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    I was on a conference call with Amanda Tapping last spring after the renewal was announced and they were actually VERY happy to only get a 13 episode order. The mega-22 episode season 3 nearly wiped all of them out, they're just not used to super long seasons for this series.

    I started out only being rather so-so about this series. I routinely fell asleep during episodes seasons 1-2, mostly because it just felt like a "monster of the week" show. Season 3 finally changed things and they started really building out a mythology and I thoroughly enjoy the series. I've enjoyed this season - the final 2 eps here are very much giving off a season 2 "Dark Angel" vibe to them.

    I don't know what's up with Magnus and her motivations. Can't wait for the finale this week to see how things shake out.
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    That's reassuring to hear that they welcome the smaller seasons and that it's not indicative of SFC pulling it's support away from the series.

    I agree that the show has really shined the past couple seasons. Once they started to build upon the source blood/The Five mythological elements at the end of season 1 and have that lead into the Hollow Earth thing (which I think was much more effective than the hit-and-miss Big Bertha arc), they really found a thread to forge the series around that was more ambitious and appealing than the initial Cabal material.

    Just watched part of the finale, and I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out and what is Magnus's master plan. The cliffhanger reveal is welcomed because I'd been asking myself the question of why wouldn't the government or the Sanctuary want to keep the existence of Abnormals secret now when you have now whole societies of them emerging from Hollow Earth- it's not about keeping a handful of rare creatures safe anymore, and there's more to gain by having them be a society at large than a hidden number to be tracked and captured.

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