Saga "Son of Unveiled Secrets." AU Drama. Obi-Wan, L/M. Chapter #43 Thanks for the nom!

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    Obi-Wan has Mara sweet :D more soon :)
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    Thanks y'all for reading! I really appreciate you checking my story out. It's been my secret desire to write this for a couple of years, but college and DRL kept getting in the way!

    A bouquet of @};- to Nyota's Heart, JediMaster_Jen, JadeLotus (master!), mavjade, divapilot (sisterpilot!), EmeraldJediFire, taramidala, Jedi_Lover, JediFalcon and JediMara77 for posting their thoughts and encouragement!!!! I means a lot to me. Cyber hugs and hot chocolate for all!!! [face_coffee]
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    Chapter #6

    “Everything going well back there, Mara?” Ben tilted his head towards the rear of the Headhunter and listened. The fabricated passenger space between the power generator and the missile launcher made a perfect refuge for the small girl. Still, this must be all new to the tyke. He grinned. Luke would kill to be in her place.

    “How much longer?”

    “Not long. We should be coming up on our rendezvous point in about twenty standard minutes.”

    “What’s a rendezvous?”

    “It’s where we’ll meet your parents.”

    The exit from the palace went astonishingly well. It would only be a matter of time before the two unconscious guards were found and that the girl was missing, but there had been no complications getting her out and onto his ship or entering hyperspace.

    Ben assessed the sensor array and then heard the comm unit activate.

    “Obi-Wan, this is Bail. Come in.”

    “Bail?” Something must be very wrong if he was willing to risk blowing their cover to contact him. “What’s wrong?”

    Emperor Palpatine has scrambled the entire Coruscanti fleet. The palace has gone on full alert. No one is permitted in or out. It’s a complete planet lock down.”

    “But, you expected that right?” He could hear Bail’s respiration increase.

    “Not to this extent.”

    Ben paused. “What aren’t you telling me?” Silence followed. Ben could hear his own heart thud in his ears. “Bail?”

    The Viceroy sighed through the speaker. “He’s called in Vader.”

    Who in the seven bowels of Borelli is this child? Ben swallowed. “Is he close?”

    “He’s coming out of Fondor and expected to be on Coruscant around eighteen hundred. Where are you?”

    Ben glanced at the console. “I’m coming up on Agamar, now.”

    Bale cursed. “We’re going to have to alter our plan.”

    “What do you suggest?”

    Master Yoda thinks it would be best for the child if you were to leave her with him.”

    “What?” Ben’s mind swam in confusion. Leave this young child with someone she didn’t know on a planet comprised of swamp and bog? Were they out of their minds? What about the parents? “I don’t understand. Dagobah is no place for a child. She should be with her parents. What is going on?”

    There was a problem. The parents—”

    “Wait a minute, Bail.” Ben switched the audio to his headset. “Okay, continue.”

    The parents never made it to Agamar. I’m still awaiting intel, but we believe that Palpatine found them before they could leave for the rendezvous point.”

    “Where are they now?”

    It’s not good, Obi-Wan. We had hoped they’d be imprisoned, but— they’ve already been executed.”

    “Kriff!” Ben pounded the console, but then caught himself. Taking a deep calming breath, he ran a hand through his beard.

    So you see the best thing for the child is to put her in Master Yoda’s care.”

    “Are there no other relatives?”


    Ben sat in silence considering Bail’s words. Something just didn’t feel right. He began to sense a shadow of deception, yet couldn’t pinpoint its origin. This certainly couldn’t be emanating from Bail or Master Yoda. He trusted these men with his life. And yet, a lot of what Bail said just didn’t ring true in the Force. Why would Palpatine have left Mara’s parents alive in the first place? Now that he thought about it, it made more sense if he’d have dealt with them at the time of the abduction.

    “Let me talk with the child some more, perhaps she can shed some light on—”

    “Obi-Wan, that’s not what Master Yoda thinks is best.”

    What in Hoth is going on? “So you’ve been in touch with him since this afternoon?”


    “Somebody’s lying.”

    Ben startled, realizing Mara was right behind him. “What, child?”

    She leaned in close and whispered. “Something’s….wrong.”

    Bail cleared his throat and continued. “It just isn’t safe to continue our conversation like this, Obi-Wan. Bring the girl to Dagobah and Master Yoda will explain every—”

    The youngling was right, he felt it, too. But how could she, an untrained Force-user, sense the disparity in the Force? Stars! Was she that strong? And why would Master Yoda want to train her himself? Perhaps Palpatine wasn’t the only one with designs on the child’s abilities. No. That couldn’t be true, and yet…something was off and Ben was not about to put this orphaned child in a position that was not in her best interest. Taking a deep breath, he screamed, “I’ve got incoming Tie fighters! Kenobi out.” Ben disengaged the comm unit and dropped the headset to the floor.

    “Now you’re lying.”

    Ben closed his eyes. “What did you mean when you said someone is lying?”

    Mara’s face scrunched up in thought. “It’s hard to explain. I just know.”

    He shook his head. This child was certainly more verbal than Luke, yet he did not sense as bright a presence in the Force as the boy’s. Perhaps with the right training…

    “They’re dead, aren’t they? My mom and dad.”

    Ben’s jaw fell open. “Mara…how did you know?”

    The little girl shrugged. “I just do. It was the dark man.”

    Ben swallowed. “I’m so sorry, youngling. I made you a promise, but I will no longer be able to keep it.” Ben felt the young girl move back to her hidey-hole. He was surprised at the lack of tears from her. She must be in shock. The tears will come…eventually. “Do you have any aunts or uncles?”


    Ben reprogrammed the navigational computer and punched in the new coordinates. He still had the money Bail had sent him which would prove a great resource for the plan he was just now formulating. “Hold on Mara, we’re going to make a stop on a planet called Atzerri.”

    “Will I be safe there?”

    “For the moment.” Ben unleashed his crash webbing and shifted towards her. “There’s something I want to discuss with you. A new plan of sorts.”

    “What kind of plan?”

    “One that will keep you safe from any and every agenda.”
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    Awesome post! Yuppers, the Jedi have agendas, not just the Sith :p Looking forward to Ben's plan. :) Mara's definitely intuitive and has great potential; you don't want her falling into the wrong hands. [face_worried]
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    So exciting! Hope she gets to meet Luke soon.

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    Oh dear. I was afraid that was going to happen (Mara's parents being killed). I'd love to know what's up with Bail - he did seem a bit shifty. And go Rebellious!Obi-Wan! I like that he's started to see how/why things went wrong and has made some changes for the next generation: first with Luke, and now by taking Mara on as well. He's going to have his hands full, for sure!
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    Nice update. I wonder who is lying to who. Remember's the truth from a certain point of view. :p
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    I hope Obi-Wan's "point of view" keeps Mara away from any and all agendas, Sith and Jedi. :)
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    I can't wait to see what Obi-Wan has in mind. More soon :)
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    Very interesting time right now to read more...will come back later. ;)
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    Well, this does put things into a bit of a bind. Why would Bail lie to Obi-Wan? What is going on? Excellent update.

    At this rate, Obi-wan's gonna be running a day care.
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    Many thanks to divapilot, obimom, JediFalcon, JediMaster_Jen, Jedi_Lover, taramidala, EmeraldJediFire, and Nyota's Heart for your continued support!@};- You guys rock!


    Chapter #7

    “Youngling, how old are you?”

    “Four. Mom says I’m small for my age.”

    Ben smiled and took another bite of his bantha burger. The food stand offered limited dietary options, but Mara didn’t seem to mind. Still no overt signs of emotional distress. Once they landed on Atzerri the girl seemed relatively composed. He sensed sadness, but resignation, as well. Curiously she seemed to possess the same Coruscanti accent that he had, which didn’t quite fit in with the scenario laid out by Bail. “Mara, on what planet did you and your parents live?”

    She paused. “What do you mean?”

    “Where were you born?”

    “At the med-center.”

    “But on which planet?”

    “The planet we were on.”

    Ben hesitated a moment, trying to think of a way to explain what he meant. The child was only four, but she seemed to have quite the vocabulary for one so young. Of course that didn’t mean she knew planetary systems. “What was the name of the planet?”

    “Don’t know, but we were just there.” She picked up her burger and continued eating.

    Ben reached out to touch the girl’s small hand. “You mean, you and your parents lived on the planet where I found you?”


    It would certainly explain how Palpatine sensed her in the Force, but why had Bail left out that piece of intel? “Mara, do you know what the Force is?”

    “No.” She swallowed and took a sip of her lemonade.

    “I am a … teacher of sorts. I have a son, well not a real son…I am his guardian. He calls me Uncle Ben and I teach him about the power of the Force. We live on Tatooine and we are safe from the Emperor there.” Stars, was he really considering this?

    “Is it far away?”

    “Heavens, yes. In the outer rim. It is several days journey from here, but we run a farm and I train Luke there.” Ben watched the girl as she toyed with her straw. “Mara, I want you to be safe and grow up happy and learn about your potential abilities.”

    “I just want to go home.”

    Ben sighed. “I know, sweetling. I wish I could take you there, but you wouldn’t be safe. You understand that, right?”

    She nodded.

    “So, will you think about perhaps coming to live with Luke and me?”

    Mara settled her burger onto her plate and wiped her hands with her napkin. “No.”


    “I don’t need to think about it. I’ll go with you.”

    Ben blinked. “You will?”


    “Just like that?”

    “Yes. You’re a good man.”

    “I do try…” Ben winced. “Well then, we have much to accomplish before we leave.”

    Ben gathered up the paper items and deposited them in the nearby trash bin. Another child. Could he really be responsible for two children? Train them. Feed them. Tuck them into bed at night. How much more different would a female youngling be than a male? Surely not much. He could do this. Certainly. “I suppose we need to put in a bit of shopping before we head out. I’m afraid I’ve no feminine items amongst our things. Just two surly bachelors we’ve been. He took Mara by the hand and found the nearest mercantile and was immediately approached by a female sales clerk.

    “May I help you?”

    “I certainly hope so. We need everything for the girl, but we do need to economize.”

    The sales clerk smiled down into Mara’s face. “I think I can help you find just what you need. Follow me.”

    They paraded down to an area in the back full of little girl necessities. Ben had to admit that there just might be more to female younglings than he had first anticipated.

    The salesgirl placed another parcel of clothing in Ben’s arms. “Your daughter is certainly a lucky girl to have a father who pays such a personal interest in her needs.”

    Ben opened his mouth to explain her error, but then paused. In essence he really was the child’s father now, just as he had become Luke’s. He smiled and nodded his head.

    An hour later they were loaded down with more things than Luke and Ben had together. After depositing their purchases onto the rented ship, they had just one more stop and their tasks would be complete.

    As Ben led the way to a secluded area, he saw a unit of stormtroopers patrolling the streets. “Stang,” Ben cursed.

    “You’re not supposed to say words like that. It’s unladylike.”

    Ben chuckled. “I can see that you’re to be a shining beacon of propriety in our family.” They ducked into the doorway of a large inn and waited as the troopers passed by.

    “They look like the men who took me,” Mara whispered.

    Ben felt an explosion of seething anger burst into the Force. He looked down into the face of the young girl and saw her green eyes flare. “Breathe out, Mara.”

    She closed her eyes and let go of her breath. “Are they going to take me again?”

    “Not on my watch, dear heart.” The girl’s anger diminished as the stormtroopers marched to the end of the walkway. Ben pulled Mara out of the inn and into an alley which led to a small cantina. He knocked on the door and waited.

    “Yeah?” asked a voice from behind a small window.

    “You want to let us in...”

    “…I want to let you in.”

    The door opened and they made their way over to the bar.

    “Kinda young, ain’t she?”

    Ben looked up into the face of the large bartender and slid some credits across the counter. “I’m looking for a slicer named Muer.”

    The credits disappeared into the bartender’s large fists as he indicated an area in the back.

    Ben placed a hand on Mara’s shoulder as they walked to a wide table near the exit. They sat across from a young male slicer and his various MicroData tech.

    “What cha’ need?”

    “Identification and guardianship papers for the child.” Ben passed a large amount of credits across the table. That just about did it for the capitol Bail had given him. All he had left was the small payment he planned to give to Dama. No new droids this season. If only he possessed less moral fiber.

    “This ain’t no kidnapping, is it?”

    Ben’s brows rose. “No. Of course not, she is fully cognizant and in agreement of the situation.”

    Muer huffed. “Don’t know no cognizant, but I don’t help kidnappers.”

    “Commendable, indeed. Mara explain to the gentleman that you are not being kidnapped,” said Ben.

    Mara folded her hands in her lap. “I am not being kidnapped.”

    The slicer turned to his keypad, his fingers flying across his Versafuction88.

    “I was kidnapped before…”

    Ben coughed. “What she means is—”

    Muer stopped typing and swiveled back to face them. “I don’t do no kidnappers, pal.”

    “I am not a kidnapper, young man,” said Ben.

    Muer leaned in towards Mara. “Did this guy take you?”


    “What she means is—”

    “She says you took her.” The young slicer folded his arms across his chest. “I don’t help kidnappers.”

    Mara continued. “He took me from the Dark Man’s house. The Dark Man is bad.”

    The slicer frowned. “Is the Dark Man your pa?”


    “So the Dark Man kidnapped you?” asked the slicer.


    “And this guy rescued you?”

    Mara smiled. “Yes, he is a good man.”

    “I do try…” stang!

    “Okay, then.” Muer swiveled back to his keypad. “Name?”

    Ben took a deep breath. “Would you like to keep your first name, child?”

    She nodded, her eyes big and solemn.

    He placed a hand on her head and smoothed her bright red hair. “We’ll have to leave your last name behind, but is there a name that has some meaning to you that you’d like as your last name?”

    Mara nodded again. “My mother’s name. Jade.”

    Ben smiled and looked back at the slicer. “Mr. Muer, this is Mara Jade.”
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    AWESOME! Mara's precocious but what would you expect [face_love]
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    Loved the back and forth over the kidnapping. [face_laugh] About that moral fiber thing--Obi-Wan needs to loosen up a bit. He just might need to be less upstanding as time goes by.
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    Aw yeah, girls are totally the same as boys Obi... Lol :D

    Very cute, I can tell this will be interesting. Love seeing Obi be such a good daddy! [face_love]
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    awesome update and I so can't wait for more :)
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    Ack! I missed another chapter!
    Poor Obi-wan, not knowing which way is up with Bail and Yoda. But I like that he is going to keep Mara, that should be fun!

    I loved the conversation with the slicer... the guy has some morals. But the introduction of Mara Jade was fantasitc!
    I can't wait to see how she and Luke get along. :D

    Great updates! =D=
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    Right before the slicer asked if Mara was kidnapped I was thinking, "Ben, you do know this is going to look like you are some creepy child abductor."

    The only bad thing about putting Luke and Mara together at a young age is they will grow up seeing each other as brother and sister. :(

    Nice update.
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    How much more different would a female youngling be than a male? Surely not much.

    Oh, Ben, Ben. Silly man.

    Excellent update. I love how brilliant Mara is already. She's a child, but there is already some sense of the practical, no-nonsense woman she is going to be.
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    Author's note: Thanks for hanging in there with me y'all. Special thanks to those posting responses: divapilot, Jedi_Lover, mavjade, Falcon, serendipityaey, JediMaster_Jen, and Nyota's Heart!!! @};-


    Chapter #8

    Luke Skywalker stood with his hands on his hips frowning like a wet hoojib. “Uncle Ben, I said bring me back something awesome, not some dumb-old girl.”

    Ben cleared his throat. “Luke that is no way to greet our new family member. I would remind you of your manners, youngling.” Mara froze next to Ben’s side, staring at the scowling boy before them.

    Luke jammed his fists into his pants pockets and mumbled.

    “I beg your pardon, what was that again?” asked Ben.

    Luke’s face flushed. “I’m sorry!”

    “Not quite what I was looking for, but it’s a start. Go get your things, son.”

    Luke fled from the room barely missing Dama as she entered the foyer.

    “Welcome back, Ben,” said Dama, wiping her hands on a kitchen towel. “And who have we here?”

    “Dama may I present, Mara Jade. Mara will be staying with us as my ward.”

    “Another ward?” Dama kneeled down to face the young girl. “Welcome to Tatooine, Mara. It’s good to know there will be a lady around the farm now.” She winked at the girl and reached into the pocket of her apron, handing Mara a boffa treat.

    Mara bit down on the confection and smiled.

    “I was hoping to call upon you for continued child care now and then, but with the addition of Mara.” Ben reached into the folds of his vest and pulled out the rest of Bail’s financial assistance, handing it to the woman. “It would only be for another year, then the children will be eligible for school while I’m out in the fields.”

    Dama stood and crossed her arms across her chest. “Ben Kenobi, I am not taking payment from you.”

    “Dama, I must insist. You’ve been so generous with your time—”

    “You and Luke are family.” Dama looked down at the young girl and smiled. “And Mara is now part of that package. So put your credits in the bank or buy something you really need. Like a new pair of pants.”

    “What’s wrong with my pants?”

    “Holes. You’ve been sporting holes in your pants for two seasons.”

    Ben’s face flushed a fiery red as he felt the back of his pants. They were, indeed, a tad thin around the left back pocket.

    Luke bound back into the room with his pack and several new wooden toys.

    “What do you say to Dama, Luke?” prompted Ben.

    “Thank you Aunt Dama for letting me stay…and for the new toys…and for not telling Uncle Ben about the speeder accident.”

    “What?” cried Ben, looking back at Dama.

    “Everything is fine. No body parts were lost.” Dama walked to the sideboard and picked up a large casserole dish. “Thirty minutes on medium capacity. Now scoot.” She handed Ben the dish and exited down the hallway.

    “You heard the woman, younglings. Scoot!”

    Luke laughed.

    “And what is so funny?” asked Ben.

    “You said scoot.”

    Ben grinned and started toward the exit with the children in tow. “Hat, young man.”

    Luke paused and pointed at Mara. “She’s not wearing a hat.”

    “Hat, young lady.”

    Mara reached into the satchel hanging from Ben’s arm and pulled out a white sun hat. “This one?”

    Ben nodded. “First rule here on Tatooine—”

    “Always wear your hat,” chimed Luke. “But sometimes I forget…”

    They exited the Inn and climbed into the awaiting speeder. As Ben turned on the ignition, Luke leaned towards Mara and whispered, “Sometimes I forget on purpose.”


    Ben sat at the kitchen table with his caf in hand. He would need to clean out the storage room in the morning for the girl. A lady needs her own space after all. He glanced over at Luke pretending to be asleep on the lounger. “You are only giving up your bed for one night, Luke.” Ben took a sip and swallowed. “And pouting is unbefitting a Jedi.”

    Luke turned to face Ben and frowned. “It’s not fair. Why does she have to be here anyway?”

    “Come here, child.”

    Luke scurried out from under the covers and climbed up into Ben’s lap. He snuggled in close and sighed. Ben loved these times with the boy. He ran a hand soothingly over Luke’s back and found himself rocking to the rhythm of some unsung lullaby.

    “First of all, I will always be here for you. Having someone new with us will never change that. It appears the Force has decided to alter our original family unit to include Mara. I will protect and train you both. She has lost her parents just like you did many years ago.”

    “Aren’t you my parent?”

    Ben smiled. “In a way, I am. I love you and take care of you like a parent, but I am not a biological relative.”

    “What’s bio—gical?”

    “It means you did not come from my body, but you do live in my heart.”

    Luke yawned. “But you’re still my Uncle Ben, right?”

    “Yes, youngling. I will always be your Uncle Ben.”

    “Will she call you Uncle Ben, too?”

    Ben paused. “If she wants to. That will be her decision to make.”

    “Will she train with us?”

    Ben rested his hand on Luke’s blond head. “That is the plan. She has much to catch up with. Perhaps you will assist her in learning the ways of the Force.”

    “Not grotty likely.”

    Ben stopped rocking. “Excuse me, young man?”

    “You say that all the time.”

    Ben cleared his throat. “Perhaps with a lady among us, we will endeavor to use our manners to the advancement of our character.”

    Luke pouted. “I liked it better when it was just us mens.”

    Ben stood, carrying Luke in his arms and placed him back on the lounger. He covered his charge with the knitted blanket that Coolie made and tucked the ends under his small body. Leaning over, he placed a kiss on the boy’s forehead. “You’ll soon learn that women add a great deal to the improvement of our society.”

    “All I know is I’m sleeping here and she’s in my bed.”

    Ben crossed to the control panel and dimmed the lights. “Good night, son.”

    Luke rolled over onto his stomach and mumbled something.

    As Ben padded to his own sleeping quarters, he began to consider that incorporating a new addition into their family might not be as easy as he previously thought. “Not grotty likely.”
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    Oh, priceless reaction from Luke to Mara's presence. [face_laugh] His feelings of losing his uncle/father to someone else was spot on. Can't wait to see these two little children grow up together.

    Great job. =D=
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    I echo Jen's comments. Luke is such a boy [face_rofl] Bravo on getting that perfectly. [:D] Ben will need a bunch! of patience :p
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    Aww, just lovely! Love Luke's reaction, it was perfect and love Ben' talk (yeah! go women ;)) and cuddling with Luke. So sweet [face_love]
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    Oops! I thought that I had reviewed Chapter 7. My apologies!

    I loved them both. Obi-Wan's relation to Mara in 7, and his dealing with a petulant Luke in 8, are perfect.

    Yes, Luke. Yes, you will. But not for another 18 years or so. :p

    Brava! It's wonderful.
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    Tee hee hee... I love this mental image! So cute! <3

    This was such a fun update. I love pouty little Luke and it's so cute how he's worried that Obi-wan won't be his any more.

    I'm so loving this sweet story! =D=
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