the door, turning once more, back to face his lieutenants, with a small grin on his face he spoke. "Oh, and I do suggest you bring some winter gear to Ojom. I hear it's freezing there." He let the joke sink in before he returned to his business.
  14. s_heffley

    s_heffley Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 7, 2015
    Roughly 3 hours later, S_Heffley was ready at the controls of his own ship, the one he hadn't flown in years, known as the Ordo. Although it wasn't unusual for residents of a planet as large as Naboo to be out this early in the morning, the former Vigo still attracted much unwanted attention due to his large size and menacing look. Many glares followed him as he traveled, though he suppressed them with a menacing stare of his own. It was sad, S_Heffley thought. He would rather be smiling and talking to these people, proving that he was not the monster he looked to be. That's how he had made so many friends since coming here to Naboo. But he wasn't in the position to make friends at the moment, he needed to focus on the task at hand.

    S_Heffley brought out his comlink.

    "Urwin, I'm at my ship. What's your status?"

    "Is the connection secure?"

    "Doubt it, but unless the imps specifically tuned into our conversation they wouldn't hear it? You got the ships?"

    "Yep, 20 as you requested. Do you wish to come and see?"

    "Well, I've been out of the business for a while, but I've been in it long enough to know you never trust anyone, even if the person is someone you trust completely. Besides, I want to meet your friends."

    "Copy that, we will wait for you."

    The trip to the space station by ship was much faster than by speeder, and in 20 minutes S_Heffley touched down for a landing.

    He lowered the ramp, and found a party of about 60 waiting for him. In the front were Urwin, and a man he recognized because he had shown up so often in wanted holograms and HoloNet news stories.

    "Presal Nassel, at your service," the man introduced himself.

    "I recognize you. And I have to say, when I found out Urwin had friends that could help him with this job, I was hoping to see your face," responded S_Heffley.

    "Yes, well, I'm glad to do anything that will deal a blow to the Empire. However, I can't go on this mission. The resistance needs me here."

    "I completely understand. You've provided me with so much I can't thank you enough. You'll receive your payment when we return."

    Nassel smiled, and disappeared into the crowd.

    "Well," S_Heffley said, now to Urwin, "I think it's time. Tell everyone to get into their ships. And try and find a co-pilot for me."

    "That won't be necessary, as I'll be your co-pilot."

    S_Heffley looked at the almost 70 year old man, "Say no more," he said with a smile, "all too often older people get a lust for the adventure they had in the old days. I'll be happy to have you as my co-pilot."

    "Alright," said Urwin, and he began shouting orders. S_Heffley wished he could say it was pretty, but eventually the ships were manned and ready for take off. All ships awaited for the Ordo to take off into the sky, so they could follow and kill the imperials they hated so much. S_Heffley hesitated a bit. He thought of all the memories he had with this ship; that feeling he always had when he flew it to adventure. But he realized the moment was not for reminiscing, and that his friends were in danger. He tapped on the controls, and sent the Ordo flying into battle for the last time.
  15. s_heffley

    s_heffley Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 7, 2015
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  16. Darth Master Titus

    Darth Master Titus Jedi Knight star 4

    Dec 10, 2014
    Deep Space

    Titus was asleep at the helm. It was going on a week in which he had experienced little to no sleep. Ciro was watching the controls and examining the open space out of the viewport. Pax was awake in the third chair, humming a jazzy tune to keep himself occupied.

    The Vigo took advantage of the calmness of space, entering deep into the conscious state of mind. He experienced a handful of dreams that lasted minutes, but felt like hours. Mainly his dreams were replaying the recent events of the past 24-48 hours. Every time he had to re-witness one of his friend's deaths he began to toss and turn forcefully in his chair.

    You abandoned us. Errai called out to Titus. I wish I had never met you. Zesha proclaimed. Then Rig, the fallen cousin of Pax and Ciro, emerged out of the mist next to Errai, both raising their blasters and squeezed the trigger. A flash of white light jolted Titus awake, breathless.

    "It's just a dream, Titus." Pax offered. "It didn't feel like one," Titus replied. Ciro turned around and gave Titus a sorrowful glance. "I do not blame you for Rig and Errai's deaths. It may not seem that way, but I truly do not. We chose this life for ourselves, not you. We fought for Errai because he fought for you. You trusted Errai with your life as he did with you. Your sadness is consuming you enough. I don't want to pile onto your suffering. I am not mad at you. Consider my life in your debt until the end, Titus."

    All Titus could offer in reply was an accepting smile and a nod before they were interrupted with a message. Ciro summarized the message so Titus could hear it.

    "It is General Immodet. He says Overlord Mr. Blue has summoned all of the Vigos to his base in the Deep Core planet, Eclipse. Apparently only the Vigos are to show, nobody else."

    "Don't go, Titus." Pax chimed in. "For all we know, this could be a setup to tie up all loose ends. What better way to cover your hide than to eliminate all of your men who happen to all be sitting under one roof..? Or what if the Imperials catch onto his scheme and crash the meeting. This doesn't sound good,"

    Titus pondered Pax' remarks before speaking up, "These are very plausible outcomes Pax, I know. But at this point there is not much else to do. Good thing is that you two have not been permitted to attend the meeting. Regardless of what happens on Eclipse you two will be far from danger."

    The two started to interject before Titus waved them off. "I am ordering for you two to get far away from trouble as possible. I will take my chances on Eclipse. Besides, I have lost everything. There is not much you two can do for me anymore. Me dragging you along is pointless, and selfish. I will be there with the other Vigos. If we find ourselves in a bind, maybe I can rely on them to help me out of there.

    Set the coordinates for Eclipse."
  17. Darth Master Titus

    Darth Master Titus Jedi Knight star 4

    Dec 10, 2014
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  18. General Immodet

    General Immodet Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 5, 2012
    Outer Rim

    Before leaving, Immodet wanted to say goodbye to Jula Vez. The Iridonian woman, after all, had provided him with a place to stay while most others would have turned him over to the Empire or the Hutts. As he entered the command room, he saw a hologram display of Mosep Binneed projected across the room. Vez greeted the Black Sun advisor, holding a bottle of Corellian brandy in her hand: 'Cheer up, Immodet! I have reason to celebrate! For weeks, I have been looking for the Nimbanel bastard who betrayed Vigo Scholomancer. Finally, I managed to locate him. He just showed up in one of the casinos on Ord Mantell. Let's drink to that!'. Instead of joining the party, Immodet could only disapprove of Vez' behavior: 'The Nimbanel is unimportant at the moment. Besides, I don't think he showed up on Ord Mantell by accident. He probably knew Black Sun was looking for him...'. Suddenly, the Black Sun advisor came up with an idea: 'Hm, now I think about it... this might be an opportunity for us. The Besadii have turned on us, so we need new allies in Hutt space. Binneed's masters, the Desilijic, are the perfect candidates. Why don't you arrange a meeting between Mosep Binneed and me? That way, we can discuss business'. Jula Vez didn't like what Immodet was proposing, she didn't like the idea at all. She violently threw the brandy bottle on the ground, making it shatter into a thousand pieces. Immodet knew the time had come to leave. He slowly walked away, hoping Vez' pirate crew wouldn't raise a hand against him.

    Upon returning to his quarters, Immodet stumbled upon Milo who had packed his stuff. He took hold of his bags and then shook hands with his young companion. He reminded Milo to be careful: 'Those pirates aren't people like us. If you feel threatened, then you don't hesitate. Sneak away from the ship and use the credits I put on your account. Be prepared. I might be needing you and those credits in the near future. Should I not contact you, then you are free to do as you please. Good luck, son. May the Force be with you'. Immodet turned around, making his way to the hangar bay. In the corner, a band of Nikto had gathered who were looking at him in an angry way. The Black Sun advisor didn't give them a second look. He entered his private shuttle and set course for Eclipse. Clearly, he couldn't have stayed on the pirate vessel for much longer. Hopefully, Vez and her crew would leave Milo alone...
  19. Shadow Trooper

    Shadow Trooper Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 18, 2013
    Tulkis was very impressed by the level of secrecy which the Underlord had disguised his base. If he did not have the exact co-ordinates, Tulkis would never have found the Underlord's fortress. He wondered how the Imperials could possibly find this place. Perhaps the Corellian's fears of discovery and betrayal were unfounded. While Tulkis had initally been wary too after hearing the story of Ralltiir, the precautions taken by the Underlord were begining to persuade the Whipid otherwise. Upon stepping out of the Vigo's ship, Tulkis immediately found himself the target of a vast array of blaster weapons. This confirmed his earlier impressions about the Underlord's security.
    "Do not move." The speaker's tone was robotic, so the security must have been droids rather than organics."You are not the Corellian. The Underlord's instructions were very specific!"
    "Indeed. It was specified that the Vigo of Corellia was to report to Eclipse" Tulkis bowed. "Here I am, at your service. You will find my credentials on this datapad."
    "Very well. You may proceed."
    Tulkis was awed by the interior of the asteroid. He had been the top Lieutenant of the Smuggling branch of Black Sun and yet he had never even known of the existence of this place until Vigo Shadow Trooper had assigned him to this new mission. After getting a feel for the layout of the asteroid base, Tulkis settled in to his quarters and began checking over his weapons. While he thought the chance of the Imperials finding them was slim, it was good to be prepared for any eventuality. There was a part of Tulkis's mind that hoped that Xizor and Durga and the Empire found them. He would look forward to such a hunt. Just as Tulkis had finished preparing his weapons, an alert chimed in the room which informed him of a new arrival. It would appear that the rest of the Vigos were now gathering. Never in his entire life had Tulkis worked with a group so cunning and dangerous. Tulkis looked forward to planning Black Sun's revenge with them.
  20. General Immodet

    General Immodet Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 5, 2012

    Captain Tulkis was quite right about Eclipse's defenses. The Overlord's hideout was located in the Deep Core, an area which was very difficult to navigate. Being surrounded by an asteroid field, the base was even more difficult to reach. When Immodet's shuttle exited hyperspace, the Black Sun advisor sent out the necessary identification codes and then requested some assistance. He clearly did not plan on flying through the asteroid field on his own. Not too long after, a strange-looking spacecraft appeared, connecting itself to Immodet's shuttle. The advisor set his shuttle on self-destruction before entering the other ship. For some reason, he wasn't allowed in the cockpit and no one came to greet him. To Immodet's surprise, the pilot flew through the asteroid field with ease. When they docked, a metallic voice ordered him to leave the ship. As he walked down the boarding ramp, two guards approached him. Using their hands, or what looked like their hands, they told him to follow. Immodet was astonished. Never before had he seen a place like this. It appeared as if he had entered another world, an advanced world in which there was no room for emotion.

    The guards led him to the command room in which all other guests had been assembled. The Black Sun advisor looked around him. In the corner of the room, Vigo Darth Rozic was standing all by himself. A smirk appeared on the Iridonian's face when he saw Immodet enter. Another person who didn't seem to reach out to anyone else, was Shadow Trooper's second-in-command Tulkis. Instead, he seemed to prepare himself for the upcoming fight. Only one word could describe the Whipid's attitude: concentration. In the middle of the room, everyone else had gathered: Vigos Darth Master Titus, ConservativeJedi321, The Star Wars Archivist and, from s_heffley 's faction, Zeema. Everyone was engaged in conversation, except for Titus. The Overlord's Hand didn't seem to be completely himself, staring at the ground for most of the time. Immodet decided to join their group, shaking everyone's hands. Although they now worked together for quite some time, most of them he had never met in person. Then, some concealed doors opened itself, revealing the Black Sun Overlord, Mr. Blue Thuro.

    Mr. Blue slowly walked towards them. The smile on his face didn't seem genuine, but the Vigo Council was already used to his strange behaviour. He got seated in a large, white chair which suddenly rose from the floor. After pushing some buttons, a hologram projection appeared in the room showing a battle plan. The Black Sun Overlord started speaking: 'Bookman Jax Nova and I have already been working on some ideas. Any suggestions, however, are welcome. Let us...'. Rozic didn't give Mr. Blue time to finish his sentence: 'Where is Bookman anyway? Seems like I am wasting my time'. The Overlord started laughing at the Iridonian's comment. Immodet knew Rozic better shut up, otherwise things would not end well for him. To Immodet's surprise, Mr. Blue answered Rozic's question: 'Bookman just entered the system. Since he came from Coruscant, I took extra precautions. I let him wait up there, making sure he is not being followed by the Imperials. Everythings seems to check out. My scanners show he has brought the engineer Vish Tunn with him since a second life form was detected onboard. Even my men are amazed by Tunn's capabilities. Surely, he will make a useful tool. Imagine using his skills. The possibilities are endless'. The Overlord just went on, giving no one else the opportunity to interrupt.
  21. Jax Nova

    Jax Nova Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 22, 2014
    As if to confirm the statement of Mr. Blue a message flicked across the communications. Bookman had just docked and the solid metal cage holding the engineer was being unloaded.

    Bookman stepped out of the ship as the guards unloaded the cage. The cage walls were solid, not a trace of light even let in for the poor captive. Bookman looked back as the guards unloading it stumbled and let one corner clank on the floor before they scooted it onto a hover lift.

    "I would be careful with that if I were you," he said, an almost amused tone to his voice. He then chuckled softly. "No matter. Let us join the rest."

    Bookman followed, gazing around at his surroundings as they made their way to the control room where everyone was gathered. As the doors opened he saw before him all the Vigos whom he had been working with lately. His induction to black sun was more of a choice of necessity more than desire and something about this whole gathering made him sick to the stomach. Pushing his current emotions aside he focused on the future. It was a promising future. One where all his troubles promised to vanish.

    Bookman threw his arms out wide as if to envelope the entire room in a large welcome hug. "Well! At last we are all assembled!" he smiled and chuckled just a bit. "I have to say I have been very interested in meeting some of you... but these were not the circumstances I had in mind." He looked back and motioned to the slave cage that sat off to his right and slightly behind him. "I've brought a present," he said. "I discovered it can do some very amazing tricks!" he chuckled again, clearly not quite himself at the moment. "So..." he laughed, yet again. He almost acted like he couldn't contain his laughter. Bookman took a deep breath and calmed down. "Pardon my display, I simply look forward to the free and delightful future that lays ahead. Now... on to the prisoner. He has something he wanted to show you all."

    Bookman held up a single finger, as if to say, "Wait for it..." He walked slowly back to the cage and pressed in the combination to open the door. The door slid open and to everyone's astonishment... they saw nothing but black inside the poorly lit cage. There was, however, a very subtle sound. The sound of mechanical breathing. Then, before anyone could ask a tall dark figure was illuminated in the midst of the darkness by the eerie red glow of a lightsaber. Out of the cage stepped not the engineer but none other than Lord Vader himself.

    Bookman stepped aside as clear panic was painted across the faces of the nearest guards who, at a flick of Vader's wrist, fell lifeless to the floor as the sickening sound of their spines being crushed echoed through the room. The exit flew shut and Vader's saber flew through the air to decapitate two more guards while Bookman stepped comfortably inside the safe and armored confines of the cage that had transported Vader there in the first place. The door slid shut, he closed his eyes and smiled, and the sounds of screams filled his ears. "I never liked being a slave to black sun..." he said softly. "Even if I was a powerful slave... a slave is still a slave. I want... freedom."
  22. General Immodet

    General Immodet Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 5, 2012

    Before anyone could react, Darth Vader had already disposed of all guards standing near to him. Then, he began making his way towards the group consisting of Darth Master Titus, ConservativeJedi321, The Star Wars Archivist, Zeema and Immodet. Out of nowhere, more guards appeared, but they weren't able to slow the Sith Lord down. His lightsaber cut through flesh and mechanics alike. With one swift strike, he lashed out at the group. s_heffley 's lieutenant Zeema and Vigo The Star Wars Archivist collapsed to the ground. Vigo ConservativeJedi would have been dead as well, if no more guards had showed up. The only person who managed to somewhat anticipate the Sith Lord's move, was Titus. He grabbed advisor Immodet by the shoulder and pulled him away from Vader. Taking cover behind a table, Titus prepared to engage his enemy. Quietly, he said to Immodet: 'Stay here... I will deal with him'. Only then did the Black Sun advisor notice a large hole in his chest. The Ffib priest had been right after all, he was burning. The only thing he could do, was laugh. The Vigo Council had made the same mistake their predecessors had made years ago on Ralltiir. Their arrogance had killed them. As his sight faded away, the only thing he could still see, was a white colour. The Black Sun Overlord, Mr. Blue, had activated an energy field around his chair, trying to shield himself from the Dark Lord's assault. Then, everything turned to black.

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    My fellow gamemaster and I tried to let the game end the same way it started, with the destruction of the Vigo Council. Even though writing off your main character may be hard, we feel everyone needs to do it on his own. Your text doesn't have to be long. You don't need to worry about your side characters. Once everyone has posted, you will get a chance to write an epilogue from their point of view.
  23. Shadow Trooper

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    Jul 18, 2013
    Eclipse- The Underlord's Base:
    Tulkis watched in awe as Darth Vader scythed through the Underlord's guards. These were Black Sun's finest and Darth Vader was cutting them down effortlessly. The Whipid felt pride that the Emperor had considered Black Sun dangerous enough to send such a powerful warrior to eliminate them. This would be a hunt for the ages, Tulkis thought. In a matter of moments half of the Vigo council had already been cut down by the Sith Lord. The Whipid threw his bulky frame behind an overturned table. This conference room was a slaughter house. If he wanted to make a good accounting for himself he had to make it into the tunnels in the living quarters; the tunnels where he had set up traps and preparations for this moment. Tulkis made a quick survey of the room. Vigo Darth Master Titus and Adviser Immodet were closest to him. The Adviser was slumped behind a table with a smoking hole in his chest. If he was not dead already he would be dead soon. The Underlord himself also appeared to be in some trouble. Darth Vader had cut down the last of his protectors and was now attacking the Underlord himself. The Underlord had deployed some kind of personal force field to defend himself. Hopefully it would occupy Vader long enough for Tulkis to clear a path out of the room. "I'm going to try and get the door to the living quarters. Cover me!" The Whipid roared. By some twist of luck Tulkis managed to get to the control panel without getting killed. He threw open the door and rushed into the darkened corridors. Having finally gained a moment of respite Tulkis was able to set up his communications unit and sent out the SOS signal to Vigo, Shadow Trooper's ship.
    Near the Asteroid Fields:
    A red light blinked to life on Shadow Trooper's data pad. Tulkis's SOS signal. It would appear that his suspicions were correct and the meeting was a trap. He hated being right. At least Tulkis had survived long enough to send the signal. Shadow Trooper was about to signal back when all of the proximity sensors began blaring alarms.
    "Vigo Shadow Trooper! A hostile fleet has just jumped in system." the Pilot said "It appears to be the Imperials." The Pilot was a pretty young human female, with blonde hair. She looked very familiar but Shadow Trooper couldn't quite place where he had seen her before. He had been less familiar with his personnel in the last few years. Most of the day to day operations had been handled by Tuliks. It would be hard to replace him. "Shall we engage sir?" asked the Pilot.
    Shadow Trooper looked out the view port at the asteroid. He recognized Vader's flagship among the gathered Imperial Star Destroyers. His fleet would have difficulty fighting off a singular Star Destroyer. Against Vader's fleet, they would stand no chance. Besides if Vader had truly come to Eclipse, then anyone on that asteroid was already doomed. He had a brief moment of sadness for the losses of his friends on the Vigo Council, Darth Master Titus, ConservativeJedi321 and Darth Rozic, for the loss of his most loyal servant Tulkis, and most of all for his longtime partner in greatness Adviser General Immodet.
    "The battle is lost. Everything is lost. We must retreat." Shadow Trooper slumped forward in his command seat. The Corellian had the look of a beaten man.
    "But you promised Tulkis that we would fight besides him" the Pilot protested. "I thought the plan was to engage the Imperials here and now."
    "I lied." said Shadow Trooper. "You want to live don't you. I know I do. This is a hopeless battle and anybody inside that asteroid is already dead. Take us out of here"
    "I'm afraid I can't obey that order Vigo." The woman smiled an icy, predatory smile. The shot from her blaster took him right in the gut. As he lay across the deck of the ship, cold and dying, the recognition finally came to him far to late to help him. To think he had avoided the Imperial trap, only to miss Xizor's contingency plan sitting right in front of him.
    "Prince Xizor sends his greetings." Guri said. "He regrets that he could not be here to give them to you personally. You and the Vigos have done great things for this organization but your time has passed. A new Black Sun rises today. We thanks you, all of you, for your service to Black Sun"
    We've come full circle. Shadow Trooper laughed at the thought, amused by it even in his pain. Full Circle. A New Black Sun, born again in blood and slaughter. He had to appreciate the brutal elegance with which Xizor had taken everything from them.The Corellian went to his death smiling, content with the knowledge that the organization he had worked so hard to build would be left to such capable hands.
  24. ConservativeJedi321

    ConservativeJedi321 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 19, 2016

    The journey to the base was a quiet one for Conservative Jedi. He thought over the last few years of his life, wondering where the future would lead him. As he contemplated it all he asked himself, if given the chance to do it all over again, would he do anything differently?

    He honestly didn't have an answer for that. Of course he would take measures to save Ut-Reb's life, but he wasn't sure what he could have done. The mission had to come first, and given the circumstances he couldn't very well have refused to send anyone to create the distraction need to kill Palpatine. Perhaps he could have stressed the dangers of that assignment. Begged the council to reconsider....

    Since leaving the Republic Navy he had gained so much, money, fortunes, fame, even friends. He had lost much too, but he couldn't dwell on that.
    Ugh, he hated being so mushy. Recent events must have had a greater affect on him than he had thought.

    After landing on Eclipse he pressed the All clear signal, to let his people know all was going as planned so far. He realized how he hadn't actually been on a mission personally since the Wheel, searching for Arok. So much had happened since he had led Black Sun forces against the Pykes. He shook his head again, insisting to himself that he had to focus on the moment. It was just a stupid meeting with the Underlord. What was the worst that could happen?

    He dropped his items in his quarters, and checked out his hand blaster, before moving to the meeting room. It looked to him as if a small army had assembled at this station, soldiers and guards of all shape's and sizes; and the entire Vigo Council... mental images began to run through his mind of the slaughter of the previous council and their body guards he had read about, all in awful gory details. There had been no pictures, though the historical record was very thorough. Decapitations, bisections, shot execution style, some had no wounds at all, no known cause of death. The human shuttered at the thought. Since then the council had made it a point to never assemble together in such a way again. It only made them easier targets. He couldn't fathom what Mr. Blue was thinking by doing this, or what in the nine Corellian Hell's he was doing here himself!

    No, no. He calmed himself briefly. The odds of such a travesty occurring again were infinitesimal. The perpetrator of the last massacre must be dead by now. Plus Eclipse is so remote, the only way for anyone to reach them is if the Underlord, or one of the Vigo's told them. There was no reason to suspect any of his.... allies, of such treachery. Still, he would be prepared.
    He clicked the all clear signal again, for the second interval. This was going to be a long night.

    Even so, it appeared he had arrived just on time, most of the other Vigo's had already gathered in the center of the room.
    Conservative Jedi sighed somewhat, as he put on a fake smile, and began to socialize. Taking his place next to Vigo The Star Wars Archivist, he asked the Millitary man about the blueprints he had sent him for the gravity well generator used by the Pyke's. Wravachar had transferred the schematics to him soon after the battle of Kessel, though busy as he was, Conservative Jedi had never had the time to ask about the progress that was being made in replicating the technology. The other Vigo naturally seemed very interested in it, and began discussing how he hoped to integrate it into their space forces. Of course they would have to work with Jula Vez and their other Pirate allies if possible, but he seemed optimistic. The designer of the machine had also managed to explain some aspects of it before they transferred him to the Imperials soon after his capture.

    Honestly Conservative Jedi was only half listening. His eye's wandered around the room, staying as alert as possible, just in case.
    At that moment the door to the room slid open, and a large Whipid entered. One he recognized as Captain Tulkis, of Shadow Trooper's faction. This raised alarms in his head, as the Overlord has specified only Vigo's were to come. Shadow Trooper would only have sent Captain Tulkis in his place if he expected things to end badly. The Human placed one of his hands on the handle of the holdout blaster on his right hip, and confessed to The Star Wars Archivist "I have a bade feeling about this."

    Before the other Vigo could respond Mr. Blue began the meeting, just as Advisor Immodet too arrived. He knew stories of the mysterious Underlord, but this was the first time he had met him personally. Most of his time in the Black Sun had been spent dealing directly with the other councilors. Conservative Jedi maintained his plain sabacc face, betraying none of his suspicions. Throughout it all he simply nodded his head, agreeing where appropriate. He didn't bother trying to interrupt, as it was apparent The Overlord was too focused on the task at hand. Whatever that was.

    Conservative Jedi was surprise when Mr. Blue took Rozics interruption in stride. He wasn't sure what to make of the curious man that led the Black Sun, but he simply shrugged that matter off. He recognized the name Vish Tunn, from Otsisa's report on the Assassination of Arok. He was the engineer they had been speaking of mere minutes ago. He saw Vigo The Star Wars Archivist perk up at hearing this. Clearly eager at the prospect of being able to prod the Siniteen's mind to improve their military capabilities.

    The Alderaanian wasn't sure what exactly happened next. Time flew by, and he remembered seeing Bookman enter through the door.

    That breathing, oh that breathing...

    He had heard rumors about the Jedi Killer known as Darth Vader.

    Few aspects of those rumors were consistent.

    It was said he was ten feet tall, could fly, and kill twenty Jedi at once.

    But the one thing they all agreed on was that breathing.

    When its respirator is heard, there is no escape from death.

    Conservative Jedi awoke from his daze, to see The Star Wars Archivist dead at his feet, and Darth Vader's red gaze bore down on him. He wasn't sure how long he had been frozen in fear, but at this moment he wished he would have stayed catatonic for a little while longer. At least so he would not have to be aware of his own demise.

    He was sure it was coming, as the Dark Lord raised his crimson blade to strike him, only to twirl around at the last second to cut a Quarren guard in half. The Vigo leapt to the side, hiding behind a small bookcase that he propped away from the wall. He wasn't sure why it was he survived as he did, but he wasn't about to look a gift bantha in the mouth.
    He heard the screams of the guards sacrificing themselves for him, and he raised his blaster to protect himself, knowing full well it was useless against such evil. He prayed, to the force, to the ancient deities of Alderaan, to everything he could imagine.

    Then he heard a small buzzing sound in his tunic pocket. It was the timer he set to remind himself to give the all clear. For a second his mind cleared, and his fears instead focused on his lieutenants. He knew they had no chance against Vader, and wouldn't let them try and rush to his rescue only to get murdered as well.

    With a shaky hand he picked the transmitter out of his pocket, and opened a latch on the side of it. With a small pick he altered the signal, to continuously transmit without him having to press the button.

    Seconds passed, or was it minutes? He couldn't tell, but as he ensured the safety of his loyal friends, he felt sweat bead down his face, knowing each moment could be his last. If he was going out, he was not letting his loyal companions follow him into the abyss.
    The machine beeped slightly, finally consenting to his instruction. But not before a bookcase he was leaning against disintegrated under Vader's Blade. The Human leapt up, left with no other options he backed himself into the corner of the room, and fired several rounds futilely trying to survive. He focused all his effort on Vader, ignoring the dozens of dead guards behind the cyborg.

    A red blur intercepted his shots, and he felt a pain in his shoulder as one of them was deflected back at him.
    Now working purely off adrenaline, he didn't even flinch until his foe's blade came down separating his hand from his body.

    Conservative Jedi hardly felt the burning sensation coming from his stub of an arm. Probably because he hardly had the time, as a second later he felt his body lift in the air, and the oxygen get sucked out of his lungs. He reached desperately for his throat trying to relieve the tension.

    But it was in vain. His neck snapped, and in his last nanosecond of life he felt his corpse begin to fly across the room, in the direction of the few surviving Vigo's.

    Darth Master Titus, General Immodet, Darth Rozic, Shadow Trooper
  25. Darth Master Titus

    Darth Master Titus Jedi Knight star 4

    Dec 10, 2014

    The meeting had already begun. As the Vigos, Overlord and Advisors began to discuss future business and logistics, Titus immediately began to zone out. So many things tugged at his mind, all telling him this was not right for him. The Vigo wanted to be free of this life, which has taken countless friends from him. After the meeting adjourned, Titus would pull Immodet and Shadow Trooper to the side and inform them of his decision. Whether Mr. Blue would allow that is another discussion.

    Suddenly Bookman burst into the room, loud and raucous, arms wide seemingly care free. This interruption brought Titus back into focus. This was very strange behavior from a Vigo, especially for one who hadn't met most of the other Vigos. And to do it in front of the Overlord during their most important meeting.. Bookman would definitely face some consequences.

    Bookman claimed he brought a present with him, a "slave" that was apparently good at tricks. Titus was growing annoyed with Bookman's seemingly unconcerned nature. The cage opened slowly as the Vigo entered the cage's credentials.

    Everybody in the room had their eyes locked onto the cage. Curiosity and confusion essentially painted on their face. That was when they all saw..better yet heard.

    Their destruction.

    Breathing. The noise of breathing had everybody paralyzed in fear. This was no ordinary breathing, but one of nightmares. One you have only heard of through stories, through tales kids scare each other with. One you regard as myth, and not truth.

    Snap-hiss, a glow of red to illuminate his black armor, death itself stepped out of the cage. Darth Vader.

    Sounds of terror began sounding off in the room. Audible whimpers and cries pleaded the Sith Lord to spare them. In a blur, Lord Vader began cutting down any and all in his path. Zeema and The Star Wars Archivist were cut down almost immediately.

    The Dark Lord made his way to the other Vigos, but more guards interjected, firing everything they had at Vader causing the remaining Vigos to scramble for safety. ConservativeJedi rushed off behind a bookcase. Advisor Immodet was in the oncoming path of Vader, who savagely slaughtered everybody in his way.

    Reacting as fast as he could, Titus dashed for Immodet, grabbing him by the shoulders and jolting behind an overturned table. "Stay here, I will deal with him,". As soon as the words left his mouth, Titus already knew it was all over. He knew he had no chance at "dealing" with a Sith Lord. He turned around to reassure Immodet they would make it out alive, but all he saw his old friend slumped on the ground, a gaping hole burned through his chest laughing as he closed his eyes. Perhaps for the final time.

    Titus was still in disbelief. The traitor Bookman was no longer in the conference room. He was losing his fellow Vigos effortlessly. Scores of guards and Vigos lay dismembered, scattered throughout the room. Titus caught sight of Captain Tulkis, who was recently appointed Vigo by former one, Shadow Trooper, running to save his hide. He could not blame him.

    A body came hurling towards Titus, who quickly dashed out of the way to avoid being toppled over. Looking down, Titus saw it was ConservativeJedi who had his arm cut off and his neck snapped.

    Vigo Titus tuned out all sounds, save for three. The booming stomps of Vader's boots, the humming of his lightsaber, and the mechanical rasp of his respirator. Darth Vader loomed down on him. The Vigo began to retreat, stumbling as he tripped over the bodies of CJ and Immodet. Rolling on his back and perching on one knee, Titus sent a volley of blaster fire towards the Sith, who sent them all careening every which direction. He ducked just to avoid one hitting him in the gut.

    Returning to his feet, he retreated further some more, buying just a little bit more time. Vader was toying with Titus. In the corner of his eye, he caught Mr. Blue activating an energy shield around himself to keep him protected. That would not do much against Darth Vader.

    Placing his full attention on Vader again, Titus fired. Each shot simply froze in time, hanging in mid-air. With an outstretched palm, Lord Vader caught each blast. Pushing his palm outward, the blaster fire raced back towards its source, piercing Titus chest down in multiple spots.

    Blood poured out of each wound, dizzying Titus. Wobbly at the knees, Titus collapsed onto both of them as he stared Vader in his black, bulbous eyes through his mask. Fear reverberated throughout the Vigo's body, sending a chill down his spine. All he could do was cough up blood. His end has come.

    Titus closed his eyes as the Dark Lord Vader swung his blade in a deadly arch, cleaving him at the neck.
  26. General Immodet

    General Immodet Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 5, 2012

    After Vigo Darth Master Titus had died at the hands of Vader, only two Black Sun members were still alive in the room: Vigo Darth Rozic and Overlord Mr. Blue. From inside an energy field, the Black Sun Overlord started shouting at the remaining member of the Vigo Council: 'Now, it is your task to protect me, Rozic. Pick up a blaster or a vibroblade and take care of that... monster!'. The Iridonian Vigo shaked his head. 'Do you think I am a fool? I don't plan on dying just yet', Rozic answered. Instead of fighting, he decided to run for his life. At that moment, three more guards entered the room. 'Protect your Overlord!', the Iridonian said as he ran straight past them. He disappeared into the hallways which had previously been used by Captain Tulkis to escape.

    Mr. Blue focused his attention upon Vader: 'I must say I am impressed, but this all end now. Do you see those guards? When my homeplanet was invaded by the Far Outsiders, they were infected. Apparently, this allows them to stay invisible to all Force-users. It won't be so easy beating them... Attack'. The guards who approached the Sith Lord, were carrying strange staffs who appeared to be alive. They had only just engaged Vader when a large explosion made the building tremble. Vigo Rozic had accidently ran into a trap set up by Tulkis, originally meant for Vader. The trap, however, worked on him just fine, obliterating the Iridonian to pieces and making the building shake. The three warriors who were fighting Vader, dropped their guard. As they tried to restore their ballance, the Dark Lord lashed out, separating the guards' feet from their body. Then, he put his opponents out of their misery.

    Watching Vader kill his elite bodyguards, Mr. Blue decided to change tactics. He addressed the Sith Lord in a more humble way: 'Ah, I see... Maybe, we can work things out. Surely, I can be a valuable asset to your master. I can exchange information with him about the Far Outsiders, what do you think? I only want...'. Suddenly, the Black Sun Overlord felt an invisible force move his body towards the energy shield. Upon touching the shield, his body started burning. Mr. Blue's screams could be heard all throughout the building, although there wasn't much people left to listen. Looking across the room, Vader concluded his work was almost done. Only one thing still needed to be taken care off. Or better someone. Through the Force, the Dark Lord sensed a life form nearby, in one of the other rooms. He reactivated his lightsaber and started making his way towards it.
  27. Shadow Trooper

    Shadow Trooper Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 18, 2013
    After signaling the Corellian, Tulkis settled into position and waited. The living quarters were a dead end and Tulkis had wired the whole living quarters with explosives. There would be no escape, for either party. After the slaughter in the conference room, Tulkis was certain that he would not survive a fight with the Sith Lord, but he had already considered himself a dead man ever since the Corellian's operation was smashed by the Empire. The Corellian had promised Tulkis would have the chance to get revenge on the people that had ruined them and Black Sun always kept its promises. Tulkis heard footsteps racing down the passage towards his position. Could it be Vader? Tulkis had his doubts. The steps were too rapid and panicked, not like the deliberate machine like motions which Vader had made. More likely it was a guard, or perhaps one of the Vigos seeking sanctuary in the opening which Tulkis had made. There was no sanctuary here, only death! Something the intruder learned to his sorrow when he triggered one of Tulkis's laser trip mines.
    The last sounds of conflict were dying out. From the control room, Tulkis heard groans of pain, tears of anguish, pleas for mercy, and punctuating it all, the Overlord's long, agonized scream. Than the Overlord was mercifully silent and the only sounds were the hum of a lightsaber, the terrifying rasp of Vader's breathing, and the pounding of Tulkis's heart.
    Never before had Tulkis been so terrified, or so exhilarated!
    At last, Tulkis saw the Dark Lord's silhouette at the end of the corridor. The Dark Lord had managed to navigate with ease, the mine field which had killed the Vigo. He had deftly dodged the kyber darts launched at him from hidden launchers and he had anticipated the motion tracker controlled flamethrower, using his sorcery to make it malfunction before it could even start firing. It was clear that the Sith Lord was too good to be caught by his snares. That suited Tulkis just fine. He would have been disappointed if the Sith Lord hadn't survived to fight him in single combat. The Sith Lord clearly knew he was close, but he also had not pinpointed his precise position yet. Tulkis had to time his moment just right. The Hunter dropped from the ceiling just as Vader passed beneath him and he swung his Cortosis blade at the Sith Lord's undefended back. The Sith Lord moved deceptively fast, despite the bulky appearance of his armor. Tulkis's first swing missed completely and his follow through was countered by Vader and met with his Lightsaber. Fortunately for the Whipid, his strike didn't need to connect to be deadly. The blade he wielded had been forged specifically to his specifications for the purpose of killing Jedi. It seemed this stuff had worked as advertised. It had cost a fortune to procure the Cortosis needed for a blade his size. Still, even without a weapon, A Sith Lord was a dangerous foe. Tulkis moved in for the kill, only to find his weapon torn forcefully from his grasp. Tulkis withdrew his back up weapon, a vibro axe from his hip sheath and charged desperately at this nightmare opponent; this horrifying hybrid of man, magic and machine.
    The end came so suddenly. One second Tulkis was swinging his weapon and running towards the Sith Lord, and the next moment he was being thrown through the air with his own prized cortosis sword sticking out of his chest.
    Tulkis lay bleeding out on the floor waiting for the Sith Lord to finish him off, but the expected blow never came. Vader had turned away from the mortally wounded Tulkis to speak to a new arrival.
    It was the traitor Bookman. "Lord Vader. Our agent with the Corellian has reported the successful completion of her task. Once this one finishes bleeding out, the Vigo Council will be history." Bookman stepped forward and kicked the dying Tulkis.
    So even the Corellian had not escaped. Tulkis thought. All of the Smuggler's caution and resources had meant nothing when put up against the combined might and cunning of Xizor and the Empire.
    "Then our arrangement is complete" The Sith Lord said. "I want you to remember what you see here. Tell Xizor that the same fate awaits him should he ever try and oppose the Sith."
    Tulkis grinned. The Bookman's intervention had given him the moment he required. He felt his claws fumble upon the detonator at his belt. With one final act of revenge, Tulkis pressed his finger on the detonator. Tulkis's only regret was that there was no way for his clan on Toola to learn of this great thing he had done.
    Some quirk of the force alerted Vader to the Whipid's intent and he managed to throw himself clear of the initial blast. The Bookman was not so lucky. He was standing closer to the Whipid and he did not have the force to warn him. He was still alive, but he probably wished he wasn't right now. The man had received some severe looking injuries from the Whipid's farewell present and that would take serious treatment to repair.
    Darth Vader's Comlink chimed with an urgent communication from his fleet Commander.
    "Lord Vader. Get to the docking bay immediately. We are sending a ship to pick you up. I don't know what just happened down there, but whatever it was, has caused the entire base to begin self destruct procedures. The explosion of the Black Sun facility will cause the whole asteroid field to go with it."
    "Very well Admiral. As soon as I am on board, depart the sector immediately and inform the Emperor of our mission's success. The Vigo Council are all dead."
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