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Beyond - Legends Shadows of a Past Long Forgotten (NJO- post Rebirth, tagged, Completed 12\30\02, *sniff*)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by padawan lunetta, Aug 15, 2001.

  1. padawan lunetta

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    May 15, 1999
    Well I FINALLY got enough of this for posting. There will be a post for Galaxy later tonight (So dont worry ;)) This story is kind of a rewrite of my first fanfic, Remnants of the Jedi. Basically I stole a certain idea from myself. :) Beyond that, the stories are very different. The story will begin in Episode 3 time, then shoot ahead 40 some odd years, to post Vong time. Anywho, on with the story!

    Disclaimer: No recognizeable characters are mine, Star Wars is not mine, I am doing this for fun and not profit.

    Summary: After defeating the Vong, the New Republic is beginning to pick up the pieces and restore peace throughout the Galaxy. The Jedi however, have stayed divided. Two orders are being formed, Luke Skywalker's and Kyp Durron's. So far Luke's is the favored of the two, until Kyp discovered some hidden Jedi secrets that gives him the upper hand, though he has no understanding of this new found knowledge. Corran Horn takes on an apprentice with a mysterious past, which could be the key to Kyp's downfall. Meanwhile Naboo is secretly investigating the New Republic, as a hidden threat stalks the Jedi.

    Rating: PG-13, for violence

    Special Thanks to: Rebelmommy, my wonderful beta, who keeps me on track, and pushes me to my limits.

    Warning: Beware of misdirection and falling mush ;)

  2. padawan lunetta

    padawan lunetta Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 15, 1999

    Shadows of a Past Long Forgotten

    18 years before A New Hope

    The bright sun of Mantooine sank deep below the mountains, covering the landscape in a blanket of darkness. The small town of Guild was still a bustle of life, aircars and speeder bikes whizzed by a tall, muscular man as he stepped briskly onto an old-fashioned slide walk. He brushed past the busy sentients, and took a deep breath, basking in the glow of their life-force. Life he would gladly take from them, or trap within them for eternity.

    But they would have to wait, for he already had his next victims lined up. He had caughtTwo Jedi this week, on his own homeworld! A gift from the Force, he was sure. His eyelids drooped in the shrouds of his cloak, as he daydreamed of ways to torture and kill his guests. Or, should the credit chip flip the other way, to freeze them forever in life. Allowing a small smile to form on his lips as he rounded a corner, the dark haired man headed down the street towards his home. The house was little more than a small hut, formed of sandstone bricks, and old fashioned doors that had to be opened with the twist of a knob. While his little one room home was the very holo of a humble dwelling, the basement was a different matter entirely.

    Whistling softly to himself, he shuffled across the quaint living room, and headed resolutely towards the basement door. The door opened with a creak, and he stepped onto the metallic stairs, closing the door behind him.

    Lord Sidious would be arriving in the morning, so he'd have to offer up his Jedi sacrifices tonight.


    Deep in the cold confines of the vast horrifying basement, Helaine Trillium lay motionless on her rickety cot, staring up at the gray metallic ceiling for answers to her mind's ceaseless wanderings. Gentle streams of salty tears escaped her soft blue eyes as she wondered what had happened to the Galaxy in the past few months. How could an order that existed for a thousand generations, begin to vanish in the blink of an eye? How could a man of prophecy turn so devastatingly evil?

    How could an innocent- looking gray lizard block the very essence of life?

    The ceiling held no answers, so she rolled over onto her side, her golden brown hair hanging over the side of the cot. She stared at the steel gray wall, wondering if the cell beyond held her Master, Lanelle Caine. The Council had sent them to Mantooine for hiding, and at first it seemed like a safe place. Until her Master left her alone one night, and the madman entered there hotel room, easily taking Helaine.

    But what little mattered now. She and Master Caine were going to be killed by the sociopathic Jedi hunter soon enough. A fresh sob escaped her lips, and she cradled her head in her arms. It was then that she heard footsteps down the hall, slow and precise. Helaine froze, immediately trying to stretch out with her senses, only to hit a cold, hard wall. Sithin lizard. She groaned to herself as the cell door opened, and the footsteps came to a stop. Helaine lay very still, forcing herself to breathe evenly. Maybe if they thought she was asleep, she wouldn't have to face them yet.

    She could feel their eyes burning into her back, causing an almost-itch to form between her shoulder blades. The sensation was maddening, even more so in the silence of the room. One of her assailants took a step forward, his steady breathing reverberating loudly in the silence of the room. A second pair of footsteps entered the room, accompanied by a whispered, "Is she awake, Valdemar?"

    The first assailant took a deep breath. "Perhaps," Valdemar's smooth voice responded. He crossed the cell, to kneel beside her cot. He ever so gently ran his slender fingers through Helaine's brown hair, causing goose bumps to raise up on her arms. "So young," he murmured. "So beautiful." He looked up at his henchman. "Laman, how would you kill her?"

    Laman blinked his hazel eyes. "I..." he gulped. "We don't k
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    May 15, 1999
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    Aug 21, 2000
    Looks interesting. :)
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    Aug 9, 2001
    keep going
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    Jan 12, 2000
    Nope, MsLunettabongerbouncingaroundherbuttactinglikeaSnarfupugluswhile-talkingtocertainpeopleinsouthcarolina!! It's completely horrible! ;)

    Missy, I don't think you should even be allowed to say such phrases as "do you want more story" or "anyone interested?" I think it's kind obvious!! I know I've told you this before, but I'll tell you again that I LOVE your writing!

    This story is looking really awesome and I *know* you have more written so let's see it! :D
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    Feb 5, 2000
    Oooh! Sounds good so far.
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    Oct 31, 1999
    So this is the story you've been yacking about. ;)

    I can't help but wonder whether Helaine's Master would have been killed even if the coin had landed heads down.
  9. padawan lunetta

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    May 15, 1999
    SW1000, Mayo: Thanks :)

    Gimpyinabowlofcornflakessingingtheblues: :p I most certainly am allowed. ;) Thanks for your suppor though. And more story? I mighbt have more written. ;)

    McClain: Thanks for reading! This story's weird for me, I never start out so darkly.

    Hermie: Yacking? I don't know what you're talking about... ;) You REALLY think Master Cain would have been killed anyway?

    I could probably afford to put up a little more of the prologue... maybe
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    May 15, 1999
    Well I am bored... so... here's a little more.

    "It's heads, Helaine," Valdemar whispered into her ear. "You have killed your Master."

    "No!" Helaine screamed, wiggling in his arms. "No!"

    Helaine wrenched herself free only to be thrown to the ground and have her hands cuffed behind her. Her Master was calling to her, but she could not make out the words. Her blood was pounding in her head as she lay it against the cold floor. She had killed her Master. Lanelle had been stern, but Helaine never doubted that she loved her. She was like her mother, her best friend. And given the chance, she had killed her. Logically, she knew it the toss was completely random, and Valdemar had all but forced her to toss it. But with the Force gone, her Master's life on the line, and a burning pain in her back, it was hard to think rationally.

    Valdemar had his hands pressed to her shoulders, keeping her down. Again, he produced the vibroblade, holding it before her eyes. "I like your spirit, Helaine." He stroked her cheek with the vibroblade, like a tender caress that drew blood. "The young are so daring, so courageous." His dark gray eyes bore into hers. "They think themselves indestructible." He paused then continued on in a very soft, gentle voice. "Are you indestructible, Helaine?"

    Helaine stared at him, moisture leaking out of her eyes. She searched his cold gray eyes, trying to figure out how to respond. Very faintly, as if from another world, Lanelle called to her.

    "Padawan, do not listen to him!" Lanelle practically screeched from her chair. "You cannot fear him..." Laman crossed the room to her, roughly covering her mouth with his hand.

    Helaine took a deep breath, trying to calm herself. Lanelle was right, she could not give into fear. But looking into Valdemar's eyes was like facing the Darkside itself and he wasn't even a sith!

    A humorless smile tugged the corners of Valdemar's mouth. "Yes, Helaine, you must not fear me." His gray eyes glittered. "It would go against the Jedi code." He stroked the other side of her face with the vibroblade, delighting in the bright red stream of blood it drew, and the tensing of Helaine's muscles. He lowered his voice to a whisper. "I have my own version of that code, Padawan Helaine." He paused. "Would you like to hear it?"

    A protest lay still on her tongue. She merely stared at him, or rather beyond him, trying to envision a place of warmth, of comfort, anything but this cold prison.

    Valdemar touched the vibroblade to her ear. "Answer me, Helaine, before you loose the ability to listen."

    Helaine shuddered, offering him the faintest hint of a nod.

    "Very good." Valdemar withdrew the blade, still keeping it in Helaine's line of vision. "There is no peace, there is panic. There is no knowledge, there is ignorance. There is no serenity, there is fear. There is no Force, there is only death." He studied her, his lips twisting into a cruel smile. "How do you like it?"

    Helaine glared at him. "It is wrong, you have it backwards."

    "Oh?" Valdemar taunted, raising an eyebrow. "Tell me, Helaine. Can you feel the Force now?"

    "No," Helaine winced. "You blocked me from it"

    "That's right," Valdemar said softly. "I did. You know why I can do that?"

    Helaine shook her head, more afraid of refusing to answer, than of giving him what he wanted.

    He leaned his head close to hers, until his lips brushed her ear. He lowered his voice to a barely audible whisper. "The Force fears me."

    (If you are reading, please drop a line. :))

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    Aug 21, 2000
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    Oct 31, 1999
    *Herman stumbles around for a while looking for the line he dropped.*
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    May 15, 1999
    *trips Herman* Muahahaha ;)
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    Aug 9, 2001
    more please.*is now on knees hands folded in begging position*I'll only stop if you post soon.
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    May 15, 1999
    Alright, this is for you Mayo! :) This last part ends the prologue.

    He leaned his head close to hers, until his lips brushed her ear. He lowered his voice to a barely audible whisper. "The Force fears me."

    The words hit her like a knife in the stomach, raising a chill up her spine. Not only were they horrible, they were blasphemous. She glared at him, wiggling her hands in the binders. "It does not!"

    Valdemar swept the chip into his hand and rose to his feet, laughing maliciously . He looked down at her. "Now to tend to your Master." He beckoned Laman away from Lanelle, giving him directions. "See if you can hold the apprentice still."

    "No!" Helaine struggled to her feet as Laman hurried over to her.

    Valdemar watched in amusement as Laman caught Helaine in his arms, trying his best to hold her still. He stepped over to the pair, holding the vibroblade to her throat. "Please hold still, my dear." He pressed his hand to her cheek. "Save the struggling for me."

    Helaine shuddered, turning her face away. "Master!" She caught sight of Lanelle, her lips quivering. "I'm sorry!"

    Lanelle gave her a level gaze. "For what? I do not hold you responsible. Don't ever think I do!" Her face softened. "Stay strong, Helaine. This will all be over soon."

    We'll be dead soon. Helaine thought bitterly to herself. But they were both blocked to the Force. If they die like that, how could they become one with it? Helaine nodded to Lanelle, not wanting to voice her fear. Valdemar would love to hear it.

    "Your padawan seems doubtful," Valdemar commented, approaching Lanelle's chair. "As she should." He folded his arms. "What happens when a Jedi dies, without having contact with the Force?"

    Lanelle looked up to meet Valdemar's eyes. "They become one with the Force. Just because I cannot touch it, does not mean it is not there. It is always there." She looked pointedly at Helaine.

    "How can you know that for sure?" Valdemar's lips twisted into a sneer. "Did the Force tell you?"

    Lanelle met his gaze calmly. "You cannot taunt me."

    "Of course, I can't," Valdemar said smoothly, clasping his hands behind his back. "You are the Master, so therefore infallible. Because nothing shakes a Jedi Master." He looked at her sideways. "Not even the possible death of her beloved Padawan." He unclasped his hands and tossed the chip, catching it in one hand. "Shall we see how she fares?"

    He pressed the chip into her hand. Sighing, Lanelle tossed it. The coin fell to the ground tails up. Valdemar looked down at it, then looked across the room to Helaine. "Tails, the apprentice lives."
    He smirked. "So the Padawan kills the Master, and the Master saves the Padawan. Interesting."

    "What kind of life is hibernation?" Lanelle questioned rhetorically. "No, I would not wish that on Helaine."

    Valdemar shrugged. "Let us not forget who tossed the chip. Laman, place her in the chamber."

    Laman dragged Helaine towards a pit in the far end of the room, surrounded by computers and full of wires. Laman prodded her on top of it, as a growing fear dropped Helaine's stomach. She was going to be frozen? For how long? She looked at Valdemar, wondering what was up his sleeve.

    Valdemar dug into his robes once more, producing the handle of a lightsaber. With a snap-hiss, a purplish blade sparked to life. It was her lightsaber. "You recognize this, Helaine?"

    Helaine bit her lip, nodding. "It is my lightsaber."

    "Yes," Valdemar stroked the handle with his thumb. "Built by your own hands, for your own defense and protection of others." Valdemar pointed the blade at Lanelle. "Including your own Master." He paused. "How ironic is it that the apprentice's blade kills the Master?"

    "But her hand does not wield it." Lanelle said stoically. "Helaine, this is in no way your fault, do not listen to him. Always remember I love you..." She winced as Valdemar touched the blade
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    Thank You*gives sweet smile*
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    Aug 9, 2001
    Thank You *gives sweet smile*loved it
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    Oct 15, 2000
    This looks good! You've got my interest.

    So I'm wondering who will unfreeze Helaine and any others that might still be alive?

    Looking forward to the L&M&B part!
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    luney I love this story. Now I know you have a lot more writen, :\ so please post it. Can't wait for more.
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    Wow! Those two parts were awesome! Great job again, Sp...Lunetta! ( I couldnt help my self)
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    Wonderful series of posts there Your Lunettaness!!!!!!!!!!! :) Dear old Val is such a nice guy! ;)

    Hmmmmmm..... I wonder just who will find Helaine????? :p Looking forward to more, woman!!
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    That was awesome, Lunetta!!!
    I cannot wait for the next post. (But I suppose I will since I don't really have a choice... ;) )
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    lunetta, I cannot believe it took me this long to find your story. I had heard you talking about it but I didn't know you had written it already, until you put the link up in the other forum!

    I am glad I did, because this is great! Dark... but Lukie and Mara and little Ben will cast some light to it!

    Great story and writing! Cannot wait for more!
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    Nov 2, 1999
    Oooh, interesting new story. But sad. :(
  25. padawan lunetta

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    May 15, 1999

    Mayo_Solo: You're welcome, and thanks for the reply!

    Padawan_Di-Lee:I'm honored it caught your interest :) As to who will awaken Heliane... we shall see. ;) I am posting the L&B&M now :D (mush alert... ;))

    Jedi_Borme:Thanks Bormster! And what do you mean I have lots more? *whistles*

    Darth McClain:Thank you! I don't get the sp...Luney?

    jedi_master_gimpy: Yes, Val is a perfet gentlemen. ;) Who says Helaine wakes up, Girlie? ;)

    princess-sari: Wait no longer, I haveth a post! ;) Glad you like it, thanks :D

    Jaded Skywalker:I'm glad you found this too! ;) Yes it is dark... but it wouldn't be a fanfic of mine if there weren't light parts in it. (Which of course is coming up :))

    Rebecca191: Thanks Becca! Yes, it is sad, but it gets happier.. than probably sad.. happy.. sad ;)

    Now for Daddy Lukie and Moma Mara ;)

    Chapter One
    47 Years Later
    Imperial City, Coruscant

    Luke Skywalker leaned his head against his apartment's bay window, silently watching the always bustling traffic of Imperial City down below, lost in thought. Just five months ago the Vong had retreated to their home galaxy. And ten months ago, Kyp had left the Jedi with a third of Luke's knights following. He wanted to wage his own war against the Vong, wielding the Force in the way he thought was best. Unfortunately, his arguments were very persuasive and seductive to those who had been the most hurt by the Vong.

    What made it worse was the fact that after Kyp and his third had left, the turning point in the war had happened at Corellia - the New Republic won its first major battle. So Kyp's tactics appeared fruitful, while Luke's seemed stagnant. Somehow, it didn't matter anymore how aggressive Kyp's followers acted. What mattered to most sentients was that when Kyp split from Luke, the Vong started to fall back.

    It wasn't that the New Republic was completely supportive of Kyp's "Order", but they weren't necessarily against him. It wasn't as if Luke's knights had been idle in the War; the Government recognized and praised their contribution and efforts. But they made sure the public and Kyp Durron knew that they were neutral on the matter.

    Luke wished that he could somehow give the politicians the same understanding of the Force as he had, so that they could see how thin the line Kyp walked on was. If only they knew how dangerous and how seductive the darkside was. To most of the people holding Government positions, the Sith were a threat of the past, a danger more mythical than tangible. Few were alive during the time of Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine. And even if they were old enough to remember either, no one had seen their evil as closely as Luke. No one seemed to know or care how closely Kyp's Order courted the darkside. They saw nothing more than war heroes. It was strange how fast public opinion changed when fear was erased from the equation. And too top it all off, rumor had it Kyp had found more remnants of the old Jedi Order, and was apparently instigating the old ways into his own.
    Luke sighed, banging his head against the window. Sometimes he wished, like Corran and Mara, that Kyp had been dealt with years before, losing his life in hopes of creating some justice for the people of Carida. Had he known then, what he did now... he would have made the same decision. He still felt it was right.

    "Are you alright?" Mara asked, leaning into the living room's door way.

    Luke turned around, a sly smile tugging the corners of his lips. "Isn't that my line?"

    Mara shook her head. " No, you lost all rights to it after Ben was born."

    Luke folded his arms. "That's assuming I ever had rights to it."

    "You didn't." Mara cocked her head towards their bedroom. "Come see what your son has taught himself to do."

    Luke grinned, pride already swelling in his chest. It was an interesting feeling, being a parent. It was fun to watch his son grow,