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    A/N: Another entry in what I'm calling "the New Betsyverse," where Psylocke of the X-Men traveled back in time and saved Chewie on Sernpidal ... the bunnies are a bit slow on the main story, so I decided to look ahead in the timeline a bit. :)

    As to why Jaina has two babies and Ganner Rhysode is not only alive, but a live-in nanny, this takes place after my story Maelstroms, found here:

    Warning - fluff, silliness, and a few bad puns. :p (Plus, I may be writing Wyn Fel a bit hyperactive - YMMV.)

    Plus - yes, the bedtime story Ganner is sharing with Rian is a hint as to my take on Teyr in this timeline. Crossover hints ahoy ... ;)

    Disclaimer: LFL's are LFL's, Marvel's are Marvel's, they're all Disney's, and any Guild Wars 2 references belong to ArenaNet. No money is being made off of this, yadda yadda.

    27.6 ABY: Mon Calamari:

    It really started when she realized Ganner had become a permanent fixture on her conapt's couch.

    Not that I complain when he deals with the 03:00 feedings, Jaina reflected, smiling across the kitchen table at the scene.

    "... and that was when the angry king stuck his flaming sword in the ground, causing a GIANT firestorm and wiping out the charr army, but also turning his own subjects into a ghost army that still stalks Ascalon to this day. So. What have we learned?" Ganner said, holding Rian to his shoulder as he chatted.

    The 1-month-old cooed happily, waving a free hand, as Ganner grinned, concluding, "Right - treat other species with respect and don't play with flaming swords, because you never know what can go wrong! I knew you were listening, kiddo."

    Jaina cast a mock-doubting glance at her elder son's father, gently smiling as she rocked Roan after his own feeding. "While I'm glad you're teaching Rian about your planet's folklore, Ganner, I don't remember the Encyclopedia Galactica entry on Teyr mentioning ghost kings with flaming swords. I think Uncle Luke would've mentioned that one," she gently quipped.

    The wounded look Ganner gave her was as pitiable as it was giggle-inducing - or maybe Jaina just hadn't had enough sleep, which with the babies was certainly a possibility. "The Tyrian - sorry, Teyr - government is very careful to keep the tourists on a tight schedule and limited visitation area, Jay. Plus, it'd be hard to explain to Galactic Alliance Customs why the asura could pose a real threat to Industrial Automaton or Cybot Galactica if their golem embargo was lifted," he replied.

    "I'll take your word for it - and ... 'Jay'?" Jaina asked, holding Roan to her shoulder to burp him.

    Ganner looked a little concerned, and Jaina smiled, adding, "I'm not mad - I like it. I've just rarely been called that."

    "Well, it just seemed to make sense - a short abbreviation. 'Jenth' seems too clinical - Imperial - and ... well, you've never been that to me," Ganner said, smiling again. "Thanks for letting me - y'know - crash here."

    Jaina waved her free hand in acknowledgment. "You're not freeloading, Ganner. Just the opposite - I couldn't do this without you. I can't take the boys all the time to GADF Tac-Ops - they're not sleeping as much as they did the first couple weeks, and I really can't run a briefing with a squirmy baby in my arms. And while Cappy is a great pal, I really don't want the boys basically being raised by droids," she said, smiling wistfully.

    (She'd sent Threepio back with Mom after the first month, not because the protocol droid was bad with kids, but because Dad's concerns about Threepio's ... well, fastidiousness resonated a little with Jaina.)

    Ganner nodded, nibbling some toast while Rian telekinesed a piece of nerf sausage - which his dad plucked out of the air. "Thank you, o prodigy progeny, for helping set up my next point," he laughed with the boy, before grinning at Jaina and adding, "And an astromech can't keep an optic on Force-strong kidlets and really do much to keep them out of trouble."

    "Isn't that the truth," Jaina breathed, smiling down at Roan as the boy burbled. Unlike his brother, Jag's son hadn't yet started telekinetic mischief - not that it was mischief, rather exploring the big new world for Rian - but Jaina had definitely sensed Roan's Force-senses flickering around the conapt. When he was older, she'd have to teach both boys about respecting personal boundaries.

    We'll have to teach them, she thought - catching herself as she considered the thought, then looking at Ganner.

    He hadn't pushed her at all as far as making a choice between him and Jag (not that there really was a choice - the brief, really-unresolving-anything chat a week earlier between Jaina, Jag, and Shawnkyr had made it transparent that the Chiss woman wanted back in Jag's life, albeit keeping a tight grasp on parity in the relationship, and Jaina had left things there).

    And who, between Jag and Ganner, has committed to helping me raise the boys? I mean, Jag loves Roan and spends time with him, as much as he can, but ... well, duty calls, Jaina thought, trying not to sigh.

    Shawnkyr, at least, had adored both boys, and Jaina was grateful to her for being so accepting of Roan. As far as what anyone in the Ascendancy or Remnant might think of the circumstances of the boys' births, Jaina was quite willing to either let the matter lie or shove it into an escape pod and eject it into hyperspace.

    But what about the rest of our lives? I can't raise two Force-strong boys by myself - I mean, I could, but it'd be hard - and - Jaina thought, looking at Ganner again as she had multiple times during the last few weeks.

    He'd grown up so much during the course of the war, and he wasn't that much older than she was - well, OK, 4 years older, but they were both adults, and so that made less difference than it might've. Plus, Jaina had had to grow up fast anyway, between flying with the Rogues and then the aftermath of Myrkr ... and, well, the events leading to the twins.

    He's strong, kind, and patient - kind of like how I used to imagine Obi-Wan when Uncle Luke described him to me. And gentle, like ... well, kind of like Chewie, Jaina realized, smiling a little as Ganner rocked Rian and sang to him.

    (Her dad had his own kind of gentleness, but he tended to let his kids learn their own lessons as much as possible ... which Jaina didn't always think was a smart idea. To be fair, though, it might've had to do with being Force-blind.)

    She blinked as Ganner stopped singing, and she looked at him, asking, "Why'd you stop?"

    "I was just watching you. You're so - I'm just - thanks. Y'know, for letting me be here, and help, and see you - the real you," Ganner said, utter sincerity in his voice and eyes as he seemed to drink her in, smiling just a little.

    Jaina felt her breath catch, and she reached across the table with her free hand - she knew what she had to ask.

    Of course, that was when her comlink went off, and the twins started to fuss, and Ganner said, "Let me take Roan."

    "Thanks - ugh, if this is another false contact, I'll keelhaul that Squib scanner crew! I told General Antilles letting Squibs run the early warning system was a bad idea," Jaina muttered, giving Roan to Ganner and checking her comlink. "Solo."

    "Jaina? I apologize for calling at such an early local hour, but - well, I'm in Heurkea on information-sharing business, and ... well, I've put this off for far too long. Might I swing by your conapt?" a Core-accented, older female voice asked.

    Jaina tried to ID the speaker - the cadences were oddly familiar, and the human-sounding caller had a slight Chiss accent ...

    Oh. KRIFF. It's HER ...

    Aloud, Jaina managed, "Ah - certainly, Baroness Fel. If you could give me - oh, a half-hour, I can get cleaned up?"

    Ganner's eyes became as large as exhaust ports, while the caller said - in a friendly-enough voice - "Wynssa's fine, dear."

    "And yes, a half-hour would be perfect. I can't wait to meet my first grandson ... after I've chatted with his father."


    There were four things in the universe that terrified Jagged Fel in the early, bleak hours of the morning.

    Lately, the foremost was failing his son. Roan was one of the few good parts of Jag's life, after how he'd ruined his relationship with Jaina, and Jag was determined to be as good a father as he could be to the boy.

    Fighting for second and third places, respectively, were disappointing his father - Jag tried not to think poorly of his father's efforts, since he'd far rather prefer to have been raised a warrior and be ready to fight to save the galaxy than be useless - and failing in his duties to the Ascendancy. High Command had been noticeably quiet other than giving Jag extended paternity leave, while the few chats he'd had with Soontir since Roan's birth had been ... tense, to be extremely droll.

    But, the most viscerally GUT-WRENCHING - the one that hearkened back to his early childhood - was crossing his mother.

    Father can make you feel like less than nothing.
    Mother, on the other hand ... is a mistress of verbal vivisection, Jag feared.

    He'd had extremely little warning of his mother's arrival, which he was certain was deliberate - she'd deny it, of course, but her position as Espionage Liasion for the Ascendancy (if anyone hadn't figured out that the Empire's foremost actress was a remarkable spy, then they weren't good at reading between the lines) had made Wynssa Starflare a mistress of timing.
    Delivery of lines was as critical to an espionage operative as it was to an actress, and Starflare could hold an audience in the palm of her hands.

    Jag finished dressing - fatigues, since he didn't know when he might be called to fly a mission (if the gods of Auld Corell are kind, part of him prayed) - and waited for his mother's arrival, grateful that Shawnkyr insisted on having her own conapt. (She was, after all, still his XO, and while it was technically just them supporting Twin Suns, appearances had to be kept.)

    Plus, I am NOT looking forward to explaining my love life to my mother, Jag thought, sighing as the door chimed.

    The very fact that he had a love life made Jag shake his head in mild bemusement - he felt luckier than he deserved.

    Of course, the other boot is about to drop, he thought, opening the door and trying to smile.

    A slightly-more-than-a-meter-and-a-quarter-high blonde streak darted in and hugged him, cheering, "Where's the baby!?"

    "Ah - Roan is with his mother, where he should be ... hello, Wyn, I missed you, too," Jag greeted his youngest sibling.

    Wyn grinned up at him, as irrepressible as ever - she was, to the Chiss way of thinking, a bit spoiled, but Jag was quietly relieved his parents were at least letting the "baby" of the family have more of an adolescence than the other Fels had had. She wasn't so little any more, though - Jag did some quick mental calculations and realized Wyn was 14, now.

    "You've grown," he managed, fighting a mild burst of annoyance as Wyn rolled her eyes and bounded onto the couch.

    "Well, your visual scanning hasn't gone down a black hole, at least," she quipped - yes, his kid sister still had her wit.

    "Wyn, please - there may be other people in the adjacent conapts, and it's an unholy hour locally," Jag heard.

    He turned, starting to bow, but Mother merely kissed his cheek and closed the door; both she and Wyn wore functional olive spacer's coveralls, and Wyn had set two duffles on the spare chair.

    Jag was a bit surprised at the lack of bodyguards, but his mother smiled and said, "We're keeping a low profile, Jagged. Your father was hardly pleased that we came this far from the Ascendancy, but some things need to be kept in House."

    "And that's my cue to go find some breakfast while Mom chews you out. 'Don't take pleasure in reprimands, Wyn,'" the girl crowed, darting into the kitchen while Mother shot a long-suffering look after her, then sat on the couch with Jag.

    "Your father spoils her. Admittedly, I do, also, but Wyn needs to cultivate some gravitas, if only as a tool in her arsenal," Mother said, sighing. She smiled innocently enough, glancing around, then looked sad as she asked, "Shawnkyr?"

    Jag merely arched an eyebrow - he was not going to play the game by his mother's rules. "Appearances," he merely said.

    She dropped her mask, smiling with a measure of approval as she replied, "Good. Frankly, Jagged, I'm not opposed to the match, but you've bungled this entire matter in a way that - not to be cruel - just reminds me why you're a pilot, not a spy."

    Jag glanced back toward the kitchen - he had no illusions that Wyn was merely eating, but was certainly eavesdropping.

    So, he replied, "Better an honest fight than sending one's daughter to Belkadan and letting her meet Jacen Solo."

    He half-expected a slap - he was being vicious, but he would NOT sit here and be reprimanded like a headstrong brat.

    Mother managed to repress her fury, Jag gave her that - although more than one Aristocra would cringe beneath the vacuum-cold shade of ice her eyes took on, as she replied through tightly-pressed lips, "Cherith made her own choices."

    "Oh? Good. Frankly, I'm glad 'Danni Quee' refused Jacen's interests. I don't have to think so poorly of you," Jag spat back.

    He felt ill saying the words, but he'd felt even more ill upon realizing that Danni was actually his older sister (Cherith had learned the disguise arts well enough to pass for a bit older than her actual age; Jag had merely seeded misinformation about his "dead younger sister" as a way to aid Cherith's infiltration of the Jedi, even as he'd feared for her safety).

    Mother's anger faded a bit, and she actually seemed sincere as she replied, "Her mix of skills fit the mission profile. You know I never liked sending any of you off to fight, Jag - and do you think I enjoy playing a grieving mother when my babies are alive, just out of my reach? You never used to question, much less resent, the necessity of our duties."

    "Something you said has finally sunk through to me. Becoming a parent does change everything," Jag said, not unkindly.

    Mother looked at him, a faint smile playing around her lips, but Jag pressed on - a slight edge returning to his voice - and said, "Roan will have the choices circumstance denied me. 'Formbi' will NOT use my son as a tool to claim Bastion."

    Honest shock crossed Mother's face, but Jag pressed further - modulating his real anger and fear, since she truly did seem to know nothing of his suspicions - continuing, "I know the Moffs tried to give the Imperial throne to Father."

    "And you think they'd support a Force-strong, illegitimate great-grandchild of Vader as Emperor?" Mother retorted.

    Jag let his outrage show - his mother's pretentions toward Corist nobility and emphasis on "proper behavior" were laughable - but Mother quickly held up a hand, adding, "I don't resent Roan, Jagged! I'm just stating facts."

    "And I am adding two more to your dossier on the situation. First, you WILL NOT harangue, interrogate, or belittle Jaina for my poor behavior in this matter. Roan's conception was unintended, but that little boy is NOT a mistake. Second, I will be strung up on 'Formbi's' doorstep before I allow my son to become some kind of - pawn in the great game," Jag warned.

    He was still angry and embittered, but Jag knew there was nothing to be gained by exposing Thrawn's survival. He still respected the Grand Admiral for his accomplishments, even if he no longer hero-worshipped the defiant Chiss leader.

    Mother finally nodded, dropping her mask as she let her disappointment show through. "If you're so clear-eyed about all this now, then you should have maneuvered the situation to the best possible end-point and married Jaina. Nevertheless, as I said, I'm not opposed to you and Shawnkyr - although, between you and I, I won't pretend to be pleased about how this all turned out. You've let emotion rule where logic would have served you better - but here we are," she replied.

    "Indeed. In many ways, I'm glad I'm letting emotion rule. I'm finding it preferable to playing at being 'the good Fel'," Jag retorted, not even bothering to hide his frustration and anger any more.

    A real flash of sorrow crossed Mother's face, and Jag almost felt bad as she asked, "Did you repress all this for this long?"

    Jag blew out a breath and shrugged. "More like I realized what I could have had, had we grown up on Corellia. I still believe in what the Chiss and the Remnant can provide, but I've also come to realize that order can come from gentler ways than what I grew up with. I'm sorry for my - viciousness - but I'm sick of pretending things are all right," he tried to explain.

    He looked at Mother, wishing the whole conversation had been less contentious - he didn't enjoy hurting his relatives, but she'd been the one who'd taught him that it was sometimes necessary ... although he doubted that more and more, now.

    For her part, Mother merely nodded, smiling that faint smile again, and said, "You turned out better than I'd hoped."

    With that, she took her duffle and rose, calling, "Wyn? We're off to Jaina's. Jagged, I assume you'll want to see Roan?"

    "Any chance I can get, yes," Jag agreed, standing. He let her lead the way, glancing as Wyn scooped up her duffle.

    The girl looked at him with a flicker of sorrow and said, "Was that really necessary? She's tried her best for us."

    "Not everyone plays dejarik with real pieces, Wyn, even when it might make their mission easier," Jag said, gently.

    Wyn merely shook her head and said, "You've gone native. Solobrats are a bad influence, big brother."

    Jag ruffled her hair, both out of affection and to annoy her, and said, "Better you realize that now. If you took one look at Anakin Solo, Tahiri Veila would introduce you to entirely new WORLDS of pain."

    Wyn scowled, batting Jag's hand away, then raised an eyebrow and asked, "If they were alive ... right?"

    Jag let a rare teasing grin slip as they walked, and he jousted, "Depends on how much Mother's sharing with you."


    "I should leave," Ganner tried to insist - the very idea of being in the same star system with Starflare terrified him.

    He tried to shield - the babies were both fussing, and the last thing Ganner wanted to do was upset either boy - while Jaina finished dressing in her bedroom (she'd let Ganner use the shower first, since he generally took less time).

    She ducked her head out of her door and gave him a patented Trickster "don't be silly, silly" look, replying, "This is your home, too."

    The words were both incredibly reassuring and remarkably confusing - Ganner got the sense Jaina had been about to ask -

    No. I mean, yay, but - it's been barely a month since she had the twins, and - I mean, I want to, but - wow, Ganner thought.

    He tried to fight a silly grin, while the babies cooed, and Ganner asked them, "I mean, you want me around, right?"

    Rian made a happy-squeaky noise - Ganner had become very adept at interpeting Baby-ese - while Roan cooed again.

    "Well, you're both positive, so I'll take that as a yes," Ganner tried to joke - then, the doorbell rang.

    Cappy trundled over, unlocking the door with a chirp of what Ganner thought was assurance, and a blonde teenaged girl in an olive coverall, carrying a duffle, walked in, looking around with a mix of assessment, happiness, and amusement.

    She looked vaguely familiar, in an "I've seen her sibling" way, then saw Ganner and the babies, and squee-ed.

    "Wyn. Introductions, please," Ganner heard, and he stood, a baby in either arm, as Wynssa Starflare-Fel walked in.

    She still looked stunning - he'd been an impressionable age when he'd first been exposed to her works at Yavin, and age and pregnancy had only sharpened and enhanced her seemingly-impossible presence.

    But next to Jaina - who strode in in a GADF officer's uniform, a burp rag over one shoulder - Jag's mother faded.

    Sure, Jaina's outfit was utilitarian and incongruous, but she owned it in a way that made Ganner's heart - well, flutter.

    The babies squeaked happily as Mama took them in her arms, thanking Ganner, and he nodded as Jag appeared.

    "Wynssa - and you must be Wyn - it's good to meet you. This is Roan, and his older brother, Rian," Jaina said, lifting each of the boys just a bit before letting Wynssa hold Roan, and an expression of sincere joy filled the older woman's face.

    Wyn's eyes bugged out, and the girl whispered, "He's a little Jag! Jag, tell me you didn't play with Dad's Spaarti cylinders."

    "WYN," Jag growled, blushing - Ganner decided to ignore what might or might not be a deliberate slip of intel by Wyn, since the girl was clearly playing the bubble-headed teenager card a little too strongly. Jaina had warned him beforehand.

    We don't know for sure, but since Danni Quee turned out to be Jag's older sister, Cherith, it's possible that the Baroness is a spymistress for the Chiss and/or the Remnant. So, we be careful, even as we celebrate, Ganner thought.

    He smiled as Wynssa rocked Roan, then beamed at Rian and said, "A handsome boy, also - and this must be Mr. Rhysode."

    Ganner started to bow, but the Baroness tucked Roan into one arm and shook Ganner's hand with her free hand, adding, "Don't stand on formality, Ganner. I'm glad you're here for Jaina, and especially appreciative of you accepting Roan."

    "Thank you - ah, Wynssa. Roan's a great little kid, and he's Rian's brother and Jaina's son - I'm glad to help," Ganner said.

    It was honest, and he returned Jaina's smile, taking Rian from her as she sat with Wynssa on the couch and held Roan.

    Wyn plopped into one of the form-chairs, grinning as she rolled in the bean-filled piece of furniture and said, "I might never get out of this thing. Maybe we should chase down House Inrokini and get them to duplicate it."

    "My sister the trade negotiator," Jag quipped, finding a seat while Ganner sat in the rocking chair with Rian.

    "So. Ganner's staying with you to help raise the boys. I'm glad you're not tackling this alone, Jaina - I'm sure you'll let your parents and family help, but there's no substitute for having two parents around the house," Wynssa opined approvingly.

    "Of course. Ganner's a very good father, and he treats Roan like his own son - not that he wants to replace Jag," Jaina said, nodding toward Jag as he stood and took Roan from Wynssa. The baby squealed happily, and Jag gave a rare, big smile.

    Wynssa looked positively ecstatic, then took Jaina's hand in one of hers and began, "Have you thought about -"

    "The future? Honestly, I've been focused on helping win the war," Jaina replied, politely and keeping her voice even. "Jag is always welcome to see Roan whenever he can, of course, and Ganner's equally free to see Rian when he can."

    "Of course. Well - as much as I want to stay and fuss over my grandson and his brother, I have to report to Winter Celchu and Dif Scaur by 06:00. GADF and GAI are awaiting my information - perhaps we'll meet again before Wyn and I have to depart," Wynssa said, standing.

    Wyn looked disappointed, but grinned hugely as Jag let her hold Roan, who cooed his "interesting new person" coo. "Ohhh ... I'll love him and squeeze him and call him 'Boba,'" the girl joked, making silly faces at Roan before handing him to Jaina.

    Ganner hid a smile, especially when Jaina gave Wyn a mock-glower and said, "No child of mine will be nicknamed Boba."

    "Ah - sorry. Forgot the whole Mando-Solo thing. Anyone ever say you're Fett-ching when you're mad?" Wyn quipped.

    Jag took her by the shoulders and marched her to the door, muttering under his breath, while Wynssa forced a smile. "Apologies - Wyn is the ... least - ah, formal of Soontir's and my children. All of you take care," she said,

    Once the door closed, Ganner couldn't help but laugh - partially out of honest humor, and partially to release nervousness - as Jaina leaned her head back and sighed. "Well, that went far less horribly than I'd feared," she said, while Roan burbled.

    Ganner walked over and sat beside her, bouncing Rian gently in his arms, and asked, "Do you think she's happy?"

    "She's not openly disapproving, and she really does love Roan and think well of Rian. Wynssa shields even better than Jag does, but she let enough slip when she was holding Roan to assure me she doesn't mean them any harm," Jaina said.

    She cradled Roan, who waved a fist and babbled happily, and Jaina smiled at Ganner. "Before she called ..." she began.

    "Yeah. I ... don't actually have a band - but I do have a little helper," Ganner said, holding Rian up.

    He smiled, waving Rian's right hand as the boy laughed, and Ganner said in a squeaky voice, "Mom, will you marry Dad?"

    Jaina burst into giggles, kissing Rian's forehead and taking him into her free arm as she leaned into Ganner's hug.

    "Well, since he was so very brave and polite in asking such an adorable person for help ... yes, I will marry him," she said.

    Ganner beamed - he knew the entire presentation had been a bit absurd - as Jaina kissed him, and the babies cooed.

    Hardly the most regular family, but somehow I think we can make it work, he thought, returning Jaina's happy grin.

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    Any fic involving Wynssa is welcome.

    And Jaina/Ganner! That's a new one. I like it.

    Wait a minute. Tahiri's dead in this fic universe? TT
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    Definitely Jaina with Ganner is new. Usually I read her with Kyp =P~ or Jag. Yum! LOL But Ganner works splendidly. He's a darling with the kids and so sincerely crazy about her without being pushy.

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    DARTH_MU: Thanks for reading. :) J/G was vaguely hinted at early on in the NJO, but never really went anywhere, and I can see why; here ... well, Dark Journey was very different, to put it mildly.

    And - mild spoilers - both Tahiri and Anakin are very much alive in this timeline. :D (I need to update the other 'fic, though ... [face_blush]).

    Starflare is fun to write when she's taken seriously; this is a woman who managed to hold Soontir Fel's loyalty when Ysanne Isard was trolling for him, so I've long thought there were hidden depths to the Empire's holostar. ;)

    I hope Wyn wasn't too OTT, however. The girl's playing a role, too, but I think she may be a bit too giddy here ... 8-}

    WarmNyota: Thanks. :) This iteration of grown-up!Ganner is fun; he's got a backstory in this timeline that gets quite ... I don't know if complicated is exactly the right word, but it crosses over with an online video game I'm pretty sure few SW fans have played, and it's a very different interpretation of Teyr from canon.

    (There is a backstory on that I need to post sooner than later ... [face_blush]).

    I can see these two working together well; Ganner's an adult, after Garqi (and the Well of the World Brain), having been able to let go of his glory-hound phase.

    And Jaina's grown up as well. She's come through a very different trial than the one she faced in canon-Legends, and knows her mother's fears ... and hopes.

    - Thanks again, ^:)^
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    Yay for more Jay, I mean Jaina and Ganner. :)

    I can totally see this happening. :D

    Agreed and agreed.

    Not nice of me, but I laughed.


    I kinda never liked him before. But here, he's won me.


    Dude, take a Perigen.




    This was so much fun. :)
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    EP: Thanks for the feedback! :D

    This was a fun one to write; I'd wanted to avoid a boring-if-appropriate "how they fell in love" story, since really, they have fallen in love - it's just a matter of the two of them taking that next step together. :)

    There's also a lot more with the Fels in this AU that won't come up until later, but I have a pretty good roadmap in mind ... ;)

    - Thanks again,
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