Saga - OT Seeker (Maul| Poetry)

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    Jul 31, 2014
    Title: Seeker
    Author: Ewok Poet
    Genre: Poem
    Characters: Maul
    Timeframe: 2 BBY
    Rating: G
    Length: One-shot
    Summary: An elegy, sort of.

    A/N: I wanted to challenge myself and write a poem about the character I disliked - Maul. Since he died in Rebels, that was a good opportunity. And writing it, I realised many things about him and how carp it was all right from the start for him and how he could not have turned out differently - which is true for most Force-sensitive Star Wars villains. I am NOT pardoning him by any means, just wanted to approach things from a different POV.


    A desperate seeker,
    Never found what you wanted,
    Never found the way to look
    For it
    Destroying lives.

    A desperate failure,
    Never understood the word loved,
    Never found the way to open
    Up to it
    Manipulating your way.

    Save the day,
    You will never save the day,
    Unless you fade away.

    A tragic play,
    Your life is nothing but an
    Agony of a tragic play.

    A cold-blooded killer,
    Learned to be ruled and then,
    Learned it felt better to rule
    On own terms,
    For more,
    Blood on your hands.

    Yes you were blinded,
    No feet - no ground, whatsoever,
    No feet - no spirits, now or ever,
    Walk in cold
    Air of hate,
    No pressure on shins.

    Save the day,
    You will never save the day,
    Unless you fade away.

    A tragic play,
    Your life is nothing but an
    Agony of a tragic play.

    Time for you to leave this plane.

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    May 15, 2005
    I've not been watching Rebels, but I loved this poem. :)
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    Mar 18, 2008
    Very well-written piece, EP. Maul's origin was tragic - and reinforces that for all his zippy snark, Sidious really is through-and-through evil [face_worried] - but Maul left behind any hope of sympathy a long time ago, to be sure.
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    Please write more poems about characters that you do not like, because they turn out to be beautiful and a wonderful character portrait.

    I happen to have watched that particular episode... :_|... and you do him justice.

    And poems are so gorgeously short and can be read over and over again, revealing new aspects to the reader.
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    Thank you, fellow poet. :)

    That is precisely how I see him - perfect description.

    I don't think he's necessarily hateable, just impossible to redeem, even when his childhood struggles are counted. Some villains are impossible to have sympathy for. But I am going to try and write more about negative characters if you like, though I must admit that I don't quite get why you always redeem them/want them redeemed. Care to elaborate? :) I'm curious.
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    Glad to become acquainted with this at last; I'd been avoiding it for a while because it took me so long to catch up with Rebels season 3, but I have caught up now—so I know exactly what episode and what moment this is about. I never liked Maul much either (as in, he's good as a villain but completely unlikeable as a character), and this poem is definitely true to this character's Rebels portrayal—in a few words you manage to capture his hypocrisy, manipulativeness, cold-bloodedness, and utter lack of concern for anyone beyond himself.

    I think this part especially stands out for me:

    This basically sums him up. As we see in those fateful last couple episodes of S2, he's definitely questing for something, some kind of truth, some kind of answer—but there, in "Twin Suns," and in between we see that he is basically unable to accomplish that quest without manipulating people, and ultimately hurting them a great deal. It's a habit he's gotten into early and can never get out of no matter how hard he tries (not that he every does try).

    Brava on this brief but penetrating character portrait! =D=
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