1. ATTENTION: All leaks and rumors MUST be spoiler tagged. Information from official sources or the big trades do NOT need to be tagged

MOD Spoilers, Rules, and Piracy Policy (Please Read- NEW INFO ABOUT LEAKS WITHIN)

Discussion in 'Star Wars TV- Current and Future Shows' started by Seerow, Jan 5, 2013.

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  1. Seerow

    Seerow Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 7, 2011
    the spoiler policy and other rules

    What is a spoiler???
    (1) All LFL and Disney/Disney+ official released information/images, trailers, and clips are not considered spoiler material. Nor are trade materials (i.e. from Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline).
    (2) A spoiler will be considered future material not from official sources listed. Speculation does not equal a spoiler. Leaked material must always be spoilered.
    (3) A major spoiler is serious plot developments or character deaths. Those must always be spoilered or edited out.
    (4) To make a spoiler tag, write [spoiler] [/spoiler] before and after the text you want to hide. The end result should look like this-
    Darth Vader is Luke's father, and Ahsoka is his childhood nanny
    (5) Do not use [spoiler=insert text] [/spoiler] as these tags do not work on Tapatalk.​

    Discussion of New Episodes >>>Updated for Disney+<<< - rules!!!
    (1) One of the mods will post each week's episode thread a day or two before it airs.
    (2) Star Wars television episodes air on Wednesday* on Disney+ at 12am* PST/PDT. Anyone who shares plot details about an episode before then must use spoiler tags. After that folks will begin discussing their reviews and thoughts which will likely include spoilers. To anyone concerned about being spoiled before watching the episode it is your responsibility to avoid the thread until you have had your chance to view.
    (3) Spoilers like character deaths, appearances, and major plot details must be spoiler tagged must be spoiler tagged in the new episode thread prior to the episode television air date.
    (4) Official episode commentary and reviews may be posted in the episode thread after airing.
    (5) Discussion of future episodes in new episode discussions threads is not allowed. Speculation based on released material is permitted.
    (6) Reviews for each episode may be posted once they have aired. One of the mods will add a grading poll to that episode's discussion thread.

    *Some airdates and airtimes may vary, such as the premiere and finale.
    Series Discussion Threads (Spoilers Allowed) >>>Updated for Disney+<<< - rules!!!
    (1) These discussion threads are be open to any "official" information discussion. Posting trailers, preview/episode clips (from official sources only) for new individual episodes is permitted.
    (2) Heavy plot related spoilers and stuff like character deaths for new episodes should be spoilered out in the general threads with MAJOR SPOILERS in caps until they are week old news.
    (3) If you intend to be spoiler free these threads should be avoided.
    (4) If there is enough demand, spoiler free versions of these threads where absolutely no spoilers are allowed can be created.​

    Image Caption Threads (spoiler images!) - rules!!!
    (1) The caption thread is allowed to contain screen caps from trailers and previews. Once an episode has aired any of its screenshots can be used.
    (2) Spoiler policy still applies to game threads- no referencing leaked or unreleased content.​

    Spoiler/non spoiler guidelines for new threads - rules!!!
    (1) When creating a new thread with intention to talk about a character or plot where the future may be a concern, be sure to specify spoiler or non spoiler in the thread title.
    (2) If spoiler is not specified in the title then no spoilers are allowed and tags must be used. Posts that do not have tags will be edited.
    (3) If spoilers are specified then tags will not be required in that thread and everything is fair game (barring).
    (4) Any spoiler anywhere that consists of a major plot give away such as a surprise appearance or character death must be spoiler warned with MAJOR SPOILERS in caps.​

    "Versus Debates" Rule

    Debates revolving around two different shows is not allowed in the Television forum. As in, discussions that descend into TCW/Rebels (or any show vs any other show) bashing/gushing will be subject to Mod action. Contrasting the themes, story lines, characters, etc. between the shows is allowed (welcomed, even). "Versus" debates/arguments, however, are a deal-breaker.

    Films and other media discussion Rule
    This is the forum for in-depth discussion of Star Wars television. While there are many connections between the shows and other aspects of the franchise, this is not the place to focus on works in other mediums. While it is acceptable to discuss connections to these works when relevant, discussing the merits or lack thereof of the films, video games, etc. should never be the focus of any discussions here.

    LEGO Images Rule

    The posting of leaked photos/videos (or links to the same) of any LEGO products is 100% not allowed across the boards here at JCF. To be clear, anyone straying from this mandate will be met with a swift banning. Rule

    As announced in Communications, content originating from is no longer allowed on the Jedi Council Forums. Posting direct links to this site or any related social media is 100% prohibited going forward. We take our anti-harassment policy very seriously, so considering the recent revelations about the owner of MSW, we can no longer support such an individual.

    Obviously with so many new TV shows on the horizon there are bound to be leaks and scoops. These are still allowed to be shared, as long as they come from alternate sources.

    If anyone has any questions, and of course if anyone has any concerns about harassment, always feel free to contact the moderators- more than anything we are here to help.

    Thank you,
    The SWTV Mod Team

    These rules are no longer in effect.
    Rate the episode threads >>>Updated for Rebels<<< - rules!!!
    (1) We do the "Rate the Episode Poll" the day the episodes airs on TV. This thread will contain new episode reviews.
    (2) Discussion of new episodes is not allowed in these threads.

    The Rebels Clip Thread - Rules

    During the 1st season of The Clone Wars, it became clear that there is nothing more heavily spoiling than the preview clips of scenes from the upcoming episodes (usually released by IGN). Many people have voiced a desire to avoid such clips, which is why we've decided to create a separate thread for the discussion of preview clips.

    All posting of links and discussion of content from preview clips should be done exclusively there and can be done so openly. Please avoid discussing content exclusive to preview clips in either the Seasonal or Episode-specific threads. When in doubt, spoiler-tag it in those threads.

    This thread is only for the discussion of content revealed in preview clips of full scenes from upcoming episodes. Discussion of the trailers, episode guides, leaked images and other forms of spoiler material should continue to be held in the General or Episode-specific threads as usual.
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  2. Seerow

    Seerow Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 7, 2011

    TF.N and the JC are 100% against piracy - bottomline is that it kills the industry. Discussing piracy on the board could also get our forum shut down, admins subpoenaed to release member info, and our members in legal hot water. ​

    You cannot discuss where to find pirated material to download, and you absolutely cannot post direct links to pirated material. In the past the legal wing of LFL have contacted us regarding the timely removal of pirated material.​

    If you break this rule you run the risk of being banned, with little or no warning.​

    We realize that this causes a problem with the 'Holiday Special', which is not legally available anywhere.​

    KINGKONG83 Jedi Master star 2

    Nov 22, 2004
    I contest the notion that piracy is killing the industry,there is a good argument for that its helping the industry quite a lot actually..example :Game of Thrones would never had been the global success it is without piracy..
    So dont pretend like its black and white,rather shades of grey
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  4. anakinfansince1983

    anakinfansince1983 Skywalker Saga/LFL/YJCC Manager star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Mar 4, 2011
    In the past the legal wing of LFL have contacted us regarding the timely removal of pirated material.

    Not a mod here but I'm going to take a guess that this pretty much sums it up.

    I posted this in 7NSA recently--in the prequel-spoiler days, the expression "got LFL'ed" came into being. "So-and-so's Star Wars site got LFL'ed for posting some hyperspace images." (For those of you who don't remember, Hyperspace was an online subscription format in which people could pay to see limited-release images from the set, among other things.)

    "Got LFL'ed" was code for "shut down."

    A piracy debate on whether it has helped or hurt the industry might be good for the Senate Floor.
  5. Seerow

    Seerow Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 7, 2011

    This is why we can't have nice things. I did not open that thread to have any debates about piracy. I did it so members could add their thread links for the directory which reduces clutter with duplicate threads. I've since moved this stuff into a different thread and locked it again. I can make the argument piracy hurts the little guys involved with production but bottom line is we don't tolerate discussing piracy on the board because it could get our forum shut down, admins subpoenaed to release member info, and our members in legal hot water. Think that's a load of bull? I've been on two different forums where piracy was allowed to be discussed. Hell one of them members were uploading torrents and posting links and guess what? Exactly what I said happened. One of the forums is gone. On the other members had their youtube accounts matched with forum accounts, the forum admins were subpoenaed to hand over 8 U.S. members' account info. I will add this info to the Piracy Policy so folks fully understand why this rule exists and will be enforced.
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  6. Todd the Jedi

    Todd the Jedi Mod and KENOBEEHHH Herald of SWTV and Lit star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Oct 16, 2008
    Updated a few things, and added a bit on our "versus debates" policy. Here's my message C&P'ed from some other threads:

    So I'm just gonna plaster this everywhere, but the SWTV mods have agreed that "TCW vs Rebels" debates are getting out of hand, to the point where some people cannot compare the shows without belittling one in order to bolster their arguments.

    This ends now. As everyone viewing the forums on a browser can see, we have a neato banner up top laying out the basic premise of this new policy. We're going to pay more attention to discussions comparing the two shows (comparing any show to another, really), and we will penalize anyone who does not adhere to this rule, which is less of a new policy and more of a solidification of existing board policies.

    So be kind. Rewind. And don't start pissing matches over a television show. ;)
  7. Todd the Jedi

    Todd the Jedi Mod and KENOBEEHHH Herald of SWTV and Lit star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Oct 16, 2008
    Made some long overdue updates. The biggest thing we want people to be aware of is that going forward all leaks and rumors MUST be spoiler tagged. If it's not from an official LFL or Disney source, or from the major trades, it's a leak. This includes info from known fraudulent scoopers, but everyone should avoid sharing those "scoops" at all. And to reiterate on MSW, avoid posting any scoops originating from there at all, unless they're reported on by an alternate source.
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