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Saga - Legends Secret, for the Memorable Melodies Roulette (Siri-Wan)

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Title: Secret
    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan
    Timeframe: Clone-wars
    Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Siri Tachi, Nejaa Halcyon, Rostek Horn, Steve Magaron
    Genre: Memorable Melodies Roulette song challenge
    Summary: A nice R and R for Obi-Wan and Siri.
    Disclaimer: Star Wars belongs to Lucasfilm and Lucasfilm belongs to Disney.
    This was my number: Performed by Elton John for Disney's Lion King: "Can You Feel the Love Tonight"


    A man knew.
    An old master had made contact with him.
    The man was with his two companions arranging things.
    When ready they left in their air-speeder.
    “We will be back tomorrow,” one of them said.

    - - -

    Lush green forest, a vast lake and inside a clearing a large meadow with an old farmhouse and some more modern dwellings became visible when the first Delta Aethersprite descended. It was followed by a second craft coming from Coruscant to Corellia. A wizened old master had given orders to the two pilots.

    She smiled. As a padawan she had been there often with her master, sometimes being annoyed by a certain ginger-haired padawan but mostly appreciating his quirky behaviour. He had a maverick master, going against some rules, one of them about attachment. She had deep feelings for the padawan, had expressed them and had him responding. They kept it a secret. She had comforted him when he lost his master on Naboo, had seen him with his new padawan, a difficult and often troubled boy. Her padawan and his often disagreed. Her padawan left the Jedi-order. She came to the rescue of her beloved when he was facing execution on Geonosis. She supported him after the rescue and faced many dangers with him. She had plans for the few days of rest and relaxation at the training-centre in Firwood. She was Siri Tachi.

    It was the one place known to almost all masters and apprentices he loved most. He had been there many times. First with his master on trainings and after his master was murdered with his padawan and his great love and friend and her padawan. But being there alone or with his beloved was what he really liked. Teachings had ingrained in him that Jedi didn’t have relations. But as one of the wizened old masters had told him ‘a Jedi’s life is love’ he just followed that saying, careful to be not noticed by the order. And he knew there were Corellian Jedi who were married and had children. And his padawan; the young man was sneaking away at the most inappropriate times with a look on his face. He had seen that look the first time on Geonosis where he had been fighting for his life in the arena. Anakin had been distracted by the young senator of Naboo. He had been sure after he was injured by Dooku, had seen his padawan losing his arm and Yoda coming to their rescue. Amidala had supported Anakin. And there had been more when he returned from Naboo. He was Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    Obi-Wan opened the canopy of his Delta Aethersprite after landing the craft on a large meadow. In the reflections on the canopy he saw the red and white of another craft and his weary face with a small smile. The smile was there because his best friend was in that Delta. He hopped out of the cockpit when he saw her jumping out of her Delta and running towards him.

    “I beat you Kenobi.”

    “Figures,” he smiled and took her in his arms. “I had to search for a new hyperdrive-ring after you took the last one in orbit. But mine was pre-programmed for Corellia.”

    “Lucky you,” she gave him a kiss on his cheek. “But I never worried about you being late or in some unexpected trouble. And you are a pittin with…”

    “Nine lives,” said he “to be entangled in a silken spider-web by…”

    “Me,” she grinned. “We will have the same cabin as last time.”

    “And knowing Nejaa Halcyon the supplies will be in the farmhouse.”

    “For a candlelight dinner and more,” Siri took him by his hand. “No war and no worries for these two days.”

    - - -

    The more became clear after the dinner. A brown cloak was on the floor of the cabin with another close by. Two belts, two lightsabers were on the table. Four boots were discarded as well as two beige tunics, two pair of trousers and some underwear. Two beds were now forming one bed. Covers were shared.
    Soft words were coming from under those covers.
    It was a song of love and ended with a soft sigh, followed by gentle snoring. Covers shifted and were pulled.

    - - -

    “Can you feel the love tonight,” Obi-Wan shivered a bit. He opened his smiling eyes remembering the song. She was there snoring softly next to him, covered by all the covers. The snoring was a dissonant to the song of the birds but there was another faint sound and it was coming closer. He grabbed the covers when it became clear that it was an airspeeder. And moving covers had snoring becoming fast breaths and…

    “What’s up,” Siri opened her eyes.

    “An airspeeder is on approach,” Obi-Wan sat up and jumped out of bed.

    “Jedi,” Siri followed and grabbed her underwear, “at least two. I detect more Force-signatures.”

    “Trouble,” Obi-Wan hurriedly donned his briefs and trousers “or…”

    “Not,” Siri grinned when she saw three men walking to the farmhouse. “They are CorSec officers. We have enough time to dress.”

    “No,” Obi-Wan grabbed his tunic. “CorSec officers on patrol will make short work of the supplies in the kitchen.”

    “Or,” Siri began to dress “it’s Nejaa Halcyon bringing new supplies. He knows about us. We know about him, his wife and his son Valin and that’s…”

    “No trouble at all,” Obi-Wan donned his boots “but more Force-signatures?”

    “We will see,” Siri was fully dressed and went to the door of the cabin. “Oh yes and I saw a lightsaber hanging from a belt. I am sure it’s Nejaa.”

    Obi-Wan followed her and began to smile when he entered with her the farmhouse.

    A can with mujaa-juice, six plates and cups were on the table.
    The smell of fresh baked bread was coming from a basket.
    Caf was brewing.
    One well known man was sitting at the table buttering a bread-roll.

    “Good morning,” Nejaa Halcyon stood up. “You have met Rostek Horn and my colleague is...”

    “Steve Magaron,” a handsome looking young man came from the kitchen with the caf and put the can down on the table before giving a hand to Obi-Wan.
    He was followed by Rostek.

    “Obi-Wan Kenobi,” Obi-Wan shook hands.

    “Siri Tachi,” Siri shook hands and feeling a strong presence in the Force she asked “hey nice youngling, are you a Corellian Jedi?”

    “Nn no, I am not a,” Steve coloured.

    “Don’t tease him Siri,” Obi-Wan interrupted. “He may be a student.” He sat down and poured caf in a cup.

    Rostek Horn began to laugh and gave a wink with his left eye seen only by Steve.

    “I was asked by my former student to help arranging a nice stay for two Jedi from Coruscant,” Steve said.

    “And his former student was asked by me,” Nejaa sat down.

    “He was your teacher,” Siri shook her head eyeing Steve and Rostek.

    “He was,” Rostek smiled. “37 years ago he became my mentor and less than a year later I graduated from the CorSec academy. We can tell you stories but let’s have breakfast first.”

    “If we have the time for that,” Obi-Wan sipped from his caf, grabbed a bread-roll and began to butter it.

    Siri was about to do the same when her comlink began to beep. She took a bread-roll and ran to the door. “Trouble Kenobi, we are expected in the war-room as soon as possible.”

    Bread-roll in his hand Obi-Wan hurried after her.

    - - -

    Three friends had given the two Jedi an evening and night to remember forever.
    They were in the office of Nejaa, 19 days after meeting the two Jedi.
    Nejaa Halcyon had received a message from Yoda. He had told him that Siri Tachi had died on Azure.
    Steve – sensing the distress from Nejaa – had sped to his office and was followed by Rostek.
    Three men were silent, grieving for Siri.

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    Touching and loving use of the song =D= Poignant timing there of the getaway to what happens after @};-
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