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Beyond - Legends Second To None--Sacrifices : L/M, TK/J, J/J, OCs: COMPLETE: 3/10/2013 with Fan Art

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Jedi_Lover, Nov 30, 2012.

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    Mar 6, 2012
    Holy smokes, I'm not sure if I think that Luke is paranoid or if Mara is being overly dismissive. Both perhaps? I'm not too sure what to make of Luke's 'he keeps secrets' comment. We all keep secrets. This raises an interesting question: Do the Jedi serve the Republic or do they serve themselves?

    From what I gather here, (I am still catching up with your previous stories) Mark saved the galaxy untold suffering by following Fey'lya's orders. In NJO, TRILLIONS of people died; I guess I fail to see why Luke is still bitter about that. More than anyone, he should understand the price of war. (He killed millions on the Death Star, after all).

    As an aside, I love the philosophical side of what it means to be a Jedi, so please don't take anything I write as an attack on your writing. We don't get NEARLY enough snuggling in profic!

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    May 28, 2011
    Eeek! Mark, please don't go dark and kill Mara![face_nail_biting]

    Hazel, I'm going to wrestle you for ginchy's brave hat!
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    The thing is the war never happened. The galaxy at large doesn't know anything about the Vong. Luke is briefed after the fact that the NR military used Palpatine's weapons of mass destruction to wipe out a warrior race that threatened the galaxy...but they killed every man, woman and child. Luke doesn't have any idea of the destruction that the Vong could have unleashed and that if the war happened trillions would have been killed.

    In the epilogue of STN, it says the Vong advance party was discovered and the New Republic sent their fleet to check out some suspicious activity in the outer rim. The Vong handed them their butt, so they bring out the big guns and wipe them out. It was kept quiet because mass destruction on that scale would usually be a last resort and only if the senate could be convinced that a treaty could not be brokered. Fey'lya knew if he put this to a committee more people would die, so he ordered out the Galaxy Gun to take them out...quietly. Luke only found out after it was all said and done...and he was a little upset when he found out Mark knew about it from day one.

    And throughout the two other fics it makes it clear that Mark keeps secrets. He was cursed with Palpatine's memories and he is positive those memories should die with him. But sometimes he realizes he knows something that could help the Jedi and spills a secret and when he is asked how did he know this or that he admits it is from Palpatine's memories and that just irks Luke. He has this wealth of knowledge, but he doesn't talk about it.

    Thank you for trying to make sense out of this sequel. I really appreciate you reading and taking the time to comment.

    And there should be a lot of snuggling in fanfics. There is never enough snuggling and bootknocking in my opinion. :D
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    Hey JL! I'm new around here, so not really sure how in depth criticism people expect from comments. But as you asked for opinions I'll try...

    I think your writing style flows easily enough and doesn't need any fundamental tweaking. However, you are very light on descriptions, leaving me in a bit of a vacuum. Looking at the opening segment only, I couldn't get a sense of how big the 'fresher was, the sights, smells, etc. Ditto for the ship that arrives. To be fair, this seems to be a common thing on this board, as many writers are drawing from images we are all very familiar with already. I would suggest giving a bit more time to describing things around the scene, though.

    In an opening segment, I look for a source of conflict - a problem to be solved by the main POV character - the hook. And you set this up nicely with Mark and the impending confrontation with the arrivals. So that was a job well done! :) You also avoided the age-old problem of infodumping in a cold expository lump exactly what has happened so far to create this tension, drawing the reader in to find out for herself. Nice! :)

    Jaina's pre-emptive igniting of the lightsaber is also a great trick to show-not-tell the reader her state of mind, too. So there are three great things you did only in the opening chapter!

    I wish I could just write 50k words without prior planning and careful plotting. You must have a rare skill - any time I try anything like that it ends up a mess unless I go back and retro-actively change many, many things...

    I'm jealous. Oops, here comes the dark side. [face_skull]

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    Nov 1, 2004
    It is common in a lot of fanfiction in general where most stories are conversation based. I may be more guilty than others since when I write a story I write all the dialog first and then try to add descriptions of the areas later. I'll try to keep that in mind. But in my defense...I have never read a description of a 'fresher in the Star Wars universe. I have a theory that they never urinate in the EU. They just retain fluids until they get to a certain age and then they blow up like the Death Star after a Rebel attack. Hell, Hutts are probably not a difference species, but humans that haven't hit the latrine in decades.

    Thanks for reading and taking the time to review.
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    LOL That kinda description would be TMI anyway :p the kind of description I emphasize if it fits my story is of what the characters are feeling and/or thinking, although that can also be excellently done in dialogue. =D= One of my litmus tests even for profics is dialogue. :D I too often write it first and fill in the little details of expressions and scene later. The dialogue helps me place the tone better.

    And on a little comment on Mark turning dark: I believe Kira would also be his anchor like Mara is for Luke - yum! Soulmates are good that way. [face_dancing]
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    Nov 1, 2004
    Well, I did have a more descriptive scene written, but I edited it down. It originally looked like this:
    I thought that might be too descriptive. ;)
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    Nov 1, 2004
    Thank you Jade_eyes, Aiyan Swan, SiouxFan, Hazel, ginchy, Book-Geek, and Briannakin for reading. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment.


    Royal Palace, Hapes

    Jacen slowly awoke; he blinked his eyes open allowing them to focus on the gold plated ceiling of Tenel Ka’s sleeping chamber. He was always amazed by lavishness of the Hapan palace and Tenel Ka's bedroom was no exception with its richly patterned walls, cream colored draperies and filled with outrageously expensive furniture that had been handed down through the royal family for generations. There were marbled bedside tables and dressers, vintage velvet chairs and hand crafted Corellian lamps. The contents of this room alone, if sold, could buy Jacen a Hapan Battle Dragon.

    He rolled over in bed to gaze at his sleeping lover. He enjoyed watching her slumber. It was a time when she could escape the stress and pressure of leadership and simply dream. Her face was lean and strong, her silken golden hair splayed out over her pillow like a halo of color. Jacen smiled at her beauty. Their daughter Allana took after her mother so much that sometimes it was like looking an an old Holo of Tenel Ka in her youth.

    He glanced over to the bedside chrono and frowned upon realizing it was time to wake up. He reached over and pulled his beautiful bed companion into his arms. Tenel Ka opened her eyes and smiled at Jacen. “Good morning,” she said softly.

    Jacen gave her a warm, lingering kiss. He smiled tenderly as he broke away, his face filled with love. “Every morning that I wake up next to you is a good morning,” there was a slight hesitation. “We should do this more often…like everyday.”

    She gave him a wane smile. “Jacen we’ve talked about this before. My grandmother already hates the fact that a Force-user sits on the throne. If she had any idea that a Jedi knight fathered our daughter Allana, she would go to no end to kill us all. We are Jedi, but there are limits as to what we can do to protect ourselves, especially when there are dozens of assassins hunting our blood.”

    Jacen’s face fell as a pang of bitter disappointment and sadness filled his heart. “I spent years scouring the galaxy for every different type of Force knowledge and power out there just so I can keep you safe…and now to keep our daughter safe. What’s the use of having the knowledge of the ancients—the Jensaarai, Sunesi, Aing-Tii, the Theran Listeners and the Fallanassi—if I still have to hide in the shadows!”

    Tenel Ka averted her eyes and shook her head sadly. “Jacen, it is the way of my people. The assassinations, deceit, deception are part of the Royal Hapan life. You knew this since we were children.”

    Jacen reached out tenderly and pushed a lock of red hair off her forehead. “We can change things,” he whispered. He leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips and then pulled back to look into her grey eyes. “I want what my brother Anakin has—a wife and kids and the ability to bring them to family dinners. He doesn’t have to sneak into his wife’s bed and then sneak out unnoticed. He doesn’t have to plan rendezvous weeks in advance and need a mission plan just to be able to kiss his daughter and son good night. He has children who know he’s the father. Tahiri doesn’t tell the kids that Anakin is just an old friend from the Academy!” Jacen’s voiced raised a bit at the end of the sentence. He closed his eyes and composed himself. “Sorry.”

    She gave an audible sigh. “I wish things were different Jacen, but I am sure my grandmother was the one responsible for my mother’s assassination and I doubt she would hesitate to kill Allana if she had an inkling as to who the father is. As far as they know you were across the galaxy during the time of conception. They think I took a consort or had a dalliance with a Hapan Nobleman. The only reason all the houses of Hapes are not trying to assassinate our daughter is because the leaders of the various royal houses secretly hope that one of their sons is actually the father.”

    Jacen frowned. “I know that is a sound strategy for survival, but it doesn’t make me feel any better that a dozen males from the royal houses claim they slept with you.”

    “You know the truth,” she said softly.

    Jacen rubbed the back of his neck in frustration. “Tenel Ka, I love you. I’ve loved you since the day we met. I know I said I would want to be with you any way possible, but I didn’t know how difficult this would be for me. My parents don’t know I have a wife or a child. I would love to see my father bounce Allana on his knee as he teaches her how to fly the Falcon like he did with me as a boy. I want to see my mother’s eyes light up when her granddaughter comes to visit. There has to be a way. I’ve learned so much already about the Force. I am sure I am equal to Uncle Luke in ability…but…maybe I need to learn more. There has to be a way to make things right.”

    “Jacen,” Tenel Ka whispered. “The members of the Royal House will not listen to reason. You would have to kill each and every one to keep us safe…and that is not the way of a Jedi.”

    Jacen gave her an earnest look. “Then send Allana to the Academy. She’d be much safer there surrounded with Jedi. I can oversee her training and look after her. If I can’t openly be her father then let me be her Jedi Master.”

    She gave a frustrated moan. “Jacen her identity would be revealed. She feels too much like you in the Force. Plus, the Royals would protest the daughter of the Queen Mother training to be a Jedi. After my…accident, they are convinced that the training is far too dangerous and now that your Uncle has formally placed the Jedi under the command of the Galactic Alliance…politically it cannot happen without major pushback from the Royal houses.”

    He gazed at her sadly. “So this is my life? I have to crawl through grime ridden escape tunnels or sewers just for the chance to hold my wife in my arms? How about Allana? Will she ever know I am her father?”

    “Yes, as soon as she is old enough to understand why the secret must be maintained…perhaps in one or two years.”

    “How about my parents, my brother and sister, or my Uncle Luke? Can we ever tell them?”

    A pained expression crossed her face. “The more people that know the more likely the identity of her father is discovered. Even if they keep quiet people will wonder why the daughter of the Queen of Hapes is visiting the Solo family.”

    “What if she wasn’t the daughter of the Queen Mother?”

    Tenel Ka frowned. “But she is.”

    Jacen pulled her closer. “Abdicate,” Jacen whispered to Tenel Ka. “It’s not like you have an overly strong bond with Hapes. You identify with Dathomir much more. Abdicate and we can live together as a family on Coruscant. We can leave all the drama and assassination attempts behind us. Let your grandmother reclaim the throne if she wants. Your father is still alive and well. Let him take another wife to be Queen.”

    She was silent for a long pause. “I cannot just think about myself. I must look out for the welfare of my people…I am entrusted with the welfare of trillions of people. It would be selfish of me to walk away and leave them in my grandmother’s treacherous hands.”

    Jacen sighed deeply and started at the ceiling. “This is becoming unbearable.”

    She gave him a sad smile. “I know, but this is our fate.” She was silent for a moment, deep in thought. “Jacen, you do know our wedding ceremony on Dathomir was purely ceremonial. If you are not happy…” She didn’t finish the sentence, but let the inference hang in the air. She was offering him an out, but the anxiety and worry etched on her face revealed her underlying fear that he would leave.

    Jacen put his hands over his eyes in frustration. “I’m not happy because I want to be with my family. I want a change in the situation, not to leave it.” He turned to her and smiled warmly. “I love you.”

    “And I love you, Jacen.” She gazed at him with adoring eyes as she reached out and caressed his cheek. “I will think about what you have said.”

    “Thank you. “ He gently took her hand in his and kissed the palm of her hand. “I love you, Tenel Ka. Now and forever.”

    “You are such a romantic, Jacen Solo,” she said as she maneuvered herself so she was straddling her lover. “Unfortunately, the morning meal will arrive within an hour. It saddens me greatly, but you must be gone by then.” She leaned down and kissed him heatedly. “Let’s not have wasted moments.”

    He smiled and pulled her nude body to his. “That is one thing we can agree on.”
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Wow. I feel kinda bad for Jacen, but he had to have known that this is the way things had to be.

    But SQUEEEE! Anakin and Tahiri have children!? Please say they'll make an appearance.
  10. Jedi_Lover

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    Nov 1, 2004
    They make an appearance a couple chapters from this one.
  11. SiouxFan

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    Mar 6, 2012
    Jacen is right, just because Hapes is the way it is does not mean that it is the way it ALWAYS has to be. The 'well that's the way things are' excuse rings hollow. There has got to be a way to change Palace life that doesn't involve wiping out the entire nobility. In my perfect world, Jacen and Tenel Ka could have just waited them out. If the public sees them together often enough, they will eventually get used to the idea.

    About Allana: I still remain pissed that one of THE reasons Jacen turned all Sithly was to protect Allana's identity. Then, at the end of FotJ, they reveal it anyway. Everything Jacen went through, and put Tenel Ka through, was for nothing. I thought (and still think) that if Tenel Ka would have simply announced Jacen as the father FROM THE BEGINNING, the Hapan public would have accepted the idea at some point. Sure, there would have been initial backlash, but the nobility would have gotten used to it, just as they've gotten used to a Jedi on the throne. They're not really wild about it, but they're not trying to kill her every other day, either.

    If we look to Britain as an example, I can point towards Royal couples getting a divorce. Two generations ago, it simply was NOT done. When Charles and Diana got their divorce, there was a HUGE outcry. Now, I think half of the royal family has been divorced. If William and Kate were to get a divorce in a few years, everyone would be: eh, it didn't work out. Oh well.

    My point to all this? Things DO change: Tenel Ka and Jacen just have to put in the effort to do it.

    Yeah! More J/TK 'bootknocking'! I'll read all of that you want to write!
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    Nov 9, 2010
    That was a great scene with Jacen and Tenel Ka. I understand their points although i have to side with Jacen here.

    Great chapter!
  13. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Squee on A/T and a family for them. I agree with SiouxFan's superb and articulate points. =d= =D= =D= If Tk/J want this family badly enough, they will either go with Jacen's suggestion and she'll leave it all behind or they'll make their family public and the nobility will just have to deal. :p :rolleyes:

    Reading SiouxFan's other comments about the end of FoTJ, do the plotters -- what do they have for brains? Cow croppings? [face_sigh] All that sithly nonsense was for what? Argh! And H/L had to lose 2/3 of their kids for what? :( :( The plotters are either brain dead, sadistic, or both.

    Sorry to steal your thread for a rant JL -- Profic in another fandom is giving me royal fits, so I'm :eeking: over here over all the excess of potential stupid

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    I can see how Jacen would be frustrated. I can't imagine not being able to know my child as a parent, all because of political wranglings.
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    Aw, poor Jacen. I totally see his points, and I'm glad Tenel Ka will consider the idea of abdicating the throne. I'm also glad that they are technically speaking 'married', at least by Dathomir traditions.
  16. Jedi_Lover

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    Book-Geek : Thanks. For some reason I never liked the idea that they were never married in the profics. Maybe I am just an old fashioned prude.

    ginchy : Not being able to see their kids have drove men on our planet to do awful things. I would think it would be a major stress for Jacen.

    Jade_eyes : Rant away. I never liked the Jacen going mega-sith route in the profics and I absolutely did not like the fact that Jaina had to kill him. That was wrong.

    Hazel : Thanks. I think they should throw caution to the wind and make the announcement, but Tenel Ka doesn't seem like the person to do that. At least she wasn't when it came to the profics.

    @SiouxFan : Didn't they have to give out Allana's identity because Vestara had already told the Sith? So there was no reason to hide it anymore. You are right though, the royals would get used to her being married to Jacen eventually.

    Thanks everybody for reading. Oh and if you recognize the last two lines as coming from another fic. It is from my story "The Hat". I think it is okay to steal lines from my other fics. ;)


    Star System MZX3290S, Near Bimmiel

    Lumiya the self-proclaimed Dark Lady of the Sith laid back on an ornate but gaudy, multicolored floral couch located in the former home of late Darth Vectivus. The now deceased dark lord was once a ruthless businessman turned Sith. She looked around at the ostentatious decor and shook her head. He may have been Sith but he obviously had very little style when it came to interior decorating.

    She tried to ignore the tawdry furniture as she closed her eyes to meditate in an attempt to see into the future. She had been having horrible dreams—visions perhaps—of death and destruction on a galactic scale. They were visions that haunted her sleep and kept her awake half the night.She wasn’t sure if the evil would come in a physical form of a sentient being or simply by way of a dysfunctional government brutally subjugating the citizens in the galaxy, but whatever it was it would cause much pain and anguish.

    “Why do you worry,” came a voice from the shadows. She looked over to the corner of the room where the voice originated. She could see the outline of a man, his cowl pulled down far enough to hide his features, if there were features to hide. She knew he was an illusion. A phantom of the dark lord who once resided, grew old and died happily in this home situated deep in the belly of an iron asteroid near the planet Bimmiel.

    “I see darkness in the future. Something ruthless and hungry is out there, just out of reach, just out of sight. I have talked with the few surviving Prophets of Dromund Kaas and they also believe a grave threat is on the horizon.”

    “Why do you believe anything they tell you. Wasn’t it you and your late apprentice Carnor Jax that once tried to wipe out their organization?”

    She thought about it. “True, they have a healthy dislike for me and may be lying. But I don’t think so; they appeared to be just as concerned about their visions as I am.”

    “If you are Sith, why do you care what evil befalls the galaxy?” the figure asked.

    She glared in the phantom’s direction. “I know I shouldn’t. If something out there brings death and chaos to the galaxy I could theoretically wait until the universe is in shambles and then swoop in to pick up the pieces—to become Empress.”

    “Then why don’t you?” the phantom sounded genuinely curious.

    Lumiya gave him a disparaging gesture. “I don’t know. Maybe I’m tired of being evil all the time.”

    The phantom gave a deep chuckle. “So you are going to be a part-time Sith?”

    She shook her head and rolled her eyes. “When I trained under Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine it was drilled into me that to achieve order in the galaxy and hold together a government representing thousands of worlds, a Sith Lord would need to rule.” She paused for a moment. “Unfortunately, Sith is synonymous with death, destruction and selfish pursuit of power. They have the strength to rule but you soon end up with a situation like Alderaan.” She sat up and leaned forward stared at the figure. “You have shown me another way of life. One does not need to be evil to be Sith, and that is what this galaxy will need if they are to survive the next decade—a strong Sith ruler—not a maniacal dictator.”

    “Then use the power of the combined Force to change things. I have taught you much.”

    She shook her head as she looked down at her body. “I am more machine than human now. My control of the force is tenuous at best. An intact body is needed to fully control both sides of the Force…especially the darkside.” She let out a deep breath. “Besides, my days are numbered. My body is failing and no amount of cybernetic technology can keep me alive forever.”

    “Then take an apprentice, one that won’t be corrupted.”

    She sneered. “You make it sound easy.”

    “What about Skywalker?”

    She looked up sharply. “What do you know of Skywalker?”

    The figure made a snickering sound. “I know you say his name in your sleep…and when you call his name it is not the sharp tone one would take with an enemy who once caused you great bodily harm. No, it is a cry of bittersweet regret, like one would say the name of a long lost lover.”

    Lumiya’s face reddened. He was a phantom, but she didn’t like anybody getting into her head. “Skywalker and I were once…on good terms. But I betrayed and tried to kill him, he would never trust me. Anyway he is too corrupted by the light side of the Force. To him the ends never justify the means. He doesn’t have the stomach to make the hard decisions.”

    “A relative of his then?”

    Lumiya thought about it. “He has a sister, three sons, a daughter, niece, nephews and…a clone.”

    “Pick one; one that can be lured not by power, but a desire to bring order to the galaxy.”

    “Easier said than done, I assure you.” A light on her datapad started flashing indicating she received a message. She picked up the device and scrolled through recent messages.

    She paused and opened a message from Narko Salienti a high ranking Naval officer from the planet Tof. She had once worked with the Tof in their attack of the planets Trenwyth, Zeltros, and Saijo. Unfortunately, the Tof were too incompetent to press their advantage and they were pushed back to their planet in defeat.

    She frowned as she opened the message and read. She sighed as she tossed the datapad down on the couch.

    “Bad news?” the phantom asked.

    “No, a past ally says he has a job for me that would be to our mutual benefit. He wants to meet on the planet Algara II.” She thought about it for a moment. “I know the Tof are in conflict with the Nagai again and are pirating the Chiss. This may be a meeting worth attending and it’ll give me a chance to get away from you for a while.” She walked over to the room she had commandeered as her bedchamber.

    “If you don’t like talking to me you can always leave permanently,” Darth Vectivus pointed out.

    “Unfortunately, this is the best hiding spot I’ve ever discovered. It is probably the reason why you built your home here—to hide out from the thousands of Jedi from the Old Republic.” She threw some clothing into a travel bag. “No,” she said slowly, “tolerating the isolation and long conversations with a long dead vainglorious Sith phantom is worth the price of not being discovered and brought to justice.”

    “Vainglorious? I know I am Sith, but I do have feelings,” the voice said curtly.

    Lumiya smirked. She never knew when he was being serious or sarcastic. She opted to think that was a flippant comment as she packed her bags and prepared for her rendezvous with the Tof leader.




    Imperial Palace, Coruscant

    Jacen Solo stood outside the door of his parents’ apartment where he was to meet for a family dinner. He had grown to dislike these get-togethers and he had to steel his nerves for the encounter. It’s not that he didn’t love his family, he loved them all immensely, but for the last few years his mother’s not so subtle hints for him to find a nice girl and settle down had become absolutely depressing. All it did was remind him of his second rate status in Tenel Ka’s world. To the Hapan Royalty, to marry a non-royal was considered unthinkable and to marry a non-royal Jedi was equivalent of having a committed relationship with a Kowakian monkey-lizard. The only reason Jedi Tenal Ka was tolerated was she was the granddaughter of the former Queen Mother Ta'a Chume.

    It didn’t seem to matter that Jacen’s mother was once the Princess of Alderaan or that thirty years ago the Hapan monarchy was more than willing to overlook the fact that she was a princess without a kingdom in an attempt to marry her off to a Ta’a Chume’s son, Prince Isolder. Unfortunately, any benevolence afforded to the former princess quickly dried up with Leia’s rejection of the Prince’s wedding proposal and her subsequent marriage to a former spice smuggler. The rejection of the Prince was such a monumental insult to the Hapan aristocracy, that from that day forward the Princess from Alderaan was considered little more than a vagabond war refugee.

    Jacen sighed deeply. He was definitely not in the mood for his mother’s goodhearted, but misguided meddling tonight, not after having to say goodbye to his family just days ago, but he couldn’t avoid his parents forever. He let out a deep breath and pressed the entry chime. After a few seconds his mother answered the door.

    “Jacen,” Leia said as she gave her son a warm hug and then motioned him into the apartment. “It’s so good to have you back. How was your diplomatic mission to Hapes?”

    Jacen gave a noncommittal shrug. “I told Tenal Ka of Uncle Luke’s plan to align the Jedi order to serve under the Galactic Alliance. She understood why he is doing it, but if she served as a Knight in the Order she would be subordinating herself to the Grand Master and that’s not possible for a Queen Mother.”

    Leia gave a sigh. “I think Luke expected that answer, that’s why he sent you to talk to her privately. He didn’t want to force her to decide in a public forum.”

    They moved down the hall to the formal dining room. As Jacen drew near he could hear the laughter of children. “Anakin is here I assume.”

    Leia’s face lit up. “Yes, he and his family are here already. Jaina and the young man she met last year while on that last diplomatic mission to Csilla will be here also.”

    Jacen stopped trying to remember the man’s name. “Jag? He is the nephew of Wedge Antillies, isn’t he?”

    “Jagged. He is named after Wedge’s father Jagged Antillies. He’s the son of Syal Antilles and General Baron Soontir Fel,” Leia explained.

    “He’s also an Imperial,” Jacen pointed out.

    “The Alliance has a treaty with the Imperial Remnant and the Chiss Ascendancy. They have fought with us on countless missions and I trust Jaina’s judgment.” Leia smiled warmly. “She appears to be somewhat smitten with the young man.”

    Jacen just smiled back. He knew where this conversation was going. This was the dreadful path to the ‘When are you going to marry and give me grandchildren’ talk.

    They entered the dining area where Jacen was greeted by the loud squeal of happy children as his young nephew and niece jumped out of their seats and decided to latch onto his legs and do their best impersonation of leg shackles.

    On his right leg was Jacen’s nephew Jos. Seven-year-old Jos Solo had a good mix of his parents features. He had the blond hair of Tahiri Veila Solo, Jedi Knight and Anakin’s wife of eight years, and the piercing blue eyes of his father. The young boy also had the Han Solo classic grin that greatly endeared him to his grandfather. On his left leg clung five-year-old Darsha Solo who took after her grandmother Leia. She had dark brown hair, big brown eyes and a smile that always lit up a room.

    “Uncle Jacen, we missed you,” Jos said happily.

    “Me too,” said his younger sister. ‘Me too’ was a such an ubiquitous response from the young girl that Jacen sometimes teased her by calling her ‘Me too’ Solo.

    His grin widened as he reached down and picked the children up in his arms. “I missed you both very much.” He looked over to his brother and gave him a genuine smile. “Good to see you Anakin,” he looked back and forth to his niece and nephew. “They’re getting big.”

    “They’re eating me out of house and home,” Jacen’s younger brother joked. Anakin smiled widely, a boyish grin that always made him look much younger than his thirty years of age.

    Tahiri entered the room holding a couple glasses of juice which she set at the children’s place settings. She gave Jacen a warm smile. “I’m so glad you made it Jacen. I heard you were in Hapes. How’s Tenel Ka?”

    He expected this question. Tahiri, Jacen and his siblings all went to the Jedi Academy with the Queen Mother as children. They all remained very close.

    “She’s fine,” he said. “She sends her regards.”

    “How’s her daughter?” Anakin asked.

    My daughter’, Jacen thought glumly. “She’s fine.” He looked over to Tahiri and noticed something strange. She felt different in the Force. She felt like she did when she was…

    “Tahiri, are you…”he paused in mid-sentence not knowing if what he suspected was a secret or not.

    She smiled widely and Anakin gave a quick sheepish grin. “Yes, we're pregnant again,” she practically giggled as she turned to look at her husband lovingly. “We’re seven weeks along.” She leaned in and kissed Anakin who gave her a besotted smile as he put his hand lovingly on her belly. She turned back to Jacen. “You’re good. You mother hasn’t noticed yet.”

    “Noticed what?” Leia said as she and Han brought out the food to the table.

    “Anakin and I are expecting again,” she said happily.

    Jacen actually jumped when his mother gave out a happy shriek. She put down the food and then went over to Tahiri and gave her a hug. Han went over and gave his youngest son a slap on the back while congratulating Anakin. The two children in Jacen’s arms giggled. “We’ve been keeping this a secret for a week.” Jos said.

    “That’s some secret,” Jacen said as he slowly lowered the two children to the ground. Little Darsha looked over to him concerned. Both children were Force-sensitives and were probably picking up Jacen’s mixed emotions.

    “Aren’t you happy, Uncle Jacen?” she asked.

    Jacen tightened up his shields. “Of course I’m happy. I’m just surprised.” And he was happy; he just wished he had these types of moments with his parents. He walked over and hugged his sister-in-law and then his brother. He stepped back and smiled. “I’m very happy for both of you.”

    The door chime rang. “That must be Jaina and Jagged,” Leia said as she went to answer the door. Han looked at Jacen and gave him a lopsided grin. “When are you going to find yourself a girl, Jacen?”

    Jacen fought the urge to roll his eyes or give a pained look of disgust. Every once-in-a-while he considered lying to his father and telling him he wasn’t attracted to women. That was sure to end all the “who are you dating now” discussions…at least with his father. His mother would probably switch gears and try to set him up with eligible bachelors under the pretext of ‘I just want you to be happy.’

    “I’m looking Dad,” Jacen lied. “Maybe I should arm myself with a snare gun and lay-in-wait outside a sorority.”

    His father smiled. “Or you can kidnap one and fly her to Dathomir.”

    Jacen’s smile faltered briefly. Tenel Ka’s homeworld was Dathomir. For a second he wondered if his father knew more than he let on or was he simply referring to how he and Jacen’s mother finally became engaged to be married. “You wouldn’t still have the Hapan Gun of Command?” Jacen asked referring to the mind control weapon his father used to coerce his mother to following him to Dathomir.

    “I wish. Then maybe I could worm my way out of political events.”

    His mother returned with his sister Jaina and her suitor Jagged Fel. Leia obviously told her daughter the good news about the baby, because Jaina rushed over to Tahiri and Anakin giving them a hug and congratulations.

    Jagged Fel hung back at the end of the table, but gave the couple a nod and a congratulatory greeting. Jacen couldn’t help but notice he maintained his Imperial aura even at an informal family function. He stood spine straight, shoulders back and projecting an air of authority. He was dressed in crisp gray Imperial officer uniform; his silver belt buckle was shined to perfection and his black leather boots were polished to the point that it looked like they were made of black glass.

    The situation seemed surreal to Jacen. For decades his family fought against the Imperials, but now he found himself sitting down to dinner with one. And, from what Anakin had told Jacen about the man, he was not an ordinary Imperial. Jag was born and raised in Chiss space where he attended the Chiss Academy as a boy and by the age of eighteen he was promoted to the rank of Colonel and commanded three squadrons of Clawcraft. He rose up the ranks and was now Commander of the Chiss/Imperial Expansionary Defense Fleet.

    Jacen sized up the man. He didn’t look that impressive. He was of average height and weight, with green eyes and dark hair with a noticeable streak of white hair down one side of his head where he suffered a wound while battling pirates.

    Jacen met Jag once at a diplomatic function and found the man aloof and overly formal. Anakin had spent much more time with Jag and was also of the same opinion. In fact, Anakin frequently called him Commander Cardboard and often wondered out loud if Jag had a Gimer or a Swagger stick inserted up his butt. Thankfully, Anakin had the subtlety not say such disparaging remarks in front of Jag or Jaina. Despite his jokes Anakin said he felt Jag was a good match for their sister.

    “Please to meet you again, Jag,” Jacen said as he walked over and offered the man his hand.

    “It’s been a while,” Fel said with a slight smile. That is all Jacen ever seen him do…half smiles. Jaina, on the other hand, beamed like a woman in love. The fact that she projected such happiness in the Force warmed Jacen’s heart. He wanted his twin to be happy and if Commander Cardboard could get such a big smile out of her, then he must be doing something right.

    They all sat down to dinner. Most of the meal was uneventful and mercifully Leia did not browbeat Jacen about getting married. Most of the conversation revolved around the new breakout of hostilities between the near human sentient beings called the Nagai and the Tof. Both civilizations lived in the Firefist galaxy, one of the closest satellite galaxies orbiting the main galactic disc. The Nagai had defeated the Tof decades ago, but it appeared the green skinned brutes that are the Tof had had planned a comeback for years and recently decided that now was the time to reclaim their planet and invade Nagi.

    Since the two warring parties liked to wander into Chiss space they had become a nuisance. The Nagai attacked Chiss civilian freighters to pirate supplies and weapons. The Tof had also boarded Chiss supply ships, but they were more apt to kidnap the women crew members than to steal supplies.

    Jag said he led a strike force to liberate the women captives. When they boarded the Tof pirate ship they were immediately assaulted by a horrid stench. Jag thought the women were killed and left to rot. He soon discovered that was the natural smell of Tof men who never, ever bathed. They thought bathing an unnatural process and a true man carried his scars and his stench as a symbol of his manhood.

    “They were the most manly men I have ever met,” Jag joked.

    Fortunately the women were fine. The Tof were big brutes but highly susceptible to female praise. The highly intelligent Chiss women had them fighting among themselves in order to curry their favor.

    According to Jagged Fel, the Chiss and the Imperial Remnant could care less if the Nagai and Tof killed each other off as long as they kept it within the confines of the Firefist Galaxy.

    Jacen ate quietly all the time wishing he could have his family here. He would like to show off his little redheaded daughter and share stories with his family, but, unfortunately, that was not to be. And now he probably would go weeks without seeing the two ladies that he loved the most.

    He gave an internal sigh. He was a young teen when he first fell in love with Tenel Ka. His adolescent mind couldn’t imagine the complexities of Hapan life. He once thought that if Tenel Ka became Queen, then she should be able to do whatever she wanted, but that was not the case. He’d give anything to have a family life like Anakin’s.

    ‘Anything,’ he thought as he watched his niece and nephew play with their food and laugh happily.

    As the dinner wound down Jacen was ready to leave. He wanted to get back to his quarters in the Jedi Temple and leave an encrypted “Goodnight” message for his wife. Unfortunately his father had opened up an expensive bottle of Corellian Whyren's Reserve whiskey and was determined not to drink alone…like that ever stopped him before. Jacen knew his dad just liked the idea of having the entire family at home for dinner and he was determined to draw out the evening.

    Han went over to the small stocked bar and poured out four shots. Jacen accepted a glass of whiskey along with his brother and Jagged Fel. The ladies in attendance instead opted to huddle around the kitchen table, talking about Tahiri’s pregnancy, and drinking a fruity non-alcoholic beverage his mother favored.

    “To the Alliance,” Han said while raising his glass. He glanced over to Jag and added. “And our ongoing peace treaty with the Imperial Remnant.”

    Jag gave a curt nod and clinked his glass against Han’s. Anakin took one sip and started coughing. “That’s a bit strong Dad.”

    Jag chugged down his shot with one gulp with not so much as a shudder. He smiled at the men around him while holding up the glass appreciatively. “It’s very smooth, General Solo.”

    Han gave a lopsided grin. “General Solo is so formal and I resigned my commission years ago…please call me Captain Solo.”

    Jacen almost laughed. Han Solo, hero of the Rebellion, obviously hadn’t completely warmed up to the thought of his daughter dating an Imperial.

    Jag, to his credit, did not blink an eye. “Of course, Captain Solo.” Jag looked over Jacen’s shoulder to where Jaina stood talking with Tahiri. “Jaina, I need to report back to my ship in the morning.” He turned back to Han. “Captain, I thoroughly enjoyed this dinner and your hospitality, but I need to cut this evening short and get to bed.”

    Han smiled and shook the man’s hand. Jag said his goodbye’s and was about to depart when Jaina said she was going to call it a night also. Jag smiled and offered her his arm. “May I escort you out?”

    Jaina smiled at his gentlemanly, if not, old fashioned gesture. “I would be delighted.”

    In the corner of his eye Jacen could see his brother Anakin roll his eyes. If Jag or Jaina noticed they didn’t say anything. She waved at the family as she allowed him to escort her down the hall.

    As the door closed Anakin broke out in laughter. “It is definitely a Swagger Stick, Jacen.”

    Han snorted. “More like a Force Pike.”

    Jacen couldn’t help but laugh, but his mother was not amused. “Stop it you two. It’s nice that she is going out with a perfect gentleman. He’s not like those womanizing, drunken, Rogue pilots that prey on women.”

    “Like Uncle Luke was?” Anakin said with a grin.

    Leia waved him off and turned back to Tahiri. “I don’t know how you handle him.”

    “Very roughly,” Anakin joked back.

    Leia shook her head ruefully. “Solo men, you’re incorrigible.”

    Han smiled broadly. “And that’s why you love us so much.”




    Jaina smiled as Jagged Fel escorted her back to her quarters within the palace. He walked with military precision, eyes forward, back straight, his steps falling in a marching rhythm; his uniform was in perfect order, pressed and with sharp creases down the pants and sleeves. He was a poster boy for Imperial military perfection.

    He must have felt her eyes on him because he turned to look at her. A half smile graced his lips. “Did you have fun tonight?”

    “Yes, I think my father likes you.”

    Jag gave a soft snort. “I think your father tolerates me. I don’t think your brothers like me at all.”

    She frowned. “Jacen and Anakin? They just think you are overly formal and stiff.” They arrived to her door and she punched in the entry code. “Would you like to come in,” she asked as the door slid open.

    “Yes, thank you.”

    As the door slid closed behind them, Jagged’s nonchalant smile blossomed into a wide grin. He grabbed Jaina up into his arms and pulled her close, burying his head into the crook of her neck and nuzzling a line of kisses from her jaw to collar bone. “Your brothers are right. I am stiff,” he said as he pulled her closer and thrust his hips into hers. The evidence of his arousal pushed against the confines of his uniform trousers and against her belly.

    She laughed deeply. “They would be shocked if they knew what you’re like behind closed doors.”

    He pulled off his uniform top and tossed it on the ground and then divested himself of his undershirt. Jaina gazed at his naked chest appraisingly and ran a hand down his muscular torso. “As far as I’m concerned they can go on believing I am the stuffy, celibate, Commander Cardboard.”

    She laughed. “Where did you hear that?”

    He smirked. “During a formal function a few weeks ago. Anakin gets a bit loud when he’s been drinking.” He reached under her tunic and ran his hands up her back. “But I rather not talk about your brothers.” He bent down and gave her a passionate kiss as he walked her back toward her bedroom. “I have to report for duty on a Star Destroyer tomorrow morning. So we shouldn’t waste time talking,” he said before he kissed her again.

    She made a nod of agreement without taking her lips from his. He picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bed. He laid her down gently and then quickly tore off the rest of his uniform until he stood before her wearing only his gray Imperial issue boxers. He then snapped to attention and gave her a crisp salute. “Commander Jagged Fel requests permission to board, Ma’am.”

    She gave him her best sultry look. “Permission granted.”
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    Somehow, I think that Han knows. Maybe he can assure his son that they would never betray this secret and that Jacen could tell them the truth. I didn't understand this line of thinking on Jacen's or Tenel Ka's part in profic, and I don't really understand it here. Han and Leia know better than anyone the dangers associated with having 'high profile' kids; they would know how to keep this quiet.

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    I am going by what was written in the books. While on Ossus, Luke declared himself Grand Master of the New Jedi Order and declared the Jedi would serve the Galactic Alliance. He then said that the Jedi would put the good of the Order above everything else or they should resign. Tenel Ka resigned from the Jedi because she could not put the Jedi above her responsibilities as Queen Mother. I saw that as a Tenel Ka not being able to have a responsibility higher than her kingdom and also that the Queen of Hapes could not be under the command of the Grand Master.

    I just kept with what was happening in the books in an attempt to write them a little bit in character. I figure Tenel Ka and Jacen making confusing decisions is the way they do things.
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    Okay, I misunderstood the context. Somehow, I got the impression that the Jedi serving the Alliance was the problem, not that they had to answer to Luke. To this day, the 'you're either with us or against us' rubs me the wrong way. Luke was essentially saying, 'Do what I say, or not at all,' to a group of adults who were all trying to do the right thing. He left no middle ground for people like Tenel Ka or Danni Quee who had other commitments. I promise not to rant on how crappy a decision I thought that to be.

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