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    Title: Shattered
    Author: Ceillean
    Characters: Kyp/OC
    Timeframe: /
    Notes: Written for the Celtic Song Challenge. My song was "She moved through the fair". Not sure whether or not I've done the song justice, but this story came to mind when I listened to the song a few times.


    “Are you scared?” Eliziya held Kyp’s hand as they walked through a colorful field of sweet smelling flowers. When he looked at her with an arched brow, he was, as always, taken by her beauty. Still, he groaned at her question and rolled his eyes, knowing that it would annoy her.

    Eliziya playfully slapped his arm. “I’m serious, Kyp.”

    “I’m a Jedi, Liz. Jedi don’t know fear.” He said with mock severity.

    She laughed and threw her arms around him, holding him in a warm and tight embrace. “You don’t have to be scared.”

    “I’m not.”

    “They don’t care who you are.”

    Kyp took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She’d hit a nerve there. He pulled free of their embrace and took her hand again, while leading the way further down a slope towards the river.

    “Everyone cares eventually.”

    “I don’t.” She pulled him to a stop and gently cupped his face with her hands. “And neither will my family. They want me to be happy. And I’ve found happiness with you. That’s all that matters.”


    Whatever the bartender had poured into his glass, it was just the right amount to numb the pain. Kyp knew it would only work for a matter of time, maybe an hour, maybe even less. But it was worth it.

    He kicked his head back and downed the last of his drink, enjoying how the stuff burned its way down his throat. From the corner of his eye, he saw the man he’d been following for the past few days and where best to confront the son of a Sith but here in a crappy bar?

    He paid his tab and moved away from the bar, his hand already resting on the butt of his blaster at his hip. When he approached the table where the man sat, Kyp aimed the weapon at the man’s head. Instantly, Kyp felt fear mixed with lots of surprise. But the stranger pretended to be nonchalant, sitting back as if the world belonged to him while nursing his drink.

    “What do you want?” he asked pointedly.


    The stranger laughed while he held on to his glass with a thick, scarred hand. “You could just ask nicely.”

    “I am asking nicely.” Kyp sat down opposite him, the blaster poised between them. “This is insurance that you’ll tell me what I want to know.”

    “You think a blaster is gonna help you? Kid, I’ve seen worse.”

    Kyp shrugged. “It’s a benefit.” He dropped his free hand into his pocket and threw a small coin across the table. It skidded to a halt right in front of the stranger’s glass. “Tell me where it is.”

    The coin, a collectors’ item for those who enjoyed old ships, showed the crest and name of an old frigate he was searching for. The man passed the coin between long fingers and smiled.

    “Ah. I’ve heard rumors about you. Looking for a museums piece.” He said, placing the coin on its edge on the table. He gave it a little nudge and it spun on its axis. “You’re poking around in things that don’t concern you.”

    “Spare me the lecture.” Kyp released the safety on his blaster. “Where is it?”

    “What’s so important about an outdated frigate?”

    Kyp lifted the blaster and pointed it at the man’s head, merely inches away. His fear was nearly palpable but he didn’t show it. “I’ll ask you one last time. Where is it?”

    He laughed. “You’re a Jedi Master. You won’t murder me in cold blood.”

    Kyp smiled. “I’m Kyp Durron. Check your records.”

    His fear was like a supernova, growing brighter and brighter. The man swallowed. The coin stopped spinning and dropped onto the table.

    “The Oryon system.” He said slowly. “Those who took it, salvaged whatever was salvageable and left it afloat. You’ll find your lost ship there.”

    Since he sensed no falsehood, Kyp put the blaster away and grabbed the coin.

    “You’ll die out there.” The man said with a grin.

    Kyp got up and stared down at him. “I just told you who I am, didn’t I?”

    He turned on his heel and left.


    “It’ll be a wonderful day.” Eliziya said softly. She and Kyp lay side by side in bed, both gazing through the open window. They heard the animals outside in the woods, heard the river nearby and the full moon bathed everything in a silvery light. “I haven’t seen my family in so long. And I hope you’ll like the gown.”

    Kyp chuckled. “You’ll look beautiful, Liz. You’re always beautiful.” He kissed the top of her head.
    “Even in a dirty old sack?”

    “Even in a dirty old sack.”

    “Old, smelly and wrinkly?”

    Kyp laughed. “Yes, love. Even when you’re old, smelly and wrinkly. You’ll always be beautiful. No matter what, you are my Queen.” He lifted her hand to his lips and kissed the tips of her fingers.

    “And you are my King. Forever.”



    He’d borrowed an old freighter large enough for the cargo. When he arrived in the Oryon system, Kyp found the frigate floating dead in space, just like the man had said. There’d been a crew of over 100 people on board. He scanned the ship, no life signs. Either they’d all fled in time before the ship had been hijacked, which was unlikely because there was no evidence of jettisoned escape pods, or they’d all been killed.

    Even from afar, Kyp could see the ship had been torn apart for scraps and parts. He was going to have to suit up.

    He docked the freighter to the frigate, climbed into one of two spacesuits and when the air lock opened, he stepped into a black abyss.

    The first body appeared just a few steps around a corner. The man had died from a blaster shot straight to the chest. There were more bodies the farther he walked along the corridors.

    Whoever had done this, had made sure there wouldn’t be any witnesses.

    His destination was the med bay. A few medical appliances apparently hooked up to a different power unit still worked, which gave him hope that the cargo was still intact. To his left was a closed door with an activation pad embedded in the wall. Slowly, he punched in a string of numbers and the door opened with a quiet hiss.

    The room beyond was small and cold, colder than the rest of the ship. He shone his light around and in the far corner on the floor he recognized the Doctor, slumped forward, a blaster still in her hand. She’d died protecting what was most precious to him.

    He headed towards the stasis pod in the center of the room. He quickly checked the readings and then breathed a sigh of relief. Everything was as it was supposed to be.

    “My Queen.” He whispered, gazing down into the sleeping face of the woman he loved.


    “I need help!” Kyp carried Eliziya in his arms.

    “What happened?” Alaya, the medic and healer, hurried towards him as he entered the medical bay.
    “I don’t know.” He laid Eliziya onto an examination table as gently as he possibly could. “She collapsed.” He pushed a strand of hair from her face and for just a second imagined that she was merely sleeping. But he could sense her fading away.

    Alaya called for one of the nurses, who immediately hooked Eliziya up to medical devices.
    “I need you to step back, Kyp.”Alaya said while she scanned her new patient. Her fingers flew across the small screen and she issued more orders towards the nurse. There was urgency in her voice that scared the hell out of him.

    “What’s wrong with her?”

    Alaya placed a hand on his arm and squeezed as if to reassure him. “I’m going to do all I can to help her, okay?” But the look in her eyes shattered his heart.

    “Alaya, please. What’s wrong with her?”

    “Kyp, I need you to wait outside. I’ll let you –“

    “No!” He balled his hands into fists. The fear for Eliziya was too much to handle. He felt lightheaded, sick to his stomach and…helpless. “Tell me what’s wrong with her.”

    Alaya sighed. “Her organs are shutting down. I don’t know why yet.”


    He backed up and leaned against the wall. He could barely stand upright. Alaya began asking questions, too many questions he didn’t have answers to. There were tests afterwards, so many tests. Hour after hour of waiting and hoping while his heart broke apart piece by piece.

    “We were supposed to be wed in two days.” Kyp whispered when Alaya brought the news that she’d done all she could for Eliziya.

    “I wish there was something…anything...”

    There was a sudden shift in her mood. He felt hope blossoming within her. He didn’t even have a chance to ask what was going on when she ran to the nearest com console.

    Standing beside the exam table, Kyp took Eliziya’s warm hand into his and kissed her forehead.
    “I love you, my Queen.”


    Kyp turned towards Alaya with a frown on his forehead. “What?”

    “I can’t help her now, Kyp. But we can put her in stasis. And once we figure this out, we’ll save her life.” Alaya smiled. “You’ll be married. I’ll make sure of that.”


    No one had expected that the medical frigate would be hijacked on its way from Ossus to Coruscant, where the stasis pod could be properly maintained. The moment Kyp had received word about it, the only thing that had mattered was getting Eliziya back.

    The freighter he’d borrowed was outfitted with all the equipment he would need to transport the stasis pod back and Alaya had given him instructions how to disconnect the pod from the current energy source.

    There was a grav unit underneath the stasis pod so it wouldn’t be a problem getting the pod back to the ship.

    “I’ll get you home, love.” He said quietly, while he got to work.


    Coruscant was definitely a sight to behold. Whenever his travels took him to this amazing planet, Kyp was in awe. He remembered the first time he’d seen it all, back when Han had taken him on a ski trip before his Jedi training had begun. The buildings and the spires, the lights and all the ships, so many beings…everything here was so huge that it was almost frightening.

    “I wish I could give you better news.” Alaya said from behind him.

    Kyp turned away from the window and nodded. He had nothing else to say. All he could do, was wait and hope.

    Eliziya seemed peaceful as she slept within the confines of the stasis pod. So beautiful and peaceful. He closed his eyes and imagined her touch, remembered her laugh, remembered the last kiss before their lives had been turned upside down.

    Without saying another word, Kyp left the medical bay. His next assignments would all be on Coruscant or in the vicinity because he needed to be as close to her as he possibly could.

    So this was his life from now on.

    He would wait.

    As he stepped onto a turbo lift to get to his aircraft, he thought he heard a whisper. And then he felt a little ripple in the Force and he smiled because it was her. He heard Eliziya.

    It will not be long, love. Till our wedding day.

    And Kyp smiled.


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    Kyp lost Jaina to Jag.
    Finally found love
    and now this.

    I better read the lyrics of the song.
    be back
    having read the song.


    Great angsty fic. I like it.
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    Kyp/Liz - how it all began for me, on the journey of loving, absolutely adoring EC/OC romances!!!!! Woot, Ceillean - you still got off the chain game =D= =D= Like I didn't know that. @};- I'll be on the edge of my seat for the next part. [:D]
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    Hurra, du schreibst wieder!

    Jubel, Kreisch, Extase!

    No, seriously. I am sooo happy to see you around with such a wonderful trifle like this. The entire time I was thinking, "Why isn´t C. taking part in the Celtic challenge?" and here you are now, brilliant as ever.

    You are the reason why I learned to appreciate Kyp.

    Of course he comes around with "sad luggage" in this story, but I will try to be a bit hopeful, even if you are going to break my heart in the end, but you will do it most artistically.

    And, a personal note: Ich habe ihr gestern einen Kreidestift bei REAL gekauft und den werde ich in einen Briefumschlag prummeln, um ihn ihr zu schicken! Freut sie sich bestimmt!

    Please be sure to tag me, because I am like a "Sieb" at times. Well, my brain is.
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    I'm not a fan of Kyp, but I did enjoy this story. Eliziya must be a remarkable woman, even though we only got a few glimpses of her. Her confidence, her playfulness, her joyous spirit makes her sudden collapse seem shattering. And there is still a streak of darkness in Kyp; the threats he is willing to make, the damage he is willing to do to find her and win her back. There is some hope at the end, at least.

    Very lovely!
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    I don't know this character or this era well, but you definitely make it clear what kind of character Kyp is here and what his motivations and objectives are (and I too do enjoy a good EC/OC romance! ;) ). The flashbacks to those tender, romantic moments, and to Eliziya's mysterious illness, make for a very effective contrast with the gritty, chancy mission Kyp is on, and I like the way you bring those two sides of the story together very gradually. We see that this whole mission was to recover her, to bring her to a place where her stasis could be properly maintained and where she would have some chance of survival— and then, after all that, to find that that chance is close to nil because of the highjacking of the frigate—just ouch. And to think it all started "not long...till our wedding day"—and I love the way you turn the song's refrain on its head with the implication that Kyp may be waiting, well, forever for Eliziya to recover. :(

    Beautiful contribution to the challenge—thank you so much for taking part, and it's great to have you on board! :)
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    I'm not terribly familiar with the now Legendary EU, but (thanks to that one afternoon I spent/wasted reading the Jedi Academy Trilogy) I do know who Kyp is. So he has finally found happiness with Eliziya--more happiness than he was ever going to get in the EU--and then finds out that he's living in a Celtic ballad. It was bad enough that she was struck down with this mysterious illness the doctor cannot properly diagnosis nor solve; but then, the frigate taking her to Coruscant and the more advanced facilities there is hijacked. The one spark of luck there is that the raiders did not consider her stasis pod worth the salvaging--and I don't have to wonder much what Kyp would have done if he had found it gone.

    Kyp definitely has that dark side to himself that his reputation reflects. He only has to introduce himself to that man at the bar to fully get his point across. And he is willing to use his darker side when he's in a corner, as he is in the bar scene--and then, there's the fact that he can take on this man, while his real "enemy," the disease that struck down Eliziya, is one that he can't take down or even really face.

    I don't know if you are planning to continue this story, but--for me, anyhow--it feels complete as it is. It ends with Eliziya's whispered voice, evidence that she is still inside her sleeping body, repeating that line from the song. Kyp has hope, but it is a dim one, and while he may be resigned to it, it looks as though he may be waiting for Eliziya to return for a very long time.

    Finally, thank you so much for writing this for the challenge!