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Beyond - Legends Someday Baby (NJO missing moments vignette) Jaina and Mara

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by NYCitygurl, Mar 3, 2013.

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    Jul 20, 2002
    Author: NYCitygurl
    Title: Someday Baby
    Timeframe: NJO and beyond
    Characters: Mara, Jaina, others
    Summary: Jaina didn’t need to get pregnant any time soon. But someday ...
    Notes: I intended this to be for the MMM challenge, but it had a little more angst than appropriate :p Also, this ends in J/J, fyi.

    Someday Baby

    Jaina curled up gracefully as she sat down on the couch, a mug of caf in her hands—a grace and a drink Mara envied a little irritably. She rubbed her belly. Pregnancy was not as easy as some women made it look.

    Jaina caught on to her aunt’s emotions and cocked her head. “You okay?”

    Mara grimaced. “I’m fine. I wish this kid would just hurry up and get here, though.”

    Jaina reached over and rubbed Mara’s stomach—a liberty Mara allowed very few people, but she had always been close to her niece. “Me, too. I can’t wait to meet my cousin.”

    Mara narrowed her eyes at hearing the wistful tone. Jaina was only 18, and she was fighting a war—one that had left her so badly injured, she was still on leave months later. She didn’t need to get pregnant any time soon.

    “Don’t worry,” Jaina said softly. “I won’t.”

    Mara felt sheepish. “Is what I’m thinking that obvious?”

    Jaina tapped her head. “It’s been a while since we’ve trained together, but we still have that master-apprentice bond. And besides,” she added with a grin, “my dad gets that same look whenever he thinks about becoming a grandfather.”

    Mara chuckled. Han certainly wouldn’t let a man live through making him a grandfather any time soon.

    “It’s just … it’s hard, you know?” Jaina continued, the words seeming to spill from her mouth. “Being in a war. Getting hurt scared me more than I thought it would.” She sighed. “I wonder, some days, if it’ll ever end, if I’ll ever meet someone and get to have a normal life.”

    Mara’s automatic reply—“With your last name, your life will never be normal”—lodged in her throat. It wasn’t a joke to Jaina.

    She said instead, “Your time will come. Mine did, and when I was least expecting it. Don’t rush it.”

    Jaina smiled. “Thanks, Aunt Mara.” She turned her attention back to Mara’s stomach.

    But Mara couldn’t let it drop, not yet. She felt bad—bad that Jaina had been trust into war so young, bad that their paths had taken just different directions that she barely knew about her niece’s life. “Is there someone?” she asked.

    Jaina looked up, surprised; she had apparently considered their conversation over. “Someone? No.”

    Mara caught a glimmer of something—but then it was gone, and she wasn’t sure what she had felt. She decided to take her niece at her word … for now.


    Jaina curled up gracefully as she sat down on the couch, a baby in her arms. She cooed to the little bundle, and Mara couldn’t help but feel a surge of pride. This was her child. And he was healthy, and whole, and safe, and beautiful.

    As she watched her niece make faces at him, she felt content—and a little surprised that action-girl Jaina liked children. It took her until that moment to remember that Luke had once said that Jaina had mothered her brothers when they were growing up, since their own mother was often gone. The twins had been 10 when she married their uncle, and most of her time with Jaina had been spent one on one. Jaina had never really expressed interest in kids—except for one half-forgotten conversation months ago—so Mara was surprised that she was good with the baby.

    “You’re a natural,” she commented.

    Jaina grinned, still looking at Ben. “Thanks. He’s much cuter than my brothers.”

    “That’ll change when he’s old enough to start getting into trouble.”

    “And since he’s a Skywalker, that’ll be, what, two more months?”

    “Give or take.” Mara shuddered, imagining it.

    Jaina laughed. “Don’t worry, Aunt Mara. I’m sure he’ll be fine. Much better than twins.”

    Twins. It was a good thing, Mara reflected, that she hadn’t had twins.

    Watching Jaina with Ben made her think of their baby conversation months before. Jaina was barely six months older, and she hadn’t met anyone recently—at least, that Mara was aware of, and Jaina had spent most of her time with the Jedi recently—but you never knew. Especially with teenagers.

    “So, what’s new in your life?” she said cautiously. “It feels like we haven’t talked in a while.”

    Jaina looked up and laughed. “Are you still worried that I’m going to go off and have a baby?”

    Crap. Jaina’s right, Mara thought, feeling her niece’s amusement. That bond still works pretty well.

    “So, there still isn’t a someone?”

    For a moment, Mara still got that odd feeling she had the last time she’d asked Jaina that question—like there was more to the story, even though Jaina said, “No, no someone.”

    Mara looked askance. “I’m fine, really,” Jaina assured her. “I have no intention of having kids anytime soon. I promise.”

    But someday. Mara wasn’t sure whether the thought had come from her or Jaina.


    Jaina curled up gracefully as she sat down on the couch, and Jacen laid his head on her lap. She ran her fingers lovingly through his hair and smiled at him. Jacen just closed his eyes and looked like this was the first time he’d rested in a year. Which might, Mara thought, be the case.

    “Leia’s always busy, and the twins spent the first two years of their lives alone except for Winter and some droids. Jaina’s always taken care of the boys.”

    How many years ago had Luke said that? But it was true, Mara knew, and she was seeing it now. One of Jaina’s boys had come back; Mara felt the gaping hole where Anakin should be.

    It made her long for her own baby, but he was far away on Shelter, protected—as Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin had been sent away and protected when they were young. Mara wondered if one day, he would treat some girl like Jaina more as a mother than he treated Mara. She squashed the fear. She had no other choice.

    Jaina looked up at her. “How’s Ben?”

    Still connected, after everything. “Good,” Mara replied, forcing a smile. “He misses his cousins.”

    “I miss him, too. I’m sure he’s getting big. I hope he remembers me,” Jaina said, a little wistfully.

    I hope he remembers me, too. “How could he forget?” she said instead.

    Jacen remained silent. Mara looked at him, wondering. His experience with the Yuuzhan Vong had changed him, and Mara wasn’t sure who he was anymore. She sometimes wondered what Jaina thought but hadn’t worked up the nerve to ask.

    But then, the evidence was right before her eyes, as Jacen curled up against Jaina and Jaina stroked his head. And Jaina and changed, too.

    Speaking of.

    “So,” Mara commented after a few minutes of silence, “I talked to your mother recently. She mentioned that you’ve been seeing someone.” And since when did Jaina confide in her mother and not Mara? “A … Colonel Fel.”

    The minute the words were out, she regretted saying something in front of Jacen until waiting until Jaina was alone. His eyes were still closed, but Mara was sure he was listening carefully.

    Jaina didn’t seem to mind talking in front of him, so Mara figured she’d already told him—and, again, not Mara. “We’ve been together for a few months,” she commented casually.

    Has she found her somebody? “And? Things are …”

    “Good,” Jaina replied placidly. Her face was a blank slate. Obviously, that was as much as she was willing to confide. Again, Mara wished she’d waited until they were alone. But something told her that it wouldn’t have mattered. Jaina had told Leia and Jacen, but not her; she didn’t seem to want to confide in her aunt any longer.

    Did it matter what Fel meant to her? Yes, Mara decided. It did.


    Jaina curled up gracefully as she sat down on the couch, and she tugged Jag Fel’s hand gently. He sat down beside her without further prompting.

    Mara eased around the table in Leia’s living room and sat down in a chair across from them. Jaina seemed happy—happier than Mara had seen her in a long time.

    She glanced around the room. Leia was beaming with joy and trying to hide it. Han was trying to scowl, but Mara knew—because Leia had told her, not Jaina—that Han actually approved of his daughter’s boyfriend.

    Mara felt a little at a loss, unsure of what to say. Since that short conversation soon after Jacen’s return, she and Jaina had barely spoken. She hadn’t been crazy; Jaina had been drawing away, and Mara wasn’t sure how to reconnect. Jaina was hiding her feelings well, and Mara didn’t feel the strength of their bond the way she used to.

    For the first time in a long time, she wasn’t sure what to say to her niece.

    Ben ran into the room, his small legs already strong and sure. Jaina bent down and hauled him onto her lap as he tried to run past. “Gotcha.” She blew in Ben’s ear, and the toddler giggled.

    Jag—who had been almost taciturn all night—reached over and grabbed Ben, turning him upside down. Ben howled with laughter, and Mara heard Jag laugh for the first time. Jaina laughed, too, and Mara could see she was delighted that Jag knew what to do with the little boy.

    She suddenly had a vision of the two of them sitting on a couch one day, playing with their own child. She blinked, and the vision was gone, but she was sure that it would come to pass. No vision was a sure thing, but Mara saw the look in Jaina’s eyes. This was what Jaina wanted.

    Mara felt happy for her niece and sad at the same time—sad that she couldn’t see herself in that vision.


    Jaina curled up gracefully as she sat down on the couch, a baby in her arms. She cooed to the little bundle and couldn’t help but feel a surge of pride. This was her child. And she was healthy, and whole, and safe, and beautiful.

    Lost in her moment of pure joy, she looked up to speak to the person sitting next to her and was almost surprised to see that the person sitting there was male and dark-haired.

    “Are you okay?” Jag asked.

    Jaina nodded. “Sorry, it’s stupid—but for a second, I thought you were Mara.”

    Jag shook his head. “It’s not stupid. You love her and wish she could be here with you now.”

    And I shared moments exactly like this with her. But Jaina didn’t say so.

    It had been almost 18 years ago that she’d sat on a couch not so different from this one and held Mara’s baby and talked about someday having a baby of her own. That hadn’t been the first time they’d talked about it—had it been the last? Jaina couldn’t remember.

    And it had been 4 years since Mara’s death, so she couldn’t ask.

    It had been longer—much longer—since she’d had a heart to heart with her aunt. They had been so close when Jaina was a teenager, but after Myrkr, after Hapes … a lot had changed. She hadn’t felt that same bond with Mara after the war. She’d been through too much on her own.

    She hadn’t pulled away purposely, but a distance had grown. She wondered if things would have been different, otherwise.

    But wondering did no good.

    It was Jag’s hand that reached out to stroke the baby’s head, and the child had brown hair, not red. Jaina leaned against her husband as he put an arm around her.

    “She would want to be here,” he whispered. “She knew you loved her. And she’d love the baby, too.”

    The way I love hers.

    They had talked about how she would have a baby someday. And now Mara wasn’t here to see it.

    But maybe … just maybe … somewhere, Mara knew.

    “Yes, Mara,” Jaina whispered to her baby. “Your aunt would love you.”
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    May 25, 2005
    Awwwww, the ending made me well up!! Baby Mara. [face_love] I like these scenes with Mara and Jaina. So much potential in Mara being her Master, but it was hardly expanded on. Lovely vigs.
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    Nov 1, 2004
    That was wonderfully sweet! =D=
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  4. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Lovely piece! The ending was just perfect. It's a shame that we don't have moments like this in the profics, despite the fact that they were Master and Aprentice.
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    Jul 31, 2005
    That was very sweet! Love the ending. :)
  6. Hazel

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    Nov 9, 2010
    That was beautiful, Nat! =D=
  7. Blackfish

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    Feb 13, 2012
    Wow! I love structured pieces like these. very well done. You captured the characters perfectly.=D=
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    Nov 26, 2005
    The niece & aunt moments between Jaina & Mara in this were so well done!
    Both sweet :) and sad..:(
    Very good writing!
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    Apr 9, 2010
    It's beautiful, and sweet and baby Mara owwwwwww[face_love] The endless circle of a life. Mara is gone, but her memory and love for her will live in another person with her own lifepath. Who knows, maybe this Mara someday will find her own farmboy)
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    Nat! @};- Lovely Mara/Jaina moments -- you can feel the warmth, Jaina's hesitancy to talk about Jag early on ;) [face_thinking] ... and yet you can feel the honest caring between she and Mara. Mara never pushes or preaches LOL - Terrific ending, bravo! =D= Bittersweet, though. [:D] !!!! I always wanted a profic treatment of Mara and Jaina on missions -- :cool: [face_sigh]
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    Beautiful moments! [face_love]
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    Feb 27, 2013
    This is wonderful. It's sad that the first few chapters of Vector Prime were the only real Jaina/Mara moments we got in the books.
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    That was wonderful. I swore near the end I was going to cry. I agree that there aren't enough moments like this in profic. But those authors rarely choose having those kinda moments over the general plot, but relationships should be expanded upon that signifies character growth.
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    This was really, really nice. I love Mara and Jaina's relationship, and having her name a baby after her aunt would be a fitting tribute. Very well done!
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    Echoing the rest of the crowd, this was wonderful. :)
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    Wow, I definitely did not expect this response! Especially from people liking it instead of wanting to kill me for the sad bits :p Thank you all so much for reading and commenting!

    ginchy: Thanks!! I completely agree. They were super-tight until Anakin died ... and then zilch.

    Jedi_Lover: Thanks!!

    Briannakin: Thanks!! Right? They had some cute scenes in the first half or so of the NJO, and then absolutely nothing the rest of the way through.

    Tarsier: Thanks!!

    Hazel: Thanks!!

    Blackfish: Thanks!! It was originally just supposed to be the first scene, just a little longer ... and then it grew 8-}

    mayo_durron_666: Thank you so much!

    Demendora: Thanks!! We can always hope. One thing is for sure: With Jaina as a mother, she'll lead an interesting life :p

    Jade_eyes: [:D] Thanks!! I'm glad I wasn't too subtle with the Jag thing in the beginning. She totally had a secret crush on him in the books :p No, Mara really doean't--though maybe if she had, they would have been closer in the end :( I did, too! They got barely a couple, and they both dealt with the Vong :(

    Lady_Misty: Thanks!!

    Stone Jade: Thanks!! I know; it was a totally underused plot :(

    EmeraldJediFire: Aww, thanks!! Yeah, but with all those 300-page books, they totally have room for another 100 pages of the characters just being awesome together :p

    JediMara77: Thanks!! I'm glad you liked it :)

    taramidala: Thanks!!
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