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Before - Legends Shields, for the springtime meadow of wildflowers & berries challenge

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Shields, for the springtime meadow of wildflowers & berries challenge

    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan

    Time-frame: legends
    Character: OC Tarhin Engaron, Jedi from the high republic; Stellan Gios, Avar Kriss and Elzar Mann
    Genre: short story
    Summary: Tarhin Engaron gets involved in an investigation. Jedi are trouble for him.


    Chapter 1

    'The clouds have a silver lining.' Tarhin Engaron observed when he guided his speeder to a stop in the parking-space to begin his work at Boreas-city police station 1. Careful. He didn't want the box with pastries to become messy.

    He took the box from the passenger-seat and hurried to the entrance.

    “Good morning inspector Engaron”

    “You too Sheila.”

    “Had a nice day?”

    “Yesterday I visited the new exhibition at the museum of modern art but have to come again seeing only half of it because it was rather crowded.”

    “Figures with big city Coruscant and its art-lovers only a four hours trip through hyperspace away. But what's that?”

    “Something to go with your caf.” He placed the box on the counter.

    “Oh my.” Sheila Laverne opened the box to reveal the pastries decorated on the icing with a 5. “You are 5 years on the job. That's sure something to celebrate after your difficulties to apply when you came to my desk and had a meeting with Chief commissioner Gulian.”

    “She sent me 10 years ago to the academy. 5 years of study and excellent grades and here I am, seeing you almost every day with your lovely smile.”

    A blinking light on her console had Sheila Laverne looking down for a moment and getting a big smile on her face. She knew. Tarhin's colleagues were planning something in the interrogation room.

    “What's up?”

    “Get upstairs.”

    “See you,” Tarhin took the box and hurried to the second floor and the office he shared with his colleagues. Entering he saw empty desks. But his sharp ears picked up some shuffling coming from the closed door of the interrogation room. Placing the box on his desk he sat down and waited. 'They are planning a surprise.' And he waited and waited and reflected on his previous job, the one that had given him more knowledge about special operations. Sure he had been a special ops officer in Noranan, his hometown since his birth now more than 253 years ago. 'Graduating from Monir police academy I became an officer in Noranan and moved through the ranks until I was at special ops as a junior. One incident had me deciding to explore the galaxy in the guise of a young human and the first planet was Serindan. Nice people. I could get my grades and had those papers knowing more about special ops work when Boreas was my next destiny. I should have known with Coruscant near that you had to have Republic papers. I had to start anew and...'

    “Engaron, get your gear. We have a situation at the museum of modern art.”


    “I don't see your colleagues. Just you. Come.”

    Tarhin took his blaster from the drawer in his desk and hurried after Chief Gulian, picking up his protection vest when he passed the open door of his office. He had to work with her, not the most preferred work. But with colleagues planning something he had to go. He had heard the giggles and had seen Sheila's smiling face. And he was getting a bad feeling.
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    Wow, another favourite fan fic author of mine goes for the High Republic & composes this treasure here!

    Great job, Bird! =D=
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    Excellent start. =D=
  4. earlybird-obi-wan

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    And he gets in trouble
    using the prompt soft epilogue in the next chapter

    Chapter 2

    During the ride towards the museum Tarhin had told his chief all about his visit. He parked the police-speeder next to a well known van; the one of the coroner. A murder-investigation was nothing new to him. His first one – with Chief Gulian giving her caustic comments – had been that of a wealthy merchant from Coruscant, stabbed to death in his hotel-room.

    “The coroner must be inside.” Chief Gulian observed and put her vest on the seat in the speeder. “No need for this. Follow me.” And she hurried with quick steps to the entrance of the museum.

    Tarhin had a swift look in the reflecting glass of the speeder when he was doffing his protection vest. He saw his face, handsome; bronzed skin with short-cropped brown hair and smiling brown eyes. He placed the vest on his seat in the speeder, hurried after his chief and saw before entering through the great double doors a large red and white craft with a bulbous front descending on the lawn before the museum. A strange round symbol was on the sides of the hyperspace capable craft.

    “Morning chief Gulian, morning inspector Engaron,” an uniformed guard said. “The coroner is busy in the second hall. And the security-cams have revealed who might be the murderer. Some evidence-collecting and this will be an easy case for you. Only one painting is missing but it was the most valuable.”

    “Thank you. It will be a short visit for us.” Chief Gulian turned to Tarhin. “Soon we will be back for the surprise we have planned for you.”

    “And after that the pastries.” Tarhin donned blue synthrubber gloves and followed his chief, recognizing some of the exhibits. “That was the last one I have seen yesterday.”

    Chief Gulian observed the painting. “It is named 'soft epilogue.' What did the artist mean with that?”

    “I don't know. A second visit and going beyond that big piece carved out of wood should have revealed it. It was in the catalog describing the exhibits. I have it at home if you are interested.”

    “Maybe but first this. We don't want the pastries getting old.”

    Passing a very large artwork made out of durasteel and clearplast they saw the coroner kneeling beside the body of a man dressed in a guard-uniform. Blood-spatters were all around the place. Two assistants were busy with the stretcher.

    For Tarhin coming nearer the bad feeling intensified. And it wasn't the victim. Resting against a statue and at the end of a long bloody trail was a red pyramidal object.

    Chief Gulian observed the object, clearly the thing that had been used to kill the man with a big blow to his head. “Inspector Engaron, get that in a bag. With that and the recording of the security-cams catching the murderer will be a piece of pie.”

    'Shields, listen to your engwa eiaala, that's what my teacher told me. Use them when there is something you don't trust.' Tarhin was now sure that the object was evil and put up his shields. He took a clearplast bag from one of his pockets of his uniform and walked to the object.

    “Leave that alone officer.”

    Tarhin turned to see three humans passing the large artwork and coming to where he was headed. They were identically dressed in beige clothes and dark brown boots. A flowing mantle and a belt with a strange object hanging from it completed their outfit. He had never seen the woman and two men before. 'I have felt beings using engwa eiaala to put up shields on Serindian but this; I have to use all I have learned. They are very strong. That woman is listening to the engwa eiaala songs and sharing a strong bond with the man using them as an endless ocean' He came to the object and knelt down. And he folded the clearplast bag around the object, careful to not touch it with his gloved hands and pulled on the string, closing the bag.

    “Thank you officer, I am Jedi-knight Stellan Gios. Give it to me or one of my companions, Jedi-knights Elzar Mann and Avar Kriss.”

    Tarhin held the string in his hands and felt the pressure against his shields increasing. The dark haired Jedi-knight with beard was using his powers. 'This is all I can give. Don't you dare!'

    “Your officer is hiding something.” Stellan Gios turned to chief Gulian.

    She had recognized the three humans as coming from the order of the Jedi-knights. If they were involved, catching the murderer would be very easy. “What? He has been here yesterday to visit the exhibition but no. He has nothing to do with murder.”

    “No, there is no darkness at all in him but he is able to shield. He is resisting me, a trained Jedi-knight. And judging how he is holding that bag by the string only he must have some knowledge about holocrons.”

    “He is a being of light,” Avar Kriss began to listen to the shield put up by the being of a for her unknown race. “No evil at all in him and the holocron must have scared him.”

    Chief Gulian – looking from the three Jedi-knights to her inspector and back to Gios – asked “what are holocrons?”

    “Objects to be studied by us and by us alone,” Avar Kriss said. “We saw the catalog with the pictures of the new exhibition and recognized the holocron immediately and headed this way. The holocron should be given to us. The Force is singing to me and it isn't in harmony. And for you Elzar?”

    “Deep unfathomable oceans, darkness,” Elzar Mann nodded and addressed chief Gulian. “For your officer to resist Jedi-knight Gios and be able to be near the holocron he must be strong in the Force. And I suspect he isn't human at all. He is showing great age and knowledge, quite unusual for one appearing as a young human.”

    “I sense a relationship to Master Fay,” Avar Kriss – now attuned to the shields used by the officer – stated. “She was found on Moniron and brought by Master Yoda to Coruscant.”

    “I remember her.” Elzar Mann said “Master Fay Ere-Dun, she was celebrating her 160th birthday with us in the crèche.”

    “Give the holocron to me officer.” Stellan held his hands inviting to the officer. “It can harm you.”

    “It's evidence and will be kept by us for the legal duration.” Tarhin stated, holding on to the string. But to his amazement the pressure on his shields diminished and the bag began to sway towards the outstretched hands of Stellan Gios.

    The string broke and the holocron was falling down to be snatched away by Elzar Mann who uttered very softly “trench deep. This is evil.”

    “Time to move it to a safe place. And we will examine it and contact you about the murderer.” Stellan Gios began to walk towards the exit followed by his friends.

    “That's in our evidence-vault,” Tarhin – barely holding his shields up – began to follow.

    “With me officer Engaron or who-ever you are,” Chief Gulian ordered. “You have some explaining to do. Back to our speeder. Move!”

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    Fascinating encounter & definitely many explanations and clues to follow =D=
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    Wow, a detective story with Jedi in it! :D
  7. earlybird-obi-wan

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    or trouble
    The Jedi will do the job but Tarhin?

    Chapter 3

    With a head-ache coming Tarhin dropped his shields and followed Chief Gulian with faltering steps. He was very tired. The Jedi were going and the distance to the scary holocron was increasing. With his sharp ears he picked up some of the conversation.

    “See, he is of the same species as Master Fay and even older.”

    “The ocean of the Force is in him, quiet and stable murmuring. Clear and benign. Weeping for the dead midichlorians. Guiding them away.”

    “Yes Elzar, a song of healing. He is tired. He will heal. And can you hold on to that holocron?”

    “The ocean is providing me with a layer of water turned into air that isolates it from my hands.”

    “A song of water will help you.”

    “Sing to me Avar.”

    Tarhin, head now beginning to hurt more, slowed down. 'Dead midi-whats. They are having trouble too. Their bond will help.' And nursing his head in his hands with fingers in his ears he kept out the noise.

    Chief Gulian halted for a moment but seeing that her officer was following she continued with brisk steps catching up with the Jedi-knights, beings she admired.

    “Glad that you could catch the holocron Elzar. That officer was trouble. A few moments more and I could have broken his shield.”

    “To what purpose Stellan? He has dead midichlorians and is now hurting.”

    “I didn't want to hurt him. I had wanted to show him that the holocron could have harmed him and his colleagues if it had stayed in his possession. He is untrained with enough midichlorians to use the Force to keep up very strong shields.”

    “We have the holocron now and have to help her with the investigation.”

    “She deserves that. Elzar can you hold on more?”

    “Yes, easy, Avar is helping me. The ocean of the Force is swirling around the holocron nourished by a song of rain.”

    Leaving the second hall Tarhin saw his chief standing at the entrance with the Jedi-knights and one of them – Stellan Gios, the man he had resisted – turn to his chief. Eyes now beginning to water he continued slowly.

    “We will help your government to catch the murderer after we have stowed away the dangerous holocron in a secure place on our transport. We need a copy of the record from the security-cams.”

    “Guard can you provide the Jedi-knights with that?”

    “Sure, chief Gulian. I had it ready for you.”

    “And a CSI-team? Do you need that?”

    “They may be able to help us to reveal more.”

    “Dispatch send an CSI-team to the museum of modern art. They have to work with the Jedi-knights.”


    “Thank you Chief Gulian. You can follow us but we will be busy for some time in our transport.”

    “First I have to deal with my officer. See you.”

    Tarhin saw her pointing to him and hurrying outside. He walked slowly to the great double doors, keeping out the noise with his hands. 'There; the holocron and the Jedi. I have to get past that object of evil. They are going to help her. That holocron couldn't have harmed me if I had given it directly to the lab-technician for the collecting of evidence. Shields.'

    “He is shielding again.”

    “Leave him alone. He is of no importance for the case.”

    “No harm will come to him. He is a being of light and uses the Force in that way only. If he had been found by us, we could have trained him.”

    Tarhin had enough energy left to shield for the short moment when he passed the holocron and the three Jedi and left the museum.

    Chief Gulian was waiting.

    “Officer Engaron, passenger seat!”

    Tarhin – face now ashen and eyes watering – took his protection vest from the driver-seat, rounded the speeder and started to don it.

    “No need for that. Give it to me and sit down.”

    Tarhin did as told.

    She tossed the protection vest on the back-seat and turned to the man she had trusted. She had heard enough. She was afraid and had to act. “You are a Dunai elder with for me scary abilities. You have midichlorians and use the Force. You could have harmed us all holding on to that holocron. You are dangerous for us. You could resist a famous Jedi-knight, a guardian of the galaxy. I have great respect for the Jedi-knights. I am unable to work with you anymore. You are fired. I will drive you to your home where you can collect your personal belongings.”

    Speechless, unable to reply Tarhin dropped his head in his hands. His chief could do that, firing him. She had been the one to hire him. His head was now aching badly. And he drifted off into an uneasy sleep.

    - - -

    “Tarhin Engaron! Wake up!”

    “Uh yes.” Tarhin blinked with his eyes, coping with the pain in his head.

    “We are at your home. Get dressed into civilian clothes and put your uniform and blaster in this satchel. I will help you with your personal belongings and drive you to the space-port.”

    Tarhin did as told, arguments were useless. He was leaving his fresher with the satchel and grabbed two books, recordings and papers from the academy from his nightstand when he saw his chief busy stuffing clothes in the bag that was his since he left Noranan. She grabbed a large blanket from the top of the closet, sniffing at it.

    “This too?”

    “Uh I own a meari. She is at the Sunshine-farm. Maybe I will need it.”

    “I will buy her and deposit credits on your account for her.” She stuffed the blanket in the bag and waited for Tarhin to get the belongings in the bag. “Ready?”

    Head bowed to the inevitable Tarhin lugged the bag towards the police-speeder, dropped it in the back-seat and sat down on the passenger-seat.

    Chief Gulian followed with the clearplast satchel containing his uniform and blaster. That went on the vest in the back-seat.

    The ride to the spaceport was in silence.

    Tarhin felt the revulsion coming from his former chief. He couldn't shield. The pain in his head was severe.

    Parking the police-speeder before the main entrance of the space-port she took the bag.

    And he followed her to the counter where she ordered a ticket for the first available transport that was about to board. She used his account. And she didn't mind that the ticket being a last minute one was expensive.

    No goodbye, no words. She made sure that he was at the entrance of the a large luxurious transport, giving his bag with personal belongings to the attendant.

    He followed the man.

    “This is your cabin. Strap in for the short trip. The ticket is only enough to get you to Varanko, our first stop where we have to collect some delicacies for our guests on a dream-cruise to tour the planets.”

    Tarhin did as told. Nursing his headache he drifted off in an uneasy sleep, haunted by dreams of a man with a beard trying to crush him.

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    Wow, a life-changing occurrence! :eek: I am glad the holocron is secured. Will we learn more of the investigation?
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    you will learn more but first a short chapter for the MMM-challenge I promise

    Chapter 4

    'A few credits for Arana, that's all I own.' Tarhin was viewing his account after the attendant had guided him to the exit of the transport, now being loaded with crates. He started to walk to the building with a sign 'Kiran city harbor, air- and spaceport' lugging his bag when a uniformed man headed to him. And he sensed a great power and tried to shield. But his head-ache was still there.

    “There is no need to be afraid. I am Jaran Qwiinnis.”

    “Tarhin Engaron.” He observed the grey man. All was grey on him, grey hair, grey skin, dark grey eyes. He was wearing a blue uniform and black boots indicating him as an official of Kiran city harbor, air- and spaceport.

    “You must have met trouble with a big T. Let me help you with that bag. You may even need one of our doctors to examine you. You have used all your powers. There will be some dead midichlorians.”

    “It's only a head-ache. A Jedi-knight tried to break my uh shield.”

    “I know what a shield is. From infancy we are taught how to use the Force.”

    “My chief was in a hurry to get rid of me,” Tarhin broke down in tears and sagged down on the tarmac.

    “You need help,” Jaran knelt down and took Tarhin by his right shoulder with one hand, comforting him with his soothing powers. And whipping out his comlink with his other hand he activated it “Joron can you contact doc Han for me. A Jedi-knight has been using his powers trying to break through a shield. Tarhin has dead midichlorians.”

    “I will come with the cart. Our office will give him more comfort.”

    A soft rumble had Tarhin looking up.

    A cart was stopping next to him with a strange being – humanoid, black, no hair but blue-black scales covering his skin with a bioluminescent pattern – dressed in the same uniform.

    “I am Gan Joron, let me help you on the cart. Doc Han Han is waiting for you in our office. And you can tell all to us and our police-chief Han Waarriis. We don't like Jedi-knights that much. They have never been here. And for me; they can stay away with their rules of no attachment. I am a descendant of the Sheir-Irel. They made a promise to protect us before returning to Irellion.”

    A small smile came on Tarhin's face when he – helped by the two men – climbed on the cart. As a child he had heard the stories of the Sheir-Irel helping a race of long lived humanoids to settle on Moniron some 200 eons ago when the Dunai sun was about to go supernova. Offspring between Sheir-Irel and the humanoids became the Dunai elder. Sheir Irel had made the same promise to protect Moniron.

    With a big smile on his face Tarhin entered the police-station in the center of Kiran city. His head-ache was gone. He had been examined by doc Han Han and had told them that he was a Dunai elder. He knew now all about the two species he had met. Ceitans had short surnames like Bul, Van, Gan and Han followed by the given names and were descended from Sheir-Irel and the native Varankonin. The natives were the grey species. His new boss – police-chief Han Waarriis – was a Varankonin. After hearing the story he had immediately offered him a job. 'I promise you this. On Varanko we don't follow the rules of the High republic. Your Serindan and Monir papers are enough for me. We can use a man who can teach us all about special ops.' was what his chief had said before a meeting with his new colleagues and driving him after that meeting to a nice beach-cottage. 'You can live here. It's mine but I have married and it's too small for me. I have bought a large house in the city. We have a child coming.'

    “Hey Tarhin, you are just in time to see this,” Bul Kevin – agitated bioluminescent patterns showing on his face – pointed to the holo-tube. “It's news from the Jedi-knights busy on Boreas. And your former chief is the star.”

    “Can you,” Tarhin began.

    “Show you a repeat,” Kevin interrupted. “Sure, it's on the news every hour and this is the most recent.”

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    Wonderful auspicious meeting and a new job with friends
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    and now the end with a show in a brown color

    Chapter 5

    “Coming back to you with more news about the murder after the best young singer-contest show, This is BNS reporting from Boreas city.”

    “Hey that's reporter Baudol,” Tarhin said. “He is famous on Boreas for his sensational reports and large ratings by his viewers. But I never met him, the sleazy Darrin. Repeat first Kevin? Something must have been very upsetting to you.”

    “Yes but let's head to the restaurant and the big screen. Han and Jaana are there. They will like your comments.”

    Tarhin followed Bul Kevin.

    “Good morning Tarhin,” Han Waarriis said. “It's your first day here at work but I am sure you will like to see this rubbish first before we start our tour of Kiran city and the underwater caves where your Ceitan colleagues have their home. That former chief of you is telling lies.”

    “Show me,” Tarhin sat down.

    Jaana searched for the repeat and started it. “I will try to skip the commercials.”

    “This is BNS with our daily show Baudol investigates. Our chief reporter Baudol was at the museum of modern art when chief Gulian of Boreas-city police station 1 arrived. Our reporter had seen the arrival of the Jedi-transport, got involved and could follow her during the actions. Now he is here at the station. Baudol, the show is yours.”

    “And this was the first news that got repeated every hour,” Kevin smirked during the flashing intro.

    “This is Baudol investigates with breaking news. Chief Gulian, here with her colleagues and me in the main hall of the station, was instrumental in solving the brutal murder of Donny B. Arresting RT with the help of Jedi-knight Gios and retrieving the valuable painting 'Sons of the city' by our top rating artist Kardian had her coming to the station with me. Chief Gulian what had you requesting the help from the Jedi-knights?”

    “I didn't request their help. I was called by dispatch about a situation in the museum of modern art and responded with inspector Engaron accompanying me.”

    “Can I speak to inspector Engaron too?”

    “Here it's still inspector Engaron,” Jaana Bentaaiin said. “And your former colleagues had no knowledge about what had happened.”

    “I have told you already Terry. He has left Boreas after I fired him.”

    “You did but that will be in the next part of the show. Stay tuned. All of you will want to know why our nice chief of police Martha Gulian fired Tarhin Engaron, a man of dubious reputation. Stay tuned.”

    A commercial for a new sport-speeder was flashing on the tube.

    “Already familiar,” Tarhin smirked “She got rid of me. I was just a package.”

    “You fired him? We were busy with the surprise party for him.”

    “No good-bye for them,” Kevin grumbled when the camera was slowly panning from the desk-officer to the inspectors, showing the disbelief on their faces and coming to rest focusing on a snug looking chief Gulian standing next to the reporter.

    “Spaceport, transport, Tarhin gone. And look how she is smiling.”

    “Yes Han,” Kevin muttered.

    “Colleagues don't know yet why this devious Engaron character is missing. Chief Gulian!”

    “You will see why.”

    “Why did you fire him? Tarhin was a sweet man bringing pastries to celebrate his 5th year.”

    “Miss Laverne.”

    “She was nice,” Tarhin mused. “Always a friendly word.”

    “Yes tell the audience chief Gulian what really happened after you responded to the call that could have ended in disaster for the entire police-station.”

    “We were told at the entrance that the coroner was on scene in the second hall and that the security-cams could reveal the murderer. We rushed to the second hall. Jedi-knights Elzar Mann, Avar Kriss and Stellan Gios came soon after we arrived at the murder-scene because they had seen a picture of a holocron in the museum-catalog. Former officer Engaron was detrimental to the investigation. He had the holocron in a bag and refused to give it to the Jedi-knights, stating that it was evidence for us.”

    “It was evidence,” Tarhin grumbled.

    “Keeping it in his possession could have endangered us all. And the three Jedi-knights revealed that he was an impostor, a man with dangerous powers. I had to get rid of him.”

    “Any comment?”

    “Tarhin was nice and good looking. Dangerous pow...”

    “Miss Laverne!”

    “I give the word to Jedi-knight Gios after this.”

    “Listen to what he tells after this funny rendering of the event,” Han said.

    Another commercial was on the tube, followed by a long animation showing the murder-scene and the Jedi-knights, chief Gulian and a rather sloppy rendering of Tarhin.

    “That's you,” Jaana began to laugh.

    “They must have had only my picture-ID. I never had to deal with Baudol.”

    “Here he is with us Jedi-knight Stellan Gios and his lovely lovebird colleagues Avar Kriss and Elzar Mann. Tell us what happened.”

    “The holocron could have seduced him to the dark side of the Force. Engaron is a Dunai elder with powers of the light side of the Force. He could have been putting his colleagues in danger. I had to use my powers to get the holocron away from him. Elzar caught the bag with the holocron after I began to use the Force breaking the string. Elzar had to dive deep into the ocean of the Force to keep him from harm.”

    “Dangerous indeed. Even the Jedi-knights here with us were aware of the danger. Tell me Jedi-knight Kriss.”

    “It was singing a song of dark seducing words to me. I helped Elzar with a song of water to secure the holcron in our safe.”

    “That song helped me to isolate the holocron from my hands.”

    “Your colleagues are saved from harm. You were right to give it to the Jedi-knights chief Gulian. You saved the day and your colleagues.”

    “Jedi-knight Elzar Mann was able to secure the holocron and could identify the murderer with ease. Our CSI-team provided the extra evidence.”

    “You can tell me more but first the break. Stay tuned to BNS I will be coming back to you with more news about the murder after the best young singer-contest show, This is BNS reporting from Boreas city.”

    “And that's when you came in,” Kevin said. “Now you have seen all what's on the news about the murder.”

    “Jedi-knight Stellan Gios was rude, trying to break my shield. I was using it to protect me from the powers coming from that holocron. Jedi-knight Elzar Mann got it into his possession when the string broke and he had to use his powers, combined with those from his friend Avar Kriss to keep it from harming him. Chief Gulian must have told Baudol everything about me. Will she reveal where I was going?”

    “Maybe. The next show will start in one hour. Time for caf.” Jaana had the holotube tuned again to BNS, showing a young singer listening to the comments from three celebrities.

    Tarhin and his colleagues were sipping from their caf when the Baudol show continued with first a repeat and after that a coverage of Baudol following chief Gulian and Jedi-knight Stellan Gios arresting the murderer and retrieving the painting. The ending was spectacular and put on repeat when Sinno Akkhiiin and Maara Luuhcce came in after the end and wanted to see the entire show.

    “Now the spectacular ending comes,” Tarhin was smiling after the arrest.

    “A case solved by our police force, helped by three Jedi-knights. But one more thing. Chief Gulian tell me what you did with Engaron after you fired him.”

    “I helped him to get his personal belongings in a bag, had him remove his uniform and dressed in civilian garb, told him that I would sell his meari and drove him to the airport. He didn't say a word. No apologies for his behavior, nothing. He was silent when I got him a ticket for a luxurious transport and he just left.”

    “Can you reveal the destiny of the transport?”

    “No I didn't follow him to the transport. But the first stop was for food, fish I think.”

    “And that folks with Engaron becoming fish-food or lost in a transport was the end of our show.”

    “Fish-food, lost in a transport, really,” Sinno grinned. “That transport should be banned from entering Varanko air-space again. Or.”

    “Give them the old fish next time they come,” Maara added.

    “And now Tarhin for the real show,” Han stood up. “Kevin, get our gear.”

    Tarhin left the restaurant with Han and Kevin and had a very entertaining day, going first on a tour of the city, the space- and airport and the harbor where wet-suits were donned and gear to visit the large underwater caves with the beautiful homes of the Ceitans.

    Tarhin was tired and satisfied when he returned to his beach-cottage. 'I will stay here until it is time to move on for some more exploring before returning home.'

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    Interesting news briefing. I am glad Tarhin is settling in nicely.
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    Thank you for reading and your kind comments. Tarhin will come back when there is a new challenge
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    Cool, more Tarhin. That is promising! :cool:
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    Thanks for reading. Tarhin will be in new stories
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