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  1. DarthBreezy

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    Jun 4, 2002
    This is NOT ment to be a rehash of the forum standards, they are what they are and all is right with the world. Any attempt to redirect the topic into that direction will result in either a) a request to edit or b) I will ask the topic to be locked.

    That out of the way, since this is my primary genere', I'd like to know how fellow writers handel the idea of 'love scenes' (if you write them). How do you express characters 'in love' and showing affection? Basicly... the differance between writing nice romantic scenes and just plain kissy kissy 'mush' (which can be a good thing in small doses!). Who do you write and why?


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    Do you have a favorite 'Love scene'?
    Post a Short exert... It can be yours or someone elses...

  2. Aftermath

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    Oct 18, 2001
    Good idea, DarthBreezy. I've been working on a master outline for my fanfic and suddenly realized there's going to be a whole lot more romance than I originally thought. Unfortunately I'm horrible at writing such stuff. Maybe I'll get to learn from the masters here.

    AERYN_SUN Jedi Knight star 5

    Apr 1, 2001
    in the past, when i have written romances, when a love scene is called for, i write two versions. the postable version and the pm version. both still go into the sex act but one is less descriptive than the other.

    if anyone wants to read the pm version, they'll let me know and when it comes time to post, i post the original, shortened version and pm those people who want to read the extended version.

    also, when you write, you have a general idea where the cut-off is. when that happens, i just use the (...) method.

  4. PadmeLeiaJaina

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    May 23, 2002
    Humm interesting question, DB. I personally believe you can write 2 characters being in love w/o having to go into explicit details in the actual act of lovemaking. Less said is often better.

    My readers call me the Queen of Mush [face_love] I don't write it all of the time though- I do agree that would be boring and pointless. I usually use it as a reward to my readers for dealing w/ long periods of story setup and angst.

    The absolute best way to get mush- or romance right is to really know your characters and how they will react in situations. If you've built up a lot of sexual tension between two characters, you need to make sure to include what each is feeling when they finally do kiss for the first time in order for your readers to really appreciate the moment.

    I have a ton of examples I can use, since my stories have all of my main characters hooking up w/ someone :p

    But for now, I guess I'll just include this scene from Destinies Entwined, although it's rather intensely mushy- I think the scene really shows how these two characters are really in love with each other :)

    Set up, Marxx and Jaina are the couple here and through a strange ability to leap through the Force, Marxx almost died. He's now recovered and Jaina is visiting him at the medic center...

    ...?Even though the healers have given you a clean bill of health, I think I need to thoroughly examine you myself, to make sure your nerves are healed,? Jaina said, raising an eyebrow.

    Marxx quizzically stared at her and asked, ?What did you have in mind M?lady??

    Jaina responded by mercilessly tickling his bare sides and stomach. Marxx issued out peels of joyous laughter as Jaina?s tears vanished from her eyes, to be replaced by devilish merriment as she laughed. Jaina?s hair fell out of her twists and spiraled into brown drifts down her shoulders and onto Marxx?s bare skin; tickling his chest further. His laughter intensified. Marxx somehow managed to reclaim and still her hands and save his aching sides from laughter. Breathlessly he said, ?My stars, I love you woman. I never feel more alive then when I?m with you.?

    Jaina broke free of his grasp. She bit her lip, eyes twinkled, and seductively traced the muscled outlines on his chest with her fingers, and through the few soft drifts of dark hair that lined his chest. Softly she kissed his stomach just above his pants line. Her lips trailed slowly up to his chest, and she heard Marxx let out a deep sighing moan.

    ?Ummmm? you?re right, feels all human and alive to me? I?d better check up here,? Jaina said eyes alit with delight. She thrust her hair back over her shoulders, straddling his body and kissed her way past his pectorals and up to his neck. Her lips and tongue explored the gentle curves in his neck, tasting the lightest hint of salt. Now the spasms surging through Marxx were from pleasure, not pain. He placed his hands on her shapely hips and laughed lightly as Jaina moved up to his chin and gently bit on it. Marxx twisted himself over and pinned Jaina to the bed. Marxx traced the floral pattern on her tunic with his fingers, starting from her stomach, over her ample breast and up to her neckline. Jaina felt pleasurable shivers run through her body as she enjoyed his closeness. Marxx nuzzled her neck, earning a slight gasp from Jaina?s lips. He then kissed his way up to her ear that he nibbled. Giggling, Jaina?s right hand danced across his chest then moved around his back, then she turned his face back towards hers. Their eyes met and then lips joined and locked into a deep probing kiss. Their legs twisted and entwined together as they kissed each other passionately, enjoying the reality of their youthful existence and love.

    Jaina pulled away from him, and glanced at his dark curly bangs. She then mapped a finger over his deep red, throbbing full lips from which quickened breaths escaped. ?I love you, Marxx Racees. You are my life.? Jaina grabbed his lips once more with hers, then sat up and vaulted off of the bed, no longer trusting herself to not give into h
  5. Chocos_Ramabotti

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    May 9, 2001
    That's pretty good, PLJ :). Although it is indeed quite mushy :p. But that's not tragic ^_^.

    Hmm...I wonder if you'll allow me to post a Non-SW-Piece? :p
    You know, I kinda wanna do a little love story about a couple in an anime series I quite like at the moment. They're Kaji Ryouji and Katsuragi Misato (family name first, as is Japanese tradition) from the well-known series Neon Genesis Evangelion :).
  6. LadyMairead

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    May 20, 2002
    Ah DB, I am glad that you posted this topic. ;) I have major issues writing mush. It just makes me sort of uncomfortable to write, and I hate doing it.

    The thing is, I'm not conservative when it comes to mush/smut/love scenes in fics at all. There are plenty of NC-17 and/or slash fics that I think are superb, and love to read. It just depends on how the physical interaction is written. If it's well-done, it makes you tingle as you read it. I, unfortunately, can't seem to convey that kind of vividness without making it seem cheesy or redundant.

    I suppose that's one of my major problems with mush in fanfic: It tends to become redundant. In many fics that I've read, I have the urge to skim the mush, because I feel like I've seen it all before. And many times, it doesn't contribute in any significant manner to character development. Hence my aversion to mush.

    All of my readers laugh at me when I write mush, because I always put a disclaimer at the end to say that they forced me to write it and I can't be held responsible for its content. :p I think mush is best done when it is done briefly, but I still have a hard time writing it. Any suggestions?

  7. PadmeLeiaJaina

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    May 23, 2002
    I agree that the heart of the mush sections should be relatively short in the chapter. Chapter and chapter of mush can get tedious.

    I usually find that the scenes work best if you add in humor to the situation. If you have 2 characters who are falling all over each other in front of innocent (and nauseated) bystanders- have the onlookers make rude comments to break them up. I had a pair of newlyweds falling all over each other- only to constantly be harrassed by siblings to cut it out. Or have something humorous happen to hault things from going too far between the couple.

    If it's something you're really building up to- painting the perfect kiss can be enough w/o launching into the realm of Harlequin non-sense.

    For me personally, I don't mind writing mush. Mostly because I adore my characters so much I want them to enjoy themselves in my story :p But- usually they don't get much time to only hang out together. Sometimes the best mush- can be very simple, a certain look, or a caress, or an embrace. Conveying emotions in a lot of ways is harder to write, but is ultimately more rewarding for showing how two characters truly love each other.

    Wanders off to look for an example...

    OK here's a chappie I wrote w/o any kissing, as the characters are just friends, however Sexual tension is permeating in the room.

    Tenel Ka's right hand fingers unconsciously played with a gold chain that circled her tanned neck. The firelight enhanced hair color, setting it ablaze in its copper brilliance. She wore a simple, long, sleeveless, taupe gown. It's collar scooped down her chest. Around her waist hung a single gold chain belt that ended with two dazzling red firestones that twinkled in the firelight. For as long as Anakin could remember, he?d always seen her legs in her short Dathomir warrior armor. Yet he could not control his wandering eye as it fell upon the skirt of her dress that hugged her legs and slit dangerously high up her left leg, revealing her tantalizingly bare, muscular leg. He could smell her floral perfume from across the room. Drawn to its scent and the woman wearing it, he silently crept behind the Princess and stared out at the ocean over her shoulder. His heart pounded wildly in rhythm with the crashing waves beyond.

    In the reflection of the window Tenel Ka watched Anakin enter the room. His eyes briefly took in the splendor of the room, but they affixed themselves entirely in the direction of the Hapan Princess. Her fingers grew clammy as they nervously tugged on her chain necklace under his scrutinizing stare. From the doorway, Anakin?s large form shut out most of the light from the hallway. Even in the window she could see the blue of his honest eyes. Her heart quickened as he approached her from behind. Instantly, his heat radiated from his large body on her back. She felt deliciously naked in her flimsy gown. For some reason she could not explain, she wanted to appear gorgeous for the younger Solo brother. Judging by the expression on Anakin?s face upon seeing her, Tenel Ka believed she?d accomplished her goal in spades. Tenel Ka?s head swam as her nose filled with the light musk scent of Anakin?s aftershave lotion. She heard him deeply breathe in, smelling her own perfume.

    "What is happening to me? I have known Anakin forever, why am I behaving this way?" Tenel Ka thought as her vision slightly blurred and her heart raced. Without realizing it, she gently leaned back against Anakin?s broad chest, her head rested on his pectorals as he towered behind her smaller frame. Smiling, Anakin encircled his arms around his friend?s waist protectively, slightly stooped, lowering his chin onto the top of her head. Together they stared out the window as the brilliant sun set. Tenel Ka lightly stroked Anakin?s hand and he beamed, delighted by her touch. She then shook herself back to reality and extracted herself from Anakin?s embrace.

    ?I am sorry, I should not have done that,? she replied, hand rubbing her forehead as she fought off a dizzy spell.

    Completely befuddled, Anakin asked,
  8. AlrikFassbauer

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    Apr 2, 2003
    I a short story, I tried to imagine what one of the two partners in a romance could feel. I tried to imagine - and wrote it down.

    So far, I have never written a kind of romance from both sides, but only from the view of one person. I didn't have the feeling - for example - I could rightfully imagine what a woman thinks or how she feels - due to principally thoughts.

    I have the opinion that I - as a man - would never be fully able to imagine a woman's point of view. That's just my opinion. And that's why I write any kind of romance principally from the point of view of the male partner (with the exception of clearly visible and clearly understandable reactions).

    I tried to put feelings in words - and that is imho very difficult, because some feelings cannot be expressed in words ("Ah ! The Limitations of earthbound languages !" said the Goddess.).
  9. anakin_girl

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    Oct 8, 2000
    I like love scenes that are sweet and romantic, show the characters' deep affection for each other, without being so syrupy that the readers' dentists all end up being able to buy themselves new BMWs. I also enjoy a good sex scene if it is tastefully done. I don't read much slash because I'm straight and I like to read stories I can relate to, but I have read many heterosexual NC-17 fics that were very well-written and in which you could feel, amid the eroticism, the deep love of the characters.

    Here's one of my favorite romantic scenes, but the thread originator herself, my West Coast half, DarthBreezy :) .

    The Rocker Chair

    Padmé opened her eyes and gasped, speechless. He always had been either tinkering with small electrical parts or shaping small pieces of wood. Always busy with something. She knew that Anakin had many skills, even for a Jedi, but this...

    "Oh... Ani..." she breathed at last. "It's beautiful..." She turned to him, eyes wide. "This is what... where..." She couldn't finish her train of thought. She looked deeply into his sleepy blue eyes, and he smiled.

    "Do you like it?" he asked her quietly.

    Padmé kissed him tenderly. "Oh, Beloved, it's beautiful. How did you get the..." She trailed off, embarrassed.

    Anakin only chuckled softly. "No need to worry, dear heart. Nothing illegal... a few late night requisitions, traded for some other... Okay, perhaps not completely above board but nothing to be too concerned over. Unless you don't want it..." He arched his eyebrows in mock surprise. Padmé lightly poked him in the chest again; this time her touch became a caress as she turned to look at the rocker chair again, taking in all of the intricacies.

    The woods themselves were of different hues, reflecting both their different ages and origins. Everything was placed together in such a way that the overall effect was that of a homey piece, made more for utility as opposed to aesthic purposes. But there was one minor exception. On the back of the chair, a small pair of wings were intricately engraved and inlaid with a pearlesent material, and in Aurebesh the word "Angel" underneath.

    "Sit," he entreated her, leading her over to the rocker.

    "Would it hold both of us?" she whispered, a teasing lilt to her voice, and as if to demonstrate Anakin sat down and pulled her into his lap.

    "Satisfied?" he nuzzled her ear and chuckled again. Slowly but surely, with Padmé securely in his lap, he began to rock. She put her arms around his neck and sighed contentedly. Anakin supported her back with one arm, keeping the other on the side of the chair, and after a moment he began to sing very softly.

  10. DarthBreezy

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    Jun 4, 2002
    More funny than sexual... the infamous Anakin skywalker diaries by AG herself...

    The narrow beds of Jedi space cruisers were not necessarily the ideal places to make love -- probably because like everything else that brings joy to life, sex was forbidden by the Jedi Code (actually, I think Master Yoda forbade it years ago when he realized he was never going to get laid) -- but Padme and I have always made the best of it by saying that we had a better chance to snuggle this way and we kept each other warm.

    Now we lay entwined together under the blankets, basking in the afterglow. "What are you thinking about?" I asked her.

    "About how thankful I am that my world is at peace and that I can leave everything with Sabe and go off for a couple of weeks," she said. "What about you?"

    "I have to admit I'm not quite that deep right now. I'm just wondering what a gorgeous woman like you is doing with a guy like me," I said.

    She kissed me. "I don't know," she said, "maybe because you're sexy. Maybe because you can use the Force to know what I'm thinking -- when I let you. Maybe because you can fix anything mechanical in an hour when it would take someone else two weeks. Or maybe because I never stop laughing when I'm around you." She kissed me again. "Or maybe it's because you're better at giving wedgies than anyone in the galaxy."

  11. DarthBreezy

    DarthBreezy Force Ghost star 6

    Jun 4, 2002
    On different POV....
    A little self promo.. from Freefall:


    Padmé. She had been briefly admitted to the Healers Ward to tend to the wounds from the Nexu, but as soon as she had been able, she had insisted on assisting the beleaguered Healers. He knew that it was, at least in part, an excuse to be near him but her innate kindness and need to serve were so ingrained into her very being that she would have insisted on being there in any circumstance. He stroked the top of her head with his real hand, savoring the sensation of her hair against his fingertips. The very nearness of her was almost too much to bear, and although it was now his very right to touch her, he found himself almost? No. Right now, but for the very real need to get up and relieve himself, he would have been content just to lie here next to her and watch her sleep.

    Sighing, Anakin disentangled his long legs from Padmé?s (who had immediately wrapped her ankles around his the moment she had resettled.) and got out of bed. Out of comfort rather than any false sense of modesty, he picked up the silky robe that had been flung haphazardly over the chair the night before. As he had done with her hair only moments before, he lightly traced his fingers over the veil of her wedding dress before making his way to the fresher.

    As he came out, he paused again, just to take in the vision of? her. She lay there, blissfully unaware, with one arm cuddling her pillow close, the other tucked under her head. Her hair was a tousled mess, so unlike her normal stately bearing yet he found this much more alluring. Once again he found himself questioning how or what he had done to deserve the love of this woman. His Angel?

    And Padme:

    Snuggling closer to him, she realized that they HAD made a fresh start? together. As husband and wife, they had shared the mutual joy of expressing physical love for the first time last night. The first time. For both of them.

    Once the decision had been made to formalize their commitment, she had tried to disguise her nervousness (to be truthful, outright fear) with humor. After all, the Jedi Order was no stranger to casual intimacy, why should Anakin be any different? She should have realized that in this, as in many things, Anakin was different from the average Jedi.

    ?I hope I can live up to expectations? ? she had teased him from the safety of his (fully dressed) embrace. ?After all, our marriage bed? it?ll be my first??

    ?Mine too,? he said softly. His eyes were closed and he began lightly caressing her cheek. ?My mom told me that even as a slave, my body? given freely? was really the only thing I really owned. ? He sighed. ?Never wanted to share it with anyone else??

    They lay together in a comfortable silence until Anakin had succumbed to his pain medication. The Healers had only released him on the condition that he would sleep through most of the journey, and Anakin had reluctantly agreed. However, once they had been planet bound, Anakin would only accept the draught on the condition that Padmé would stay with him. He needed her; she needed him. It was?it was right.

  12. Princess1

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    Dec 3, 2001

    Great idea breezy!

    Hmmmm, well how I handel love scenes, etc. varies depending upon the characters I am writing. If its Kyp and Jaina, or Ganner and someother character, I will go into more detail then I would say with, Anakin and Tahiri or even Han and Leia.

    The reasons behind this have partly to do with personality of the characters, and partly the ages of the characters. Ganner is a ladies man type, plain and simple, those scenes can get pretty sensual. Kyp and Jaina are also very well, intense characters. Their love scenes, kisses or whatever coresspond to that.

    Han and Leia's change depending upon the time period I am writing in. If its ESB or somewhere around there, theres still alot of unresolved sexual tension, so its obviously more detailed and intense, simply from the tension inherent to the story at that time.

    If, like in the peaice below, its set in the NJO, they've been married a long time, and are quite frankly, getting older. So their feelings for eachother haven't dulled any, but everything is written more warm and mellow, there isen't as much tension in this case because they are so utterly comfortable with eachother.

    As for Anakin and Tahiri, well, their just young, so thats the way I treat them. (I'm actualy closer to their age in real life then any of the characters, funny that I call them 'young' huh? :p)

    Of course Anakin and Padme scenes are more intense and filled with tension as well.

    This is from my story, "The Sacred Silence"


    Han lay back in the bath tub and sighed, running his hands through his hair, scrubbing out the sand.

    After what had happend in the crowd, Leia had hurried them off to a hotel. She was worried, and he couldn't blame her, what had happend had scaird him to.

    He just didn't understand it, one minute he was feeling perfectly normal, just a little tense, and the next he exploded! Compltely losing control.

    He shivered a little at the memory, despite the warmth of the water. He'd acted enraged, turning on innoccent people, for no real reason what so ever. Even he didn't know why.

    In fact, he hardly remembered any of it. He remembered feeling angry, so angry he thought he would burst, and then just bits and peices, flashs. He remembered shouting, being hit by small objects,dust everywhere, terrorified crowds....But it was all in somesort of haze, unclear, unreal, somehow disconnected.

    But then he had been abrubtly brought back to reality, by Leia's shout.

    He'd heard her voice, and had stopped in his tracks. Her expression was shocked, almost frightend. And then he had looked around and seen what he had done.

    He was shocked to.

    So he'd let her lead him away, in a numb haze, what had actualy happend not quite sinking in.

    He was covered in dirt and rotten vegetables people had thrown at him, fithly from head to toe. So Leia had ordered him into the bath, and here he was.

    Even though it haden't sunk in at first, it definitly had now. Leia's stunned expression, which she had carefully controled had said it all. That and the looks on peoples faces as he had left the market. They were scaird of him.

    He'd gotten angry before, but never like that, never losing control, despite the many things in his life time he had done that he regretted, he had never hurt a innoccent person before.

    Until today. What made it worse was he didn't even know why it happend. It made him want to lock himself away, or run away, somewhere where he couldn't hurt anybody.

    There was a knock on the door, pulling him out of his grim thoughts.

    "Han, can I come in?"

    It was Leia.

    "Sure princess." he said, attempting to sound as if nothing was wrong.

    Apparently it didn't work, because Leia came in, a worried expression creasing her brow.

    "Are you alright?"

    "Yea..."he trailed off,so quiet she barely heard him,"I hope."

    But she did hear him, or at least knew him well enough that she guessed at what she didn't hear.

    She knelt beside the tub. "Han, I don't know what happend today, but whatever it was, i
  13. LadyPadme

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    Sep 26, 2002
    I love reading sensual scenes, and I have no problem with explicit, my only concern is that it be done tastefully to enhance the story rather than be the raison d'etre for the story.

    With that in mind, I find that I love the unresolved sexual tension aspects of stories to be much more fulfilling than actual sex.

    There are some fanfics that I've read off these boards where the sex literally blew my mind away, but it was done tastefully, and still maintained a sense of tension.

    In any case, that's what I read. What I write ends up being much more conservative. While I would love to be able to write the sex, I find myself blushing as I write--I also imagine what would happen if I died suddenly and my family members found that I'd written explicit sexual scenes--I think even dead I'd be embarrassed! :p I can get as far as kissing and caresses--if it gets to actual, explicit sex--I'll have to pass for authors who are bolder and more courageous.

    This is about as far as I can go: (From my fic In Love and War

    Leia watched Han put down his fork as he finished the last of his dessert. Although she had eaten very little of the gourmet dinner produced in the autochef, Han had eaten his fill and had seemingly enjoyed every bite. Their conversation had been easy, although they had only touched on insubstantial topics. Han had been at his most charming, making her laugh?making her remember how it felt to laugh again.

    ?That certainly hit the spot,? Han said, with a smile of satisfaction. He turned to her. ?I think I want some dessert, now.?

    ?You just had some!? Leia exclaimed.

    Han covered her hand in his own, rubbing her slender fingers for a few moments, and then pulled her hand toward him and planted a light kiss on the back. ?I didn?t mean food, sweetheart,? he said, softly.

    Leia felt her breath catch in her throat, and wondered how it was that Han could make her feel so shivery and nervous with such a simple gesture. What was there to be nervous about? This was Han, after all. Maybe it was just that it had been so long. For over a year, she had thought about him, dreamed about him, waited for him?waited for this moment to arrive. Now that they were together again, at last, she suddenly started to worry?so many things had happened in the intervening year; Rydor?s birth, Leia becoming a Jedi, her discoveries about her family. She had changed so much?was there still enough of the old Leia left? Could they recapture the passion that they had shared the last time they were together?

    Then, as Han started trailing little nibbling kisses up her arm, with a very wicked grin on his face, Leia felt as though little fires were being set off under her skin, and she realized with a quickening of her heartbeat that she had been a fool. No matter what happened or how much she had changed, she knew with a breathless certainty that she would always feel this same passion and love for Han as long as there was still breath left in her body.

    Finally, Han?s lips sought hers. ?Princess,? he murmured.

    ?I thought you said you?d stop calling me that,? Leia said, although she didn?t mind it when he used that husky tone of voice.

    ?You?ll always be a princess to me, sweetheart,? Han said, softly, next to her ear.

    ?Han?? Leia began, hesitantly. She suddenly wanted to tell him about Rydor, although she was finding it very hard to think when she could feel his breath caressing the back of her neck.

    ?Umm?? Han murmured, trailing kisses along her neck

    Leia hesitated. She twisted slightly to see Han better, but he playfully turned away, still concentrating on Leia?s neck. Leia gave up with a slow sigh. Now was not the time. She gave herself up to Han?s lovemaking, gasping from the sensations he was bringing out of her. He pulled her up with him off the lounge sofa, and then held her in his arms as he kissed her. But this was no soft, gentle kiss. This kiss was hard, passionate, claiming.

    A shudder passed through Leia?s body at the touch of Han?s lips on hers. This was wonderful?this felt so right. Th
  14. Herman Snerd

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    Oct 31, 1999
    When my characters start behaving in a non-PG manner I usually wimp out and the fic goes to commercial for a while until everybody is fully dressed again. [face_mischief]
  15. DarthBreezy

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    Jun 4, 2002

    Mine would go to a comercial for birth control I think... :p
  16. anakin_girl

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    Oct 8, 2000
    Mine has its readers begging for no commercial interruption... [face_mischief]
  17. Princess1

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    Dec 3, 2001
    lol, if I did that I'd have to be on commericals pretty often, and my readers would be mad! :p
  18. Chocos_Ramabotti

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    May 9, 2001 I'm just being ignored? Strange. You could've just said "no", you know? :p (<- that is not meant to be offending, in case it comes across that way :)) Ah well, still have to write the stuff any way :p. 'Sides, I'm only fifteen and nooo good at writing...still can't resist sometimes though :p.

    AERYN_SUN Jedi Knight star 5

    Apr 1, 2001
    While I would love to be able to write the sex, I find myself blushing as I write--I also imagine what would happen if I died suddenly and my family members found that I'd written explicit sexual scenes--I think even dead I'd be embarrassed!

    i used to feel the same way, ladypadme. whenever there was a fic tha called for me to write an explicit scene, i'd always do it when my dad wasn't in the office or anyone else in my house for that matter.

    if someone's there, looking over my shoulder all the time, i can't accomplish what i need to do.

    i've never blush whenenever i write anything like that, but i would grin a lot :D

  20. LadyMairead

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    May 20, 2002
    [face_laugh] @ Herman_Snerd. I feel the same way...

    I tend to avoid mushy scenes altogether. I'm not a big advocate for elaborate declarations of love. My characters tend to be very angsty, reticent, and altogether uncommunacative regarding their feelings. They are a tortured bunch. ;)

  21. DarthBreezy

    DarthBreezy Force Ghost star 6

    Jun 4, 2002
    I don't think anything I've ever written could be classified as 'explicit' per say...
    (Although in one 'PM' chapter of a story I did have one person indulge in a bit of shall we call it 'fondeling with intent', so to speak, but it was discribed in sensation more than the actual act...)
    I don't care for 'hard core tab A into slot B' discription over all. I don't want an anatomy lesson, but discriptive lovemaking CAN be handeled right and tastefully if you're carefull. There are some words that will make me burst out laughing if I see them, especially the more colourful ajectives for the male anatomy and blow by blow descriptions of the act itself... It reads less like an act of love and more like bad porn. Lovemaking should be just that... not a science experiment... :p
  22. Elven_Jedi_Maiden

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    Apr 7, 2003
    Explicit sex scenes make me uncomfortable. In my own writing, I tend to stay away from anything beyond a bit of passionate kissing here and there, or rather, anything my mother would be horrified by if she happened to read it. 8-} If my characters have to sleep together to advance the story in some way, I'll just allude to it in some subtle way. It's hard though; romance is fun to write, but it's definitely not my gift...
  23. anakin_girl

    anakin_girl Jedi Knight star 6

    Oct 8, 2000
    I also imagine what would happen if I died suddenly and my family members found that I'd written explicit sexual scenes--I think even dead I'd be embarrassed!

    Nobody in my family would be surprised. They'd just roll their eyes..."There she goes again." :p

    I've written maybe four or five sexually explicit pieces, most of them involving Anakin and Padme, although one was an original character piece. NC-17 can be tastefully depends on your purpose in writing it. Do you want to show your characters making love, or do you want to show them just having no-attachments sex? Or even back-alley trashy sex? There are several different kinds of sexually explicit pieces, and depending on the purpose of the sex in the story, some are "raunchier" than others.

    AERYN_SUN Jedi Knight star 5

    Apr 1, 2001
    i agree, anakins-girl.

  25. katha

    katha Jedi Master star 2

    Jan 30, 2002
    In a rough first draft of scenes for my OC story I had a lot of sexual tension between two characters.. I was going to have them get together later on but then I started dating a guy who RPed too (now engaged to him :))so I changed those scenes and the guy became more of a jedi mentor than a potential love.

    If I can find the scene maybe I'll post a bit of it :)

    Anyway, my point was I prefer sexual tension and subtle inuendos to explicit scenes. My favorite SW relationships are that of Han and Leia in ESB and Corran and Mirax in the X-wing novels (esp. books 1 and 2)
    I draw inspiration from both of those couples.
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