Lit SOS: Save Our Skywalker, Luke Skywalker (v4)

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    Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor dealt with Luke coming to grips with his legend much better.

    Also, the problem most have with Luke is the same Mark Hamill has:

    "I said to Rian, 'Jedis don't give up.' I mean, even if [Luke] had a problem, he would maybe take a year to try and regroup, but if he made a mistake, he would try to right that wrong, so right there, we had a fundamental difference," Hamill shared of his reaction to reading the script. "But it's not my story anymore, it's somebody else's story and Rian needed me to be a certain way to make the ending effective. That's the crux of my problem. Luke would never say that. I'm sorry."

    It's not just that he thought of murdering Ben for 0.5 seconds, but that he didn't stay to correct the mistake.
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    Thanks for the welcome back. I understand what you're saying about this thread's aims, given the events of TLJ. Which I saw on Sunday, and is part of the reason I returned—to see how people reacted to that.

    As for me, I lost much of my Star Wars spirit when Disney junked the EU. I was always somewhat more a "Lit" fan than movie fan. These days, practically all I buy myself anymore is the main Star Wars comic (digitally). I might read a book occasionally, but only through borrowing from the library.
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    Mark is ultimately an actor, and a super cool guy, but he doesn't necessarily get final choice on how a character's arc goes. I'm not saying I agree with every choice in the film. But don't play the, "oh the actor didn't like that part of his direction, therefore I'll throw the rest out."
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    Didn't Mark Hamill want Luke to have fallen to the dark side?
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    Well, at least the actor Mark Hamill still understands Luke Skywalker. Unfortunately he's just an actor and not the director and so his opinion doesn't really matter, but its a little bit reassuring.

    Maybe we should rename the thread to SOS Jake Skywalker. Or Luuke Skywalker. Zahn's FotJ: Apology seems more appealing all the time these days. When I think of the sequels as a parody, I enjoy them more.
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    Luke Skywalker will live on in my imagination...
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    Remember that Mark Hamil was very loyal to GL, and the Luke character. Like someone posted above me, when Disney canned the EU and decided on the one canon concept between movie, comic book, and novel, I balked. Now that Disney bought Fox they own the entire thing and now can re-write Star Wars to fit what they think occurred. This is not GL Star Wars or Sue Rostock. One only needs to see the OT books re-done and the 40 different stories to see where I am coming from. They have also discarded the novels, script books, and everything. Now its just the movies, the finished product and all the newly released stuff.
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    Earlier I had quoted something the OT/EU character of Luke had said that held a lot of meaning for me. For those of us who enjoy that portrayal much better than this new interpretation, I collected some more Luke quotes. Enjoy ~
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    This is what the Art of TLJ says about Luke during the early meetings.
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    *xezene, thanks for that.

    I made what I thought was my last post on these boards yesterday, but then I decided that I had to come back here before I left completely, because the lit boards and especially this thread, are where I started posting and spent most of my posting time for many years. So, I came back to say “Goodbye,” to everyone here. Thank you for all of the discussions over the years and for the support. Sadly, we couldn’t save Luke.

    I am sure you can guess that I didn’t like TLJ. In fact, I hated it. That two and a half hour movie killed my love of Star Wars. I have been a fan for over 30 years and I have participated actively on these boards for almost 17 years, but I am well and truly done. Rian Johnson broke my heart and made the OT films irrelevant. I don’t know if I can ever watch them again, because I will always think about what TLJ and TFA did to my favorite films and characters.

    So, this IS likely my last post. I may stop by to lurk at some point, but Star Wars is dead for me. I won’t be watching any more sw films or reading any more sw books or comics. This isn’t my Star Wars anymore.

    Take care, everyone!
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    Thanks for this farewell post @ChildOfWinds - you should get a better response here than elsewhere too.

    I'll miss our regular DE dances.
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    Jan 6, 2016
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    Bye @ChildOfWinds, I can't blame you for giving up on Star Wars. It hasn't been the same, not since the Disney buyout, and this thread feels useless these days, especially since TLJ. No point spending time on something so annoying anymore. I'm not sure I care that much anymore either.

    Its not that surprising, not since the early worrying signs we got even before TFA, but still depressing that it has come to this. Good luck with whatever else you follow in the future.
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    Take care, @ChildOfWinds.

    I enjoyed our back and forth over LotF Luke when it came to Lumiya, but I respect where you are coming from today.

    May the Force be with you.

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    Sorry to see you go, Child of Winds... just as I make a return. I also always enjoyed our discussions in years past, even if we were often sparring more than agreeing. Hey, at least we both loved Luke Skywalker! I understand your reasons for leaving and empathize with them. Take care of yourself.
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    I'm sorry to see you go, CoW; it has been an absolute pleasure chatting with you on these forums. All I can suggest is take time to heal, and then return to the parts of the Saga that you love, ignoring the rest. Wishing you all the best!
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    Sep 2, 2012
    Everyone, give me your Top 5 Best/Favorite/whatever Luke Skywalker stories.
    And throw in other best Jedi stories as well. Going to read KOTOR comics again at some point. Need some Zayne Carrick in my life.
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    Dark Empire
    TLJ ;)
  19. Force Smuggler

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    Sep 2, 2012
    Very funny DM. Was trying to get good Luke stories so I could forget TLJ.
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    I'll quote myself from another thread on something that I think is relevant here. Oh, and apologies if this point has been made here before, I admit I haven't read this whole thread. Here goes:
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    An interesting alternative take on TLJ:

    Maybe some Luke-fans can find solace? So far the fanfiction is superior to the official movie. We need not chain our imagination to the "canon" version of events.
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    Though we've had our share of differences, I've always respected your love for Luke, and that we definitely shared in common. I wish TLJ would've worked for you and that you didn't feel forced to come to this point. I wish your love for SW hadn't been so destroyed. But I understand that if you truly feel this way, it's probably best for you to step away. Take care, Child! Hope life treats you well! You'll be missed around here, for sure.
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