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Story [Schitt's Creek]Simply the Best (David/Patrick fluff)

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by Briannakin , Oct 25, 2020.

  1. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Title: Simply the Best
    Author: Briannakin
    Series: Schitt’s Creek
    Timeframe: Season 4
    Characters: David/Patrick

    Notes: I REALLY hope this will make sense to people who haven’t seen the show (because this is my attempt to draw certain people into the fandom) and I have included a primer (below). I’m not finished the series (though I have been kinda spoiled, though nothing I couldn’t predict and the same goes for the fic - no major spoilers you couldn’t predict). This isn’t that good because this is my first time writing in this fandom so this was kinda me experimenting and trying to see if I can write these characters in a longfic. The Best by Tina Turner is David/Patrick’s “song” so I wrote this for the OTP “Our Song” challenge.

    Primer: Schitt’s Creek’s premise is essentially a rich family (The Roses: mother, father, and two adult children) lose their fortune and have to move to a small town where they don’t fit in. The show is basically how four spoiled, out of touch people eventually become (somewhat) better people. The son (David) ends up opening a store and he falls in love with his business partner (Patrick). David is a major hypochondriac and in one episode gets a rash from poison oak. He also lives in a motel room he shares with his sister (Alexis). Also it’s set in Canada so I can finally use all Canadian store references and it’s still accurate.

    “David?” Patrick called as he entered his boyfriend’s motel room. Patrick had been at a business conference all day and was looking forward to a shower and crawling into is own bed, but instead he was here. The bedroom lights were off but a crack of light came from the bathroom. “David? I got your 34 text messages and I’m assuming the eight missed phone calls I got while driving are from you.”

    Patrick palmed open the bathroom door to see David fully clothed in the tiny blue bathtub. “Go away, I’m hideous,” he said, hiding his face in the collar of his black sweat shirt.

    “It’s poison oak, David, it can’t be that bad,” he said, setting the canvas bag on the toilet. “I stopped by the Shopper’s Drug Mart in Elmdale and bought everything you could possibly want: Calamine lotion, Benadryl, cold compacts.”

    “Oh my god, no,” David whined. “Shopper’s Drug Mart? Half of what we sell at the store are high quality artisan creams. Couldn’t you have just stopped in at our store. I used up all that new stuff already. Just go.”

    “I feel like I’m getting mixed messages here.” Patrick turned around and leaned against the sink. He pulled his phone out of his jeans pocket. “The messages and the requests for - and I quote - ‘God, oh, god anything to make it go away’ made it seem like you wanted me here.”

    “I just wanted to inform you on the horrible day I had.” At first David (prompted by his dad and Stevie) thought the cause of the was a new batch of cream supplied to the store and motel so David reamed out the vendor. It turned out David’s dad just decided to include poison oak in the new flower arrangements at the motel. “And I though - maybe with you being so rough and tumble - might know of a miracle solution.”

    Patrick sighed. “Sorry. No miracle cures. But I can make it feel better if you let me.”

    David still shrugged away. “Why?

    Neither said ‘I love you’ yet, and Patrick knew David wasn’t ready for that yet. “Because I care. And because I haven’t seen you today.”

    “You still want to see me even if I’m ugly and blotchy?”

    “There’s no where I’d rather be. Besides, who’s going to eat all the snacks I brought?”

    David perked up. “Snacks?”

    Patrick finally saw David’s face, Red blotches covered his forehead and right cheek. “Oh, my God, your hideous!”

    David started whining as he sank further into the tub.

    “I’m kidding, David.” Patrick knelt down in front of the tub. “I don’t think it’s too bad. I honestly think it should clear up in just a few days.” He reached out and began to rub David’s arm.

    “No, what if the rash spreads for something? Oh god I sniffed those flowers! What if its in my lungs?” David’s breaths were coming his huffs. He was holding his breath then letting it out too quickly.

    Patrick knew his boyfriend was having a panic attack. The first panic attack Patrick had witnessed had really scared him, but now he could gauge how bad they were going to be. This one wasn’t going be that bad, Patrick just had to get David off this train of thought. “David, just count with me, okay? Nice deep breaths. One… two… three… four… five….”

    David reached out to Patrick and Patrick grasped his hand. They started the “squeezing exercise” where Patrick would squeeze a pattern of long and short bursts.

    After awhile David murmured, "I can’t believe you’re still here. And that you’re on the bathroom floor.” He started scratching his face.

    “Don’t scratch,” Patrick said. “And I’m not going to leave you because you have poison oak. I’m not like you ex-boyfriends or girlfriends. I’m not going to leave you over some stupid little rash. I don’t suck.”

    “No,” David leaned his head against Patrick’s shoulder. “You’re not like them at all. You’re the best.”

    “Better than all the rest?”

    David laughed. “Yeah, well that’s not hard.”

    “Yeah, well, you still said I was the best.”

    “So you mentioned snacks? And something about curing this stupid rash.”
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  2. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    This absolutely works without having seen the show! And turns out, I didn't even know the premise of it, lol. But even not knowing the show, I LOVED it! (And yes, it totally makes me want to watch it more! I just told dp, after all the shows I've told you that you need to watch, it's only fair that it's reversed. :p )

    I'm not sure why, but this made me laugh really hard. I guess I was just imagining you going "Mwahahahaha.... [face_devil] "using Canadian store references. :p

    [face_laugh] Okay, I'm in love! Their relationship is fantastic and even though it sounds pretty early, a really strong one.

    O.M.G. I'm hoping it was on accident and he just thought they were pretty leaves??! I've thankfully never had a poison oak/ivy reaction, but it always sounds so miserable.

    [face_love][face_love] Hahah.. yeah, I'm there. The snacks got me! One should always bring good snacks! (Actually, my coworkers laugh at me because I always have food with me, even if it's just some nuts or some kind of bar. It's so I don't get a migraine from not eating lunch when we can't leave, but anytime someone says they are hungry I'm like "I've got [several different things]")

    Yep, loved it and I'm excited to start watching!! (Hopefully soon!)
  3. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Yes!! I'm glad you understood and loved it! I have a feeling you are going to love the characters, 'ships, and the entire show. And seriously, compared to both TWW and The Expanse, Schitt's Creek is short at 80 23-minute episodes! Though dp might seriously hate me for this one fo so many reasons. This gif will make no sense now but after you see a few seasons, you will be able to hear it.
    Hahahaha! After YEARS of going "wait, do they have that in America?" I don't have to! I don't think the show is officially set in Canada (I think the writers purposefully kept it vague and there are references to both Canadian and US cities) but since it's Canadian produced I think fans took it and ran with it.
    Yes! I have feeling you will love them (side note, when you get to the wine analogy in season 1, just know it's everything to me). Their relationship is just one of the best I've seen in a show in awhile! This is fairly early on.
    Don't worry, it was an accident! I've had mild reaction as a kid and it was so annoying.
    Hahaha. I always have snacks on me, both because Diabetic, and because I just get hangry. Food is one of the reasons why I relate so much to David's character and it's not all good things.

    I'm so excited for you to start watching.
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  4. pronker

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    Jan 28, 2007
    [face_nail_biting]Good grief, that's awful! That deserves more than a slap on the wrist -- that rash is tortuous. My sister can't get within breathing distance of the stuff before becoming affected.[face_good_luck]

    Patrick talks David down with the ease of long practice. I'm glad David has support like that.
  5. amidalachick

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    I've never actually watched Schitt's Creek, but they did some filming in my area so I should probably check it out sometime. :p

    Anyway, even having no clue about the characters and the show, this was a really sweet fic!

    OMG I know that name! :p I don't think I've ever read a fic set in Canada (literally all of my fandoms are either American or a galaxy far, far away), so it's weird seeing a Canadian store mentioned.

    Poor David with the poison ivy (never had it, but if it's worse than or even similar to eczema itching - ouch)! Patrick takes good care of him, though. [face_love]


    Nice work on this. =D=
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  6. Mira Grau

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    May 11, 2016
    As a hypocondriac myself I can defenetly emphasize with Patricks situation so its nice to see David being there for him.
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