Challenge Songs of the English Restoration Theater (1660–1715): A No-Deadline Fanfic Challenge!

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    Dec 5, 2005
    With tooth on thumbnail, here 'tis: The Song of Shmi Skywalker: Shmi's Prayer [Songs of the English Restoration Theater (1660–1715)]

    Somehow, my story darted off into the desert, and left me to deal in discomforting verse. I positioned myself across the square to watch Shmi shift in the shadows of her son. She isn't rustic, she isn't simple, but reflects something more primitive than all this *waves a hand roughly in the direction of Phantom M. -> Last Jedi. Thus, her song became patterned like that of Old English poetry (using Sievers' metrical type... mostly).
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    Took a little longer than I had intended but an Anakin and Shmi story that spans from before TPM, through TPM, before AOTC, and finally into AOTC:

    The Fatal Hour

    Inspired, of course, by "The Fatal Hour Comes on Apace."
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