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    The battle was already raging when S_Heffley and the twenty other ships emerged over Kashyyyk. Despite the sheer size of the imperial force, S_Heffley was surprised at the lack of resistance he saw. He had expected to see Gleem, bravely hoisting a rocket launcher against the incoming TIE Fighters. He had expected to see Faya, desperately trying to use the Force to take down the imperial ships. He saw none of that. The only thing he saw was the TIE Fighters constantly bombarding the base, trying to create a hole in the thick armor. Strong as it was, it would no doubt crumble easily against the kind of firepower it was facing. Though the situation looked bleak, S_Heffley had to admit his timing was impeccable.

    The 20 ships Urwin had hacked were not made for battle, but had a gun installed due to the dangers of the galaxy. The TIE Fighters were significantly better fighting machines, but the element of surprise was a strong factor. Urwin offered to man the gun, and he proved to be a better shot than S_Heffley could have possibly hoped for. After a quick skirmish, the twenty strong force had managed to make just enough of a break in the action to allow the men in the base to make a mad dash for safety.

    Although they couldn’t have possibly known how many ships would arrive, if any at all, the men somewhat evenly split themselves up among the ships. Although he recognized almost all the faces, he stared intently for some of his closer friends. Faya, Gleem, Drox, Zeema, Ben, any of them. With his attention focused on the front, he almost jumped out of his seat when he heard someone clear their throat behind him. When he turned to see who had done it, this time he did jump out of his seat to bury Drox in a hug. Quickly, however, he remembered his job and sat back down.

    “Where are the others?” asked S_Heffley hastily, “Faya, Gleem, Zeema, Ben?”

    Drox sighed, “Faya is dead. We thought she was strong enough to take on the Emperor, but it turned out to be a trap set up by Xizor. Gleem is on Kessel, helping to defend the facility there. But if that’s going as well as it is here… Anyway, Ben sent Zeema to an emergency meeting with the Overlord.”

    “In all my years working for the Black Sun,” said S_Heffley angrily, “the Overlord never showed any interest in our operations at all! For him to start now, probably a trap!” S_Heffley took a deep breath and collected himself, “Nothing we can do about it now. What of Ben?”

    Drox hesitated, “While we were running, a score of debris fell onto him from the roof. I tried to help him but… he told me to go on without him.”

    Without hesitating, S_Heffley stood up. He didn’t blame Drox, Ben had told him to go. But S_Heffley hadn’t come this far for nothing. “We still have time! I’m not leaving without him!”

    “Are you crazy, sir?” said Drox. “We do not have time! It’s too dangerous!”

    “To hell with danger! I’m going in!”

    Drox made an attempt to stop him as he began for the ramp, but let go as he noticed the determined look in his eye. There would be no stopping him. S_Heffley began for the ramp again, but stopped when Drox said, “Sir.” S_Heffley turned. “Where do we go if you don’t come back?”

    “I will be back, Drox,” said S_Heffley. “But if not, Urwin has some friends on Naboo I want you to join up with. And I know you will want to, after this.”

    “Who’s Urwin?” asked Drox, just as Urwin emerged from the gun.

    “What’d I miss?” said Urwin.

    S_Heffley pointed, “That’s Urwin,” he said, “he can answer your questions. I will be back.” S_Heffley walked down the ramp.

    Even as he was entering the base, the TIE Fighters were beginning to come down again. S_Heffley estimated he had only a few minutes until the bombardment began again.

    In his haste, S_Heffley had neglected to get the location Ben had fallen. He found himself running with what seemed like inhuman speed to the only location he could think of, the command room. Even with his speed, he knew that he wouldn’t have enough time to save Ben and get out safely. He just needed luck now.

    S_Heffey burst into the command room. A pile of debris lay in the middle of the floor. Of course it had been in here. Ever since the Mandalorian had attacked the base, the repaired portion of the roof had been significantly weaker than the other parts of the armor. S_Heffley rushed forward and searched the rubble. Ben was crushed under a wood beam, and his foot stuck under a large metal bar. In his current state, he must have been unable to walk.

    S_Heffley began tugging at the beam. It didn’t seem too heavy, but it would take a good amount of work to move. S_Heffley grabbed and began to pull. It actually moved a lot easier than he had expected, and that’s when he realized that he wasn’t the only one moving it.

    “I thought I told you to leave me be!” yelled Ben, though he was slowing pushing up the beam, “Gonna get yourself killed, Drox!” The lighting was no doubt dim.

    “Ben, you idiot, it’s me!”

    Ben blinked, and tried to suppress a huge smile, knowing the situation. “Same applies to you. By coming in here, you got us both killed, instead of just me!”
    “You can’t guarantee that. You know I couldn’t leave you behind.”

    “I didn’t even know if you’d come!” said Ben, “But we can catch up later. Get this bar off my leg.”

    S_Heffley knew they were already out of time, but he moved the bar anyway. The bar was much harder to move than the beam, and this time he had no assistance. S_Heffley wasted precious moments getting the bar off and getting Ben to his feet.

    “Can you walk?” asked S_Heffley.

    Ben took a few steps, “I can walk on my own for a bit, but if I put too much weight on my foot it might not hold up.”

    “We have to risk it, let’s go,” and they rushed into the corridor.

    S_Heffley wasn’t going as fast as he could have. If Ben fell, he wanted to be there to pick him up. Pieces of the base began to fall. Explosions began to ring. S_Heffley has spent so long building this base, and now it was all crumbling to ashes. He walked past rooms vanishing to dust, remembering all the good times he had in those rooms, almost forgetting he had been a criminal when he was inside of them.

    About halfway to the exit, Ben screamed and toppled over. S_Heffley hoisted him off the floor, and slung Ben’s right arm against his right shoulder. They began moving again, this time much slower, Ben hopping along on his good foot.

    The walls continued to crumble around them. A small cement rock fell from the ceiling and hit S_Heffley in the back, but he barely noticed the pain and continued on. The light of the exit shined at the end of the hall.

    It seemed like centuries until the two got there. They stumbled out into the daylight. All the ships had taken off, except one. The Ordo waited, silent and alone. They took a few step toward the ship, not noticing the TIE Fighter coming in from the right. They stumbled a few more paces, and the TIE Fighter unleashed upon them.

    Somehow, S_Heffley absorbed the brunt of the attack, but both men were blown off their feet. S_Heffley saw Ben stand up, and try to put some weight back on his left foot. He walked a few steps, and seemed to be able to walk on his own again. He turned back to pick up S_Heffley, and looked appalled at what he saw. S_Heffley knew from the pain he wouldn’t make it. Even if Ben could take him back to the ship, he wouldn’t be able to survive until they got him to a proper medical facility. Even if he did, life with all the cybernetic parts he would need wouldn’t have been a good life at all.

    Ben stared S_Hefflley in the face, and nodded. Ben knew him well enough to know what he wanted. Ben turned, and walked toward the ship. The last thing S_Heffley saw before his death was Ben walking up the ramp, stopping Drox from rushing down, and punching the button to raise the ramp. The Ordo flew into the air.
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    Ord Mantell

    Finally, Jula Vez had returned to Ord Mantell. The planet had served as Vigo Scholomancer's base of operations for more than a decade. Together with him, she had helped Black Sun gain a foothold in this region. Now, only rumble remained. Mercenaries, hired by the Hutts, had really torn this place apart. For Vez, this all seemed more like a bad dream than actual reality. She sighted. A member of her pirate crew stepped into the room. At least, if you could still call it a room. 'We need to go. Otherwise, we will attract attention', the Weequay said. His Iridonian boss followed him outside. In a nearby building, she met up with the others. She looked around, but she couldn't find Milo. 'What happened to the boy? What happened to Immodet's pet?', she asked. Nobody appeared to have seen him ever since they set foot on the planet. 'It doesn't matter. We go on with our mission. Are you ready to get some revenge? Today, Mosep Binneed shall pay for what he did to Scholomancer!', she managed to stir up the crowd. She grabbed a blaster and made her way to the casino.

    When Vez and her pirate crew arrived at the casino, they saw a Nimbanel sitting at a sabacc table. Slowly, Vez walked towards him. 'Well, well, well, what do we have here? You shouldn't have returned to Ord Mantell', she addressed Mosep Binneed. The Nimbanel didn't even bother turning around. 'How dare you interrupt my game? A game of sabacc is sacred, you know. Like your old boss, you seem to holding the wrong cards...', Binneed remained calm. Then, suddenly, the lights in the room went out. Blasterfire could be heard. When the lights went back on, Jula Vez' pirate crew was dead. Desilijic mercenaries were standing on the balcony. Only the Iridonian was left standing, although Binneed was holding a blade to her neck. 'Thank you for warning me, boy. Surely, I will repay you in the near future. Consider ourselves business partners', the Nimbanel looked at Milo who was leaving the casino. Upon seeing Milo, Jula Vez began shouting all kinds of curses. 'Whether you die here or not, is entirely your choice. I am willing to give you the opportunity to join the Desilijic. That way, you will be able to take revenge against the real persons who took down your master: the Besadii. So, what do you say? Don't hesitate too long. I have grown impatient with you Black Sun people', Binneed made Vez an offer. However, the Iridonian captain didn't immediately answer, making her captor angry. As Binneed was about to cut her throat, she suddenly started screaming: 'Okay, okay, I will join the Desilijic. I will join the Desilijic'. With a smile on his face, the Nimbanel replied: 'Smart choice. Soon, you will be serving the most powerful Hutt within the Galaxy. After the Besadii have dealt with Jiliac, Jabba's position within the Desilijic clan will become more important. That means a promotion not only for me, but also for you'.



    Milo didn't like betraying Jula Vez, but he seemed to have no other choice. Before leaving, Immodet had told him that the Desilijic would make a good new ally. The Iridonian clearly was going to spoil all that. Besides, he no longer felt safe in Vez' environment. A pity, things had come to this point. After leaving the casino, Milo had checked the bank account opened by Immodet. The account contained more money than he could ever have imagined. Enough money to buy a whole system. And since Immodet hadn't reported back, this meant all the money now was his. He had bought himself a ship, yet no new model. After all, he didn't want to attract any unwanted attention. Then, he used to ship to return to his homeworld Lorahns. When he flew towards the airport, he saw a large hole in the Ffib temple. Apparently, the Imperials had not only attacked Immodet's Black Sun faction, but also his Ffib allies. Did he make a good choice returning to Lorahns? The question kept crossing his mind. In the streets, he met a Ffib priest. The priest appeared to recognize him. Violently, he took hold of the boy. 'I was right, wasn't I? Immodet only brings harm to those who surround him, doesn't he? Where is he? Shouldn't he be with you? Ah yes, the gods finally punished him for his crimes. The Ffib's service to him has come to an end', the priest appeared to be delighted. Milo took out his blaster and stuck it into the Ffib's ribs, dragging the priest into a dark alley, so he could raise his voice: 'Listen to me, old man. Your service has not ended. From now on, you will be serving me. The Imperials didn't take down the Ffib's whole network, now did they? You Ffib are famous for keeping their mouths shut. I think you still have more operations left than you told the Imps. By working together with me, you can restore the Ffib's greatness. Don't answer just yet. I will return within a day of two. Then, we will talk again. And don't think I will be as soft on you as Immodet was...'. Rebuilding everything would take some time, but time was all Milo had left. Time and a lot of credits, and he was planning on making more credits.


    Undisclosed location

    Vish Tunn wasn't transported to Eclipse in a box, but he was transported elsewhere. When someone unlocked the cage, he was quite relieved. Those people were treating him worse than his previous master, Arok the Hutt. Yet, when he walked out of the cage, his attitude quickly changed. Looking around him, he recognized a highly advanced research lab. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. A guy, dressed in an Imperial uniform, greeted him. Yet, Tunn wasn't paying any attention to what the man was saying. The only thing he could utter, was: 'What will I be working on?'. The man replied: 'You will be working on the so-called planet killer project, also known as the stardust project. Welcome, my name is Galen Erso'.
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    Bookman was unsure how long he had been unconcious... his mind floated back to his last memories of the screams as Vader dispatched the Black Sun gathering. Then, something had exploded outside his cage. After that everything went black. Now he was waking up to a white light, gray walls, and a young rodian women in a hospital uniform.

    "Whe- where am I?" He asked.

    "Shh," she shushed him. "You are in the imperial infirmary. You were wounded but nothing that won't heal."

    "The explosion?" Bookman recalled.

    "Shush," she told him again just as a jolt of pain coursed through his jaw. "I told you to shush," she warned. Bookman looked up at her as if she had hurt him but she scowled back at the unspoken accusation that lay in his expression. "You broke your jaw. It isn't finished healing. Now shush. I said no talking for a reason."

    Bookman nodded and let out a deep breath. His eyes slid closed and and blackness overtook him once more. When he woke his jaw was healed, his body rested, and all that remained was for his mind to be set at ease. As if to do just that the rodian nurse re-entered the hospital room as he stood.

    "You have been cleared to leave," she told him. He started to reply but hesitated. "Your jaw is healed. You can talk now."

    "I'm leaving so soon?" Bookman questioned.

    "The rodian shook her head. "You have been here two weeks. You have been sedated most of the time. This is a top secret facility and our superiors would not have a civilian running around... even if you are a personal friend of Lord Vader himself." She smiled and motioned for him to follow. "This way Mr. McAlister."

    "Mr... wait, what?" Bookman questioned as he jogged to catch up and walk beside her. Just as he came to her side she stopped at a locker and opened it.

    "Mr. McAlister. Trenton McAlister," she repeated the name as she handed him his Imperial I.D, licenses, birth certificates, and every other legal document he could have asked for. All of them had his picture with the name Trenton McAlister. "Lord Vader said you would want all these before you left," the rodian women explained. "He also left you this." She handed him a pre-paid shuttle pass to Coruscant. "Our transport is leaving in fifteen minutes. It will take you to the closest space station and drop you off. You best hurry because we don't have another shuttle scheduled for departure for another two weeks."

    Bookman... or rather, Trenton, fumbled as he gathered the legal documents. "Right... of course." He slid everything in his pockets and headed towards the door. "Where is the transport?"

    "The guards will escort you out," the women said, motioning to the door. As it opened two guards stepped into view and nodded and the next thing Trenton knew he was sailing off into the great black expanse of space and for the first time in his life he left everything behind... for the first time in his life he was going only because HE wanted to. No orders, no job, no masters or superiors... just a field of wide open doors to choose from.

    Back on Coruscant Glade was finishing up his last remaining efforts to consolidate the entirety of the Coruscanti Crime families into his personal bank account. He did keep the chiss women as a hired gun. He had been quite impressed with her. Everything else, however, was liquidated and all staff liberated.

    He snapped to attention as his com link rang and he noticed it was Xizor. He had been expecting a call from Bookman at some point but he couldn't argue with skipping the middle man and going straight to the top.

    "Prince Xizor," Glade greeted him. "A pleasure."

    "Yes," Xizor said. "It would seem Bookman was killed during the fight that ensued after Vader was unleashed. Before he left, however, he sent high recomendations for your promotion into Black Sun. In his absence I will need good trustworthy men. If you would like the job meet me here at these coordinates in two weeks time."

    Glade grinned and glanced down at the coordinates that flashed across his screen. His plan had worked and all those years of moving towards this had finally paid off "I will be there, sir. You can count on it." With a flicker the image was dropped and Glade turned to his wife and newly born child. A young daughter.

    "Everything will be as it should," he said gazing upon his family. He smiled, knowing he would soon be off to a better and brighter future.
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    Otsisa and Wravachar sat at a table near the entrance to the bar. Not that they had any credits to spend. With the death of Conservative Jedi, his entire operation had collapsed. Those operatives sent to rebuild, had been arrested by the Empire. Rumor on the street was Xizor was absorbing many of their resources into his new operation. Supposedly he had even managed to arrange some Imperial pardons for their guys, on the condition they serve him.

    There was nothing left for Otsisa and Wravachar but pain an misery. They hadn't even spoken to each other since they escaped the Imperial ambush that had been set for them on Ojom.

    Man she could really use a drink. “I just can't take any more of this.” She mumbled quietly, more to herself than her companion. “If you want to hook up with this new Black Sun I don't blame you Wravachar, but after all this loss... I just can't do this criminal thing any more.”

    The Wookiee offered a sympathetic growl. Indicating that he would not seek out the Falleen. “Then the question is, where can we go? I can't return to Ryloth, just as you can't go to Kashyyyk. Our people have disowned us, and we are fugitives from the Empire. There is no place we can stay for long and be safe.”

    “That isn't entirely true.” the Woman's voice startled them, Otsisa jumped out of her seat, blaster held firmly in hand. “Who are you.” She, tried to sound intimidating, though her voice quivered ever so slightly.

    Out from the shadows came a girl with plain features, black hair tied back in a bun, and dressed in a simple blue Alderanni gown. It took Otsisa a moment to recognize her. “You're that servant girl the Vigo recruited all those years ago. I was wondering what happened to you.”
    She didn't exactly appear happy to be meeting with them, but she seemed cordial. Strange considering the circumstance involved in her recruitment. “My name is Ulgen Proxess. I have served the Senator faithfully for years. I never liked being used as a spy, and was all to happy to sell you guys out to him the moment your weakness was apparent.”

    Wravachare growled out a threat, that Otsisa knew he would never in a million years go through with.
    “Oh please.” The Human scoffed. “If I wanted you dead you we would have sent a dozen guards to escort you away in chains. I acknowledge we haven't had the most respectful relationship in the past, but I suggest you hear me out.”

    The Twi'lek glanced at her friend, before eying the handmaiden suspiciously. “We're listening.”
    “The Entire Vigo Council is dead. You have nowhere else to go. You two have... a unique set of abilities, that could come in handy. We would be willing to take you in, protect you from both Xizor, and the Empire. We have something big planned.”

    The mercenaries thought they knew where she was going. But they had to be sure. “What are you talking about.” Otsisa prodded carefully.

    Ulgen glanced around the room, as if to be sure nobody was listening. Before typing a quick command onto the communicator on her wrist. A dark haired, bearded male appeared in holographic form, and answered their question definitively “We are speaking of Rebellion Miss Frerwalka.”

    With a smile, and a polite and nod he continued. “I am Bail Organa, Senator of Alderaan. You two would be a valued addition to this Alliance.”
    Wravachar carefully grumbled a question of his own. Bail laughed slightly before continuing. “Yes I have done my research on the two of you. Records certainly are not easy to find, but I am a man of many resources. Wravachar, if you joined our cause you could work full time, as part of our engineering division on Alderaan. Otsisa, you could serve on one of our Hammerhead Corvettes. The Lightmaker Under Captain Kado Oquonѐ.”

    He paused briefly letting them think it over. “I realize it's not exactly as prestigious as being the second in command to a Black Sun Vigo. Nor will you be doing it for any real credits. But you will be safe. And after you prove your loyalty perhaps you can move up to command a force of your own.”

    Otsisa hesitated briefly, she looked back at Wravachar, unsure of what to say. Once upon a time she would have flatly refused. She never cared for the Republic, the CIS, or the Empire. Especially after her experience as a Slave. But now, after all that had happened, she just couldn't come up with a good reason to say no. The Wookiee nodded his head in understanding. Finally she agreed. “Alright Senator, you have a deal.”
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    Just before their jump to hyperspace a fleet of Imperial warships entered Eclipse space. Luckily for Pax and Ciro, they were able to jump just in time. But they knew what this meant. Titus would not be leaving Eclipse alive, or at the very least a free man. Quiet filled the cabin, and all that could be heard was the hum of hyperspace.

    A few hours into hyperspace they were sudden jolted awake. The shuttle began shaking violently. "What's happening?" Pax asked of his cousin. "I think we're being pulled out of hyperspace!"

    "So the Empire has found us?" Ciro shook his head. "Not sure, but there's not much we can do. Trying to fight it might rip us in half,"

    Ciro finally stopped trying to fight the invisible force as they were yanked back into real space. The shuttle stood staring down a huge vessel surrounded by smaller shuttles. That is when the com inside the ship began to buzz. They were being hailed.

    "This is the Captain of the Forgotten. You are probably wondering who we are, and why we've stopped you mid-travel..." he paused to give them time to answer. Pax spoke first; "Yes, we would like to know who tried ripping us in half. You know, we aren't in the most sturdy of ships,"

    The captain chuckled, "Apologies for that. Trust me, if there was an easy more subtle way, we would have employed such method. Anyway, we are the Forgotten as our ship's name would suggest. We were friends with your mentor, Errai. He was a part of our saboteur, spy, and mercenary crew back in the day. Our men and women have been following you closely for a few days now. Errai contacted us shortly before his death. He told us if anything should happen to Vigo Titus, we were to take you in and protect you."

    Ciro wasn't sure what to make of this. The captain continued, "To cut to the chase, we've been watching not only you, but Titus as well. We know the Imperials ambushed the Black Sun Vigo council on Eclipse, so immediately we followed you. We waited a few hours just to put some distance between us and the Empire. Your shuttle is damaged, let me send one of our shuttles to transport you to our ship,"

    Aboard the Forgotten

    The inside of the ship was nicely decorated and seemed rather welcoming. The two women and one man who picked them us escorted them through the ship and into the captain's conference room. Seated at a long oval table were about 10 men and women. Seated at the head was who they assumed to be the captain. "Welcome, Pax and Ciro. I've heard so much about you. My name is Divum Paatlp. Just call me Divum. Sit down, please. Clov, bring our guests some refreshments. I know you must be confused. Ask away,"

    Ciro and some of the people in the conference room helped Pax into a seat. Once again Pax started the questioning. "Why risk making enemies with the Empire for two men you do not know?" Divum nodded his head before speaking, "Errai was a good friend of ours. He always looked out for us. He saved our hides more than we can count. He mentored many of us seated before you in this room. The least we could do was help you two."

    Still skeptical, Ciro asked what was their plan for them. One of the women who had escorted them in spoke up. "Name is Jesa. We thought we can relocate you two to one of our bases. Our bases are essentially towns. Filled with communities for all types of species. Its inhabitants are mostly people under our protection. Errai made it clear he wanted you two out of the criminal world. You will be under our protection, but we will not include you in any of our operations as promised,"

    Ciro considered momentarily. "Okay," he looked at his permanently blinded cousin. "I want what's best for Pax. With his situation, being on the run is out of the question."

    Divum clapped his hands in relief. "We promised Errai you two would be safe. I fully intend to deliver on that promise. Hell, maybe you two can find someone to settle down with. I know that's what Errai wanted to do.."

    Pax thanked their hosts, who then showed the cousins to their private quarters aboard the ship. "We will be arriving at base in four standard days. If you need anything, use the intercom systems to call on someone," she offered a smile as she exited their room.

    "I can't believe we're done. Out of the life of a mercenary," Pax stated as he sprawled out on his new bed for the next four days. "Yeah, this is a new beginning for us, one that won't require losing those we call"

    The Forgotten began its launch to hyperspace.
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    Aboard the Starship Virago
    So how goes the investigation into the Corellian's organization?" Xizor asked. "Can we safely reintegrate them into Black Sun or will there be further loyalty conflicts."
    "The Corellian and Tulkis died at Eclipse and a large part of his supporters were subverted by us when we got to Captain Malis. The smuggling branch has a large portion of its membership already favorable to us and the remainder no longer have any leaders to rally behind. They will fall in line. What is more concerning to me is the Bounty Hunter's Guild. The Guild master Cradossk was a personal friend of the Corellian and he is rather upset at the recent shake ups in Black Sun leadership."
    "Do not worry about him dear Guri. The Tandoshan has been a thorn in my side for too long so I have devised a solution to permanently end our troubles with the Bounty Hunter's Guild. As soon at the Emperor approves my plan we will put it into action."
    "Have you decided what we are going to do with the rest of the Corellian's operations?" Guri asked.
    "Oh yes!" Xizor smiled. "I have the perfect candidate to replace him on the Vigo Council. In fact, we are going to Corellia, right now.

    Xizor met Durga in the same night club as the Corellian used to always summon him. Was he trying to remind Durga of the Hutt's previous subservience to Black Sun? Durga laughed at the thought. The Corellian had thought for a time that he had controlled the Besadii Kadjiic but Durga had shown him the truth of things and brought him low. One day he would do the same to Xizor, but for now their continued partnership was necessary.
    Xizor was only escorted by the pretty lady, Guri, when Durga slid up to his table. This showed a remarkable amount of confidence, and arrogance on the Falleen's part. For a brief moment, Durga considered how easy it would be to kill him, but fear stayed his hand. He remembered how Xizor had destroyed the Vigo Council. He undoubtedly was expecting Durga to try such a thing and had proper countermeasures concealed for just such an eventuality.
    "Durga. Before we began our partnership, I believe I promised you a Vigo position. I was thinking of putting you in charge of smuggling. You have already worked closely with our spice runners in the past and you know his procedures well. How would you like to take over Shadow Trooper's old operation?"
    "You didn't leave me much left of it to steal" Durga grumbled. "The Imperials did a thorough job of destroying the Corellian and his organization."
    "My people tell me most of his assets are salvageable" Xizor said. "I understand that his complex on Corellia is still standing, even after the Imperials attacked."
    "I thing I would rather operate things from Nal Hutta if it's all the same to you." The Hutt seemed to shiver. "Too many Ghosts here."
    "This is most agreeable to me in fact, I was going to suggest exactly that. The Core has always been my domain and Hutt space has always been yours. My operative Zekka Thyne will take charge of things on Corellia."
    "So it is settled then. If that is all you needed to tell me, then I would like to get to work immediately. We have a lot to do" Durga said.
    "A toast before you go?" zior raised his glass of expensive alcohol. "To a better future!"
    "I do not approve of this partnership." Guri whispered to Xizor once the Hutt had dismissed himself. "He is too ambitious. Eventually he will turn on us as he did to the Corellian."
    "And on that day we will be ready my dear." Xizor said. "For now, Durga is necessary for our alliance with the Hutts, but that will not always be the case. I have been negotiating with Jabba the Hutt and the Desilijic clan. The mistakes of the Vigo Council will not be our own. They were strong man, and clever men all of them but we were better. I do not plan on dying at Vader's hand..."

    OOC: General Immodet Darth Master Titus ConservativeJedi321 s_heffley Jax Nova
    And that's the end of the Black Sun Game. I want to thank all of our players past and present for their participation to this game. I also want to give a very special thank you to my partner in crime and creator of this excellent game General Immodet. It was because of your hard work and creativity that this game went on for as long as it did. I was there from Day 1, and I am glad to say that the game only got more exciting as the years went on. Developing this game with you was the finest experience I had on these forums.
    It has been a great three years and we have told some awesome stories together. I hope to see you all around these boards and I would love to collaborate together with everyone on another game in the future.
  7. General Immodet

    General Immodet Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 5, 2012
    Rise of Black Sun

    The galactic criminal organization known as Black Sun was caught in a conspiracy, resulting in the death of its leadership. Overlord Alexi Garyn and all nine Vigos were brutally murdered by an assassin in the Black Sun headquarters on Ralltiir. Ever since, Black Sun has been trying to rebuild itself from the ashes. A new council of Vigos was chosen to lead the criminal organization through the dark days ahead. After a while, Black Sun learnt the true identity of the mysterious enemy who killed Alexi Garyn. Apparently, a Zabrak Sith Lord had been conspiring with the Trade Federation to have the criminal organization destroyed. All those events eventually led to the Battle of Naboo, in which the Zabrak assassin was defeated by the Jedi. Although the Trade Federation no longer seemed to pose a threat, there still were many other enemies at large. A Republic task force led by commander Trillian Banjeer hunted down criminals throughout the Galaxy, resulting in Black Sun members having to be more careful than ever. At first, the Hutts profited from Black Sun’s instability, but ultimately they made an alliance with the criminal organization thanks to the assistance of Durga the Hutt. After some renewed tensions with the Trade Federation, Black Sun witnessed first-hand the beginning of the Clone Wars. At the end of the war, the Galaxy underwent enormous changes as the Republic was replaced by the Galactic Empire. Through diplomacy, Black Sun managed to establish a treaty with the newly-formed Empire, making the criminal organization almost unstoppable. Some ambitious members of the organization, however, had been biding their time, waiting for this moment to do away with the old Vigo Council and assume command of the organization themselves.



    Storyline I

    After the Vigo Council was wiped out by an unknown assassin on Ralltiir, Black Sun slowly began falling apart. Members of the criminal organization started battling each other in their quest for power. Realizing no one would benefit from the continued bloodshed, Immodet contacted several high-ranking members of Black Sun, including the Nightsister assassin Shadowmancer and the Corellian smuggler Shadow Trooper. During the meeting, a crime boss from Ando, called Master Selkath, was elected the new Black Sun Overlord. In order to re-establish itself as the most important criminal organization in the Galaxy, Black Sun decided to send a message to its many enemies. A delegation of newly-elected Vigos traveled to Nar Shaddaa, forcing the local black market dealer, Gargonn the Hutt, into submission.

    Storyline II

    An ally of the previous Overlord, calling himself Mr. Blue, established contact with Black Sun. After playing games with the Vigo Council, the mysterious Mr. Blue invited Master Selkath to travel to his base of operations on Eclipse. At the same time, Black Sun destroyed a Jedi vessel containing secret information on the criminal organization’s activities. Through the help of Mr. Blue, the Vigo Council discovered the identity of the person who had leaked the information to the authorities. Oolth, a survivor of the Ralltiir massacre, was willing to save his own skin by working together with the Republic and the Jedi.

    Storyline III

    On Coruscant, Black Sun agents managed to intercept the traitor who had given away the secret information. A data chip was found on the traitor’s body, revealing a tattooed Zabrak performed the Ralltiir massacre. When Black Sun’s local crime boss, Yanth the Hutt, was slaughtered by the very same Zabrak assassin, the Vigo Council began investigating recent events. Since Yanth had obtained information on the Trade Federation’s future plans, Black Sun suspected some kind of relationship between all recent developments. When the Trade Federation used a droid army to blockade Naboo, Vigo KrazAgtlei became trapped on-planet. Although Black Sun attempted a rescue mission, the Vigo had already perished during the droid assault. Afterwards, the Vigo Council learnt the Zabrak assassin was killed by the Jedi during the liberation of Naboo.

    Storyline IV

    Amidst the Naboo crisis, the Black Sun Overlord went missing. Surprisingly, the mysterious Mr. Blue was elected the new leader of the criminal organization. Black Sun, however, did not have much time to recuperate from the recent setbacks. In a senate session, Chancellor Palpatine publicly appointed Trillian Banjeer as the commander of an anti-crime task force. Banjeer began harassing Black Sun all throughout the Galaxy, including capturing a Black Sun base near Kashyyyk. When the task force commander threatened to prosecute Gargonn the Hutt, the black market dealer betrayed Shadowmancer, resulting in the Vigo’s death. Black Sun sent a newly-recruited assassin, called Darth Master Titus, to deal with the treacherous Hutt crime lord. While watching a gladiator game, Gargonn was swiftly liquidated by Titus.

    Storyline V

    The removal of Vigo Shadowmancer from Nar Shaddaa, had created unbalance in Hutt space. Backed by the Hutt cartels, Zorilla the Hutt sought to destroy Black Sun. Considering Zorilla too much of a threat, the Vigo Council gave Darth Master Titus the task of assassinating her. The security in Zorilla’s palace, however, proved to be too tight, resulting in Titus’ capture and subsequent torture. Trying to damage Black Sun’s reputation, Zorilla reached out to Black Sun’s enemy, Republic commander Trillian Banjeer. The Hutt crime lord’s plan backfired, leading to the destruction of her pirate fleet. The defeat of Zorilla caused the Hutt cartels to withdraw their support from the crusade against Black Sun. Seeing an opportunity to restore balance, the Vigo Council made an appointment with Durga the Hutt, a leading figure within the Besadii clan. The meeting was interrupted by an angry Zorilla the Hutt, seeking revenge against those she considered responsible for her downfall. After getting rid of the Zorilla, a treaty got signed by all people present.

    Storyline VI

    After capturing a Trade Federation vessel during a pirate raid, Vigo Scholomancer discovered illegally-run shipyards and factories in the Excarga system. Knowing the Trade Federation had been involved in the Ralltiir massacre, Black Sun took revenge against the conglomerate by seizing the system. The Trade Federation could not do otherwise than back off when Excarga became a member of the Galactic Republic. Unfortunately, the conglomerate found another way to create trouble for Black Sun. Salic Ralquesh, leader of the Ralquesh Guild, began targeting Black Sun after the Trade Federation supported him with funding. Most bounty hunters, however, were unwilling to take on bounties posted on Black Sun member, thereby severely limiting the Ralquesh Guild’s influence. Ultimately, Salic Ralquesh was hunted down on Geonosis by an elite team of mercenaries led by Errai, Ram Ordo and Cradossk. Not much later, Geonosis turned into a battleground and thus the Clone Wars began.

    Storyline VII

    At the beginning of the Clone Wars, the Republic anti-crime task force got new orders from Chancellor Palpatine. Since resources were spread very thin, the task force needed to assist in transporting war criminals. On a mission to Muunilinst, Trillian Banjeer’s obsession with Black Sun was suddenly re-awakened. While creating a trap for Separatist commander Durge, Banjeer succeeded in capturing Vigo aalagartassle as well. Realizing aalgartassle had access to too much critical information, the Vigo Council did not have any other choice but arrange his assassination. The Mandalorian mercenary Ram Ordo boarded Banjeer’s flagship The Justifier, looking for a way to get to aalagartassle. After being discovered, the Mandalorian released Durge from captivity, creating chaos aboard the ship. Since all Separatist prisoners escaped while being placed under his care, Trillian Banjeer was demoted by the Chancellor.

    Storyline VIII

    Seeking a way to profit from the war, Black Sun began investing in the production of medicine such as Bacta, Bota and Kolto. Needing a shipping agency to distribute the medicine, the Vigo Council first met the ambitious Prince Xizor. Although the Vigo Council tried to recruit Xizor, the Falleen Prince began using Black Sun to achieve his own goals. After masterminding the death of his superiors, Xizor assumed command of Falleen Transport Systems. While the other Vigos were busy trading medicine and weaponry, s_heffley started selling raw materials to the highest bidder. When one of his shipments was intercepted by the Separatists, he discovered the betrayal of his former right-hand man Ryan. At the end of the Clone Wars, Ryan assembled a droid army to assault s_heffley’s base on Kashyyyk. Thanks to several Black Sun members working closely together, the droid attack was eventually fended off. After being abandoned by his mistress Faya, Ryan made one final move to kill Vigo s_heffley, resulting in his own death.

    Storyline IX

    At the end of the Clone Wars, the Republic turned into the Galactic Empire. Needing a vast power base, the newly-formed Empire reached out to Black Sun. Trying to get the upper hand during the negotiations, the Vigo Council looked into rumors about a rogue droid containing information on an anti-Empire rebel movement. Three assassins, Faya, Errai and Kaird were sent to acquire the droid, but the whole thing turned out to be a trap by Prince Xizor. Wanting to replace the Vigo Council with replica droids, the Falleen captured Kaird turning him into a sleeper agent. After the Black Sun leadership successfully established a treaty with the Empire, the brainwashed Kaird suddenly turned on the assembly of high-ranking Black Sun members. When Kaird got himself killed at the hands of Vigo Darth Master Titus, Prince Xizor fled back to Coruscant. The two remaining assassins, who had been trapped on the Galaxy’s capital planet due to Xizor’s scheming, were hunted down by Black Sun’s enemy Trillian Banjeer. Luckily for them, Banjeer received orders from his superiors to leave Faya and Errai alone.

    Storyline X

    While the Vigo Council had been negotiating terms with the Empire, a Black Sun operative called ConservativeJedi321 got himself captured by the Pyke Syndicate. The rash actions of the Pykes angered Black Sun, leading to a confrontation between both criminal organizations. With the help of their new Imperial allies, Black Sun laid siege to the Pyke Syndicate’s headquarters on Oba Diah and Kessel. Although the Pykes called in favors from all their allies, including the Hutt cartels and the Coruscanti Crime Families, the combined strength of the Empire and the Vigo Council proved far too great. At the end of the battle, ConservativeJedi321 managed to conquer the Pyke Palace and take revenge against majordomo Thash Krim. Meanwhile, Prince Xizor assisted in handing over crime boss Toral Pyke to the Imperial authorities, thus regaining Palpatine's trust. With the Pykes removed from the game, the future of Black Sun seemed brighter than ever.

    Storyline XI

    Until their defeat during the Battle of Oba Diah, the Pykes had been a major distributor of spice. The Pyke Syndicate’s downfall created a power vacuum left to be filled. Both the Vigo Council and the Besadii were eager to replace the Pykes, causing tension between both groups. Although the Vigo Council and the Hutts did not openly attack one another, they secretly tried to sabotage each other’s efforts. After failing to establish an alliance against his enemies, the paranoid leader of the Besadii clan, Arok the Hutt, slowly began losing control of the situation. Thanks to information leaked by the information broker Bookman, it was revealed Arok had not only been embezzling money, he also had himself become addicted to Spice. Seeing an opportunity to replace Arok with his beloved father, Durga the Hutt switched his support back to Black Sun. Not wanting to bring about more trouble, Black Sun made Arok’s death look like an accident. Meanwhile, Durga and his father began producing spice in a facility on Ylesia, a place they had kept a secret from everyone all along.

    Storyline XII

    When appointed leader of the Besadii clan, Durga’s father gave a big feast for all his fellow clansmen. However, during the celebration, he suddenly began feeling unwell. Afterwards, it became clear that he had been poisoned. After losing his father, the Vigo Council reached out to Durga the Hutt. In exchange for signing a revised partnership treaty, Black Sun promised to protect Durga from his enemies. The criminal organization also offered to track down whoever killed his father. Reluctantly, Durga agreed, knowing he had no other choice. Ultimately, the Vigo Council discovered, much to their own surprise, that one of their own had actually made the assassination possible. The intelligence that Black Sun had recently gathered on the Besadii, was given away by the gambling-addicted Scholomancer after losing a game of Sabacc. Before the Vigo Council could figure out what to do next, Scholomancer went missing. Meanwhile, on Coruscant, Bookman ran into Glade Myst, an associate of the Coruscanti Crime Families, who planned on overthrowing his bosses.

    Storyline XIII

    Not too long after Scholomancer disappeared, the Vigo Council received a message from justice officer Trillian Banjeer. He claimed to have forced Prince Xizor, whom he had been spying on for quite some time, into handing over Vigo Scholomancer. If the members of the Vigo Council did not obey his commands, he would reveal Black Sun’s deal with the Galactic Empire to the public and release Scholomancer in Hutt space. Banjeer demanded the Black Sun leadership to assist him and his allies in assassinating Emperor Palpatine, who according to them had become corrupted. The Vigos could not do otherwise than play along for the time being. While assassins Faya and Errai would carry out the assassination, they planned on having Bookman and Glade Myst rescue Scholomancer from captivity. Yet, things did not exactly go as planned. Palpatine and the Imperials were informed of the assassination attempt by Captain Malis, a dissatisfied employee of Vigo Shadow Trooper who had secretly crossed over to Prince Xizor’s side. As a result, Faya and Errai got killed and the Empire started hunting down all conspirators, including the members of the Vigo Council. Captain Malis tried to prevent the remaining Black Sun agents from leaving the crime scene, only to die himself.

    Storyline XIV

    After years of scheming, Prince Xizor had finally managed to make the members of the Vigo Council lose their power. He had manipulated officer Trillian Banjeer into involving the Black Sun leadership in an assassination attempt on Palpatine’s life, causing the Vigo Council to turn on its main ally. Apart from that, he had made Durga the Hutt distrustful of his so-called allies, thereby ensuring the leader of the Besadii clan would side with him. With all Vigos on the run, no one was left to stop him from assuming command of a reformed Black Sun. Yet, the members of the old Vigo Council did not plan on going down without a fight. The Black Sun Overlord, Mr. Blue, invited all Vigos to join him at his base on Eclipse, so they could figure out a plan together. He also sent the invitation to Bookman, who had rescued the brilliant engineer Vish Tunn instead of Vigo Scholomancer. Although Mr. Blue had high hopes for Vish Tunn, he was deceived by Bookman. No longer wanting to be a slave, Bookman had left Tunn on Coruscant and brought Darth Vader with him. The Sith Lord violently slaughtered the whole Vigo Council, so none of its members would disrupt his Master’s plans ever again.


    Black Sun

    The criminal organization known as Black Sun has existed for thousands of years. From the shadows, its members influence the Galaxy’s state-of-affairs, enabling themselves to make big money. Black Sun’s activities include assassination, bribing, smuggling, piracy, blackmail, intimidation, extortion, kidnapping, money laundering… In order to function efficiently, the organization has a hierarchical structure. At the very top, there is the Black Sun Overlord who keeps himself accompanied by an advisor. Most of the daily work, the Overlord leaves to a council consisting of nine Vigos. Each Vigo has his own skillset and uses those skills to rule over his own territory.

    •Before the Battle of Naboo, Black Sun rapidly gained more power thanks to the efforts of Overlord Alexi Garyn. Seeing Garyn as a threat to his plans, the Sith Lord Darth Sidious dispatched his Zabrak apprentice Darth Maul to take care of the Black Sun Overlord and the Vigo Council. However, Sidious soon learnt that Black Sun always re-invented itself. The following years, the Sith Lord carefully began shaping the criminal organization into how he wanted it to be. No member of the new Vigo Council ever suspected Sidious’ involvement until it was far too late.

    •Alexi Garyn was succeeded by Master Selkath (PLAYER) who in turn was succeeded by the mysterious Mr. Blue (PLAYER). Mr. Blue hailed from a planet whose native people were once rescued from an invading species by Alexi Garyn. Trying to make up for saving them, Mr. Blue’s people agreed to host a special research center for Garyn. After the death of his master, advisor Oolth returned to this place in order to fetch a device, known as the Lance, which contained blackmail information on those Garyn saw as competitors.

    •After the disappearance of Oolth, Immodet (PLAYER) became the new advisor to the Black Sun Overlord. On Lorahns, he used the Ffib religion as a cover for his criminal operations. Often, he manipulated others into doing the dirty work, so his hands could stay clean at all times. Since he was a very skilled negotiator, Immodet was useful to Black Sun on many occasions. For example, during the conflict with the Pykes, Immodet made the Coruscanti Crime Families hand over Toral Pyke on their own accord.

    •A crime lord known as Shadow Trooper (PLAYER) played a crucial role in breeding new life into the criminal organization Black Sun. Shadow Trooper was pretty much your stereotypical Corellian criminal, a career smuggler with an independent and a brash personality. He started his career as a low level operative with Black Sun's Corellian chapter, eventually taking over smuggling operations on Corellia for Alexi Garyn. As a founding member and Vigo of the new Black Sun, he rose from his humble beginnings as a simple courier into one of the most powerful beings in the criminal underworld.

    •In order to keep his business successful, Vigo Shadow Trooper depended upon an entourage of skilled operatives, including Captain Tulkis and Captain Malis. Captain Tulkis was a Whipid pirate who first got introduced to Shadow Trooper during the brief period when the Overlord granted the Corellian command of the collected Black Sun fleet. The Whipid's cunning and ruthlessness impressed the Corellian and so he offered the pirate a place in his organization as commander of his field operatives and as his personal enforcer. Anybody that threatened, cheated or even mildly irritated the Corellian became prey to this fierce Whipid hunter. Captain Malis began his career as a low-level navigator whom made himself indispensable to the Vigo through his knowledge of secret hyperspace routes. He became the Corellian's top informant because of his ability to move his ship quickly and quietly to any planet in the galaxy. Because Malis's contributions were covert and mostly supportive as opposed to taking direct action, he got very little recognition from Black Sun, something which caused him to harbor a little bit of resentment for the Vigo Council.

    •The Nightsister Shadowmancer (PLAYER) can be seen as yet another founding member of the new Black Sun. In the past, she had already provided Overlord Alexi Garyn with a Nightsister bodyguard called Mighella. Since she was born on Dathomir, she served as Black Sun's main information source when it came to Force-users. She was killed when Banjeer’s task force invaded her base on Nar Shaddaa. Since she no longer were around to keep the Hutts at bay, her death resulted in a war between the Hutt Cartels and the Vigo Council. One of her apprentices, the Nediji Kaird, went on to become one of Black Sun’s most deadly assassins.

    •When Mr. Blue assumed command of Black Sun, he asked Darth Master Titus (PLAYER) whether he would like to serve as the Overlord’s main enforcer. Titus, originally from Coruscant, was a wealthy contract killer of sorts for much of his life. He traveled the galaxy carrying out deeds for wealthy beings looking to eliminate rivals, and carrying out his own personal vendettas. After years of this grueling work, Titus wanted a new experience, hence joining Black Sun, being an enforcer of its will throughout the galaxy. At first, he set up his operation on Mygeeto because the planet was back then known for its wealthy banking clans. He considered this a good opportunity to launder money, while at the same time stay under the radar. Ultimately, Titus was forced to abandon his Mygeeto base after an incident with the InterGalactic Banking Clan and the Ralquesh Guild. Ever since, he oversaw operations on the Kolto producing planet of Manaan. Being involved in both the deaths of Gargonn and Zorilla the Hutt, Titus earned the nickname ‘Hutt slayer’.

    •Scholomancer (PLAYER), the Vigo in charge of Black Sun’s pirate fleet, quickly gained a reputation after successfully raiding one Trade Federation fleet after another. His background, however, is not as glorious as he claimed it to be. Actually, he was an ex-mercenary from Mandalore, who nevertheless had the pretensions of being high-culture. He was ambitious, and with standard Mandalorian morals, managed to propel himself from then ranks to a Vigo of Black Sun. He served as the head of Lone Star Minerals, which hosted a variety of shipping and ground-based fronts. To his fellow criminals, he was known for his hands-on leadership, his viciousness during his operations, and his fairness amongst his slaves and crews. For his involvement in the death of the Besadii leader, he was executed by a vengeful Durga the Hutt.

    •After Black Sun forced the Trade Federation out of the Excarga system, Viceroy Nute Gunray and Senator Lott Dod acquired the services of the Ralquesh Guild. This bounty hunter guild, led by the ferocious Chistori Salic Ralquesh, was known for not sticking to the rules. Using every resource available, the guild members began giving Black Sun a hard time. The Vigo Council reacted by hiring some extra muscle of their own, such as Errai and Ram Ordo. While Errai mainly operated in Hutt space, Ram Ordo had hardly ever left Mandalorian territory.

    •Black Sun did not have an easy time recuperating itself from the Ralltiir massacre. Even though a new Vigo Council rose to power, many members perished not too longer after attaining the position of Vigo. While Vigos KrazAgtlei (PLAYER) and Orman Tagge (PLAYER) died at the hands of the Trade Federation, Vader’sGoodHand (PLAYER) was killed by Hutt forces on his home world Allyuen. Allyuen later served as a battleground during Black Sun’s war with Zorilla the Hutt. When a vessel transporting Darth Master Titus off-planet left Allyuen, Zorilla ordered the ship to be shot down. The Republic fleet, which was also present, interpreted this move as an act of war. As a result, Zorilla’s forces were wiped out by fire from Republic ships.

    •A slaver called s_heffley (PLAYER) filled the power vacuum left behind after Trillian Banjeer’s crackdown on crime in the Kashyyyk system. He started selling Wookiee slaves and raw material to the highest bidder. Together with the military mastermind The Star Wars Archivist (PLAYER), the slaver was asked by the Vigo Council to join their ranks. Over time, s_heffley began having moral issues with his own activities as a slaver. Not only had the job make him kill his second-in-command Ryan, he also witnessed his associates become more and more ruthless. After the conflict with Arok the Hutt had been settled, s_heffley finally decided to give up his job. Upon leaving, he asked his aide Ben to take his place within the criminal organization. When Xizor managed to take down the Vigo Council, he briefly returned to help his former employees evacuate Kashyyyk. During the evacuation, he sacrificed himself while rescuing Ben.

    •During the Clone Wars, Black Sun was considered an enemy by both the Republic and the CIS. On the one hand, Republic commander Trillian Banjeer was still determined to bring its members to justice. On the other hand, s_heffley second-in-command Ryan had joined the Separatists after being abandoned during the Battle of Excarga. Skirmishes with Banjeer and Ryan resulted in the deaths of Vigos aalgartassle (PLAYER) and Master Mini 907 (PLAYER).

    •More or less at the same time, the Vigo Council first encountered Prince Xizor, while entering a business relationship with Falleen Transport Systems. Unsatisfied with his position, Xizor began plotting against his superior Xomit Grunseit, hoping that Black Sun would back him up. When the Vigo Council withdrew their support from Xizor, the Falleen decided to take down his enemies on his own. His actions, however, nearly brought about the destruction of Black Sun as well. The whole situation also caused bad blood between the Vigo Council and the Pyke Syndicate since the Pykes were afterwards no longer included in the business deal established with Falleen Transport Systems. Yet, Xizor’s ambitions went even further: he did not only want to rule his own company, but also the criminal organization Black Sun. After setting up a meeting between the Vigo Council and the Imperials, he saw his chance to assume command of the organization. The plot involved turning the assassin Kaird into a sleeper agent and using him to replace the Vigo Council with replica droids. His machinations caused the deaths of two high-ranking Black Sun figures, Vigo DarthW33zy (PLAYER) and Shadow Trooper’s lieutenant Raiza the Red. Although his plan failed, Xizor managed to make sure nothing could not be traced back to him. While enjoying protection from the Imperials, the Falleen began exploring alternative ways to get rid of the Vigo Council.

    •Being on friendly terms with the Empire, Black Sun acquired a shipyard in the Kuat system. The Iridonian shipbuilder Darth Rozic (PLAYER) seemed the perfect candidate for managing the operation. Rozic, however, did have a tendency to go off on his own endeavors which often got him in to trouble, such as when he discovered information about the ‘planet killer’ project. Rozic was feared by his enemies because of his gruesome interrogation techniques.

    •The hostile relationship between the Vigo Council and the Pyke Syndicate eventually led to a war between the two organizations. Vigo ConservativeJedi321 (PLAYER) played a crucial role in defeating the Pykes. As Alderaani native, ConservativeJedi quickly grew tired of his home world’s dull devotion to peace, and was eager for an adventure. This led him to join the Republic Navy as a Captain during the early days of the Clone Wars. However, he was discharged after an incident that resulted in the death of his Jedi supervisor. Angry and bitter, ConservativeJedi decided to abandon the Republic and join Black Sun. This ultimately led him to Nar Shaddaa where he ran into a Wookiee called Wravachar, a former slave and master technician. Despite the Wookiee's aversion to violence, ConservativeJedi saw that he could be useful, and encouraged Wravachar to seek out the criminal syndicate with him. The two soon made contact with low ranking crooks with ties to the Black Sun, and in the following year they ran odd jobs across the galaxy adding the organization to strengthen its foothold on one planet after another. It was during this time they ran into another escaped slave, Otsisa Frerwalka, who had been working as a mercenary. Though a spice addict, she had a natural talent for leadership, as well as an intellect that impressed them. ConservativeJedi knew she could be a very valuable associate, so he offered her a job, and she agreed to join him for a decent pay. As the war approached its end, the higher ups of the organization began to take interest in this motley crew. On ConservativeJedi's recommendation, the three of them were assigned to return to Alderaan and set up a base. They also were granted use of the veteran Gungan spy master Ut-Reb Chets. Both Otsisa and Ut-Reb later assisted assassins Faya and Errai in arranging Palpatine's assassination on Naboo. When the assassination attempt failed, they tried to flee, only to be cornered by the traitor Malis. Ut-Reb sacrificed himself, so Otsisa could escape and report back to ConservativeJedi.

    •Once upon a time, Darth Master Titus's right-hand, mercenary Errai, spared the lives of fellow mercenaries Pax and Ciro after they broke into his apartment on Nal Hutta in search of their kidnapped cousin, Rig. The cousins first job for the Black Sun was the raid on the Kessel prison, against the Pyke Syndicate. Their expertise in weaponry and explosives came in handy during the battle. In the thick of the fight, Rig suffered a fatal blast wound killing him instantly. This, however, did not change Pax and Ciro’s attitude. On the contrary, they only seemed more dedicated to Black Sun, answering not just to Errai, but to Titus and the rest of the Vigo Council. While investigating whoever killed Durga the Hutt’s father, Pax was heavily injured during a brawl with Xizor’s mercenaries, no longer enabling him to fight alongside his cousin Ciro.

    •After the Battle of Oba Diah, Black Sun discovered the Pyke Synidate had secretly been backed up by Besadii leader Arok the Hutt. Arok’s downfall was eventually caused by one of his own servants, an enslaved information broker called Bookman/A Blind Prophet (PLAYER). At first, Black Sun tried to frame Bookman for Arok’s death, but he skillfully managed to put the blame on someone else. Realizing Bookman’s potential, the Vigo Council agreed to let him set up shop on Coruscant. There, Bookman encountered Glade Myst/Jax Nova (PLAYER), an ambitious member of a Coruscanti Crime Family. Having just returned to his family occupation fresh out of the university, Glade Myst assumed the role of liaison between the Coruscanti Crime families and Black Sun, working closely with Bookman. With his own plans in mind for his future, Glade looked to Black Sun to make those dreams a reality. His first move was an ambitious heist that looked to be quite profitable for Black Sun and himself.

    •When Durga the Hutt’s father died because of poisoning, Prince Xizor ordered his aide Guri to find out who was responsible. This proved not to be an easy task since Black Sun had enlisted the services of Cradossk’s bounty hunter guild for the very same task. During the search, a trusted associate of the Desilijic clan, Mosep Binneed, revealed that the assassination had only been possible thanks to Vigo Scholomancer. Over time, the Vigo had become addicted to gambling. Not being able to control himself during a game of Sabacc, he gambled away the intelligence gathered by Black Sun on their Besadii allies. Seeing this as an opportunity, Prince Xizor decided to use this information to his own advantage.

    •Once upon a time, Trillian Banjeer served as the commander of an anti-crime task force. He managed to acquire this position not only because of his own dedication, but also because he was born in an influential upper-class family. Although he hunted down all sorts of criminals, he became obsessed with Black Sun. This obsession ultimately made him lose his position as commander. When Banjeer discovered that the government had established some kind of deal with Black Sun, he saw it as his duty to restore justice. In order to achieve this goal, he joined a coalition of dissidents, which consisted of people like Senator Garm Bel Iblis. Knowing the Emperor would not go down easily, he forced Black Sun into cooperating with him. After all, the Vigo Council had previously recruited the Force-sensitive Faya to their cause. According to Banjeer, she was the only person capable of assassinating the Emperor. His plan, however, backfired. After Black Sun assassins Faya and Errai got killed, he tried to sneak away, only to be arrested by Stormtroopers. Later on, he was put to death by Palpatine himself. The Emperor used the assassination attempt to take down his enemies and tighten his grip on the Senate.
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    I'd love to see a movie based on this game \(★ω★)/
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    {tho I've cried (for real, not a jk) cuz of the Pykes. oml why are they doomed to die almost every in story?}

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