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    Oh, my friend, you have no idea the depth of the rabbit hole you contemplate jumping into. [face_laugh]

    The USJS will grab you, turn you upside down, and and spin you around until you don't know which way is up. And you'll love it.
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    Heilan is actually my husband's character from the second iteration of USJS back in 2010. He didn't write for it but it was his contribution when I was looking for a character to be Kirsh's apprentice. Heilan's full name is Heilan Coo named by my pun loving husband after the highland cows (which in the Scottish accent of a friend is said Hey-len Coo). So Heilan is big and gangly and has reddish-brown, dread locked hair and big brown eyes.

    I'm so glad I got Amidala right. I must admit to be absolutely terrified of using any established characters because I fear I will get their characterisations so wrong and that's the last thing I want to do. I think that's why I've always tried to write OCs, because mischaracterisation is something I have always been scared of.

    I'm glad you've joined us :) I always love feedback so thank you! I think Zallie would probably spend all her time down in Hagrid's hut swapping notes about whatever Hagrid had managed to find. ;)[face_laugh]

    Thank you! It's something that this current iteration of USJS has really inspired. I've liked the way that in that Kit's inability to concentrate is explained by the fact that The Force is just constant music to her and so she has to get above and beyond that to really focus on anything else. It's also hard for her to stop moving because of that (In our world we'd just go 'yep, that kid has ADHD'). She can also hyper focus but that takes its toll too. Then I figured that if it was music to Kit then it is probably different to many Jedi. @K'Tai qel Letta-Tanku has a beautiful description of how Jedi touch the force from T'lor's perspective at the start of the latest USJS which I love too. For Kirsh it's all colours and healing is just putting the colours where they should go, not where they've spilt too.

    YAY! He's such a darling.

    That's the story of my life at the moment. I end up dipping in and out of so many stories and then I feel bad because I can't keep track of them all. I'm like you in that I prioritise my stuff and then feel really bad. Thank you for taking the time to read this though and to give feedback. I do really appreciate it. @};-[face_love]

    That's actually a really good point. I think because it's all clear in my head (the backstory and the foreshadowing) and the current list of half-written fics on my computer, that I forget to do a bit more of the tell part to explain them. At some stage in the next week or two I will edit in a spoilers section to the first post of this which will explain a bit more about each character. That will hopefully shed some light on who everyone is (although @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha is not allowed to look because she still has yet to guess Del's actual identity :p and I want it to be a surprise when I finally finish the Namia/Kit fic I'm working on).
    The problem with going back for some of them is it's a long way and a lot of stories back. Luckily Del, Nicco, Estra and F'kisi are really being shown for the first time in this story and the drabbles. I will endeavour though to do a bit more explaining in a later post. If you stick with it, it should all become clear. Promise.

    If you want more Kirsh then head to the current USJS. He's one of my favourites of all time because he's so gentle and sweet. He was actually introduced with Heilan back in the second wave of USJS back in 2010. He's giant and loveable and teddy-bear like - so not what you think of when you think of a Jedi.

    Totally agree. USJS definitely changed my life and for the better (particularly because I get to write with some amazing people). I loves it! [face_love]
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    So much for my original plan which was that this particular arc would be two posts max. It's turning into its own behemoth of a story.


    Pet 32 – Guarlara – Laluna – 27 BBY – (9 years and 364 days exactly) - Part 3

    Estra pushed through the crowd feeling like her head would explode. She wished that she had Rin’s abilities in The Force so that she could check if the Jedi were following them. Every time she stopped at a stall to buy something or trade for information she tried to surreptitiously look around but she couldn’t see the gigantic Jedi Master or his gangly padawan. Surely someone of that size wearing that ridiculous getup would stand out like a Hutt on Hoth. Zallie wasn’t any help either. The girl either pouted or talked about the stupid giant Guar-whatevers. Estra frowned. She loved her little sister but she was also one of the most annoying creatures in the universe. Especially when you were trying to get anything done. Da often reminded her that she would have to wait a bit for Zallie to grow up a little more and that she had been the same at the same age, but Estra knew for a fact that she had never been quite as annoying or fixated as Zallie was.

    “So let me get this straight,” she said as she paid the stall holder slightly more than the fruit was worth and then waved away the change, “you just waltzed straight into the Queen’s stables because you wanted to talk to one of the Guarlaras.”

    “Laluna,” Zallie corrected, “and yeah. No-one stopped me.”

    “And you didn’t use the hand-wavy thing.”


    Estra breathed a sigh of relief.

    “Well, I did on Master Aleski but it didn’t work.”

    Estra stopped dead in the middle of the crowd, earning several glares from the old ladies who had to step around them.

    “You tried to use the hand-wavy thing on some Jedi.”

    “Well, yeah. I wanted to run like you said to do if I got caught, but Master Aleski said that he could move faster than me after I did the hand-wavy thing.”

    Estra thought about the massive Jedi who had towered over her. Surely Zallie could have run away from him. She glanced around again, trying to spot him through the crowds but there was no sign of him. Surely someone so huge would find it impossible to hide.

    “And you met the Queen?” Estra frowned again. Zallie dodged around two old ladies arguing about cost and then smiled at her sister.

    “I did. She’s really beautiful.”

    “The Queen or the horse-thingy.”

    “The Queen silly. She said I could come ride Laluna tomorrow.”

    “Sorry what?” Estra stopped again, dragging her sister into a side alley.

    “The Queen said that if Da and Mama come with me then I can ride Laluna.”

    “Uh, sprout,” Eena had the sudden desire to rip her hair out, “you want to take Da and Mama to the palace while it’s surrounded by guards and without a plan so that you can ride a Guara-thing-whatsamacallit.”


    “That thing. Yep.”

    Zallie pouted. “Why can’t I.”

    “You know what sprout, I’m going to let Da explain to you why that’s a bad idea. We just need to get home first. Did you at least have some success.”

    The pout was gone replaced by a vibrant smile.

    “Yes. Want to see?”

    Estra blinked rapidly. “Uh, not here. Wait. Just wait.”

    She grabbed Zallie by the hand the desire to get back to the safety of the ship and the family almost overwhelming her.

    “Yeah,” Zallie said softly, “I even managed to steal something from the Queen.”


    F’kisi was waiting at the bottom of the boarding ramp. Estra nodded to him almost shoving Zallie ahead of her, desperate to get onto the ship. Inside she found the cargo bay suspiciously clear, anything hot had obviously been stashed away hurriedly in the many hidey-holes that littered The Lady.

    “Were you followed?” Her Da was standing in the mess, a blaster in one hand, another strapped to his hip. Nicco was behind him lacing up his leathers. F’kisi had followed her in, his traditional ‘apai in one hand and the other held another blaster.

    “Hi Estra. How are you? Are you alright after you were accosted by a Jedi and had to drag Zallie, who I might add was no sithing help at all through the markets. After she stole stuff from the skriving Queen.”

    “You stole something from the Queen? Good going sprout. ” Nicco said staring at Zallie in astonishment. The girl was unpacking her considerable haul onto the table. Estra had the sudden desire to scream and cry and hit something all at once. She settled for throwing a cup at her brother, who ducked and it smashed against the wall. Her father just looked at her and raised one eyebrow.

    “I’m sorry Essie, how are you going?” He asked, eyebrow still raised as if admonishing her for her outburst.

    “I’m fine.” Estra grumbled crossing her arms.

    “Excellent. I’m glad to hear it. So, were you followed?”



    Estra rounded on Zallie. “What do you mean we were followed? Why didn’t you say something.”

    “You didn’t ask.” Zallie was pouting and Estra wanted to shake her, “you were being too angry with me to listen.”

    “Me angry? I’ll show you angry!“

    Estra went to pounce on her sister but F’kisi grabbed her, throwing his arms around her and holding her close as Zallie scooted over to where Nicco stood.

    “Stop.” Her Da’s voice cut across the squabble like silken steel. “It’s too late now. Zallie. Next time you tell Estra. Not telling someone when The Force tells you something is not okay. Estra, take five big breaths.”


    “Five. F’kisi will count them.”

    “Surely Rin can just hand-wave them away.” F’kisi suggested.

    “She’s feeding Quin and I’m not going to interrupt her. Also she can’t wave away two. Not even one. She’s well out of practice and Jedi aren’t your normal run of the mill people. I’ll go out and see what they want. The rest of you to your places.”

    There was a general scramble in the room as people reached for weapons. Zallie looked like she was going to say something but Estra glared at her until the girl stuck out her tongue and quietly took the twins and led them from the room.

    “No coming out Zallie. Not until someone calls you.” Del reminded her, patting her on the way past. Estra watched her father size up the three young adults in front of him once they’d heard Zallie’s door lock.

    “Jedi are good hunters Essie, you wouldn’t have seen them. Any other intel.”

    “Both male. One Master, one padawan. Master is human, padawan is zabrak." Estra felt her body calm as it settled back into the routine they'd practiced so many times before. "Oh and they're onto us because Zallie tried to use her hand-thingy on them.” There was a part of her that glimmered with satisfaction at being able to dump her sister in it.

    Del swore in several languages.

    “Great. So there will be questions. Rin and I are going to have to start taking that child’s training a bit more seriously. If we get through this.”

    “If?” F’kisi sounded suddenly worried as he strapped a vibroblade to his side.

    “Once. I’m sure it’ll all be explainable. Estra, you need to go to the the turret guns.”

    “But that’s Nicco’s job.” Estra could feel her resentment growing. Just because she was a girl and she couldn’t use the stupid Force, her father never took her seriously.

    “You aren’t dressed and he is. Go to the guns.” Her father’s voice was steel. “Nicco and F’kisi to the door but not out of it. We’ll wait and see what they do.”

    Estra grit her teeth letting all the anger and frustration play upon her face. As she went to push past her father he grabbed her shoulders and bent his head to hers.

    “I’m proud of you Essie. If you were dressed and ready then I’d have you at my side in a second, but I can’t let something so precious to me be harmed. I just can’t lose you.”

    Estra felt part of the anger that she’d been building slide away. She let out a pent out breath.

    “Fine Da, I’ll go to the guns. Just stay safe." She paused as she got to the door and turned at looked back at her father, "What do you think they’ll do.”

    “I don’t know,” Del shrugged seeming resigned, “if it was me twenty years ago, I’d probably just knock.”
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    Enjoyed all the reactions to the day's adventures. Del's a dear and a haven of practicality and affirmation for Estra, soothing the waters.
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    I'm loving Zallie. And all her pets! :)
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    Heh heh. It's Kirsh. Of course they'll just knock.
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    Hmm, I wonder what Zallie stole from the Queen. And I wonder if the Queen knows it's missing yet. That could cause some complications.

    It sounds like the pair of Jedi are doing pretty good with the exercise of following someone who doesn't want to be followed since they remained undetected by Estra. (I'm not counting Zallie here because of her Force Sensitivity-- Estra is a more typical example of the type of person the Jedi would encounter while out and about.)

    Coming up and knocking seems like a very Jedi thing to do. :)

    Great update!
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    He loves his children very much. Although I think Estra has a special place because she's his eldest girl and he's a bit of a protectionist Dad and, unlike the others, she doesn't have the force to protect her and he knows what that's like.

    Aww. Thank you! There are sooooo many pets now.

    That's what polite Jedi do isn't it? None of this leaping off spaceships to land in the middle of the arena, just knock!

    Definitely and it's not like Zallie would really have much idea of what she stole. She's still young enough that if it's pretty and shiny then it's good.

    Yep and it doesn't help Estra that her brain is going in four thousand different places at once. However, the fact that both of them are rather giant (particuarly Kirsh) AND wearing traditional garb does kinda make them stand out like a sore thumb.
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    This was supposed to be a short addition. Then, ahhh...I kept writing. Oooops.


    Pet 32 – Guarlara – Laluna – 27 BBY – (9 years and 364 days exactly) - Part 4

    “So, padawan, what can you feel?” Kirsh asked. They were standing at the edge of the shipping pads, staring at the old Class-E ship that the girls had gone into. Kirsh had noted the young man they’d seen earlier with Estra. He noted the blaster and the huge clubbed weapon along with the way he held it, totally at ease with himself and his place in the world now he was near home. Kirsh frowned. Both Jedi had cloaked their Force signatures as they’d entered the lot and Kirsh briefly wondered if the younger girl had noted that they’d been followed. He doubted it. The way that the older one had harried her younger sister along and Zallie’s compliance would suggest that her abilities didn’t extend that far. The ships down here were the poorer kind, traders and family ships that were using the outer reaches of the transport hub as a parking ground during Commemoration Day. He watched his padawan close his eyes and extend a hand towards the ship, beneath Heilan’s feet the grass trembled slightly and Kirsh smiled bemusedly. It didn’t seem to matter how much they tried to work on Heilan using The Force for one intention only, it always seemed to spill out into the surrounding landscape. After a moment, he opened his eyes and frowned at his Master.

    “Eight life signs. I think four adults, three children and an infant.”

    “Good work Padawan,” Kirsh smiled, his padawan was out by one but it wasn’t his fault. Even at this distance, Kirsh could see the flickering colours on the ship. One of them had flared briefly as Heilan had begun his count, a motely of colours that picked at his memory before it went out. That was going to complicate things, although it went some ways towards explaining why the young girl could do what she did. He sighed. “Zallie isn’t the only Sensitive on that ship. We need to be careful padawan. How do you think we should approach this?”

    Heilan took a moment to consider it.

    “We could just knock?”

    Kirsh laughed, “fantastic suggestion Padawan. Consider it done.”

    Kirsh ambled slowly across the grass towards the ship, Heilan following behind him.

    “Just mind that gun turret.” Kirsh motioned to where the gun turret was turning in a lazy arc to face them. Heilan’s hand went down to where his lightsabre hung, clipped to his belt but Kirsh shook his head.

    “What emotions do you feel, padawan?”

    “Uh, frustration, fear, worry and…something else…I…there’s someone shielding in there Master.”
    Kirsh nodded. “You’re right padawan. One more adult but I can’t get a read on them.” He frowned again at the memory of the colours, they were vaguely familiar but he couldn’t place it. It tugged at him, worried the edges of his thoughts. He shook his head to get rid of it. “But the emotions mean that we need a light touch. We go in there lightsabres lit and there will be trouble.”

    Heilan nodded. By now they’d come all the way up to the gangway.

    “What do we do now Master?” Heilan asked quietly.

    “Exactly what you said you’d do padawan. You knock.”


    Del stood by the door, blaster in hand. He could hear Estra’s running commentary from the gun turret as the two Jedi had made their way nonchalantly across the field. He’d had to talk his daughter down from blasting them twice. He could understand her frustration. She felt that she’d been duped, both by her sister and then again by the way that the Jedi had just followed her without her ever being aware. The fact that now they were just “meandering without a care in the world” as she’d put it must have been especially galling. Del knew the walk. It had been his walk for a long time. It was the one that said that you didn’t have a care in the world because you were the superior force and that you were just going to be here for a friendly chat and that the people you were chatting with should definitely ignore the shiny metal cylinder of death that hung from your waist because that was the sensible thing to do.

    Del occasionally still used that walk, but he’d long ago swapped the cylinder of death for a blaster and his walk didn’t ask you to ignore all those quiet thoughts that spelt impending doom but to listen to them as they shouted for you to run far, far away. He briefly wondered if he should get Kit down but decided against it. She had said that she was going to feed Quin, and Del knew how hard that was.

    Their last born had been almost two months early, and she was tiny, sickly and frail. Del had watched his normally bubbly partner become a shell of herself. Instead of retreating, she’d become almost manic, trying to sort people and things, bouncing from one place to another and never stopping. Giggling and smiling and being silly as if acting that way would make the whole world alright again. It was only late at night when she thought no-body was watching that he saw her crumple into herself. He’d only seen that once before, back on that trip. He hadn’t known what to do then because it had been his fault and he didn’t know what to do now. Quin’s early birth had felt like his fault too. He couldn’t help but think that the Gizka’s arrival and their subsequent crash had been too stressful and had brought labour on early. His list of if onlys was long and terrible and felt, sometimes, like they ate him from the inside. She didn’t need this. They would see the Jedi off and Kit could keep her new life away from the prying eyes of the temple.

    “Come on.” Del’s voice was a growl. His hand rested on the top of his blaster as his frustration grew. He knew the Jedi nonchalance, the hubris and the expectation that theirs was the only right way in the world and at this moment he hated all of it.

    There was a knock.


    Up in the bedroom Kit looked at Quin’s tiny, pink face. Her littlest daughter lay on her back, fists curled as if she could fight the world. Kithera breathed out a long sigh of relief. It had taken an hour to feed her and then another to get her to sleep and she knew it would, even with the help of The Force, only be a short one. She looked at her daughter’s tiny hands and the soft down on her face and closed her eyes as she felt the wash of guilt and fear sweep over her. She lay back on the bed, one had still out to rest on her daughter’s sleeping body for comfort. Kit knew that it was for both Quin and her sake. Her daughter loved the heat and the pressure and Kithera needed the reassurance that her tiny daughter still breathed. Not for the first time in her life she cursed her own inability to use The Force to heal. A baby like Quin would have been a walk in the park for any Jedi Healer but she simply didn’t have the ability.

    She closed her eyes, grateful that Del had organised Estra to take Zallie to see the Guarlara and that Nicco had promised to keep the twins away for a bit. She loved her family but they were exhausting, especially with Quin to care for. She had finally relaxed when the melody of life that normally flowed through the ship changed. She could hear Fi’kisi’s worry and Del’s returning phrase. She breathed out. Del would have this.

    She was almost asleep when Estra and Zallie’s melody joined. Anger on Estra’s part and defiance from Zallie. Kit sighed again and sat up. Quin whimpered at the change in pressure and emotion and Kithera felt her heart break quietly at the noise. She was about to get up when there was another sound, distant but there, just on the edges of her senses. She gasped and mentally clambered to set her own shields in place. There were Jedi out there, shielded but still there. Kithera knew her family would be setting up their defences and that if Del was worried he would have called for her.

    She looked down at her restlessly sleeping daughter and made a decision. If there were Jedi then she needed to be with her family. Slowly Kit got to her feet and tucked Quin in firmly, hoping that the weight of the blankets would be enough to trick the infant's brain into believing that her mother was still there. Kithera made her way to the door and down the passage when she heard the knock. She heard The Lady give her now familiar creak and whine as the gang plank slid down. As she passed through the kitchen she called her lightsabre from where it hung on the wall, feeling its comforting and familiar weight in her hand. It had taken many arguments with Del before he’d consented to hang both lightsabres there, but she was glad she’d finally prevailed. There was nothing worse then having to go digging in a drawer to find a weapon, and Kit still had to get used to blasters.

    As she came to the top of the balustrade that surrounded the cargo bay doors, she could hear Del talking to someone outside. The voice sounded familiar and tears sprung into the corner of Kit’s eyes. He was here. He would save Quin. Dropping her shields, she vaulted over the balustrade and ran across the cargo bay as fast as The Force and her legs would carry her. She was vaguely aware of the hiss-snap of a green lightsabre and the Family's raised weapons in response as she hurtled past them but she didn’t care. She landed on his chest, bowling him over onto the dusty grass and laughing and crying all at once.

    Under her, Kirsh was laughing in response, motioning to his padawan to back down. He looked up at Kit’s beaming face and grinned.

    “Why Mistress Rinani, fancy meeting you here.”
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    OH WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! [face_relieved] Loved Del's half resentful/guilty musings and a hint at an incredibly fascinating back story with Kithera. [face_thinking] Kit's anxiety over Quin - heart-wrenching followed by oh the auspicious "timing". ;) =D=
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    Caught up at last! Oh my, Zallie's talents seem to have attracted some attention! Not only has she made the acquaintance of the biggest animal yet--the noble guarlara Laluna--but she and her family are about to be pulled into a bigger intrigue than anyone anticipated! :eek: But some of the intrigue seems like it could end up center around Kithera herself, too, as an ex-Jedi and also for the fact that her Force signature clearly seems familiar to Kirsh. [face_thinking] And all this happening while Kit is caring for a new baby--oh man, I remember the stress and sleepless nights so well! (Findsboy is ten now, thank goodness!) What a blessing that sweet Del is there caring for her and springing into action to protect her, and of course her other Family members, too. Though I'm on tenterhooks to see how this fateful meeting with Kirsh will go! [face_nail_biting]

    Keep this coming--I think it's cool that it's turned into such a long, involved story that really explores the far-reaching implications of an animal-affinity talent like Zallie's! =D=
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    Just catching up on this intriguing set of stories. What a great little family here! Zallie is absolutely precious. [face_love]
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    Late to the party here, too, but what a fun response to the challenge! All the pets---my personal favorite is the gizka tale of course because IMO you can never have enough gizka as pets ;) And I see Zallie is becoming a budding zoologist. Great fun!
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    I'm finally all caught up! Every time I thought I caught up reading you had something new posted. Which is awesome! I have to applaud you on your prolific June! [face_dancing] =D=

    Then, I love how you've showed us so much of this 'family os scoundrels' through their pets! I'm shamefully unfamiliar with your 'verse, but I dove in anyway, and I'm so glad I did!

    Ha! The logic of children. :p

    Oh Zallie! She's quite the precocious youngster even before the Force manifesting in all sorts of interesting, unforseen ways. I love it!

    Oi! Fluffy the Spider? [face_worried] I'm with Kit in thinking that's absolutely not staying in the house. But of course her daughter is inclusive with her love of ALL critters. :p

    [face_rofl] Oh no gizkas. Yeah, you gotta move fast on that one - but thankfully Zallie understands just what kind of pickle she got The Lady into there!

    As much humor and silliness as there is in these stories I really appreciate these more serious notes too. They've given up so much but gained so much. Even when thinking about what ifs like this - they're doing their best for their children and everything will work out for the best in the end!

    Ha! As predicted. [face_mischief]

    I loved Del's introspection here - and he's spot on. :p

    Oh what a beautiful surprise for Kit! Especially brightening up her very real concerns and fears for Quin!

    This has been a fabulous story, and I've greatly enjoyed catching up. Thanks for sharing! =D=
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    Great update!

    It's amazing how quickly things can change. :) We went from caution from the Jedi, to anger and frustration from Del, to stress and desperation with Kit, and managed to end up with laughter and hope at the end of the post. It sounds like this meeting/reunion is exactly what Kit needs for Quin, even if it didn't start out looking that way. Hopefully Kirsh can help out, though I wonder if it might put him in a bit of a tight spot with the Order.

    Looking forward to more!
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    Ahh, the intricacies of The Force and throwing people together at just the right time:yoda: (also plot convenience :p:D)

    Yeah, poor Kirsh. Always being pulled into Kit's adventures, even when he doesn't necessarily want to be (and sometimes because he does). So much for a nice, peaceful trip home.

    The sleepless nights are the worst. I have to admit some of this was definitely drawn from real life. I have too little ones, and I slept with my hand on the youngest one because we didn't have a monitor (or rather we did but the bassinet couldn't accomodate it) and I was terrified he'd stop breathing. Luckily now he's a gigantic kid (2 year old almost in size four clothes who almost weighs the same as his tiny, elfin six year old brother)

    Me too. I'm glad it's become a lot longer, although it has kind of meant less time writing for USJS and on the Kit/Namia story...oops.

    Aww, thank you. I think Zallie steals the show of every fic she's in, even when it's just as a passing mention. [face_love]

    The thing is, if you only start with one Gizka you'll end up with millions of them soon enough so definitely never too many ;) Also just realised the Username which is really cool - although how exactly do you spice a Gizka?

    I'm glad you've joined too! @};- June was really prolific and I think my muse is currently paying the price. Hopefully there will be enough backstory on the way through this that will give you the basics. I'm also going to put the spoilers that I made for the Olympics challenge into the first post of this so it's there if people want to read more? [face_whistling]

    Yeah, it's definitely going to put Kirsh in a tight spot with the order. Luckily he's one of those Jedi who prides practicality and friendship over rules and regulations.
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    Uh, so this is ending up as a story in and of itself. Sorry...


    Pet 32 – Guarlara – Laluna – 27 BBY – (9 years and 364 days exactly) - Part 5

    Kirsh put his mug down on the table and gave a long sigh. Kithera was sitting on the chair next to him. He and Heilan had ended up staying for lunch, which Kit had sent a very grumpy Estra and far calmer F’kisi off to buy. Kirsh suspected that was less because they needed the food and more because his friend had seen the look that Estra had given him when she’d come down from the gun tower. Now they were sitting outside in the warm, spring air waiting for them to return while Kithera filled him in on everything that had occurred in the last ten years. On the other side of the ship Heilan was showing Zallie and Kit’s twin boys how to do simple Force tricks, while the oldest boy, Nicco, he thought Kit had called him, watched on trying not to look interested and failing. Kirsh had thought about stopping his, but had figured that it was good for him to teach something and nothing he had seen so far was outside the realms of what his friend’s daughter could already do.

    “That’s a doozy of a story Kit.”

    “I know, but it’s true.” She shrugged.

    “And that’s really how you met Del.”


    “That’s quite remarkable.”

    “Yeah, probably. I don’t know. Things seem to happen and we’re just along for the ride. I used to fight so hard against it, but now I’ve learnt, or I’m trying to learn, just to go with the flow.” Kit shrugged.

    “And Nicco and Estra’s are Del’s kid’s.”

    “Yep, their mother walked out one night and never came back.” Del patted the back of Kit’s chair as he passed. She glanced up at him and smiled and there was a brief curl of pink and gold ribbon that passed between them. Kirsh frowned. That wasn’t usual in someone who had been cut from The Force. Normally the ribbon would curl into nothing but there had been a brief almost invisible flicker in return. Del must have misinterpreted his frown because the older man’s frown deepened as he sat down, obviously defensive. “She didn’t come back and I didn’t look. I had two mouths to feed and worry about. It was her choice.”

    Del was carrying the baby, carefully and gently like he would break it.

    “And now you have many more mouths to feed,” Kirsh said smiling, “Nicco and Estra are a credit to you. As is Zallie and the twins.”

    “Do you want another cup?” Kithera motioned towards where the tea pot sat half empty as if trying to break the tension. Kirsh’s nodded. He knew that Del was sizing him up, trying to work out how much of a threat he was to his family, but he didn’t care. Let the man think what he wanted, he knew that Kit would put him right and it wasn’t Kirsh’s place to interfere in their relationship. Instead he focused on the little girl in Del’s arms. Even swaddled tight, he could see the masses of red and grey that surrounded her.

    “That would be lovely.” He said smiling at Kit who was pouring a cup, “may I see her?”

    Del eyed him for a second and Kirsh simply smiled more broadly.

    “I can understand your reluctance to accept help from the Jedi, but my personal mantra is to help and heal and if that goes against the mandates of the Council then so be it.”

    “He’s fine, Del.” Kit said patting his leg, “I trust Kirsh with my life. I trust him with Quin’s too.”

    Del nodded and gently, carefully handed over the baby. Kirsh looked at the tiny infant as Del handed her over and gently unswaddled her. She was so tiny that she looked like she would break. She gave a plaintive wail as he undid the swaddles and Kirsh could see Kit’s body tense. He looked up at her and tried to plaster a reassuring smile on his face. He failed. Their bond, or what was left of it, had obviously shown his worry because beside him Kit was looking paler. Del leaned forward.

    “What is it?” He asked quietly. On the other side of the ship, Heilan’s head came up as he sensed his Master’s unease.

    “I can do some.” Kirsh said after a moment. “Help her to feed and breath better but,” he paused, “she needs more than my help. She has a hole in her heart. She needs a doctor Kit, or a Master Healer. Better still would be both. An-Paj and Leona would put this to rights in an afternoon.”

    Del stood up, knocking his chair over in frustration, “but we don’t have access to An-Paj or Leona.” He glared at Kirsh, “we aren’t Jedi anymore, so there is no magical place for us to go to put it right again.”

    Kirsh looked across at Kit who was still pale. Tears were leaking from the corners of her eyes.

    “I’m sure we can work out something.” Kirsh said, “there has to be a way. Coruscant-”

    “We don’t have the money either,” Del snapped. Kirsh realised that Zallie had come to stand next to Del. The little girl reached up and patted his arm.

    “It’s okay, Da. We can get the money.” Zallie said quietly. Kirsh watched the anger and frustration drain out of the former Jedi.

    “And how would we do that sweet?” he asked as he dropped down next to her.

    “We could sell this?” The girl pulled a trinket out of her pocket. It didn’t look like much, just a little box carved with intricate patterns.

    “And what’s that sprout?” Nicco had joined them too now. Kirsh noted that he was might have been talking to his sister but his eyes were on Kirsh and his hand was resting on the butt of his blaster.

    “I don’t know. I stole it from the Queen, so it has to be valuable, right?”

    There was a loud snort of laughter from Kit and Kirsh looked over to see his friend with both hands over her face, he suddenly realised that what had started as laughter had turned into sobs. The next second was a blur. Del was by Kit’s side, one hand on her shoulder. Nicco had grabbed Zallie close to him and pulled his blaster out and Heilan had stood up from where he’d been sitting on the only patch of dusty grass in the lot, his lightsabre unlit in his hand. Kirsh heard a yell and saw Estra bolting towards them, while F’kisi stumbled after her, shopping bags still on his arms. He gently lowered Quin into his lap and held both hands in the air.

    “Everything’s going to be okay,” he said, trying to project the blue-purple glow of reassurance, “I’m a Jedi who is trying to get home. I’m not Pynde-gard, rules are there to be useful, not to be weapons.”

    There was a moment of silence until Estra reached them. Quin let out a tiny whimper and without thinking Kirsh gathered her close, murmuring and sending healing waves out. In his heightened state he must of overdone it. He saw Nicco's reholster his blaster and Estra slow as she approached. He saw Kit’s body relax, her shoulders which had been so high and tight before dropped as she hiccupped and scrubbed the tears from her face.

    “So, you know us for what we are,” she said into the silence. Kirsh could see the fear and worry etched on his friend’s face. He nodded.

    “I suspected when I saw Zallie pickpocket from the nobles of Naboo.”

    Estra glared at her sister.

    “See, I told you-” she started. Kirsh held up one of his enormous hands to stall her.

    “I only saw her because I’m a Jedi. Although Jedi don’t usually condone stealing, she did it very well.”

    Heilan had moved closer too and Kirsh watched with slight bemusement as the twins, oblivious to the tension, copied the older boy’s stance.

    “So, what’s your plan then?” Del asked quietly. Kirsh smiled.

    “I grew up with Kithera and T’lor and Rani, three of the most mischievous padawans in the temple and so I’m not your average Jedi when it comes to how far the rules need to bend before they break. I can sense no evil here, no fall to the darkside, just love.” He rubbed his forehead, “so my plan is to have lunch.”

    “That’s it?” The scepticism dripped from Estra’s voice.

    “That’s it.” Kirsh said, “Lunch and then to help Quin as much as I am able and while we do all of that we’ll figure out a plan of how to get Quin the help that she needs.” He held up a hand before there were any more protests. “Help that doesn’t involve the Council or questions, or” and this he addressed to Zallie who was scuffing the toe of her shoe into the dirt, “stealing from the Queen of Naboo.”

    Kirsh looked over to where Del was standing behind Kit. The look of immense relief on his friend’s face was marred only by the tear tracks and the red eyes.

    “You need to trust me Del,” he said quietly, “not all Jedi are out to get you.”
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    Great bit of assurance and now they know what they're dealing with hopefully a plan for a final cure
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    I wonder what's inside that intricate little box Zallie "procured." :p

    Kirsh seems like a good guy and a good friend. It's too bad that he's not able to give Quin all of the healing help she needs, but he knows what she does need, which is the first step, and it sounds like he's committed to helping them all figure out a way to get it. Poor Del is in a tough spot, but hopefully Kit can help him through it.

    Great update!
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    Just caught up, and whew! [face_relieved] That little chat went a lot better than I was thinking it might, given Del’s history and Kit’s severed ties with the Jedi Order. But Kirsh turns out to be a really sympathetic, caring, sure-enough guy, and I completely believe he wants to do what he can to help heal little Quin and help her parents regain some peace of mind. And I too am very curious about what might me in that box Zallie stole; it’s intriguing that Kirsh seemed to feelher talent in thievery manifest in the Force, just like her animal empathy abilities do—well, perhaps that ability, too, is part of what makes this Family of Scoundrels what they are! Very curious to see what will be next for the Family now that this helpful, caring ally has joined them! :)
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    Yep! Although Kirsh is going to have to get through Del and Kit's reticence to be anywhere near the Order. That might end up being a rather interesting set of conversations.

    Thank you :) Kirsh is, I think, probably the nicest, happiest and well normal character I've ever created. Friends of mine once tried to convince me that I needed to make a character without hang ups for either a fic or for the D&D game I play in...and I'm afraid even after 20 years that Kirsh I have a genuine soft spot for him even though he's just fictional.

    Thank you @Findswoman :). Kirsh works because he's got nothing to prove and spends most of his life as far away from the Council and politics as he can. Unfortunately the box isn't perhaps as exciting as it could be though. I figured that he could probably feel Zallie attempting to shield or cloak what she was doing so that people were less likely to notice her. She's just not as good as it as she would have been if she'd been brought up in the Temple.
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    I hope people don't mind too much that this part of the story has kind of diverted away from the silly tales about pets. I promise we will, eventually go back to that. I think in my head I've mapped out another 4 short chapters for this and then it'll be resolved and we'll be back to the regularly scheduled pet programs ;)


    Pet 32 – Guarlara – Laluna – 27 BBY – (9 years and 364 days exactly) - Part 6

    “What did you discover Master Aleski,” Amidala leaned forward and poured a cup of tea into one of the gilt cups on the table.

    “Your little Miss Zallie belongs to a rather interesting family.” Kirsh said picking up the tea cup and taking a sip. It was a difficult path to work out exactly what he should or should not tell the Queen. Politics had been one class he’d never excelled in which was fine when you spent most of your time in villages on the outer rim, but here, in court, he suddenly wished he’d been paying far more attention to one of Master Khdue’s classes.

    “Interesting?” Amidala raised an eyebrow and added a delicate biscuit to the plate. The late afternoon sun filled the parlour with warmth, glinting off the gilt edges and burnishing the dark wood walls. Kirsh looked longingly at the delicate finger biscuits and wished he hadn’t eaten quite so much at lunch. Kithera had put on a good spread, although he got the feeling that the quantity of food was not the norm for the rather large family. It had been nice to talk and laugh with his friend after so long and he’d only reluctantly left after Heilan reminded him of the fact that the afternoon tea invitation had been for that afternoon.

    “She’s the daughter of a former Jedi Knight.” Kirsh took another sip of tea while he gauged Amidala’s reaction. The Queen’s only reaction was a tiny frown which quickly disappeared. Obviously, Amidala would have excelled if she’d ever had the possibility of studying under Master Khdue.

    “I didn’t think Jedi left the temple,” Amidala made a show of taking a bite from her biscuit.

    “Kithera Rinani isn’t your typical Jedi knight,” Kirsh said with slight grin, “she’s always had her own ideas about what Jedi should be allowed to do. She and the Council had some disagreements-“

    Across the room Heilan choked on his biscuit. Kirsh glared at his padawan who set his plate back on the table. He’d filled Heilan in on some of his adventures as a padawan on their way back to the palace.

    “Sorry, breathed in some crumbs.” Heilan said picking up a napkin, his face turning red.

    “-so eventually Knight Rinani left.” Kirsh continued as if his padawan hadn’t spoken. “She’s now travelling with her rather extensive family. Zallie is her daughter.”

    There was a moment’s silence as Amidala finished the biscuit and processed the information.

    “I have,” she said quietly, “always wondered how leaving the Order would work for a Jedi. The Council basically lets someone with a very unique set of skills out into the galaxy. What happens if they fall to the” she paused, “what do you call it? The dark side?”

    Kirsh frowned into his own cup. There had always been debate about what happened to Jedi who left. Many times, they were never heard of again and he’d assumed that the Council kept tabs on them. Having talked to Kit that afternoon and now knowing who Del was, he was less sure. However, he knew what he’d seen and felt that afternoon.

    “It’s a good philosophical question, your Majesty.” Kirsh admitted quietly, “but when it comes to Kithera there is no chance she will fall to the darkside. I can vouch for her as my friend.”

    There was a quiet knock at the door and then a young handmaiden entered. She shook her head to Amidala’s enquiring glance.

    “We couldn’t find it anywhere,” the young girl said. “We’ve searched the royal apartments and the stables. It may have dropped somewhere along the parade route…”

    Amidala shook her head, a worried and somewhat sad look on her face.

    “I know I had it when I got off Laluna,” she said quietly, “I remember checking it.”

    “May I ask, Ma’am, what it is that you have lost?” Kirsh couldn’t help but think of Zallie’s brash outburst at the ship and the small box she’d held in her hand. He saw Heilan’s eyes widen as the same thought occurred to him.

    //Hush padawan,// he sent through the bond, //there will be a way out of this without implicating Zallie.//

    //She’s a thief Master. The code is pretty clear on this. Her choice also has to lead to a consequence. Regardless of your friendship with her mother. //

    Kirsh frowned slightly. His padawan was no normally so outspoken.

    //We will discuss the code and all its intricacies later// Kirsh sent hoping it would have the right amount of gravitas to keep his padawan in check.

    “A trinket,” Amidala said oblivious to the mental conversation going on around her, “my father gave it to me on my twelfth birthday. It’s just a little puzzle box but in it is the key to the jewellery chest he had carved for me. Without it I can’t get into the box. It’s sparkly and lovely but it’s not worth anything to anyone except me. I’m sure I dropped it somewhere and someone picked it up for me.” She took a sip of tea, but Kirsh could see the tears shimmering in the corners of her eyes.

    //Don’t say a word padawan//

    He gritted his teeth. So the bejewelled box that Zallie had stolen turned out to be worth both nothing and everything. This was going to an interesting exercise in trying to make it right and teach his friend's daughter that sometimes stealing had more consequences than just monetary loss for the victim.

    “Is Miss Zallie and her family going to be joining us tomorrow?” Amidala asked after a moment. Kirsh glanced at her to see that she was smiling again, no traces of discomfort anywhere to be seen. “I would love to meet your friend. Perhaps she can tell me some more tales of what it’s like to be a Jedi. After recent events I’m always interested to hear about The Order.”

    Ever the politician. He mused to himself. Amidala had already proven herself capable in the skirmish with the Trade Federation, and Kirsh could only imagine how powerful and important she could become to the Republic once her stint as ruler of Naboo was over.

    “I don’t think wild Guarlaras could drag her away.” He paused and then grinned cheekily. “Actually, given her immediate bond with Laluna, I think wild Guarlaras could carry her away quite happily.”

    Amidala laughed, light and genuine laughter that lit up her whole face.

    “I’m glad to hear it and I am very keen to meet the whole family.” She said offering Heilan another biscuit. Kirsh frowned as his padawan slipped two onto his plate.

    “I’m sure you will adore them,” Kirsh said genuinely, “and, call it the will and knowledge of The Force but I’m sure, your majesty, that your lock box will turn up soon.”
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    Super conversation and handling of the ticklish situation with the "trinket". Enjoyed the back and forth between Kirsh and Heilan.
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    For some reason, this sounds like something Obi-Wan might say.
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    Great update!
    Ah, Kirsh, there you go planting seeds in young Amidala's mind that Jedi having kids is something that is done. :p

    I think Heilan has a point about Zallie's choices regarding stealing the lock box. It would be good if Kirsh can figure out a way to make it a teaching opportunity like he wants to.

    It promises to be quite an interesting meeting between the family and Amidala (and Zallie and Laluna). :) Looking forward to more!
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