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Beyond - Legends Second time around for the springtime meadow of wildflowers & berries challenge

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by earlybird-obi-wan, May 10, 2021.

  1. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Second time around for the springtime meadow of wildflowers & berries challenge
    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan

    Timeframe: Legends: beyond
    Genre: multi chapter story
    Characters: Tarhin Engaron, Ivano Arvedai and others

    Time-frame 139 ABY

    Story set after 'Flowers of evil' and 'Halcyon green' and 'Perfect match'


    Moniron, an obscure planet in the outer rim of the galaxy, was unknown to the Galactic Federation Triumvirate. Its place on the starmap had been errased by Darth Vader when he was about to exterminate the last Jedi-healer and assaulted by a vision. The Jedi-healer was alive, married, had a son and his wife Lynne was expecting her second child.

    Even a recent incident with two women planning to leave Moniron and doing that at the expense of three injured men had given the galaxy no knowledge of Moniron. Only knowledge of a devious mind-influencing drug made from the seeds of the darweed. It rendered a Force-sensitive cooperative to his seducer and had him with no knowledge what he had done.

    Two men – Peter Sloan and Jono Bel Hana – had been influenced and had made the escape of the two women possible, giving them a hyperdrive capable transport. Jono had recovered fully and resumed his work as a police officer. Peter had recovered from the drug but had his left leg in a cast and had to wait to be cleared for duty as a surgeon.

    Their two companions – Mick Kerebuy as pilot testing the new medevac and Steve Magaron, coming with Jono at the request of Peter – were still recovering. They had shared a room in the hospital for a few weeks.

    Mick – a surgeon – was in his home but had to come each day to the hospital for therapy for his right shoulder and right thigh. His fiancee – Denise Delmin – was caring for him. Marrying her would be on 20 melona, the day after her parents returned from a trip with disabled children needing care.

    Steve – a police officer – was kept in the hospital, guarded by his friends. He had an intense dislike for hospitals and always tried to escape.

    Kaagi Adin – his therapist and also a skilled surgeon and anaestethist – was waking up after a strange dream. Or was it a vision. For the second time around he had the same guy under his care in the OT.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Excellent start meeting familiar characters
  3. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    first more introductions

    Chapter 1

    The hospital was Noranan general hospital, a sprawling complex of buildings. It was situated in the north of Noranan near the long beach with dunes and greenery where many of her employees had their homes. Spreading to the south was Noranan city with some high-rises in the center and a large industrial district and the air- and spaceport.

    The hospital was the centre for wilderness- and sea-rescue, had specialized care for children, trauma victims and was the center for drowning victims and divers suffering from barotrauma.

    MDC (Medevac Dispatch Centre) was busy. The eight four shift was ready and supervised by director Koranar Er-Quin. He had despite his age no wish to retire. '916 is old but sitting in your home and doing nothing makes you older' was what he had told his old friend Pat Huling weeks ago. He had been there when Pat was born in the hospital and when he became a junior police-officer in Noranan.

    Jasaran – one of the directors, taking regular shifts in the MDC – saw the large boards displaying the rescue-craft, medevacs and ambulances. All – except one ambulance – were in the hangar. A smaller board displayed the OT's. All were ready to use with ER-crews and technicians ready for action. A new ER shift would begin at noon. 'And that will be interesting with Finn, Adin and Mirdees always in for some mischief.'

    Next to MDC was the cavernous hangar that housed the various rescue-craft and medevacs.

    Technicians, EMT-nurses and EMT drivers were in the ready-room, one of the smaller rooms in the hangar.

    The eight four shift had just taken over from the zero eight shift.

    Rihan Shellan was the last one donning his lime-green and yellow fatigues. His twin-brother Tarko had finished his and closed his locker. After his birth on Bor-Rhimmol Tarko had been taken away by a nurse seeing twins as a bad omen to an orphanage where he was as Tarko Sanek found by the Jedi. During the clone-wars he had become a Jedi-knight, going on special ops operations and training rebels on Tranal where he was injured after saving his commander. He was sent with Leslie Tualan – a Jedi-healer – and a group of initiates to Lingala to recover where he stayed after the purge. Many years ago Tarko had come with Leod Irwihan, Leslie Tualan and Keren Harlin from Lingala to Moniron after finding out that he had a family and twin-brother living in Noranan.

    Rihan knew the answer but asked with a big smile on his face “Beast or medevac 2?”

    “You know where Kevin is. It's the Beast,” Tarko walked to the door leading to the hangar where the craft was parked.

    Kevin Kaol, their nurse, was already in the Beast, busy with the equipment. The versatile craft was equiped with rescue-tools and many grapplers giving it the appearance of a many-legged insect. One leg was a probe for refueling.

    Rihan followed passing two doctors and a nurse engaged in a conversation about food.

    “I can use some fuel.”

    “Restaurant first Dagnir?”

    “Sure I like one of those greasy nerfburgers.”

    “Shhh not so loud Patty.”

    “Guyet is not listening. He is busy with Leod checking the logs of the Beast.”

    “Come, let's go before he notices us.”

    “Thanks Leod,” Jason Guyet had a devious smile on his face. “Go with those rascals to the restaurant in the surgery wing. You will have fun seeing my father dealing with greasy stuff. He has his break.”

    Leod Irwihan hurried after 'his rascals', two ER-doctors and a nurse. He had worked with the trio manning medevac 2 or for specialized rescue the Beast. The Beast – had been used for a rescue in South harbor and medevac 2 had seen more actions during the small hours when a nightclub closed. He sure would have fun in the restaurant with Alan Guyet giving a lecture about greasy stuff to Chef Mouraha and his customers.

    Jason headed to the Beast. Today he was the pilot and had to enter his code for voice-command control (VCC). Not that he liked the control but it would make operations easy. At any moment he could push the override on the VCC and pilot the craft. He had been piloting various craft, among them an X-wing with an astromech called Iffy in fighter-squadrons on the Hands Down and the Taranak when he wasn't at work as a surgeon or anesthetist

    Rihan was in the main cabin of the Beast checking his equipment to have a patient sedated. Tarko – a surgeon – was busy with Kevin Kaol, a nurse.

    Tim Dereika, the pilot of the team responsible for first calls in medevac 1 had entered his code. He too loved to fly manually and had a trio of doctors under his command. Surgeons Marhin Adin and Leslie Tualan and anesthetist Cedrick Arovan were ready.

    More teams were busy with the other medevacs.

    Pat Huling entered Noranan Police station 1, situated in building 12 on Park Avenue. Despite his age – he had celebrated his 819th birthday a few weeks ago – he didn't want to retire. He loved his work, patrolling in Noranan with his partner Tony Kehoe, a young man he had guided from rookie to fully qualified officer. And Tony loved the banter and the Jedi-talk before and when things got serious. Pat could be a great distraction.

    Pat had been following the adventures of the Jedi-knights after the first Dunai elder was given to the Jedi. Master Yoda had been in Rhivinna giving aid after a devastating earthquake that destroyed almost all of the village. The master had found a young orphan Fay Ere-Dun and had gotten permission from her 10 year old brother Jasir and his care-taker Ghari Adin to take her to the Jedi-temple. Master Fay had become a Jedi-knight – never using her lightsaber – sacrificing her life to save Master Obi-Wan Kenobi on Queyta.

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    Nice introduction to the medical teams
  5. earlybird-obi-wan

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    all before the action starts

    Chapter 2

    Tarhin Engaron was in a festive mood. 500 years ago he had been promoted as a Special ops officer of the Noranan police department. It was of course something to celebrate and it didn't take him long to choose. Donnely bakery was famous for pastries. He had ordered them yesterday for all his colleagues and was – with his shift starting in the afternoon – dressing for a ride on Aran, his husan-stallion. Short brown hair was tidied before he left his fresher to head outside his cottage on South Beachroad 9 for the short walk to the Menanzin farm.

    'Not a long one like yesterday-afternoon with Ivano. Our chiefs took over at the traffic-incident and sent us home to relax. And we did go for a ride on Aran and Nauran to the Ikraan-falls. A ride on the beach, some swimming and I will be ready for whatever the afternoon brings. Surprises no doubt with my colleagues acting hush hush when I entered an office, archives or the lab. Yeah the lab. Danil Reed isn't the shy easy to persuade guy anymore. He is now chief of the lab.'

    - - -

    'A few more days,' Ivano Arvedai was trimming his moustache before the mirror in his fresher. Reflected he saw an attractive face with smiling brown eyes in a bronzed face with short-cropped brown hair. After tidying his hair he donned his cargo-pants and a shirt and put his diary in one of the shirt-pockets and the pager on his belt before making porridge and caf. He had his day of Magaron-sitting; keeping Steve in his room. No escape plans were allowed. Doctors or nurses would come and stop any escape-plans.

    Not that Steve could escape by himself with his right arm in a cast and his left arm in a sling. But the first time he was allowed to take walks in the corridor when his left leg was getting stronger he had walked with Jono Bel Hana outside and had almost made it to Jono's speeder before Aradan Mirdees came with a wheelchair to get Steve back to his room. No more walking was allowed in the corridors.

    'Up to our escape-artist.' Ivano had finished his breakfast, closed the door of his cottage and slid behind the controls of his airspeeder. He was an escape-artist himself, had been many times as a patient in the hospital with Erdin Felaron as the main Ivano-sitter.

    - - -

    “Have a nice day,” the receptionist at the desk of Noranan Police station 1 greeted.

    “You too Leny,” Danil Reed headed to the elevator, took it to the basement and passed the office of the coroner. He rememberd the first meeting with the new coroner after Baxter retired. A nice meeting so unlike the lectures from Baxter and his assistants. During an incident – filed as the Kerebuy hawk case – he had been a junior lab-technician when Baxter summoned him at 700 to hear a lecture about a heart. Inspector Chedokin had ordered him to do the important work on droid-parts. 'And that led to solving the case with my super-rig and a promotion to chief CSI when Kay Claytor retired.' He entered his lab and greeted his technicians with a jovial “what will come on this nice day?”

    “Nice things from inspector Engaron,” Maura replied.

    “I will be there and get some for us,” Danil walked to his desk.

    - - -

    Ivano Arvedai had parked his airspeeder, had put his pager on silent mode and entered the hospital. “Morning Karoun.”

    “Morning Ivano. Magaron?”

    “Yes, the whole day. Erdin Felaron is the batallion commander on duty today. I am the second back-up after Tobe Amauta.”

    “You are early and that's great.”


    “Bret Chedokin arrived rather late yesterday but could stop Steve. With his wheelchair he had tried to leave commanding a nurse-droid to guide him to the exit. We have now a program in his wheelchair to prevent that.”

    “Good to know. See you.” Ivano headed to the surgery wing and medium-care-room number 7 with the sign on the door 'Have fun when you enter but don't listen to the patients arguing to leave the loving care of nurses and doctors.'

    Ivano smiled when he entered. “Morning Steve, what will the day bring?”

    “Therapy with Kaagi at 1130 and that's after the second caf-delivery. We can watch a holo to spend the time. Aradan Mirdees has brought some real nice ones.” He indicated the stack of holo-pics on the nightstand with his right arm.

    “All are new to me,” Ivano picked up one. “Two hours should be enough.”

    “With breaks of course.”

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Chapter 3

    “Dereika wins the race and Guyet is second,” Tim snickered when he guided E-one to a stop in the hangar with the Beast only now clearing the hangar-door and hovering to a place next to him.

    “Tim beat us going out and now in,” Jason smiled “but next time...”

    “We will be faster,” Tarko said. “E-one could go to deliver the patient after we had done the work. The patient had only a cut needing stitches.”

    “We had to get our climbing gear back from the fire-department,” Kevin had the tools ready for use.

    “Working together was nice,” Rihan said. “We were the lift getting the fire-fighters on the roof of the shopping-mall. And we can have a 'boy's-evening' with our wives away on a 'girls-evening.'

    “Yeah, they have the same shift as us.” Jason took the log from the Beast and headed to the ready-room with Tarko, Rihan and Kevin. “We can have our dinner here. Chef Mouraha is making more healthy nice things after a lecture from my father about greasy nerfburgers.”

    - - -

    The sun was rising and giving the sea a beautiful azure color. Playing with the sparkling white waves was a husan and his rider. Tarhin was enjoying his ride, not minding at all that he was getting wet and sandy. Cleaning Aran and feeding him would be the end of a nice morning.

    - - -

    Four empty cups were on the nightstand when the end-credits of the holo were playing on the view-screen

    “That one after therapy and lunch?” Ivano had a holo in his hands.

    “Yes,” Steve saw the title “Specter hunt is about spies and should be fun to watch.”

    “With your experience sure. You can give your hilarious comments.”

    “Just like you did when you saw that fire-chief without BA engulfed in flames in that building,” Steve laughed. “Help me with my wheelchair and it's up to Kaagi and his greasy stuff.”

    “You aren't allowed to walk?” Ivano knew but had to ask with a big smile.

    “No Ivano. If someone spots me outside walking, I am guided back to my room. This wheelchair is fitted with an alarm and program. Therapy-and treatment-rooms and the restaurant in the surgery-wing are the only places giving me access.”

    “I see.” Ivano guided the wheelchair next to the bed.

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    Still with no idea what's going on here, but... feedback review! (Oh... maybe I could have done that poem re-write after all... I have found the hyper...)

    Its place on the starmap had been errased by Darth Vader when he was about to exterminate the last Jedi-healer and assaulted by a vision. The Jedi-healer was alive, married, had a son and his wife Lynne was expecting her second child.

    Is that one idea, or two? And was it Vader assaulted by the vision, or the Healer? (The intro here is confusing. Interesting, but confusing.)

    Even a recent incident with two women planning to leave Moniron and doing that at the expense of three injured men had given the galaxy no knowledge of Moniron.

    Still stuck on the how of the planet being erased from common knowledge.

    Rihan knew the answer but asked with a big smile on his face “Beast or medevac 2?”

    You're missing either a period or a comma in here...

    “I can use some fuel.”

    “Restaurant first Dagnir?”

    “Sure I like one of those greasy nerfburgers.”

    “Shhh not so loud Patty.”

    “Guyet is not listening. He is busy with Leod checking the logs of the Beast.”

    “Come, let's go before he notices us.”

    I'm still confused, but I LOVE a good solid convo about food...

    Rihan was in the main cabin of the Beast checking his equipment to have a patient sedated. Tarko – a surgeon – was busy with Kevin Kaol, a nurse.

    Just for the sake of clearing up my confusion... is The Beast the ship they're on? (Also... yay medical people!)

    Pat Huling entered Noranan Police station 1, situated in building 12 on Park Avenue. Despite his age – he had celebrated his 819th birthday a few weeks ago – he didn't want to retire. He loved his work,

    I love this detail. Love that he doesn't want to retire because he loves the job.

    Interesting story. :)
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    The starchart errasing is described in detail in an old story DNA-ID but will be mentioned in the next chapter.
    The Beast - a rescue craft - was introduced in Reunion
    And 'the Flowers of evi' and 'Halcyon green' are the prequels to this story.

    Chapter 4

    “Kaagi Adin, what did the director tell you?” Karoun had fun when he saw the young man with short cropped raven-black hair and smiling silver-grey eyes passing the entrance in his wheelchair.

    “No speeding beyond the doors,” Kaagi came to a screeching halt with his wheelchair before the desk of the receptionist. “But I am rather late for my patient Magaron. I have him and after that it's ER-duty with Aaqu, Aradan, Jehna and Jadin.”

    “Scrub-room fun and wheelchair races no doubt,” Karoun saw Jadin coming to the entrance with an even greater speed. He knew about the injuries the two men had suffered, leaving them both with a left lower leg that was unable to support without a brace and crutches and both preferring a wheelchair to move at great speed.

    “Jadin has a new one,” Kaagi grinned and gripped the wheels to resume his ride towards his treatment-room in the surgery-wing.

    “A gift from Jason Guyet with improved wheels,” Jadin Finn halted for a moment giving a taunting wink with his left eye. “A race to the ER-ready room?”

    “Sure,” Kaagi began to move the wheels with all the force he could muster.

    “Ex Jedi younglings,” Karoun grumbled with a big smile on his face when he saw the two racing and turning right towards the surgery wing.

    “And ex Jedi-masters,” Aaqu Maerhin came in with Aradan Mirdees and Jehna Er-San. “They raised padawans to knighthood long before the empire became the doom of the Jedi.”

    “Morning Karoun.” the three greeted and resumed their slow walk.

    “Always having some fun,” Aradan shook his head. “What will be our trouble in the scrub room today?”

    “Wet sponges, towels, water bottles, gloves, soap,” Jehna began summing up the various items. “Or using all the greens and towels to make a bed in a changing cubicle. We will see what the day brings.”

    “One thing for sure and that's a nice brikufruit-pie for me,” Aradan smiled. “My lunch-break will be in the restaurant. Chef Mouraha is making them today.”

    Karoun heard that. He sure would visit chef Mouraha during his break.

    - - -

    Tarhin was back from his ride on the beach. He had used his fresher to get the sand and sea-water out of his brown hair and from his bronzed skin. He had changed into his uniform and was looking with his smiling brown eyes at the shields memorizing the jubilea in the living-room of his cottage. The cottage had been his home since he was born. He had lived there with his parents and had cared for them until their death. Next to the shield celebrating 200 years was a picture of his parents. 'They were there. Dad with his cane and mom guided by me. And I was home from celebrating 250 years when they became one with the eternity after we shared a nice meal.' A picture of him surrounded by students and standing next to inspector Han Zeus on the beach of Cor Sanol on Corellia was next to the picture of his parents. 'We were all wet and sandy. Dad sure was having fun when I told him about my years on Corellia when I came home after being on Serindan, Boreas, Varanko and Corellia to gain more knowledge about special ops. Coming home had me promoted to chief. Dad insisted on putting that picture there. He had said 'It was your last job before you returned.' and it had been great fun receiving a puzzle-box for solving a case.' His eyes wandered to the cabinet where the puzzle-box was standing. 'It had been a gift to Jeb Bel Hana turning 6. But with Jeb getting a home of his own after getting a job as a police officer his dad returned it to me when he couldn't open it. I opened it and what was there? Some little toys and a diary from Ivano. He, at that time in the hospital recovering after a decon-disaster.'

    Donning his uniform-jacket he left his cottage and took his ground-speeder towards his work.

    - - -

    “And there's Tony,” Pat Huling looked up. He had been studying a report on his terminal and had a history-book on his desk.

    “With some time to spare,” Tony Kehoe sat down after placing two cups of caf on the desk. “I have finished my first three reports. Begin with a question.”

    “Do you know who errased Moniron from the star-charts?”

    “Yes. Darth Vader. He has gained knowledge that Jedi-healer Aaqu Maerhin was on Moniron in a small cabin in the wilderness on the continent Rhova. His stormtroopers torched the cabin being sure that the healer was inside. Darth Vader was assaulted by a vision, planted there by our leaders, who had already rescued the healer.”

    “Excellent! And that vision became a reality when the Yuuzhan Vong invaded our galaxy and left Moniron undisturbed. And we were safe when Darth Caedus rose to power, when Abeloth almost destroyed the Jedi and when Cade Skywalker tangled with Darth Krayt. More?”

    “Caf first, reports next and after that?”

    “Tarhin Engaron's celebration.”

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Chapter 5

    Kaagi saw Jadin winning the race and disappearing through the double doors leading to the ready-room. He turned his wheelchair to see Ivano guiding Steve and exiting the corridor leading to the guest-rooms and medium-care rooms. “Follow me to my greasy den.”

    Ivano followed with Steve and his nose picked up a nice smell. “Chef Mouraha making nice things?”

    “Yes,” Kaagi halted for a moment before the open door leading to the restaurant of the surgery wing. “And you can get them after my work. I will be there too.” He continued wheeling past the restaurant and auditorium and stopped before his treatment-room where the door slid open.

    Ivano followed with Steve and waited for the therapy to begin. And he had fun when he saw Kaagi using the Force to guide a jar with grease to his lap. He sat down on one of the chairs observing his friends.

    Kaagi wheeled next to Steve's left side to give therapy to the left shoulder and arm. The right arm was next. Careful movements. Removing the splint. Massaging the discolored skin. Fingers moving. Replacing the splint. The right leg followed. Careful massaging the calf with the scar followed by the foot. The left leg and foot was last.

    Kaagi did all the massaging sitting in his wheelchair and with the grease wiped from his hands on his greens he was soon greasy.

    Steve was silent and didn't feel a thing. And the massage of the feet gave a nice feeling.

    Ivano knew. 'I have been under the care of Kaagi in the Jedi-temple and have met him again in Noranan when I was visiting Jehna Er-San, a patient essential to solve the cause of a big accident. I helped Jehna to recover and saw him or one of his colleagues when I visited the hospital for a report on a accident. Only two times I have been here as a patient after coming back to Moniron. The first time to remove thingies from my right foot and the second time after a decon-disaster. And who was keeping me here; Erdin Felaron.'

    “Jehna will be in the restaurant,” Kaagi wiped his hands on his greens and floated the closed jar to the bench. “He is on the ER-team today with Aaqu, Aradan and Jadin and me. Let's go before Jehna gets all the nice things.” He headed for the door.

    Ivano followed guiding Steve. With all being Dunai elder no surprises were possible.

    - - -

    Tarhin smiled, remembering the first time he drove on South Beach-road towards the old harbor and the city to his work. Noranan had been more a village sprawling in a large area with an air- and spaceport at the south-side surrounded by meadows and forests. It had grown into a big city with 500.000 inhabitants, four shopping centers in the central area with high-rises. South harbor was a big industrial area near the Air- and spaceport. 'Air- and spaceport. Huh. Moniron was a member of the republic until Darth Sidious became emperor. Four years later our planet was erased from the star-charts by Darth Vader. No more craft coming here or it must be Dunai and Dunai elder with knowledge about their home planet. We are safe from mayhem happening elsewhere. Skywalkers, Yuuzhan Vong, Sith, Abeloth, Darth Krayt and most recently the forming of the Galactic Federation Triumvirate.'

    Tarhin parked his ground-speeder before Donnely bakery on Harbor-road and entered the shop. “Good afternoon Mr Donnely.”

    “There they are as ordered. It's a large stack.”

    “For all my colleagues this time. Those not on duty are coming to the celebration and can take pastries for their colleagues.”

    “I will help you,” Mr Donnely took four boxes and carried them to Tarhin's ground-speeder.

    Tarhin followed with six boxes. “Thank you.”

    Mr Donnely placed the boxes on the back-seat. “Have fun,” he went back into his bakery.

    “Sure.” Tarhin was busy with his boxes.

    “No fish today inspector?”

    Tarhin looked up to see two fishermen coming from the quay carrying a crate.

    “I will come after my shift but I have first a celebration. Do you want one?”



    Tarhin gave two pastries to the men and sat down behind the controls.

    “Thank you.”

    “See you.”

    Tarhin resumed his ride taking Old Harbor-road, followed by Benir-road to Park Avenue and Noranan central, a large sprawling complex of buildings near the air- and spaceport. Noranan Police station 1 was his destiny. After parking his ground-speeder he took a cart from the supplies-shed and placed the 10 boxes on it. He walked to the entrance.

    - - -

    At dispatch nine dispatchers were busy. One was supervising the nine and sitting at a console in the back of the room.

    “I like some caf. It's your turn Kath.”

    “Nine caf coming,” Kath Kupaza detached her com, took the tray from a table and walked to the machine near one of the windows. “Ah do you see that!”

    'What?” Calvin Greco looked up from his station that was displaying the various units of the police and fire-department on call. He had one unit from fire station six going to a shopping center.

    “Tarhin coming with nice things,” Dave Cullen detached his com. “Kath take over. I will have my break now and will get you some after congratulating him.” He stood up and headed to the elevator that had him entering the restaurant, two floors down.

    “Dave, just in time,” Bret Chedokin was near the elevator.

    “Tarhin is coming with a cart.”

    “We know,” chief of police Dick Kerebuy was holding a rope that was leading up to a large bag.

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    Chapter 6

    Jehna was in the restaurant finishing his nice thing when Kaagi wheeled to a stop. “Chef Mouraha has more on his counter. I will get back to the ready-room and tell the guys to get them.”

    Kaagi, Ivano and Steve headed to the counter and ordered the nice things; brikufruit pies, fruit-juice and nerf-milk.

    “No more comments on my greasy appearance,” Kaagi began.

    “No,” Jeruan Mouraha grumbled. “You and your friends. Incorrigible. Get going. Your smell is an attack to my nose.”

    “And I don't want to annoy the cook,” Kaagi headed with his tray with pie and milk towards one of the tables where two nurses were sitting and saw Ivano and Steve getting a table near the exit leading to the corridor that was ending at the reception. Was this intentional? He had seen the wheelchairs parked against the wall of the auditorium.

    - - -

    Tarhin guided his cart inside the restaurant and waited. Something was going on with all the colleagues except the chief standing at the far end of the restaurant and near the elevator.

    Chief of the lab Danil Reed was with Dave Cullen from dispatch and the latter looked up.

    Tarhin did too and at that moment Dick Kerebuy pulled on the rope releasing a barrage of many balloons floating up to the ceiling and some old and worn fluffy toys tumbling down. One of the toys landed on Tarhin's head and he managed to grab another that squeaked.

    Dick Kerebuy took that moment to begin his speech reciting many events and some funny things and disasters in Noranan. He ended “You explored the galaxy visiting Serindan, Boreas, Varanko and Corellia. I was a junior officer partnered with rookie Bret Chedokin when you returned to Noranan and became our chief of special ops.”

    “And that was the only thing I wanted,” Tarhin said. “You Dick rose through the ranks and became our chief.”

    “And that's mostly a desk-job,” Bret Chedokin picked up a toy. “These toys have a history too. You were the first to use them comforting children after a traumatizing event. Some were brought back to us with a note, some were rescued from the garbage by workers recognizing them as comfort toys from us. And they ended up here in a container to be used for this celebration. Congratulations Tarhin.”

    “And now Donnely pastries,” Tarhin guided the cart in the middle of the restaurant and was soon surrounded by colleagues shaking hands with him.

    - - -

    Ivano had seen doctors and nurses coming and going through the door leading to the ER-area but now another door was opening. Two nurses from the junior-wing entered, drawn to this restaurant by the news that Mouraha was chef today.

    “Ivano did you see that?”

    “What Steve?”

    “Wheelchairs. We can swap wheelchairs and go for a short ride outside with no one noticing it. And I promise you. No escape.”

    “Alright, but first another pie and drink.” Ivano headed to the counter with his tray.

    - - -

    Halfir Majeski was back from his trip to the Monir technical school. He was busy with sorting the dirty laundry from his bag when he saw the packages. 'One is for Mikja. She will get it when she returns from her shift. But this one. I can go and deliver it to Steve. He will be very surprised.' He left his cottage and took his ground-speeder.

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    Chapter 7

    Tarhin saw the officers of stations 2, 3 and 4 leaving the restaurant with boxes with pastries and headed to their ground speeders.

    “This was nice inspector Engaron,” Helen Deshazo put down her cup and took the box from the table turning towards her colleague. “Andy, We have to go for our patrol and can bring those pastries to our colleagues of Station 5.”

    Andy Roskill nodded and followed her to the parking where their ground-speeder, call-sign NP 69 was parked.

    Air-speeders – fives and sevens called by the crews because of their call-signs beginning with a 5 or 7 – were parked further away from the building.

    - - -

    “These are for our busy birds,” Dave Cullen took nine pastries out of the box, put them on a plate and headed to the lift to return to dispatch.

    “Now there are only three pastries left and I know who will like that,” Bret Chedokin took one of the remaining pastries.

    “Steve Magaron,” Jago Calran said.

    “Our escape-artist,” Bret grinned. “I could stop him yesterday when he tried to escape with a droid guiding his wheelchair outside. Ivano will have no problems today with a wheelchair programmed to visit only certain places. With Halfir away to Monir he has his Magaron-sitting day.” He turned to Tarhin and indicated the box “and with you...”

    “Yes but I am on duty,” Tarhin began, only now knowing why Ivano wasn't here.

    “Take one of the fast air-speeders,” Bret Chedokin interrupted. “That way you can respond to any emergency coming your way.”

    “Great. And Ivano can have his pastry too.” Tarhin took the box. “Can I take one of the Zakins?”

    “Sure,” Bret grinned. “And don't try to break my speed-record.”

    “I am too old for that,” Tarhin replied.

    “Take NP 55, it has no open roof.”

    “No jumping fire-chiefs coming my way,” Tarhin remembered. Years ago he had heard about the ride Bret Chedokin gave to Ivano Arvedai and Erdin Felaron to get to the airport for a big accident. The Zakin had been a brand new air-speeder at that time, introduced to replace older, slower models.

    “Don't get into trouble with Ivano.” Bret cautioned.

    “I won't,” Tarhin left taking the box with the pie with him to the parking. He wasn't in a hurry. He would enjoy the flight towards the hospital.

    - - -

    Helen slid behind the controls of NP 69.

    Andy had put the box with pastries in the back and took the com after sitting down next to her. “Dispatch.”


    Andy heard munching sounds and asked with a smile “nice pastry Kath? NP 69 is going to station 5.”

    “Sure Andy and don't let those pastries get old. 5 will like them. Dispatch out.”

    - - -

    Ivano had brought the tray with empty cups and plates back to the counter after guiding Steve to the door.

    Steve was giving him a wink with his left eye. No one in the corridor outside.

    Ivano hurried to Steve, guided him to the parked wheelchairs and had Steve in one of those.

    He began to guide Steve to the reception and the exit and had his diary on record.

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    trouble is beginning with:

    Chapter 8

    Andy and Helen had delivered the pastries to station 5 and were headed to their turning-point on Old Rondor road.

    NP 69 was passing the bridge over the Ikraan river when the com activated.

    “Dispatch. Proceed to mountain lake campsite. The reception has a man who is missing his wife and two children.”

    “69 responding.”

    “Dispatch out.”

    Helen drove to the campsite with all the speed she could muster and stopped before the reception-building where they met a man in tears telling them that his wife and two children went on a hiking-trip this morning.

    “It should be a short trip. Monica had her com but it's dead. I tried to contact her. Miranda had a com too, dead and Bert...”

    'We will find them,” Helen soothed. “Andy contact dispatch. We need search-teams.”

    Andy had heard all and seeing the map of the campsite and wilderness surrounding it he began to inform dispatch.

    - - -

    Pat Huling was savoring the last of his pastry.

    Tony Kehoe had finished his when his com activated.


    “NP 58 proceed to mountain lake campsite.”

    “Responding,” Tony stood up and ran towards their air-speeder

    Pat followed as fast as he could. He was feeling his age and huffing like a Hutt when he arrived at the air-speeder with Tony already at the controls. He sat down with a sigh and was able to fasten his seatbelt before Tony guided the air-speeder up and towards the coast to avoid the heavy traffic in the center.

    “Nice to join me old master,” Tony began the banter.

    “Yeah I was young when I met Jedi-master Yoda in Rhivinna. He was given permission to take young Fay Ere-Dun to the Jedi.”

    “More Jedi-talk?”

    “Sure. You like it. And I don't know if you have heard this,” Pat paused for a moment. “I heard from Ivano Arvedai about Kaagi Adin treating him in the Jedi-temple. Ivano met Siri Tachi and Obi-Wan Kenobi. And the latter one told him that he was saved by Master Fay on Queyta and...”

    “That's a story I know,”Tony interrupted. “It was after the beginning of the clone wars.”

    “I have some more,” Pat continued. “You heard Dick in his speech mentioning Boreas. That planet was Tarhin Engaron's home for 10 years before he was fired and put on a transport to Varanko.”

    “Why?” Tony steered the air-speeder towards the coast.

    “He had to deal with Jedi-knight Stellan Gios trying to break his shield and Jedi-knights Elzar Mann and Avar Kriss finding out that he was a Dunai elder. His chief didn't want to work anymore with Tarhin and had him stranded on Varanko where he had 60 nice years as an inspector before moving to Corellia where he met Corellian Jedi Han Halcyon and his son Elmar.”

    “I have heard only about Corran Horn, the grandson of Nejaa Halcyon.”

    “Ah that one. Steve told me about him. Corran and now his great grandson Rostek is sending messages to Steve.”

    - - -

    Receptionist Karoun Aatifa looked up, hearing some fast steps accompanying the sound of wheels. He commanded “Arvedai and Magaron what's this? Back!”

    “Karoun,” Steve had an innocent look on his face. “We are only going for a little walk.”

    Ivano released the guidance bars, pointed to the trees in the distance and made a small round with his hands.

    “Escaping you mean. The moment you are there he will persuade you to guide him to his cottage.”

    Ivano shook his head.

    “Inside and look who is coming?” Karoun pointed to the red-haired man making a beeline to the entry. “Or is he in cahoots with you two?”

    “Halfir?” A surprised cry by Steve.

    “Halfir.” Ivano smiled. 'Maybe he can take over. And I can go and visit Tarhin.'

    “To your room Steve,” Halfir shook hands with Ivano and patted Steve on his right hand. “I have a surprise.” He indicated the package.

    Ivano deactivated his diary and guided Steve back with Halfir following them.

    They helped Steve to settle in his bed.

    - - -

    Kaagi had warned him. Aradan had to see and finished his brikufruit pie and milk before going outside. Yes, there was Steve's wheelchair. He headed to the reception. “Karoun did you see Ivano and Steve?”

    “Sure but I could stop their plans and return them to the room because they have Halfir visiting them.”

    “OK I will swap the wheelchairs before they make a real escape.” Aradan headed back, took the wheelchair and ran towards medium-care room 7.

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    LOL on the stories and attempted escapes
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