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    And your winners are?.drum roll please?

    In first place, and the winner of colors for two weeks:

    JediNemesis and Entry #27 The Serpent?s Kiss!!!!!!!

    In second place and the recipient of colors for one week:

    lazy and Entry # 44 Witness

    And our third place winners, who will get shiny new colors for three days, are:

    Persephone_Kore and UnderCoverJedi with their entries of

    #42 ? Where the Heart Is and #14 Walking Tall (respectively)

    Congrats to our winners and well done all authors! =D=

    Here is the list of entries. Your vote, when you send it to the sock, should look like this:

    #99 ? Pirates of the Caribbean

    We hope that everyone kept their identity a secret. Part of the fun of this is NOT revealing which piece is yours! It?s a chance to vote purely for the writing, not just for your friends. :)

    All of the entries were so well done! And we hope everyone had a good time with this, which is what a writing challenge is all about!

    The Mods

    #34 - How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days
    #14 - Walking Tall
    #7 ? A Knight?s Tale
    #35 - Conspiracy Theory
    #47 - A History of Violence
    #50 - What a Girl Wants
    # 27 - The Serpent's Kiss
    #13 - Cruel Intentions
    #40 - Gone In 60 Seconds
    #1 ? From Hell
    #45 ? Sleeping Beauty?
    #42 ? Where the Heart Is
    #16 ? Bad Boys
    #4 ? Kingdom of Heaven
    #15 ? Love Actually
    #29 - Never Been Kissed
    #44 ? Witness
    #32 ? Serenity
    #2 ? Original Sin
    #10 ? The Sixth Sense

    Rules for Voting:

    1) No voting for yourself.

    2) PM the [link=]challenge sock[/link] with the number and prompt corresponding to your choices. You should PM a vote for only [b]one[/b] entry. For example, if the author of the vignette you like best asked for title #12, your vote should say #12, The Cat in the Hat.

    3) Please, no campaigning or revealing author names.

    4) Though several people took more than one prompt, only the vigs listed here are eligible. Don't vote for anything posted in the story forums! We won't count those votes.

    5) If an author has requested more than one title, they may only submit one to the challenge. It will be author?s choice, so they may submit either their first or subsequent movie title.

    6) Only those who have taken part in the challenge may vote. This means those who have actually submitted an entry.

    7) All entries are due Feb. 28, midnight board time, to be eligible for prizes.

    8) Voting will begin on March 2 and end on March 9th, midnight, board time.

    9) The winners will be announced on Monday, March 12th.

    All entries will be posted in THIS thread as they are submitted. Please do NOT post telling everyone that you've sent in your entry, as this will give a clue to your identity. Also, do not post in this thread to comment on the stories. If you have any questions about the challenge, post them in the original challenge thread. You can find that here:[/b]

    [b]This thread will be for the posting of the entries only and we will up it so that participants can view the entries.[/b]

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    #34 - Class Is In

    Alternate Vignette Title: Class Is In (In case we don't want to be obvious *grin*)

    Title: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

    They say there is a class for everything...

    "Today we're going to go over step ten; commitment."

    A murmur rose from the group as the word dropped into the silence like a bomb. The woman who'd spoken, a petite brunette with an athletic figure and shoulder length hair the color of chocolate, placed her hands on her hips and cocked her eyebrows. "Surely that isn't such a shock."

    A hand went up.

    "Yes, Capri?"

    The tall, skinny blonde blushed as the attention focused on her. "What kind of commitments, Ms. Solo?"

    Brown eyes danced. "Call me Jaina, Capri. We're talking all kinds; anything that means long term - or even anything that could mean short term. Engagement. Marriage. Children. Talking about living together, even having a joint credit account. Put it together with the rest of the lessons and you'll have him jumping in his star fighter before you can say boo."

    Laughter echoed through the room.

    Jaina continued, pacing back and forth in front of the small group, her eyes continuing to dance. "Of course, there is one kind of commitment that won't send him running. Anyone know what it is?"

    The girls in the room looked at each other when a shy hand finally went up at the back.

    Jaina smiled encouragingly at the red head. "Hepsa?"

    The red head ducked her head, her throaty voice coming across clearly despite the angle. "The physical kind?"

    "Right! A physical commitment means they expect you to be exclusive; but they don't have to be, so watch for this trap. The other side of this is that once he has the physical, he may step back on other issues. Forget about flowers, or dinner, or even candy. He's gotten what he wanted to begin with so he's not going to put the effort in to keep it. Trust me, he'll take it for granted that once you start you'll want to continue. It'll even be expected."

    "But, Jaina, what if he tells you he loves you and wants to marry you?"

    Jaina crossed her arms over her chest, her expression stern. "Each one of you is here because you fell for the 'Love' word. I know each of you feel used because of it. Take it in context. Did the words love come in the same phrase as wanting to be close physically? Or did he give them freely and expect nothing in return?"

    There were tentative nods as she spoke, indicating that they understood what she was saying. Jaina looked out over the small class. "Anyone who says the word love and expects something in return isn't in the relationship for the long haul. They're there for their personal gratification, to use you and eventually discard you. Now, let's review the steps on how to get rid of a man in ten days."

    Jaina turned towards the board. "Step One."


    Jaina grinned as they answered enthusiastically as one. "Step Two."


    "Step Three."

    "Hang on his every word!"

    Jaina chuckled. "Step Four."

    "Hint at the future!"

    "Step Five."

    "Beg for his opinion on everything!"

    Jaina smirked. "Also known as the...?"

    "Honey, do I look fat in this rule!" The girls dissolved into laughter.

    Jaina waited until they'd settled to a reasonable volume level to continue. "Step Six."

    "Smother him in small talk!"

    "Step Seven."

    "Beg for gifts!"

    "Step Eight."


    "Step Nine."

    "Introduce the Family!"

    "Step 10." Jaina turned with a grin.

    "Commitment!" The girls in her class shouted excitedly, laughing as they did.

    Jaina applauded them. "Well done ladies, you've just completed Jaina Solo's seminar on how to lose a guy in ten days. Follow these ten sure fire steps, exaggerate them if you have to, and you'll never have to deal with a footloose man again! A step a day keeps the bad ones away!"

    The girls laughed, one of the brunettes at the front of the class speaking up. "Ms. Jaina, how did you become so knowledgeable?"

    Jaina smirked. "Because in all my relationships I've been the guy. Class d
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    #14 - Walking Tall

    So the deed was done, Obi-Wan mused as he walked away from the Lars? homestead. He resisted glancing over his shoulder and taking one final look at his last link with his fallen friend.

    ?May the Force be with you, young Luke,? he whispered. The words were a wish, a hope for the future.

    Climbing upon his eopie?s back, Obi-Wan turned his face resolutely away from the little family. He did not know how long it would be before he saw Luke again, but if the hard glint in Owen?s eyes was any indication, then the Jedi sensed he was in for a bit of a wait. He sighed and pulled up the hood of his cloak securely and turned the eopie toward the west.

    ?You have done well, Obi-Wan,? a voice said softly a few moments later. It was Qui-Gon?s voice. Unconsciously, Obi-Wan had been expecting to hear his Master?s voice now that he was here on Tatooine. Qui-Gon would be his only companion in the years to come. ?I?m proud of you.?

    Though something inside of him warmed at the words, Obi-Wan snorted derisively. ?In case you haven?t noticed, Master, the Republic has fallen and Anakin is dead.?

    ?And all of that is your fault?? his Master asked with a touch of dry amusement. ?You think that the responsibility for the fall of a Republic which has existed for thousands of years rests squarely on the shoulders of one Jedi Master??

    ?You know what I mean,? Obi-Wan replied in a hard voice. The events of the last few days were catching up with him. His eyes felt gritty and hot with exhaustion, his body ached for sleep. Even sleep, however, would not bring him peace. And it was peace he longed for most of all.

    Qui-Gon?s voice was gentle when he spoke next. ?Padawan, you have always laboured under burdens that are not yours.? The tone was that of a teacher again, and Obi-Wan felt comfort in allowing himself to slip into that role once more. Everything had seemed so much clearer when he was but the learner. Now it had all become jumbled up into ?should haves? and ?why didn?t I??

    ?There is no other who should bear this guilt, Master,? Obi-Wan answered quietly, thrusting away that momentary solace. He was not a Padawan any longer. He had been the Master and Anakin the Padawan. The Master had failed and the apprentice had died.

    ?I think we both know who is responsible for what has happened,? Qui-Gon said. ?Young Anakin could not harness his own demons. Now we must all pay the price for his weakness.?

    ?I did not see his demons, Qui-Gon, or recognize the difficulty of his struggle,? Obi-Wan whispered in an agonized voice. ?I should have known?? And once more he was back at the crux of the matter, the heart of his failure.

    ?And did Anakin ask you for help?? Qui-Gon queried.

    Obi-Wan did not answer, but gave his careful attention to guiding the eopie. Darkness had descended swiftly over the desert as it always did. Soft moonlight illuminated the sands around him, sending silvered fingers over the dunes, and he extended his senses outward, drinking in the Living Force within the unseen creatures of the desert.

    Abandoned as they appeared, the sands teemed with life scurrying about and attending to the business of survival. Obi-Wan felt a moment of kinship with the busy creatures, for he too, was caught up in the struggle to survive.

    ?Did he ask you for help?? Qui-Gon asked again, prodding Obi-Wan with his words.

    ?No,? Obi-Wan admitted grudgingly.

    ?And did Anakin deliberately conceal certain circumstances that might have caused you to look more closely into his actions? His needs? His struggles?? Qui-Gon?s voice had gone stern, as it sometimes did when Obi-Wan was young and not paying very careful attention to a lesson.

    ?You know the answer to that,? Obi-Wan ground out between clenched teeth.

    ?Tell me, Obi-Wan? Can you help someone that does not want your help?? Obi-Wan felt as if he was back in the classroom again, pushed to his limits, forced to see beyond his self-set boundaries. Think, Padawan. Come at it from another place. See the issue from all side
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    #7 ? A Knight?s Tale

    She came from the sky, and that?s what we called her; she approved with a wry smile and became one of our own.

    Her attempts to speak our language were comically rough, heavy with her cumbersome, otherworldly accent, but she made herself understood. She was a traveler, she told us, on a journey to find something she could not remember. Her sea-blue eyes laughed when she said this, as though mocking her insistence on following a dream, but if we pressed her on the matter, she became sad and spoke no more.

    Skye took up residence with the Mother of Medicine, on the outskirts of our colony, and the Mother reassured us of her pure intentions and strange powers.

    ?She is far beyond us,? the Mother would say. ?But she means no harm.?

    Not everyone was welcoming; as it has always been and will always be, a faction within the village was afraid of the unknown. They condemned Skye for her heavy, night-black armor with its trappings of war, and claimed the machine-beast she arrived in was the demon e?Dhra?s chariot.

    But the demon e?Dhra never healed as Skye did. When villagers grew ill, she made them well again, and we no longer doubted her compassion.

    ?You are no demon,? I told her one evening, as we watched the children play in the dusty central square.

    Skye?s lips twitched in a mysterious smile. ?So sure?? she rasped.

    The gentle taunt sank into my heart and made me wonder, not for the first time, what star she had fallen from.


    When the clouds no longer blushed pink and gold in the sunset, the Mother lit the bonfire in the village square, and the children gathered around to hear the nightly songs and stories. They always begged Skye to share her stories of adventure, and she always refused; instead, she sat among them and listened to the Mother?s mythical tales with shining eyes.

    Like the young ones, I wanted to hear of Skye?s adventures, but I was patient and respected her silence. Perhaps we were not ready to hear. She spoke sometimes of a multitude of worlds like ours, and I confess this was beyond the scope of my imagination. I was made for this world; she was made for the thousands beyond it.

    She was as confused by our way of life as we were by hers; her eyes were wondering when she helped us weave our clothing or assemble our houses of crude adobe. And yet she looked at ease among the children around the fire ? perhaps because she was just as curious as they were.


    ?I reach a twisting in path,? she told us, when we asked her why she stayed so long in our village on our primitive world; her sorrow was more eloquent than her words. ?What I search, I ? know not how to say,? she apologized. ?Where I go, I know not how to walk.?

    ?If you will stay, we will have you,? the Mother offered.

    ?Cannot,? was her wistful reply. ?Cannot stay. Cannot go home.?

    ?And yet you cannot go forward,? I pointed out gently. ?I do not pretend to know how you swim the stars, but I would not like to lose myself in that void.?

    She looked at me, and I saw the void reflected in her eyes, filling her soul with emptiness. ?I am lost already.?


    Skye did not find what she was looking for in our village, on our little alien world, but eventually she found the next step in her journey and announced that it was time for her to depart. Before she set out for her machine-beast in the wilderness, she joined us in the courtyard one more time ? only this time, as we gathered around the fire, I noticed she stood in the Mother?s place at the front of the assembling crowd.

    She caught my eye and beckoned me to her side. ?I speak tonight,? she informed me. ?You please tell them how I mean.?

    I nodded, eager to hear and honored that she had chosen me to voice her thoughts to the rest of the village.

    Skye began to speak as the stars came out. She was wearing her armor for the first time in months, and the firelight sparkled off its metal buckles and snaps. She whispered her broken sentences to me, and I restructured them until they built a bridge of pr
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    #35 Conspiracy Theory - Alex Trebek and Jesse Ventura insist you saw the planet Venus.


    "I wanted to believe.

    In a universe of endless possibilities, I needed to put my faith in something more material than even the cosmos; something more real than the simple particles holding space together in a cohesive blend of the amazing, unfathomable balance of life itself.

    I had seen things; things which could not be catagorized or easily referenced which gave me purpose, focus and a drive to see the sinister shadows of a grand conspiracy illuminated before the entire galaxy. This is the quest which must supercede all else I strive for; everything is as nothing to the discourse which follows, lest the galaxy turn from day to night; lest darkness triumph, destroying all in its path..."


    Chapter 1: Sounding the Alarm

    Special Jedi Agent Fox Mulder studied a sparse flimsy on his desk with intensity. Alone in his basement office, his squeaking chair boldly filled the contemplative silence, as if it were the only possible sound in the universe. Determination weaved a crooked smile on his face, half a wince for the paultry amount of information contained in what he was reading.

    Mulder was an agent of the Galactic Bureau of Investigation, a joint Jedi-Republic outfit that employed Jedi and nonJedi alike. Normally he investigated the X-Files, classified cases that were deemed "unsolvable" by the powers that be, and neatly tucked away out of sight.

    Today, however, things were different. On his desk was a nightmare of galactic proportions, it was indeed the most horrifying thing he had ever laid eyes upon, and yet it was only a simple piece of standard, law sized flimsy. The message was cryptic and short: "Chaos on Naboo. Plageus lives. Stop the bells of Mount Sidious before the death knell tolls or all is lost."

    Mulder looked up in a worried hurry as the door swooshed open. He was about to hide the cryptic warning from who knew, when he was instantly relieved and relaxed. His partner, Agent Dana Scully, nonJedi, entered and quietly closed the door. She was halfway off with her coat before she paused, clearly surveying the office with her own form of intuition.

    "Mulder? Why are you hunched over your desk like you've uncovered another galaxy shattering conspiracy we have to tackle?"

    Finally his smile took on a completely amused look. He placed the flimsy in his robe and stood. "Have I ever told you, you know me too well. We're off to Naboo, after a quick stop to the Archives." He walked right past her, toward the door, trying to cut off any potential argument. "Get your coat."

    "I have my coat." She suddenly stopped to think. "Mulder. Naboo is a grassy planet; why do I need my coat?"

    He turned to face her, sunflower seeds on his breath. "Because we're going into the mountains. Snowcapped mountains."

    "Of course," was her reply. "You know what? Next time, I won't even bother coming in to work. I'll just find the coldest place in the galaxy and meet you there." Her stomach grumbled and she realized she busted her buns getting there because her partner asked her to. "I was hoping we'd actually get lunch this afternoon."

    "We'll grab a bite on the way," he said as he was halfway out the doorway.

    "Fine. On the way." Scully's lips curled and she stared out at Mulder, before sighing and sliding her arm back into her coat and following him out into the hallway.


    The Archives of the Jedi Temple were said to be the most comprehensive place of learning in the galaxy. It was no wonder the Jedi kept it to themselves. You could find out almost anything, and if the rumors of certain sections housing ancient Sith holocrons were true, then the Archives were filled with potentially very dangerous information. Better to allow a privileged few access to it. After all, what better way to keep evil from the hands of men, but through ignorance.

    In the heart of the Archives, Mulder found Jocasta Nu with a few padawans. "How can I be of help, Kni
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    #47: What Padme should have remembered.

    A History of Violence

    If could just stay still, if I could only hold my breath for one moment more, all my dreams could stay real.

    Yet the cruel light is spilling into our bedroom in hazy rose lines. They shift faint color onto his otherwise translucent skin. Staring at him, I can trace his scars with my eyes?a history of violence that I?ve failed to prevent. A dark purple line rises on his cheekbone and over his closed eye. A cold metal arm is splayed limp behind his head, with a web of darkened scars twisting all along the unnatural connection between machine and flesh. I brush my fingertips along the hard edges of his ribs as they protrude beneath skin tightened by lack of food.

    It has been almost three years. Almost three years of him coming to me in the middle of the night, trying not to tremble. Almost three years of me tearing my eyes across his skin in desperation to take count of each new injury. Almost three years of my frustration rising like bile in my throat as he tells me of each new battle, each new death, each new attack that my voice in the Senate has not ended. The history of our marriage is told in the pale skin between the shallow burn marks on his stomach. Our life together has become the healing time between new wounds.

    I suppose it began when his mother died. In an instant the galaxy became a place where death was a tangible feeling to him, a feeling he described as dark fire in the Force. Qui-Gon?s death had broken him, but the feeling of a life passing through his heart and out into the Force tore him in places he can?t show me. He told me of how he had killed then. The stench of blood and fury was heavy in his clothes there on Tatooine. His injury then hadn?t been visible, but I could feel it somewhere. We both had one.

    I chose to forgive then and I chose to try to help him. I held him the night of our wedding when he cried out for his mother in his sleep. I?ve chosen every other night I?ve seen him afterward to make him something warm to drink, to kiss him where he hurts, to love him as if that could touch those wounds inside that no sweet-smelling balm can heal. I feel like I?m always racing something more powerful than me. Something is trying to tear him apart, and I?m not powerful enough to save him. Someday I?m afraid that my hands covering his scars will not be enough to stop what bleeds far beneath.

    That is what hurts me.

    I lean over and press a kiss into the greenish bruise along his shoulder. He jolts awake, a reaction learned from almost three years of catching light naps during battles. For a moment his eyes stare at me with the dark fire he told me about, smoldering with exhaustion and fear and something? worse. With a sleepy blink the fire disappears, but I don?t forget it.

    ?It is time to wake up, Anakin,? I whisper before burrowing my forehead into his chest. ?You have to be at the Temple in two hours.?

    He slowly drags his real hand up to run his fingertips along my back. It feels like salt in a fresh and deep wound.

    ?I know,? he breathes into my neck. ?Just a few minutes. Just a few more minutes like this, please.?

    I lift my head up and stare into the blue of his eyes. I want to memorize them. I want to remember what he looks like at this moment, so I will know where he has been hurt the next time. If there is a next time.

    ?Will you come back?? I almost beg. ?Will my husband come back to me??

    ?Of course I will,? he mumbles with a hint of laughter underneath. He misunderstands. ?I?ll always come for you, Padmé. I can?t lose you.?

    I give him a weak smile and accept his answer with a nod.

    Our wedding didn?t change one basic truth. I?m still dying, every day since he came back into my life. I?m giving him everything I have as if it could fix it all, as if my soul was enough.

    I fear that it won?t be.

    But I do what I must. I allow the Jedi Order to wrench him from my arms, and I don?t even make a sound about it. Instead, I watch from our balcony as his battalion leaves the Templ
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    Obi-Wan, Anakin, Qui-Gon, the list goes on and on #50

    Title: What a Girl Wants

    The roguishly handsome smile, the careful caress of your face and hands, the warmth of their body as you snuggle in a Jedi's arms; all of these things and more are what a girl wants.

    Even now, in the vast emptiness of space, a girl's fantasies and charms forever torment another Jedi's soul. Sylvar, a Cathar Jedi was once apprenticed to Vodo Siosk-Bass before the Great Sith War. She was once married to Crado, another Jedi warrior who also was apprenticed by the same master as she was. Both of them idolized Exar Kun, seeing him as a strong source of power and skill.

    When Exar Kun rose to power as a Dark Lord of the Sith, he took her beloved Crado as a possessed apprentice when the Sith holocron exploded. The Dark Side energy that was released into Crado put him into a tragic spell. He accompanied Oss Willum to Ambria to kill Maston Thon.

    In a vicious battle with Nomi Sunrider, Thon, and Crado's former lover Sylvar, Crado and Oss Willum tried to use the Dark Side creatures of Lake Natth to do their bidding, but were defeated. Crado nearly killed Sylvar because of the Dark Side influence, but he fled to escape them while Oss Willum was captured.

    Crado returned to Exar Kun, where he accompanied Allema to the Cron Cluster. There, they tried to use an ancient Sith weapon to destroy the arriving Old Republic fleet. In the end, they could not control the deadly weapon. Instead, Crado along with Allema caused ten stars in the Cron Cluster to explode, killing them both.

    In tearful mourning, Sylvar met Tott Doneeta, a Twi'lek Jedi Knight was had been taught by Master Arca Jeth on Onderon. Tott had grown up in a fairly normal Twi'lek family. However, his family was captured by slavers on Ryloth. Tott struggled against each of the slavers, being badly beaten to within an inch of his life. His family was taken to Ereesus and sold.

    Tott was eventually purchased by Master Arca. He became friends with Ulic and Cay Qel-Droma, and was assigned to watch over the planet Onderon with them. He had the unique ability to communicate with the animals on the planet.

    He used this ability in front of Sylvar causing her to fall for him. Their attraction became more and more as they soon became inseparable. They battled alongside Nomi Sunrider when they all returned to Ryloth to attempt to put an end to the feud between his clan and the R'lyek.

    Following the Exis Convocation, Tott and Sylvar again returned to Ryloth. They were secretly married as they didn't want to let go of their feelings for each other. They bonded together and again returned to Ryloth, this time to rally the Doneeta clan to violence. Tott, however, arranged for the leaders of the two clans to join forces and form a new, combined headclan.

    Because of this though, he and Sylvar started to argue for the first time in their marriage. She skirted with the Dark Side of the Force in her hatred of Ulic. She even tried to rouse the Doneeta clan into a killing frenzy that nearly brought them into a war with the R'ylek.

    Tott avoided the conflict as best as he could. He and his wife, Sylvar, eventually separated because of the dispute between them. He then forced her to return to Cathar. There, she met with Kharr and went on a blood hunt to try and regain her focus. Unfortunately, she slaughtered an entire colony of kiltiks before realizing that she was falling deeper into the Dark Side.

    When she learned that Vima Sunrider had traveled to Rhen Var to train under Ulic, Sylvar returned to Exis Station. She offered her assistance to Nomi in an effort to locate Vima. Her evil intentions were exposed by her husband, Tott.

    Luckily, Nomi left before she arrived, so Sylvar had to resort to hiring Hoggon to take her to Rhen Var, where she hoped to kill Ulic once and for all. She confronted him, and when Ulic refused to kill her in battle, Sylvar found out that she didnâ??t have the heart to kill him either.

    She powered her lightsaber off, but was unprepared for Hoggon's app
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    Feb 5, 2004
    # 27 - The Serpent's Kiss - Watch Out for Those Fangs!

    Marko was the only visitor at the Star Inn hostel that night, and came down for breakfast the following morning tired but cheerful. Sandre Malvier, the landlord?s wife, was laying the table as he arrived in the dining room, and the two small girls chasing one another around and underneath the chairs had to be her daughters. They were chanting some nursery rhyme as they raced round; Marko caught a few words as he went past.

    ?Janny Melanny lives over the hill -?

    Mme Malvier shushed them, waved Marko to a chair and smiled tiredly. ?Morning, sir.?

    ?Oh, for stars? sake. Marko, please.? Marko said with a grin. Sandre had to be ten years younger than her husband; it was easy to be friendly to her, as long as he remembered not to overdo it. ?Hey, this smells wonderful.?

    ?Thank you.? Sandre said over her shoulder. She reached the foot of the main stairs just as Gerart Malvier came down them, and the couple exchanged kisses. ?Casse?s lost her chance cubes, Gerart.?

    ?Under the stairs.? Gerart said shortly. He nodded to Marko; Marko nodded back, and started in on his breakfast.

    Casse and Mele Malvier stopped singing and adjourned to his table with alacrity on seeing that he was eating, and were only placated when Marko gave them each a piece of honeyed toast. They settled down on either side of him, munching contentedly, whilst Marko worked his way through the rest of the meal.

    When he?d finished, he pushed away the plate, picked up his travel bag and called across the room to Sandre ?Excuse me??

    She came a moment later, wiping her hands. ?Yes??

    ?I?m heading through the pass to Languemède.? Marko explained. ?Is there anywhere to stop on the way, or do I have to hitch a ride??

    ?Well -? Sandre began uncertainly.

    ?You can stay at the Lady?s.? Gerart Malvier said from behind her. He looked at Marko critically and nodded. ?She doesn?t come down to the valley much, but she?ll let you stay the night if you say we sent you on.?

    Marko raised a curious eyebrow. ?The Lady??

    Gerart and Sandre exchanged glances; it was Sandre who spoke. ?She lives on her own. A big old place up by the waterfall. We don?t see her often.?

    Marko nodded, guessing that there was some obscure cultural reason behind their reticence. Médou had a frankly ridiculous assemblage of bizarre superstitions and taboos, and if, say, the local waterfall was deemed to be a haunt of evil spirits then that probably cursed anyone living near it as well. ?What?s she like??

    ?Nice enough.? Gerart said gruffly. ?Never had anyone come back to complain of her company, any road.?

    There was a hint in that sentence, surely, and a fairly broad one. Marko smiled in acknowledgement, and hoisted his bag onto his back. ?The Lady?s it is, then.?

    He settled the bill and left, bidding Sandre Malvier and her husband a cheerful farewell, and missed the long look that passed between the couple as he set off up the Languemède road.

    * * *

    Marko reached the waterfall just as night was falling, and walked up a long drive lined with tall slender trees to reach the Lady?s house. There were glowcubes strung in the trees, and the sound of the falls added a pleasant counterpoint to the sleepy forest noises.

    The Lady?s house was less a house than it was a mansion, and Marko cast an appreciative eye over the huge edifice as he waited by the door. A minute or so after he had let go the huge metal doorknocker, the door creaked open. Behind it was a spindly service droid, hovering at eye height, which buzzed threateningly at him.

    Marko was about to say something when there was a shimmer of white behind the droid and it moved out of the way. Its place was taken by a woman who took Marko?s breath away.

    She was as tall as he was, dark-skinned for a Médouaise, and had a huge mass of dark hair tied up behind her head. She wore a long white dress that covered everything from neck to ankle, and even that made Marko stare. Somehow, whilst completely covered, she managed to be a million times more
  9. VaderLVR64

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    # 13 ? Evil Cliffhangers

    Cruel Intentions

    She was sitting alone, her head bowed and her hands folded on her lap. Clasped between her hands was a small, intricately carved piece of japor ivory wood. While it wasn?t elegant in the ways that the many Nubian artworks placed around the room were, its curious design had obviously been carved with deep love.

    Outside, a torrential rain pounded down on the buildings of Coruscant. The sky, which normally at this time of evening would just be turning an orangish-pink, was thick with storm-grey clouds that brewed restlessly, crackling with lightning and booming with thunder.

    Padmé Amidala tried to ignore the heavy rainfall, but she couldn?t help but think of just how ironic the weather patterns could be. The day she had fallen in love, the day she had married the man of her dreams had been gloriously sunny with all of her hopes and promises reflected in the sun?s brilliant rays.

    Likewise, this day ? when she had to reveal her reasons for the action she was about to take ? the weather was as turbulent as the thoughts flying through her mind. Each drop of rain that plummeted from the sky seemed to represent each hope she had had on the day she had married Anakin Skywalker. Those hopes and fairy-tale dreams that had filled her head that utterly blissful day were now falling through her fingers and shattering like glass.

    Padmé inhaled deeply, trying to keep herself calm. Anakin would come by her apartments soon, as he always did in the evenings. For several weeks she had been trying to find the courage necessary to face him, trying to find the right way to tell him her greatest secret. After all those moments fighting with herself, trying to force herself to let slip her thoughts, she had resolved that there could never be a ?right way? to tell your husband that you didn?t love him anymore.

    Tears were already welling in her eyes. She blinked, forcing them back. She wished desperately that she didn?t have to take this course, but she knew that she had to ? for as much of Anakin?s sake as her own.

    For the first month of her marriage, everything had been blissfully wonderful. Padmé had ? at that moment ? loved Anakin with every fibre of her being. She was deliriously happy every moment he was with her and tragically saddened every time he was sent off on a mission.

    But the happy times soon passed. Anakin was sent away more and more often. Months passed when they didn?t hear of each other. When Anakin returned from his various assignments, he became less and less like himself. He now no longer smiled. He spoke constantly of the war, and his anger directed at the Separatists grew more and more profound in his expression each time he spoke. It frightened Padmé. Anakin wasn?t himself. At first she tried to talk to him about it, but every time she approached the topic, Anakin snapped at her, telling her that she wouldn?t understand because she was a politician.

    Finally, it became more than Padmé could bear. She knew full well that every marriage had its ups and downs ? but hers seemed to be escalating downwards faster than she could manage to save it. Anakin hardly spoke to her anymore, and when he did, it was always in anger. The rage in his eyes was so tangible that she could almost touch it. While she still cared for Anakin, what good was it if he kept pushing her away? How could they be in a relationship if they couldn?t even communicate with each other? She didn?t even know if Anakin still loved her. As the days passed, he became more and more distant. What they had once shared was now a dim memory.

    Footsteps echoed down the hall, coming closer and closer.


    Padmé looked up when he entered the room. Anakin?s face was flushed; he looked angry ? as he always was. Padmé wondered desperately what had happened to the handsome, caring man she had married.

    Anakin stood still as his eyes met hers. A brief look of confusion flashed across his face.

    ?What?? he asked.

    Padmé swallowed hard. There was no easy way to do this.

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    #40 - Chocolate during PMS

    Gone In 60 Seconds

    Senator Quane Rahn sat in his pod in the Senate chamber gazing blankly straight ahead. With his best political face on, he feigned interest in Senator Bail Organa?s tedious reasoning against giving Chancellor Palpatine more executive powers.

    Quane detested wasting time. In his thirty years as the Senator of Kalarba, he prided himself of knowing how to get things done in the least amount of time. Did that involve making somewhat unseemly deals? Yes. Occasionally compromising his ideals? Yes. Was he always able to please his constituents? No.

    Quane didn?t spend much time dwelling on the distasteful side of politics. He realized the majority of beings across the Galaxy were incapable of understanding how politics really worked. It wasn?t their fault they weren?t among the elite few chosen by the Gods to be given the gift of enlightenment so they could comprehend the reality of what it took to get things done.

    Quane shifted uncomfortably in his seat. This was the part of his job he hated the most. A deal to give the Chancellor more executive powers had already been made. The debate that would follow Organa?s futile speech was only a formality, necessary to allow the citizens of the Galaxy to believe every opinion was heard and considered before decisions were made.

    Looking around to make sure he wasn?t being observed, Quane reached into his robes and pulled out his grandson?s electronic game. Asteroids was the best selling game on Coruscant and Quane was up to level 20.

    He was just about to beat his grandson?s record when Chancellor Palpatine called for the official vote. Sighing, he shut down the game and prepared to cast his vote. It passed as planned in sixty seconds. Quane grinned in satisfaction. Taking part in the action of passing a necessary piece of legislation was the part of his job he loved the most.


    The day the world changed started out as any other. Quane spent his day at the Senate before returning home for a relaxing evening. He had just sat down to dinner when he was summoned back to the Senate for an emergency session.

    He rushed back to the Senate chambers, exchanging speculative reasons for the session with his fellow Senators as they made their way to their rerspective pods.

    A hush fell over the chamber when a hooded figure stepped into the Chancellor?s pod. Quane?s mouth dropped in shock as the figure began to speak in a harsh, rasping voice of the Jedi?s attempted assassination of the Chancellor and plot to overthrow the Republic.

    Quane could hardly believe his ears but proof of the Jedi?s treachery stood before him. He looked away in horror as Palpatine threw back his hood, revealing his newly disfigured features as he calmly declared all Jedi outlaws of the Republic.

    He scarcely had time to wonder how the Republic was going to hunt down and imprison the mighty Jedi when Palpatine declared the need for a new Galactic Empire.

    ?We must never again be divided,? Palpatine explained in a convincing tone. ?Only by standing together, as one voice can we hope to accomplish peace throughout the Galaxy.? He paused, eyes scanning the entire chamber. ?Let us become the first Galactic Empire, ruled by a single sovereign, elected for their lifetime.? He held up his hands in triumph as one after another, Senators jumped to their feet applauding enthusiastically.

    All too soon, Palpatine called for order and an official vote was underway. Quane stood proudly as he cast his vote and watched in wondrous awe as each and every Senator voted for the new Emperor?s proposition. He stood back, tears of joy filling his eyes as he watched how the Republic he served for 30 years was gone in 60 seconds.


    The Senate was shut down for a week following the creation of the new Empire. Quane spent the time meeting with as many Senators as he could. They congratulated each other, each delighted with the role they?d played in history
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    1. The PM inbox

    From Hell

    Pain. More than anyone should ever live through. Sorrow. A grief so intense that it made him want it all to be over now. Anger. Simmering hot fury that would never evaporate. His life turned upside down, and the pieces of his shattered existence were gone forever. Anakin Skywalker was living in hell; one he brought upon himself.

    How fitting that the planet where his life nearly ended was a perfect representation of Hell itself. Mustafar raged against him as furiously as he fought against the man who was almost a father to Anakin. Now the remains of his torn body were scorched by fire, and his misery became worse if that was even possible. Glancing up at the man who caused it, he only felt his incredible rage grow.

    You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you.

    The words haunted him; they were a mockery and an absolute contradiction of the truth. Obi-Wan had never truly wanted Anakin to become a Jedi, after all he argued with Qui-Gon Jinn about him joining the Order. This entire time he tricked Anakin into think that they were friends that they were a true Master-Padawan team. But in the end it was all a lie.

    His scream rose and fell as Anakin?s throat was searing with the fire that consumed him and he knew it was all going to be over soon. Nothing could save him now for he was on the brink of the miserable existence of his pathetic life. The Force that he?d known as a child betrayed him now as his breaths became labored and his lungs protest with each forced breath of air he took.

    Padme, he thought bitterly. Why did you have to betray me too? He didn?t know where the fine line between love and hate changed; only that he wanted to hate her for what she did to him. Their love had been strong, it had endured the Clone Wars, and it was supposed be till death do us part. She, like Obi-Wan turned on him and without her, Anakin wasn?t sure if life was even worth living.

    The seconds wore into minutes and Anakin was still hanging onto life, just barely. And then out of nowhere he felt something, at least he thought he did but all nerve endings were long gone by now. Eyes that could barely see struggled to open and then he saw something that surprised him; it was Darth Sidious. Palpatine, the only person who had told Anakin the truth about Jedi and the lies they spread. It was truly an honor to become his apprentice and as Darth Vader he hoped to bring so much to the galaxy. Things he?d dreamed about as a child and things he?d long wished for since then. But now he wondered if that was to become reality.

    Anakin fell in and out of consciousness for several hours, surviving only because of the medical attention he received. The waking moments were also hell, the painful agony he endured was not over. And it felt life a lifetime before it did.


    Cold metal appendages poked and prodded at his torn body causing him to scream out in pain. Tubes were put down the remains of his throat and droids replaced all his lost appendages with new ones. Realizing what was going on, Anakin wanted to stop it, but there was no way. He wanted to die, he deserved to die but these machines were preventing that.

    When it was almost complete, Anakin?s eyes grew wide as the black mask encased his face for the first time. Claustrophobia had nothing on this prison he now wore, but for the first time since his accident, Anakin could breathe again. Granted it wasn?t with his real lungs, but rather the metal parts that now kept him alive.

    He bed arose to an upright position as a familiar voice washed over him. It was his Master.

    ?Lord Vader, can you here me??

    Taking another breath, Anakin truly wondered if he would be able to speak. And the voice that emerged was not his, at least now the one he knew.

    ?Yes, Master.?

    Then, almost fearfully he had to ask the question that was most pressing. Though in a sense he hated Padme, the love for her was much stronger. If Sidious saved him then he probably took Padme as well. Anakin truly never meant to choke her wi
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    #45: Baby Leia

    Sleeping Beauty?

    You are so quiet, lying there. It?s jarring. You never were the sort to stay silent for long, there was always something you had to say, a wry comment on the situation at hand, some thought that must be expressed. Even when you slept, you were never completely hushed. You would murmur garbled nonsense, dream fragments or snatches of the day?s schoolwork. You were never this quiet.

    The stillness is less at odds with your character, at least of recent years. When you were younger, you were a fount of never-ending energy, always expressed. Your short limbs moved faster than any others? did, keeping pace with my long strides. I never did remember to slow myself, you just always kept up. But the past few years have wrought their changes, and you have learned stillness of mind and body. No, this lack of motion is not as unusual for you, but its perversion of your normal attitude is that much the worse for it.

    The lower edge of your robe?s left sleeve is worn thin, a thread?s unraveled end moving in the air system?s cooling draft. It was always your main nervous habit. Every time we?d appear before the Council, you would lock your hands and grip that end with your right fingers. The longer my arguments with those of our leaders who disapproved of my methods, the tighter you would grip that edge, the more you would worry it. You always respected authority more than I myself did, it always distressed you to be placed in between your master?s choices and the whim of the Council. The edge looks raw and unfinished now. It had been a while since you have had a chance to mend it.

    The band which held your knight?s tail back has snapped, and the auburn strands fall messily around your neck. It looks like your hair normally does, first thing in the morning, mussed and disordered. You always did hate that, and would spend far longer than I?d think necessary fussing with it whenever you woke up. I used to tease you about it, remember? Waiting until you?d finished grooming and then ruffling your hair as I walked past. I haven?t done that recently, we?ve been too busy these past few months.

    Your eyes are empty now, with a glassy stare. Nothing of your brilliant personality shows forth, nothing of your sparking humor and unlooked-for wisdom. It?s very cliché, the idea that a man?s soul is revealed in his eyes. But with you, the cliché proved to have truth at its heart. I could see everything of you in your gaze, and it never failed to humble and amaze me. I had been entrusted with such a precious thing, your life to shape and guide. You trusted me with that, and I saw it every day in your eyes.

    Your hand is cold, as I hold it. You were in so much pain, towards the end. It hurt to watch you, helpless to do anything to save you, or to ease your passage. Such a stupid waste of all that you were, all that you might have been, for you to die here, a pointless accident. You were so badly wounded, yet I emerged unscathed from the same crash landing. All things happen as the Force wills it, but what meaning is there in your death?

    Yet there is still a look of peace upon your face. How calm you were, my padawan. How ready to accept what the Force willed. Rest in peace, my Obi-Wan, my padawan. I shall carry on in your stead.
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    #42 Slightly to the Left

    Real title: Where the Heart Is

    He was dying, stabbed through by burning red light, and the world was coming alive around him.

    He was fading away.

    He was floating, weightless and womb-warm, with tiny living whispers busy all around him.

    Something was touching his face.

    Lorian Nod woke up, opened his eyes, and saw that everything was pink.

    His first thought was that this didn't resemble any theory he had ever encountered about what happened after you died. Then he blinked, his eyelashes dragging through perfectly salinated goo that had been resting comfortably against his eyeballs, and the pink shapes resolved themselves into the interior of a medical facility. He decided that it must be a very brightly lit one, and he himself must be in a bacta tank.

    The bacta was still whispering wordlessly all around him. Lorian considered this and accepted it. Bacta was alive. It wasn't usually chatty, to his knowledge, but if his lately reawakened sense of the Force had him paying attention to the activity of bacta, he would be content with that. It was a friendly activity, at least.

    What had him puzzled was why he was personally still active, even in the limits afforded by a bacta tank. There was only so much one could regenerate, and he'd been impaled on Dooku's lightsaber. It seemed as if having a charred hole through his torso ought to kill him.

    He'd been so sure he was dying.

    There was a chnk-hsss, muted by the viscous fluid in his ears, and the tank began draining. Lorian yawned and tilted his head as the level dropped below his chin, blinking the bacta away from his eyes and letting it run out of his ears. No earplugs. They must have popped him in here in a hurry. Of course they had; he'd been stabbed.

    He shut his eyes again quickly as the equipment sprayed him briskly to rinse off the rest of the bacta, then blasted him with hot air. The tank unsealed at last, the support systems lowering him to the floor and releasing, and he took off the breath mask and climbed out into the cooler, drier air outside its confines.

    That was when he saw Obi-Wan Kenobi. Sheer surprise meant it took him two tries to recognize the man, and a third to realize he was being offered clothing. "Ah, right. Thank you." Lorian accepted the loose pair of pants while looking around himself at the room. And then staring around himself at the room, and last at Obi-Wan. "This is the Temple infirmary."

    Obi-Wan raised one eyebrow, very slowly. "It certainly is."

    Lorian looked down at himself. The pale gray hair on his chest had not quite petered to nothing over his stomach, but a few centimeters below his sternum was a bare patch. He pushed the hair aside to trace its edges gingerly and found it smooth and still tender, warm to the touch, and slightly off center. A perfectly round scar. Now that he had noticed it, he thought the area around it ached. He was also suddenly very aware of his heartbeat, and how close it felt to what ought to be a hole. The scar itself seemed to feel nothing.

    He looked up. "Why am I alive?" Around. "And why am I here?"

    Obi-Wan folded his arms. "You're here because you were alive, and you're still alive because we brought you here."

    Lorian regarded him sourly. "Then thank you for bringing me here for advanced treatment," he said, "but I'm at something of a loss why I needed it. Count Dooku would have been more than happy to kill me while he was still a Jedi; I don't see why he would have left me alive now that he's abandoned such pesky scruples."

    Obi-Wan's eyes fell to focus on the scar. "I wouldn't care to speculate on his motives for that. I rather doubt it was intentional so much as a by-product of his being in a great hurry. His thrust was just far enough to the side to miss your spine, and too low to strike your heart. Instead of carving upward, downward, or outward to either side to make sure of his kill, he must then have withdrawn the blade perfectly along its original path, before you could begin to fall."

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    #16 Bad Boys

    I came because of the guys of course.

    What else would I be doing out here? To get the newest helmet hair look? The sexy orange uniform?


    It certainly wasn't because I wanted to compete with other girls, and definitely not her Royal-I'm-always-perfectness, or whatever. Just because you all think she is wonderful doesn't mean she is.

    What? Oh well you could say I came for the guys, but I really said because of the guys.

    You know my dudes; Babyface, Sourbutt, and Furface. They figured out where the better party was being held and so like, we bugged out and came here.

    This place is short of important stuff though. I mean there would be so much less helmet hair if they actually just arranged for decent hair care. Just look at New Kid over there! That is a serious haircut waiting to happen.

    And I mean like seriously Dude, they need to get in a supply of nail files. What happens if I lose this one? CLIPPERS? Are you like insane or something?!! There is no way clippers are touching these nails.

    It's not like a I am asking all that much. A place to party, a few cute guys and clothes with some style. Like, isn't that what every girl wants?

    Top of the list? The guys of course. The rest means nothing without them. I mean can you imagine Her Wonderfulness and me out for a julaspike? I don't think we even speak the same Basic!

    What do you mean New Kid is kind of cute? I guess, if you are into that sort of thing.

    I mean seriously Dude, that is as exciting as dating Babyface or Sourbutt. If I had wanted that kind of scene, I could have stuck around and married Mudboy!

    One word for you. Boring!

    Huh? Oh well I mean Mr Tall, Black and Breathy is a good example of what I am talking about. He has horrible fashion sense; I mean who told the guy that black masks and capes would get him on the covers of fashion holo's?

    But there is something sexy about him despite the goth look. I bet there is a forbidden love affair and a couple of kids tucked away somewhere. The dude totally has it where it's at.

    In fact it is the same thing that is sexy about my boyfriend. I told you how I met him in a bar, right?

    Well he was cute, but he took a few of my career suggestions and then like WOW, he totally blew me away. He knows how to live dangerously too.

    I am like totally turned on by the fact he stiffed the Hutt. And have you noticed he totally followed me here?

    You say he likes what? Her Holy-haughtiness? What is your damage?

    So like, whatever!

    I think guys what something like girls want and Princess Perfection certainly doesn't have it.

    Are you like kidding? You still think I should go for the good guy, New Kid?

    I'm telling you dude, Bad Boys are totally where it is at!
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    #4 - Attending CIV

    Kingdom of Heaven

    The evenings on Alderaan had always provided a safe haven to Bail Organa. They were the only time he truly had time to himself and time with his family. His wife had even less free time than he; from dawn to dusk, Breha rarely had a moment when she was not meeting with her Council, an ambassador, town leaders, or neighboring dignitaries. She would retire for the evening an exhausted soul, always trying to hide her fatigue as her daughter immediately rushed to tell her about her day.

    Their little Leia had indeed grown up. After her arrival five years earlier, Bail witnessed the transformation of the small child who was barely larger than his forearm into a small curious ball of energy. With dark brown hair, wide eyes, and a vein of mischief in her, Leia had added quite a few grey hairs to her father?s head. She was very intelligent; Bail was surprised as how quickly she learned and adapted to her environment. She did have a bit of a temper, but had thankfully grown out of the tantrum age and instead resolved to pouting.

    Bail regretted how little time he actually could spend with his daughter. With the Empire causing more harm than good, Bail was often working or away on Coruscant to argue in the Senate. The elected body held little power anymore, however the Emperor dared not dissolve it. The man was too smart to do so; if he got rid of the Senate, he would lose many star systems? alliance and cooperation.

    Between work in the senate and work on Alderaan, Bail had little time for anything anymore.

    Especially since Breha fell ill.

    Bail had been called home from Coruscant frantically by one of Breha?s handmaidens. The queen had collapsed on her way to a meeting with two Ambassadors from Metellos. Her senior advisor was sent to apologize to the Ambassadors while Breha had been rushed to her room and a medic called for. When Bail arrived home several days later, she was still in bed.

    He had hid his emotions when he saw his wife. Her face was strikingly pale and her eyes had lost some of their hue. She tried to shake it off as a passing cold, yet Bail could see through the lie. Something was wrong.

    With the queen ill, Bail had taken charge of the planet, meeting with his wife?s advisors each morning and even having to make several public announcements to the planet about his wife?s condition. On top of his own workload, his wife?s soon began piling up as well. He spent his nights working while caring for his wife. After several weeks, the lack of sleep had begun to take a toll on him. He finally had to hand his duties as a senator to the former Senator of Alderaan, Bail Antilles. While being free of that workload, his wife?s fading health did little to alleviate his stress.

    After a month, the medics finally confirmed the one thing that Bail had dreaded; Breha could possibly not recover. Whatever was afflicting her body had spread in her lungs, causing her violent coughing fits and high fevers. Her body was fighting it, but was losing. For Leia?s sake, neither of her parents told her. Breha would sweetly tell their daughter that she would be fine, yet Bail could see it was breaking her heart to do so.

    Leia, however, took it upon herself to look after her mother. When she was not with her tutor, she was with her mother, often reading to her, combing her mother?s hair, or telling made-up stories of princesses of distant lands and heroic stories of Jedi Knights.

    While their daughter kept her mother company, Bail worked late into the nights. The farmers on the far side of the planet were experiencing a drought and requesting aid. The merchants wanted to lower taxes. Senator Antilles needed the Queen?s permission to try to push a new bill forward in the Senate. It seemed an unending list of tasks for Bail to finish, and it was already late.


    Bail blinked several times then looked up from his desk at the voice. Leia stood in the doorway, holding her light pink night robe closed with one hand and resting the other on the doorway. Bail
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    #15: What Anakin should have stayed away from

    Love Actually

    Sola Naberrie held her breath as she leaned forward and cupped her hands around the pretty orange-and-black patterned flitterfly. She almost had it...

    "Sola! Dinner!"

    Sola jumped at the sound of her mother's voice, and the flitterfly was startled into flight. She watched it swoop gracefully around the blossoms in the garden for a moment before she went inside.

    Her mother and father, Jobal and Ruwee, were already seated and waiting for her when she took her place at the table. Sola sniffed the delicious aromas wafting from the serving bowls and sighed contentedly.

    "Sola, darling," Jobal said when they had finished eating. "Your father and I have something to tell you." She paused to smile at Ruwee. "We're going to have a baby. You'll have a little brother or sister!"

    "Really?" Sola gasped.

    "Really," Ruwee confirmed, smiling back at Jobal.

    Sola plucked at her napkin, her mind racing. Having a little brother or sister to take care of and teach and play with would be fun. But she knew that babies were a lot of work, too. What if her parents had to spend all their time taking care of it? What if they loved the baby more than her? Suddenly, she didn't feel so happy.

    "May I be excused?" she asked quietly.

    "Yes, darling," Jobal said.

    Sola walked slowly out to the garden. This time, she didn't even notice the flitterflies. She just wandered around, lost in thought. She finally went in the house to go to bed, and when her parents came to tuck her in and kiss her goodnight, she made an announcement.

    "Momma, Papa," she said. "I don't think I want a brother or sister."

    Jobal glanced at Ruwee, then at Sola.

    "Why not?" she asked.

    "Babies are messy," Sola said. "And they cry all the time."

    "I think we can handle it," Ruwee said, giving Sola a teasing smile.

    "A baby can't help put the dishes away," Sola said. "Not like I do."

    "Yes, you're very helpful, dear," Jobal said. She took Sola's hand. "But you have to understand. The baby will be arriving in about six months, and you'll just have to get used to that."

    "You never even asked me!" Sola shouted, pulling her hand away from Jobal's. "You didn't care if I wanted a baby or not! You don't care about me at all!"

    She burst into tears and rolled onto her stomach, burying her face in her pillow. She heard her mother and father talking anxiously, and then they left the room. She knew they didn't love her anymore. They only cared about their baby.

    Suddenly, Sola felt a gentle hand on her back.

    "Sola," Jobal whispered. "Dear heart. Don't cry."

    Sola burrowed her face deeper into the pillow.

    "I understand why you're upset," Jobal said. "Having another baby will be a big adjustment for all of us. But no matter what, you'll still be our special, wonderful little girl. We love you, Sola, and we always will."

    At last, Sola sat up. She sniffled and rubbed her eyes with her sleeve. Then she crept into her mother's waiting arms. Jobal pulled her close, murmuring comforting words.

    "I love you, Momma," Sola said. She frowned. "But I'm not going to like the baby."

    "You'll feel differently when he or she's born, darling," Jobal said soothingly.

    "I won't," Sola insisted.

    Jobal didn't press her. She just hugged her tighter.

    As the months passed, Sola could almost forget there was a baby on the way. Jobal and Ruwee spent as much time with her as ever, except Jobal's stomach became so large it was hard for Sola to sit in her lap. But one day, Jobal sent Sola to play outside and Ruwee brought a strange woman to the house.

    Late in the afternoon, Ruwee came to get Sola.

    "Come meet your sister," he said, taking her hand.

    Sola couldn't help feeling curious as she followed her father inside. She saw that Jobal was sitting in bed with a small, blanket-wrapped bundle in her arms. When she noticed Sola and Ruwee, she smiled and told Sola to sit next to her.

    "This is your sister, Padmé," Jobal said. She p
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    Feb 5, 2004

    ?What, never??

    ?No, never.?


    ?Hardly ever.?

    The woman was supposed to be an objective professional, but right now, she was looking more like a gossiping teenager than anything else.

    ?Why does it matter?? Leia challenged.

    Not for the first time, her therapist looked at her as if she was crazy. Then, as if she realized just what she was doing, she schooled her features so that she looked once more sympathetic and vapid.

    ?When you first came to me, you expressed a desire to overcome some conflicting feelings,? she reminded. ?You had just gone through a considerable amount of trauma and the war was only making things worse. On the one hand, you had lost your entire family. On the other, you had suddenly found friendships that have now cemented into something almost familial.?

    Leia nodded in agreement, but not in understanding. ?Again, why does that matter to what you just asked me??

    ?It matters,? her therapist said, ?because you still have strong feelings for both of the men who came to your rescue on the Death Star.?

    Leia wasn?t exactly sure why her cheeks had flushed at that comment, but she nodded again in agreement. She wasn?t exactly sure that she liked where this conversation was going.

    ?I am still your friend and your counselor,? the therapist insisted. ?In both capacities, I am here to help you come to terms with your own feelings.?

    Leia sighed, knowing that the woman spoke the truth, at least to a point. ?All right, I won?t argue with that.?

    ?And we agreed to complete honesty here,? the woman prompted.

    ?We did,? Leia recalled, ?and I am still committed to that.?

    ?Good,? her therapist said approvingly. ?I also hope that you feel comfortable with me.?

    Leia couldn?t honestly say that that was always true. Sometimes, she didn?t want to come here at all, but she had promised herself she would do so every week at the appointed hour. Sometimes, the therapist asked very pointed questions that made Leia think that her therapist could see straight through her. metimes, her therapist just was too nosy for her own good. Today was one of those days, to say the least.

    ?Not always,? Leia admitted, ?but I?m willing to at least hear you out.?


    For a moment, she thought the other woman might drop the subject that had started this whole discussion. It would have been a relief, since it was one of those questions that suggested she knew too much.

    ?So,? her therapist said patiently, ?I?m going to ask you again and I hope you will stop avoiding the question: You?ve never had feelings for Han Solo??

    ?I have never had feelings for Han Solo,? Leia said firmly.

    There was a tapping of a stylus against a kneecap and she knew that the therapist was just waiting for the rest of the answer.

    When none was forthcoming, the therapist narrowed her eyes. ?You?ve kissed him.?

    ?I beg your pardon,? Leia snapped. ?That nerf-herder kissed me. Moreover, it was part of a cover on a covert operation.?

    ?Nevertheless,? the therapist insisted, ?your lips locked. Sparks either flew or they did not. They flew enough for you to have mentioned it to me the following week.?

    The woman had her there and it was not a comfortable experience. Luckily, she had an honest answer for that.

    ?Sparks may have flown, but those were not romantic feelings.?

    Any other person on the base would have then launched into a ten-minute argument about how it was chemically impossible not to have romantic feelings when being kissed by Han Solo. Her therapist knew her too well to do that.

    ?How so??

    Leia folded her hands as if she were delivering a speech on a well-researched topic. ?I don?t consider that to be a real kiss,? she explained. ?A real kiss is one that is by mutual consent and one that inspires something.?


    ?Something,? Leia confirmed. ?If I had feelings for the man, I would have been lost in that moment and would have forgotten all of the reasons why we shouldn?t have been doing it. It wouldn?t have mattered if we were doing it i
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    #44: Artoo


    "So," Niko Tundrey said, putting as much disgust in that one syllable as she could, "this is what we risked our lives for?"

    Vic Hetar frowned at his partner's lack of enthusiasm. "Hey, don't knock it. This could be our ticket to fame and fortune."

    The this in question was roughly cylindrical in shape, roughly a meter high and half a meter wide. It was coated with dirt, grime, and an artificially engineered fungus that could digest permasteel. However, from the looks of things it had bitten off more than it could chew with this . . . this.

    Niko's brows rose in what was becoming a very familiar gesture. "Fame and fortune. Right. Stupid of me to forget. And just how is this going to accomplish that? Do you rub it and make a wish when the demon comes out?"


    "Or is it going to turn into a princess when you kiss it?"

    Possibly the only reason Vic didn't respond with scathing sarcasm was because he was too busy scanning the object's insides with a hand scanner. After a few more tries to get him to acknowledge her continued presence, she gave up and turned in for the night.

    # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

    The following morning, she was awakened in a most unwelcome manner by Vic. "The motivator was the key all along," he announced triumphantly. "Not the power coupling."

    Niko looked at the chrono. She'd been asleep for five hours at the very most. Her internal timekeeper had yet to adjust to Coruscant's time - which was just as well because Vic seemed to adopt a three-hundred-hour day when he was neck-deep in a pet project, and kept forgetting that most people needed to sleep.

    "Vic? What in all the hells combined are you talking about?"

    He replied with a surprised blink. Obviously, he had also forgotten that neither of them could use telepathy. His face twisted with concentration as he unraveled his train of thought, then finally came up with: "The droid, of course. I got it working!"

    Niko closed her eyes. A dozen phrases emerged from the less respectable bits of her past, all of them clamoring for usage. She settled on an exasperated sigh, instead.

    "Vic, it's five in the morning. It's a time most civilized beings spend in bed, doing a thing called sleep. So if you don't mind, I'm going to go back to doing just that. Got that?"

    "Oh, all right," he said petulantly. "I just thought you might be interested."

    Her eyes snapped open and bracketed his face like a pair of gunsights. "Interested? Interested? Vic, there's only one person I know who would be excited to hear that a rusty piece of metal had come back from the Maker's side to spread the holy beep. Who could it be, I wonder? Hint number one: he's in this room. Hint number two: he's in this room. Hint number three -"

    Vic held his hands up in mock surrender. "All right, all right. I get the point."


    "But still . . . would you be willing to talk about this over breakfast and a mug of caf?"

    He was gone by the time Niko had found something to throw at him.

    # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

    Later that day ? much later - Niko joined him in the cargo hold, where he was cursing at the cylinder with words she hadn't thought he knew.

    "Any luck?" she asked.

    "One step forward, two steps back," Vic growled. "And please, you don't have to sound so cheerful."

    "Sorry. But I thought it would be simple once you got it working. I mean, the caf machine is smarter that, right?"

    "Yes, it is." He glared at the readings on his diagnostic scanner. "But that doesn't make thing simpler. The programming codes they used back then were thrown out when quantum circuitry became affordable. And that was just the beginning. And, it looks like whoever programmed this droid used infinite encryption."

    "Which is?"

    "Do you want details?"

    "No thanks, I have stuff to do before the universe ends."

    He grinned. "That's it, actually. IE was a code that would take till the end of time to slice
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    There is a peacefulness he had never known in his life. A bliss beyond compare. Images he could taste, and sounds he could touch. A sense of belonging, of peace.

    Yet, he was apart. The other's could sense him, but took no notice of him. It did not surprise him. They had lost their individual identities a long time ago. So how come he could remember who he was?

    He suspected it was all the studying he had done previously about the Force and his attunement to it. It perhaps was not the whole answer, but it was the best he could come up with at the moment. At the very least, it made sense to him. He had tried to communicate with the other side, but alas, he could not. It seemed that his studies only went so far and no farther.

    He knew he would have to figure out a way to send a warning and soon. Already beyond the bliss, he could feel the gathering storm clouds of darkness and chaos that he had felt right before his death. Unless something was done, it would one day consume nearly the entirety of The Force and very surely the very Galaxy he once inhabited.

    However that time was uncertain and he did not have all of his answers yet. As much as it pained him, those would have to wait for another day. He did feel certain that they would come to him in time.

    So Qui - Gon Jinn surrendered himself to the serenity of The Force, knowing that it would end all too soon.

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    Original Sin

    The two blades clashed, luminescent streaks in the darkness of the cave. They swung in intricate patterns, their every move precise and lightning fast.

    One of the combatants was immersed in darkness, hatred and anger pulsing in the being?s tainted aura. The blade he wielded was a bloody red, seeking vengeance and destruction. The other brandished a green blade, almost emerald in its intensity. This being?s aura was calm and it radiated light. The light glowed brilliantly in the Force, warming the imminent chill of the dark cave.

    Time did not exist around them, only the Force was there to propel them on. The darkness stretched out its tentacles, saturating everything in its inky depths as it reached for its victim, slithering to the center of the blazing light. It reached into the soul of the light, wrapping its icy tentacles around the core and squeezing, suffocating the intensity of the light, smothering it under the angry prevalence of the darkness.

    ?You can not win, Jedi. Surrender now and you may be spared.? The voice was quiet; a part of the Force much more then it was a part of the concrete reality.


    ?Then you shall die!? The darkness pounced, smothering the light with all its intensity, crushing the core until in crumbled and began to suffocate. The Sith laughed, watching as the Jedi struggled for air, watching as the Jedi fell to the ground under his crimson blade. ?Fool. The Light Side will never win. The Dark is too powerful.?

    ?Curse you,? the Jedi chocked out, his vision fading, sounds blending, and the Force beckoning him, enveloping him in a warm wave that would carry him away.

    Footsteps echoed in the distance, booted feet pounding on the stone ground as they approached at high speed. The black shape of the Sith Lord paused and then dissolved into the shadows.

    They burst into the enclosed area at a Force enhanced speed, drawn there by the sound of clashing ?sabers. Two of the knights rushed toward their comrade while the third lingered at the entrance, cradling a child in her arms.

    ?Is he...??


    She hugged the child a little closer.

    ?Well, Gordon, what do we do now?? one of the young knights kneeling by the slain Jedi asked.

    ?There is nothing we can do. Returning to the Temple is in our best option right now.? He turned to his female companion. ?Is he the only one, Akel??

    She nodded somberly. ?Yes, they must have overlooked him during the evacuation. There were no others. No others that had survived that is.? She shuddered.

    ?Well what do we do with him??

    ?We should take him back to the temple.?

    ?The temple? Are you insane, Gordon? He?s a Sith.?

    ?A Sith trainee, not even an apprentice. If we put him through rehab??

    ?Rehab, bah! He?ll always have that darkness in him no matter what.?

    ?Well what do you suggest we do with him, Jag? Just leave him to die? Kill him ourselves? Give him away to some unsuspecting family so that he can cause havoc before the Sith re-take him??

    Jag shook his head. ?Do as you wish, but I warn you. This will not end well.?



    ?Are you two about done down there?? Jesce shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot. He didn?t like this place. Didn?t like it one bit. It was cold and dark. The stench of blood and decay wafted up into the large chamber from all the vaults they had unlocked. The Dark Side feasted and festered here, in this place of worship to the dark powers where souls had been sold and tortured, ripped apart by the crippling cruelness of the Dark Masters.

    ?We?re coming, Jes!? Charly?s call came faint and distant, coming from somewhere underground. There was a tugging on the tether and Jesce held onto the line for extra support as the two young Jedi Knights climbed out of the vault. ?I think we?re about done here,? Charly commented, brushing some of the grime off his leggings.


    ?Adam?? Charly turned to look at the third Jedi present. ?Are you alright? You haven?t said a word for the longest time.?

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    The Sixth Sense

    Unlike every other day the boy would not be racing home. He would not dive into the cool clear water of the seashore. There would be no quick swim out to the floating dock and back before doing chores.

    And it would probably be some time before he?d partake in these pleasures again.

    Keeping in time with his escort?s stride, the eight year old glanced upward. He knew that expression. It was disappointment.

    Kyp knew his father would be angry for being summoned to the schoolhouse again. His patience with the child?s outbursts already wearing thin would provoke the most severe punishment conjured up on this walk home.

    Returning his eyes to the pathway Kyp too walked in silence. He should spend the time trying to come up with a reasonable explanation for his actions, but he knew no words that could portray what motivated him that wouldn?t sound completely absurd.

    So he walked on, his face absorbing the sun?s warmth, a luxury he would be doing without very soon.

    An hour passed and father and son reached the end of the cobblestone road. Before them was the planked passageway that stretched as far as the beachhead. The two shifted their course to venture down, passing the homes nestled along the sandy banks.

    The Durron?s lived at the very edge of the pier. Normally the oversized shack would be a welcoming sight. Today, it caused a knot in his stomach which tightened with each step he drew closer.

    As the two entered the arched doorway, Kyp?s father pointed towards the back room, his son obeying the silent instruction, stopping in front of the kitchenette where his mother stood. Usually she would give him a reassuring smile before rallying to his defense before her husband. However, this time there was no smile. So he continued on.

    Rounding the corner Kyp came to his room. Thankfully it was empty. He crossed to the set of bunks and climbed on top, his back flopping against the sleeping cushion. In minutes he found the crack in the ceiling and resumed his counting from the last time.

    ?Hey squirt.?

    Kyp ignored the voice, hoping they would get the hint and go away. But stubbornness was a family trait so his roommate continued to talk as he came over to the bunks.

    ?I heard what happened. You really walloped that kid.?

    There was no praise in those words, the tone concerned. Kyp wondered what exactly was told to him, but to know meant they had to talk about it. He couldn?t without the other thinking him insane. So he responded by turning away and counting out loud the thin stripes on the wall.

    A hand crossed over him, pulling him back. As his thin body moved that face with idential dark eyes and the same shaggy black hair staring at him.

    ?What gives little man??


    ?You?re lying.?

    Of course he was lying. What was he thinking?

    ?You know you can tell me anything.?

    Kyp snickered, ?You sound like Mom and Dad.?

    Zeth joined in the laughter. ?Don?t tell my friends, ok.?

    He wouldn?t.

    ?Just like I wouldn?t tell anyone what you say to me. It?d be in confidence, between best friends.?

    Kyp would like that. He wasn?t good at making friends. His mother had always said with an older brother, he had a built in friend with him. She stressed that to both.

    And Zeth, though nearly six years older, was the best friend he could ever have. Since before he could remember, his older brother was always there for him. He taught Kyp to read, to swim, to fish. They watched holovids and played games during the rainy season. And when Zeth was off to hang with his class friends, Kyp was usually invited to tag along.

    Of course there were times when they were at odds. But after all, they were brothers who shared a room. It was bound to happen. But those incidents were far and in between and were short enough not to make a lasting impression in their relationship.

    So as Zeth said the first time the two jumped off the floating platform ?Don?t think. Just do it.?

    Kyp dropped off the bunk when his brother moved aside. The two sat together on the lower bunk, Z
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