Simplicity pattern #4450--Completely Gone?

Discussion in 'Costuming and Props' started by Jacen_Solo14, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. Jacen_Solo14

    Jacen_Solo14 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 21, 2005
    I have recently been looking all over fore this simplicity pattern so that I can start making my own jedi robe. After a lot of searching, however, I discovered that due to some sort of law suit, this pattern was discontinued and I have not been able to find it anywhere! Does anyone know where I can find this pattern or would be willing to sell theirs to me?
  2. Amanita

    Amanita Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 12, 2003
    You can find it on Ebay, but it will most likely be expensive. Or using a regular cape pattern, you can make a screen accurate version of the cloak using the instructions here:
    It's what I use when making cloaks, and they tend to look great when completed.
  3. Darth_Eagle

    Darth_Eagle Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 19, 2001
    We had been discussing it over at the [link=]Star Wars Simplicity patterns being taken off the shelves?[/link]" thread.

    Anyhow, as I said in the last post there, over my head I think the Jedi Outfit pattern is similar to the previous SW Costume Pattern, Simplicity 5840.

    Some improvements had been made to 4450 compared to 5840 and they swapped the Robe with Yoke for a Mustafar Costume.

    Anyhow, it's NOT necessary for you to get the SW Patterns to make a Jedi Outfit.

    The Gi/Tunic can be made using a basic Kimono or Karate Gi Commercial Patterns while the Robe can be made using most Robe Patterns (recommended NOT to have Yoke), both with Modifications. And way before we get all these "SW Pattern", others had been using various other patterns like for Bathrobe or Ladies' Kimono-influenced Blouse successfully.

    As for the Obi and Tabbards, they are the basic long retangular piece tho' for many people, you will need to do some adjustments for the Tabbards to make it fit your shoulder that slop down slighly (the adjustments is usually on the Shoulder and around the waist, the later seams will be hidden by the Obi).
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