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Beyond - Legends Silver lining in every cloud

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    Silver Lining in every cloud
    Author JediFalcon
    Characters: Anakin Skywalker
    Ahsoka Tano
    Luke Skywalker
    Kyp Durron

    Anakin Skywalker watched as Ahsoka Tano his former padawan learner give a lesson to some of the new recruits of the Jedi Temple. Ahsoka was patient and gentle with those around her. He went above and beyond for her years before when they were about to accuse her of crimes she didn’t commit. Now she was assisting his son in the old ways and incorporating new ways to teach the next generation. He waited until all had left before he approached her. “Hello Ahsoka, it’s been a long time.”

    “Anakin,” Ahsoka looked up with a bright smile. “It’s been ages.”

    Anakin smiled back and saw she had to hold herself back from hugging him. He was a spirit now, she wasn’t. “Have you told Luke and Leia about who their mother is?”

    “No I haven’t,” Ahsoka admitted with a frown. “I wasn’t sure how they would take the news about you killing her before Padme gave birth to them. Leia does have her suspicions about what happened to Padme. Luke has pestored me on and off wanting to know.”

    “You have our permission,” Anakin said with a frown. “It’s best they get to know who she was and what she meant to everyone during the war.”

    “I’ll let them know, maybe you can give me the pass code to some of the files in Artoo, otherwise he won’t let me access them,” Ahsoka said with a slight smile.

    “He always was loyal to Padme and me,” Anakin said with amusement lacing through his tone. “Why does he hide the jet packs?”

    “I don’t know,” Ahsoka shook her head as she sat down in the grass as Anakin settled in beside her. “It’s a mystery to me. I checked to see if they were still there and they are,” she shrugged her shoulders. “Maybe something is out of alignment and he can’t use them anymore. They wiped Threepio’s memory and every time he thanked the maker, he had no clue he was thanking you all this time.”

    Anakin let the silence hang between them, it was a much more comfortable silence this time. Not how it was when they met while he was still Vader. He had Ahsoka and Luke’s forgiveness. He had Leia’s otherwise she wouldn’t have named her younger son after him. She never said it directly but he knew in her heart she had, and that was good enough for him.

    “You know Sky Guy, I miss you and your charming wit,” Ahsoka said with a grin. “All the silence without the banter is boring. Jaina is beginning to show that side of you. In a few years when she gets into her teens, I’m sure it’ll come sharper.”

    “They probably think she gets it from that smuggler son-in-law of mine,” Anakin pointed out with a small smile. “I miss you too, Snips.”

    “Maybe a mixture of both,” Ahsoka teased. “Han is the better pilot.”

    “If I could smack you, I would,” Anakin cast a sideways glance at her. “The kid is not better then me.”

    “I would’ve loved to see you two go at it in a Sim together,” Ahsoka winked grinning widely. “I think you could sell tickets to it. Besides, he doesn’t crash as often as you did.”

    More teasing, Anakin thought as he rolled his eyes. “Might I remind you, we were being shot at and the Falcon is fulled armed then what I flew.”

    “Still,” Ahsoka couldn’t help but tease and compare notes. “You have to admit he is a good pilot and has looked after the twins all of these years. Since he married Leia, he’s even more protective.”

    “As he should be,” Anakin muttered as he stared at the jungle around them. “I know how much he loves her,” he hoped Luke would find someone and he could already see the chemistry between Mara and Luke. He hoped Luke came around and realized what was in front of him.

    “I never did tell Han who made Threepio,” Ahsoka commented offhandly. She grinned and chuckled. “That droid annoyed the Clone Troopers and you more then a few times. Threepoio annoys Han to no end. I wonder what his reaction would be.”

    “If you told him, I want to be there,” Anakin said with a wide grin. “I would love to see his reaction.”

    “You and me both,” Ahsoka smirked then allowed the silence to hang between them. Again it was a comfortable silence. “I have a class to get too and I’m going to be a little late now. I don’t want this conversation to end. It’s been too long.”

    “I know the feeling,” Anakin admitted with a heavy sigh. “I plan to hang around the temple for the next couple of days. We can continue this conversation when you have more time.”

    Ahsoka frowned as she turned her attention to Anakin. “Anakin, is there a reason you’ve come? And I have a feeling it’s not to get caught up either.”

    Anakin remained silent as the disturbance in the Force began to grow. With Ahsoka’s potentional, he was surprised she hasn’t sensed it yet. “You can’t sense the disturbance in the Force yet?”

    Ahsoka raised an eyebrow. “I had hoped I was being paranoid.”

    “No you’re not,” Anakin admitted shaking his head. “You should meditate on it to see if it comes in more clearly.”

    Ahsoka nodded as she stood up from the ground and dusted grass from her outfit. “I’ll see you later then…” She eyed with growing dread. “You’re not here for me are you?”

    “It’s not your time,” Anakin reassured her with a frown. “You still have too much to give. I will see you later.”

    Ahsoka nodded as she walked away and he could tell she was troubled by the way she was walking. Anakin was just as troubled, he shouldn't even be here.

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    This is an attempt to get my muse going again

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    I loved the way you showed the camaraderie between Anakin and Ahsoka and also the comment about Artoo ;)
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    Fress Colias-Shern lit her lightsaber with a snap hiss as she followed the tunnels under the new Jedi Temple on Yavin. She wasn’t sure why but the Force kept prompting her to come down here and it confused her greatly. No amount of meditating seemed to clear up the reason. She placed her hand against the packed dirt and closed her eyes. She felt from the Force she was meant to go further.

    Fress opened her eyes and continued to follow the tunnel. She felt the strong urge to run which she hoped meant she was close to solving this mystery. Ahsoka told her Anakin had come to her saying there was a disturbance in the Force. It’s been there for the past few days confusing her and the other masters. Luke Skywalker was just as confused. “Anakin, if you’re here let me see you.”

    Anakin Skywalker appeared to her all blue and see through. “Hello Fress, been a while hasn’t it?”

    “It’s been too long, Ani. I’ve meditated and I keep finding myself down here, but I’m unsure as to why,” Fress explained as Anakin frowned. “There’s something down here worth checking out but I haven’t found anything.”

    “Do you sense anything else?” Anakin questioned.

    “I should follow to the end of the tunnel,” Fress answered honestly.

    “I’ll go ahead of you and let you know,” Anakin offered as he disappeared into thin air.

    Fress nodded as she continued to carefully make her way down further into cavern. Her curiosity was slowly beginning to get the better of her causing her to feel adventurous all of a sudden. She grinned knowing Yoda would rap her knuckles for thinking such thoughts.

    Anakin reappeared to her with a shocked expression. “Get to the surface and ask for Cighal to bring a hover gurney.”

    “Is someone hurt? Did one of the children come down here?” Fress questioned as she made her way to the surface.

    “No,” Anakin answered honestly as he appeared to her at the top of the cavern. “It’s much more shocking.”

    Fress eyed Anakin with suspicion as she called Cighal wondering what got Anakin all tensed up. She cut the transmission as she stared at Anakin. “All right Sky Guy, spill it.”

    Anakin didn’t say a word as Fress heard her name being called. She turned around to find Ahsoka standing behind her with Cighal. “Fress, are you all right?” She questioned as she glanced at Anakin. “Sky Guy, what’s going on?”

    “You told me Padme was buried on Naboo,” Anakin blurted out causing Ahsoka to choke on her spit.

    “She was buried on Naboo,” Fress commented with a frown. “I went to the private showing.”

    “I was there too,” Ahsoka argued with a frown. “Honestly Anakin, leave it in the past please.”

    “Then who is in the carbonite block who looks like my deceased wife?” Anakin questioned with a frown. “Just trust me on this.”

    “We’ll go check it out,” Fress sighed with resignation as she glanced at Ahsoka. “Maybe someone was eyeing Anakin and she decided to do what Anakin did.”

    “Put the girl in carbonite? Anakin rubbed off on Padme, interesting,” Ahsoka joked causing Anakin to groan.

    “You’re the one who put Leia’s husband into carbonite not to mention you left Padme’s ex in the hands of the enemy,” Fress pointed out with a grin. “How do we know she didn’t do something similar?”

    Anakin rolled his eyes as he gestured to the tunnel. “We’re wasting time, can we please get on with this?”

    As Fress made her way down the tunnel for a second time, she glanced behind her at Ahsoka and Cighal as they followed her. “Ahsoka, what are the chances you lose your mind once you cross over?”

    “I didn’t think that was possible,” Ahsoka answered with a frown. “In Sky Guy’s case, I’m willing to make an exception.”

    Fress felt Anakin’s glare on her back as she continued to head down the tunnel. “I can sense your glare, Anakin.”

    “There’s a gun dark behind you, Anakin,” Ahsoka snarked causing Fress to chuckle.

    “Funny I forgot to laugh,” Anakin snipped back. “We’re almost there. Just trust me on this.”

    “I’ve heard that before,” Ahsoka commented with a snicker. “And it’s not my fault you like to fall into gun dark nests.”

    Fress fell silent as they neared the end of the tunnel, her silver lightsaber lit up a carbonite block causing her to frown. “Ahsoka, come here.”

    Ahsoka joined her, her yellow lightsaber helping to light up the cavern. “Okay, let’s get her up top. Is she even still alive?”

    “I don’t know,” Fress answered honestly as she used her lightsaber to check the controls. She glanced behind her at Cighal as she levitated the block to the hover gurney. She looked closely at the date and gasped. This was the day Padme had died. “Light is still green, looks like she’s still alive.”

    “We’ll check over the information once we get back to the temple Master Shern, until then I would rather not guess,” Cighal spoke for the first time as she turned the gurney around.

    “I understand,” Fress said as she and Ahsoka followed Cighal back up. She glanced at Anakin who looked worried. “Something wrong, Ani?”

    “I don’t know how she’s going to react or succumb to death as soon as you unfreeze her. Maybe you should ask Luke to be there, if she knew her son was near her…”

    “It will help her wake up?” Fress finished the sentence knowing where Anakin was headed with this.

    Anakin nodded as he they emerged from the tunnel.
    Ahsoka watched as Luke walked in with a frown as his blue eyes took everyone standing in the room. His eyes softened as he saw Anakin standing in the room. “Hello Luke, we need to talk.”

    “What’s going on? Fress wouldn’t say when she contacted me,” Luke said as he walked forward with a frown. “Who is on the bed?”

    “Your mother,” Anakin answered with a saddened expression. “Everyone thought she was dead.”

    “I’m confused on this,” Fress commented with a frown. “Who put her here, why? And if this is the real Padme, then who did we burry on Naboo?”

    “I don’t know, Fress,” Anakin answered honestly. “It’s a mystery, even to me.”

    “Luke, talk to her. Let her know you’re near her, tell her about Leia and her children,” Anakin encouraged. “If she knew you were near her, it may help her to wake up.”

    “I guess it’s worth a shot,” Luke said as he walked to the bedside and sat down in the chair. He took Padme’s hand into his own as Ahsoka and the others walked out of the room to give Luke his space.

    “Do you think it will work?” Ahsoka questioned as Jess walked up behind Fress and wrapped his arms around Fress.

    “I don’t know,” Fress answered honestly. She leaned her head up and gently kissed Jess on the lips. “Hello you.”

    “Hello yourself,” Jess answered with a grin before returning the kiss. He pulled back and Ahsoka could see the way he looked at Fress. Eyes just for Fress she reflected with a soft smile.

    “Anakin thought it best if he stays with Luke and Padme,” Ahsoka commented with a frustrated sigh. “Who could possibly do this to her?”

    “That’s a mystery,” Jess answered honestly. “We may never know if she doesn’t wake up.”

    Ahsoka shook her head as she felt hands on her shoulders causing her to look up at Rex. He leaned down and kissed her on the lips. She pulled back looking into his eyes feeling warm and fuzzy all over. “I love you.”

    “I love you,” Rex repeated with a grin. “Kyp wants to see us about Meeka, said something about an incident.”

    “He didn’t say anything further?” Ahsoka questioned with a frown. “Not again, that girl gets into more trouble then I can keep count.”

    “Takes after her mother I think,” Rex teased causing Ahsoka to groan.

    “Don’t remind me,” Ahsoka shook her head as she looked at Fress and Jess. “Keep me updated, sounds like Rex and I have something to take care of.”

    “We will,” Fress said with a slight grin. “Have fun.”

    “Anything but fun, Fress,” Rex pointed out he got out his comlink and pinged Kyp to get his location.

    “We’ll check back later,” Ahsoka said as she and Rex walked out of the medward.

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    That was great! :D

    Btw, I should warn you that something is up with your tags, i haven't gotten a single notification for them :confused:
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    Interesting story!
    Padme isn't dead?!

    I don't know much about Ashoka, but I like the way you've written her and Anakin's relationship.
    I look forward to more!
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    That's interesting about the not getting tags weird...
    Thanks for the feedback :D

    Thanks, I watched Clone Wars all the way through so I know how Anakin and Ahsoka were to each other. Anakin called Ahsoka snips on their first missoin together, then she turns around and calls him Sky Guy which only gets the clones chuckling at the nick name :p
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    Wow. Interesting start. It'll be a shocking way for Padme to wake up....'Hi Mom, I'm Luke and this is your daughter Leia!'
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    Wow. Really interesting idea. :)
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    Ahsoka Tano sat down beside Rex as Kyp Durron took a seat behind his desk and folded his hands with a serious frown causing her to wonder what happened as she noticed Kyp’s clothing had a white residue. She sank into her chair further. “What did Meeka do now?”

    “Is that stun grenade residue?” Rex questioned causing Ahsoka to groan.

    “She found my stun grenades I see,” Ahsoka commented with a sinking feeling. She hoped no one was seriously injured.

    Rex leaned back with a frown as he stared at Ahsoka. “Maybe Luke is right. We should consider getting Meeka apprenticed. Being in a broad class room seems to be too slow for her. She does take after you, Ahsoka.”

    “Thanks for the reminder,” Ahsoka snipped back. “I’ll remember that the next time we’re facing an army of clankers.”

    “Or an assassin droid winds up in the cargo bay hold,” Rex commented with a smirk.

    The tension eased causing Ahsoka to focus back on Kyp as her husband took her hand. “What do you suggest?”

    “A formal apology, three students wound up stunned unconscious and scurbbing freshers for a month,” Kyp outlined with a serious expression. “We could’ve lost Lowbacca. Wookiees are suspectible to stun bolts.”

    “You did far worse and received less…” Rex began to outline as Ahsoka nudged him in the ribs.

    “Knock it off,” Ahsoka warned with a hiss. “The punishment will do her good. Maybe she’ll think twice before acting. I got assigned to security and was taken off the front lines after pulling a stunt. It made me think twice.”

    “Right,” Rex shook his head as he stared into Ahsoka’s eyes. “I had double over time watching Anakin’s back when that happened.”

    “Fress helped, remember?” Ahsoka questioned with a smirk.

    “Are you kidding, remember I said double over time. They were both good at getting into jams, you would think she was his daughter but they’re not blood related,” Rex pointed out with a funny look.

    “Want a little revenge?” Ahsoka questioned with a slight mischief smile. “Fress is looking for an apprentice.”

    Rex paused for a second as if considering the suggestion. “Fress is far more leveled headed now then she was in her teens.”

    “It’s called experience, Rex,” Ahsoka quipped in quickly.

    “With whats going on down in medical, this isn’t the time to ask her,” Rex reminded Ahsoka. “Maybe we can ask her later. First we need to do something about Meeka.”

    “We’ll talk to Meeka, find out why she did it and go from there,” Ahsoka reassured Kyp as she stood up. “Thank you for letting us know, planet destroyer. We’ll talk with her immediately.”

    “You still don’t like me do you?” Kyp questioned with a heavy sigh.

    “Not in particulary, and your attitude is becoming more self preserved and arrogant by the day,” Ahsoka explained with a hard expression.

    Rex gently took a hold of Ahsoka’s arm. “Let’s go before an incident is started.”

    “Me? I think you underestimate me, Rex. I didn’t start the war with the separatists.”

    “Ahsoka! That doesn’t even come close to what I meant.”
    Fress took a hold of Padme’s hand as Jess sat down beside her wrapping his arm around her shoulders. She looked down at the face that was a role model of a mother to her. She glanced up at Anakin who was standing quielty to the side with a look of deep thought on his features. She turned her attention back to Padme. She missed Padme since the day the Republic died. “I don’t know if you can hear me or not. We’ve missed you, Padme. The Rebellion won the war, the Republic has been restored and your daughter was a big part of it. She was even Chancellor a couple of years ago. Your son helped rebuild the Jedi Order and is fully trained. He has the heart of a Jedi Master. He helped Anakin find his way back to the light side. You would be very proud of both of them. Jess and I have children of our own. Arwen and Brice. Ahsoka has a daughter with Rex by the name of Meeka.”

    “So much has changed, Padme,” Jess explained softly. “I’m concerned how you will react if you woke up.”

    There was no telling if she would wake or not. It would be shocking if she did. It’s been years. Fress glanced up as Rex and Ahsoka walked back in. “Is there any change?” Ahsoka questioned in concern.

    “No change,” Fress answered as Ahsoka leaned into Rex.

    “Where is Luke?” Rex asked as he looked around the small room.

    “Went to call Leia and has a class this afternoon,” Fress answered. “I offered to sit with Padme until he came back.”

    “Fress, I know this maybe a bad time. I’m wondering if you would take Meeka on as your padawan?” Ahsoka questioned with a frown. “We feel she needs one on one training.”

    “I would be happy too,” Fress answered with a smile as a moan came from the bed causing her to focus back on Padme. Padme’s eyes were open and flickering back and forth. “Padme?”

    “Where am I?” Padme asked as she sat up and looked around the room. “Why is it so dark in here?”

    “You’re suffering from hybernation sickness, your eye sight should return in time,” Fress explained as Padme snatched her hand back. “You’re on Yavin Four. We built a new Jedi Academy here.”

    “Who are you?” Padme questioned causing Anakin’s jaw to drop in shock.

    “It’s me Fress Colias, Jess Shern, Ahsoka Tano, and Rex are in this room with you. Don’t you remember who I am?” Fress questioned in concern.

    Padme shook her head as Fress felt her heart drop. “I don’t remember who I am.”

    Fress glanced at Jess as concern etched his features. “Get Cighal and ask her to run an age test.”

    “You don’t think?” Jess questioned with a frown as Fress nodded. “I’ll be back in a minute.”

    Fress glanced at Anakin feeling worried as he moved to her bedside and ran invisible fingers through her hair. She knew her answers was hurting Anakin. “You don’t remember being married to Anakin Skywalker and having twin children?” Was it possible she was a clone?

    “No I don’t,” Padme answered as she sat up in bed.

    Fress looked up at Anakin as Cighal returned with a scanner and ran a test. The machine beeped as Cighal looked at the scanner.

    “How old should Padme be now?” Cighal questioned as Fress looked at Anakin with a frown.

    “Sixty-Three I think, she was twenty-six the day she died,” Fress answered with a frown as she glanced at Anakin who nodded in confirmation. “What are the results?”

    “Temporary memory loss can occur with long time freezing,” Cighal explained as she lowered the scanner. “It will take some time for Padme to gain her memories back. Or something tramatic happened can also cause a memory block. The test results are coming back at the age she died. I do not believe this is a clone.”

    Fress glanced at Anakin as his face fell. She knew what that tramatic experience was. The day her husband tried to kill her.

    Rex looked at Ahsoka noting how quiet all three became. “What happened the day Luke and Leia were born?”

    “You didn’t tell him?” Fress questioned Ahsoka as she shook her head. “Rex, Anakin tried to kill Padme when she was still pregnant with Luke and Leia,” which only caused Anakin to whimper in misery.

    “Oh, that would do it,” Rex commented sadly.

    “Anakin wasn’t in his right mind when he,” Fress paused for a second as Padme had a horrified expression on her face. “He did love you. He made a bad decision that nearly cost him everything. When you fall to the dark side of the Force, it consumes your soul and destroys everything you believe and stand for. The Anakin Skywalker who fell in love with you was no longer there. He had become like a stranger.”

    “You said I have a son and daughter?” Padme questioned with a frown.

    “Yes Luke and Leia. Leia is in politics and Luke is fully trained as a Jedi,” Fress answered with a smile. It will be up to them and anyone old enough to know Padme to help her regain her memories, her children didn’t know her well enough. “Luke was the one to bring Anakin back to the light side before he passed on due to severe complications.”

    “Jedi?” Padme questioned as a confused expression came over her face. “What does a Jedi do?”

    “I’m sorry, Ani,” Fress said as she watched Anakin’s face contort in shock and pain.

    “It’s my fault,” Anakin whispered with a pained expression. “I shouldn’t have listened to him.”

    “He’s here isn’t he?” Rex questioned as he stared at Fress and Ahsoka who both nodded.

    “Only in spirit form,” Fress answered with a frown. “Anyone who isn’t Force sensitive won’t be able to see him,” she explained then turned her attention back to Anakin. “Anakin, Palpatine tricked an entire senate and the council for the longest time. He was very good at manipulation. Eventually we became suspicious he was directing both sides of the war.”

    “I’m wondering what Palpatine said to get you to join him?” Jess questioned with suspcion in his eyes.

    “I don’t want to talk about it,” Anakin answered as he turned his attention to Padme.

    “Jess, let it go,” Fress warned with a hiss. “This isn’t the time,” she turned her attention to Padme. “A Jedi are born with midichlorians in their blood. They allow us to communicate telepathically, heal, levitate, visions, tricking weaker minds, extra speed which is considered impossible for the average being. Jedi help keep the peace. Along the line, it turned into soldiers. But we prefer to keep the peace and fight only when there are no other options. There are other things we can do. That is barely scratching the surface.”

    “Aggressive negotiations,” Padme whispered under her breath as she stared at the wall. “It just came to my mind. What does it mean?”

    Fress looked at Anakin with a frown as he smiled grimely. “I have this feeling Anakin knows the answer…”

    “Negotiations with a lightsaber,” Anakin answered with a sheepish smile. “It stopped both sides from fighting to sign the peace treaty. That’s how I explained it to her.”

    “Negotiations with a lightsaber,” Fress repeated as she stared at Anakin in disbelief. Wait why am I surprised by this? This is Anakin Skywalker we’re talking about here.

    Padme frowned as she closed her eyes and leaned against the pillow. “I remember being choked,” tears slid down her cheeks. “My husband tried to kill me.”

    Anakin disappeared causing Fress to have a sinking feeling. She knew the guilt was getting to him. She hit transmit on her comlink. “Luke, its Fress. Come down to the medward, Padme woke up.”

    “I’m on my way,” Luke answered in a slightly nervous and excited tone.

    “Fress, I remember. You were good friends with Anakin,” Padme said with a smile. “Ahsoka was his apprentice and Rex…”

    “Rex and I are married with one daughter,” Ahsoka said with a smile. “Palpatine is dead and the Empire is no more.”

    “Really?” Padme questioned with a smile. “The galaxy is back at peace?”

    “Mostly,” Ahsoka answered honestly. “The Empire still exists but there is less and less resistance as time goes by.”

    Fress watched Padme as Luke burst into the room causing her to stand up and gestured Luke to her as she took Padme’s hand and placed it into Luke’s. She took a step back allowing son and mother to reunite.

    “Luke?” Padme questioned as she gently ran her hands over Luke’s face. “You’ve turned out to be handsome,” she smiled. “Is there anyone special in your life?”

    “No not yet,” Luke admitted with a frown. “I called Leia and she’s on her way here with her husband and children.”

    “Grandchildren? I have grandchildren? What are their names?” Padme questiomed with a genuine smile.

    “Jaina and Jacen are twins, Jaina is the oldest. And their youngest son is Anakin,” Luke explained. “She named her son after father, was her way of forgiving him. It took her years.”

    “I believe she still stuggles with this knowledge,” Fress explained in concern. “Anakin was at Palpatine’s side for twenty-one years as Vader. He became a very hated man.”

    “I see,” Padme looked sad. “And did he hurt the twins?” She asked in a shakey voice as what Fress was trying to tell her sunk in.

    “Yes,” Fress answered in a saddened tone. “Vader did harm both, but had no knowledge that Leia was his daughter. He found out about Luke sooner…”

    Tears slid down Padme’s cheeks as Luke hugged her gently. “It’s okay, mom. He was not there.”

    “Says the one who believed he was still there,” Jess muttered under his breath as Fress nudged him in the ribs. “It’s true.”

    “A piece of Anakin still existed, and it was that part Luke reached out to risking his life,” Fress explained with a frown.

    “Palpatine tried to kill me and father threw him down the turbo lift shaft,” Luke explained with a frown.

    “I would’ve paid credits to see that,” Rex commented with a tight smile.

    “Could’ve made a small fortune,” Jess agreed.

    “Mom, you wanted to see me?” A voice questioned from the door as Fress turned in the direction to see it was Meeka.

    “What have you got to say for yourself, young lady?” Rex questioned in a serious tone.

    Meeka’s face flushed red causing Rex to raise an eyebrow. “It seemed like a good prank at the time,” she answered. “No one was hurt.”

    “Meeka, you are to apologize to your class mates and scrub freshers for a month,” Ahsoka explained with a frown. “Someone could’ve been seriously hurt. Fortunately no one was. Do not ever do that again.”

    Meeka didn’t say a word as Rex watched her with a deep frown. “I’m sorry, mom.”

    “What did she do?” Fress questioned with a frown.

    “She threw a stun grenade into the middle of her class mates,” Ahsoka explained with a frown.

    “Not bad,” Fress commented causing Rex to glare. “You could use some tact on your…”

    “Please Fress, don’t teach her how to pull pranks to get away with it,” Ahsoka pleaded with a serious expression.

    “I haven’t pulled a prank in years,” Fress tried an innocent look causing Rex to shake his head.

    “Even though no one could prove it, we still know it was you who shaved and dyed Fey’lya two months ago,” Ahsoka pointed out.

    “I didn’t pull the prank,” Fress said with a sweet smile.

    “Give me a break, Fress. I remember you snook off in the middle of the night,” Jess pointed out. “Not to mention you came back two hours later giggling with paint and brown fur stuck to your shirt.”

    “He deserved it,” Fress answered with a defeated sigh. “He ground up on my last nerve.”

    “Are you sure you want to pair Meeka up with prank master over there?” Rex questioned with a frown.

    “I’m sure,” Ahsoka answered with a frustrated sigh. “Fress, please don’t teach her your ways of becoming a master at pranks.”

    “I promise,” Fress said with a serious expression. “You do have to admit, he had it coming.”

    “You did that?” Meeka questioned sounding impressed. “And what do you mean by pairing up?”

    “Rex and Ahsoka asked me to be your master,” Fress answered honestly. “How do you feel being paired with me?”

    “I think it’s great,” Meeka answered with a grin.

    “Good, when we’re on Yavin four you will still attend your study classes, when we’re off planet, you will be getting some good hands on experience under your belt,” Fress explained with a serious frown. “We won’t pull any pranks.”

    Meeka nodded in agreement as Fress smiled. “When do we start?”

    “We can start before your classes in the morning,” Fress answered with a smile. “For now our fresher could use cleaning.”

    Ahsoka smirked as she gestured to the door. “You heard your master, get going and you can clean ours once you’re done theirs. And if there is time before dinner, Master Skywalker’s needs cleaning too. After dinner, do Master Durron’s.”

    “This is punishment,” Meeka grumbled as she walked out of the room.

    Fress smirked as she watched her new padawan tread off grumbling under her breath. She glanced at the others as she remembered how Anakin left. If I were a sulking spirit, where would I go? Anakin always fixed things when he was upset. She knew where to find him. “What needs fixing droid wise?”

    “Artoo why?” Luke questioned with a frown. “Fress please, he’s been with me for ages.”

    “Nope, actually your father took off and I bet I know where I can find a sulking Anakin spirit,” Fress answered as they all gave her disbelief expressions except for Ahsoka and Padme both nodding in agreement. “I’ll be back in a few minutes. What’s wrong with Artoo?”

    “Loose spark plug,” Luke answered. “He’s down in the maintenance hanger, Kyp’s fixing him.”

    “Thanks,” Fress walked out of the room and planet destroyer in the same room? She ran to the maintenance hanger as she heard Anakin and Kyp talking as she neared it. She hurried over to where Kyp was standing as he replaced the spark plug. “Anakin, one of these days… Oh wait, it’s too late for that, hello destroyer, mind if I talk with Anakin alone?”

    “Please Fress, no jokes,” Anakin cautioned with a frown.

    Fress crossed her arms as Kyp glanced between the two of them then decided to take leave. “Why did you leave?”

    ”I think you know why,” Anakin answered with a frown. “You were there for it.”

    “Ani, you can’t let this get to you now, what done is done,” Fress explained with a frown as she opened Artoo. She reconnected the wires to the hidden jets. “Artoo, try the jets.”

    “You pulled the plug on him?” Anakin questioned with a frown. “Why?”

    “If he used them while you were Vader, you would recognize the droid and drag the information about Luke and Leia’s location out. I couldn’t allow that to happen,” Fress explained with a frown as Artoo activated the jets and lifted off the ground.

    “You’re right,” Anakin gave a defeated sigh. “And Durron did a good job replacing the spark plug for me.”

    “Yes he did,” Fress agreed with a concerned expression. “Why don’t you come back and I can relay anything you want to say to Padme.”

    “I would rather do so in person,” Anakin said sadly. “This is the closest for me it’s going to get isn’t it?”

    ”Well, why don’t you use my body?” Fress questioned with a frown. “Then you can. No kissing.”

    “It would be hot…” Anakin said in an amused tone. “Promise, no kissing.”

    Fress smiled as she turned back towards the med ward. “We’ll go and explain this to Padme. Hopefully she doesn’t get confused by it.”

    “All right,” Anakin followed Fress back to the med ward. “Fress, please take care of Padme for me.”

    “I will,” Fress promised with a smile. “I miss you, Anakin. We all do,” she stopped walking as she felt a powerful surge in the Force. “I wonder what that is about?”

    “Fress, maybe I won’t have to use your body after all,” Anakin commented causing Fress to turn in his direction and frooze in mid stride.

    “What in the name of the Force?!”

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    I'm not quite sure what's going on here (meaning I'll have to read it again, but what else is new?), but I love it nonetheless. :)

    Edit... read through just now, and... okay. Got it. Padme's alive! And Meeka's a trouble maker! And... goodness, what happened to Anakin there at the end?!? (You phrased it as a statement, but wasn't that last sentence a shocked question? As in: "What in the name of the Force?!?")

    Fress took a hold of Padme’s hand as Jess sat down beside her wrapping his arm around her shoulders.

    And then there was this. You missed a connecting word and/or a comma, and if it was one or the other, wrapping becomes 'wrapped'. (There. Beta over now. Interesting updates.)
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    I loved when Padme woke up! :)
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    Fress stood frozen in place, as Anakin looked himself over. “Anakin you’re no longer…” She looked at him from top to bottom. This was supposed to be impossible.

    ”Able to walk through walls, whether this is permanent or not remains to be seen,” Anakin answered with a frown. “I don’t understand this. Is this a chance for me to make it up to Padme a little bit?”

    “You are the chosen one, Anakin, you tell me,” Fress took a step forward and wrapped her arms around Anakin as he returned the hug and held her very close as a father would with a daughter. “I missed you so much. Even when you were Vader.”

    Anakin took a step back as Fress released her grip. “I missed you too. I’m sorry that I hurt you while I was Vader.”

    “I know,” Fress answered reassuringly. “I forgave you. You weren’t in your right mind,” she gave a weary smile. “This will blow everyone’s minds.”

    “Come on, if this is temporary I don’t want to waste too much time,” Anakin said as they set off towards the room Padme was in. He grinned realizing he couldn’t wait until he held Luke, Leia, and…. His thoughts paused for a second on Leia. She was so much like him, he wondered what her reaction would be. She was going to be here soon with Han and his grandchildren. He guessed he would have to let things play out.

    As they neared the door Anakin felt his nerves inch up a bit. He loved Padme, almost too much. Yoda was right, I should’ve let her go. Fress opened the door and gestured inside as Ahsoka turned her attention to them.

    “By the Force, I was wondering about the power surge,” Ahsoka commented as she walked forward and hugged Anakin. “I missed you so much, Sky Guy.”

    “I missed you too, Ahsoka,” Anakin hugged his former padawan learner tightly to him. “I love you and see you as a daughter.”

    “I’ve always saw you as a father figure,” Ahsoka muttered as Rex, Jess, and Luke looked towards Anakin with dropped jaws.

    Anakin took a step back as Luke walked forward with shock on his features. He wrapped his arms around his son for the first time. “I love you, just remember that.”

    ”I will,” Luke muttered as he looked into Anakin’s eyes. “Fress is right, I do have your eyes.”

    Anakin smiled as he traced Luke’s jaw. “Yes you do, take care of your mother. I don’t know if this is permanent or not.”

    “I promise, father,” Luke gave a weary smile as he took a step back.

    Anakin made his way to Padme’s bedside and gently ran his fingers through her hair. “My biggest regret is not learning to let go and it caused me to do things that I normally wouldn’t do. I’m sorry, Padme. This isn’t what I had in mind. Palpatine used it against me and made promises he should’ve never made. We missed Luke and Leia growing up and…” He closed his eyes feeling the emptiness inside. Something was missing and he knew it was not being there for their children with Padme by his side. He missed everything. “I love you and it’s my fault.”

    “Ani,” Padme reached out for his hand and pulled Anakin to her. He shifted on the bed as he wrapped his arms around her. “I forgive you. I always knew there was still good left in you,” she leaned forward as Anakin met her on the lips as tears trickled down his cheeks. He pulled back looking into her chocolate brown eyes.

    Padme reached forward clumsily bringing him into a hug causing guilt to rush through him. She couldn’t see because of the hibernation sickness. He knew she may end up being blind for the rest of her life. At least he had the peace of mind knowing the others would be with her. He wrapped his arms around her bringing her closely to his body. “I love you.”

    “I love you,” Anakin whispered back as the door to the room swung open. He sensed Leia’s presence standing behind them. “I believe our daughter has arrived.”

    “Someone better start explaining this to me fast,” Han said as he walked forward with a frown staring at Anakin. “And you, aren’t you supposed to be dead?”

    “Nice to see you again, Solo,” Anakin said as he turned his attention to Han. “I see you’re taking care of my baby girl for me. Almost a little too well.”

    Han smirked as he glanced at Leia who was frozen on the spot. “What can I say, Leia got under my skin and didn’t let go.”

    Anakin glared at Han as he stood up. “I bet, maybe a little too deep for my tastes,” he walked forward as Han stood his ground. “Of all the men to marry, it had to be you.”

    “Girls tend to go for the ones fathers don’t like, and I was it,” Han gave his famous cocky grin causing Anakin to feel heat rise. “What are you going to do about it, dad?”

    “I don’t know if I should hug you, thank you, or take you outback and shoot you,” Anakin growled

    “Anakin,” Padme snapped causing him to loose his momentary male bonding with Han. “Knock it off.”

    “You and what army?” Han gave an annoying grin. “Oh that’s right. You lost your command post the day you died on the Death Star.”

    ”Han, that’s enough,” Leia snapped angrily as both men were standing toe to toe.

    Anakin gave a smirk as he stared Han down. “I built your worst nightmare. Goldenrod.”

    “You have me beat there, he drives me crazy,” Han said with a grin. “Any chance he drove you nuts?”

    “That is the reason I left him with Padme most of the time or I dropped him off conveniently with a Clone Trooper convoy,” Anakin answered with a slight grin. “I bet Leia wouldn’t let you do it.”

    “Nope, I tried to convince her to loose Threepio but she kept telling me no. Now I know where the attachment comes into play,” Han agreed with a smile. “So did I pass you’re protectiveness test?”

    ”You married her after I dropped you into carbonite, I would say with flying colors,” Anakin answered with a grin as Han grinned in turn. “Thanks Han. I couldn’t ask for a better son-in-law.”

    “Now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside,” Han smirked as he glanced at Leia. “What are the chances I could out fly him?”

    “You wish,” Anakin interjected with a grin. “I could out fly you any day of the week.”

    “Care to put that theory to the test, old man?” Han questioned with that annoying grin of his.

    “I’m game if you are,” Anakin questioned with a grin.

    Han nodded as Leia walked to Padme’s bed and held out her hand. “What went through your mind when you married him?”

    “Your father was far from a stuffed shirt, we had a lot of fun together the one day,” Padme answered with a slight grin. “We both ended up in deep trouble most of the time. You’re like me that way, Leia. And your political skills. Anakin was a very devoted husband. We loved each other very much. We decided to get married while we were being taken out to an arena to be killed.”

    Leia raised an eyebrow as Anakin grinned closing his eyes. “That’s if we survived the encounter,” he remembered sharing a kiss just before the doors were opened and bright light poured in. “That brings back memories. Geonosis.”

    “It took a lot of Jedi to get out of that one,” Padme filled in with a frown. “We went to rescue Obi-Wan and ended up needing rescuing ourselves.”

    Han snorted in amusement causing Anakin to look at him. “Now I know where Luke and Leia get their we can get in, it’s getting out will be the trick thoughts from. We almost got caught ourselves rescuing Leia on the Death Star.”

    “Hey,” Luke grumbled under his breath. “It’s not my fault I didn’t know there was no way out.”

    “See what I mean,” Han grinned. “Just like ma and pa over there.”

    “Han,” Leia snipped. “If you don’t stop right now, you can guess where you will be sleeping tonight and it won’t be with me.”

    Han flashed a charming smile Leia’s way. “I know where that is. That is why I insisted on a couch that turns into a bed.”

    “I wish I had thought of that,” Anakin commented with a frown as Padme glared at him. “At least a guy can be comfortable during punishment.”

    “Anakin,” Padme shook her head sadly. “That’s why it’s called punishment.”

    Anakin kisssed Padme deepening it causing her to groan in contentment. “I beg to differ, my lady,” he commented slighly as he pulled back with a mischief smile.

    “You’re such a naughty, Jedi,” Padme smirked as she leaned up to return the kiss. Anakin felt his heart quicken hearing a few groans from behind him causing him to grin.

    Anakin pulled back and gently ran his hand along her jaw. “Senator, you can be quite a handful.”

    “And you’re not?” Padme was quick to question with a mischief grin. “You’re not that innocent.”

    “Truce?” Anakin questioned hopefully. “I love you.”

    “Maybe Master Jedi,” Padme answered in a sly tone. Anakin gave a frustrated sigh as Padme leaned into him. “I love you.”

    Anakin wrapped his arm around Padme’s shoulders allowing her to lean into him. “I missed you so much.”

    “I missed you, Ani,” Padme sighed in contentment. “Never again.”

    “I’ll kill myself first,” Anakin reassured Padme with a sigh. “Even one month without you is torcherous.”

    “That was your punishment,” Padme commented causing Anakin to deeply sigh. “You’ll think twice next time.”

    “Just out of curiosity, what would’ve happened if I killed Palpatine while he was still Chancellor? The Republic would’ve torn the relationship wide open on us,” Anakin pointed out with a frown.

    “I don’t know, Anakin,” Padme gently pulled away from Anakin and looked into his eyes. “Maybe it was the only way to stop him. He did kill most of the council members.”

    “I caused so much damage and pain,” Anakin explained with a heavy sigh. “I missed the twins growing up.”

    “What snapped you out of it?” Padme questioned with a frown causing Anakin to grimace.

    “You won’t like the answer,” Anakin answered honestly as Padme waited for an explanation. “Luke refused to take my place at Palpatine’s side and was aimed to kill Luke with Force lightning,” he explained quickly. “I picked up Palpatine and threw him down the turbo lift shaft.”

    “You could’ve sold tickets to that,” Han commented with a side grin. He glanced at Leia with a frown. “What do you think, sweetheart? Do we allow the children to get to know their grandparents?”

    “Padme yes, Anakin, I’m not sure,” Leia answered honestly as she looked at Anakin with a frown.

    “It’s all right, Leia, I understand,” Anakin quickly reassured her with a frown. “It’s a lot to take in.”

    Leia nodded as she walked out of the room as Han followed her out. Anakin stood up and stepped to Luke’s side and wrapped an arm around his son’s shoulders. He leaned close into his ear and whispered. “Mara is the one, son.”
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    ”You married her after I dropped you into carbonite, I would say with flying colors,” Anakin answered with a grin as Han grinned in turn. “Thanks Han. I couldn’t ask for a better son-in-law.”

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