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Beyond - Legends Romantic Quote Challenge - Taken his heart. #14

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Adalia-Durron , Sep 19, 2020.

  1. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    Quote 14)

    I never saw so sweet a face
    As that I stood before.
    My heart has left its dwelling place
    And can return no more.

    First Love -- John Clare

    Challenge set by @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha - Kyp Durron, Adalia Tehanis.

    This was never supposed to happen, it’d not even been considered. Yet, here he was, feelings he’d never dream he’d ever be lucky enough to have let alone feel we now coursing through his heart and very soul, and there was nothing he could do about it.

    It’d been so different when they’d met, she hated him and he had no idea why. Time told him it was just her defenses, she’d put all shields up as a way to protect herself from any potential reactions to her own emotions. It’d taken him nearly a week to break through them, to earn her trust, to see how utterly vulnerable she was beneath all that cold exterior, under her own Force abilities. How she’d learned to hide herself like that was still a mystery, one he did plan to discover but if he’d learned one thing from all this it was not to push the woman. It never ended well when he did.

    Right now, he stood in the shadows watching her, watching how she Commanded her base, how she ran such a tight ‘ship’ for want of a better description. She was firm but fair and never held back when it came to getting in and helping and it had earned her the respect of everyone on Oracle base. Once she’d helped push the supply crates into position, she must have noticed his presence and turned to face him. A smile that seemed to light the void between them, a swelling in his chest he was still not used to but was growing accustomed too quickly. She wiped her brow and began striding across the hangar deck after giving another order, her long auburn hair barely controlled in the braid that was clearly coming apart, as several rogue locks bounced around her clear skinned face. As she got close her keen green eyes sparkled with affection as she stopped before him, her fair complexion glistening with perspiration.

    “You could help you know?” She said seductively as she placed a hand on his chest. “Would mean I knock off sooner.” He felt his heart pound against his ribs at her touch and tone. From what she’d confessed, no one had ever seen this side of her before.

    “I like to watch you and content to wait.” He spoke softly while gazing into the depths of her liquid emerald eyes. He was only around 10cm taller than her and that was all it took for him to find himself looking down at her upturned full lips, ones he desperately wanted to kiss but he knew her rules about ‘being on duty.’ Never had any single woman been able to evoke such deep emotions from him, never had he been so willing to give anyone what he’d given this one female. It’d only taken a week for her to take what he did not think he could ever give. She smiled warmly.

    “Then I’d best get back to it, but you do know just watching is creepy.” She removed her hand and he felt the pull as she backed away before turning and striding back across the deck. She’d taken his heart with her, he no longer owned it and that was fine. The space left had been filled as suddenly as it had been created. He had a treasure far greater than any King or Queen could ever dream of possessing. He had her heart and he had already vowed to protect and treasure for the remainder of his days.

    She was right, watching was creepy, so he began to follow. “Wait up, let’s get this done!” he called out.
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  2. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Delightful and yummy response to the challenge! :) [face_love] Beautiful last paragraph. Kyp's showing a vulnerable side as well, and it is just, plain endearing! [:D]
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    Lovely response for a lovely quote! =D=

    The sign of a true leader!

    Beautiful. [face_love]
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    Thank you both of you, I spend way to much time thinking about the one true love of my life............ glances over at husband sitting on lounge watching car racing....... He's not too bad either.......
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    Great scene, always great to see more piece to the puzzle of their relationship. :)
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    Jun 3, 2003