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Before - Legends Star-Crossed Kinship [TOR]

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by SabyneAmberle, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. SabyneAmberle

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    Sep 16, 2004
    Title: Star-Crossed Kinship
    Author: SabyneAmberle
    Time Period: The Old Republic
    Genre: Drama, Romance
    Characters, Ky (Kybrina) Sevrelle-Gammon, Torian Cadera, Mako, Gault, Blizz
    Summary: After a number of missteps and side-adventures, Ky is confronted not only with her own actions, but also her own feelings. And she learns she is not alone in those feelings...

    Notes: Yup, another of the 'take an in-game cutscene and add tons more background to it' stories. The confession scene in the female Bounty Hunter romance is probably one of my favorite in-game cutscenes (yes, I'm a sap like that), so I wanted to start jotting this story down. It does refer to a couple stories that are either upcoming or in-progress, so it's an oddly placed sequel.


    The entire ship was on edge. Ky could feel it. Ever since they departed Deralia, there had been this odd tension in the air, as though everyone on board was holding a collective breath. Conversations that had always been cheerful were now stilted and terse, seeming to waste little time on fluff in favor of spartan details. Even Blizz, who was normally the most cheerful member of the crew, was oddly subdued as he wandered around the ship.

    After another day of sitting in the cockpit listening to the subdued muttering around her, Ky had had enough. Maybe it was the splitting headache that was beginning to manifest right behind her eyes, but she was through. It didn't take a genius to know what was up, and she was putting a stop to it. Her only regret was waiting as long as she had to do so. She abruptly stood up from her seat and walked to the comm situated in the room behind her.

    “Everyone. Front and Center. Now.” She flinched a bit at how harsh her tone sounded. It showed just how on edge she was along with the rest of the crew. She turned so her back rested against the wall next to the comm unit, closed her eyes, and silently waited for everyone to arrive. At first, all she heard was the faint hum of the engines, then her ears caught the gradually increasing sound of footsteps as her crew members approached.

    When she was sure everyone was accounted for, she straightened back up. By this point, the twinge behind her eyes was beginning to evolve into a full-blown headache. She needed to wrap this impromptu meeting quickly, even as she thought it a better idea to run up the stairs to her quarters and hide until the pain was gone.

    “I'm going to ask this very bluntly,” she began, feeling the tension increase in her shoulders. She hated that, that one little reaction that told her she was getting stressed. “Just what the hell is wrong with all of you? Everyone on this ship is walking on eggshells, acting like something horrible has happened.” She paused to catch her breath. Her headache was getting worse, she needed to wrap this quickly. “If this is about Garos IV or Deralia, then let me assure you there's nothing wrong with me. It took some effort, but I've put those events behind me. I'm not wasting any more time or energy fretting about them, not when we have missions to finish...”

    She trailed off when she saw the looks her crew members were exchanging with one another. “Or is it something else?” she continued. “Something I consider a bit more private?” She narrowed her eyes as she watched them avert their gazes, looking at the floor and various parts of the room to avoid making eye contact with her.

    Ky had had enough, this had just taxed her patience to its snapping point. “You know what? Forget it,” she snapped. “It's clear I'm wasting my time asking what's going on. I'm going up to my quarters to relax for a while, and I do not want to be disturbed until I come back out.”

    She roughly pushed past her crew mates as she made her way to the base of the steps that would take her to her quarters. As she rested one foot on the bottom step, she abruptly felt someone grab her arm. She whirled on them, hand raised in a fist, only stopping herself when she saw who it was. She dropped her arm, though she kept her hand clenched in a fist.

    Torian. Time seemed to slow to a crawl as she locked gazes with him. His expression hadn't changed from its neutral stance, but his eyes showed his feelings. Ever since the first time they had met, she had always been able to read those eyes, and this time was no exception. She could see several emotions jumbled together in that gaze of his, almost all of them related in some way to either his concern for her or his keen observation of events.

    But there was one that didn't fit either mold. One that gave his blue eyes a subtle warmth they normally didn't possess. She had only ever caught him looking at her like that once, and it had caught her so off-guard that she was shaken for a few minutes afterward.

    Oh, frell. She could feel a hint of panic rise in her chest as she kept staring at him. Quickly, she pulled her arm from his grasp and raced up the steps to her quarters. Once inside, she made sure the door was closed and locked behind her before leaning back against it, eyes closed tightly as she tried to calm her racing heart. Only when she felt calmer did she risk opening her eyes again.

    “What is going on?” she whispered, staring at the ceiling of her quarters. “And what the hell is the matter with me?”
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    Aug 31, 2004
    [face_dancing] Woohoo! Loving it so far - yessiree. I love that Torian's subtle cues are easy for her to read and that that soft look is just for Kybri. :D What is the matter with her, indeed ;) I absolutely love love-confession and relationship-building plots. :) Looking forward to more. @};-
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    Feb 27, 2014
    Hooray, another Sabyne story! :) I love the big effect that one small gesture from Torian has on Ky—a love story doesn't have to be constant snog 'n' smooch to be effective and enjoyable. More to come? :D
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  4. SabyneAmberle

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    Sep 16, 2004
    So I kinda painted myself into a corner on this one (and a few others). That plus being busy meant this was on the back burner for a time. But I figured out how to untangle myself, so here's the next part.


    After her abrupt retreat, Torian was left staring vacantly at his hand where it hung briefly in mid-air. After a moment, he let it return to its usual resting place at his side before he let out a long sigh. He had hoped things would settle down after his return from Alderaan and her resolving some of her past issues, but it appeared this would not be the case. At least, not right at that moment.

    Deciding he needed some time to clear his head, he retreated to the crew quarters. Crossing the small room to his bunk, he sat down on the edge before falling onto his back, arms folded behind his head as he stared at the ceiling. Silently, he counted the grooves and other features in the ceiling, hoping to take his mind off what had just occurred.

    His mind focused on her, and he bit his lip slightly in concentration. Something had changed in her, that much was obvious. The difficult part was pinpointing the where and the why of that change. Had it been Nar Shaddaa, after the incident in the casino penthouse? No, that was too simple an explanation to fit the entirety of the changes he had observed in her. He had started noticing those changes shortly after the incident, but he didn't think it nearly enough of a catalyst to trigger what he was seeing now.

    No, this had started after that. His mind returned him to Garos IV, where they had travelled shortly after meeting with Darth Tormen. While they were unsure what their purpose was at first, Kybri eventually revealed to them that she wished to pay respects to her late grandfather and brother. While they were on the planet, they had an unexpected run-in with Endro Magnilde; he was not only a member of a highly respected family of hunters and sharpshooters, he had also been Kybri's fiance on Deralia. Arranged fiance, if one wanted to be precise; the match she had away from at 17 to avoid being forced to marry a young man she didn't love.

    Or did she? Torian remembered how well the two of them got along during the time they spent on Garos IV. For having been engaged -and for her having disappeared without a trace all those years ago- the way they interacted with one another seemed less like they were formerly engaged and more like....

    He gritted his teeth, stopping those thoughts before they could fester. While they had appeared to get along like any couple would, Endro had confided in him that he would have only married her for the prestige and fame of her family name. He did care for her, but there was no love there; Endro had admitted he had never felt the kind of attraction for Kybri that a man should for his intended. But for the benefit of their respective families, the marriage was made to go forward, and it was only Kybri disappearing that ended it before the wedding could take place. Kybri herself had always been tight-lipped about her past, particularly about her relationships. Seeing Endro had clearly unnerved her initially, but Torian felt it also dredged up old feelings she had long since buried and forgotten. He theorized she was using the brief time they spent together to reconcile those feelings with the subsequent events that led them to that reunion; maybe she was even hoping to part ways with him as friends.

    If that had been her intent, it was a short-lived one. Their group had discovered Endro was in league with a group of rival hunters who were out for the bounty on Kybri's head. When confronted with this knowledge, Endro admitted to the arrangement, but claimed he had agreed to it in the hope of finding her again. Whatever his reasons really had been, he vowed they wouldn't reach her; after asking Torian to promise to protect her, he sacrificed himself to buy them more time to escape. The scream Kybri let out when she heard the explosion over the holo, along with the sad image of her staring blankly at its static-filled picture, still made his blood run cold. He hoped he would never see her like that again.

    He thought he could handle it. He failed. No matter what their relationship really had been, their closeness on Garos IV had triggered his jealousy. It surprised him, yet it didn't; having been absorbed into a new clan after Jicon's exile, he had been too busy fighting the stigma of his father's treachery to worry about creating strong bonds outside the battlefield. Yet he had always wanted to, and seeing the two of them as close as they were was too much to handle. He needed a way out, and soon he was provided with one. When Corridan contacted him with an opportunity, he jumped at it. It was the chance he needed to break from the crew, make his own way in the world. He would travel to Alderaan for the hunt, and while there ask Corridan for a permanent spot in his squad. He would make a name for himself, and prove his worth as a Mandalorian in the process.

    He sighed, covering his eyes with his hand to stop his thoughts. No, he was lying to himself, had been for some time. He didn't just take off because of a job, or because of mere jealousy. He was running away from her. It was just before he received that call for Corridan that he was really taking notice of his feelings for her. Ever since their reunion on Taris, when he was first introduced to the young woman beneath the armor, she had slowly edged her way into his thoughts. He thought he could push them aside, tried to cover them with shallow flirting and showy tactics. Yet, he fell for her. Hard. A fact that scared him, with good reason. No matter what good he had accomplished, the stain of being a traitor's son had always followed him. Other Mandalorians treated him with either pity or revulsion, and he got used to blocking the taunts of arue'tal when they inevitably showed up. He had built up sufficient defenses to take him through those minefields, but had she? Would the attacks he had endured his entire life bleed over to her? Could she handle them if they did?

    Then there was the not-so-small matter of Mandalore that loomed in his mind. Because of her status as Great Hunt champion, Kybri had been adopted into Mandalore's clan. What would her clan leader have to say about her choosing a traitor's son as her partner? Would he be accepted, or shunned? And what would the fallout mean for Kybri?

    “Getting ahead of yourself a bit,” he muttered to himself. He was doing all this speculating, all this thinking, but he still had almost no idea what her feelings were. Sure, he'd had hints of her interest, but little beyond that. Before any talk of clans or gossip, he needed to know if they had a future together, or if they would merely be comrades and crew mates.

    He lifted his hand away from his face, staring at it and the slight tremor it now showed. Corridan had told him something, those words echoed in his mind as he lay there silently:

    'A good woman is never won by the man bearing a coward's heart.'

    That settled it in his mind. Even if she rejected him, even if there was no them for him to look forward to, he had to tell her. He had to share his feelings with her, even as he prayed he wasn't imagining her own interest in him. If she did reject him, he had the choice of staying with the crew, or moving on to make his name elsewhere. He wasn't at the mercy of a legacy he had no say in nor control over, she had taught him that.

    Quickly, he rose from his bunk and crossed the short distance to his storage locker. Opening it, he rummaged through its contents for a minute before pulling out a box. Opening it, he removed the garments he had purchased prior to their leaving Deralia; he almost swore he could still smell the faint floral scent Kybri was wearing when she picked them out for him. He quickly changed into them, then ran his fingers through his hair to tame it somewhat.

    Upon exiting the crew quarters and heading upstairs, he spotted Mako and Gault where they had been sitting earlier. They exchanged a look between themselves, then each gave him a knowing grin. He returned it with a smile of his own, feeling his nerves dissipate a bit. He quickly bounded up the last few steps and stopped at the door to her quarters.

    “Kybri,” he said, knocking at the door. “We need to talk.”
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Glad you untangled the plot and loved the musings and recap and final decision. =D= Like how very much Torian is embracing his choice and his desire to at least know where he stands, whether that's a pleasant discovery or not. @};-
  6. SabyneAmberle

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    Sep 16, 2004
    I needed to give this part some thought, but I'm finally on track with where I want this story to be heading. Yay. :D


    “Mm?” Ky's eyes fluttered open, giving her that all-too-familiar view of the ceiling of her quarters. She blinked several times and the ceiling slowly came into focus, showing every groove and crack in its finish. She smiled a bit, glad to be back on what she considered her home. Deralia would always be a home to her, but not the one she was most used to.

    “Did I...fall asleep?” She sat up on her bed, still unsure how she'd gotten herself there. Her last coherent memory was leaning against the door to her quarters, struggling to figure out what was wrong with her and why her head hurt so badly. Next thing she knew, she was waking up on her bed, with no clue how she'd gotten there. She chalked both the headache and the gaping hole in her memory up to exhaustion; she had not been sleeping well on either Garos IV or Deralia, and the stress likely caught up with her. She winced as she remembered how snappish she was with her crew. No matter how tired or stressed she was, she had no right to talk to them the way she had. That was unfair and she knew it needed to be apologized for and smoothed over.

    She swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood up, stretching her cramped muscles until the stiffness had left them. She wasn't sure why, but she decided against armor for the time being, feeling she would be more comfortable in regular garb. Crossing the room, she knelt in front of a crate that sat on the floor near the door. Before she had left Deralia, her mother had had this crate sent to the ship as a gift. Ky theorized it was her mother's attempt to give her wardrobe more variety, as it contained hand-me-downs of various styles and colors. Some of the less-fashionable items were traded or sold at ports to pay for supplies and repairs, but the crate was still over half full of various garments and jewels. Ky smirked, reminding herself that no one in the galaxy knew how to pack a shipping crate better than Lilenka Sevrelle.

    She quickly tapped the buttons on the top of the crate, entering the sequence she had memorized so easily when she was younger. Opening the crate, she smiled as she rummaged through its contents, remembering the smells and sights of these garments from her days on Deralia. Many times as a child she had helped her mother dress for some important party or others; she had stood with the brush in her hand or the dresses in her arms, waiting for her mother to call for them as she readied herself. Her mother always promised to make her a lady of equal beauty and strength, and Ky flinched a bit as she remembered the disappointed look she wore whenever her only daughter defied her wishes.

    She had always thought her mother merely wanted to inhibit her ability to be a hunter, had wanted to limit her dreams. That had seemed to be the reason behind her arranging Ky's marriage to Endro, over both of their protests. She eventually learned the truth while speaking to her mother during her last visit to Deralia, and she cursed herself for her youthful insensitivity. Far from wanting to prevent her from being a hunter, her mother was trying to keep her safe while allowing her some freedom to hunt. It was the only way she knew how to help her daughter achieve that goal while also protecting her in some fashion. Thracen had said their mother had never recovered from Nial's death, that she always seemed to think about it when she felt others weren't noticing her. After that bit of information, Ky felt her mother's actions made more sense, though they still were not totally justifiable.

    After several minutes of searching through the crate, Ky's hands stopped at one particular garment, and she removed it from the crate. It was a shirt in a rich blue hue, of a similar design to the bodice of the dark green dress she had worn so many months earlier. A smile touched on her lips at the memory of wearing that dress, and she started rummaging deeper in the crate to find the pants she knew matched it. As soon as she found them, she heard a knock at her door.

    Kybri. We need to talk.

    Torian. She felt herself froze, remembering her earlier behavior toward him. He didn't sound too bothered by it, but it was always hard to tell with him. Sometimes she had to guess when things were affecting him, other times he was pretty clear about it. Regardless of either of their feelings, she couldn't just ignore and avoid him. If they were going to work together, they had to trust in one another.

    “Torian, I'm sorry. I just woke up a few minutes ago,” she said. “Can you give me a bit of time to freshen up and change clothes?”

    No problem. I'll be waiting out here.” His reply was muffled a bit by the door, but it still made her both smile and feel a bit nervous.

    Not wanting to waste more time than necessary, she quickly stripped out of her current garments. Those were balled up and thrown in the corner with the rest of the clothing she needed to have washed. It was a steadily-growing pile that she really needed to take care of before it took on the characteristics of a Sarlaac and tried to eat her. Not wanting to bother with makeup, she instead spritzed a light layer of perfume along her bare skin before slipping into the clean garments. She let out a sigh at their softness; the material of the blouse draped and clung in a way that most of her garments didn't, while the pants fit a bit more snugly than she was used to.

    As she picked up the brush to run through her hair, she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror, and her hand stilled. Carefully, she leaned to get a closer look, brushing her bangs out of her eyes as she took in the image before her.

    Her eyes widened a bit as she studied her face in the mirror. In some ways, she had changed in the years since she left home. In other ways, she was still the same. She still bore her mother's red hair and blue eyes, still bore her father's fair skin and freckles. Yet, there was a different look to her now. There was a different sort of sparkle to those eyes, one that made them seem even brighter. Her cheeks bore a slightly pinker tone, as though she was always on the verge of blushing. Even her hair seemed to fall differently, strands framing her face more than they obscured it.

    After a few silent moments, she smiled at her reflection and resumed brushing her hair. It didn't take Jedi powers to see what had wrought this change; in fact, it was standing outside the door at that very moment. She had never thought she would fall in love with anyone, let alone a member of her crew. But somehow Torian had managed to penetrate those old defenses so thoroughly that she couldn't imagine any sort of life without him.

    When did I notice these feelings first? She mused. It wasn't quite love at first sight, though she had thought him cute when they first met at the camp on Dromund Kaas. She was still keeping her identity hidden then, so she couldn't act on her feelings even had she wanted to. Once she revealed herself on Taris -and later, when he joined her crew- she felt those old constraints loosening. She still cringed at some of the terrible lines she tried on him in an attempt to flirt, but he never seemed to mind.

    “Is there anything you do mind about me, Torian?” she whispered. The only thing that came to mind was her age. Having recently celebrated her twenty-fourth lifeday, Ky was reminded of how awkward she felt about their age difference. Even Mako had tried to reassure her, had told her that five years' difference between them wasn't that big of a deal. But she still felt strange at the thought. He had turned nineteen some months earlier, maybe he would be better off with someone closer to his own age. It wasn't fair to him to idly speculate, but she couldn't help the way her mind wandered.

    No. She wasn't being fair to herself. He had never given any indication that he was uncomfortable with their age difference. Torian was pretty straightforward; had he felt uncomfortable at the idea of seeing her, he would have said something. Or he would not have pursued her. Unless she had misunderstood his actions, he seemed happy with her, even given how much older she was.

    She sighed, these thoughts weren't helping her get ready. Setting the brush down, she opened a small box that sat next to the brush on the nightstand. She removed a small pair of jeweled hoop earrings from the box and quickly attached them to her ears. They had been meant as a wedding present from her mother, but they now were a symbol of both understanding and the future. Ky smiled, feeling as though her mother was granting her her blessing to find her own happiness. This would be a risk, she knew. She might have this all wrong, might make a fool of herself in the process. But she knew she needed to do it. She had to speak her mind, share her real feelings with him. After everything that had happened in recent months, she would be a fool not to. If he reciprocated, that would be wonderful. If he did not, she would eventually move on. Even if it meant losing him as a crew member, she had to respect him and his feelings.

    She paused again, taking several long, deep breaths. It was now or never. Turning to the door, she opened it and found herself face-to-face with him again. This time, instead of panicking, she smiled.

    “I'm ready to talk when you are,” she said. “Where should we go?”

    “How about Alderaan?” he asked. “Plenty of quiet spots to talk there.”

    “Sounds good to me. Plus, we could all use the break.” Brushing past him, she made her way to the cockpit. She gave a smile and a wink to Mako where she was standing, which the other girl answered with her own knowing smile. With the coordinates set to Alderaan, Ky settled back in her chair and waited, all the while wishing her jittery nerves would begin to calm.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    SQUEEEEEE! Loved Kybri's reflections and sense of serenity. Torian is younger age-wise but growing up in the context he did, probably more mature than his chronological age would suggest. Liked Kybri's attention to her appearance ;) and the pleasure she takes in wearing something attractive :) Looking forward to how things unfold. [:D]
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    Jul 19, 2017
    Torian: "If I'm brave, it's because you give me strength."
    That line from the game is one that keeps me playing the game itself. I am on my seventh BH play through. I have just finished you story "Reunion on Taris" and this one,
    because I add your stories to the game to add more feeling and depth. Great Stuff!^:)^
    I truly hope you post more stories or finish the ones you have.
    Just as you love to create a great love story. I hear their story in songs: These lyrics fit their story to me. and yes it is an old song.

    Will you still love Me: By Chicago
    Take me as I am,put your hand in mine
    Now and Forever
    Darling here I stand, stand before you now
    Deep inside I always knew
    It was you, and you and me
    Two hearts drawn together bound by destiny
    It was you, you and me
    Every road leads to your door
    Every step I take forever more
    Just say you"ll love me for the rest of your life
    I gotta lot love and I don't want to let go
    Will you still love for the rest your life
    Cause I can't go on, No, I can't go on
    If I'm on my own
    Take as I am Put your heart in mine
    Stay with me forever
    'cause I am just a man
    who never understood
    I never had a thing to prove
    There was you, You and me
    Then it all came clear so suddenly
    How close to you that I want to be
    Just say you"ll love for the rest of your life
    I gotta lot love and I don't want to let go
    Will you still love me for the rest of My life?
    Cause I can't go on, No, I can't go on
    I can't go on, if I'm on my own
    Do you believe a love could run so Strong?
    Do you believe a love could pass you by?
    There was no special one for me, I was the lonely one, you see
    But the my heart loss all control, Now your all that know
    Just say you'll love me for the rest of your life
    I gotta lot of love and I don't want to let go
    Will you still love me for the rest of my life?
    Cause I can't go on, No, I can't go on
    I can't go on If I'm on own
    I can't go on, I can't go on, No, I can't go on
    Cause I can't go on,no, I can't go on
    Will you still love me, just say you'll love
    I can't go on, without somebody, I can call my own
    Please stay around, cause I can't go on
    Will still love me, just say you'll me
    Just stay around...never be alone

    May the Force be with us all. Ruusaan