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    Title: "Speak Into the Silence"
    Author: Mira_Jade

    : General (Family, Drama, Romance)
    Rating: PG
    Time Frame: my Song!verse AU; post-RotS through post-NJO
    Characters: Ensemble Cast, with focus on the Skywalker/Solo family

    Summary: Moments from another time and place, written for the 2021 FanFic Summer Olympics.

    Notes: Because there's no way I wasn't going to dabble in my Song!verse for something as brilliant as the FanFic Olympics. [face_mischief] For those of you who may not be familiar with my Song!verse, it's simply an AU world where Anakin was not so dumb and Sithy, and made better life choices during RoTS. His decisions circumvented the events of the OT, saved Padmé's life, and preserved the Jedi Order - which, along with the Republic itself, has since gone on to make some much needed reforms. Prior reading is not required to understand any of these stories, but, if you're curious, links to the rest of this series can be found underneath the spoiler tag below.

    • “An Old Song, Re-Sung” | The one that started it all! A complete RoTS AU short story where, and I quote: Anakin is not dumb and Sithy. From a certain point of view, at least. [face_mischief]

    • “Her Still, Small Voice” | The sequel to AOSRS. A Mara Jade origins story that is, unfortunately, on hiatus.

    • "Even Without a Voice" | My answer to the 2018 DDC. Ahsoka's companion story to Anakin's, picking up right from her leaving the Jedi Order through just after the subverted events of RoTS.

    • "In That There That Isn't Here" | This is something a little different for me. A Sintas Vel diary I started for the 2020 DDC. This is, as of now, another incomplete WIP, but one that I hope to start up again someday.

    • "All That's Unsung" | A complete short story, set 3 years post-RoTS. Featuring Anakin and Padmé trying to have a date night, and Rex and Ahsoka babysitting the toddler twins.

    • "So Few Things" | A WIP novel, set five years post-RoTS, focusing on Bly/Aayla Secura after the subverted events of Order 66.

    • "Color Me Pink" | A complete, goofy short story written for the 2020 April Fools Challenge, featuring the preteen twins and Mara Jade building their lightsabers, set about 13 years post-RoTS. It mainly focuses on one of my OCs, Rhysa, and her relationship with Ezra Bridger. With bonus married and happy Aayla Secura/Bly on the side.

    • "We Claim Our Own Landscape" | A WIP short story, set about 20 years post-RoTS, where Han meets the parents.

    Then, various odds and ends can be found in “The Rest is Silence”, "Our Love of Constellations", and my "Cut Into Little Stars" UDC thread.


    Disclaimer: Nothing is mine, but for the words. My title is fondly nicked from Isak Danielson's Silence, which is a constant go-to on my Song!verse playlist. [face_love]

    Index of Events

    I. "With No One Left Outside" (400 Word Cross Country) | T'ra Saa & Mace Windu

    ~ MJ @};-
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    Author's Notes: This first ficlet is a glimpse of the reformed Jedi Order in this 'verse, featuring T'ra Saa and Mace Windu. T'ra Saa is a Legends character who has featured in my story So Few Things. A centuries old Neti Jedi Master, she was Yoda's first Padawan hundreds of years ago, and one of Mace Windu's instructors in his youth. Exploring this world from her unique POV seemed a more than fitting way to open this collection, and the words just wrote themselves from there.

    My title is, once again, a nick from Isak Danielson's Silence. [face_love]


    “With No One Left Outside”
    (400 Word Cross Country | 4 years post-RotS | T’ra Saa & Mace Windu)​

    It was a peaceful summer’s eve on Ossus, one where the children laughed to chase glow-bugs as the adults strolled along the garden lanes. In one of the now empty sparring rings, a trio of Falanassi White Walkers debated philosophy with a Duros Star Searcher, while a lone Lasat Shaman knelt in a confection of symbols she’d drawn on one of the basalt outcroppings, her head bowed in prayer. The fountains danced and the breeze sang as two free clones chatted with a youngling’s visiting parents. That same youngling glowed brightly in the Force – much as the newly reinstated Knight Skywalker himself did, walking arm-in-arm in the open with his wife.

    This was, T’ra thought, balance by its simplest definition such as the Jedi Order had sought for centuries, and only now had truly obtained.

    “You are pleased with these changes.” Mace Windu’s words were a statement rather than a question. Yet, such was an art she had first taught him herself, not so long ago.

    “Are you not pleased?”

    “It’s not my place to be pleased or displeased; time alone will judge our wisdom.”

    T’ra held back from replying aloud, instead pausing to watch Depa’s Padawan as he chased after the Bridger boy. Caleb clearly thought himself too old for such antics, but Ezra had nabbed his datapad and now delightedly refused to return the item – him and the Skywalker twins and youngling Jade, all. Depa, who stood with Aayla and Tholme just beyond, observed the children with a serenity she’d so often struggled to maintain during the war. A matching peace had settled deep within Mace, she felt – and could well understand from watching her own legacy in the Force so poised to thrive, at that.

    When she sank into the living Force to better appreciate the moment, it was still reflexive for Mace to follow. There, her incorporeal eyes could see their own eaves and every seedling beyond, sinking their roots in deep to anchor themselves. T’ra could foresee just how mighty their forest would someday become – how fragrant with flowers and pleasing with fine fruits before the storms inevitably returned anew. She, for her part, was honored to contribute to that tapestry of life in what a small way she could.

    When Mace drew back from their shared vision, his expression was rueful. “Will you ever be through guiding me, Master?”

    “Oh, never that, child. Never that.”

    ~ MJ @};-
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    YAY SONG!VERSE!!! [face_dancing]

    I really love this look at T'ra and Mace's relationship, and her reflections on the changes the Order has gone through and continues to go through. There was just such a peaceful atmosphere throughout this whole ficlet - and I love the idea that this is balance, that the Jedi opening themselves up to the fullness of life and embracing it has led to the harmony we now see at the Temple. Not that it was totally missing before, but it's more complete now. And I could really feel that completeness in your writing.

    I think it's so interesting seeing the Masters of this Order through the eyes of their own masters and instructors. And this connection between Mace and T'ra isn't one that I'd known much about before, so I love being reintroduced to Legends content in this way. :D

    And don't worry too much, Mace. I think things are going to be a lot better this way. ;)

    T'ra to Mace, to Depa, to Caleb, and then to Ezra. [face_love] Even though the Jedi claimed to eschew attachments, there have always been families at its heart, in their own way, and it's so good to see that acknowledged and nurtured. Again, not they didn't already feel those bonds before... but that's sort of the point, isn't it? This is natural, and the Jedi are finally accepting something which was there all along. If that makes any sense. :p

    The student may become the teacher, but they're never too old to learn or follow, are they? :D

    This was such a lovely image of what the future of the Jedi Order will be, and I always love returning to this 'verse and seeing the ways in which you've given these characters better lives and a brighter future. [face_love]

    Perfect. [face_love]

    I'm ready for mooooooar, Mira! [face_batting] ;) [:D]
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    Oh it's so lovely to revisit the Song!verse :) I didn't realise it had expanded so much while I was hiding in real life, and now I need to catch up with all of it. This world you created is so optimistic, and I love how you integrate elements of, well, everything from every little corner of the SW universe.

    I particularly enjoyed your depiction of Mace Windu in this ficlet. In his first bit of dialogue he's the "proper" Mace Windu and I could hear is stern tone in Samuel L. Jackson's voice – but then he becomes the Mace Windu of this universe, who, for all his austere manner, has that little element of someone who still feels that he has so much to learn.

    Another bit that stood out for me was T'ra Saa's visualisation of the Living Force as a forest. I've been wanting to write a vegetal sentient species for a while, and I found it difficult to figure out how their specific mind patterns would work. You stroke the right balance here between being vegetal enough while avoiding excessive "folklore", for lack of a better word, and this is a passage I will return to and use as a model.

    Oh, and I'm ready for moooooar too!
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    I really needed something happy and peaceful today, and this was perfect. [face_love]

    I love this line and way of seeing.

    Every word of this was so beautiful and calming and makes such a wonderful start to this decathlon. =D=[face_love]
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    I adore this Song!verse you have created! :)

    I think this was my favorite line. Balance. It was so close the entire time. Lovely. =D=
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    Took 'em long enough :p

    Ah, but there we see the subjective nature of time, don't we [face_thinking] (it still took them long enough)

    This captures Mace perfectly, I can just hear that solemn-borderline-disapproving tone he inevitably has :p

    MY BEBEH MARA [face_love] Miiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrraaaaaaa, my baby, I need more

    You're extremely good at capturing the whole Jedi philosophy/mindset :cool: *takes notes*

    Aw, I love it [face_love]
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    Your Song!verse is like oxygen. I love it so incredibly. T'ra's warmth and wisdom come through so vividly as does every delicious detail of the tranquil scene (dare I call it Edenic) ;) [face_love]
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