Saga - Legends Sai-perimetry at Gleebaloola's, You Bet! (Fanon Quote Challenge, Quinlan Vos cameo)

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    Dec 19, 2010
    A lovely wee story. So nice to see characters simply inhabiting the universe they live in. Great relationship between your two main characters, they are clearly good for each other, and although at times I did feel like Mun was taking advantage of Greebaloola little bit, it was cool to see that he had a more imaginative side to him. Having Vos show up was awesome and as others have pointed out above he definitely has a much more developed sense of humour than other Jedi. Of course I am now picturing Vader trawling through antique shops and knocking things over with his cape!
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    Thank you so much for stopping by and giving this a read, gaarastar58! So gllad you enjoyed this. :) I do love writing about characters just inhabiting the universe and doing everyday things even in the face of all the epic galactic drama, because gosh, how could the Galaxy go on functioning if there weren't things like insurance agents and shopkeepers? :p Yes, it's true that Mun is in a position where he can very easily use his newfound abilities in yarn-spinning to take serious advantage of Gleebaloola, and he does certainly come close to it here. But I think his just basic good nature might go a long way to temper some of those effects; he's simply too nice a guy to really bring this hold over her to the point of cold-blooded Svengaliism.

    As to Vos, this was my first time writing him; I admit that my familiarity with the character is not huge and that I mainly brought him in because he's of course the main canon Kiffar we have had so far. But he did end up making for yet a second contrasting counterpart to Mun, in a totally different way from Gleebaloola. And from what I have read of the Kiffar, both fanon and canon, they're definitely an interesting race!

    Vader flouncing that big ol' cape of his around an antique shop would be the ultimate "bull in a china shop" scenario, wouldn't it? [face_laugh] I can just picture that—and poor Gleebaloola! If any other customer in the Galaxy did that sort of thing in her shop, she would no doubt give them an earful, make them cough up the necessary funds, and send them on their way. But just imagine her trying to do that to this customer—ulp! :p

    Thanks so much once again—great to have you here. @};-
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    Great story, and excellent effort was put into realising the Squib's speech pattern which was a delight to experience.

    While Mun did his best to dissuade her from relying on this Kiffar psychometry, I was concerned that doing so would cause her reputational damage when someone called her on one of those stories, but I'm glad you didn't go there.

    I would imagine Vader would have sensed the Dark Side in the sarcophagus from distance, and zeroed in on it, rather than having to rely on Gleebaloola's tale.

    Excellent world building and attention to detail.

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    I realized that I somehow managed to respond properly to this comment—sorry about that, I-5!

    Thanks so much, and thanks for reading! :) Writing the Squib's speech pattern was probably the most fun part of the whole process for me. It was a bit of a challenge, as I didn't have much to go on besides the examples in the Wook, but I often find that kind of challenge fun. :D

    Oh, I wouldn't have the heart to go there! :p But of course that kind of thing is going to be a risk with this type of ruse, so it's lucky for both of them that Vos was in as good a mood as he was.

    Undoubtedly. I can just picture her yapping on and on and on and Vader just standing there not even listening, perhaps cutting her off to ask the price of the thing. Thank goodness, though, that the tale in that particular case turned out to be true! [face_relieved]

    Thanks again, and I appreciate your stopping by to read and review. :)
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    Jul 11, 2014
    Ohmigosh, how could I, how could I not have read this story while you were posting it? This is all sorts of hilarious findswomany glorious!

    I'm not going to quote all the bits of the Squib's speech pattern that had me howling with laughter, I'm not, I'm not... okay, I'll quote just one: "The grand high mucketymuck of the combined Imperial forces and suchlike". [face_rofl]

    I love how you included here so many fanon elements besides those you picked, I love what you did with the Kiffar, I love how you included the quote and I love, love, love how you showed poor Norrwin Mun discovering his fondness for making up crazy stories, so much that it becomes a hobby to him.

    Oh, and I know what Quinlan Vos was doing in Coco Town. He was on his way to get his dreadlocks freshened up in Shazam! Mhm?
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    Well, thanks so much, Chyn! Golly, I have my own adjective now... :p Seriously, though, I'm so glad you enjoyed—I had a wonderful time working with your Kiffar fanon.

    Aww, so glad you liked that! Coming up with Gleebaloola's dialogue was great fun, though it definitely took some Wook study to get things right. I had been wanting to try writing a Squib for a while; I guess I just find myself drawn to aliens with unconventional speech patterns, somehow! :p But when the "Judge me by my size" prompt came up, well, that was my chance.

    Thanks! I'm glad you approve of what I did with your fanon lore on the Kiffar; I really wanted to do it justice. And I just love fanon elements and the Fanon Thread in general, so I guess that's what encouraged me to kind of pack them in here. Norrwin Mun turned out to be a lot of fun just for the "explore the more colorful side of an otherwise nondescript character" standpoint—and thus when he's colorful and crazy it almost stands out more than it does when Gleebaloola is that way. To the point, even, where she might even have met her match! :D

    Ah ha, there you go! That is the same neighborhood as this, after all! :D

    Thanks again for reading and commenting, as always! @};-
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    Dec 21, 2016
    Your antique dealer's name I like. Gleebaloola! So full of joy, it is.
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    Feb 27, 2014
    Thank you so much! I'm glad you're enjoying that character—I had a lot of fun coming up with her, and I had wanted to write a Squib for a while. :)

    And here's where I'd also like to take the opportunity to offer sincere thanks to my readers for the Best Humor nomination this story received in the current Fanfic Awards. We've got so many strong humorous stories here on these boards, and it was a real honor to be nominated among them—so thank you all, so much! :) =D=
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    Nov 30, 2005
    Congratulations on your nominations! I just got a chance to read this and it's a sheer delight. The characters are so well drawn, their relationship is wonderful, and the descriptions are fantastic. You can almost smell the musty odor of all those old attic-y things that the antique store has stuffed inside its walls. The dialogue made me laugh, especially Mun's highly inventive backstories for the artifacts.

    This is a lovely piece. I hope to see these characters again. Maybe someday they will team up again?
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    I read this while waiting on endless lines at Celebration. Such a fun slice of life from "regular" people in GFFA. I don't know who Quinlan Vos is, was he a game character? But I didn't need to know to enjoy the story. And yeah, I'd love to read the story of Gleebaloola trying to unload the furniture from the Mustafar palace.

    You are so good at the "regular folks," Findswoman!
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    Oct 12, 2018
    where he would enjoy a quiet dinner with his wife Dorylou, a real-estate agent.

    Why do I have the song, “My baby takes the morning train, he works from 9 to 5 and then, he takes another home again, to find me waiting for him?” in my head, now? [face_thinking]

    usually by rubbing them against her fur and making pronouncements like, “This one’s worth bigtime credits, you bet!”)

    Lol! Always a technically minded person, that Gleebaloola. :D

    upon which she immediately tripled its price

    Sounds like Gleebaloola, you bet!

    crazy old Uncle Ansgar

    LOL! Sounds like Mun's climbed my family tree a few branches.

    But maybe I’ll come by another time. Yes, maybe another time.

    He doesn't sound nervous. Of course not, mhm!

    “Oh, why, what’s wrong with that widdle fuzzy-wuzzy-woo?”

    LOL! Such language! And in mixed company? o_O

    And each day Mun racked his brains to come up with some kind of excuse as to why he couldn’t.

    Um, the truth would be much easier. “Ya know, mousebrains, I failed that geometry stuff, you bet!” :p

    “Then you come over pronto-pronto at 1700 and pick up this jewely staff and feel where it was! No more lameoid excuses! Gotcha?!”

    Pushy little Muridae, ain't she, mhm. But very fun character! :)



    The Hewlett Packard 12C!! I thought they discontinued that on account of all the exploding! :p

    The Squib’s hackles bristled at this. “Judge me by my size, do you?”

    ROTFLOL! Priceless. :yoda:

    “I’ve seen more danger ’n’ derring-do in my

    So is she Danger-derring Doormouse? :D

    Reeblak the Redoubtable.

    [face_plain] Uh-huh. No name strikes more terror into hearts than 'the Redoubtable'. :p


    I'm surprised Gleebaloola doesn't see his NOSE growing, lol.

    After a few days it was purchased by some Hutt majordomo for almost half again as much as its asking price.

    Uh-oh. Trouble when that Hutt slug discovers the lies.

    “I’ll be checking that for myself, thanks.”

    Or trouble when THIS guy, who's the real McCoy if ever I saw one (And I haven't), gives Mun the lie. Ah, there's the rub, Horatio.

    and headed straightaway next door to the office of Norrwin Mun.

    Dun, duh, dun dun. Or, in this case... Mun muh mun Mun. :D


    “A little . . . ongoing joke we have.”

    Yeah. I'm sure Gleebaloola thinks it's all a joke. [face_plain]

    Vader bought the sarcophagus? A gift for his master, perhaps? I know I always enjoy getting creepy old dead guys for holidays. [face_love]
    Excellent story, as always.
  12. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    Wow, I see I have some comments from way back that I didn't respond to yet, along with the more recent one! :eek: Welp, time to catch up, so here goes. But it doesn't mean I appreciate those earlier comments any less. [face_love]

    Thank you so much for reading and commenting, as always, diva—always makes my day to see you here! :) I am so glad you enjoyed this crazy little romp; it was great fun to write, and especially to come up with all the wacky artifacts in Gleebaloola's shop and Norrwin's "fish stories" about them. And as you saw, I recently did return to at least one of these characters again—Gleebaloola, in a somewhat soberer, more bittersweet mood, in "Somewhere Out There"—though Mun certainly could reappear in a future story too, you bet! :D Many thanks once again.

    Thanks so much, Renata, and I'm so glad this brightened your day despite all those endless Celebration lines! :) I always love writing GFFA "regular people"—it's such a big galaxy, after all! Quinlan was in some comics, as I recall, and I think he came up in some Clone Wars episodes too; he's one of those renegade-ish, kind of "gray Jedi"-ish types. I honestly mostly know of him from a combination of other stories here and Wookieepedia, but that is fine for me. :p And thanks, hopefully I shall get around to writing that story at some point—Sith Lord estate management could be a real doozy! :p Again, many thanks for reading and commenting.

    I don't know, why do you? :p

    She is very pragmatic, you bet! And the rubbing against the fur to determine value turns out to be an established thing for Squibs—too cool a piece of lore for me not to use. :D

    Oh yes, that's the Squib way, you bet! :D

    If you really and truly have an uncle named Ansgar, I shall be truly impressed. :D

    Mm-mm, not at all! :p

    She's nothing if not colorful and evocative in the way she expresses herself—matches her swishy skirts and jangly bangles!

    Oh, but he's too nice to say that kind of thing to her, you bet! :p

    She's nothing if not persistent! Glad you are enjoying her; she was fun to write. :)

    Hah! Good on you for catching that reference. They probably did, though it's a classic—the president of company I work for still has one on his desk!

    Yep, that was the quote prompt I got in the challenge for which I wrote this piece, and the reason why I chose a member of such a diminutive species as my main character. :)

    When she wants to be, you bet!

    Hey, nothing intimidates like a large vocabulary! :p

    Oh, she's glad for any reason to be able to sell her stuff at inflated prices! :p

    They may, they may not. :p

    There is the rub, indeed—and maybe Gleebaloola should have stuck with the rubbing on her fur approach! ;)

    Yep, the tension is ramping up...

    Hey, it's the best explanation he can manage in the presence of such a redoubtable inquirer. :p

    That, or as a conversation piece for the drawing room of his Mustafar palace. Either way, just the sort of thing that makes a Sith Lord's day! :D

    Thanks so much, and thanks as always for reading and commenting—I really appreciate it and am glad you're enjoying these stories of mine! :)
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