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    AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is for the annual Fic-Gift Exchange. My fic-gift is for: WarmNyota_SweetAyesha
    Their letter/wishes are:
    1. Down time with the Rogues [​IMG]

    2. Jaina Solo on her wedding day, sweet family moments

    3. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan on an early mission, where their partnership becomes solid [​IMG]

    I do not want a lot of mega angst
    Thanks much.

    I chose to write about the Rogues.

    Chandrila 5 ABY

    Wedge Antilles moved through the lobby of the Silver Sea Convention Center in the heart of Hanna City, the capital of the planet Chandrila. The expansive lobby of the complex was bustling with beings from across the galaxy. Human, Zabrak, Twi’lek, Bothan, Zeltron, Wookiee, Togruta, Mon Calamari, and Sullustan were some of the species Wedge recognized. He also noticed a half dozen other strange beings he had never seen before, but that was not unusual. He grew up on Corellia, a core world, and although he traveled the galaxy with the Rebellion, he spent most of his time preparing, training, but mainly hiding on sparsely populated planets like Yavin, Hoth and Dantooine.

    The Silver Sea Convention Center was the largest facility of its kind on the planet and there was a half dozen conventions planned and utilizing the center at the same time. People were in the mood to get together and celebrate. The Rebellion’s victory on Jakku and the Empire’s formal surrender exactly five years after the Battle of Yavin made this year particularly special to Wedge and his fellow Rogue pilots. In five years, they had accomplished the impossible. They destroyed two massive battle stations and brought the Empire to its knees.

    He stopped in front of the opened double doors leading into a meeting area full of tables, chairs and wall-to-wall people. Above the door was a sign that said, ‘Welcome Rebel Alliance Pilots!’

    Wedge smiled as he tugged on the hem of his uniform tunic. Before he could cross the threshold, he was attacked by a playful punch to his shoulder. He turned to see a grinning fellow Rogue pilot wearing an identical Full Dress uniform.

    “Wes!” Wedge exclaimed before giving the man a quick hug. “I didn’t think you’d show up.”

    Wes Janson gave a sad smile. “I wasn’t going to.” He looked up at the banner. “We lost so many people. I was reluctant to open old wounds.” He turned back to Wedge his smile completely slipping off his face. “Especially the loss of Hobbie on Hoth.”

    ‘Hobbie’ was the nickname of Derek Klivian. He was a great pilot and a good friend who made the ultimate sacrifice on Hoth when he crashed his T-47 airspeeder into an AT-AT that was targeting Hoth’s shield generator.

    Wedge nodded solemnly. “I know what you mean.” He sighed deeply before changing the subject. “Hobbie wouldn’t want us to mope about on such an auspicious occasion.”

    Wes grinned as he wrapped an arm around Wedge’s shoulder and led him into the conference room. “No, he wouldn’t. He’d be slamming drinks and carousing for women. We should honor his memory by doing both.”

    Wedge nodded. “I agree.”

    They only made it a few meters through the doorway before they were accosted by Tycho Celchu wearing an orange flight suit. Wedge groaned inwardly. The invitation specifically said formal wear.

    “Wes! Wedge!” He positioned himself between the two men giving them a simultaneous dual, one arm hugs.

    “We won!” Tycho said enthusiastically. “Screw the Empire! We did it!”

    Wedge was accosted by the smell of booze on the man’s breath. “Celchu, did you save any beverages for us?”

    The man gave a boisterous laugh. “Plenty of alcohol and I got a table for us.” He turned and walked toward the rear of the room. He stopped when he realized he wasn’t being followed. He gestured at Wes and Wedge. “Come on, there are some hot waitresses that are huge Rogue Squadron groupies.”

    Wedge gave a chuckle as he followed. “Is that why you wore your flight suit…so the ladies wouldn’t have any doubts that you’re a pilot?”

    “Of course,” Tycho admitted as he led them to a large round table close to the bartending station. As the blond pilot claimed his seat, Wedge eyed the empty shot glasses on the table in front of Tycho with another dozen full glasses lined up. “How long have you been here?”

    Tycho gave a drunken grin. “Not long.” He ran a hand through his tussle of light-colored hair. “With my blue eyes and blond hair people think I’m Luke Skywalker and they’ve been buying me drinks.”

    Wedge and Wes sat down in seats across from the man. “Luke will be pissed if he finds out you’ve been impersonating him,” Wedge warned.

    Celchu made a face at Antilles. “I’m not impersonating him to get drinks. I’m just not correcting their flawed assumptions.”

    “Is Luke coming?” Janson asked as he signaled to a waitress.

    Wedge shrugged. “I haven’t seen him much since he resigned his commission.”

    “Is he still doing that Jedi stuff?” Celchu asked.

    Wedge nodded. “Yes, but from what I heard it’s slow going. He got some training during the war from a couple surviving Jedi, but they are now dead. He’s looking for Jedi related information…old holovids, tomes, media.”

    Their waitress came up to the table with small datapad in hand. “Evening Gentlemen, can I take your order?”

    “I’m buying,” Wedge said to his friends before returning his attention to the waitress. “Three Corellian Red Ales.”

    She punched information into the datapad. “Is that all?” she said in a crisp Coruscanti accent.

    “Yes, for now,” Wedge said as he watched her leave and move to the bar. She was wearing a form fitting gold bodysuit that left nothing to the imagination. She was petite, but with great muscle tone, ample bosoms, and a firm but curvy backside. “Kriff,” Wedge moaned. “Please tell me she's a Rogue pilot groupie.”

    “I thought she was…but she turned me down.” Celchu frowned into his drink before he downed it. “She wanted to meet Luke Skywalker…the man who blew up the Death Star.”

    “And you didn’t try to impersonate him?” Wes asked.

    Celchu shrugged. “I did. I told her I was Luke Skywalker, the one and only. She looked me up and down and laughed in my face.” He took another shot. “I guess she knew what he looked like.”

    “She’s probably better off with you,” Wes said with a smirk.

    Wedge frowned at that comment. “Luke is my friend. I hope you aren’t disrespecting him.”

    Wes waved off the accusation. “No, no…it’s just…Luke has always been shy. I’ve never even seen him with a woman.”

    “That’s true,” Wedge agreed before lowering his voice. “You know, I was friends with Biggs Darklighter when I was in Red Squadron. He grew up with Luke. He thought Luke had a crush on a girl in their town, but she had a boyfriend. So…he never really dated.”

    Celchu’s eye went wide. “Do you think it’s possible…you know…that Luke’s a virgin?”

    Wes made a face. “I don’t think that’s possible…he’s a Rogue pilot.”

    Wedge made a scoffing noise. “It’s not like the Central Issue Facility gives out romantic partners along with boots and uniforms.”

    “Yeah…but he’s a Rogue pilot,” Wes repeated, as if that fact precludes any possibility of chastity.

    The waitress returned with their drinks.

    “I’m sure Skywalker does fine,” Wedge said as the waitress placed his drink in front of him.

    “Did you say Skywalker?” the waitress asked, a broad smile on her face. “Is he coming to the convention?”

    Wedge gave her his best come hither smile. “Sorry, but I don’t think so.”

    Her smile slipped and Wedge could see disappointment in her emerald eyes. “That’s too bad. I really look forward to meeting him. Maybe one day.”

    “If you want to see him because he was a Rogue pilot….well,” Wes motioned to the men at the table. “We’re all Rogue pilots. We are here and at your service.” He ended the sentence with a wink…just in case she didn’t pick up on his true intentions.

    Her eyes narrowed and her voice chilled. “I don’t need servicing from a Rogue…I want a Jedi.”

    Before any of the men could comment she quickly turned and walked away.

    “Whoa,” Celchu chuckled. “What was that all about?”

    Wedge shrugged. “Who knows. In my experience redheads are all hotheads.”

    “In my opinion they are wild women behind closed doors,” Wes said as he turned around and watched the lovely lady at the bar. “Maybe we should get on the commlink and contact Luke and see if we can hook him up with a certain fiery redheaded waitress that wants a Jedi to service her.” He raised his voice to impersonate the waitresses. “Oh Luke, Luke, give me the Force.” His voice trailed off when he noticed the woman was glaring at him murderously from across the room. He lifted his mug of ale and took a sip and then left the tankard in front of his face to conceal his lips. “I think she either heard me or can read lips.”

    “She couldn’t possibly hear you over the din of this place,” Celchu reassured Wes. “And I doubt she can read lips. Usually only deaf people learn that skill.” He turned to Wedge. “Do you have Luke’s contact information?”

    Wedge broke out in a wide grin. “I don’t need to know his commlink number.” He gestured to across the room. “He’s here.”

    Luke never made it to their table. He was intercepted by the good-looking waitress. She whispered something in his ear. His eyes went wide as he stared at her with a shocked expression. She reached out and took his hand in hers and led him out the door.

    The three men stared in stunned silence as their friend and the sultry waitress left the room together. When they were out of sight the three gave a loud roar of approval. “Luke! He shoots, he scores!” Wedge was laughing so hard tears rolled down his cheeks. He turned to Celchu. “I guess if he was a virgin, he’s not going to be one for long. I don’t know what she said to him, but he didn’t even bother saying hello to us.”

    “She probably said, ‘Hey big Jedi, can I touch your lightsaber’.”

    Luke Skywalker had entered the crowded conference room looking forward to seeing his old comrades. He couldn’t see his friends, but he could sense them through the Force. He was halfway across the chamber, moving to their position, when he was intercepted by a striking woman with redgold hair and the deepest green eyes he had ever seen.

    “Skywalker.” she said his name breathlessly and his eyes widened when he felt her Force presence. It was strong…almost as strong as his father’s but minus the darkside malevolence. “I need to talk to you.” She looked around the room and then whispered to him. “In private.” When he stood transfixed, she reached down and clasped his hand in hers and led him outside. It wasn’t until they were out of the room that he pulled away and found his voice. “Who are you? What do you want?”

    “My name is Mara Jade and I need your help.”

    “To do what?”

    “To get rid of a Force command that’s driving me insane.”

    Luke’s jaw went slack for a second before he closed it abruptly feeling self-conscious.

    “Who gave you the command and what is it?”

    She took a deep breath and squared her shoulders before responding. “Emperor Palpatine gave me a last command to kill Luke Skywalker.”

    Luke’s mouth dropped open again and he took a step back before muttering, “Oh.”


    Inside the conference room the rogues were still laughing. “Did you see that look on Luke’s face when the woman propositioned him?” Celchu said between fits of laughter.

    Upon hearing that remark, Wes aspirated some of his ale and started choking.

    Wedge grinned wildly. “I bet Luke thought he got his life day, naming day, and Winterfest presents all in one fell swoop.”

    “Oh, he’s going to get something tonight,” Celchu chuckled.

    “Oh yeah,” Wedge said knowingly as he looked in the direction the couple left. “I bet she is going to give him a night he’ll never forget.”


    Author's Note: I was trying to keep this Canon and upon doing research I discovered that in new canon Derek "Hobbie" Klivian died on Hoth. In the Legends he lived a long life. I guess he died in a cut scene from The Empire Strikes Back. At least that is what I understood. Since I am only reading the Thrawn books from the new canon, I don't know much more than the movies.

    I put in the Legends tag because it does have a Legends Character.

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    Loved the banter and MARA! MUST HAVE MARA AND WE GET HER! [face_love] [:D] Thanks ever so. :D
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    Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. The reader can interpret Mara's true intentions as they like. Perhaps she is being truthful and truly wants Luke's help getting rid of the command. Or perhaps it is a trap and she will kill our hero. Or, if we stick to canon, maybe she will break his heart and he will end up as a despondent man, hiding out on an island and drinking green sea cow milk.
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    Great banter and Luke and Mara they are the couple for me, sticking to legends
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    It's been ages since I've read a Rogues centered fic, and was so happy when I say that was the choice of gift you decided to run with! This was all sorts of light hearted fun - maybe even too much fun for the boys. :p

    I really appreciated this moment of reflection on Wes' part. They've come so far, and lost so much to achieve their victory against all odds. Which, in turn, no doubt inspires the . . . levity that follows in celebration. :p

    Mara's forbearance is nothing short of amazing. o_O But, who's to say she let Wes live this down in the future? [face_laugh]

    That's one way to look at it! [face_laugh] I wasn't expecting the twist with Mara, and like how you left it open ended for the future.

    Thanks so much for participating in the fic-gift exchange! =D=
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    The Rouges without Hobbie? NOOO!!! :_|

    Say it ain't so.

    The aspect of the untraditional is what I enjoyed most in this piece. Solemn Wes, a Tycho bumming free drinks and dressing down insread of being stoic and formal, and surprisingly a Mara under The Command who appears to be in control and seaking out Luke for help rather than for revenge. All of those points made for a fresh, interesting tale.

    The Mara angle in particular, while open to the reader's interpretation of 'is she looking for help or is it a trap', is most intriguing. In my many years of reading fanfic (admittedly just getting back in after a long hiatus) I don't know as I have ever seen that same plot point with Luke and Mara. Well done!
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    Thank you. I am glad you liked the story.
    Thanks for your comments. I wanted to show Mara coping with her last command problem in a different way. Perhaps she was tired of killing people and resented the late Emperor messing with her mind and asking Luke for help was an act of defiance. Maybe she didn't want to risk getting caught killing the galaxy's greatest hero. Or Mara could be trying the less lethal solution to her problem and if that doesn't work maybe she plans on killing the man to shut the voices up screaming in her head.
    I was surprised that Hobbie is dead in the current canon. In my head canon it is not a trap. Mara has the dead emperor screaming in her head to kill Luke Skywalker, but she has no way of knowing if the voices will go away even if she did kill Luke. She knows Luke is training to be a Jedi. It would make sense that she would try to find a solution to her problem without first killing the guy that could perhaps help her. The worst case scenario is she kills Luke and the voices remain.

    Thanks everybody for reading.
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