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Beyond - Legends Rise of Darkness: A Kingdom Hearts/Star Wars Crossover

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Theodore Hawkwood, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. Theodore Hawkwood

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    Jun 17, 2014

    Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts or Star Wars or any other recognizable franchisecontained herein.

    I took some dialogue for the first scene from Rebel Dawn.

    Author’s Note: The Soviet Union depicted in my fanfiction is part of a Kingdom Hearts world I came up with patterning Cold War geopolitical events. It first appeared in a Incredibles/Kingdom Hearts fic I wrote called Relocated.

    Summary: A galaxy far far away faces an extradimensional threat known as the Heartless.


    Communication’s Center
    0 BBY
    Bria Tharen

    “We’re not going to get out of here, are we?”

    Red Hand Squadron, her command lay dead and dying, a painfully young voice heard shortly after placing the tiny pill onto the collar of her fatigues. The lullaby. The one final act of defiance for surviving members of her command, the way to keep Imperials from torturing any Alliance secrets out of live prisoners.

    “No we’re not Sk’kot. You know that. The Imps have destroyed our ships. No retrieval. And even if we didn’t have orders to hold this comm center for as long as possible, there’s nowhere for us to go on this world. Even if we could get past the troopers...we’ve got no transport.”

    With a wry grin she added, “I’d look really silly trying to hop out of here wouldn’t I?”

    She gestured towards a wounded leg, the shrapnel from the grenade explosion having peppered it moments earlier.

    The kid admitted, “Commander...I...I don’t want to die.”

    Distraction would work best, she decided in the moment. Asking him to help her with the bandage on her leg.

    Then after he finished his labors she replied, “I don’t want to die either, Sk’kot. But I sure as blazes don’t want the Empire to win. I don’t want good people massacred, or taken as slaves, or taxed until they can’t feed their families or lead a decent life. Or murdered by some Imperial Moff who woke up cranky that morning.”

    She noticed the kid’s slight smile at the turn of phrase, and continued, “So it's okay that we're not going to get out of here, right, Sk'kot? It's okay that we're going to go down doing our jobs, because they did theirs. We can't let them down, right?"

    Red Hand Squadron had been a damned fine group. They deserved better. But if they had to go out it might as well be giving the Imperials a bloody nose.

    Issuing the last orders as the Floating Fortress hovered just outside the perimeter wall of the communication center. Knowing whatever data she had been ordered to send had made it seconds before the tower was leveled by enemy fire.

    The torrent of enemy return fire. The explosion that would hurl her several more meters, right beside Sk’kot, who lay on his side, eyes open, looking up at her with his head lolling.

    She couldn’t feel anything and some detached part of her brain, as if watching the last moments of her life on some holo-drama, recognized that she was paralyzed from the neck down. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the blood mingling with the dirt underneath.

    A sob worked its way through her system, causing her to cough up blood as her beyond battered condition asserted itself.

    Off in the distance, a sound she recognized as ships landing. Definitely more Imperials. As she heard the boots of Stormtroopers approaching, the sounds of single blaster shots dispatching the occasional badly wounded Rebel she stuck out her tongue, the lullaby ensnared and then swallowed.

    Her last words as she drifted away, “Goodbye Han. I’ve always loved you…”


    Vorkuta Gulag
    Vorkuta, U.S.S.R.
    6 October 1963
    Prisoner E3842

    “Step seven comrades,” the shout of the leader of the Vorkuta Uprising, Viktor Reznov, sounded.

    “Raise Hell!” The shout came from the crowd.

    One man in that crowd of former political prisoners, now armed and turned loose on their oppressors, squeezed off a burst from his AKM-47 rifle, killing a guard behind a DShK heavy machinegun mounted on the bed of a crashed truck.

    Prisoner E3842, reloaded the AKM after that act, glancing around, snapping off a quick burst at a guard before ducking behind a stack of bricks.

    “For honor!” Reznov’s shout echoed.

    What honor do I have left? I served the Motherland faithfully only to be jailed for surviving a mission. Prisoner E3842 thought as he snapped off a short burst from his AKM before running towards a nearby building and taking shelter by a wall.

    “For vengeance!”

    Much more accurate. The man thought to himself grimly. The betrayal of his leadership almost a year ago before sending him to this hellhole was fresh in his mind.

    “For Russia!”

    I served the Motherland faithfully only to be betrayed. Prisoner E3842 thought.


    The loud cry of the now armed former prisoners echoed loudly as they advanced down the road towards the parked vehicles near the compound’s truck park.

    Ducking behind a burned out vehicle just as a burst of gunfire cut down another prisoner. Snapping off a short burst at the muzzle flash and noting with grim satisfaction that a guard’s corpse fell down over the railing of a nearby catwalk.

    Prisoner E3842, also known as Andrei Belyenkov, moved forward down the road, taking cover once again as his fellow prisoners fought against their former oppressors.

    “Unleash fury! Kill all who stand in our way,” Reznov bellowed, “Kill them all! No mercy!! Burn this place to the ground, comrades! Die Scum!”

    A year ago Andrei would have thought Reznov a lunatic, but now he could see a certain grim logic in the former soldier of the Great Patriotic War.

    A year in the mines. A year of backbreaking work. Little food. The more than occasional beating. For Andrei that was enough to trigger the rage.

    For Reznov’s ilk who had been confined there for the better part of nearly two decades that rage verged on the point of explosion. And it had exploded that day.

    Fighting their way to the truck park, following the retreating guards and shooting them down. As they charged into the truck park a group of guards standing on the garage roof began firing canisters into the mob.

    From the clouds of white gas and the coughing and choking of his fellow prisoners Andrei knew that the gas was a choking agent of some kind. As he coughed uncontrollably and pulled his sleeve away, seeing blood he knew precisely what kind of gas it was.

    Forget riot suppression agent. They’re going to kill us all. Andrei thought, watching fellow prisoners spastically jerking about on the ground, clawing at their throats.

    Andrei knew his own death was imminent, being right in the middle of the gas cloud. With his last breath he breathed his final words, “I have lived my life as a Soviet. But I die a Russian.”

    Coughing, falling to the ground. Vision fading. Blackness.


    Yen Sid’s Tower
    Yen Sid

    Master Yen Sid blinked as he looked upon his latest vision, playing to him in a 3D display atop his desk.

    From many worlds Darkness in Zero, whose activities he had been monitoring, had been pulling people in his fight against Organization XIII. And lately he was working on a project on resurrecting two such individuals from the dead.

    Forbidden knowledge, to be sure. But what exactly was Ansem’s plan with these two hearts. With a sigh Yen Sid knew he had to pay Darkness in Zero, once known as Ansem the Wise, a visit…


    To Be Continued...
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    Mar 3, 2001
    Rocks fall and everyone dies -- the beginning, it seems. :p Great job of setting up how/why the characters died; it'll be interesting to see them interact if they happen to meet. Liked the parallels between Bria and Andrei in how they think of their respective battles against corruption. Kindred spirits, maybe. (Note: I'm mostly unfamiliar with Kingdom Hearts.) Ansem seems to be engaging in a bit of recreational necromancy. I don't know the character, so I'm unsure whether to distrust his motives.
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    Jun 17, 2014
    Thanks for the reply, Kahara. And I'm glad you like the 'kindred spirits' touch I did with Andrei and Bria with their respective similarties.
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    Meeting of the Minds

    Disclaimer: Same as before.

    Forgot to add in my first disclaimer that the second level in Call of Duty: Black Ops inspired my Kingdom Hearts universe’s version of the Vorkuta rebellion.


    Bria felt herself sinking. As if falling into one of Corellia’s oceans, unable to swim. She hadn’t had a nightmare like this since she was a little girl that didn’t know how to swim, and just learning to do so.

    In that dim and distant past Bria would always be awakened by her father, or would awaken herself.

    But this time she felt herself continuing to sink into the inky black abyss. But instead of the sensation of drowning, she felt she was able to breath.

    Underwater? I shouldn’t be able to breathe underwater? Yet it feels like I’m sinking in the ocean but breathing at the same time. Bria thought.

    Just as that thought had occurred to her she found her descent halted. Blinking her eyes she sat up finding herself standing on a circular platform that looked like a stained glass window.

    That has to be heavy duty glass. Bria thought, wondering why it didn’t shatter to fragments under her weight. She stood up gingerly, she wasn’t about to wind up shattering the glass by sudden movement.

    She stood up, atop a panel of red-gold glass. She took a few steps and noticed that the stained glass window seemed to be depicting a red-gold head. She glanced down and noticed her own features depicted in the stained glass.

    Smaller circles depicted Ylesia and the t'landa Til, the casino on Bespin, leaving Han at Coruscant. Garm bel Iblis and the Corellian resistance movement’s first meetings were also depicted on smaller circles of stained glass, she discovered in her walk around the perimeter of the stained glass window.

    Your life to Toprawa. A voice echoed in her head, a voice she couldn’t identify.

    Indeed the window depicted events of her life. The large representation of her was at the battle of Toprawa moments before the Floating Fortress opened fire on the remnants of Red Hand Squadron.

    It was then she became aware of another being nearby. At first she attributed it to the mysterious voice that had spoken to her describing the window. But then she turned around to see three creatures on the far side of the window.

    They were vaguely humanoid, much shorter than her, with round spherical heads. Three pairs of circular glowing yellow eyes focused on Bria, three pairs of twisted antennae twitched. Clawed fingers flexed and the creatures promptly seemed to meld into the window as they headed for her.

    To her right she noticed a BlasTech E11 Blaster Carbine, and as she did the things were barely a meter away. Diving out of their way, she scooped up the carbine, hoping the thing at least had three shots left as she brought it to bear.

    Heartless always seek to capture hearts. The mysterious voice echoed in her head, identifying her attackers.

    The Heartless popped up, at least two of them did right in front of Bria who too two steps back and fired two shots from the blaster, killing them both.

    Where was the third one? Bria thought before turning around just as the third Heartless jumped up claws in the position to strike.

    Bria raised the blaster carbine, no time to aim and squeezed the trigger, the bolt striking home right on the creature's center of mass, killing it.

    It was then that she felt the glass give way and felt herself falling through the abyss...


    Andrei opened his eyes, taking a deep breath of air. He was surprised that the breath of air wasn't a difficult breath at all, given the choking agent that had been fired into the crowd at Vorkuta.

    He rose, wobbly, on hands and knees to find he had been lying atop what appeared to be a stained glass window. He stood up and blinked, as he looked around noticing nothing but darkness except for this strange circular glass window.

    As he explored it he noticed the main part of the wall depicted him ducked behind a stack of bricks near the armory building at Vorkuta. Four smaller circles depicted other moments in his life. Witnessing the celebration commemorating the end of the Great Patriotic War as a small boy. Graduating from the Airborne College at Ryazan. Marrying his wife, now no longer living. The first encounter with the Heartless…

    Andrei felt hairs on the back of his neck standing on end, that finely honed instinct that told him they were near. Glancing around looking for some form of weapon, or preparing, if he had to, to use sambo to defend himself.

    There. Lying nearby was a Makarov PM model pistol. He noticed it around the same time he sighted the three Heartless had already melded into the window and were heading right for him. In a dead sprint he raced for the weapon, diving forward, his fingers clutching around the Makarov’s wooden grip.

    Pulling the slide to the rear and letting go, chambering a round. Looking down and around. One of the Heartless had just jumped up from the window’s surface and he instinctively took a step back and fired three shots from the Makarov, catching the creature in the neck and chest.

    Turning around he saw the second one dive back into the window’s surface, knowing the jig was up. Glancing again, making sure his weapon would follow his gaze. Backing up slowly until he stood at the edge of the window.

    At least now they couldn’t sneak up behind him. The two Heartless split up their directions in an attempt to have Andrei focus on one and allow the second an opportunity to rend a killing blow.

    He looked to the right seeing the first Heartless pop up. Firing two quick shots, one into the creature’s neck and chest before turning around and stepping to the side as the third Heartless popped up, leaping for him, claws raised.

    Firing the last three shots into the creature’s chest and then ducking. Feeling the Heartless flying over his head, momentum carrying it after bullets from the Makarov had torn into it. Feeling the floor give way, feeling himself falling through the abyss.


    Bria Tharen sat up with a start, blinking her eyes. A beige toned bedroom, and lying on a bed was not how she expected the afterlife to appear.

    How am I even sitting up at all? Bria thought, remembering she had been paralyzed from the neck down thanks to that thermal detonator, one part of a barrage that had wiped out the last remnant of Red Hand Squadron.

    She looked down, noticing she was in her old fatigues from that last mission, but not carrying a single weapon.

    Is this some kind of Imperial trick? One of those rumored powers of Emperor Palpatine? Bria thought as she stood up shakily.
    She walked around the room in long strides, noticing the desk and chair, the bed, a bureau, and the room had its own fresher unit behind one door. She reached for the other door and opened it, seeing a hallway with similar beige tones to the walls.

    Taking a couple steps outside after looking around to see if those Heartless things were anywhere nearby.

    As she walked into the hallway a door to her right opened. Walking into the hallway was a fellow shorter than her 1.78 meter height. He stood about 1.70 meters, with tousled black hair, gray eyes and an emaciated frame.

    From the garb he wore she could discern some form of prisoner. It was a nearly yellowed white tunic and black and white striped pants. He seemed just as taken aback by running into her.

    Gotta stay on guard. Who knows what this guy might’ve been locked up for? He could be a run of the mill political prisoner or a dangerous convict...

    Her second impression was that the man didn’t speak Basic as his first language. His accent wasn’t anything she could place, neither was his language.

    “Russkiy? Amerikanskiy? Britanskiy?” The man said.

    His body language told her he was wary just as she was but otherwise non-threatening. Now how to de-escalate this situation?

    The answer came when they both heard footsteps, turning to see a man, a tall, lean fellow standing a little taller than Bria’s height. He was clothed in black and red robes, an elaborate geometric pattern in white adorned the torso of his garments. And his face was covered in red bandages.

    A bit gaudy to be a Tusken. Bria thought, And definitely much too civilized.

    “You two woke earlier than expected. I apologize for that.” the man said.

    Bria glanced over at first the bandaged fellow and then to the prisoner. She saw the confusion register, because evidently he heard the stranger in his own language.

    “Because of that, there’s the fact that you’ve got a very real language barrier.” the man said and with a wave of his hand he said, “Is that better?”

    “Is what better?” the prisoner said.

    This time Bria understood exactly what the man was saying.
    “You can understand one another, right?”

    Bria managed to tone down the surprise and merely nodded.

    “Good, now that that’s settled let’s get properly introduced. Then I’m sure you would like a change of clothing and something to eat, would you not?”

    The prisoner went first with his introduction, pointing to himself and said, “Andrei.”


    “I am Darkness in Zero, or DiZ for short.” Ansem replied, no point introducing his real name right now, first he had to ensure these guests were suitably provisioned.

    “Once you’re comfortable, breakfast is just down the hall.” Ansem continued.

    Bria felt the grumbling in her stomach, indeed she was hungry and as she noticed Andrei heading for his own room she followed suit, opening the door of her room and stepping inside to freshen up and change clothing before breakfast…


    To Be Continued…
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    Neat description of the stained glass windows that the two characters see -- that would have to be very unnerving. ;) Liked the meeting scene with Bria and Andrei trying to figure out who this other weird person is -- doesn't seem to be from anywhere they recognize, can't communicate... that's going to be interesting now that they can understand each other. Andrei could almost pass for someone from an obscure Rimworld, but Bria -- what is Corellia? Is that in Italy? [face_laugh]

    That was quite a striking visual; I've never studied Kingdom Hearts, but it was easy to picture Ansem's appearance here.
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    Thanks for the compliment, Kahara.

    The stained glass windows were featured at the start of several of the Kingdom Hearts games and I thought they would make a lovely introduction for our two characters into the Kingdom Hearts universe.

    Glad you liked how Bria and Andrei can now understand one another. Writing the dialogue for their first conversation was/is an incredibly fun thing...
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    Meeting of the Minds II

    Disclaimer: Same as before. The term 'Supers' refers to the superheroes from the Disney/Pixar film called The Incredibles.


    Andrei sipped at his cup of the substance Bria had called 'vine coffeine' and found it to have a good taste in addition to a pleasant aroma. With a smile he took a second sip. His stomach cramping had stopped about five minutes ago.

    Shouldn't have eaten so fast. Andrei thought as he regarded his companion at the table. He noticed the sympathetic look she gave him. This told him she had been familiar with circumstances similar to his.

    There's clearly a lot more to this one than just a pretty face. Andrei thought as he set the steaming mug of vine coffeine down onto the table and returned to the eggs and toast, the second plate.

    "Remembering to breathe this time?" Bria remarked with a wry smile.

    "I would have some issues if I somehow forgot to breathe." Andrei countered, before eating a forkful of egg before grabbing a bite of toast.

    They had eaten in relative silence when they had reached the breakfast table, namely due to Andrei practically attacking his plate like a wampa feasting on the insides of a tauntaun, before doubling over clutching his stomach.

    Bria herself wasn't as keen on conversation either, being about as hungry, but showing a bit more decorum than Andrei had. Being born into a wealthy Corellian family had its ingrained habits.

    "So where are you from, Andrei?" Bria asked.

    "Stalingrad." Andrei replied, at Bria's frown of non-recognition he added, "It was formerly called Tsaritsyn and about two years before I was incarcerated it was re-named, by Comrade Kruschev, Volgograd."

    Bria replied, "I'm sorry, none of those names are familiar to me."

    "It's a city on the Volga River." Andrei supplied.

    "Again, the landmark doesn't sound familiar." Bria replied.

    "Alright." Andrei replied, "Where are you from?"

    "Corellia." Bria replied.

    Now Andrei's face bore an expression of confusion as he attempted to place the area, but it didn't register anywhere in his mind.

    "I'm afraid your home city doesn't sound familiar." Andrei replied, “Is that somewhere in Italy?”

    "Planet, actually." Bria replied, “Where is Italy? What system is it in?”

    Planet? She has to be from one of those other worlds, perhaps one not perpetually under attack from the Heartless. Andrei thought, thinking of his own world.

    “It’s a peninsula on the continent of Europe.” Andrei replied, at a loss as to how to describe his home continent to Bria.

    It was then that their mysterious host, DiZ, entered the room.

    "There's a reason none of the place names you mention are anything familiar to each other." DiZ replied, "You both hail from totally different worlds, different realities if you will, if you'll allow me to explain."

    "Alright." Andrei replied with a nod.

    "Ok." Bria replied as she took another sip of her own mug of vine coffeine.

    As the two listened DiZ went into an explanation of their respective realities. Andrei hailed from a world where one of it's nations, the USSR, was locked in a Cold War against another land known as Metroville where beings with superpowers known as 'Supers' existed. Bria, meanwhile, came from a land where sentients could travel the stars in the same manner as one drove vehicles on land in Andrei's world. A repressive regime known as the Empire was in power and Bria was one of a group of Rebels attempting to restore freedom to it.

    After DiZ had finished his explanation Bria asked, "So why have our worlds never crossed paths?"

    "There are a lot of theories about that, honestly, but its currently unknown to science as to why dimensions such as yours exist apart from one another." DiZ replied, “However plenty of myths exist about why this is so as well.”

    In Andrei's own mind it seemed quite possible, after all even after the Heartless first came onto the scene almost fifty years ago on his world their origins were largely unknown. Theories as to where they came from, at least as far as he knew labeled them as coming from another realm entirely different from his own.

    He was moved away from his musings by Bria's question, "So what's your story, Andrei? I somehow don't think you were incarcerated for being an especially dangerous or violent criminal."

    "I was jailed for the simple “crime” of surviving a mission I shouldn't have survived. A mission where I learned something that was just too inconvenient for my superiors. And so sentenced to hard labor at the Vorkuta coal mines." Andrei replied, "Since we are trading stories, so to speak, what is yours."

    "Long story." Bria replied, she didn't know Andrei very well, so she decided to be succinct, "But lets say I know what its like to slave away and be disillusioned. After years on the run I found a cause.”

    “And what was that?” Andrei asked.

    “The Rebellion. The one DiZ described against the repressive Galactic Empire.” Bria replied.

    DiZ regarded both of them for a moment and said, “Why don’t the pair of you finish your meal, then join me in my study downstairs afterward? As for right now, I had best be going, I have a visitor that shouldn’t be kept waiting.”

    DiZ walked out of the room and headed to his study, presumably, and both Bria and Andrei continued both their meal and their conversation.


    “So, Ansem, I notice you brought back to life two people killed in their original worlds, bringing them here. What are your reasons?” Yen Sid said as he walked with Ansem through the garden outside of the large multistory house.

    “I have my reasons, Yen Sid, and I assure you they are nothing malicious.” DiZ replied.

    “I know since your initial experiments with the Darkness you’ve since been trying to right those wrongs.” Yen Sid replied, “But these two humans? Necromancy is such an exacting science and art, one doesn’t just arbitrarily engage in it.”

    “Having human agents does help, they can move from world to world, attracting little attention and gathering much needed information.” DiZ replied, “And even carry out the occasional mission or two.”

    “I see.” Yen Sid replied, “And the fact that Commander Bria Tharen was quite skilled at these sort of intelligence gathering missions on her world was helpful. And in his world Captain Andrei Belyenkov was renowned as something of an expert on mines and explosives with the spetsnaz.

    “That was why those particular humans were selected, yes.” DiZ replied, “And I suppose you want to keep an eye on this as well?”

    “This is the case.” Yen Sid replied.

    “Very well. But let’s save introducing you for now, shall we?” DiZ replied.

    “I will remain discreet.” Yen Sid replied, “Provided you are wise and just. They are free beings, after all. If they want to strike out on their own…”

    “Then I will not stop them.” DiZ replied.

    “Good.” Yen Sid replied.

    “They should be finished with breakfast by now.” DiZ remarked.

    “I shall make myself scarce. But remember, DiZ, I will be watching you.” Yen Sid replied as he waved his hand in a semi-circle, creating a small portal in the room through which he walked through and then disappeared.


    To Be Continued…
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    Nice further introduction with Bria and Andrei; the things they notice about each other at breakfast say a lot about what they are familiar (or unfamiliar) with in their own worlds. Corellia in Italy! ;) It's good to see that they seem to be reaching a tentative kind of respect for each other already, if I'm not misreading them. And I like the little touches of their past/personalities, that Bria is still too trained in manners to dig into her food but understands well why Andrei would -- and he notices that.

    Intriguing conversation between their hosts:

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    Big Kingdom Hearts fan, and I'm glad to have found this. Very nice touch adding Dives to the Heart upon Bria's and Andrei's awakenings. Any chance we'll see any of the Guardians of Light?
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    Hello, Anakin Solo Revanchist.

    Glad you like what I've written so far. I'm currently working on the next installment of this story. I'm still dithering about what other parts of the Kingdom Hearts saga I'll blend into the Star Wars saga and all, but it's a possibility.