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Beyond - Legends Spider moments, for the Shakespeare roulette challenge. Dreams coming true

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by earlybird-obi-wan, Oct 2, 2011.

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Spider moments for the Shakespeare roulette challenge
    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan
    Timeframe: 25 ABY and after that
    Characters: OC?s
    Genre: a series of one shots and vignettes
    Summary: the formation of Spider squadron and their adventures during the Yuuzhan Vong wars, the Dark Nest crisis, LOTF and FOTJ
    Disclaimer: Star Wars is owned by G.L.

    45. ?Exit, pursued by a bear.?
    A Winter?s Tale, III.iii.57

    55. ?I shall ne?er be ware of mine own wit till I break my shins against it.?
    As You Like It, II.iv.60.

    60. ?But screw your courage to the sticking place,
    And we?ll not fail.?
    Macbeth, I.vii.60-61.

    Spider moments

    A new squadron for Captain Kalra

    ?Clear to land at six?

    ?Aye six percent,? Didier Kalra ? the young captain of the Strike cruiser Taranak ? answered with a mischievous smile on his face. A new voice and new meant some pranks to play.

    ?Percent captain??

    ?Yup and leave the ale.?


    ?Six percent ale dispatch.?

    ?Uh captain it?s landing pad six. You are from the Taranak? You are her captain??

    ?At ease dispatch,? Didier Kalra grinned. ?Just the six.?


    That was another voice and Didier listened to the well known voice of his Corellian friend Ganny Montolo instructing the dispatch officer. Chief Montolo was one of the officers leading the training facilities for pilots situated near Coronet city.
    ?It?s my friend Kalra and you have never met him and his pranks but I have. Let him proceed to landing pad six and I will personally go and see him. And Jason use ?.?

    ?Aww Chief Montolo is planning something and that something,? Didier thought ?I shall ne?er be ware of mine own wit till I break my shins against it.?
    He landed his transport without problems on the designated landing pad six of one of the training facilities and was halfway to the door giving access to the administrative building when that door opened.

    A man ? dressed in the uniform of a servant ? stepped forward holding a tray on his level hands. ?Six percent Corellian Ale as requested Captain Kalra.? He had a bottle of ale on that tray and a glass filled with something.

    That something had Didier backing away after giving one look to the ? extremely young looking ? servant and headed to the ramp of his transport.

    ?Going somewhere Captain Kalra,? Ganny Montolo had sneaked behind his friend and grabbed him by the shoulders. ?Your six spicy peppers are waiting for the ale.?

    ?Ganny you dare to give me sneaky ??

    ?Sneaky spiced ale,? Ganny started when a woman dressed in a black jumpsuit that contrasted sharply with her grey hair and jade eyes sauntered to their place.

    ?Didier Kalra,? the woman stood on tiptoe to be level with the two men ?just accept that drink or you will get spiders hunting you.?

    Kalra eyed the woman and a big smile split his face when he recognised her from his days at the academy. She had been the one to promote him and give him the command of the Taranak.

    ?Spiders Jacky??

    ?Spiders,? Jacky Sandor answered. ?Take my daughter and her training group to their new nest on the Taranak. They have been requesting a new assignment since the day the last recruit took his exams.?

    ?Sneaky,? Didier began.

    ?I know,? Jacky interrupted ?the Taranak showing up at the shipyards and orders coming to and from republic command had me using my influence. And yes she is being refitted with two hangar-bays and training simulators for X-wings.?

    ?She is and I accept your daughter and her group of spiders,? Didier stated. He was after all coming to Corellia to get a squadron of X-wing pilots assigned to the Taranak.

    ?I will introduce you,? Jacky started towards one of the hangars.

    Ganny and Didier followed her and the latter became suspicious when the servant started to follow as well.

    ?Ganny,? Didier whispered ?I accepted the Spiders and that had me free of the spiced ale.?

    Jacky turned her head with a mischievous smile on her face ?he is Spider nine.?

    ?Didier Kalra,? the captain extended his right hand.

    ?Jason Guyet,? the man shook hands with his right hand keeping the tra
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    Jun 14, 2005
    And that had Didier baffled because it was as if an invisible hand was holding that tray level. He felt the hand and more. It was the same warmth he had felt from his foster parents. The d?Lorrion family had adopted him after he became an orphan. He had been with his grandmother on a trip to New Holstice when Alderaan became the grave for his parents and his grandmother died of a broken heart. He knew. The name Guyet was familiar. Hanna ? his foster mother ? had told him often about her colleague Alan Guyet and his unusual ways to save a patient. For her it wasn?t unusual at all. ?It is the Force and we keep that a secret from the Empire,? she had whispered in his ear.
    And Steve d?Lorrion had told him about his uncle the great admiral Dave d?Lorrion working with Alan Guyet and his ?hospital squadron.? This Jason must be related to Alan.

    Ah, I see how all comes together nicely! [face_idea]
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Nice start and great how you can tie all the kindreds /families together =D=

  4. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    It does and more fun is following

    This will be a series of random moments and thanks again for reading.

    The next moment was inspired by the next Shakespeare quote I got
    45. ?Exit, pursued by a bear.?
    A Winter?s Tale, III.iii.57

    Ewoks and blue gloves for a rookie

    ?Huh? My X-wing instructor Guyet is a medical officer and the senior one giving me my physical?? Anxious looking grey eyes scanned the plate on the door of the chief medical officer in the med-bay of the Taranak. They belonged to the young man who had his grey eyebrows in a grey face almost crawling up to his grey hair. Only some red was colouring his grey face. Had it been dark in the corridor his complexion would have been spectacular. Like all Varakonin humanoids he displayed intense bioluminescent patterns when he was agitated. Reporting for a physical had him agitated. He had had one ? five months ago ? when he came with his friend to Corellia.

    And the door was opening. Curious? He hadn?t knocked to announce his presence. But he remembered. Instructor Guyet was a Force user. He had seen that use only a few days ago when he was rescued after a landing in an ice covered lake. Snow, he knew now all about snow and ice being the same as water. Snowballs ? made by black gloved hands and flying his way ? had been a hilarious introduction to the stuff. His instructor was now without those black gloves and the bulky orange flight-suit. Blue green medical dress and clogs and a stethoscope hanging around his neck were giving him a young doctor?s appearance of the kind you saw everywhere in large hospitals.

    ?Kehviin Beltaiiihne welcome. Please come in for your medical check-up,? Jason Guyet said with a friendly voice.

    Not military at all. But Kehviin replied like he was taught in flight school ?Sir Yes sir!? He was awed by the flawless pronunciation of his name. He had introduced himself as Kevin Beltaine when he met the new instructor a month ago for the first time because almost no one could pronounce Varankonin names. Marlene Sandor ? a senior instructor and the founder of Spider squadron ? had said Rog Spanis when his friend Rohbb Spaniwwsh and he joined the training group to become X-wing pilots. From that day they were Kevin Beltaine and Rob Spanish. He shook the surprising warm hand and felt and saw something more. Scars were dotting that hand and there were more on the other hand and arms. They were old scars ? burn scars by the looks of the white places. And he could see more. The green v-neck shirt couldn?t hide scars on the torso.

    ?It?s Jason for you Kehviin. I have seen your records. You finished your training in less than a year. That?s quite impressive for a young Varankonin.?

    ?Becoming a pilot was a dream since I heard from my teacher about his father being a famous pilot in the clone wars,? Kevin sat down in the second chair next to the desk after Jason sat down and thought about his friend Rohbb Spaniwwsh who was scheduled for his physical the same day. ?Just call me Kevin. It?s for the other crewmembers less confusing and Rob will ask you the same. You know about Varanko??

    ?Yup, never been there but my father has a friend who had a Varankonin among his ancestors. That friend ? Leslie Tualan ? had a Varankonin grandfather and could tell me all about the planet. Not that he had been there but he had resources available.?

    ?Resources,? Kevin mused. ?Varanko was not important for the republic. The empire never set foot on Varanko.?

    ?The Jeditemple had those resources,? Jason replied ?and I can tell you more about them.? He had his computer activated and typed in commands. Kevin?s file appeared with some blanks. ?For you it?s blood-tests and BP only.?

    And Kevin saw Jason reaching for a box of blue gloves and a rack with test-tubes and syringes. That had him squirming a bi
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    Jun 14, 2005
    I feel followed by little bears too now!
  6. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    and by him?

  7. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Excellent detailing of alien physiognomy =D= Awwness over tickling ;) and super use of the quote, which [face_laugh] I've read in siggies around the board and now I know exactly where it came from.


  8. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Thank you and here is another funny moment

    Snowball fights and more


    An ice cube landed with a splat on the counter and slithered towards the grey hand of the young pilot holding a glass in his other hand and sipping from that through a straw with a climbing Ewok in it. The provider of those straws sat further down at the counter. Chief medical officer and Spider nine had given him a full box of those straws after the medical check-up.

    And Kevin Beltaine remembered. He was reminded of ?that? disastrous landing on a snow-covered lake in the Nomad Mountains on Corellia. A smile appearing on his face his mind drifted to that afternoon and the training flight.

    - - -

    Rob Spanish ? his wingman ? had suggested the ?safe? landing-place when he saw the white snow-covered mountain range and the smooth place surrounded by hills and trees. Like Rob he had never seen snow. On his home-world Varanko ? a mostly water covered planet with small continents and many islands ? snow was absent.

    And the two X-wings had been guided to the landing place. He had been opening his canopy after doffing his helmet when a soft crackling sound had him looking this and that way. That it was coming from struts breaking through the thin ice didn?t register.

    But a sound of repulsors coming to his place and a swishing sound followed by a ploink of metal on metal had him looking up towards instructor Guyet giving one order. ?Stay put? the man was ? canopy open and X-wing reverted ? coming his way and pointing at a second X-wing. That one had fired his grappler and Jason had ? no doubt about that ? used the Force to guide the hook in the place where it couldn?t damage the fuselage namely near the astromech that had been told to shut up after landing. And he saw Rob ? in his X-wing ? in the same situation. Both X-wings were being towed ? back end first ? towards the white material that didn?t look any different to the two Varankonin.

    But it was.
    Some bumping and swishing sounds and the X-wing came to a stop. The grappler was released and he heard the X-wings touching down.

    He didn?t have to use the ladder to get down. The struts had disappeared. He jumped the short distance to the white stuff. It was cold, enveloped his feet and most of his legs and it was slippery when he tried to walk.

    ?What?s this?? Rob Spanish squeaked when he landed bottom down on his back.

    ?Snow and quite useful for this,? Issa Dakin ? a brown skinned Zabrak ? grinned ?missile coming.? He had been the one to tow Rob and X-wing to safety just like Sannie Pravo had towed Kevin?s X-wing.

    That missile was white stuff formed in a ball and landed splat on Rob?s belly.

    ?Hey fun stuff,? Kevin took some of the white material and formed balls, throwing them towards his squadron mates and not minding that white balls were returning. But he was surprised that it ? if squeezed too hard ? had his gloves appearing wet. And using his tongue he got confirmation. It was water and quite pure water at that, tasting wonderful but cold. ?Rob, it?s water.?

    ?I kno-sprrwwshhht,? Rob grumbled when Sannie Pravo ? sneaking towards him ? used her hands to smear his face full with the snow. ?Grrr cold water.?

    ?The water is over there,? Marlene Sandor grinned ?and you can see what your landing has done to it.

    Rob and Sannie disappeared around the fuselage of the X-wing.

    Kevin followed and saw the tracks leading to what appeared to be water with floating chunks of something he had seen in the blue stuff that wasn?t his taste at all.

    ?That?s cracked ice,? Sannie threw another snowball towards Kevin.

    - - -

    The ice-cube collided with the hand.

    ?Hey ice,? Kevin began with a small smile on his face. ?Was this the first prank??

    ?We are headed to Hoth,? Jason Guyet took another cube.

    ?Hoth, never seen the place,? Kevin interrupted ?some tropical resort??

    ?No Hoth is
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    Aug 31, 2004
    [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    Nice fun with the snowballs and ice cubes
  10. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    ?The ice prank was averted.?

    Your pranks are always great to read!

  11. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Thanks again for reading and the next one mentions this viggie
    A prank for a rookie

    and continues with more fun

    Suds and showers and socks

    ?Leave it to those Varankonin to make things interesting.?

    Sporting suds all over his uniform, hair and more and doubled over with laughter Didier Kalra hurried out of the kitchen.

    Passing the mess-hall after landing his shuttle he had heard the ruckus in the kitchen. He had seen the first Spanish prank, had heard from their commander Marlene Sandor how it had begun and regretted to come back a bit too late from his visit to his friends on Corellia to see the beginning of said prank and the prank that preceded it.

    The first prank had been initiated by Jason Guyet. He had parked a doll with a package of gloves in the simulator assigned to Kevin Beltaine and had smeared yelly-oh-marmalade on the controls.

    How he would have loved to see the simulator run. Rookie Beltaine had used the gloves to clean the controls and had with his greasy hands messed up spectacular. That had earned him mess-hall duty.

    But enter Rob Spanish and the prank became one back-firing on Jason hurrying to the kitchen to see a patient made out of a pots-and-pans stuffed uniform.

    The suds fight had been the ending giving each partaker a kitchen-suds smell.

    Didier entered his cabin, hurried inside the fresher after doffing his uniform and was turning on the water and about to reach for the shower gel when the pile of uniform and suds began to beep.

    Beeweep beeweep.

    ?Oh my!? The pile was missing something. ?My socks.?

    He grabbed a towel and rummaged in the pile until he had the comlink and selected voice only when he saw who was contacting him. She ? Dorne Runia ? was the reason he had been away from the Taranak. Doing the paperwork and getting Spider squadron assigned to the Taranak he had discovered that she was staying with her parents in Coronet city. She was a friend from his days that he attended the military academy on Corellia. He had seen her the last time before he joined the Taranak as a junior officer.


    Colouring red Didier asked with a voice feigning innocence ?uh Dorne what?s up??

    ?You know very well what?s up. It happened years ago and now again.?

    ?Uh huh yes but you know socks get lost all the times.? He remembered his visits to the Runia family after becoming more than friends with Dorne. She had persuaded him during one of those visits to get a career first, that being the Taranak. A kiss and a vow to keep in contact had been his goodbye when he boarded the shuttle taking him to the Taranak. He had tried to keep that contact but was getting only responses from the Runia family that their daughter was traipsing around the galaxy. The traipsing was explained when he saw her in the office of the training facility and got an invitation to visit her family. She had told him about being discovered by the Jedi and joining the Jedi praxeum on Yavin. And he had seen and heard what being a Jedi meant for her. ?We are one family Didier but you will always have a special place in my heart.?

    ?Socks don?t get lost if you put the dirty ones in your laundry bag. Your socks are here. And Didier voice only doesn?t work. You are blushing.?

    ?Jedi,? he grumbled turning on the holo-transmitter to see her dressed in her usual garb of a Corellian Jedi with the lightsaber hanging from her belt. Garb she hadn?t been wearing during that trip. ?Yes but you were the one to suggest that trip to Treasure Ship Row and??

    ?You tasted that spicy Corellian ale and I had to get you back to my parent?s home??

    ?And you had to reveal your Jedi-ness, carrying me with ease to the guestroom where I slept and awoke refreshed because you had som
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    Aug 31, 2004
    [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    Fun stuff here.

  13. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    And new socks? He would tell Willy about his meeting with Dorne and there would be no socks problem at all.

    After all the fuss and complications at my parents´ place, when I dared to find out the new WLAN password to establish a connection with my laptop, I really needed that funny update of yours.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    And more coming but first a more serious scene

    Fuss and complications, war with the yuuzhan Vong will give mayhem in the next post

    A hero

    Strike cruiser Taranak

    Weston Telsini hummed a cheerful tune. He was the new rookie of Spider squadron but being assigned to the same quarters as the senior medical officer he had not yet experienced the pranks a rookie was bound to receive when coming to a new squadron.
    No pranks at all.
    And that was a bit unusual or was it?

    Some new mayhem was present in the known galaxy.
    He entered the mess-hall and observed.
    He saw the drawn looks on the face of his bunkmate and on the faces of the previous rookie and his mate.

    ?Jason what has happened must be awful for the Solo?s,? Rob Spanish mumbled. He was sitting next to the medic and trying to give some comfort to the grieving man.

    Kevin Beltaine was returning from the counter with a tray with glasses.

    ?What happened?? Weston sat down at the same table not surprised at all when Kevin placed ? after giving Jason and Rob ? a glass of water before him.

    ?A hero gave his life,? Jason whispered and sipped from the water before continuing with a stronger voice ?Chewbacca saved thousands of people on Sernpidal and the last he saved was Anakin Solo. He is a hero? He sipped more of the water. ?Chewbacca, you will live forever in the hearts and souls of your friends.? He downed the last of the water and placed the glass on the table.

    ?Chewbacca,? Rob downed his glass.

    ?Forever in the Force,? Kevin added and downed his glass.

    ?A Hero,? Weston downed his water ?and I want to know who did this.?

    Kevin produced the flimsyplast that contained the message and gave it to Weston.

    ?And we are going to fight this mayhem?? Weston asked.

    ?We are and we have some planning to do,? Jason began to tell more.

    - - -

    ?Buoys,? Captain Didier Kalra mused ?they can work but only on back-water planets that have been of little or no importance to the empire or are known for their endemic diseases.? He had been briefed by the four pilots.

    ?Varanko qualifies on both aspects,? Jason stated ?and you have the specifics for the buoys.?

    ?And we can send the message as a Varankonin love letter,? Kevin added.

    ?With an account of the new Spanish prank,? Weston began to smile. He had heard Jason telling him tales about the pranks invented by Spanish.

    ?Alright boys,? Didier grinned ?buoys for the boys.?

    - - -

    A beach on Varanko.
    The sea with the tops of the waves coloured white by the moon made a nice background for the two Varankonin looking skyward.

    The Varankonin ? Karo Spaniwwsh and Yarowar Beltaiiihne ? were displaying their bioluminescent patterns. They had seen the shuttle returning that had deployed the quarantine buoys and were now paying tribute to the hero.

    Chewbacca, friend of all
    You will live forever
    Forever in the souls
    And memories
    Of all that have known you
    And will come to know you

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    Aug 31, 2004
  16. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Thank you for reading and here is again a funny one.

    Bunks and sheets, shared or not

    Skip Gronje had expected a prank from his commander on the day before his marriage aboard the Taranak. Spanish was famous for those pranks.

    But this, coming from the ladies, was something unexpected.

    Skip took pride in himself that he kept the room he shared with Weston Telsini and Issa Dakin tidy and clean but now he had to begin anew with that cleaning after a very uneventful bachelor party starting with a simulator run and ending in the Spider bar with arm wrestling. That had been the most exciting part of it but not as exciting as it was when the ladies were around.

    Arm wrestling; it had begun his friendship with Aisja shortly after he had seen her for the first time. She was arm wrestling with Sannie Pravo and about to loose when he entered the bar. Aisja had looked up with a smile, had uttered a loud grunt and had won; telling him that he ? the last one in ? had to get her drink from Bob Jehee. Count on Kevin Beltaine to make said drink very interesting and Skip had been offering her the drink with a straw with climbing Ewok in it when she leaned close to him, gazed with those mesmerising green eyes in his puppy dog brown ones (her words) and took the straw between her lips.

    A resistance is futile (whispered by her and Beltaine) had him getting that straw and kissing her on her lips oblivious of the wolf whistles from Jehee and Beltaine.
    Sannie had been cheering them along when they left the bar.

    That had been almost a year ago. Missions had been interfering. Blame those Yuuzhan Vong. And Aisja; she had wanted her marriage dress to be one made by herself.
    Skip had agreed of course. The informal bond was there. And both wanted captain Kalra to perform the ceremony. Aisja?s announcement that her dress was ready had been the moment to plan.

    It resulted in giggling ladies leaving their quarters this morning. What had those girls done during their party?
    They made a men's room in a girl?s room. Three bunks were now sporting sheets decorated with flowers. Left over teacups, chocolate wrappers and cake wrappers were dotting the floor that was decorated with a picknick cloth in garish ? eye offending ? colours. A picknick basket had spilled the contents.

    ?What?s this? Skip, you should have closed our door. Now we have to deal with these girls having an outrageous picknick party in our quarters. Wait until Weston sees this. Or Rob and Kevin; grey and pink don?t match. Even I couldn?t have come up with the idea to redecorate my bunk in a way that will keep me awake or dreaming about strangling flowers. And chocolate wrappers are very offending for our senior medical officer and fellow pilot always telling you to take something that is healthy for a pilot.?

    ?Issa,? Skip roared with laughter. The Zabrak was always quite eloquent in his descriptions but now he was topping it.

    ?Yes,? Issa grinned ?where are you going to bunk after tomorrow with the lady? I sure don?t want to sleep in this girls nest.?

    ?You don?t have to,? Spider Commander Marlene Sandor came in ?and Skip, you don?t have to clean this mess. Your things are already moved to my room where you can share the bunk with Aisja. Those sheets with flowers are mine.?

    ?And where is our new reasonably not eye offending bunk??

    ?Sannie is busy with Padilla,? Marlene replied with a mischievous smile on her face.

    ?Landing pad Hoskins,? Issa ran away.

    Skip ? in for some fun ? followed Issa and stopped in the door opening.

    Issa ran to his bunk. It looked normal but was not. He threw back the covers to reveal a single sheet. ?Short sheets. I am not that short and like to sleep using the whole bed. Where did you put the other sheet??

    Sannie and Padilla were packing their belongings.

    ?Here use this one,? Padilla threw a package towards Issa.

    The Zabrak caught it and was about to remove the wrapper when he saw the flowers. ?No flower sheets for me. I will sleep in a short sheeted bed? and he sat down on that bed ?o
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    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] Lots of pranking.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Chewbacca, friend of all
    You will live forever
    Forever in the souls
    And memories
    Of all that have known you
    And will come to know you

    Dang, I missed the last update and this beautiful poem.

    But luckily I caught up and ended in an update with a lot of pranks!

  19. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    And now after the pranks some mush

    They met in a bar and they married in a bar

    Captain Kalra was the first to enter the bar of the Taranak, usually nicknamed the Spider nest when pilots from Spider squadron were in the majority or Scorpion refuge when pilots from that squadron arrived first to claim the bar after a simulator run or a mission. He smiled when he saw the two names above the counter where Bob Jehee had his territory.

    Bob hurried in from the back door.

    ?At ease sergeant Jehee,? Didier Kalra walked to the table where Bob had placed a book and took his place behind that table. ?I can see you have everything under control for the ceremony and what follows.?

    ?Spiders and Scorpions engaged in another mock battle or beginning an arm wrestling competition with more marriages coming from that arm wrestling and decorating drinks with Ewok straws?? Bob gave a wink with his left eye and took his place next to the captain.

    Didier winked back. ?Not this time. Dress uniforms are required and those have no pockets for straws. And arm wrestling is out of the question.?

    ?And the games are parked behind the counter.? Bob smiled when a minute after he said that the double doors to the bar parted. He saw the impeccably dressed Spiders ? led by Rob Spanish ? coming in and lining up with Rob at the door and standing next to him Kevin, Issa, Weston, Sannie, Steve, Padilla and Ari.

    Eight Spiders were followed by twelve Scorpions dressed even more ? whispered by the Scorpion women ? impeccably. The women had been responsible. Their commander ? William Marini ? nodded when he passed the Spiders and had his squadron lining up on the other side.

    Bob pushed a button on a datapad.

    Softly and picking up volume a beautiful Corellian melody began to fill the bar.

    Through the row of Spiders and Scorpions Marlene was leading the veiled Aisja Hurona ? dressed in a simmersilk dress ? and Jason Guyet was leading the uniformed Skip Gronje.
    Hands were saluting.

    Captain Kalra saluted and waited for Skip and Aisja to come to stand before the table. He began in a solemn voice ?from the days of old bonds were formed between a pair. Vows were spoken. Step forward Skip Gronje and Aisja Hurona.?

    ?Skip Gronje, do you want to take Aisja Hurona as your wife??

    ?Yes,? Skip smiled.

    ?Aisja Hurona, do you want to take Skip Gronje as your husband??

    ?Yes,? Aisja said.

    And in the row of Spiders and Scorpions a young man started to remove his hat with one hand.

    ?Not yet Weston,? Issa began with his eloquent voice ?we have to wait for the end of the ceremony and the kissing of bride and groom.?

    But Captain Kalra heard that whispering and smiled ?now you may kiss the bride.?

    Skip lifted her veil and kissed Aisja on her ruby red lips.

    Hats flew to the ceiling and were picked up by the hands that had thrown them. And by the time the last hat was again adorning a head the signatures of Skip, Aisja, Didier, Marlene and Jason were placed on the paper.
    That was the signal for the party to begin.

    - - -

    Bob Jehee was the last to leave the bar and passing the door he met sergeant Tomlins guiding a droid with a laundry cart towards an elevator.

    Tiny Tim Tomlins ? all was huge on him except his feet ? had come to the bar after being summoned by the captain. ?Twenty three jackets to clean,? Tim grumbled. ?But I am glad they doffed them before the arm wrestling.?

    ?No rips and tears and only some juice stains Tim,? Bob remarked. ?The friendship leading to this party began with arm-wrestling and ended with that. Count on Varankonin to shed their jackets, followed by a Zabrak and Skip and the usual fun started with all the pilots participating.?

    ?I see,? Tim began to smile ?without straws and games they had to have some other kind of competition. And the married couple? Did they win the arm wrestling??

    ?No,? Bob answered ?Skip lost and scooped up
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    Squeelicious! Thank you. @};- ;)

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    Beeweep beeweep ? Battle stations ? All hands battle stations.

    Tim sped as fast as he could towards another elevator leaving Bob to guide the cart.

    ?Yuuzhan Vong mayhem,? Bob grumbled and he hoped that the jackets would be picked up after cleaning by their users.

    [face_laugh]Oh, my! *should be careful laughing when suffering from a feverish cold* But still... [face_laugh]
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    Aug 21, 2006

    More coming soon but first a cover

  23. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    The first part of a longer story is starting with:


    4 elona 6.30
    Briefing room

    Wing commander Rob Spanish still had to get used to the fact that he was now the commander of the Spider squadron after Marlene Sandor was killed protecting the Taranak from a Yuuzhan Vong attack. The day after her death he had been promoted by Captain Kalra. He had declined the offer to move to a more luxurious cabin and had stayed with Kevin Beltaine. ?I am a medic too,? had been his answer.
    And that had him ? with Kevin and Jason in tow ? arriving after helping Jason with the medical things rather late at the briefing of the X-wing squadrons for the mission.

    ?Ah the blue guys have decided to join us,? William Marini ? commander of the Scorpion squadron ? remarked rather pointed when the three men ? dressed in blue medical fatigues ? sat down next to their mates.

    ?And we didn?t bring the straws with a climbing Ewok in it,? Kevin started to remove something from his fatigues ?but this!?

    ?Kevin just keep that for after the briefing and,? Rob started to say but the damage ? if there was any damage with the little bit of water squirting from the large clearplast syringe on Marini?s head ? was done.

    ?Wing commander Beltaine,? William roared ?keep your childish behaviour where it belongs.? He wiped the long hair that covered an increasingly balding head back to cover that bald spot and was busy making his hair tidy.

    ?He didn?t expect my innocent prank,? Kevin whispered only for Jason and Rob to hear.

    Jason nodded almost imperceptibly. He had been the witness to see William playing a rather dirty prank on the young Varankonin. It had happened two days ago when the unexpected shuttle had arrived with some top brass from Intel and Spiders and Scorpions were asked to form an honour guard. Kevin had left his cap unattended for a moment, donned it and had now still red paint in his grey hair. And the usual shower fun after a procedure had to be postponed because of the briefing, hence the syringe snatched away at the last moment.

    ?Quiet,? Ilsa Safinas barked ?listen to what Lieutenant Sarneel has to tell.?

    Kelly Sarneel stepped up to the dais in the middle of the room and activated with her elegant hand with manicured nails the holographic display. ?This is the Dimmjel system where the droids...?

    ?And droids are an abomination for those always having to,? Issa muttered.

    ?Officer Dakin,? Kelly pointed one red lacquered nail to him ?I want to continue.?

    ?Yes but,? Issa began and what he more had wanted to say was muffled by Rob placing his hand on Issa?s mouth.

    Issa was silent during the rest of the briefing by Lieutenant Sarneel.

    The main mission ? assigned to Rob and Jason ? was to activate and program the left over droid-ships in the abandoned base in the Dimmjel cluster. It would form a nice distraction from a strike on Myrkr against a voxyn cloning facility by a Jedi strike force. The holographic display was used to indicate where the droid-ships were stationed in the large base that had once been used by Seperatists during the Clone wars and was only recently discovered by a Recon taskforce.

    ?The remaining X-wings are to provide cover until one of the droid-ships is on its way to intercept the primary of the Dimmjel cluster. It will render the sector difficult or even impossible to cross with the resulting radiation and large amount of asteroids in the area? Lieutenant Sarneel looked up from her notes.

    ?We are the sitting aquatic waterfowl in a large tranquil pond that?s being spotted by the large nasty deformed piece of hunting mayhem,? Issa began in his eloquent speech.

    ?Not sitting,? Rob quipped ?we are moving through this complex of tunnels into the abandoned Sep base to get to the droid station and we have to hurry.?

    ?You?re moving,? Issa patted Rob on his back ?we?re not and ??

    ?You have to wait for the Vong,? Kelly Sarneel interrupted. ?They will come when the droid activity starts. Protect and defend; that?s your mission? and she nodded rather annoyed to Kevin who was busy to extricate something
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    Thank you and here is the easy part:eek:


    4 elona 16.45
    Dimmjel cluster
    Asteroid cave former seperatist base

    ?Easy,? Rob huffed when he opened the canopy of his X-wing after making sure that his suit was sealed against the environment and the air-tank checked. ?Next time Sarneel offers us the job of going to be the delivery boy I will see if I can get the un-moving part.? He had guided his X-wing expertly down in the cave that was their point of beginning the mission.

    ?Get moving Rob and remember what I taught you about using the Force,? Jason hopped down in the low gravity. He saw the gauge indicating two hours of air, twice the standard when going EV because of the added cylinder on his back. ?We have enough air to complete the mission and something more in case of an emergency. Droids don?t need air to breathe. And without air we don?t have to worry about making noise.? He opened the storage compartment in his X-wing to guide the hoversled with equipment out.

    ?Nah no noise,? Rob hopped down silently after making sure that the ladder-struts were deployed ?but that thing with a running engine will alert the security droids as sure as Ssssiiiiissssiii and my X-wing are forming a unit.?

    ?No noise, just some Force push and tug,? Jason pushed the hoversled forward without engaging the engine. ?We only have to meet the first Vulture, program it and equip it with this.? He indicated the add-on control unit that would act as the now missing droid control ship and that would activate more Vultures. And he remembered for a moment the tales from his father about his meetings with Vultures during the clone wars but that was quenched by his companion.

    ?And the Vulture will follow us like a duckling,? Rob began to smile when Force push and tug had him moving the hoversled towards the dark opening leading further into the asteroid. ?We have only one hour to infiltrate the base and seek our pet bird.?

    ?And he will give us a nest full of ugly ducklings and afterwards when they leave the asteroid it?s up to the landing-pad,? Jason hurried after Rob. ?He is enjoying those lessons and that will make avoiding the deluge a bit easier. And avoiding a deluge for me will be very complicated if his brother in arms Kevin decides to join forces with him and not with me.? And seeing the dull and dark maroon tainted rocks he became in a pensive mood and sighed ?I hope the Jedi will escape with the Ksstarr from the clutches of Nom Anor and his pursuers.?

    ?They will,? Rob halted for a moment when he saw the sad looks on Jason?s face. Like Jason he had felt only one hour ago the intense anguish in the Force when he was in his X-wing in hyperspace and flying towards the Dimmjel cluster. He had seen the features of the young Jedi becoming luminous, becoming one with the light. ?Anakin?s sacrifice was not in vain. The voxyn queen was destroyed. Our tinkering with the Vultures will sure guide some of the pursuing Vong this way making the escape of the survivors easier. Let?s go and we will be home before dinner.?

    4 elona 16.55
    Spider squadron

    ?Easy,? the word was said with a sad undertone by Kevin who had his X-wing quite near the asteroid. He too had felt the luminous surge in the Force when Anakin Solo made the ultimate sacrifice. He was in forward position with his wing-mates Steve Banasco, Issa Dakin and Jimmy Chon and had scanned the base at the place where Jason and Rob had entered and was now headed with them to the other side of the asteroid where the large hangar-bays for the Vultures were situated. There they had to wait for the result of the action.

    ?Easy? You tell me that breathing canned air and being inside your pressurised uniform where all the sweat and antiseptic medical smells obvious still clinging to your body are circulating through that air is easy.? That was Issa toggling the com and he was oblivious to that sad tone.

    ?Issa is in position and the moment he is the bla bla starts,? Padilla Hoskins was ? with Spanish away ? leading the Spiders and laughin