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    Scerra my love
    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan
    Timeframe: 56 BBY and 19 BBY
    Character: Nejaa Halcyon and Scerra Lamar and Rostek Horn
    Genre: OTP challenge
    My poem was by Elizabeth Barrett Browning; If thou must love me, let it be for nought
    Disclaimer: Star Wars belongs to Lucasfilm and Lucasfilm belongs to Disney.

    Scerra my love

    His great friend Nejaa Halcyon was back from a trip to the Jedi-temple.

    And there she was, Scerra Lamar, having eyes only for the newcomer Nejaa in his green Jedi-garb with the shining lightsaber at his belt.

    He saw the smile on Nejaa's face. Was it love at first sight?

    He loved her too since he had met her in a restaurant near the university. She was a student and looking for a room. She had come to stay in his house because travelling from her home to the university had taken hours each day. His house in the suburbs was located near the universities of Coronet city.

    Nejaa was his neighbor but had never met Scerra due to his work with the Corellian Jedi and his frequent travels to Coruscant and the Jedi-temple.

    And now.

    Scerra walked towards Nejaa. “Hey I am Scerra Lamar.”

    “Pleased to meet you. I am Nejaa Halcyon.”

    “Let's take a walk in the garden. I like to know more about you.”

    “Lead the way.”

    'Lead the way? Nejaa you know all about my garden and now you are with Scerra, the woman I love for her smile, her look, her way. Speaking gently. I really love her.' With these thoughts on his mind he followed the two to his garden and saw them settling down on a bench near the pond.

    Unable to focus on what they were saying he sat down on the grass. 'I love you Scerra, speaking gently, loving words.' And he heard the loving words from his best friend being whispered to the one he loved and knew; Scerra was meant for Nejaa. But and that had him smiling. Nejaa had to keep his marriage a secret from his friends, the Jedi-knights at the temple in Coruscant. Jedi didn't crave attraction, love, attachment, commitment. They were following the ways of the Jedi.

    - - -

    He had been working at the CorSec headquarters and had been contacted by Valin Halcyon's teacher. Valin had felt the death of his father Nejaa. He had rushed to the school to get Valin and his girlfriend Nyche to his home where Scerra and Valin were staying during Nejaa Halcyon's absence.

    He knew. Now he had to care for the widow and son of his friend.

    - - -

    He married her. Valin was now his son. Scerra was now his wife. That was the best way to protect her and her son after Palpatine started his empire and hunted the Jedi-knights. He used his connections to alter records of them and all Jedi staying on Corellia.